Amy Winehouse leaves hospital to work on her music

Fresh from her vomit-inducing “farewell hospital bonk” with estranged husband Blake Re-Incarcerated, Amy Winehouse left the Camden hospital where she’s been recovering for the past 10 days from a drug induced seizure. Amy’s reps are saying that she exited the hospital to work on some new music – but it’s more likely she left to get some more drugs.

AMY WINEHOUSE left her hospital bed yesterday – to lay down some new music.

The troubled singer left the private clinic where she currently resides and headed to an East London recording studio.

She was later pictured arriving at a pal’s house before returning to hospital in the early hours.

Amy has been in hospital for just over 10 days after collapsing at her Camden home.

Yesterday The Sun revealed she shared a farewell bonk with BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL in the clinic before her hubby returned to jail after failing a drugs test.

[From The Sun]

How does this girl keep convincing people to let her out of the hospital? I’ve actually lost track of how many times she’s been admitted to the hospital, treated and released, only to wind up back there again. Why anyone bought her story about needing to work is beyond me. Even her close friend and producer Mark Ronson has said that she’s not really capable of recording any quality tracks right now. How much do you want to bet that her little stopover at a “Friend’s house” was just Amy buying herself a nice chunk of crack or something?

Amy is shown on Nov. 18, just before her most recent hospital admission, which her reps say was a “bad reaction to prescription drugs.” Riiiight. Notice how she doesn’t even bother to take off the hospital ID bracelets anymore. Photo credits: WENN.

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  1. doodahs says:


  2. doodahs says:

    Sorry, couldn’t resist the above.. I see that response on other blogger comment boards and for some reason, I was motivated to do it too.

    This girl is such a shambles and the world media are dining out on her.

  3. perpetua says:

    I think she should help do a remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show HEHEE 😆

  4. CrackedNuts says:

    What’s the point? All this cloak and dagger just to cover up the fact, she’s IN REHAB. Yeah, I’m afraid of another OD around New Year’s.

    You know what, the dumber Winehouse gets, my support for Britney Spears, increases 😛 .

  5. xiaoecho says:

    Just keep concentrating on that music darling

  6. Jeanne says:

    Well that’s where the crack pipe is isn’t it?

  7. gg says:

    She’s saving those hospital IDs intact and putting them back on. Hospitals do not allow you to be wearing 4 ID bracelets with conflicting admission dates and details. It would defeat the purpose.

  8. biteme says:

    I just don’t think this girl is getting her shit together. Personally I’ve got nothing against her, but she is so far gone. But then again Brittany did it.

  9. SixxKitty says:

    This is the last one of these story’s about Amy I am going to read. I am actually starting to feel badly that i read what her life has become. It was entertaining at first, then there was the will she or won’t she time, i even pondered when Blake I-got-amy-hooked got out, but to see her now and have watched her fall, with the paps riding along on her coat-tails, has made me feel dirty and like an enabler…
    That said, Can she really come back from this with her life? Bugger the career, can she live through this?