Monica Lewinsky is writing a $12 million dollar tell all about her affair with Bill Clinton

I’m old enough to remember the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and how it nearly brought down a President who was widely admired up until that point. I used to kill time at work reading the legal documents as they were released online, and I still remember parts of Monica’s secret phone tapes, recorded by her turncoat friend, Linda Tripp. (Some highlights are here.) So I’m interested to read Monica’s side of the scandal, and I’m actually happy for her that she’s going to get paid. $12 million sounds pretty high to me, and that’s probably an estimate of what she could earn instead of some kind of advance. Still, The Enquirer says it’s happening and they’re pretty solid with these political-type stories so I believe it. Here’s more:

Monica Lewinsky is set to reveal shocking new secrets about her affair with ex-President Bill Clinton in a bombshell $12 million tell-all memoir, in which she’s going to share intimate never-before-heard details about their relationship.

The former White House intern, 39, desperately wants revenge on the powerful politician who sullied her name, insiders exclusively told the National Enquirer, and she has several publishers eager to get their hands on her book.

“Monica has tried to move forward, but the nightmare of her affair with Bill still haunts her,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER. “She’s facing 40 without a man in her life, and seething about the way her reputation was destroyed as the whole world watched.”

For the first time ever, Mon­ica will also release steamy love letters she penned to the Cheater-in-Chief.

“Monica wrote the letters on her computer,” said another source. “In them, she opened her heart about her love for Bill and how much happier she could make him than Hillary. Some of what she wrote was so raw that she never sent them.”

Friends fear the blockbuster expose could finally torpedo the high-profile Clinton marriage, wreck Hillary’s future political career and trigger a potentially fatal health crisis for the 66-year-old politician.

“With Bill’s history of heart problems, her book could be more than just revenge, it could kill him!”

Monica has struggled to find employment over the years, and that’s when she started to develop the tell-all book.

“After testing the waters through publishing contacts, Monica learned she could get $12 million if she recount­ed every juicy detail of the scandal,” the source tells the Enquirer.

An immunity deal she made for giving grand jury testimony against Clinton prevented Monica from exposing intimate details of their affair in Andrew Morton’s book bombshell expose that was penned in 1998.

“But that agreement expired in 2001, and when Bill published his autobiography ‘My Life’ three years later, Monica felt betrayed by him all over again,” said the source.

While Clinton skated through the scandal relatively scot-free, his health has suffered. He underwent emergency heart-bypass surgery in September 2004 and surgeons inserted two stents into a clogged heart artery in February 2010.

“For years, Monica tried to protect Bill out of a misplaced sense of loyalty,” said the source. “But she no longer feels that way, and her memoir is his worst nightmare.”

For more details about Monica’s sleazy sex trysts with Clinton, revelations about his hunger for threesomes and orgies and the way the former president hurled one degrading insult after another at his wife Hillary pick up the new issue of the National Enquirer on newsstands Thursday.

[From Radar Online]

I would guess that Monica could use the money. The last I heard of her she was making her own handmade purses (they were cute, they looked at little like that Vera Bradley stuff) and she hosted a dating reality show on Fox in 2003 called Mr. Personality. After that she went to the London School of Economics, where she earned a masters in social psychology in 2006. Not too shabby. We covered some photos of her back in the summer of ’09 hanging out with Alan Cumming in NY City. She’s incredibly low-profile lately. The last time I can find that she attended an event was in 2006.

If this tell-all happens for her, is she going to promote it? She probably won’t have to. You know that there’s still so much interest in her story. I feel like she waited long enough too.

Monica is shown on 2-25-11 outside of Mr. Chows. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Shaz says:

    Seriously? I was bored with this when it happened. Clinton was the best president we’ve had in many years. Don’t want to hear about his sex life.

    • Nancy says:


    • Beatrix says:

      Completely agree – this is an educated woman who should hang onto her self-respect and try to do something meaningful with her life. It angers me that all of this will be thrown in HC’s face all over again (and now in sordid detail apparently) in 2016, should she choose to run.

      • Magz says:

        So are you saying you wouldn’t spill the beans for an easy 12MILL?

        I must be desperately poor or something but 12 Million is more than I’ve ever dreamed. haha They say everyone has a price point. Mine would definitely be 12 Million if not lower.

      • Kate says:

        + Up until this point, I viewed Monica as a young woman who’d been caught up in an unfortunately salacious political scandal.

        But now I wish she’d take a page from Donna Rice’s book, and devote her time to using her education and experiences for teaching, working for non-profits, something . . . besides choosing, as a now mature woman, to write an updated (auto)biography that is known for its intentionally salacious political scandal.

        Her actions seem to me to be self-destructive. Now, in addition to being known, unkindly, for her sexual history, she will also be seen as a bitter woman who hasn’t been able to move on. Just my opinion.

      • deehunny says:

        What ladies?!?!?! I totally agree with @Magz. Get off your high horse. Like the writer said, it’s been long enough and 12 mill is more than enough to spill those delicious details.

        I can’t believe you don’t want to know every sordid, disgusting detail. And you call yourselves gossipers!

    • flan says:

      Yeah, not that interested in getting the book too.

      There might be one or two juicy details that we will all here about all over every media site (on Celebitchy amongst others), but that is not enough to make me want to buy this book.

    • Anon73 says:

      re: Clinton was the best president we have had in years… DISAGREE.

      While immensely well liked, he was not particular impactful during his presidency.

      IE, Clinton is not going into the history books 50 yrs from now as a President mentioned for doing something significant.

      I would liken Clinton to the popular kid in school who is elected as class president… everyone likes him… but what did he actually DO ?

      • L.Romano says:

        @Anon73, totally agreed! Bill Clinton was never and will never be our best president. I was watching the DNC and couldn’t believe they loved him so much and wanted him to introduce Obama, another bad president, everyone seems to have forgotten about Lewinsky Gate!

        Unbelievable this country has a short memory!

      • Carolyn says:

        Non-Americans don’t have a rose-coloured view of Clinton. Many of us remember him for his bare-faced lie “I did not have relations with that woman”. We can’t recall anything worthwhile he actually did during his presidency. People deserve to know the truth about the Clintons because we were lied to.

        There will be big interest in this book. I hope Monica does well out of it. She deserves it. She was treated terribly throughout this scandal.

      • bettyrose says:

        While you’re busy applying moral judgement to him (and we’re always hearing how much more “liberated” not-Americans are), he was busy getting us tax credits for student loan payments, winning a Nobel Peace prize for his significant work in the Middle East, fighting vehemently for reproductive rights, and generally being an amazing president. His wandering penis, I couldn’t give a sh**t about. Monica is my age and as a starry eyed teen, I would have had an affair with him too. Can’t wait to read her book.

      • jwoolman says:

        Well, he came close to balancing the budget, for one thing. And he tried to reform our crazy health insurance system, which actually might have been why some folks tried to impeach him for something that was not a public issue, to neutralize him. (A few people make huge fortunes in the health insurance industry and they don’t want that to stop. Always follow the money.) I felt at the time that the media was all over it simply because for once, they didn’t have to learn a bit about politics or geography to cover Congress. Sex scandals they understood and they could pronounce the names. So stupid. We’ve had plenty of Presidents with sleazy sex lives. Has nothing to do with democracy, freedom, and the Constitution. It wasn’t our business to even ask those questions. I don’t know how men separate their sexual nonsense from the rest of themselves, but they do it regularly. It does not affect their ability to do their jobs, including as the POTUS.

        So when are they going to impeach a President for something that really does matter, like lying to get us into yet another stupid war or murdering hundreds of thousands of unarmed people with their bombs and invasions? I would have been happy to impeach Clinton for his warmaking, small scale though it was compared to other occupants of the White House. But not for his sexual escapades.

      • ShugAveryPee says:

        Betty Rose said it ALL!!!!!
        The rest of you sound like REPUBLICANS…. Clinton balanced the books in Washington for one thing along with many others… We had a surplus when he left … which is more than what I can say for most Presidents… and he didn’t have us in a senseless war… or should I say 2 wars… Please Clinton is LOVED because he was a great LEADER… PERIOD… Now I do not agree with her writing a book for no amount of money .. she as already told her story many times.. she did a 1 hour HBO program after her gag order was lifted and she wrote a book already … so not sure what else there is to say.. it will do nothing but bring more shame to Hillary and his daughter…. He did what alot of men do… he cheated with a younger … prettier .. new girl on the block,… and it happened ions ago…

      • Saleh says:

        @bettyrose @jwoolman. Yes! Yes! Yes! Exhale. Thanks.

      • holly hobby says:

        He left the country with a budget surplus – which was spent and then some by Bush Jr. We had a very uneventful 8 years while he was president (no manufactured wars).

        On the other hand, he pushed to deregulate the banking industry which brought down the entire housing industry and he gave us NAFTA.

        I wouldn’t say he didn’t do anything those things right there said he did (good and bad).

  2. samanthalous says:

    I am happy for her, not sure how relevant this still is, but so many times the other woman gets vilified while the man gets off scott free. This ruined her life and while she did play a role in it, I feel she should also have the chance to move on from it.

    • Quinn says:

      Amen!!!! She will forever be the “cigar girl” punchline…very sad outcome for a young woman way out of her power league.

    • rumbleseat says:

      Yeah, and honestly she was so young when it happened. Lord only knows how many people would be ostracized like she has been if only the world knew all the stupid stuff they did when they were 22.

    • stinky says:

      she’s had p-l-e-n-t-y of time to move on from this. apparently she’s opting not to. and 22-years-old is old enough to know that a married man who responds to your hooker-antics & thong-snapping (!) is a dog. no sympathy for anyone in this mix.

      • rumbleseat says:

        22 might be old enough to hear that voice in the back of your head, but it may not be enough to stop you from going for it. Even more so if you have confidence issues and you are being courted and flattered by the leader of the free world. People do lots of stupid stuff at that age, and while you bear a burden of responsibility for your own behavior, it shouldn’t dictate the rest of your adult life. Don’t believe for a New York minute that Bill was a wonderful, loyal man who had his honor and integrity stolen away from him by the womanly wiles of an evil thong snapper.

      • jwoolman says:

        Rumbleseat- I suspect she did the courting. She had a history of such behavior even back in college, targeting a man she thought was “powerful” in that much smaller world. I suspect she went into the job hoping it would happen with the Prez. I think Clinton is more passive sexually, willing to make the sleazy suggestion but backing off if refused. This is why I don’t believe some politically motivated stories about him being an aggressor or even a rapist. Sleazy, yes. Open to hostile workplace suits for unsolicited suggestions, yes. But not beyond that. He was Hilary’s problem. In Monica’s case, I do think she pursued him quite vigorously and willingly. That’s why she refused to let them try to cast her as a victim when she was testifying – that wasn’t to protect Clinton, it was because she wasn’t a victim. She was obsessed with the guy and really thought he would divorce his wife and marry her. She’s not even thinking or caring about the impact such a book would have on Clinton’s wife and daughter because she still thinks she’s the one who deserved to be by his side. She didn’t think of his family then, either. I’m sure her book will be a bestseller, but remember it’s all filtered through a delusional mind. No certainty that she hasn’t changed quite a few details in her own mind, creating her own false memories. I had a friend like that, she rearranged history all the time in her head. She wasn’t deliberately lying, but she wasn’t telling the truth either. Monica might be like that, too.

    • vvy says:

      Think of all the stupid stuff we did at age 22…..I’m not proud of it at all. Looking back I wonder who that person was, but that’s how we grow and learn. It’s ridiculous to condemn someone for their idiocy from 2 decades ago. She deserves a chance to make some moolah, and if it brings her peace because she gets to tell her side of the story, then she should go for it.

  3. brin says:

    She should title it “Devil with a Blue Dress”.

    • Meg says:

      Yes “Devil wears blue” would be nice. Suddenly I’m in the mood for cigar. I don’t know why.

    • stinky says:

      She should call the book “Low-Hanging Fruit”… cause thats what you are when you get w/ a married man.

      • Annie says:

        Never heard that term. What is the married man called then?
        Seems like I heard all the details in the media when it happened-never ending . Billy has made a ton of money since the presidency- so why not? I guess it’s her decision

      • stinky says: just means ‘easy’. who wouldnt take it when its right there in your FACE. whereas the fruit up at the top of a tree gets more sun, tastes better, more worthwhile, what-have you…. but it takes more effort. if youre hungry NOW, a fast piece is always there somewhere.

  4. hoya_chick says:

    London School of Economics, where she earned a masters in social psychology in 2006…lol this made me chuckle for some reason. LSE gives out psychology degrees? How random. On topic though, I don’t think interest is there. It’s a day late and a dollar short and all of the sordid details have already come out. Clinton is once again beloved (see his convention appearance etc) and there is a whole generation of young people who either know nothing of the affair or people who just don’t care. For some reason I thought she already wrote a book. I wonder why after all this time she’d write a book?

    • NYC_girl says:

      Seems like there was a gag order (no pun intended) in effect for a while. I think she should keep her mouth shut. It’s been 20 years, if she can’t get a job or find a good guy there are other problems and publishing a book about it certainly won’t help.

      • hoya_chick says:

        Lol at gag order! Yeah, why drudge up the past? This will only refresh people’s memories and we all know that men get off (no pun intended) easy when it comes to these types of things and the women get burned with the proverbial scarlet letter.

  5. cw says:

    ewwww, gross! i do’nt want to be put threw this again

  6. Blupp says:

    im feeling more for hilary, must be hard to forgive something like that and it being so public and then when you finally think people are forgetting about it BAM a book.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      I feel sorry for both Hillary and Chelsea and I think it’s disgusting that this woman will make $12 million for talking about how she sucked a married man’s d*ck, used her dress for a *ahem* rag, and saved said dress to “backup” affair claims.

      Both she AND Bill disgust me.

      • LAK says:

        Normally, I agree with your opinions but in this case not only do I not agree but I am outraged at this.

        This entire case wasn’t about the sex, even though that is what was used to finally impeach Clinton.

        Ken Starr and his cohorts had an agenda. They investigated Bill and Hilary for years about irregularities and all manner of skullduggery in Arkansas. Every single person who worked with Hilary and Bill ended up either in jail or in a couple of cases, dead. This sex thing was to Bill rather like tax avoidance was to Al Capone.

        Linda Tripp had an allmighty grudge against the Clintons, having been used as canon fodder in that investigation. Monica was like manna from heaven to her. She’s the one who truly deserves your scorn. Having heard about Monica’s daliances with Bill, she set about encouraging her to talk, make dates with Bill, encouraged her to keep the blue dress should anything happen to Monica etc and then gathered all the evidence and took it to Ken Starr, including the knowledge of the blue dress.

        Monica did not give any evidence willingly. She was arrested, held in a hotel room without anyone knowing she was there etc, her family threatened if she didn’t co-operate etc. She was a hostile witness to the end.

        She wrote her first book to pay off the millions of debt she and her family acquired in order to extricate her from the govt machine.

        She’s paid more for that affair, which he can’t or won’t acknowledge, than anyone can ever know.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Lak, first let me start off by saying thank you. I enjoy your comments as well. I’m aware of the Ken star witch hunt, as well as the white water scandal and his ties to it. Clinton’s investment partners (The McDougals) and Clinton’s successor as Gov. Of Arkansas (Jim Tucker) were convicted of fraud in relation to Whitewater. However, the Clinton’s were not convicted due to insufficient evidence. The interesting part is that Susan McDougal was thrown in jail for 18 montgs for contempt (because she refused to testify) AND guess who pardoned her before he left office? Slick Willy! So, I’m guessing there WERE improprieties on the part of the Clintons (and that the McDougals accepted a large part of the responsibility). Clinton’s power, influence, and silver tongue helped him and Hillary come out of the scandal relatively unscathed (which rubbed Starr the wrong way). Good ole Bill dug his own grave by perjuring himself, and Starr saw this as his opportunity to settle the score and make him pay for his “sins.” Linda Tripp was his vehicle, but she didn’t force Lewinsky to do any of those things (which, BTW I hold Bill equally responsible for). As for the death of Vince Foster, three separate investigations found it to be a suicide (and the man was on antidepressants, which weren’t prescribed in a dose enough for them to be effective). Sad, but in no way an indictment of Kenn Starr or the other political enemies of the Clintons. apologies if my language outraged you. It was a tad crude.

      • LAK says:

        MorticiansDoItDeader, I wasn’t so much disagreeing with your language as the sentiment. I followed this case as closely as you.The way Monica was treated so enraged me that it pretty much cancelled out my moral outrage at her having an affair with a married man. More than a decade later, and am still pretty steamed about it.

        I used to folloW USA politics religiously when I was younger, and the Clintons just seemed so shady from the get go. They told such obvious lies where the truth could have exonerated them so easily. Lying was their default position you might say. And the neverending investigations into all their affairs that somehow always ended up with a friend of Bill taking the rap rather than them or having to be closed because evidence was inconclusive. And of course when he left office, so many of then were pardoned which has left a permanent sour taste in my mouth.

        I must also confess that my failure to sympathise with Hilary in all of this is that she headed up the behind the scenes defence of Bill even as she played the innocent or unaware party at the front. In retrospect I understand that they were fighting for their political lives BUT she came across as Lady MacBeth and it’s an image I can’t erase from my mind. That press call, where she is standing behind him in a yellow dress as he denies having sex with Monica is burned in my brain forever. She looked scary.

        I think also what I hated most of all about the defence of bill was that they denigrated anybody or any witnesses even if those witnesses were proven truthful. It’s what turned Linda Tripp into the manipulative Judas that she was.

        And all the women were tramps and whores from the trailer park and therefore didn’t matter. All of this with Hilary’s approval.

        The only innocent in all of this is Chelsea.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @Lak, I think we’re on the same page about the dirty dealings of the Clintons. At first, I thought you were claiming that the Clinton’s were innocent and that they were being framed by political rivals (which, as you know, was their major defense during the impeachment trial). Now I realize we disagree in relation to Monica. As I said before, she was a sexual and political pawn (Clinton used her for sexual gratification and the prosecution used her for political gain). However, getting down to the bare bones of it, she sought out and/or accepted the sexual advances of THE most powerful married man in the world and gossiped about it with a co-worker. She wasn’t coerced into having oral with him, and Linda Tripp isn’t some sort of svengali who made “poor little Lewinsky” do things with Clinton. Lewinsky didn’t have to keep that dress. In fact, had a co-worker suggested that to me (if I were dumb enough to share such secrets with her), I’d be very suspicious and may even seek legal council. Anyway, I’m not sure how the facts in my first statement offended you. I simply said I was disgusted by her for her part in the affair (the oral and saving the dress) and him for his part (the cheating and lying about it). I feel sorry for the way his behavior embarrassed his family and I’m glad Hillary got something out of being married to him (a political boost). However, let’s be honest, all parties were fame and/or power hungry. You can make the argument that Monica was “forced” to tell her story, but no one is forcing her to write a tell all 10+ years later. That’s the fame/money hungry monster in her rearing it’s ugly head.

  7. Jaded says:

    I have no sympathy for her at all. She deliberately hunted him down like a deranged heat seeking missile. When she first started interning at the White House, she was quoted as saying “time to put on the presidential kneepads”.

    He was equally culpable for thinking with his dick but he’s always been a philanderer. They were a perfect storm.

    • Happymom says:

      I had some sympathy at the time-she was young and clearly had low self esteem. Now-at almost 40-this is not a positive step for her. She’s from a wealthy family-so I don’t buy that she needs the cash. It’s just a way to be out in the public eye-and making herself the center of attention. Seems pretty pathetic at this point. In terms of what this means to Bill Clinton and his legacy, or his health or Hilary (or Chelsea’s) political aspirations-whatever.

  8. francesca1 says:

    I like her hustle.

    • stinky says:

      do you like Michelle McGee’s hustle too?
      (tattooed mistress to Jesse James). wonder what she’s up to these days.

  9. ladybert62 says:

    I wont buy it but I am interested in the details – yes, I really am that shallow.

    I think she could have waited another 6 months until hillary got out of her sec of state job as it will be embarrassing for hillary.

    • Roxy says:

      I am thinking the 50 Shades Of Gray phenom might have had something to do with her decision. Her book will make that one seem like a childs book! & its TRUE! I think it’s awesome and I am glad she’s making bank, he sure has he** has!!

    • Bluedog says:

      So? Why should she protect Hillary? That’s BILL’s job.

  10. LAK says:

    I remember all this scandal, and picked up that Andrew Morton book ready to hate this woman.

    OMG – if even half of what was in that book was true, she deserves every penny of this $12M!!!

    This woman was naïve as any 21yr old can be, but she was manipulated, used and then thrown to the wolves.

    Frankly, I don’t know what I would have done if I had the govt machine coming at me with guns ablazing. She was very lucky in her family support through this, financially, socially, politically and emotionally.

    I will buy this book, irrespective of general opinion on it. She deserves it, and she earned every penny. Literally!!!

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      Completely agree.

    • stinky says:

      uh. ya she earned it. like a hooker. hooray!! why did everyone look down on Anna Nicole? her sugar-daddy married her & god knows what she did to make him happy,and when he died no one wanted her to get her cash. Anna Nicole earned the money. not Monica.

    • Belly says:

      I agree. This woman’s life has been ruined by a really dumb thing she did when she was younger. Thrown to the wolves doesn’t even cover it.
      She is recognisable the world over, still unemployable and will forever and ever be crudely associated with cigars. What’s the first thing you think of when you hear her name?
      The punishment doesn’t fit the crime, IMO, and if she can get $12M out of it, then good. God, if she’d killed someone she’d be out of prison by now, having served her time.
      She will never get a clean slate, which is terribly unfair.

  11. NerdMomma says:

    Blechhhh. I’m sure that whole thing impacted her life in many ways, but yeah, she made that choice. It seems so rude and trashy to tell all of the intimate details of a private affair between consenting adults. Can’t she change her name and move to Minnesota and build a new life? I really don’t want to hear anything she has to say.

    Team Hillary :P

    • Roxy says:

      Team Hillary? U kiddin’ me? Hill’s probably just jelez she didn’t bag Monica herself! She doesn’t care who her husband cheats with, thats a joke. No way. She just keeps on rollin’, rollin’ and laughing and drinking. She has her own life and career. & she plays for the other team sometimes, or didn’t you realize? OMG, just Google it! Her constant companion/assistant, my azz!!!

  12. CatJ says:

    Well according to Nat. Enquirer, Bill Clinton is close to dying, so, she had better get the novel out there before she can’t capitalize on this sordid mess. Some people don’t think the affair was a big deal, (although he had many–jennifer, paula) but this fiasco almost got him impeached.
    People seem to be willing to forgive him, due to his brilliance and profile, so her book may not have the success she wants and will look like she is trying to cash in,,, a little too late.

  13. debbi says:

    this is a woman that needs to learn TO KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT, in all aspects of her life.

    Honestly I just don’t care about her or what she went through, she actively went after the President, did she think that would go easy. I just can’t with her.

  14. tripmom says:

    She’s “seething about the way her reputation was destroyed as the whole world watched?” Maybe she should have thought about that before she decided to blow the president. I mean, she screwed around with the most famous married guy in the world. What did she think would happen? It would be nice to get the sense that she accepts a little bit of responsibility for her actions.

    • LAK says:

      Of course her reputation was ruined. She didn’t volunteer any details. She was manipulated into discussing the salacious details with someone she thought was a friend,who taped the conversations meanwhile encouraging her to incriminate herself more, keep the blue dress rather than dry clean it etc AND then this so-called friend took all this evidence to the special prosecutor.

      The FBI kidnapped her for several days and threatened her family in order to get her to testify.

      Of all the women Bill was whoring with, she was the most discreet until she was entrapped. No one had a clue about her till that moment. All the other women coming out of the woodwork were happy to be in the spotlight.

      She was a hostile witness, but she’s the only one people remember. No one remembers Paula Jones, Linda Tripp, Ginnifer Flowers etc. These women were more than happy to give interviews, become celebrities etc

      • Mira says:

        @LAK – How will this move help LW apart from providing a financial cushion? What’s the purpose of this revenge? It’s an end in itself. If anything this is a self-destructive move. She will refresh long forgotten memories and will continue to be viewed as “the girl who did the President.” If she wants to come out of it, she should use her education and do something more empowering (or just STFU). Basically reinvent herself with something else – someone suggested working with NGOs, or take up a cause etc. She was wronged but two wrongs don’t make a right.

        Also, I’m surprised by the number of people taking to write a tell-all book. I thought autobiographies, biographies, memoirs were just rack fillers and they are on their way to become obsolete. Personally I find this the most boring genre.

      • Kate says:

        IIRC, during the Barbara Walters interview Monica laughingly said that she talked to all her girlfriends about the intimate details, and they all laughed about it. She’s not discreet.

      • jwoolman says:

        I agree that the impeachment mob treated her atrociously and the one admirable thing she did was to refuse to roll over and play the victim when they tried mightily to paint her that way. The whole thing was ridiculous. My colleagues in other countries were laughing at us- not because the Prez did it, but because Americans were audibly gasping about it and sitting mesmerized by all the impeachment hooplah. Honestly, we’d lose most of our Presidents if the details about their sex habits and affairs were considered grounds for impeachment. But she went into it all eyes wide open. This was her established pattern. She wanted the power she thought she would have if Bill dumped Hillary for her. She planned it. He’s still a sleaze, and no victim himself, and his odd sex whatever you call it made him really easy for her to hunt. But she was definitely hunting. My guess is that she was quite aware of his peculiarities before the hunt started and capitalized on that knowledge. She’s not evil, just delusional and power-mad in her own little way.

      • LAK says:

        @Mira – she is/was in deep financial debt as a result of this action. Her entire family had to mortgage their lives/property to pay off the bills required to extricate her from the government machine.

        @Kate & @Originalmia – she told her Gfs the details, just as i would tell my Gfs details of my dates but the difference is one of those gFs wasn’t to be trusted as in she deliberately befriended Monica and was always asking to know more about the relationship and when Monica revealed that she had not taken a bunch of clothes to the dry cleaners that included that famous blue dress, that same gf told her in the strongest terms to keep it as a momento. What Monica didn’t realise was that this particular GF had already been in trouble with the clintons and teir numerous investigations and was out to get them. She taped all the conversations and took them to the prosecutor and told the procescutor about the dress. Monica was threatened not just to hand over the dress, but also couldn’t wash it after they found out about it because that would have been seen as her destroying evidence which they would have charged her for. It was that ridiculous. A special prosecutor is given special powers where they can act as they see fit even if it is breaking the law. They are outside the law with respect to their investigations.

    • LAK says:

      Her prosecution really wasn’t about the sex. It was a political. The sex just made it salacious.

      How women can woop at their govt persecuting a young woman for it’s own agenda really makes me despair.

      So she had sex with the president, was that worth having her life and her family destroyed by FBI, Ken Starr etc?

      People don’t seem to mind that the president was a proven liar, hell they still pat him on the back for being such a hound dog.

      No one cares about Hilary’s scandals because she was the wronged wife nevermind that it is/was a political marriage of convenience.

      Or that the president was impeached for this and many other things.

      I was so outraged at what happened to this young lady and 10yrs later I am still outraged.

      • tripmom says:

        What do you mean “so she had sex with the President?” Like it’s no big deal? If you sleep with an average married man, the guy’s wife will be pissed at you when the affair is discovered. If you sleep with the president, the entire country will be pissed and the FBI will be involved when the affair is discovered. And it’s ALWAYS discovered. These things are really just common sense. And huge mistakes have huge consequences.

      • LAK says:

        @tripmom – so where is your outrage at Paula Jones and Ginnifer Flowers and all those ‘trailer trash’ women that definitely slept with Bill?? His advisors dismissed those as ‘trailar trash’ so they didn’t count.

        Besides according to Bill, he never had sex with Monica and yet out of all the hundreds of women he slept with, she was the only one crucified.

        She wasn’t bragging about it on talkshows, making money off of it like some of those women. She was entrapped into admitting it, and didn’t willingly give evidence against Bill. Her reputation was definitely ruined because here we are, a decade and more on, and that’s all we remember about her even though she’s largely stayed out of the spotlight.

        Her life wasn’t just ruined by the gossip media, it was ruined by the govt.

        Her prosecution wasn’t about the sex. It was about a political prosecution that needed any evidence of wrong doing in order to impeach Clinton. From the moment he stepped into office he had people gunning for him. He was under investigation for a long time which started in Arkansas and built up momentum as it went along until Linda Tripp happened. If Linda Tripp hadn’t been the Judas in all of this, no one would have known about Monica because they were very discreet.

      • tripmom says:

        First of all, ALL the women that had sexual encounters with married men deserve our ire, but they’re not all shopping a book right now, so we’re not talking about them right now.

        The government didn’t ruin her life, the media didn’t ruin her life, SHE ruined her life when she made the selfish, thoughtless decision to engage in an affair with a married man who is in the public eye. She’s a moron if she thought it would never get out, and if Bill Clinton wasn’t a beloved public figure no one would call this woman anything other than a common tramp. Am I seriously supposed to applaud her for being discreet about blowing a married guy?

      • LAK says:

        or really? How many women who’ve had affairs with public figures have been arrested and threatened for it by their own governments?

        You are seriously alright with your government doing that to it’s own citizens?

        Whatever Monica did, was dwarfed by the punishment she received.What happened to this lady went beyond the pale. He is free to burnish his halo as though she didn’t happen, so she needs to tell her side. If she makes money from it, good for her. He doing the same.

    • The Original Mia says:

      I never bought she was naive or innocent. Why keep the damn dress? She kept it because she had a plan. Did she anticipate the sh$tstorm she helped create? Probably not. But she should have known that having an affair with any married man was going to come with consequences.

      At 22, she wasn’t a child. She was a grown woman exercising her sexuality. 18 years later she should be moving on. If her past is causing her that much pain, tell a psychiatrist and move on. This book will not help, but maybe the $$ will keep her warm at night.

  15. judyjudy says:

    If she felt the scandal ruined her reputation why is she opening it up and sharing even juicier details?

    • Happymom says:

      This exactly. Change your name, change your hair-go get an actual job-and live your life. Lots of people do crappy things, have crappy things happen to them-but they move on. They don’t let those things define them.

    • thinlizzy says:

      yes, exactly. just when we had forgot her….and what took her so long to write it now? sleezy.

  16. Sunnyinseattle says:

    I got soo sick of everyone saying this was all about sex when it happened. While it was about sex, more important to me was the fact that he looked at the Nation and had no problem lying. I didn’t vote for him, but I never would of held this against his presidency, I actually think he was ok. He should of owned up to it, but the butt of all late night show for a few weeks and everyone would of moved on much quicker. It was the lying, not the sex that pissed me off. :-( And the fact that he did it with such ease…….

    • taxi says:

      Yes, the impeachment trial wasn’t about sex, it was about his lying.

    • Azurea says:

      Let’s just face it…to be a successful politician, being able to lie is a job requirement. They need to lie even to get good works done, never mind cover up their crap.

    • Jezi says:

      What married man wouldn’t lie about cheating on his wife? I don’t even think his extra marital affairs should have been public knowledge. This wasn’t about the government, this was about his inability to remain faithful to his wife. How many presidents before him have cheated? He ran this country and did it well and that’s all I cared about. What he does sexually with other women only affects his family. I feel bad for Hilary and Chelsea and that’s it. It’s none of our business.

      • mzthirtyeight says:

        I understand your mindset, but actually, right or wrong, it DOES affect the country. It shades the opinion other nations have of us when our leader has this kind of stuff publicized. Especially for highly-religious nations, and for our enemies it feeds the fire. Though you are certainly correct that he’s not the 1st prez womanizer.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @ Jezi-PLUS ONE, baby!
        Agree completely.

        Well I can say for European countries, most of them don’t give a sh*t who the American president is shtuping because in other countries like France for instance, they don’t care what their OWN leaders do in their sex lives (*cough* Chirac *cough*), much less what some other country’s leader is doing behind closed doors.

        Some instances of womanizing American presidents:

        “From there, the list of womanizing presidents is lengthy. Grover Cleveland fathered a child out of wedlock before his first term as president in the 1880s.

        “Beginning in the 1910s, FDR had a longstanding relationship with his wife’s social secretary, Lucy Mercer Rutherford, as well as with his own secretary, and it was Rutherford — not his wife Eleanor — who was with the president when he died.

        Warren Harding, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson and George H.W. Bush all had affairs, either confirmed or rumored. And Beardsley was far from JFK’s only fling”

        from this interesting article:

      • Jezi says:

        See I did not know all that. I knew about the JFK/Marilyn Monroe scandal and I just assumed most of them cheated. This is a very interesting read.

        Our country was flourishing when he was president and I’m so irritated that we have a cap on the amount of terms that a president can serve. We have the power and we’re the ones who keep them in office. So if a president sucks, we don’t vote for them. If they’re great, then they stay in office. FDR was one of the finest presidents. He put our country back together after the Great Depression and he is actually the reason why we have a limit on terms because he was voted into presidency year after year after year. Which was how it should’ve been because he was phenomenal.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      In all honesty, I was pretty astonished that the nation thought it any of their business.

      I really don’t care who politicians sleep with, unless they give them jobs in government or their lovers get backhanders, or they’re in some way corrupted by it – criminal links or something. And that can apply to wives, too.

      • Sunnyinseattle says:

        My point was, I didn’t care about his sex life, and yes poloticians lie, but he was caught in a lie that he looked at the Nation and told us. While pointing at us. The sex I didn’t need or want to know about, but the lie? Shameless. :-(

    • Dap says:

      Except that other lies (arms of mass destruction in Irak? links between S.Hussein and 9/11?) didn’t seem to bring the same outrage. Even if they helped to launch war…

    • jwoolman says:

      Geez, they all lie, except maybe Jimmy Carter. Ronald Reagan lied practically everytime he opened his mouth, he just made up claims out of whole cloth to support his whatever. And they lie about far more important things than sex, their lies result in large-scale death and destruction. That’s why it was so stupid. I have no problem with a Prez lying about sex, it’s irrelevant and a private matter, none of our business. But we let Presidents lie all the time about matters that are indeed our business and have deadly consequences for people elsewhere in the world.

  17. kibbles says:

    People can criticize her all they want but she is getting paid $12 MILLION to write a book about giving a blow job. Kudos to her. Not a lot of people would turn down that kind of money. Clinton went on to earn $80 million in speaking fees after his presidency ended. She is entitled to share her personal life if there are people out there willing to pay for it. I for one won’t be buying her book. Clinton has many faults and has earned his nickname as Slick Willie, but I think he is still the best president the USA has had in many decades, certainly in my lifetime.

  18. Duckie says:

    Seriously, NO. It sucks that she’s nearing 40 and doesn’t have a man in her life, but why feel the need to write up history? It just reeks of bitterness to me, sorry. Also, I feel pretty sorry for Hilary- it won’t do her political career any good at all.

    • tripmom says:

      I CANNOT find it in myself to feel sorry for Hillary. At the time this initially happened, sure, maybe a little. Although you could really make the case that she was probably already aware of her husband’s indiscretions and chose to ignore it. But ultimately, after the Lewinsky thing broke she made the choice to stay with him, and she has to accept both the good and bad that comes with that.

      Let’s face it, she stayed in the marriage for political reasons, and it’s been great for her career. She’s Secretary of State, for goodness’ sake. I refuse to believe that someone with as much political savvy as she possesses was not aware how staying in that marriage would affect her life for years to come. She made her choice. I don’t judge it, but I do not feel sorry for her.

    • taxi says:

      Few young men would have taken Monica Lewinsky home to meet the parents & her name became the punchline of too many bad jokes. She should have changed it & stayed in England to make a new life.

      I don’t think it will affect Hilary’s career or reputation in any way. She has already said that she won’t serve another term as Sec. of State. The book won’t hit the shelves for a while anyway.

    • Ranunculus says:

      People still think highly about Bill’s presidency so I doubt (and hope not) it will hurt Hillary’s career. Both ML and Bill acted in a slutty way, BUT this matter is between Bill, Hillary and Chelsea and honestly I DON’T want to hear about the intimate details. Pretty sure I won’t be buying the book!

  19. Ming says:

    The circle of cruelty is completed.

    Twilight -> evolves into Fifty Shades of Grey -> evolves into Monica Lewinsky spilling her own sperm stories.

    Monica Lewinsky, Stephenie Meyers and E. L. James even look like another.

    When you load all of those three books onto a Kindle, does it

    a) melt
    b) kill its user
    c) create a wormhole

  20. Dredz says:

    Monica who? She’s a decade too late.

  21. Kate (newer one) says:

    I remember the Grand Jury, who started out hostile, ended up with this incredible joint statement to her, about how much they liked her and how they had a “bouquet of good wishes” for her. I agree with LAK; she was used, manipulated and then Clinton’s team tried to portray her as a crazy stalking fantasist. They didn’t admit to anything until the blue dress nailed them bang to rights, and she didn’t betray him, either – she was betrayed by a friend.

    I hope her book makes her a fortune. The whole thing pretty much wrecked her life. She’ll be famous for it forever. Good for her for making something of herself regardless.

  22. Cody says:

    I wonder if some people from the GOP put her up to this to try to discredit the Democrats in the White House.

    • Jayna says:

      Not to discredit now. To ward off Hillary’s run in 2016.

    • insomniac says:

      I don’t think it’s at all coincidental that Bill Clinton knocked it out of the park at the Democratic convention a couple of weeks ago, and then all of a sudden, there’s Monica — who’d been very quiet for a while — popping up again.

  23. Ella says:

    Isn’t this like 16 years too late? I’d almost forgotten she existed.

  24. Jayna says:

    Spare me. I really felt for her back then. She was young and treated horribly. But she went on and got a Master’s and she had connections through her family. She got money for the other book. She did some cheesy reality show as a host. She has hit 40 and never created a life for herself and is cashing in. Nothing wrong with that, I guess, except Donna Rice went on after her scandal and became the person she wanted to be and does great things.

    She seems like an unhappy person to me who is still playing the victim card 20 years later. I am different. I would not want a sordid book laying out all the filthy things I did with a married president. Dignity is more important.
    The public knows enough. Leave it in the past. Every little dirty detail for money, unless I was very ill, is not for me.

  25. Masque says:

    Rachel Uchitel……..LeAnn Rimes…….Monica Lewinsky…….not a dimes worth of difference between these braggy skanks.

  26. Kim says:

    There is no way in Hell she is being paid 12 million unless she is including a sex tape.This is NE ‘s MO they claimed Aniston was writing a book,Gayle King$10M tell all,Streisand’son tell all,Katie Holmes tell all,Ann Curry tell all…

  27. pinchofsalt says:

    Bad decision on her part, to put it mildly. Can’t believe she’d still want to cash in on that sordidness. Move on please!

  28. gee says:

    I really love the Clintons, but I feel so bad for her. She was dragged through the mud and she should make as much money as she can.

    Also, I’m shocked by all the slut shaming from these comments! It’s crazy. It takes 2 to tango.

    • Jayna says:

      She comes from a very affluent family with connections and sympathy on her side, actually, after all was said and done. She still had great opportunities in life. She should have redefined her legacy, instead once again, with even more dirty details, she is bringing it back fresh in people’s minds with even seedier fresh visuals and thus will never leave it behind.

  29. Lem says:

    Ug. Some women are so stupid! Writing this won’t help her “move on”, it won’t help “get a man” and it won’t hurt Slick Willy. Although it probably WILL torture Hilary.
    Write it to raise your profile again. Write it to pad your pocketbook. Write it to have something to do & to talk about. Hope for a spot on a “View” knock off

    Did they honestly imply she’s hoping to kill Bill by giving him a heart attack?!? That’s sick !!

    I cut her some slack at being a 20 yr old stupid girl. I won’t cut her the same slack for being a 40 yr old idiot

    These book titles write themselves…

  30. Jayna says:

    Reading up on her in Wikipedia, she made a million and a half off Andrew Morton’s book she cooperated with, half a million from a BarbraxWalter’s Interview, 300,000 for Jenny Craig. She has a handbag line that was in trendy big stores for years and is still going. She hosted that reality show. She participated in that HBO documentary. To be fair, she had huge legal fees to pay, so didn’t pocket all this. It says she was an A lister guest in NY, etc. But she wasn’t a leper for sure.

    She went to England in 2006 and got her Master’s and came back to New York in 2008 Then it says nothing except she still has her handbag line.

  31. betty says:

    “Monica has tried to move forward, but the nightmare of her affair with Bill still haunts her,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER. “She’s facing 40 without a man in her life, and seething about the way her reputation was destroyed as the whole world watched.”

    ummhhh…Amy Fisher managed to find someone who wanted to marry her…..I do feel bad for her, she took the brunt of it while he’s more popular then ever.

    • Lem says:

      Goodness, Amy famous for shooting a man’s wife in the face Fisher found love yet Monica famous for a beej Lewinsky hasn’t.
      That hardly seems fair ;)

  32. NeNe says:

    Who really still gives a crap about this? I certainly do not! This is old news.

  33. Debra says:

    My take on the whole thing is that Monica was in love with Bill. Mind you, to the degree that any young girl could actually be in love. He hurt her emotionally. I’m interested in this book, not for details but to hear how she has mended and plans to move forward. What did she learn? What can we learn from her? Did any good come from this situation? I hope her book sells and we all learn not to be so hard on others. Everyone is so judgemental. Give it a rest.

  34. Alexis says:

    1. It’s hard to believe that she seriously blames that affair on Bill.

    2. Really, not great timing with this shit.

  35. Lindsey says:

    $12 million smackaroonies? Sheeeit, maybe I need to get on my knees and start blowing politicians. Baby needs a pair of shoes.

    • tripmom says:

      I LOVE this. You think that you’d never want be a prostitute, and then you hear $12 million for a book and go “well…..”


  36. Sam says:

    Ugh why do people make excuses for people in their 20′s, saying they were “young and stupid”? 22 is the age when many people finish college and begin their professional careers. She KNEW she was engaging in an affair with not only a married man, but the President of the United States. She was plenty old enough to be held responsible for her actions, and at her current age she has no excuse. For someone who wants to move past it, she’s doing everything she can to remind us what a whore she was. Regardless of what Bill said about Hillary, both she and Chelsea don’t deserve to have this rehashed all over again.

    For the record, I don’t hold her completely responsible. Bill was the married man, it was his duty to uphold his vows. But Monica knew what she was doing every step of the way. The only sympathy I can offer is that she was screwed over by a friend.

  37. bea says:

    Good for her and I like Prez Clinton. She did get treated like crap and she really didn’t deserve it. Hope she makes some $ out of it, altho I’m not sure how much interest there is after so much time……..

  38. Nev says:

    don’t cheat.

  39. Ojulia123 says:

    She never would have gone public with this affair if it hadn’t been for Richard Sciafe (who funded the Kenneth Starr investigation and wanted nothing more than to take the president out of office and humiliate him in the process.)

    Incidentally, when I was working in a jewelry store in Pittsburgh years ago, Monica Lewinski came in to buy her brother a gift for his graduation from CMU. She is absolutely gorgeous in person – and she was very, very nice. I wish her well. She made some bad choices, but I don’t think she deserved to be made a pawn in someone else’s political game. Mr. Sciafe is evil.

    • vvy says:

      Exactly! She was used and abused as a way to bring Bill down. She was nothing more than a pawn to those people, and she deserves to tell the truth about ALL of them. I hope she does.

  40. Green is Good says:

    Apparently she hasn’t moved on.

    Monica needs to get a real job. Use that degree it seems she wasted her time getting.

  41. TheTruthHurts says:

    GOOD FOR HER! I will buy this book and read it cover to cover. This woman’s life was severely affected by our President who took advantage of his position and a naive, impressionable young woman. She deserves every last cent.

  42. Nanz01 says:

    There’s talk that Hillary Clinton may run again in 2016, especially if Obama wins re-election. Interesting that this tell-all is being written now. Another opportunity to screw a Clinton? ;) I jest. Couldn’t resist…

  43. yOXA says:

    It will be a blow by blow and everyone gets a cigar.

  44. Izzy says:

    While I’ve always felt sympathy for the experiences she had at the hands of Kenneth Starr – specifically, being held in a hotel room against her will, with her family threatened in order to force her to talk – Monica Lewinsky is no prize.

    When I was in college, George Stephanopoulos came to campus to do a booksigning. He spoke and did a Q&A, and when asked about Lewinsky he was VERY candid.

    Monica Lewinsky is a power whore. She goes after powerful men – the power is the aphrodisiac for her. She at one point had set her sights on Stephanopoulos, but he rebuffed her. That’s when she went after the President.

    I wasn’t sure at the time if this was accurate – I mean, who knows? BUT, my SIL’s brother was an intern at the White House at the same time she was there, and he definitely saw the George flirtation going on. His account matches George’s – she advanced, he deflected her.

    Which is when she bounced straight into the Oval Office.

    • Nanz01 says:

      I remember reading similar stuff about her at the time/right after the scandal. Always dismissed it as gossip, but when I read this post today, that old gossip was the first thing that came to mind…and then I read your comment. Seems like that is her reputation, whether it’s exaggerated or not, who knows? I kind of believe it. I think back to those photos of B. Clinton shaking her hand in a crowd and the look on her face – she was star-struck for sure. It seems plausible then that she finds power so seductive.

    • Chattycat says:

      Now Izzy, she didn’t “bound” into the Oval office…she crawled into the Oval Office on hands and “knees”!

    • normades says:

      I had a crush on Stephanopoulos too!

  45. Kosmos says:

    I agree, that she is an educated woman and should spend her time on something more meaningful, leave the past behind. After all, she was into doing Clinton at the time, she pursued him and willingly participated in whatever went down. If she insists on writing a book, then I hope the outcome is delayed until after the election. I don’t want this to hurt Obama in any way due to Clinton’s support, etc. Monica: Give it up. We don’t care anymore.

  46. db says:

    The worst thing about modern fame isn’t that it is fleeting, but that it lasts for effing-EVER. GO AWAY

    • mln89 says:

      pretty much. monica lewinsky and this entire scandal are like a bad odor that won’t dissipate. it was ridiculous then and it’s ridiculous now.

  47. Holden says:

    How ironic that she now looks like a brunette Linda Tripp.

  48. Grace says:

    I love this. Bill has always been a lying sack of crap and now Hillary will get all the details she needs to finally eviscerate him.

  49. Dhavy says:

    Not interested.
    Besides, I think she should blame the others for what happened to her not BC. An educated person working as an intern should know better despite her naivete. I used to give her props for at least not selling her story to anyone who asked but now she’s just another woman on the list.

    I don’t see the point now of ruining his life, maybe if she would’ve done it right after (I’m not defending the cheating part) but if she hasn’t found a man as of now, then there is a less chance anytime soon. People in worse circumstances have learned to move on, she obviously has issues

  50. Anon says:

    Monica–and I know you are reading this–your 15 minutes were up long ago. Purse thing not work out?

  51. tru tru says:

    who is interested in this?? old news–I saw stuff on tv, I heard about the cigar, I saw Hilary’s pain..dda, yadda yadda, yadda!

    its old, I’m not interested in reading it, there are new scandals now. I’ll pass.

    she and this story are boring now to me now. meah…

    something tells me, Monica received alot of money from some political guardian angel and has been living quite well for sometime now.

  52. Hakura says:

    The way people react to her (& what happened), you’d think she had sexually abused a child or something. She made a very bad decision & slept with a married man.

    She probably feels that this book is her chance to *finally* tell her whole side of the story, after being unable to for so long. Bill got the chance to try to defend himself to the pubic… I feel she deserves the same opportunity.

  53. kiyoshigril says:

    I’m happy for her. The scandal basically ruined her young adult life and left her with few options career wise. She might as well make a few bucks off of it. Clinton has moved on fairly unscathed in all of this, and makes millions upon millions every year speaking and consulting around the world. Go for it Monica, and spare us no details.

  54. Chria says:

    Dont judge me when I say I’d totally read it and think its halarious she wants to do one.

  55. normades says:

    We all know what went down more or less. The people who like Bill will still like Bill after this and the reverse is true too. Who knows what she’ll reveal. Maybe he’ll be even more popular afterwards!

  56. DB says:

    Good for her! Milk it for all it’s worth!

    (errr – bad choice of phrase there…)

  57. DB says:

    Seriously though, after all she’s been through (yes, self inflicted), it would be nice to see her finally get a pay-day to help get her life back on track.

    Clintons have made Bazillions since leaving office. Why not her too?

  58. Moana says:

    Respected? He sold the US out to China, cheated multiple times, lied, and…check out the Friends of Bill list, tons of dead people who got on his/Hillary’s bad side. Respected my ass.

  59. mln89 says:

    she is so bargain-basement floozy. is the money worth being in the glare of the public spotlight again, rehashing the fact that you were cheating with a married man, and ONCE AGAIN dragging your own name, reputation, and dignity through the mud? doesn’t she have ANY pride? and isn’t her family wealthy? does she really need the money? i’ve always thought she was disgusting, this just reaffirms my previous impression.

  60. Cam S says:

    Is this a recent photo? My goodness she is pretty (sorry, but she is very attractive)

  61. Sandip says:

    Was it really an affair, did they go out for dinner, movies, did he come to her apartment or did she give BJ’s at his desk.

  62. DB says:

    Why does nobody call Clinton a scumbag when this topic comes up?

    He was a “Pants around your ankles” President, and he should still be frowned upon.

  63. The Original Mia says:

    She didn’t get my sympathy the 1st time around. Won’t get it this time around. Why in the world would she want to reassociate herself with this? Hope the money is worth it.

  64. paperjam says:

    What is wrong with her? Instead of taking those two degrees she has and turning her life into something worthwhile, she’s still whining about what she got herself into decades ago. She has letters. Oh, please. In my mind there’s a movie scene: Wynona Ryder in funereal black with a veil, “I am alone (X out alone) totally, completely, absolutely, utterly, alone.” Now, it’s Monica sitting in her French Provencal white bedroom, semen stained blue dress carefully preserved in the closet, (well, ick) wearing a pink penoir (isn’t that what all the best mistresses wear?) and bunny slippers typing her angst in Word Perfect (it was the 90s), probably Park Avenue script, “I looooove you, more than she could possibly love you, I’ll die without you, I’ll kill myself if I can’t have you, and blah, blah, blah.”

    She’s mad that Clinton’s a respected statesman and she’s approaching 40 with a big fat zero of a life. Well, then. Grow. Up.

    Clinton’s legacy is tarnished and always will be. I watched those impeachment hearings with everybody else. History isn’t ignoring anything. However, Clinton went on to do a great many other things with his life, and has accomplished something lasting over the last decade and a half. Yes, he lied to the American people. About who he had sex with. I don’t care. That’s Hilary’s business, not mine. And no country in the world would decline to do business with America because its’ president had sex with a woman not his wife.

    Richard Nixon lied to the American people. “I am not a crook.” He resigned his presidency in disgrace and his cronies spent time in jail.

    George W Bush lied to the American people. “Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction.” Thousands of military and civilian lives have been lost over that lie, not to mention billions of dollars wasted.

    Would I read her book? Not even if it was free. I’m not interested in the emotional spew of a 12 year old. I wasn’t interested when I was a 12 year old. Monica, if you want to do something productive with your life, start volunteering your psychological skills at an abused women’s shelter, or counsel young women how to get ahead in the world without getting down on their knees as a shortcut.

  65. Hakura says:

    Maybe her reason for doing this (after all those years keeping it all inside, unable to publicly give her whole side of the story)… is getting everything out in the open…& hoping to find some sort of personal ‘closure’ once there aren’t anymore secrets eating away at her.

    Whether that will be the case or not, I don’t know, but I can understand the reasoning behind it. While they both faced major consequences for their actions, she’s the one who’s still feeling the effects, even all this time later. That really isn’t fair, to put it simply. It just became another ‘scarlet letter’ situation.

  66. girl down says:

    Bill was a jag off to go there with the whole affair thing, especially with such a young girl. That said, I feel like Bill is one of those dude’s you’d know was bullshitting you but you’d kind of like it.

  67. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    BillHill is unbroken.

  68. Deedee says:

    This is about as interesting as Rielle Hunter’s expose on Jon Edwards. Move along, nothing to see here……

  69. Jayna says:

    I wonder where they got the 12 million. I have read she is shopping the book. She hasn’t even signed with a publisher yet. And really she was paid a lot of money to cooperate with Andrew Morton’s book. She used to give the president blow jobs. A lot of how she was treated has been in books. How much more is there to say? If she had gone on to really make something of herself like ex-Miss America (porn shots), Vanessa Williams, did, it would be an interesting book.

    I forgot about this about her:

    “Monica Lewinsky had a long-running affair with a married man — her high school drama teacher. It began just after Lewinsky’s graduation in 1991, and ended in 1997, when his wife found out. During that time Lewinsky often babysat for their children.

    In June 1995, when Lewinsky landed her internship in White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta’s office, she reportedly told friends, “I’m going to the White House to get my presidential kneepads.” According to Linda Tripp’s famous recorded phone calls, Lewinsky bragged of satisfying President Bill Clinton’s needs as early as November of that year. Within weeks of her first presidential tryst, Lewinsky left her unpaid internship in Panetta’s office to take a paid position in the Office of Legislative Affairs. Her official duties involved sorting incoming letters from members of Congress and bringing them to the Oval Office. By April 1996, Lewinsky had been transferred to a job in Pentagon spokesman Ken Bacon’s office, but she continued making “regular visits” to the White House.”

    Wow, so she was still screwing her longterm married
    boyfriend when she gave Clinton blowjobs.

  70. Katie Too says:

    Way too late to add my 2 cents, but…

    Sleeping with the Leader of the Free Word, who you personally idolize, as a likely very insecure 22 year-old. Considering it was common knowledge amongst political circles & Hil knew? Don’t blame her much at all. The delay could be due to her realization that she really couldn’t get her life on track because of the notoriety & being peeved at the idealization of the Clinton presidency. Or,, there were legal issues involving limitations issues or some sort of expiring or violated nondisclosure agreement.

    Never really cared about the affair other than he used incredibly poor judgment in involving a junior staffer. The problems involved his righteous indignation claiming there was no sexual relationship as well as his deposition testimony. Nevertheless, I’d still vote for the azz before our current choices if such a possibility were possible. Not meant as a compliment.

  71. Katie Too says:

    Way too late to add my 2 cents, but…

    Sleeping with the Leader of the Free Word, who you personally idolize, as a likely very insecure 22 year-old. Considering it was common knowledge amongst political circles & Hil knew? Don’t blame her much at all. The delay could be due to her realization that she really couldn’t get her life on track because of the notoriety & being peeved at the idealization of the Clinton presidency. Or,, there were legal issues involving limitations issues or some sort of expiring or violated nondisclosure agreement. Never really cared about the affair other than he used incredibly poor judgment in involving a junior staffer. The problems involved his righteous indignation claiming there was no sexual relationship as well as his deposition testimony. Nevertheless, I’d still vote for the azz before our current choices if such a possibility were possible. Not meant as a compliment.

  72. Katie Too says:

    Double post, sorry.

  73. ShugAveryPee says:

    Please get off this she was 22 crap…. this is what holds women back… This young lady was very smart and educated… she knew very well that a married man is off limits… she flirted with him … as much as he accepted her advances… so spare me the she was 22 crap.. this is why over in arab countries women are keep restricted… you making it seem like she is an idiot… Yes we all do stupid stuff when we are young… but we knew it was wrong..we just didn’t care about the repercussions…. That is what the frontal lobe provides … but you know very well what you are doing… believe me Clinton was beat up just as bad as her.. and he was the 2nd president in history to be impeached …. so spare me the woe is Monica crap.. and here she is again writing a book and bringing up sinful acts for the sake of making a quick dollar… just sad… so she didn’t learn one thing!!!

  74. Anon says:

    Hmm, now how many pricey books would the publisher have to sell to recoup their 12 million dollar pay-out to Monica, along with other related costs of said book…arithmetic!

  75. Shelly says:

    I can’t believe she is 39!! Where has the time gone?! But anyway, I stood in line for hours at Borders way back when she released her first book, to get it signed by her. I am not even a Democrat, but I wanted to see what she looked like in person. She was lovely. Beautiful in fact. Great skin and hair. And she had on some killer shoes.

  76. stinky says:

    Camille Paglia had interesting things to say about her!
    (i love Camille!!)

  77. Chickie Baby says:

    Makes me wonder: how is this relevant to anything? I don’t give a rip about what went on behind closed doors that long ago–didn’t care then, don’t care (or want to know) now.

    Monica, your 15 minutes were up a long time ago. You have the degrees, so get a real job and do something beneficial for the world instead of recycling your past.

  78. dh says:

    I had this misfortune of looking a lot like Monica when this happened. I was frequently chased, called a slut, insulted- while I the other hand, I got a lot of free stuff. Before hating on her- remember what it was like to be 22 and in love- except she was in love with the most powerful man in the world- who led her to believe he had feelings for her- instead he just wanted to feel her up. If your boyfriend when you were 20, told everyone in the world all the ways you blew him- it would be very hard to ever find love again. He was wrong for being involved with her- not only was he married but he was in a serious position of power over her. Im almost 40 and still think about m y first love from time to time- it took years to get over that heartbreak. Imagine seeing your first love prancing around with his wife- acting as if he were squeaky clean. Give her a break, and remember when you see him that he knew exactly what he was doing when he lied while looking into the camera and swearing under oath– I did not have sexual relations with that woman. If your big crush spent the rest of his life pretending that you never happened, while everyone else knew about the stains on your dress and what you did with cigars- you would be bitter too. As for Hilary- she chose to stay with a man who repeatedly screwed around on her– remember when she went on the today show swearing her husband never cheated on her- only to have the navy dress come out a few days later.. It wasnt easy looking like Monica- I was literally chased down the street at times. Imagine spending your twenties in hiding. No dating- ever. No man ever wanting to date you or bring you home to mommy. All for something you did, in private, with someone you trusted and believed had feelings for you. He might have been a decent (lucky) president- but morally he was a scum bag who screwed her (and at least a half a dozen other women). I cant even get into Linda Tripp. Am I the only one that thought she was secretly a man??

  79. LeslieM says:

    I don’t believe a word of this. I don’t think anyone will pay her anything to write a book. She has nothing to say. She gave the President a couple of freebees. He wanted nothing more from her and certainly didn’t spill any juicy details to her. She offered. He took her up on it end of story.