Angelina Jolie is the highest paid actress in the world

Angelina Jolie has just beat out Reese Witherspoon as the highest paid actress in the world. As if she didn’t already have enough going for her. Angelia rakes in more than $15 million a movie, according to Us Weekly, while her films brought in over $1 billion worldwide last year. So it sounds like she’s a pretty good investment.

Angelina Jolie has topped the Hollywood Reporter’s list of the highest-paid actresses.

Jolie, whose 2008 movies earned nearly $1 billion worldwide, commands more than $15 million a movie, followed by Julia Roberts and last year’s top earner, Reese Witherspoon.

(The actress recently replaced Tom Cruise in the espionage thriller Edwin A. Salt. Shooting begins in February.)

Meanwhile, Jolie ranked No. 24 on The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment: Power 100 list.

[From Us Weekly]

The best thing about Angelina, in my not-so-humble opinion, is the amount of money she and Brad Pitt have given away to charity. They recently donated $100,000 to Global Action for Children, and encouraged others to do the same. The pair have consistently given money to worthy causes, especially those supporting kids.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Jolie-Pitt Foundation donated $100,000 to Global Action for Children, it was reported Thursday.

“With the holiday season upon us, we hope the generous gift from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation inspires others to give and focus on assisting orphans and highly vulnerable children around the world,” the charity’s executive director, Jennifer Delaney, said in a statement. “Each and every donation can truly make a difference in the life of a child.”

In 2006, the couple – who are parents to three adopted children – donated $1 million to the GAC. According to tax filings, they donated more than $8 million to various charities through their foundation that year.

“GAC is honored to receive a second grant from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation, and we greatly appreciate the Jolie-Pitt Family’s continued commitment to and support of our work,” Delaney added.

[From Us Weekly]

Brad and Angelina have received a fair amount of criticism for all their donations, with a lot of people claiming they just do it for attention. If that’s the case, there’s a lot worse things they could do to get people to notice them. I have yet to see Angelina forget to wear her underpants or Brad beat up a paparazzo. If helping other people gets you some attention, then right on.

Here’s Brad and Angelina at the “Changling” London premiere on November 17th. Images thanks to PR Photos.

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  1. so what says:

    IMO, she should be the least paid actress, unless shes playing a phycho,which means shes playing herself… then maybe. As far as them giving a lot of money, I don’t think its coming out of thier pocket, they made 14 mil for pics of the the twins really gave the money to charity!

  2. geronimo says:

    “..her films brought in over $1 billion worldwide last year.”

    Funny, I recall people on here saying all her movies tank? Reckon a lot of actors would like their movies to be tanking to the tune of $1B. 😀

  3. anna says:

    You’ve got to keep in mind that over 600mil of that was from Kung Fu Panda… a film starring Jack Black.
    Worldwide Gross $631,595,565

    Still, though, $368 mill isn’t shabby…

  4. Kaiser says:

    Geronimo, how dare you question the Hater Data! For shame.

    Ugh, people are still paying Julia Roberts millions of dollars to be horsey? She cannot have been paid $15 mill for Duplicity. Not possible.

    Angie and Reese are the only actors who can open big. They deserve the paychecks. Yeah, girls!

  5. california angel says:

    Yes, the twins birthed themselves, feed themselves, pose for their own pictures, and totally, in their own right, make their money and decide to donate it to charity 🙄


  6. irl says:

    I think she’s a mediocre actress. She’s not terrible like Alba but she’s not great either.
    I think she rides the coat tails of the other associates on the films.
    Most recently – like Clint Eastwood, everyone knows Clint directs a hellofva movie – and James McAvoy. Even Mr & Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt. In the past Nick Cage and Winona Ryder. They are the reasons people see the film not her. I don’t think people are rushing to see the movies she’s in because of her alone. She benefits from the other stars wattage.
    Besides she looks like a praying mantis.

  7. Syko says:

    What’s a phycho?

  8. Codzilla says:

    That header photo is awful.

  9. daisy424 says:

    IRL, I saw those films because of Angelina, not in spite of her.

  10. doodahs says:

    irl: with respect to McAvoy, although he is a great actor, he was woefully miscast in Wanted which imo did well because of Angie… not him. His pairing alongside her did nothing to strengthen his position in this movie as she upstaged him every stage of the way. He was good at the start playing the nerdy, lost guy but I didn’t buy him as a ninja assassin.. Miss Jolie on the other hand has made a career in these kinds of roles..

    Just sayin’.

  11. IMO says:

    It’s funny, because Angelina has only 2 expressions and plays the same thing in most of her movies.

    Every time she attempts to do some “acting” it’s rediculous- like her horrible “accent” in A Mighty Heart or Alexander, and she just screams (which seems to reflect more of her usual tantrums and emotional instability).

    The problem she had with her last two movies is that she has had too many plastic surgeries and it shows too much when you are watching her on a huge screen at a movie theatre.

    She can’t change her expressions and ending up “modeling” rather than acting, or screaming and shouting in order to express someting.

  12. IMO says:

    Angelina is probably one the wost actresses of our time, but just like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan- she is good at getting her name into the tabloids and magazines.

    If the studios confuse her gossip mentioning and PR moves with true appreciation of her acting talent- than it’s their problem and they are the ones paying for a women the public loathes.

    I know of people who found interest is some of her movies but refrained just because they couldn’t stand her or her poor acting ability.

  13. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    I love her in the action flicks (Wanted, Mr & Mrs Smith, Tomb Raider) but have NO desire to see the weepy “I’m going for an Oscar” crap like Mighty Heart and Changeling. I agree with other posts here that the big draw from last year was Kung Fu Panda – in which case, more power to her for a smart choice, the kiddie movies are always a good draw. Unfortunately, as much as I love her charitable causes, I also agree that her “serious acting” … well, kinda sucks! Sorry Angie – keep up the good charity work!!

  14. irl says:

    With respect as well. . .
    I didn’t see Wanted.
    I could tell from the previews alone it was gonna suck.
    Reviews of those I know confirmed it as well as critics.
    I’ll check it on DVD.
    I could also could tell James was miscast and it would not be a shinning part for him.
    Perhaps the people who went to see that movie for James didn’t know he would not fit the part before seeing it.
    There was also probably a large amount of people who went for the type of movie as well vs for her alone.

    I’m sure there is an adoring fan base for her and people who go to her movies because of her. I don’t think she harms a film – she’s an ok actress.

    I just doubt she is the majority of the reason she is “the higest paid.”

    When she carries a real film, with substance, as the sole star, without a director like Clint, then I’ll certainly reconsider my opinion.

    (It can’t be a voice in a cartoon or a video game movie – even tho’ I do love Resident Evil Movies)

  15. Lore says:

    I disagree IMO, if Lindsay or Paris had talent they’d be getting what AJ is getting. I’m not crazy about her but comparing her w/either of those two loosers is unfair and inaccurate.

  16. Samantha says:

    I loved her in Alexander…I loved Colin Farrell 1000 times more, but she was good too…:)

  17. IMO says:

    Lindsey Lohan got many movies based on the misunderstanding of studios that confused being in the magazines and getting attention for conduct in private life and PR moves- with real audience appreciation that will result with box office crowds.

    Same is true for Angelina Jolie.

    I do agree- that while Lindsey Lohan made it on her own- that the comparison is not fair- since Angelina was given much more opportunities and used her father’s connections- while those were never avaiable to Lindsay Lohan.

    So perhaps the comparison is somewhat unjust toward Linsdey.

    I also think that Lindsey never went into the extremes that Angelina went in order to garner attention, starting from talking about your sex life, kissing your brother or the latest manipulations we see from Jolie so she could stay relevant despite her box office lame draw.

    And I do give Angelina credit for her PR savvy.
    I just don’t think she can act at all, and don’t like what she has done to her children and the circus she has created just to keep her career going.

  18. debra77 says:

    Say whatever you want about her… She is an amazing actress, beautiful woman and a humanitarian. She is sought after by all the big named directors for a reason. She only makes a few movies at a time. I have noted that Reese, Charlize, Drew, Julia, Cameron, Nicole have all demanded high salaries, yet not criticism of their box office failures. Not just The Jolie.. But then Angie has to live to different standards then other actresses. She has to have a #1 movie every time. Angelina has done some wild things in her youth,. Yes she was in her early 20s. yet she has to live that down for the rest of her life. Drew was an alcoholic, and drug users.. She is never reminded of that. She is allowed to say that she has grown and changed. The public accepts that and lets her move on. But Angie did drugs, stopped, changed her life.. yet you say she is showing off for the attention. Double Standard. I don’t care if you like her or not. But stop trying to make her something she is not. She is a human being with positives and negatives. Just as we all have. Yet, some of you live to dislike her; for no other reason then to dislike her. She is highly respected by her peers, and the people WHO KNOW HER. I have only read positive things from the people who have worked with, her, on her movies and humanitarian work. And just because a story is printed in a magazine, and blogged about on line does not make it true. Most of the stories about her have been proven untrue. Yet many of you are unable to step back and see that truth. To sad for you. The truth does shine through in the end. Take off you sunglasses and take a gander.

  19. Cheyenne says:

    Wha…. you mean Jennifer Aniston isn’t the world’s highest paid actress?!

    I am shocked! The world is shocked!!
    ( 😆 )

  20. Cheyenne says:

    Samantha, I admire and respect Angelina as an actress and as a human being, but I have to admit — “Alexander” was a disaster for everybody in it. I can’t remember when I’ve seen a worse movie.

    That said, she turned in a kick-ass performance in “Wanted”. Although James McAvoy was woefully miscast, everybody else did a great job. But Angie totally ran off with that film.

  21. keltilass says:

    My daughter just bought me Wanted on DVD. (can’t handle theaters haven’t been to one in years) I like it. Angie’s very good at bad-ass.

    We have had Kung FU Panda running near non stop here since it came out. My grand kids are in LOVE with that film! Angelina made a good choice with that one! Best kid movie I’ve seen in a very long time.

    The girl is smart you gotta give her that even if you aren’t a fan. :mrgreen:

  22. IMO says:

    Debra- why do you think I care how it is to work with Angelina?
    Do you think people care about what the people who worked with her thought about her?! No, they really care of she can act or of she is ridiculous with a really bad accent and only 2 expressions instead of acting.

    We go to films to see a good performances and the actors- need to know how to act.

    Angelina can’t act and therefore drives away the audience. end of story.

    As for the actresses you mentioned- they are very different in the draw and talent-
    Drew has an audience who would watch her.
    Charlize and Julia (that used to have people who liked her)- don’t.
    Charlize is also driving some people away despite the fact that she is beautiful- and it’s because of her very pushy and personality.
    Cameron does bring it the box office numbers, and Nicole is considered beautiful and classy- so people take an interest to check what’s she’s in- but will not go if they think the movie will suck.

    I don’t think Angelina is anywhere near coming at #1.
    Many of her films had failed and she is building her career more of her perception and image rather than actual acting ability.

    It’s fine.

    If someone is dumb enough to pay Angelina because he doesn’t understand the difference between being in the magazines and being respected by the audience as an actress/ or being liked (like Drew) that- that prodicer should pay and that director would find that fewer people wanted to watch his movie despite the potential (Clint, anyone?).

    Angie is neigher liked (like Drew or Cameron) nor talented (like Cate Blanchett).
    She is a PR fiction that can’t act, but has had too many plastic surgeries.

  23. doodahs says:

    irl: Wanted really wasn’t that good so you didn’t miss much 🙂 It was definitely not helped by the zero chemistry between the two leads. I was drawn in by the baddass action filled trailers but found the movie to lack solid direction and although I enjoyed watching AJ tear up the screen in another action role, overall I thought the movie was just ‘eh’.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    IMO, if Angelina drove away the audiences, the studios wouldn’t book her. They want to make money, know what I’m saying? Her movies made almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS over the past twelve months. That ain’t exactly chump change.

    Angelina may drive YOU away, but she’s not driving away the millions of people who go to see her movies. You can hate on her all you want. But you can’t argue with the box office statistics.

  25. Zoe says:

    IMO, ever seen “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”?

    PS. Where the hell is Dante?

  26. monica says:

    well, if we are going by box office statics than angelina only appeals to the masses that like action because changeling is going to be pulled off the US market after in 6 weeks here. and even for limited release, that does not bode well. her action movies do well but her “serious” work does not, including “a mighty heart” which only made a couple million over their complete budget. even NBR , which has been a weathervine for the Oscars, did not have her as a winner this year. just because she is the highest paid actress right now does not make her the best actress, although she does have her moments.
    i think the problem with angelina, is angelina. a lot of critics have said (and i agree) is that when you watch a movie with her in it, you can’t see past her to the story. and i htink this will be her downfall.

  27. xiaoecho says:

    Not only is she the highest paid, she’s the most overexposed actress in the world

  28. Bodhi says:

    Well, Katherine Heigl is the highest paid TV actress (I think) and she can’t act worth shit.

  29. Cheyenne says:

    If a movie critic watches a movie with Angelina in it and can’t see past her to the story, then he/she has no business being a movie critic.

    She’s overexposed because the public can’t get enough of her. She’s not only the highest paid actress in the world, her picture on the magazine covers sells more magazines than anyone else’s.

  30. doodahs says:

    @ monica: a lot of critics have said (and i agree) is that when you watch a movie with her in it, you can’t see past her to the story.

    This is an interesting point. Media over saturation does not help your audience buy you in the role if they are thinking about what they’ve read or heard in real life. Example, I have went off Katherine Heigl completely and now study her Grey’s story lines for digs at her dissing the writers (and now she’s banging a dead guy – need I say more?)… I could go on and on…

    Somewhere in the last 10 years (probably with the explosion of reality TV), it has become acceptable and encouraged to seek press just for the sake of getting press and many of the people I used to be able to watch without prejudice, I just can’t concentrate on their performance without thinking of the latest ‘scandal’ or plain old over exposure.

    Have to say though, I never lose a moment in a Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, Ashley Judd, Annette Bening or Julianne Moore movie. There’s something about these women that draw me into the story and keep me there. Same can be said for Robert De Niro, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Johnny Depp and Denzel Washington (to name a few – I know there are more). Point is, when you are an actor and not a media star, you retain the mystery.

    I gotta say though… Angelina Jolie still holds my attention, regardless of her celebrity. I find her to be very magnetic which is perhaps why she is currently being labeled the highest paid actress in the world. Maybe she is cashing it all in before she fades away to become a grandmother.

  31. MB Travis says:

    I love watching her kick ass (“Tomb Raider” was a lot of fun) and I thought “A Mighty Heart” was underrated – she gave a good performance and the stellar cinematography saved it from turning maudlin.
    I think she needs to focus on action films, though. She has a tendency to over-emote.

  32. Cheyenne says:

    LOL, now this is funny! Bonnie Fuller, who practically launched the Aniston pity party on the internet, is apparently having second thoughts:

  33. Yourself says:

    In which movie was she paind 15 million? This clearly is PR from her people trying to inflate her asking price for other movies. They did this for the twin pictures, hyped them so that the bids were upped. According to Forbes she earned $14 million, then which movie did she earn 15 million? A mighty heart? Changeling? Wanted? Celebitchy, can you find out more about this.

    That said, we cannot attribute the success of Kungfu panda to her popularity. It could have been Kiera Knightley and it would have done just as well.

    Only wanted and changeling are her pictures and that is less than $250 million.

  34. Yourself says:

    I have also noticed that there is so much bad press about this two now. In the light of the NYT article, I will dismiss this article as just anothger way of manipulating the press since no one can mention the movie where Angelina was paid that much.

    The donation too is suspect, why when their movies are out and changeling is doing so badly? Something smells fishy.

  35. geronimo says:

    Don’t know what she was paid for Changeling but imagine it must have been around the $15M mark.

    Wanted (2008) $15,000,000
    Beowulf (2007) $8,000,000
    A Mighty Heart (2007) $10,000,000
    The Good Shepherd (2006) $10,000,000
    Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) $20,000,000
    Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) $12,000,000
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) $7,000,000

  36. Laura says:

    This goes to show how effed up the value system is nowadays. Beauty is by far the most valuable thing, and that explains why everyone is so fascinated with Jolie (and Pitt). They’re not good actors… only extremely good looking. Gone are the days when actors like Meryl Streep or Dustin Hoffman could make it to the top just with their awesome talent (even in spite of their looks).

  37. Yourself says:

    Geronimo, are you trying to out your favourite actress that she does not give 1/3 of her salary to charity as she sensationally stated?

    20 Mln for Mr and Mrs Smith and yet Reese Witherspoon the top earning actress that year made $17 million a movie. If I remember correctlly that was the figure earned by Mr Pitt.

    Changeling had a budget of $55 million, hardly a block buster, you really believe $15 million went to Angelina for a such a small movie?

    Where do you get your numbers from? Are you part of the Brangelina media manipulating machine?

    Forbes said she earned $14 million from all her movies frpm 2007 to mid 2008, that ocvers wanted and changeling. Me thinks the Brangelina spin machine is going into overdrive as usual.

  38. geronimo says:

    Yourself – Lol! You really are a sad little obsessive. Go google – I found the info after one mouse-click. Happy hunting!

  39. Yourself says:

    What I find interesting too is the $100,000 given to charity. They earned about 20 million from pimping their children saying the money will go to charity

    Shiloh $3.6 milliom
    Pax $2 million
    Twins 14 milliom

    Total $19.6 million.

    Interest at 3% About $600,000

    100k is a generous donation by all means but forgive me if I am not impressed, after all this is from a woman who gives 1/3 of her salary to charity as a PR gimmick and has made millions from pimping her children and pretending it is for charity.

    Yet I can’t help but notice that her life style has changed greatly since Brangelina, private jets, exotic locations, multiple homes and chateaus. The least she would do is atleast give the interest.

  40. Yourself says:

    Geromino, I am not sad, I just prefer realism and I am not fooled that easily. After all, any one can put info into google sites.

    Another inconsistency, A Mighty Heart had a budget of $16 million and yet you want to tell us that $10 million of that went to Angelina Jolie alone. That is ridiculous even for a delusional Brangelina fanatic. And what does that say about your saint, being paid $10 mil for a movie that made only $9 million in the US and not even $20 million world wide.

    By the way, I notice that Us weekly has no back up for their data. Atleast Forbes is more authentic and it says she earned 14 million from Changeling, wanted and Kungfu Panda. I am more inclined to believe them than tabloid spin. Aren’t you loonies always dissing the tabloids? Now you want us to be ridiculous numbers because they are saying what you want to hear.

    This data wants to persuade that AJ is a bankable actress basing on Kungfu Panda, a movie that would have done well with or without her.

  41. geronimo says:

    Actually, I don’t care if the figs are accurate or not. They came from imdb and another film source. The reason I don’t care is because it doesn’t matter one iota to me what she gets paid. I’m just idly feeding your obsession.

  42. oliver_sudden says:

    $15 mill for a crap movie. And she donates $100 K to charity. How can she possibly spare it? Must need the rest for maintenance of her child-bearing lips.

  43. Kristen says:

    Debra 77 and Cheyenne ~

    I totally agree with you.

    I think that Angelina has proven that she can carry a movie. People just prefer her in action movies – instead of drama right now. I think that is because they want to pigeon hole her into a particular role.And less face it movies with serious war undertones (like A Might Heart) have all failed miserably since 9/11.(.i.e. Stop Loss, Rendition, just to name a few) She has incredible dramatic ability.

    IMO & Yourself – I’m with Geronimo you both sound obsessed with her.

    I hope she continues to garner high salaries and her ever growing humanatarian efforts.I have a great deal of respect for someone who donates that much time and money to any cause they truly believe in.

  44. Yourself says:

    Kristen, believe what you want but unless you bring numbers to back up this spin, it will just prove that indeed AJ is adept at manipulating the media. I know many media outlets will repeat this story without proof of the numbers. AJ’s PR machine must have been counting on this.

    Angelina can barely carry a movie, her best was Wanted whose performance was below par for an action thriller. A mighty heart was a dud, Beawulf performed way below expections, Kungfu Panda was not her vehicle and changeling is performing poorly so far.

    I don’t see why I am called names for pointing out these simple truths.

  45. Sickitten says:

    Yeah, she’s crazy. Look at the eyes in 2 of these pics. You can’t not see it. Dear old Dad was right and even he’s crazy.

  46. Baholicious says:

    Always that blank expression unless she’s ‘on’…Holy android, Bradman!! There’s a panel in her back, I know it.

  47. FUG says:

    Angelina’s PR machine..hello where have you been living under a rock?? Angelina Jolie has no publicist only her long time manager. Believe what you want to believe. But Angelina being paid 15 mil dollars per movie is proof that she can carry a movie. As for their charity.. haters who don’t believe that they are sincere on their charity don’t count, what really matters are those people who are gratefull that the JPs are helping them with their time and money.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    Okay, let’s see:

    According to, Beowulf is a $196 million “disappointment”.

    KFP has earned $631 million and counting. You can claim it’s not her vehicle all you want, but if it had been a box office flop, you would have claimed that Angelina sank the movie.

    Wanted box office total so far is $341 million.

    Changeling box office total is $50 million and counting. It hasn’t opened in wide release yet in the foreign market and Angelina is very popular overseas.

    Now compare those with Aniston’s last four movies, and ask yourself who is the bigger draw at the box office.

    Simple truths cut both ways.

  49. Kristen says:

    Yourself ~

    The stats come from the Hollywood Reporters List and I don’t think Angelina controls or manipulates them. They released the numbers.

    I read what I wrote – what name did I call you?

  50. geronimo says:

    Dear God, Yourself! Hours later and you’re still obsessing!

    Kristen – I think that’s probably directed at me, being the shrine-polishing, fanatical, insatiatable brangeloonie that I am. 😉

  51. Suzie says:

    The only movie like that she has been in was Girl Interupted. I think she played that crazy girl so perfectly. I have gone to see her other movies and she never comes across authentic to me. I haven’t like anything of hers. I do still rent movies she is in to see if they get better. I’m always disappointed. I won’t pay at the theaters anymore. I think you can see she is trying to act(not authentic) and her accents always bother me and she looses me from there. I don’t think she should be the highest paid actress. But I’m just a movie goer nobody special. Take it with a grain of salt.

  52. IMO says:

    Beowulf and Wanted are movies Angelina hurt- because although she was not the lead role- some people refrained from going to these films because they find her annoying with over-acting silly expressions.

    She is “modeling” more than actually acting and when she actually tries to act- she is overacting or shouting as opposed to expressing emotion in a talented manner.

    Most of her films have failed or done pretty mediocre when compared to the money put into their making and her over-bloated salary.

    I’m pretty sure the person who gets paid so much money should be the reason people watch a film- not a reason a movie-goer would hesitate and think twice before going.

  53. vdantev says:

    I invite the usual haters to SUCK IT.

  54. IMO says:

    Saying that HER MOVIES MADE X dollars- is very misleading.

    For example- she had a very minor role in “The Good Shepherd” and the huge success of the film had nothing to do with her.
    In fact she did miserably as alsways her tiny role and shouted and overacted her few lines.

    Now- not only did she harm the film, she is now taking the credit and counting the ticket sales of the Matt Damon- Robert De Niro (Alec Baldwin, William Hurt…) film.

    Please. After do many films that were incredible opportunities for any actors that she ruined and drove audiences away- she is now piggybacking on other poeple films, is becoming pathetic.

  55. keltilass says:

    the key word being “a” IMO?

  56. vdantev says:

    For all the film’s she’s ‘ruined’ she still seems to be employed and very employable. Deal with it, IMO.

  57. Kristen says:

    Thanks Geronimo –

    I was confused for a moment. Anyway –

    I love reading your comments- you seem very down to earth and sincere.

    You know may be they (Yourself and IMO)are Aniloonies (that’s my new name for Aniston fans).

    And yes to all who like her -so do I – so don’t get your torches and pitch forks yet…..

    Does liking Angelina and Brad make you a Brangeloonie? I’m not up on my Hollywood street slang?

  58. Cheyenne says:

    Aniloonies (that’s my new name for Aniston fans).

    I call them “Rachelettes”. They remind me of the Rachel character. Kind of vapid and empty-headed.

  59. keltilass says:

    I got called a a loonie-cunt for admitting to donating to Make it Right on another site. lol I told her I’d take it as a compliment considering the source.

  60. brent allred says:

    :mrgreen: The beauty of it is, no one cares what you people think.
    Hint she makes money for the studios.

  61. Mme X says:

    I would believe that she’s the most sought tabloid subject but the highest paid actress doesn’t sound right to me, when you think of the other greats out there–Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, etc. Says a lot about what we prize.

  62. Cheyenne says:

    @keltilass: Let’s start a loonie-cunt club. I donated too.

  63. Cheyenne says:

    Interesting Op-Ed piece in today’s issue of The NY Times about the earlier article written by Brooks Barnes, about how Jolie manipulates her image in the media. Excerpts:

    Brooks Barnes, the reporter, began with an anecdote about how Jolie and Brad Pitt negotiated last summer with celebrity magazines for photos of their newborn twins and an interview. He wrote that they wanted positive coverage from the winning magazine, then and in the future. Jolie asked for an “editorial plan,” including a road map of the layout, Barnes wrote, citing two anonymous sources “with knowledge of the bidding.”…

    I have read the seven-page contract for the photos and interview. It made no mention of positive coverage, an editorial plan, a road map for a layout or any other editorial conditions. It said the magazine was buying the North American rights to 10 photographs and that Jolie and Pitt would answer e-mailed questions.

    Mary Green, the People reporter who conducted the e-mail interview, said no one put any limits on what she could ask. The story was to accompany photos of the twins, so she concentrated on them and family life, she said.

    In other words, Brooks Barnes lied.

    Full article here:

  64. Kristin says:

    Suck it? Lmao.

  65. raven says:

    She’s a very good actor. She has it in the genes. Most very smart actors will act in big budget films for high pay, so they can afford to act in smaller films stretching their range, for less pay. She’s no exception. Films like Mr & Mrs. Smith are expected to do well at the box office. She said in her publicity for Mighty Heart that she didn’t expect it to make a lot of money, nor did the producers. They made it to tell the story.

    IMO, you must have seen a different Good Shepherd than I saw. She didn’t scream her lines in the version I saw and her performance added to the overall film. If you hate someone that much, why go see the film? There are a few performers that I really don’t like. I just won’t go to anything they are in.

  66. monica says:

    i got the opposite opinion from the NYT piece. i felt that the editor was backing barnes.

  67. mike says:

    Jesus, there are a lot of haters here. Let me put it this way: Is she a great actor? Depends. Is De Niro or Cary Grant a great actor? If you don’t, neither is she. If they are, then she should, too. Her range is limited, she plays mostly “herself” — just like De Niro or Cary Grant. A lot of so-called “great” actors have had relatively limited range and in fact, just played themselves: in addition to the aforementioned duo, we have persons like Al Pacino, Audrey Hepburn, Tom Cruise, etc., etc., etc. In any case, the studios think she’s worth the money, and that’s all that matters. Really, no actress making 15 mil today “deserves” it, because actresses are NOT paid according to their acting ability, but the screen persona they bring. Please, does anyone really believe that Reese Witherspoon can act better than Cate Blanchett? Yet, for the last few years, it was Reese, not Cate, who was the highest paid actress. For that matter, Julia Roberts couldn’t act to save her life, yet she was the highest paid actress for several years. So folks, cut this Angelina can’t act bullshit. So some of her peers can act better. Well, so did a lot of Julia Roberts’ peers acted better than she — but it was Julia who made the bucks.

  68. Kristin says:

    I do think Reese is better than Cate. Have you seen Reese in Freeway? She def. wasn’t playing herself in that.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    @66 — maybe you need to read that piece again. The editor wasn’t backing Barnes. He said flat out that he read the contract himself, and the contract contained nothing of what Barnes said it contained.

  70. 88modesty88 says:

    Good for her. I can’t believe some people are peed off because she “only” gave $100k to ONE charity we know of.

    The venomous hate some of you have is scary to behold!

  71. geronimo says:

    @kristen – thanks! The AJ-JA threads are an endless source of entertainment. Imagine writing post after post after post, not just on one AJ thread, but on every AJ thread, about someone you profess to hate/not care about?!!

    And we’re supposed to be the obsessed ones. 😀

    LOL at Looney-Cunt Club!

  72. Mairead says:

    That;s because she’s “our saint” and “our idol” and we need to be reminded of this fact 83 times a day, otherwise we may forget that we have free will and a right not and that we’re far too bloody gormless, brainwashed and stupid to know our own minds anyway.

    The Voices of Prowomanhood are trying to save us from ourselves, geronimo!!!! Has our precious saint stolen your eyes and you can’t see that???!?!? Why else would they traipse into every single solitary thread, on a website specifically designed so that you don’t have to read any article you don’t want, to complain that they’re sick of having to click on a link and read about someone they think is given far too much attention and thereby deflecting some of that attention onto themselves!

    As for the NYT article, page 2 doesn’t in anyway condem basing an article on a rumour that can’t be proven by any hard evidence, only two anonymous “sources” (I bet it was RAN and xiaoecho – the crafty minxes! :lol:)

  73. geronimo says:

    Mairead – Yourself & IMO etc are probably Queen Z’s minions putting us through our ‘loyalty’ paces…see how we stand up to mind-numbing repetition…they’re good! It’s like a form of torture but wearying and life-sapping rather than painful. 😉

  74. RAN says:

    😉 Mairead, you give me too much credit! I don’t ‘care enough to send my very best’ to the Brangelina rumor machine 😆

  75. Mairead says:

    Ahhhhh the ould Antilina variant on Chinese Water Torture, where you want to bash your keyboard repeatedly off your forehead instead of drops of water – speak the truth you may do my fellow pawadan. 😉

    Ahhhh but RAN… you would have to say that though wouldn’t you? Say no more, mums the word, dead men tell no tales, not a dickeybird etc *taps the side of my nose with my finger* 😉

  76. Aspen says:

    Honestly? I see movies with Angelina because she is beautiful. I love to look at her. She is graceful and her face is so mesmerizingly gorgeous. She has that “something” that all the iconic actresses have had. Audrey Hepburn had it. Liz Taylor had it. Marilyn Monroe (also a mediocre performer) had it. When those ladies are on the screen, you cannot tear your eyes away from them. It’s infinitely more than sex appeal. It’s a special kind of beauty. Angie has it.

    I’ve never found her acting talent wanting, but I don’t see her films because I find her to be a stellar actress. I see her films because they are generally entertaining stories and because I like to look at her for two hours.

  77. Kristen says:

    Mairhead ~

    Aren’t you doing EXACTLY what you accuse Geronimo of?

    At least Geronimo’s blogs are full of lies, hate and not to mention your obvious lack of any self-esteem.

    Sorry – but you are a hypocrite!

  78. chick says:

    i recently finally watched “The Good Shepherd” and i was impressed again by how excellent an actress Ms. Jolie is. it’s too bad she got caught up in the whole Pitt frenzy. i’m sure she remembers and must miss the days when her life was not a complete circus. that said, she deserves this pay check and i hope she continues to take on excellent and challenging roles.

  79. Kristen says:

    Cheyenne & Keltilass ~

    Well I would rather be in your club then with them.

    It truly is amazing how people (I’m referring to the specific three one this site) spew so much hate at someone they don’t know, never met and is probably a totally different person in her personal life. Let’s face it – the tabloids are the ones that paint her as this horrible person and they all fall for it. They obviously are the followers of the world.

    I like Angelina – because she lives her life outside of the box. She doesn’t fall into the categories that everybody else does. She doesn’t care what people think about her or her life and I respect that. People hate what they don’t understand or what they are threatened by. Angelina challenges people ideas of normality by her life style and so many small minded individuals feel the need to tear someone down to make themselves feel better. They should work on their own self- esteem and stop questioning every move actors make.

    But they won’t because that’s takes personal insight and I have a feeling that these type of people are never go to do that. They will sit and continue to b*tch and moan about everything she does.

    I have an idea for all the haters out there – why don’t you get off your ass and do something for the world. Then I’ll find out about it and tell you it wasn’t enough,or say that you just did it so people will look at you differently, just like you do to her….

  80. keltilass says:

    You’re welcome to join Kristen 🙂

    First annual LC club meeting to be held in NOLA April 09. Make it Right shirts optional. 😉

  81. Kristen says:

    Kristin ~

    I did see Freeway and Reese owned that role. She was amazing in that and The Man on the Moon.

    I love her too!

  82. RAN says:

    Um… Kristen.. do you ever really READ the comments? Mairead and G are AJ supporters/protectors. Perhaps before you suggest that others ‘get off their asses and do something for the world’, you may want to take a reading comprehension class. I’m surprised that someone with your obvious ‘know it all’ doesn’t get it.

  83. Kristen says:

    Sorry Mairhead –

    I meant to IMO on my post. And that Geronimo’s comments were NOT filled with lies…..

  84. Kristen says:

    Ran –

    Thanks for pointing out my typos.

    But why is it that anyone who doesn’t hate Angelina suddenly become her protector. Sounds to me like they were pointing out the obvious. I didn’t take their comments that way. I don’t think she needs protection from anyone.

    And as far as the get off your ass comment – it was sarcastic. I thought the “I’ll find about it” part would have given you a clue.

    And no I don’t know everything – I’m just writing my opinion like everyone else here.

    I have an idea – while I’m in reading comprehension class – why don’t you find a sense of humor!

  85. Susan says:

    As for the movies and the money her movies make. Comparing the Panda movie is like saying that Cameron Diaz was the one who made Shrek 2 so popular and made 919 million or that Ellen DeGeners made Nemo over 864 million. Kids movies that are cartoon like make money regardless of the actors who are the voices. The Panda movie is not really about Angelina Jolie. Just saying.

    Angie’s movies do really well if she plays a sexy women with a gun. Other than that her movies do not really made good money. Bewolf was a failure because its budget was 150 million. To make money a movie must make 2X its budget (as at least 1/2 goes to the movie theatres etc.). So for Bewolf to break even it needed to make 300 million. That is why Bewolf was a “disappointment”. Wanted did well again Angie playing with a gun and men. However AMH, The Good Shepherd and now Changeling are not doing so well. AMH had a budget of 18 million. It needed to make 36 million to break even. It made 16 million worldwide. The Good Shepherd budget was 110 million. It needed to make 220 million to break even. It made 99 million. And now her new movie budget 48 million it needs to make about 100 million to break even. There is no way it will ever do this. Angie does well in one type of movie but cannot ever make money if she plays in a serious acting role.

    As for the “hate” Any actress who is the highest paid receives “hate” like this. Just being famous you will get people who “hate” you. Angie is no different. Look at the “hate” Nicole Kidman gets, Katie Cruise, Jennifer Aniston. They all get hate and from people here on this board. Please do not act like hyprocites and pretend that you guys don’t write rude rude things about other actresses on this board because you all do. Angie is no different than anyone else. All actors get hate it is part of the job. Quit trying to make Angie look like some kind of martyr, she is anything but. I don’t even think that they appreciate your trying. The whole thing on Oprah with the tatoos was really embarassing. I am sure that Brad and Angie are embarassed with fans like that. You guys need to relax a little. They are not Gods, they do wrong and people call them on it – like they should.

  86. geronimo says:

    RAN & Kristen – Let’s not blow a simple posting error into something silly.

    RAN – Kristen made an honest mistake by misaddressing her post to Mairead instead of IMO. Which she’s since addressed.

    Kristen – RAN was just nipping in there in Mairead’s defence.

    Kristen – Before you made your correction about the post being address to IMO, I thought you might have just misunderstood my and Mairead’s earlier exchange (that’s the trouble with whimsy, not always clear to the reader) and was about to explain that. Also, when RAN describes us as ‘Protectors’, it’s in a totally harmless, inoffensive way (at least it is to me!)

    And your typo re my posts being ‘filled with lies’ made me laugh out loud! So, just for the record, I’m not offended by that either!

    No harm meant to or done by anyone. Peace. 8)

  87. Kristen says:

    Geronimo ~

    I like your style

  88. RAN says:

    Kristen, I wasn’t attempting to point out typo’s – I really didn’t know there were any typo’s in your post. Now that you’ve posted again, I see where your comments were going.

    Since you weren’t teeing off on Mairead or G, I offer my humblest apologies – although, I have to point out that I’ve already taken my humor course for the year 😉

    Thanks for keeping the peace Geronimo 😀

    *Edit – G, none of my comments toward you or Mai should ever be construed as offensive (thanks for being wise and open). I usually try very hard NOT to offend, unless I’m in defensive mode, then it just comes out 🙂

  89. Kristen says:

    Sorry Susan ~

    But I doubt Angie or Brad even have time to donate to the rumors about them.

    If they don’t appreciate their fan comments – why would they appreciate yours?

    I’m just saying it’s a blog – people give their opinions. Everyone is entitled to it – even if you don’t like what you read.

    Should you relax a little too?

  90. Kristen says:

    Ran –

    No apologies necessary. I understand – I have a tendency to do the same too (get defensive).

    No harm – no foul.

    BTW – I did fail reading comprehension in grade school. LOL

  91. Kristen says:

    Keltilass –

    I’ll be there – probably shirtless.

  92. RAN says:

    😉 Kristen 🙂

  93. vdantev says:

    *sips a dry martini* The JA fans are reaching new lows.

  94. Mairead says:

    Jaaaaaysis – I feel like i’m a foot soldier who just caught up with the mighty battle about 2 minutes after the last cannon was fired and bayonet thrown! 😆

    It’s grand Krestin( 😛 ) You were just doing your duty as a BADette , – but I will say that my name is Mairead 😉 there are approximately 6 ways of spelling my name and the only time that an “h” makes it’s way in is with a “g” (as in Máighread – gh is almost always silent in Irish). Linguistics lesson over for today 😀

    Thanks a million RAN and geronimo – yez are stars.

    Susan, thanks for explaining what you meant by a film needs to make double it’s budget because of theatre cuts – but I’ve heard from plenty of people in the industry over the past number of years that the real money nowadays is in the DVD rentals and sales, so studios put as much (if not more) of a push behind those sales as anything else. Especially since many films (like Changeling) are on limited release, or may not have nationwide distribution, especially overseas, the DVD market is key.

    But one thing I will say to both sides unless the whole film is a monologue there’s usually more than Angelina on screen, so there’s more than her to blame/praise if the film is good or bad. if you’ve not got a good script, good direction, good editing, good lighting, good score and good promotion – no matter how good the actors it’s still going to be a sh*te and/or unsuccessful film.

  95. vdantev says:

    Over 90 entries for someone people claim to ‘not care about’ and ‘wish would go away.’

    A wise man said, we are defined by our enemies.

  96. Mairead says:

    Nice one dante – you reminded me of a great film with Colm Meaney (O’Brien off Star Trek Next Generation) and Cillian Murphy How Harry Became a Tree.
    Must get it on DVD.

  97. Kristen says:

    Mairead ~

    So sorry – obviously I need a proofreading class as well as reading comprehension class. LOL

    People spell my name a lot of ways – the funny thing is that my name was supposed to be Kirsten and they spelled it wrong on the birth certificate. My mom said that’s OK I like Kristen too. I would have preferred Kirsten but oh well… guess mama knows best.Don’t really know why I told you that – but I have been awake for 36 hours – forgive me if I sound like I’m ready for a lock down at psychiatric ward.

    I do think that it is the viewers that can’t see past Angelina’s in a movie. They want her as the sexy, gun carrying assassin – not more meaningful roles she has tried (i.e. Changling and A Mighty Heart). The industry and the public has pigeon holed her into that role. Just like Aspen said earlier about some people shining. Angelina does have that shine. And I do agree that Marilyn Monroe had that shine – but I do not agree with Aspen saying that Marilyn was a mediocre actress. She was not allowed to develop into a dramatic actress because the industry wanted her to be the dumb blonde. I think that is what the public is trying to do Angelina. Not a dumb blonde – but an ass kicking villian.

    Plus – one actor cannot always have a blockbuster movie. Every great actor has had some movies that were less successful. Someone said earlier that A Mighty Heart was made to tell a story not make money – no one expected it to. Also – Oscar’s are received because of box office revenue – they are given by their performance in their craft.

  98. Cheyenne says:


    Did People cut a sneaky deal with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt to get photos of the couple’s newborn twins? Absolutely yes, the New York Times said last month. Today? Absolutely not, says the Times.

    The newspaper hasn’t retracted the story. But public editor Clark Hoyt, the paper’s in-house media critic, delivered a scathing review, saying that reporter Brooks Barnes got the most basic fact wrong. Hoyt, after interviewing People editor Larry Hackett and various Jolie intermediaries, concludes that Jolie never even asked for an “editorial plan” promising favorable coverage when negotiating for photo rights — the key allegation in the Times piece. The only condition in the magazine’s written contract to license the photos was that the interview be conducted by email. (Barnes told Hoyt that his anonymous sources stand by their version of the story.)

    We always thought the Times piece oversold the editorial-plan angle. Why would any of the players involved put something like that in writing, when it’s implicit? People editors never needed to promise favorable coverage; its cuddly Brangelina archive did the work for them. True, it’s not as sexy as a backroom deal — but a more nuanced take on the workings of the celebrity-industrial complex might have spared Barnes the public ink-lashing.

    Link here:

  99. SixxKitty says:

    “Angelina Jolie has topped the Hollywood Reporter’s list of the highest-paid actresses.”

    Pity she can’t act then…

  100. Tricky says:

    I really feel sorry for some of you.. the undeniable hatred that you have towards these people really is sad.

  101. NotBlonde says:

    Angelina Jolie cannot act. She’s beautiful in that alien sort of way; like Tilda Swinton or Cate Blanchett. Beautiful in really odd ways.

    As for Kung Fu Panda, if it did well or not was all based around Jack Black. I doubt Angelina had more than 3 lines in that movie other than telling her story about how she trained. I didn’t even know it was her until the credits came up. She doesn’t have a particularly distinctive voice, so maybe that was the problem.

    Anywho, she can’t take credit for Kung Fu Panda’s success at all. All of the other Seven ninja things barely had enough lines to get paid. It’s like saying Lucy Liu made the movie successful or giving her credit for that much box office money.

    I agree with Susan in that angelina rides other people’s coattails. She’s hardly ever the actual star of a movie. If you look on IMDB, of the 37 movies she’s been in (excluding the two in production) she’s only been the top billed actress 6 times, with two of those being the shit storms that were Tomb Raider and a third being Original Sin. In all her other movies, the draw has usually been someone else and you deal with her because her acting was tolerable enough or her part was so small that you could ignore her (i.e. Kung Fu Panda).

    And Cheyenne, you really need to quit bringing Jennifer Aniston up. It’s just sad at this point. She isn’t even mentioned in this post and yet you comment about her.

  102. IMO says:

    When Julia Roberts was considered likable (post Pretty Woman days)- people went to a movie in order to see her. She was charming and pretty and likable.

    So, yes- it doesn’t matter if she was indeed a great actress or just charming and charismatic and beautiful.

    However- Angelina- is a complete different story.
    She drives people away. I know of some friends of mine- including myself- who would not go to see Wanted and Beowulf, just because we know she is so horrible in doing the same “modeling” thing, has had too many plastic surgeries for the big screen, and her expressions are annoying.

    I also don’t think Julia is as untalented as Angelina.

    I think having a limited range is one thing- but having two expressions and overacting is really annoying beyond one movie.

    So, there is a disparity between what the studios think of the perception of Angelina, and how the audience really feel about her.

    People don’t go to see her. They either skip a film because they don’t like her acting, or they go- despite of her- if the main lead is someone else and her role is small enough to be tolerated.

    The studios made the same mistake when they assumed Lindsey Lohan has an audience.

    Neither Angelina nor Lindsey have an audience.

    There is a huge difference between selling gossip magazines and reading about their personal life- than actually liking and appreciating there talent.

    People would read about them- but won’t watch their movies.

    However- I think it’s the producer’s problem.
    If they are dumb enough to pay for someone who can’t act and drives people away- then- it’s their problem.
    Good for her.

    It takes time for people to understand the new media world today.

    IF someone is paying for an actor who doesn’t bring in the dough and actually hurts tickets sales, while overlooking the actors that actually made the audience come to the theatre- then- it’s their problem.

    Angelina always knew she has to compensate for her lacking in talent and was always willing to sell anything, in order to generate an interest and get attention.

    She knows she has to- so she keeps selling her personal life- talks about her sex life, her partners, her children, taking provocative pictures, photo ops- anything to sell something.

    And the dumb producers bought it and confused a celebrity interest with actual tickets sales and appreciation of her as an actress.

  103. Yourself says:

    Good point IMO.

  104. Yourself says:

    Good point IMO.Producers like Clint Eastwood can be preditable and cheap. There is no denying Angelina has a lot of tabloid press which she has manipulated the media into giving her. She is the great architect of this love triangle. If you ananlyse the movies she has been in, she cannot take credit for their success apart from Wanted which also fell below studio expectations. Even the twin pictures sold below the industry expectations. In the next year or so, studio will realise their error. That notoriety does not translate into popularity. I too know so many people who would not see an Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt movie. Me inclusive.

    Now say Angelina earned 75 million since 2001 when she said she gives 1/3 of her income to charity. Ha she given 25 million to charity? The tax records do not show this. Which proves that her utterances were just a PR gimmick uttered to make her look good. She has not even given a fraction of the money from pimping her chidlren to charity yet.

    I still higly doubt that she earns 15 million a movie. Otherwise she would be up there with Nicole Kidman among over paid stars.

    Cheyenne, the more you post, the more I am convinced that you are a Brangelina PR machine paid to blog about them. Are you by any chance that crazy loon who writes ‘God bless the Jolie- Pitts on I would not be surprised .

  105. geronimo says:

    “Producers like Clint Eastwood can be preditable and cheap.”

    Congrats on what has to be the most ill-informed and infantile sentence ever to appear on any thread on any site in the entire history of blogging.

  106. Kristen says:

    Wasn’t it nice not hearing from IMO and Yourself for a while?

    Oh well – every good thing ends sometimes.

  107. Sickitten says:

    Tilda Swinton is beautiful? If she was the person in your office giving you a hard time, you’d probably pick on the fact that she is odd looking or even ugly. You know you would. You wouldn’t trade places with her looks, most likely so stop using Blanchett and Tilda in this way and group Jolie into this. Different breed of woman from a different place.

  108. Kaiser says:


    So I guess only deranged comments are printed now?

  109. keltilass says:

    Can we have another Angie/Brad story? I’m tired of coming to this one and scrolling FOREVER. Although I do like to laugh at some of the insanity, my finger is getting tired. 😛

  110. Kristen says:

    Keltilass ~

    Probably not until Jennifer gives another interview….

    May be Angie will adopt another kid just to piss on Jennifer’s parade. LOL

  111. Cheyenne says:

    @Yourself — LOL! You’re calling me a “crazy loon”? Pot, meet kettle. Do you know how you sound, obsessing about a family you hate so much?

    I don’t know who you’re referring to on Just Jared, but that isn’t me.

  112. I Choose Me says:

    Shout out to Kaiser, Bodhi, Geronimo, Dante & Mairead. (Syko too)

    I come here for the articles, I stay for the comments and a AJ/BP/JA thread never disappoints. You guys make my day. 😀

  113. Moderator says:

    Just a friendly reminder…

    By commenting you agree to the following: That you will strive keep the discussion as civil and friendly as possible and to respect others as if you are having a conversation in person. That you will not make comments that are exceptionally rude, attacking, or baiting to other commenters. That you will not go after people with personal attacks for not agreeing with you. You will try to address their points calmly and not resort to name-calling. That you will not respond to name-calling by lowering yourself to that person’s level and calling them names back. Instead of firing back a heated response, you will report comments that you feel are harassing or mean.

    Comments may be deleted for any reason. Celebitchy moderators reserve the right to remove comments that violate the general rules along with any comments deemed distracting, inappropriate, off topic or rude. Celebitchy moderators reserve the right to remove logins, moderate and ban commenters for any reason.

  114. Cheyenne says:

    Here is some more “loonacy” to make your day. 😆

    Top 10 Movie Performances of 2008 by Richard Corliss (Time’s #1 movie critic),30583,1855948_1864351_1864357,00.html

    5. Angelina Jolie as Fox as in Wanted

    Jolie certainly has the skill and, even more, the ambition to be a serious actress, as indicated by her bereaved heroines in A Mighty Heart and Changeling. But the contours of her face and body are so improbable and arresting, her stature and sexuality so imposing, that she’s simply not designed to play ordinary people. She’s much more satisfying as a fantasy or cartoon character. In Timur Bekmambetov’s zazzy action film, she plays Fox, a member of Morgan Freeman’s gang of supposedly sanctified assassins. The role is a blend of Jolie’s previous adventuresses: the CIA killer lady in Mr. and Mrs. Smith crossed with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, the daredevil pilot from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and the witch-goddess of Beowulf. (Oh, and her Tigress in Kung Fu Panda.) Densely tattooed, richly skilled in the automotive and firearm arts, Fox reeks of a take-charge sexiness we’ll call feminismo. The actress herself might be a saint from some cinematic fertility cult: Holy Jolie.

    I did think Jolie was miscast in “The Good Shepherd”. As one of the film’s critics said, there is no way someone as gorgeous and sexy as Jolie can be believable as a scorned wife.

  115. NotBlonde says:

    SickKitten: you don’t think Cate Blanchett is beautiful? What planet do you live on?

    I think Tilda Swinton is gorgeous in a really odd way. When she gets dressed up and wears make-up, she can look stunning because really, she’s really quite alien-looking.

    Cate Blanchett is so tall and regal and dignified. But she is a bit on the odd-looking side…very small eyes that are set fairly far apart and and larger than normal mouth.

    Angelina Jolie is weird looking too, but she is beautiful. I never said she wasn’t. But I wouldn’t trade places with her looks; not in a million years. I like the way I look just fine; I’ve got big ass lips and dimples in my cheeks. What I don’t have is a strangely small nose and a strong jawline.

  116. Kristen says:

    IMO –

    Your actually comparing Angelina to Lindsay Lohan…. that is just too much of a stretch even for you.

    Do you even watch movies?

  117. diniefofinie says:

    i got to be honest, i don’t care for her acting
    she is quite talented, but definitely not my favorite

    i do commend her for her humanitarian work though, but i gotta say, if I made that much money, i would donate too! 😀

  118. DD says:

    I actually had a bet that the ice queen in the lion, witch and the wardrobe was cate blanchett. Obviously I lost but I was so convinced that it was her. Cate Blanchett is stunning and I think Tilda Swinton has a unique look although not perfect like Cate imo 🙂

  119. DD says:

    oh and imo, I do go and see movies if I know she’s in them, so stop speaking for the entire population… and I highly doubt she has had as much cosmetic surgeries as you claim, can you prove it? She looks pretty much the same as she did years ago, except maybe thinner and older.

  120. mike says:

    Some people do like to live in a fantasy. Like blaming Jolie for the failure of Beowulf… Please. It was an adult toon; when was the last time an adult toon made any decent money? Besides, if you blame Jolie for Beowolf, then you have to credit her for Kung Fu Panda’s success. (In reality, both were toons, and nobody, not Tom Hanks or Mike Myers, or Jolie, should get any credit for the success or failure of toons; these movies succeed because they’re Pixar or family-friendly PG; my dog could lead in Toy Story, and it’d still be huge.)

    On who gets paid or who people want to see, tell me when is the last time a non-comedy headlined by a woman became a blockbuster… Whitherspoon, Roberts, Ryan, Hathway, women actors usually make blockbusters only if they star in a comedy, most likely a romcom. It’s not that Roberts or Whithersppon is a better actor than Jolie (my dog can act better than Roberts), but that both of them make blockbuster romcoms while Jolie doesn’t, outside of Mr and Mrs Smith, which was an action-comedy. Jolie looks stunning, to her admirers, or alien, to her detractors; one thing both detractors and admirers can agree on is that her looks is extra-ordinary, in its original, beauty-neutral meaning. Because of her extraordinary looks, she cannot come across as an ordinary person, a requirement of a blockbuster comedy. In this, she’s a lot like Monroe, bigger than life persona that makes getting her “meaty” roles believable hard.

    As a final word, I’m not surprised that she came out on top this year. Really, just what movie headlined by a woman has been a blockbuster this year? It’s been a thin year for women, and Nicole Kidman’s bomb isn’t helping either. If you look, the biggest movie headlined by a woman this year is Sex and the City, a romcom par excellence. Does anyone really think that Sarah Jessica Parker is better than Angelina Jolie?

  121. Di says:

    I’m no Angelina fan, but it is important to note that the money from photographs of her children went to charity, and she donates a third of her income to charity.

    However, I agree that she’s become an annoying actress. I’m distracted by her nose jobs. Her nose gets skinner every two years. It’s freaking me out.

  122. Marla says:

    LOL Highest paid actress?? Maybe cause of all the controversy surrounding her. I liked her in. was it, Kiss the Girls? back when she actually had some self dignity which showed in her persona. All of her movies suck lately, okay Kung Fu Panda being an exception but you don’t even see the trammpy broad, THANK GOODNESS!! But Wanted was AWFUL!! A Mighty Heart?? BLAHHHHH……..Enjoy your Mistake Brad Pitt, Down the road Kids will find out they were born out of Wedlock, how will they feel?? She’s all yours!!!!!

  123. lalalalala says:

    u guys need to chill and understand wat these actors are going through need to be more considered it to wat u say i mean nobody has it easy in this world yet we’re still criticizing to wat we truly dont kno wats really going on yet we butt in they are people too they are nothing special they just give us people entertainment to the world which we pay over all to see them and plus they win so much that they want to share the money they earn with the less fortunate thats up to them how they spent it how ever they like i mean nobody tells u how to spent it so leave them alone its their money and how do u kno they are using the babys’ money look how much they make on both of them themselves a lot so think before u talk cuz its just ridiculous how some of u guys are sounding….

  124. LOL says:

    I just skimmed through this and had to laugh my ass off. Holy hell you people need to get a life!

    Even funnier, responding to other ppl’s comments and insults and carrying on hour after hour … good for a laugh, really it is.

  125. fbeats says:

    but can she share with all in free not dare in her body to work in film free no money i know her she will say my work is for pay ?
    Don’t worry no one ready to free work i say like sample of humanity .