Sofia Vergara in teal Zuhair Murad at the Emmys: gorgeous or unflattering?

It’s hard not to love Sofia Vergara. She just seems like she’s such a good time, in every way, shape or form. While this Zuhair Murad dress would have been a cut-out disaster on most women, Sofia ended up rocking it and forcing me to love it. What I dislike: the cutouts, the seemingly weird design choice to “force” her boobs apart, and the way the gown was cut through the butt. What I loved: the color (gorgeous teal), how Sofia’s body looked in the dress, and how you could tell that she felt comfortable in it. I know some of you find her annoying, but I love her. I was kind of sad for her that she brought 19 family members to the Emmys only to watch Julie Bowen win, but I do think Julie and Sofia genuinely enjoy each other, and they’re tight in real life. Julie even went to Mexico for Sofia’s 40th birthday party, you know? They’re tight.

Here’s Padma Lakshmi in orange Monique Lhuillier. Yeah… the design is pretty enough, although I think it’s all pretty “basic” (as in “Lhuillier basically dyed one of her basic wedding gowns and gave it to Padma”). The orange is AWFUL. I have similar coloring to Padma and I would never wear this color, I would never even attempt it or think, “Hey, maybe that will work.” She’s a beautiful woman and she looks like a traffic cone. MOVE THAT PADMA LAKSHMI, I’M LINDSAY LOHAN!!!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Rux says:

    I love Sofia! That is all that needs to be said.

    • Tillie says:

      Me too! And her dress looked better on tv than on these photo’s. Her body looks amazing, I instantly developed a girl-crush on her 😛

    • Camille says:

      Sofia has body to die for. I like Padma’s dress, color is great but she should add some really bold piece of jewelry.

  2. Sequined Pajamas says:

    I think Padma looked divine in her orange dress.

    • Cherry says:

      Me too! I love the orange!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        She looks INCREDIBLE. I’m sorry-that tangerine color is perfect on someone with her coloring. In fact, it’s made for someone with dark skin/hair. She looks phenomenal, Kaiser.

        Sofia V is beautiful and I love the color of her dress, but I’m not into the “beauty queen” style of EVERY dress that she wears. I know that she dresses well for her body type but I can’t help but wish that she would try something different than the “sex bomb” look.

      • tripmom says:

        With Sofia’s figure, she could probably wear a garbage bag, and still look like a sex bomb. With a body like that, there’s no getting away from it.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Padma looks amazing in that color. She was one of the really good ones. Great color for us darker skinned girls.

        She’s freaking gorgeous anyway-we are big top chef fans since the beginning.

      • Really? says:

        Sorry, but i totes agree with Kaiser, the orange is awful, hideous, i don’t own one orange piece of clothing and i never, ever will. Orange is for fall decor, Halloween, budget rental car logos, and fast food employee uniforms. ICK! For God’s sake, it clashes with the red carpet, for that alone it should be banned!

        Sophia is a sight for sore eyes in comparison, i think she looks absolutely amazing.

      • Tiffany says:

        I agree, the orange looks amazing and fresh! It is so vibrant and full of life, and her skin looks amazing in it! I am sooooo jealous that I can’t wear orange and/or yellow. Sigh.

    • Bluedog says:

      Me, too! She looks fantastic. On TV, the orange was very sheer and looked great with her coloring.

      Sofia looks good, too. At least this dress wasn’t a full on mermaid like she usually wears.

      • Isa says:

        I loved the orange too and was surprised to read that the color wasn’t a good choice for her skin type. I always thought that color was made for it.
        And I agree about Sofia’s figure beig a sex bomb. She isn’t able to wear the same dresses as someone with a straighter figure like say, Kate Hudson.

    • lw says:

      Me three. Padma is stunning in orange.

    • Mira says:

      I love the orange! It’s perfect.

    • Azurea says:

      This shade of orange is my new favourite colour!
      I painted my dining room in this orange. It’s so clear, juicy & uplifting, & at night it softens but is still zingy.

    • Gia says:

      I agree. Orange looks great on darker skin with the dark hair…love it! And I’m not a fan at all of Sophia’s dress. All the lines are wrong. Colour is gorgeous though!

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        OMG! Did you see the pic of Sofia’s ass on Dlisted? You can see everything after she busted out. I guess they sewed her up good after that!

  3. Marianne says:

    Sofia looks good….but she always chooses the same silhouette. And her hair always look the same. She never changes up her look. And the teal sequins kind of look like a mermaid.

    Padma looks fantastic though.

    • Me Too says:

      Thank god its not just me…I think Sofia is wonderful but she’s rocked the same look on every Red Carpet this year and every time I see her the first thing that pops into my head is mermaid.

    • Sassy says:

      She is stunning. Except for her eyebrows. They are too close together and could be a bit thinner. Am I the only one who notices this?

  4. Eve says:

    Gorgeous!!! Dress is a little over-the-top but screw it: I love everything.

    The colour, the cut, the way her butt looks. When she was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest I was waiting for her to turn around so I could see her perfect backside. She has lower back dimples for crying out loud!

    Girl-crushing really hard right now. Love her.

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      Well said Eve! Love Sofia, she rocked the shit out of this. For once the girls weren’t popping out everywhere. I would like to see something different with her hair but overall perfection. Covergirl should let her style herself for commercials, she chooses better.

  5. Mara says:

    Sofia looks stunning she have the perfect body !

  6. Mary says:

    Kaiser, you are so right about it being hard not to like Sofia. I’ve never even seen the show, only know her from interviews and such. She is always so bubbly which always seems contagious. That said, I like the dress from the waist down. And I actually love the cutouts on the back of the dress, it’s just so Sofia. From the waist up, not so much. However, as many people seem to mention, designers design dresers for skinny model types with little to no curves. Then when a real woman like Sofia puts on the same dress, it doesn’t fit right in the chest region.

  7. KellyinSeattle says:

    The top kinda reminds me of an ice skater’s outfit, but Sophia always looks nearly flawless. I love her! I like the other because I love orange.

  8. Christina says:

    Sofia knows what works on her body. I don’t like the dress per say, but she looked hot for sure. Padma looked really great and that color was stunning on her.

  9. Melly Bee says:

    I love Sofia! Her taste in men, however, is no good.

  10. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I kind of liked Sophia, but with the pepsi and k-mart commercials, I now feel like she is super over-exposed. Does she really need her own line of k-mart bedding? What a kardASSian move. I have a feeling she’d sign her name to anything.

  11. muffintop says:

    She is absolutely stunning. The dress makes her look like a mermaid.

  12. videli says:

    I don’t think I ever had such good skin, not even when I was 20. On the other hand I’m the freckly blonde type.

  13. Sofia was best dressed last night, hands down. She simply looks divine.

    Padma looks good too.

  14. anya says:

    Agree that it would have looked perfect without the cut outs, but still lovely

  15. DanaG says:

    LOL Sofia busted out of the dress later on. Very funny she seems to have a such great sense of humour and I love her accent. Padma looks amazing I love that colour on her although dress is pretty safe.

  16. Cathy says:

    Love Padmas dress, thought it suited her perfectly. Sophia looks good in anything though I don’t particularly care for that particular dress.

  17. LadyBird83 says:

    Sofia is a beautiful woman but that dress screams PAGEANT!

  18. says:

    Im not a fan of Sofia’s style, I hardly ever like anything she wears. She’s a gorgeous woman though and I love her figure!
    As for Padma, I think she looks AMAZING! I’m darker than her and I really like bright colors for myself… hubby loves seeing me in oranges and yellows 🙂

    • Bubbaang says:

      She looks amazing, until she opens her mouth with her “coochie coochie” bit, then my woman hard on goes instantly soft, sorry 🙁

      • MaiGirl says:

        Could not agree more. I can’t with the “Charo 2012” demeanor. I get that it’s her schtick, but it started getting musty almost right away.

  19. Angie says:

    Ugh she is tacky and so plain looking.

  20. cw says:

    Can someone explain Modern F to me? never watched it until last night, i watched 3 episodes and i don’t get it. this woman’s voice is like nails on a chalk board
    HORRIBLE, she’s terrible so if this show

    what am i missing?

  21. mar says:

    I like both looks

  22. dcypher1 says:

    Sophia is gorgeous. That dress look a little too tight but I do love that color. Thats how u do a mermaid type dress j. Hough.

  23. Jen says:

    I think it is awesome that she shared with the world that she busted her butt zipper! Gorgeous AND she can laugh at herself! Very cool!

  24. paranormalgirl says:

    not a fan of Sofia (she irritates me) but the woman knows how to dress for her body and she has a fantastic figure.

    • judyjudy says:

      I find her extremely irritating, as well. Every thing about her is just a little too much for my tastes.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      +1 to the 2 comments above.

      I can’t stand her and have to put the TV on mute when she starts speaking, but she has a great figure.

  25. Lake Mom says:

    I am so tired of Sofia. She’s every where you turn and that accent is so annoyingly overdone. Give it a break already!

  26. Dana M says:

    Sophia is a gorgeous woman.

  27. Kiyoshigirl says:

    When I caught my first glance of the dress last night it was in a photo that was posted under a worst dressed list. I thought it was hideous, but the longer I look at it and realize how perfectly it hugs her body, I’m thinking it’s a work of art.

  28. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Of course she looks good in it, she looks good in everything–but it’s still tacky as hell in a lovely colour.

    Padma’s dress is very similar to a salmon-coloured halter Sofia wore once–with big emerald earrings, if I remember. People liked that, so why don’t they like this?

  29. Cait says:

    Not a huge fan of Sofia’s style, but wow she has a great figure!

  30. pandora says:

    I guess she can always save it for this years Halloween and add a red wig and go as Ariel =)

  31. Daniel says:

    Sofia could wear and garbage bag and make it look good! wow!

  32. Dredz says:

    Padma was THE best dressed. That color just looked so stunning with her skin tone. She kept the jewelry simple, her hair natural, I like that!. Sofia was meh… Too “telenovela” to me. She looked rather tacky.

  33. Dredz says:

    I also think Padma’s poses were really graceful, much better than Heidi Klum’s *snickers…

  34. Nicolette says:

    She could wear a paper bag and still be gorgeous.

  35. Maritza says:

    Both dresses are beautiful, they look gorgeous.

  36. lucy2 says:

    I love the color and detailing of Sofia’s but agree about the cut outs.
    I saw different photos of Padma, and the color looked gorgeous on her. Based on this photos not so much, but other photos, it was lovely.

  37. B says:

    I haven’t watched very much of Modern Family, but I don’t find it very appealing. I’m tired of Sofia Vergara. I don’t actively seek her out, but yet she seems to be everywhere and she drives me crazy. She strikes me as extremely vain, arrogant, and obnoxious. She also does not strike me as very talented.

  38. A19 says:

    Sofia’s had a facelift, cheek implants, nose job, and boob job, just for openers. And she’s so self-absorbed with her 2nd rate looks and 3d rate talent. BARF.

  39. A19 says:

    Oops forgot to mention sofia’s dental work, her chiclet caps.

  40. pinchofsalt says:

    Don’t like Sofia’s dress but I have to agree, she has one amazing body!

  41. crtb says:

    I don’t care for this dress or how she dresses period. She always looks like she is trying too hard to make us notice her great body. She doesn’t need to flaunt it, we would notice it if she wore a pillow case. Take it down a notch.