People Mag: Robsten IS Unbroken, Kristen & Rob “recently reunited”

In the days following Kristen Stewart’s public dalliance/affair with her married SWATH director, Rupert Sanders, I actually tried to give “Robsten” the benefit of the doubt. I enjoy a good conspiracy theory – probably more than most people – but most of the time, I really did believe that Robert Pattinson and Kristen were a REAL couple. I believed that they were together, that they were dating, that they were having sex, etc. The theories about how they were each other’s “beards” and how this was just a studio-arranged PR romance… well, at the end of the day, I thought it was BS. But! I can feel the “studio-arranged PR romance” conspiracy theory being dusted off and everything old is new again. People Mag has an “exclusive” in which they claim – with unnamed sources – that Robsten is Unbroken. Oh, GOD.

Speculation of a possible reconciliation between Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson has been swirling since the news broke that she cheated on him with director Rupert Sanders – and PEOPLE has learned that the couple did recently reunite.

Stewart, 22, and Pattinson, 26, met up in Los Angeles over the weekend of Sept. 15, PEOPLE reports in its upcoming issue.

And, according to an insider, the Twilight hunk’s pals “think they’ll be a couple again.”

While Pattinson was completely heartbroken over the split, says another source, moving on is “easier said than done … and clearly harder than expected.”

When Stewart admitted to having a tryst with Sanders, she made clear she hoped it wouldn’t spell the end of her three-year relationship with her Breaking Dawn costar. “This momentary indiscretion has jeopardized the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob,” she said in a candid statement. “I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.”

Both Stewart and Pattinson have stepped out publicly since the scandal broke, but neither has directly addressed the status of their relationship.

[From People]

What does this even mean? I think the way People Mag frames the story is fascinating. It feels like People is going full Twihard, you know? They want the money, they want the cross-promotion with the last Twilight movie, they want this to be a story simply for the gossip potential. For those of us in “Team Sparkles, Team Don’t Take Her Back” camp (I am one of you!), I think they’ve still left room for us to parse. People doesn’t really say that Rob HAS taken her back, just they met up and they WILL get back together.

So perhaps this is all a studio-lead, let’s-be-professionals reconciliation. And maybe – like I’ve been saying for more than a month now – where Robsten is in November won’t be where they are in January. Maybe this is just simple self-preservation for an exhaustive and exhausting promotional schedule.

Or perhaps Kristen’s armpits really do taste like hawt dergs and Rob simply can’t get enough.

PS… This week’s issue of Us Weekly seems to be saying the same thing too. A source says, “He started thinking nobody else would understand his life. His rational voice told him not to toss a three-year relationship for one infidelity. They have a very deep connection. Plus, they’re young. All relationships at that age have drama.” The sources also say that Kristen and Rob are going to wait a few months, then announce that they’re getting back together. Ugh. Damn it, Rob.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. someone says:


    • diana says:

      I know right? It takes certain type of special individuals like you and me to understand the eternal, everlasting, immortal, unquenchable and sparkling true love. Robsten is our religion’s Adam and Eve :)
      F**k you, world and morals.
      *middle finger up, Kristen style*

    • Rice says:

      UGH!! Is it too much to ask that this sh-t be over? I’m so sick of those 2 and everything Twilight. Even before this mess started, I was never going to see BD2 and I never will. I think I need a holiday from this Twilight, gossip-filled summer.

  2. sadie says:

    They are not going to last past the promotion of this movie.

    • CG says:

      No kidding! I’m going to go all Chandler Bing and say: Could it BE any more obvious that this is a PR stunt? smh

    • diana says:

      Don’t you believe in sparkly vampires and undying love between a predator and a prey?
      Sadly, there are these teens out there whose life is invested in the romance. I’m sure now some of these girls will even start cheating to test their bfs with Pattinson as their yardstick.

      But if RPatz gives in to studio and ‘forgives’ her, my new earned respect for him during this scandal is down the drain.

      • Amelia says:

        Ditto on any Sparkles respect, Diana.
        Oh, Sparkles, Sparkles, Sparkles … Smh.

      • M. says:

        If he’s insecure enough and has low enough self esteem to think he can’t do better than a girl who cheats on him, and if he’s dumb enough to convince himself that a dead relationship is worth staying in because she “understands” him down to the smallest nuance then he deserves her. You get what you ask for.

        I can’t claim to know what’s going on in her head, but I have to believe that on some fundemental level it has got to be HARD to know that the only reason anyone would stay with you is not because you’re a loving person who treats them well, but because they don’t believe they’re good enough to do better.

      • Rubimarcus says:

        Here here!!
        Loser patz if he succumbs!!

      • Bec says:

        Diana. Love this. And agree totally!!
        Robert pattinson is a TOOL if he takes this gen y, self serving, narcissist back.
        And how gen y (of the twi hards) to not think there is something wrong with screwing other people’s husbands.

  3. Jenna says:

    “All relationships at that age have drama.”

    -_- Bitch, please. Not ALL relationships at that age, or any age for that matter, have THAT drama.

    Don’t do it, Sparkles!!!

    • Liv says:

      Plus I’d say drama with 22 is fighting and screaming and being jealous over nothing, not cheating with your director.

    • L says:

      All bad relationships have drama. What’s with this ‘at this age’ crap? Total BS

      • Evelyn says:

        For real, I’m “at that age” and I’ve been with my boyfriend half as long. He and I have said if the other one cheats, it’s over. You don’t cheat on someone you love and care about, you cheat one someone youve checked out with emotionally, or someone you don’t respect

      • CC says:

        “at that age” only applies to…uhhh….. people in their teens. These 2 can legally marry, drink, you name it. And they have been in an adult world for 10 years or more, they’re not a bunch of sheltered sheltered kids.

    • Erinn says:

      Exactly. Our biggest ‘drama’ in my relationship (We’re both 22, and have been together since 2004) is figuring out our finances, and working towards getting a mortgage. And even then it’s not drama. We’re not fighting with each other at all.

      • Evelyn says:

        Congratulation on that erinn! My boyfriend and I are getting ready to move in together. But we are and always have been drama free, even when we were 18 (were 20 now)

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Maybe they’ll get back together for a bit, but once a break up happens it’s hard to find that peace and trust you had in the beginning.

      She cheated once!? Maybe kristen cheated so many times this will go into tiger woods mode and everyone will come out of the wood work.

  4. Bite me aka aniston says:

    Rob say goodbye to ur male fan base

    • diana says:

      Did he really have one ever?
      Actually its good bye to his mature adult women fan base.

      • Aria says:


        I cannot believe a grown up man (26 not 16) takes his girlfriend back after she cheated on him publicly. He has no selfrespect. I don’t care if it is PR stunt. He comes across a complete as*hole.

      • Liv says:


        How can I believe that he’s playing the lead in a film when I know he’s a pussy in private? Well, not so private thanks to Kristen….

      • diana says:


        And not to forget now how everytime I see him with a female costar, I will speculate about armpits. Will he or won’t he?

        Ewwww… I know I’m disgusting but that’s just me.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Ha ha ha

      • Liv says:

        Eh, it’s me too. ;-) It’s so disrespectful and utterly embarrassing to say that, that I don’t understand why he doesn’t dump her just for this reason!

      • V says:

        I agree we learn from our mistakes! Maybe they will stay together maybe they won’t, we only became huge fans because of the movie. I still love all of the twilight movies and they are my fav. So what will be will be they will always be Edward and Bella to me. This is they’re time to make mistakes. Everyone has some kind of problems that is what makes our relationships strong.

      • Anname says:

        Yay Carla, love your comment.

      • Allie May says:

        Yay, Carla, I also love your comment! I am probably one of the very few that could say I would actually respect him more for forgiving her.

        It takes a “real” man or woman to forgive -that rare action that most world religions teach.

      • Just Me says:

        A real man or woman to forgive, huh? Sure. You’re absolutely right! Let that man run off and screw any skirt that walks by! Let him beat you to a pulp. It’s ok, right? Because only a REAL woman would sit there and take it, right? Only a REAL woman forgives. This right here is why I hate Twish!t. If he forgives her, that’s his MO, but don’t dare sit there and make excuses for sh!t behavior. Saying it takes a real man to accept her apology is the modern day equivalent of telling a woman to shut up and take it. JFC! Pull your heads out of your arses and Get real Twihards!
        Now, let’s see just how many of you actually put this tolerance and forgiveness bullshi!t into practice with your responses.

    • meg says:

      What male fanbase?

      • oi vey says:

        Well any potential male fan base is gone. He just looks cuckolded now.

      • Just Me says:

        A real man or woman to forgive, huh? Sure. You’re absolutely right! Let that man run off and screw any skirt that walks by! Let him beat you to a pulp. It’s ok, right? Because only a REAL woman would sit there and take it, right? Only a REAL woman forgives. Jesus Christ. This right here is why I hate Twishit. If he forgives her, that’s his MO, but don’t dare sit there and make excuses for shit behavior. Saying it takes a real man to accept her apology is the modern day equivalent of telling a woman to shut up and take it. JFC! Pull your heads out of your asses and Get real Twihards!

        Now, let’s see just how many of you actually put this tolerance and forgiveness bullshit into practice with your responses.

      • Just Me says:

        A real man or woman to forgive, huh? Sure. You’re absolutely right! Let that man run off and screw any skirt that walks by! Let him beat you to a pulp. It’s ok, right? Because only a REAL woman would sit there and take it, right? Only a REAL woman forgives. Jesus Christ. This right here is why I hate Twishit. If he forgives her, that’s his MO, but don’t dare sit there and make excuses for shit behavior. Saying it takes a real man to accept her apology is the modern day equivalent of telling a woman to shut up and take it. JFC! Pull your heads out of your asses and Get real Twihards!

        Now, let’s see just how many of you actually put this tolerance and forgiveness bullshi!t into practice with your responses.

      • Just Me says:

        A real man or woman to forgive, huh? Sure. You’re absolutely right! Let that man run off and screw any skirt that walks by! Let him beat you to a pulp. It’s ok, right? Because only a REAL woman would sit there and take it, right? Only a REAL woman forgives. Jesus Christ. This right here is why I hate Twishit. If he forgives her, that’s his MO, but don’t dare sit there and make excuses for sh!t behavior. Saying it takes a real man to accept her apology is the modern day equivalent of telling a woman to shut up and take it. JFC! Pull your heads out of your asses and Get real Twihards!

        Now, let’s see just how many of you actually put this tolerance and forgiveness bullshi!t into practice with your responses.

  5. heatheradair says:

    Huh. When you’re young, especially, it seems like breakups always take a few attempts before they really stick.

    Third time’s a charm, or something — ? I figure they’ll try being back together a time or two, then grow up enough to split for good.

    In the meantime, it’s too good for the tabs to keep stringing readers along, so they’ll nurture the babiest of hopes…..

  6. Ali says:

    Happy dance!!!

    Not at them getting back together but all the funny angry posts to come!!!

  7. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    This has ‘Sketch’ written all over it.

    • V4Real says:

      I seriously believe the whole relationship was fake from the start. It was already reported that they had an open relationship and Rob enjoyed drinking more than he enjoyed having sex with Kristen. He already had slept with two other costars from the same film.I don’t see how this is nothing more than a publicity stunt. The last installment of Breaking Dawn 2 is due soon and they need to stay relevant so people will be more intrigued to see the movie.I bet they are hoping to break box office records, like The Avengers but it probably won’t happen. That’s the only reason she announced having sexual relations with that director. Think about it who admitts to having an affair so publicly in the manner she did it in? After the release of BD2 don’t be surprised when all the buzz about these two die down.

      • Shaj says:

        Yep, i believe it was a PR stunt, the photos of the director and Kristen looked fake, they are benefitng from this, I think the director and his wife agreed to those pictures, knowing that it was all fake, they are also going to ‘reconcile’

      • normades says:

        @V4: “I seriously believe the whole relationship was fake from the start”, you mean Robsten right? I think Shaj thinks you meant Rupsten.

        Clarify please. I love your posts.

  8. Brown says:

    WHYYYYYY!? First my dog wakes me up at 4am vomiting, then I forget to roll my trash can out to the road, then I blow dry my hair and realize I’m having a terrible hair day, and NOW THIS!?! How much is a girl supposed to be able to take in one day!?! WHAT IS MY LIFE!?! WHY GOD WHY!?

    OK but seriously, this gives me the sads pretty bad. I never thought their relationship was fake, but this reconciliation could be fake, just Summit trying to tread water until BD2. OR, it could be that they are back together, in which case that’s sad. That being said, it will never last. It was questionable at best before, but now, no way. It might make it feel better now, but it’s just prolonging the inevitable. Splitsville by New Year’s.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I hope your dog is feeling better. Tell him to eat some grass and stay away from the dried beans (it happened to MY dog, don’t laugh). I thought the relationship was relatively fake or one of convenience. And I think that the affair-with-the-director thing was a blatant PR stunt to (1) close out the Sparkles-KStew relationship in a “legitimate” way (“they broke up because of the affair, duh! Not because the relationship was fake and the movies were over”) and (2) the “scandal” would be effective PR for the last movie. Win-win for the marketing team!

  9. Mayday says:

    I’ve been in a lot of relationships over the years and I don’t think I have ever had any man look at me the way he looks at her.

    I think most of us would agree that at some point over the years, we all end up with one (or MORE) boyfriends/girlfriends that we end up taking back no matter how much shit they put us through.

    I hope he stands his ground though.

    • Astrid says:

      Yeah, he really looks at her! I’ve never experienced that either. Makes their former relationship seem on the up and up instead of a publicity stunt.

    • Anmelt says:

      Yes. Totally. The way he looks at her! He really does seem to adore her.

      Her body language towards him though? Looks like she doesn’t give a s$@t.

      • Chria says:


        I was noticing the pics and saw the goofy I’m in love look in Rob’s eyes, Kristen? She’s the I don’t give an f look.

        I don’t think the relationship or affair was fake that seems like too much trouble to attempt. Plus the little twihards will still watch it regardless.

        Rob if you’re out there maybe reading this…I’m single too let me mend your broken heart!!! :)

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      “I’ve been in a lot of relationships over the years and I don’t think I have ever had any man look at me the way he looks at her.”

      Nope, me neither. Sad isn’t it? And I’m attractive, thoughtful and FAITHFUL. Life’s a bitch isn’t it.

    • Blupp says:

      i wouldnt read too much into premiere pictures. you always have those “one star is lookin at the other in awe” with almost every movie.
      (and why would he look at her like that when they tried to hide it so much?)
      im not saying its all fake or PR but those typical looking up/looking down at the co-star is very common.

      • Ann says:

        It’s not just the premieres, though. I’ve seen other clips of interviews, behind the scenes stuff, etc. He really does look at her like she’s the be all/end all.

        I do think they were legit in a relationship. I think this reunion talk is studio driven, however. It’s very carefully worded, i.e. they’re talking but not “together”, it “looks like” it’s heading in that direction, etc. I think Summit just wants to scale back the potential awkwardness of the promo cycle. If they are supposedly on speaking terms and trying to work it out, it will ease the drama.

      • Blupp says:

        Ann, this wasnt meant to say that they are fake. i dont know. i just wanted to point out that this pose is very common at red carpets.

        i agree with what you said. practially its a non story, they met, they talked.

      • ORLY says:

        Sparkles seem to be an attentive person, period. Look at the way he looks at his other female co-stars. There are tonnes of pics with him looking at Reese and Emily similarly.
        I haven’t seen behind the scenes with him and anyone, so I have no idea about those.

      • another nina says:

        There were plenty of pictures of him looking admiring at Elizabeth, cullen’s mom. After all Sparkles is an actor and he delivers performance during premiere events, he also tends to speak in his American accent there.

        Speaking of intense “admiration”, I recall one particular interview (during Blue Valentine) where Ryan Gosling looked at Michelle Williams. OMG. Better than any movie… And supposedly they never dated…

        This being said, Sparkles owes a lot to stew – she fought for him when nobody hired him, they’ve been through a lot together, this goes without saying.

    • Jen34 says:

      Please remember he is an actor. I would not put any value into the way he looks at her. He probably looks at a cigarette the same way.

  10. serena says:

    I hope this is not true.

  11. Mirella says:

    No Sparkles, no.

  12. SamiHami says:

    “All relationships at that age have drama.”

    Really? Then I guess my 26 year relationship with my husband is an aberration. Neither of us has ever cheated and, while we’ve had our share of arguments, we’ve never had such high drama in our relationship

    • Samigirl says:

      26 years! That’s amazing!

    • ORLY says:

      Congrats on the longevity, Samihami.

    • judy says:

      Yes, your relationship is the exception and not the rule. My 19 year relationship with my husband is chock full of drama, with a near divorce 2 years ago. We’ve gone to counselling to work on it.

    • OriginalTiffany says:

      Is it? I have almost 24 years in and no drama of any huge sort.

      Many people are capable of having long lasting relationships that are happy and healthy. It’s hard work, but ultimately very rewarding and makes my whole family feel safe and loved. My kids are happy knowing their parents love each other.

      Cheating isn’t OK, ever. At least not in our house, I hope I’m giving my kids something to model their lives on. Crosses fingers.

      Congrats on the 26 years! See you there in 2!

  13. mln76 says:

    PR pure and simple if they last 6 weeks after the DVD I’ll be in shock. Oh and since Rupert’s apparently single I give it a few weeks after that til K-Stew is caught partying in club with her toungue down his throat EWWWW.

    • Madison says:

      I tend to think it’s all PR too but it still makes him look like a spineless idiot, KStews PR team would be happy though as fans won’t be hating on her so much, if Rob can forgive the cheating trampire we can too.

  14. Eleonor says:

    I don’t buy it; they have to promote the last Twithing together, too much money depend on their relationship, they have to get along as long as they can.

    • eileen says:

      Exactly! They probably are NOT back together, but the studio and mags can place a big “MAYBE” story and then everyone can wonder/watch and then we will see them together during the promotion of BD2 and Twihards can debate it for the rest of the year buying every pubication of “are they or aren’t they??”

    • Blupp says:

      IA and i can understand that. i think if they wouldnt have to promote a cheesy movie where they are the couple they wouldnt do it. gulp down the pride for a few days and then be free.

  15. Mia 4S says:

    So nice of them to put out these vague reconciliation stories to promote the movie. ;-) Gold star to studio PR, seriously. It works because he is apparently heading overseas to film; no need to spend time together. Or maybe he is as dumb as she is and they deserve each other, hard to say.

    • Anname says:

      Bet Rob HATES that his private life is related to promoting the movie in any way -what sucks for him is that his way of keeping silent on it all will be interpreted as keeping the “are they or aren’t they” stuff alive. I admire his consistency and don’t think he should change his stance, but it will be a rough 2 months for sure.

  16. Anname says:

    I hope Rob takes it very slow if he intends to get back together with her. She seems a bit of a mess right now, with the weird interviews and all. I think he does truly love her, and if they can figure it all out, more power to them. But she doesn’t seem in a place to make that happen right now.

  17. menlisa says:

    I don’t believe it.
    All these sources are probably from the Trampire’s camp.

  18. Blupp says:

    i have to laugh that they still try the “one infidelity”.

  19. marie says:

    I think all this means that there’s a movie to promote, their last way to rack up serious dough on the franchise. Maybe they were PR, maybe they weren’t but if they weren’t strictly PR and he takes her back, then he deserves what he gets..Otherwise, I just don’t care anymore, although I do love reading the comments cause they’re funny..

  20. Aria says:

    Rob is about to loose her female fanbase too.

  21. Carlotta Love says:

    “At the end of the day,” we need to stop using that trite, hackneyed phrase.

    Also, if dude licked her armpits, of course he’s taking her back. Nobody gives B.O. like an unbathed Stewart.

    • Macey says:

      OMG I could not agree more about the “end of the day” phrase, that one and “just sayin”.. they both get on my last nerve. I used to see them both occasionally and didnt think twice about it but they both seem to have gone viral and I swear I can’t read an article without seeing
      “at the end of the day” or “just sayin” in the article and/or the comments.
      Its kind of insane how these little phrases take life and now everyone says it and not always in the correct context.

  22. Michele says:

    If Rob loses fans, especially female fans just because he took Kristen back, then those people were never his real fans to begin with. He’s better off without them.

    • Aria says:


      Worst defense ever!

      • Michele says:

        If you are a fan of an actor, it should be about his films and NOT his personal life and who he’s dating.

      • Liv says:

        Yeah, but if the (ex)girlfriend of the actor is shoving their private life in our faces, then how can I forget that while seeing his films? Sorry, I can’t.

      • Aria says: theory….Reality is very different, my dear.

        People won’t see him as an alpha man no more. Was he one once? Doubt it but now he has no chances

      • judy says:

        Aria, I never saw Rob Pattinson as an alpha male, never. Alpha’s have an edge and a confidence he seems to lack. That’s not to say he is not appealing, he is. Maybe he’ll grow up to be an alpha,he has the looks but not the attitude. He strikes me as the boy next door type, easygoing and just plain nice. But there are many actors who make succesful careers out of not being the alpha, i.e. James Stewart and Cary Grant.

      • Just Me says:

        Oh please! It shouldn’t matter? that’s rich coming from the people who built websites and shrines for the Robsten!

    • kay says:

      OMG thank you for the laugh.

      His fans aren’t his friends, they are his livelihood. So no, he is NOT better off without them.

      That’s a phrase I wish would be phased out.

      • Ali says:

        Well with fans like his he should happy! They really made Remember Me, Water for Eliphants, etc big hits!

      • Michele says:

        Rob owes his fans nothing but a good performance in the films he makes. He wants fans to buy tickets to his movies and support his acting career. That’s where it should end. Who he wishes to spend his life with should not be a concern to his fans.

      • dahlia says:

        the poroblem with his fans is most of them are lonely cat ladies who think they own him though. So if he loses fans it’s bad for him, but they were always too high maintenance for him to keep in the first place.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Aren´t they too young to be lonely cat ladys? Or is this a thing that kids do these days?

        *grabs a cat*

      • dahlia says:

        actually, his “uber” fanbase is mainly older women, by way of twilight. Rob’s talked about this before. The chicks outside waiting for him at premieres, interviews,etc? usually average 35+. And I don’t want to judge people for doing that. If these ladies want to take trips to meet their idol, have at it. The problem is that these same adult fans are the most demanding of him though. They are all invested in either him being victimized by Summit/Kristen in a pr fauxmance nightmare, or else invested in him and kristen FOREVA.

        Most of the hardcore Tween/teen twihard/Rob fanbase cooled years back, they were never the extremist fans cause they often moved onto the next trend like THG or else One Direction,etc.

    • Marigold says:

      What a bunch of hooey! So, basically, you’re saying that their personal lives should not have any effect on their fan base? So, if he goes out and goes on a crazy murdering spree, I can just ignore that and remember how fond I am of Cosmopolis? Girl, please! I know my example is extreme but how people behave, in any facet of life, effects their professional life. It’s just how it is.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Yes, on a level of 1-10 your comparison of somebody’s love life with murder is pretty much a 20.000 on the scale of extreme and also super crazy examples.
        I can´t even…

    • Mi says:

      No.They just don’t want his f..ed up personal life(thanks to Kristen)influenced his professional life.Because of this scandal his Cosmopolis movie wasn’t promoted as it should be(no press conference in LA or NYC)He should focus on his career.

    • another nina says:

      Right Michele. Now may I suggest you celebrate this deep thought with a shot of Florabotanica.

    • dahlia says:

      their private lives have always been a part of their appeal for people. Unfortunately their fans are really unbalanced overall and treat them like Sims characters they want to manipulate. There’s no way in hell he’d ever be able to please these typees of fans, they would have “broken up” with him at some point, so this was inevitable. It’s not his fault ultimately, it’s his fans faults for being overinvested in a particular myth about who he is/was.

      • kingkayski says:

        It’s just so unfortunate that Rob only have these kind of fans,the fans who will only like him ,support him,adore him ,only if he’s single.So what if he took her back,what’s it got to do with your life or the way you support him?That is his personal life and choice which you don’t have any business at all.He’s not forcing you or dragging you by the tail to see his movies.It’s your own doing that you become so invested in his personal life.You’re not his mother ,sister ,wife or even a friend to tell him what to do,he’s got his own family for that,which i’m sure don’t even meddle in his personal business.It is very hardly that we see a man stand by his woman after the infidelity happened ,and imo ,it takes a real man and a gentleman to do that ,and doing it quitely and privately even.I wished i had a man like that ,if ever it happens to me,i can’t help myself but respect Rob for that,he’s always been a classy kind of guy.

  23. Nola says:

    This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Most relationships go through this cycle.

    I seem them getting together and breaking up several times before they finally make clean break.

  24. andy says:

    Twihards must have made a sacrifice to the Gods.

  25. deb says:

    Bwahaaa fake romance fake reconciliation, but real movie to promote

  26. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Oh I am so tired of all these speculations. I say to hell with both of them. We all are happy with our boyfriends and we should just stop giving a damn to these alpha douches.

  27. deb says:

    Bwahaaa, fake romance fake reconciliation, but real movie to promote

  28. T.C. says:

    This smells of studio trying to sell a Robsten is unbroken story. They had one meeting. BFD. Men don’t move out of their house for nothing. Stay strong Sparkles. Cheaters don’t change.

    • honeybee says:

      Yes. I don’t believe they are going to reconcile. He has a lot of self-respect and pride. During Cosmopolis promos it was so obvious that he didn’t like the pity that he was extended by the media/public.

      They most likely met with their teams to discuss how things should move forward for the BD2 promos. The media is making more of it for obvious reasons.
      Like Kaiser says, we will see a different scenario from after the stupid movie is out. I would say wait and see for those that have no idea about Rob and are quick to jump to unfavorable conclusions.

      KSkank is doing all she can spin this non-existent story to suit her pathetic purposes. For the sake of the movie where a lot of people have lots riding on, Rob is taking the higher ground and keeping quiet.

      Unless I see pics of them together after BD2, I will not believe any reconciliation story.

  29. Nancy says:

    Whether they get back together or not their relationship will never be the same. It never is when trust gets broken and someone cheats but good luck to them though.

  30. v says:

    PR or not,after Twilight ends,they both need to disappear for a while.Practice their craft and maybe grow up(yes that’s for KS).If it’s true it’s unfair(and sexist)for Pattinson to lose his fanbase etc.If it’s PR then all parties involved seem sketchy.

  31. ramona says:

    Sort of unrelated, but you know what’s fun? Google “Twilight tattoos”. Whether or not Robsten sinks or swims, there is some truly spectacular “art” in which their love will be memorialised forever…

  32. Dani says:

    If they do get back together, she has the upper hand in the relationship, publicly and personally. If he takes her back he obviously doesn’t know his self worth. Regardless of who they are, no one is worth your time and love if they have the time to cheat on you, period dot.

    • lola says:

      no, if their relationship is real, he’ll have the upper hand if she wants to make it work. She was always snotty and making it clear she had the upper hand initially but now she’ll have to grovel and play by his rules if this is a legit relationship.

  33. Jayna says:

    I always said they would get back together. It won’t last and then there will be a permanent breakup eventually. I don’t judge. Love is a powerful emotion. And a sudden split when you thought you were happy is even more painful. It’s not a thing that is inevitable. It’s like being hit with a bulldozer, unexpected and so there is no time to grieve, and all you can do is feel the heartache because the person is in your life one day and gone the next. No closure.

    • diana says:

      You are too nice a person.
      But this is Hollywood. These actors live in a bubble, particularly the young ones. All of them get confused between their roles and real life emotions. And most of them sacrifice their basic morals and ethics.
      I don’t see how true love is possible in such circumstances.
      But your words were very touching. I wish you well.

  34. Em12 says:

    I hope they just met to get on good terms (as good as possible given the situation) so things aren’t awkward while promoting the film. If he takes her back, the story about Kristen saying she’ll definitely get him back because he’s “pu$$y-whipped” (I hate that expression) would seem to be proven accurate. I hate to go full-on cliche, but there are so many amazing fish in the sea, Robert!! The lip biter is NOTHING special (and that’s not even a self-serving statement b/c I’m happily married! haha)

  35. Sam says:

    He is afraid he will never find another woman who will let him lick their pits without judgement.

    • Snap crackle pop says:

      LOL, I still say that she was talking about Rupert.

      That sounds like the beginning of a relationship- infatuation stage- where you just want to devour the person and can’t stop yourself from mentioning them in every unrelated conversation. Even when you are talking to a member of the press. (God, she is such a moron.)

  36. Snap crackle pop says:

    People mag couldn’t have been more perfectly vague. We all knew this was coming- fake back together reports for BD2- pictures or I don’t believe anything.

    I think there was a real relationship, but, he hates her now. Might have sex with her again a few times in about 6 months or so (protected) as a closure/ sexual muscle memory type thing. But, it won’t mean a thing and I won’t judge. I could be projecting here ;)

  37. JessSaysNo says:

    I knew Rob would take her back. He’s meek and in love with her and I actually do think this relationship is real and Rob is WAY more into Kristen than she is into Rob (obvi).

    I personally feel that if you’re in a relationship and you’re open to fooling around AT ALL then it is not some momentary “I lost my brain” moment. You’re either committed and will not stray, or you have the desire to fall in love or sleep with other people. Not saying that makes you the DEVIL, it just is what it is.

    They’re both young enough for Rob to find someone who is equally in love with him and Kristen needs to find someone she is actually crazy about.

    God I cannot believe I give a shit about these celebrities. Ugh…

  38. Ming says:

    Nitwits all over the world jump from their couch, bed and office chairs, run onto the streets, ignoring the danger of being run over by Robsten hating cars and fly into each others arms crying.

    English and American flags are swung wildly in the name of nitwittity, as the 234,544,646 internet fandom war was officially declared over by People.

  39. ladybert62 says:

    If their relationship is real and if he has taken her back – he will regret it.

    Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  40. Mimi says:

    I don’t think their relationship was fake at all. I do however think that Rob needs to move on. Maybe they can be together in the future? KS just doesn’t seem to be invested in their relationship. Feel kind of sad for both of them.

  41. ernie says:

    Well, for a moment there he was interesting again.

  42. lola says:

    meh, I think she cheated, he forgave her, and that pr is mixed in here in that the studio exploited it and helped facilitate all the craziness maybe. But I think that’s it basically, I think those two are together and she messed up and now they may actually try to work it out.

    Where the real story is is who tipped off US weekly in the first place. That’s what would be interesting, whether it was someone who would gain from all this. And no I don’t think “robsten” cause they both look like immature kids now when they were looking more mature and polished via Cannes.

  43. jess says:

    I do think that they will get back together because Rob seems to be smitten with her. She always embarrasses him during promo, (hanging over Taylor or putting Rob down if front of everyone) he just seems to shrug it off. I think this scandel might be harder to just shrug off but if she is as sorry as all the mags are reporting then I think he will cave and take her back. I just hope this time Kristen realizes what she has and treats him better.

    I doubt we will see pics of them together other then promo, though. I think they will be more open with their relationship after twilight is finally done and over with. Im sure they are hoping people will stop caring.

  44. nina says:

    I think “robsten is unbroken” types and “this is all fakepr led by Kristen’s evil team” types are equally crazy.

    I mainly don’t buy this is a straight out pr move simply cause Kristen looks like a trashy person now, a real marriage with kids was involved, and Robert looks cuckolded. Rob and Kristen were making strides with Cannes, there’s no reason to take this turn and compromise their progress of leaving Twilight behind.

    the only people benefitting from this is summit, and if there is any pr shennanigans going on here, it’s from them. Getting “Bella and Edward forever 2o12″ restamped on their foreheads is not what they wanted here.

  45. Nancy says:

    men are so weak!

  46. Ann says:

    Just last week, all the tabs were saying that they are done, complete with quotes from his “friends”. Now this week, same tabs are saying they’re reuniting, he never stopped loving her, etc. Again, sources are his “friends”.

    Please. His friends don’t speak to the press. They sure as hell don’t contact OK et all with weekly updates. The tabs put out a new story each week, one more full of crap than the next.

    They haven’t been seen anywhere. Noone knows what’s up with either of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the studio is floating a “they’re talking” narrative, but that’s about as far as it goes. Should be entertaining to watch over the next 2 months, anyway.

  47. dahlia says:


    Lainey was right after all.

    And it goes to show US weekly knows jack shit cause they swore rob wouldn’t take her back last week, when Lainey said they were together.

    • andy says:

      Lainey said on her site that KStew was telling everyone at TIFF that they were back on. Lainey put it out there before People,because they probably checked for confirmation first.

      Kristen had already told the press that “They were totally fine”. Not much of a scoop.

      • tori says:

        no, lainey said nothing of kristen saying she was telling everyone. if she told everyone, everyone would have been reporting that too. Lainey has people on kristen’s side who obviously gave her the go-ahead to say that, and lainey went with it cause it was good info, not just a rumor or a planted seed to diffuse. That’s why she’s gloating, cause she said so first, and is now seen as the person who got the exclusive before US and People.

      • andy says:

        Yes, Lainey did. So Kristen wanted everyone to know they were back together. Strange for someone who never talks about her private life.

        “At least that’s what she was saying during TIFF, despite other outlets claiming the opposite.”

      • Ann says:

        I think that’s an important piece of information. Lainey confirmed today that it was Kristen’s people spreading the reunited rumor. Not Summit. I think Kristen’s people are still trying to do damage control. What happened to the girl who was so private about everything? Now all of a sudden she wants everyone to know they are together. Hmm.
        There has been no confirmation from Rob’s people. I think we just need to wait and see if this rumor is legit. Maybe they’ll just play nice until BD2 is over and then he’ll do his own thing.

      • Janet says:

        Okay, so now we know. The whole half-assed snafu is being orchestrated by KStew’s PR team. Figures. They’re trying to salvage what’s left of her career, never mind her reputation, and Rob is playing along. I honestly believed he had more integrity than to help keep a stupid charade like that going, but although I like the guy I’m getting a feeling he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

        Anyway, let’s just hope that after the BD2 circus decamps, she will vanish into obscurity and stay there. I think she has demonstrated in SWATH and OTR that she is a sh*tty actress and I don’t see her having much of a post-Twilight future. She may be good for a couple of B movies before she disappears for good.

  48. Violet says:

    People has lost a lot of credibility IMO since that whole business of claiming to be at Blake Lively’s wedding.

    If he did take her back, he’s a fool. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  49. Annie says:

    Oh Robert, if you do I’ll lose so much respect for you. Stand your ground!! You will never go back to what you had. You won’t trust her and those pictures will always haunt you. It’s not the same when you SEE it with your own eyes.
    If he does take her back it’ll say a lot about his own self-esteem issues. He could have anyone. He’s better than her. Move on with your head held high. She smiled more in thise pictures than she ever did publicly with you.

    I wonder how things will change for her after this? Will she be less of a snot in interviews? Will she be more humble? Will she be nicer to her fans after how much support the showed her? Because I did tell you my story of her rolling her eyes at us fans when we turned out backs at a meet and greet for SWATH in my country, right? Will she be more grateful now? Will she stop flipping off photographers?

    • tori says:

      why would you lose respect for him? If he ends up making a mistake by taking her back, it’s something most of us have done ourselves at that age. and if it works out between them, he’s a better man for it. I don’t really get people losing respect for him over this when we don’t know their relationship at all.

      • Janet says:

        Because she’s a nasty bitch with an attitude and he can do a lot better than her. A whole lot of people will lose respect for him if he takes her back, including me.

      • Annie says:

        Ok I’m being dramatic. But I do like it when people have pride, self-respect, intelligence. A guy taking back someone who always treated him with indifference and then gives herself the luxury to cheat, only to get caught and humiliate him publicly… Doesn’t speak very highly of him. And I say this about every person, not just celebrities and men. If he had been the one cheating I would’ve taken her side. I’m very anti-cheating. You don’t do that to someone.

        His life, his choices. But I would be very disappointed to see that he really is insecure and has low self-esteem and allows people to treat him like this. To me she really crossed the limit. And I feel like if she were honest and admitted this had been going in for weeks/months he would not take her back. If he does, then she’s not telling the truth.

        And if he’s no connecting the dots he’s not very smart!!

      • Anname says:

        Tori, I agree with you. We only know a piece of the story. And Rob doesn’t strike me as a pushover, so if he decides to reunite with her, it’s her second chance. Even if it may not make sense to me, I won’t lose respect for Rob.

      • Annie says:

        What Janet said too… You act like a bitch to him and the fans all these years and humiliate him like this and he STILL takes you back? Come on, Robert!!
        I might still watch his movies but I won’t think super highly of him anymore.

        But who knows. Maybe they are just talking…

    • meg says:

      Kristen’s PR team has done such a bang up job of transferring the blame to Big Bad Rupert, the sexual harasser and predator, to the extent that Kristen has somehow become the victim in this scenario. I can only assume kristen is selling the same story to Rob, his family and friends. Rob would be cruel not to forgive her, Liberty is a famewhore, Kristen was manipulated and to young to know better yada yada we all know the drill.

  50. Annie says:

    Oh! And also… How do you look at your significant other’s friends and family in the eye after what you did and after he takes you back? How will that go? Rob’s friends are protective and have known him forever. Rob’s mom is tough. Matriarchy right here. Rob’s dad is the romantic one who told him to treat women like ladies, and seems to come straight from a 1890 novel. Sweet man. I bet he doesn’t appreciate his son going back to a girl with no principles at all.

    I hope they treat her different after this.

    • carrie says:

      He has made it pretty clear that he would rather fight with her than make love with anyone else. His friends and family will have no choice but support him. What are they gonna do? Cut all ties with him?

      • Annie says:

        Well that’s stupid because in the end what stays in your life forever are your true friends and your family. This won’t last and now his family will have to be polite while internally rolling their eyes.

        They probably lashed out on her with him. Now it’s just going to be awkward.

      • ORLY says:

        “He has made it pretty clear that he would rather fight with her than make love with anyone else.”

        What’s this about?

      • meg says:

        That would be about Twihard fantasies. Soooo romantic, eh?

      • oi vey says:

        @Carrie Speaking from experience…it’s entirely possible that if he’s under the thumb he’ll cut ties with his family because of their disapproval about how she treats him and how she conducts herself. Not saying that would be the case, at all, but it is possible. It does happen. And it does hurt when a sibling would rather trash you and your parents than wake up and smell the roses and see the reality of what their partner is really like.
        Again, I am not saying that this is happening with Robert and his family at all.

  51. Janet says:

    ” The sources also say that Kristen and Rob are going to wait a few months, then announce that they’re getting back together.”

    This makes absolutely no sense at all. You’d think Summit would shout it from the housetops if they were back together. So if it’s true, why not announce it now and make all their fans and the studio delirious with joy?

    This whole People article reeks of bullshit. An unnamed (naturally) source says they met up in LA over the weekend and “thinks they’ll be a couple again”. When you dissect what is actually being said, nothing is being said.

    • Adeli says:

      IKR? Makes no sense at all. All this nonsense about wanting to keep it on the downlow, meanwhile it’s all over the tabloids and gossip sites, and even People jumping on the bandwagon. Err, that’s the opposite of keeping it on the downlow. It’s like, shhh, don’t tell anybody we’re totes together, but we’re only going to announce it officially in a few months, so until then it’s a SECRET OKAY!

    • Annie says:

      People are always Summit, Summit, Summit. Everything is their fault. They were the first to NOT want them together in the first place place because they knew this would happen eventually. I bet they’re thankful it happened at the end of everything but I also bet there are several people there going all “See? I told you”. Imagine the nightmare of having to shoot more movies with a couple that is no more and who hate each other. This is all a PR nightmare and we’re not in the MGM era when studios owned celebrities. Believe it or not, they have no say in many things. They actually had to BEG Rob to present the final trailer at the VMAs and it was all decided two days before. And believe it or not, studios don’t salivate at the prospect of their leads falling in love with each other. They have a promo plan that can garantee the success of a movie without a PR romance or real romance, but if that romance fails? Brace yourselves because it can all blow up in your face. Negative publicity can overshadow the film, no director likes that. And the logistics of having to book separate planes and hotels for both, always preparing for a good reunion or a bad break up. Total nightmare. These at the end of the day are people with jobs, not the studio owners.

      Right now Summit is preparing for everything. Plan A, Plan B. If they get back together they have to do appearances and interviews together, fly together. If not? Plan B, Rob takes these cities, Kristen takes these cities. No photo shoots together, no interviews together.

      I do not envy that position, let me tell ya.

  52. pinchofsalt says:

    I have to jump on the bandwagon, once a cheater, always a cheater.

  53. Reece says:

    Relationships at that (any) age are full of THAT kind of drama when it’s created. Line of BS!
    Who didn’t see this coming? They have a movie, whose profits depend entirely on their relationship status, to promote. They have to be civil.
    Talking is talking not back together. Even if it is all as Twihards want it to be, the damage is done. It’s only a matter of time. There will always be doubt in him and she will start to resent it after cow-towing for a while.
    Let me know what’s going on in next year.

    • Ann says:

      Oh please. The movie success does not depend on their relationship. It’s based on a hugely popular (like it or not) book series with millions of fans, that was underway well before anyone knew who either of them were. The first movie was a big success, while she was dating someone else. Whether they are together or not, the last movie will be a success too. Even though the series is winding down, fans still want to see the last movie in the series. Twilight fans will go regardless of Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship status.

      • Annie says:

        This is true. I have many friends who like Twilight, not in a Twihardy way, they just watch the movies when they come out and buy the dvds but are not insane for these people nor they camp out, and many of them didn’t even know this happened. I also know people who liked the books and see the movies but don’t care about Rob and Kristen. So not all audiences who watch these movies care if they are together or not. If they get back together it’s not studio adviced. If anything, they’re just asking them to play nice. They can’t tell them what to do, people.

        The passionates here right now are the crazies who camp out, check the news 24/7, the Robstens, the krisbians. Rob-only fans have been vocal about hating what Kristen did but so far have stuck to supporting Cosmopolis. Robstens and Krisbians are the lunatics through this whole thing. The drama queens, the ones who say it didn’t happen, it was staged… Etc.

        Robert, you walking away from this mess could be the best thing to happen to you and your career. You would keep the sane fans, shed the crazies and start a new chapter as a mature actor.

  54. antipodean says:

    If after all this shit, this turns out to be a publicity stunt, it would just show you how much respect they have for their fan base, none, you don’t treat people like morons because they really enjoy or should I dare say even relate to something, it would prove what cretins these two are to allow themselves to be used by some film company that have no real interest with them personally just keep them in the public eye until the final film is out. After that won’t give a rat’s arse what happens to them and for that matter I wouldn’t either.

    • Janet says:

      Their fan base won’t give a damn. They have an average IQ of somewhere around 50, give or take a few points.

      • antipodean says:

        you know what that is probably about right. I mean who gives a flying fuck if they are on again off again. they are both a couple of dickheads anyway

      • meg says:

        @janet Generally I would think “aww c’mon don’t be so rough on them.” However, having visited a few Robsten infested forums, I must admit that your assessment is spot on. Over at Gossip Cop, they’re popping open the champagne and giggling like 12 year olds at the heady thought of Rob licking Kristen’s armpits again. It’s downright creepy.

  55. Jany says:

    Lainey’s update:

    Oh Robert,sigh…And Kristen running around telling people at TIFF. Seriously?

    • Michele says:

      I find it hard to believe that Kristen was running around TIFF telling people that she and Rob were back together and not one entertainment journalist (and there were tons of them there!) bothered to report it or even hint at it on their blogs/magazines/tv shows except Lainey? Yeah right.

  56. Happy21 says:

    I didn’t read anything that says they were back together. They got together or met up or ‘reunited’ whatever. They were together a long time, they probably have sh*t to discuss. And realy, maybe they will prevail. I doubt it, but maybe.

  57. Emma says:

    Um, why is anyone surprised? Rob and Kristen were never together in the first place. Only for promo and to appease their crazy fans. Of course they are being forced to be together for the last promo round then a break up will happen a couple weeks after. It’s also good for Kristen because it’ll make people think Rob has forgiven her so people will be nicer toward her. Her PR team ain’t stupid.

  58. Janet says:

    Reading and re-reading the above from People and US Weekly, I don’t see anything that says they are back together. I read they are talking and an unnamed source THINKS they will be a couple again. Nothing about who the source is or what they are basing their statement on.

  59. pinchofsalt says:

    If they are together, I think it’s only to promote the new movie. He could not possibly take her back after she humiliated him like that. He would be a fool to take her back anyway, there is no trust after cheating. As was said in the beginning, way back when (it seems), she is only sorry because she got caught. Anyone who takes back a cheater has nothing to gain but more pain.

  60. nikka says:

    I think they are a real couple, I think the cheating is real, the drama fallout is partly contrived by summit, and I think they are reconciling cause he probably got to sow his wild oats over the last couple months and one-upped her on outside lovers. That’s why he can go back to her now,he evened the score.

  61. Grace says:

    Wow. Do you think he gets to have his testicles on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays or does she let him switch days?

    He’s spineless. Ick.

  62. Perplexed says:

    Disappointing news, if true.
    Summmit will be pleased that they can now cancel his private jet and everyone will fly commercial (!).

    • kay says:

      I am sure Robert Pattinson is going to listen to relationship advice from people that call him Sparkles I find it funny that the same people making fun of him are the same people who think they should have a say in personal life. While I am not really for this reunion,I don’t know Rob or Kristen personally and frankly think people should stay out of grown folks business.

    • honeybee says:


  63. The Original Victoria says:

    I call bullshit. Not that people is lying but that Summit sat Rob down and was like, “Look Sparkles, Trampy did you dirty and we told you to leave that chick alone. She was all inflagrante delecto with you while with that Michael Orgeano kids right? But you just had to have her and we knew this was going to sdcrew us over big time. So you owe us your career and freedom for the next few months while we promote the hell out of this movie. We’re spinning a reconciliation to everyone and when it’s all over you’re free to hire Buffy the Trampire Slayer and take that heaux down! Until then you’ll be sniffing her eight year old Converses everyday and you’re gonna act like it’s the best smell in the world. Now get outta here and sparkle up big boy.”

    On a side note, thanks to CB for not deleting my comments. I got banned ya’ll a few months! And I was sorely sad that I missed out on the beraking news that was Twilizzle Trampdizzles. I’ll be nice to people CB even if they are rude to me first! I promise.

    • RedSoleSista says:

      Look Sparkles, Trampy did you dirty and we told you to leave that chick alone.

      LMAO! Whoo too funny. She did do him durty. Real durty.

    • ORLY says:

      Hi OV!!! I wondered where you were, didn’t know you were on time-out. That’s too funny.

      I like your version of events. HA

    • antipodean says:

      I like your style. In fact if that were true it would explain her grumpy looking face all these years, what a price to pay for fame.

  64. Chickie Baby says:

    Not buying it. I’m inclined to think this is all part of the publicity machine leading to November. It’s the last hurrah, folks, so why not do it up right, with a big heartbreak and the reconciliation to fuel the fire?

    Still think they need a break from each other and date other people and THEN get back together.

  65. Adeli says:

    So what I’m getting from Lainey’s post today is that Kristen and her PR team are basically controlling the reconciliation strategy, if she’s been “running around TIFF telling people they’re back together” If this is true it just shows she has no remorse whatsoever and is still controlling the relationship. And this is what Rob is going back to? I just… I have no words. Rob, look at your life, look at your choices.

  66. Izzards Chick says:

    sorry, im tired of the “the affair was a one off thing”…she showed more passion with her arched foot and her crotch grinding into his knee than she ever put out in a film. No one grinds all up in a guy like that, ESP in public, outdoors unless theyve been together already. many times. sorry Rob, you may HEAR her saying its a one off but honey, do yourself a favor and go back and look at your girlfriend in those pics. thats more affection than shes EVER shown YOU in public. ever, over 3 years.

  67. AmyWinelake says:

    Surely not! Whatta door mat!

  68. Mira says:

    Whether it is a PR stunt or Sparkles has taken her back, I won’t be surprised either way. PR stunt makes sense and so does Rob taking her back.

  69. Janet says:

    The whole reconciliation tango is being orchestrated by Stewart’s PR people. In fact, bizarre as it first sounded, I’m starting to believe the entire cheating thing was a set-up and just one more sordid chapter in the whole damn fauxmance.

    Color me disgusted.

  70. normades says:

    I’m sorry, but I’m so firmly on the Robsten conspiracy side. People say he looks attentive. I think he looks like he’s saying “please play nice for the cameras, we have to do this”, while she was always like “whatevs”.

    Robsten: Fake
    Rupsten: Real

    There was more heat in those mini-coop photos than I ever saw between sparkles and kStew. Those pics were not planned. Kstew isn’t that good of an actress and she was clearly loving it.

    You can say what you like about Liberty getting a career boost, but I refuse to believe that she is twisted enough to put her young children through such an ordeal. If she’s smiling for the cameras now it’s because she’s a proud woman and is trying to face the world with her head up.

    Rob is getting his balls handed to him, and yeah I believe they are being vague for the promotion of the film so the fan base can fill in their own blanks.

    What is horrible about the situation is that KStew is coming off like a sexy naughty tart while he just looks like a weakling. This, in an odd way, will help her get the “edgy” roles. His career gets nothing.

    • honeybee says:

      We will see next year what jobs she gets. Rob has already many movies lined up and will be busy shooting from January. No worries, his career is going to be ok ;)

      Just wish he kicks her sorry bitchy ass to the curb and never ever looks back.

  71. meg says:

    While I sit here on the fence regarding the real romance vs pr relationship debate, one thing continues to perplex me. Kristen’s PR team has been burning the midnight oil for weeks, Ruth has grabbed the reins and she’s controlling the spin 100%. Where the hell are Rob’s people?? Hiding under a rock? And Rupert? The best he can do is Jamba Juice with the kids? Liberty? Don’t even get me started. What’s the deal with everyone but KS’s team asleep at the wheel?

    • ORLY says:

      That’s ’cause KristenStewartWantsIt bad.
      Her image is in the most need of rehabilitation? Who the f-ck knows, really.

    • Janet says:

      Rob doesn’t have a publicist. Rupe’s probably holed up somewhere hoping all this is a bad dream that will disappear soon. Liberty is said to be checking out properties in London, possibly in preparation for a legal separation if not a divorce. KStew’s PR team is calling all the shots and Rob appears to be dancing the reconciliation tango either because he really wants to get back with her (in which case he’s a wimp) or because he’s just playing along for fun (in which case he’s a fake). Either way he lost all the respect I ever had for him.

      • CoriH says:

        See, this is where you’re looking at this totally wrong. Robs always maintained he’s not talking about his private life. Too late for Publicist on this for him and it’s playing into his hands anyway. He’s going to let it ride out and play out until there’s nothing left to say, and he’ll say it with his actions. Also, this is a win win for him. After BD he was going to break up with her as they both moved on, no he got a get out of jail card for free. If we see him linked with her for photos at the premiere, I think he made her pay him a pretty penny to her pick her tarnished rep off the floor, and then he still gets to leave her after its over. Clean break and everyone will understand. Can’t trust her, and she’s no good. But if he waits it out, decides much later after this spectacle is over to really reconcile, start fresh and step back… Then I believe he made her change her ways and he gains the lead in their relationship. She dominated their relationship before, but now either way, he takes the reigns and she doesn’t have a say bc she brought it on herself.

        Rob deserves props. At this point the media has made a spectacle of the incident Kristen created, it’s smart for him to ride it out, then play his hand. Dudes will give him props for not making a fool of himself and maintaining his integrity by not flying off the handle – Let them come to him!

      • meg says:

        Rob doesn’t have a publicist?? *sigh* Well, this explains some. A manager surely? A manager as whipped as his client it would seem. I’m astounded by the lack of response from all three parties. Rob’s image has tanked. He’s bleeding fans. Kristen has all but sued Rupe for sexual harassment, Liberty should come out of this smelling like roses, yet she’s cheerfully handing the media an extra shovel as they dig her a coffin shaped hole.

        I can’t recall a previous scandal where so many players rolled over and played dead.

        And, yes, I also heard that Liberty was checking out London real estate. hmmm

    • carrie says:

      It’s why I believe most things put out by Ruth have Rob’s blessing. His team must be the most incompetent team in HW if they just let Ruth spread lies about him. He does not have a publicist, but he has a manager and other people who work for him. It’s hard to believe that they would stay silent for so long if they did not agree with what was said by Kristen’s team.

      • Mi says:

        I agree.But he desided not to talk about his private life.

      • meg says:

        Ruth has got to be one intimidating bitch. Rob needs PR stat if Ruth has managed to convince his people her media games are in anyway in his best interest. I’m getting the distinct impression Rob is easily hoodwinked.

        As for the other two, w/o doubt Rupe is vile and the larger portion of me feels all the shit he’s getting is richly deserved, but another part is saying, “Jesus, man, fight back!” I can only assume the marriage is over or he and Liberty would have launched a media defense. But, no, their reputations apparently mean nothing to them.

      • JS says:

        Agreed. He must be willing to go along with the K-team line. As I said somewhere else, a crushingly effective defense would be so easy to organise that Kristen would be crazy to put out this stuff without his approval. So the question is, why is he agreeing when it’s hurting him (at least at first sight)? Even if he doesn’t care about his image and even if he loves her deeply, he is not going to take anything from Kristen at face value after what’s happened. There has to be a deal here. She must be offering something convincing in return for him going along with her rescue. The question is what could she possibly put on the table that would be convincing given her current (ahem) lack of credibility?

  72. Isa says:

    They will get back together but break up a few months later.
    She doesn’t deserve him.

    • Liv says:

      Yup, I think so too. I think it’s too hard for him to break up immediately, but he will just recognize how hard it is to trust again too, especially in their business.

  73. CoriH says:

    I give Rob props and Brotha hand shake for holding his head up and toughen it out thru all this BS. Most men would’ve cracked, but he’s got skin tougher than leather. For that, brother deserves a metal. He’ll never lose his mancard. As for Summit stunt, I definitely think these are their words. Here’s the thing, it will backfire if they push these two faking it just for Promo together, let them do promo but separate and keep the crazies away. If these two are really together I’m with you, they wouldn’t jeopardize for premiere, but wait months later to be seen together. I don’t think Rob gives a crap what his fans, summit or people think of his decision. I think Kristens trying to come off not looking like a scumbag and cleaning up her rep which has been severely damaged. But by February no one will care as much and if it’s meant to be, we’ll see. But any sane person knows after what she did, a simple apology or I cant live without you don’t erase the damage she caused and it’s no way he would reconcile completely this soon. Long and hard work ahead and she’s still living in LaLa Land.

  74. Jennifer12 says:

    You thought it was an accident that she’s been stomping around in his clothing?

  75. Mel says:

    WHAT. AN. IDIOT!!!! if the story is true, this kid is a wimp, it’s not enough being cheated on and humiliated in public over and over again but then he comes back for more! really? …and I feel it’s worse on him than other celebrities who have been cheated on because the proof is RIGHT THERE! for everyone to see, forever to be found in the internet, momentary indiscretion my ass! We all saw the pics, and it’s so f*cking obvious it’s been going on for a while and it would still be happening if they had not been caught and that is more than just sex, they way the were holding each other, holding hands etc HOW CAN HE NOT SEE THAT???? if I was his friend or a family member I would be smacking some sense into the guy. yeah, he’s hurting, yeah he probably loves her, well dude, at least give it some more time to think it over! … and Kristen Stewart deserves a medal! best manipulator EVER! to manage to convince the guy to take her back after all the hell she put him through, I think this is her real talent, manipulation! her way into anything! manipulating directors by telling them how only she can understand the depths of the character better than anyone else, giving them some stupid pretencious deep BS and then failing to deliver in the acting department.

  76. I say... says:

    Truly none of our business. They should do what they want, which is what they are doing.

  77. Tanzy Girl says:

    Hey, Celebitchy?? Why wouldn’t you post my comment which just happened to be my very first one?!? As far as I know, I didn’t break any rules so…. what gives?!?!

  78. Mary says:

    They are not back at all. Unfortunately for Rob, he is part of this PR machine called Summit. He can’t do anything about it as he is contractually obliged. What he can only maintain is his silence. So far, he has been very consistent on that. He. completely understands that this sudden fame can go down as quickly as it goes up. Unlike his ex , he doesn’t believe in hype. From what Kristen has been showing now, she represents everything that he abhors: pretentiousness, arrogance.

    • JS says:

      I think he could do something about it and, if Kristen’s PR team are spreading lies at his expense, he should. As you can see from the vitriol on this board, his image is taking damage in some quarters from this story without him so much as uttering a word of confirmation or even being photographed with her. If they really have reconciled, he may be willing to take some heat on her behalf to help rehabilitate her image (I’m not saying that’s sensible, but it is understandable at one level). But if he hasn’t agreed to that, he should counter it. He doesn’t have to say anything: he could, for example, just get papped with another woman (a friend would be fine) a couple of times and Kristen’s claims would be thrown into doubt by the ensuing media storm. Ridiculously easy, no? The fact he’s not doing something like this is interesting in itself. I think he’s a decent guy and not an idiot. Even if he’s in love, that’s no reason to let Kristen use him in such an obvious way. Apart from anything else how can he be sure that she doesn’t just want the reconciliation to repair her image and will be happy to dump him when that’s achieved? So I’m hoping there’s something he knows that we outsiders don’t that validates what he’s doing. And given the lack of data, that is entirely possible. Let’s not judge until the whole story becomes clear.

      • Anname says:

        Rob isn’t going to play games in this situation. Whether he chooses to get back together with Kristen or not, it won’t be a public show from him.

      • carrie says:

        Totally agree with what you said. He could have easily done something to counter what Kristen’s PR team has leaked. The lack of any response from his team is quite interesting.

      • JS says:

        @Anname: I know he won’t play games which is one of the things I seriously respect about the guy. I’m not talking about games though, but defensive PR against people who may be trying to gain by lying at his expense. Just look at the shit being directed against him on this board if you don’t think he’s taking damage! As I said, this is assuming Kristen’s people are saying things about him he hasn’t agreed to. If he has agreed, on the other hand, that’s different and I absolutely accept, he may have very good reasons for doing so. His lack of any defensive response does suggest the latter.

  79. Jag says:

    Rob, no, young age relationships don’t all have the girl cheating for months on the guy! You will find someone better, and that’s a promise. You’re young, and that makes it seem that she will never be topped. Believe me, she’ll be topped over and over again until you find the right girl, if you want one. /end post to Rob, on the off chance he reads Celebitchy. :)

  80. Tonia says:

    What part of “PR Stunt” or “Hollywood Arranged Couple” do you people NOT understand? You don’t really think that the BD2 Movie Execs are going to let their “Cash Cow” bail on them now with this being the last “juicy” PR Stunt left? C’mon…you all can’t be that gullible to think that Rob and Kristen have been a real couple. This has all been apart of their revised contracts after the 1st movie. The Execs jumped at the chance to make the Twi-hards dreams come true with Rob and Kristen having a relationship just like Edward and Bella. It’s all about maximizing the bottom dollar!