Kelsey Grammer on making Camille go to the Tonys: ‘I was trying to give her that moment’

I’m starting to believe that Kelsey Grammer is obsessed with his ex-wife, Camille. That would explain why he talks about her in every single interview and continues to go over the details of their split over two and a half years ago. The guy needs to move on, but he’s harping on it for whatever reason: a psychological need, an urge for publicity or maybe an annoying combination of both.

Anyway Kelsey was a guest on The Anderson Cooper show recently and his full interview airs today. He got talking about his favorite subject, Camille, and instead of apologizing to Camille for making her go to the Tony Awards with him before he broke up with her unceremoniously, after his mistress had been living with him for several months, he made it sound like he was doing her a favor. He did admit he made a mistake, but he never said Camille’s name and he apologized to his mistress more than to Camille. Here are some details from the interview:

Anderson: I’ve got to ask you one question and I don’t want to dwell on this but I was a big Real Housewives watcher. Did you ever regret any of those scenes you were in? Because some of them were very awkward like when Camille went and visited you backstage there was this really awkward scene and I felt for you in that scene. I wondered if that was one of those things, you know what I regret the cameras being there.
Kelsey: Yeah, yeah. Oh sure. Well thanks. I was trying to pretend things were normal for the sake of letting her have that moment for the sake of somehow letting her have that moment. It was just ill advised. It was the wrong decision and I should have come home from England when I first met Kayte and just said, ‘Listen I’ve met somebody and this hasn’t been working for a long time.’ I regret not doing that. I thought I could do something nice, some parting thing and so it was very painful and uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable for Kayte, it was uncomfortable for all of us.

Anderson: Is there anything you’ve done in your life that you now look back on and regret? That was one of the Twitter questions.
Kelsey: Ooh, boy. There is a ton of things actually that I do regret but I can’t spend my life apologizing. There are several things I regret. I regret that I didn’t spend more time with my daughter Greer. I regret that I didn’t tell Kayte I love her as often as I should but I’m still working on it so it’s okay. We make mistakes in life hopefully with people that know how to forgive. There is an old Chekhov saying, since we are forgiven it’s foolish if you can not forgive.

[Received via e-mail from The Anderson Cooper show]

Kelsey bugs me so much with his excuses and justifications, but at least he knows on some level that what he did was wrong. He’ll probably never grasp what a total a-hole he was, since he continues to be one.

The Anderson Cooper show sent us more details from Kelsey’s interview, and there’s a real gem when he discusses the tattoo of his new wife’s name, Kayte, he got on his hip. He admitted it was Kayte’s idea (which he’s said before) but as for whether Kayte would ever get Kelsey’s name tattooed on her body, Kelsey only said “she’s thinking about it now,” and that “she wants to a white one that’s sort of clear, very subtle.” Do you think this golddigger has a whole game plan worked out and that she’s going to dump Kelsey in a couple of years? I do, at least I’m hoping.

Update: Camille has responded to this, and to the many other recent interviews Kelsey has done about her. She’s shown at lot of restraint in my opinion. She told Radar:

Kelsey and I shared a life together and have two beautiful children together, and I just wish he would stop the constant barrage of negativity towards me as it’s bad for our children and our respective families. I would hope that Kelsey would say something positive about our life together, so we can be amicable. I have absolutely no ill will towards Kelsey, I keep focused on what is ahead and I don’t look back. I have happy memories about my time with Kelsey, yes, there were sad times, but I focus on the positive times for the sake of our children. I’m just not a negative person.”

Kelsey is shown in January, July and August. Credit: and FameFlynet

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  1. Rux says:

    SHUT THE F*** UP already. He’s just ridiculous at this point.

    • Anonny says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. The man seriously needs to STFU.

    • Annie says:

      Yes- no kidding. For someone who doesn’t want to talk about his ex and won’t say her name, he really won’t quit talking about her. Giant a-hole..Camille has certainly moved on

    • Monster says:

      I think he realised what he did and he regret it. Maybe he wanted to back to her and she said no. So now he got angry because “it’s her fault now”. He clearly is obsessed with her. I wonder what have to say about it his new wife. He is an asshole.

  2. Eve says:

    CB, there’s something going on with one of the pictures. It took forever to scroll down (I had to hit “end”) to reach the comments box.

    EDIT: it’s fixed. Or maybe it was my internet. Sorry.

    • Celebitchy says:

      I fixed it! I had noticed that earlier. Also, are any of you getting errors saying you’re posting a duplicate comment just when you post one? That happened to me earlier. We installed some new stuff on the back end and it might be messing things up.

      • Eve says:

        Not today. But yesterday the pages were taking a really long time to load (and eventually that “bad gateway” would show up). The duplicate comment error happened only once, but I think it was because I did hit “send” more than once.

      • Celebitchy says:

        Eve – the server admins installed a few things and have hopefully fixed that!

      • Lem says:

        I keep getting errors saying comment can’t be posted, when most of the time, if I wait, it does post eventually
        Also run into saving comment failed (in edit) sometimes it does save, once the entire comment disappeared, mostly it then won’t load my comment-with flashing error boxes

      • marie says:

        me too. I kept getting nynix or something like that pop up after a comment.. I got so frustrated yesterday cause I couldn’t comment on Chris Brown post, some weird box kept popping up.. probably for the best cause I didn’t have anything nice to say anyway..

  3. Jayna says:

    I think he meant the reality show, that he was trying to give her that moment. Anderson talked about that uncomfortable scene at the award show. But I think Kelsey was addressing the whole decision for the reality show and then him appearing in a few scenes as a mistake in hindsight but that he was trying to give her a moment, give her something, the reality show.

    He is such a jerk. Nobody cares anymore, Kelsey. Move on.

  4. samanthalous says:

    He is disgusting, so yes he deserves the gold digger who will dump him in time.

  5. Aussie girl says:

    She looks completely naked in that first pic. He is an a-hole

    • CatfromFLA says:

      Totally agree! Who goes outside looking like that? Does she not know that a thin cotton dress worn sans undergarments is way to revealing for the street? I wouldn’t wear that to take out the trash. Also, both Kayte and Camille have faces like mosquitoes, all pointy and stuff. He definitly has an insect-like type, doesn’t he?

  6. ladybert62 says:

    He is looking ancient in those pictures.

  7. aims says:

    this guy has got an ego of epic proportions!! everything that has happend or happens to camilla, is all because of him. what an ass. he never wanted a wife and a partner in life, he wants a lap dog. someone who will tell him anything he wants to hear.

  8. Sirsnarksalot says:

    I think part of his delusional crap stems from being a narcissist. Those lunatics can rationalize everything they do no matter how atrocious and they still play victim. And the other thing that I think keeps him out there flapping his lips is that he just can’t believe after all of it that Camille got the sympathy and not him. And just to let my inner bitch out I’ll say it…his new wife is a major downgrade. Woof.

  9. LeManda says:

    I’m a big fan of his two actress daughters. Spencer and Greer Grammer both have played their character’s well on Greek and Awkward. Too bad he doesn’t take the time away from bashing his Ex-s to give some positive attention to his children.

  10. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I think he constantly brings up Camille in an attempt to twist the knife. The man appears to be a power hungry maniac and I think he’s getting off on rehashing the dumping because he thinks it hurts her. This may be pure speculation on my part, but I feel like Kelaey enjoy’s being with Katye (and flaunting their romance and pregnancy) because he thinks it hurts Camille. She only serves her purpose because she’s “new, shiny,” and the vehicle for his revenge.

  11. LeManda says:

    Not to get off the Kelsey bashing train but I just saw this :”A former Playboy model and dancer on MTV, Camille is not without some real-life drama: in the past, she was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome so both her children were born through a surrogate.”
    Is is just me or is it weird to use a surrogate for IBS???

    • karley says:

      Um some people have really terrible symptoms. I have mild IBS and my doctor told me about people who basically are tied to a toilet all day if they eat the slightest wrong thing or have stress. Camille could be one of those people

    • Trek Girl says:

      Nope, it’s not wierd if it’s a severe case of IBS, which she probably has.

    • rehead says:

      camille may have used a surrogate because of malnutrition. she has said on camera on RHOBH that she has been trying to put on weight, she may have not been able to get pregnant.

    • RN says:

      No, it’s not weird at all to use a surrogate if one has IBS. Pregnancy hormones and the actual pregnancy itself can cause a high level of distress for certain women who are pregnant and suffering from IBS. It depends on the woman’s baseline level of health.

    • GoGoGrammy says:

      Yeah…it’s totally weird. I have IBS and gave birth to my three children. What does IBS have to do with childbirth? Pretty strange. I like Camielle..but it almost looks like she did it to keep that awesome figure she has for a woman her age. Whatever the case may be..I like her..and I like him as an actor..but I totally agree that he seems to be sticking it to Camielle with all the adoration of Kayte…who by the way is not remotely attractive. Did anyone see her in BOSS because I swore she was in two scenes already this season…Wendy was the name they referred to her as. Anyone????

  12. Thalia says:

    it does seem like he is truly OBSESSED with Camille; almost like he is in love with her or something. If I were Kayte, I’d be *very* worried that my husband’s ex-wife is always on his mind and her can’t stop talking about her. I know this time he was asked about her, but still its obvious Camille rents a lot of space in his head.

  13. Zorbitor says:

    Half of the marriages end in divorce and 70% of those are initiated by the wife – who cares???

  14. lin234 says:

    To be fair, Anderson asked him a question and he answered truthfully. I don’t see that as obsessed. It’s not like he brought up the subject himself.

    I recently came across his new show Boss and WOW. That show is incredible. Kelsey plays a dying, ruthless mayor of Chicago and his acting at times can give you the chills. Amazing cast, script, etc. I suspect the dark character he plays in Boss is closer to how he is in real life. He even had his new wife make a small appearance the same way Camille made an appearance in Frasier.

    • Sirsnarksalot says:

      Gee that sounds exactly like what Kelsey’s PR person would say…hmm. You might want to make the excuses and plug for his new show a little less obvious next time. And we’ve been discussing his multitude of recent appearances an interviews where he never stops talking about Camille for a while now on this site. No one thinks it was just one off hand question from Anderson.

      • lin234 says:

        lol. I sound like his PR person? I don’t really read articles about Kelsey Grammer because the way he left his wife disgusts me. In fact, I didn’t even care about watching him in anything but decided to give the show a shot and was blown away. It’s not just him. Everyone that acts in Boss is bringing their top game and the writing is sublime.

        I think deep down he realized his new wife is all about the money and maybe he regrets his decisions to some extent. I imagine handing half of his fortune over to Camille was pretty hard even if you don’t care about money. I think he’s more bitter about the money than Camille herself. I haven’t been paying attention to Kelsey Grammer on here but it seems he’s been mentioning her a lot more recently – after he handed her like 30 million?

    • Kim says:

      He could have asked the producers not to mention the topic.Last week he walked off the Piers Morgan show after they showed a pic of Camille.He talks about her constantly,Oprah,Conan,Extratv…

    • Caroline says:

      I can’t watch Boss. It is ruined for me.I don’t see the character he plays anymore. Every time I see his repulsive, smug face I just see the lack of character he displays constantly in his real life. If it is his goal to make himself look like a complete and total ass, he is accomplishing that goal astonishingly well. Kayte loves him for his money. What woman could care for a man who has and is, treating his ex in such a despicable way? I know. A gold digger. I hope she takes him to the cleaners and them gives non-stop interviews insulting him. He needs a taste of his own medicine. I don’t care how much tragedy he has had in his life, it doesn’t excuse his behavior.

    • GoGoGrammy says:

      Yeah…I’m NOT crazy…that WAS his wife in a couple scenes on BOSS. I just posted above in another comment…asking if anyone else saw her or would comment on if it was her. Thanks for validating my suspicion.

  15. Miss says:

    Just when you think he can’t get any more douchey….

  16. dorothy says:

    Just shut up already! He’s done enough damage to his children with his previous statements regarding his ex-wife.

  17. Cathy says:

    He has a wierdly shaped head, and a extremely large forehead.

  18. Mava says:

    Kelsey, please stop making me hate you. I really don’t want to hate you.

  19. wuffin says:

    I don’t understand why he discusses Camille during this interview but walked off of the Piers set — because of a photo of her.

    Something is amiss with him, just saying.

    • qtpi says:

      I agree. Something is up with him for sure.

      Also – it is my experience that you talk about the person you are thinking about. When you jump into a new relationship you annoy your friends to death with “my boyfriend said this” and ” my boyfriend does that”. Why isn’t he talking about his new wife and baby? If he hates Camille so much you’d think he would be more focused on his new life.

      Maybe he likes the drama of it all.. he is an actor.

  20. skynet says:

    He makes me sad. I grew up watching Cheers and Fraiser so I used to really like him. He’s turned out to be such a tacky Dick. I feel bad for his kids and family he’s an embarrassment. It’s too bad.

  21. Relli says:

    Another actor/celebrity obsessed with getting the “TRUTH” out there defense.

    Stop, seriously just stop everyone does things that they are not so proud of and the rest of us mortals out here just suck it up and live on. If people aren’t walking around agreeing and congratulating you on your super bad decision. Constantly talking about it isn’t goign to change anybody minds either.

  22. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Wow, just so self-centered. Egomaniac.

  23. OXA says:

    Kelsey chose to marry Camille and have kids with her,e used to say that she saved him from drugs/drink. He is only hurting the kids and making himself look a complete d$%k, I think he and Kate Go$$elin should hook up.

  24. Gal says:

    Wouldn’t you have severe IBS if you were married to him? Also, I hope at some point his new wife pulls a Katie Holmes and blindsides him with divorce.

  25. Liza Jane says:

    I too can no longer watch his shows and interviews! He seems to only define himself by the fact he was a victimized husband! His new wife is definitely a mousy little thing who must be just thrilled to have snagged all that money( and what’s with his massive scowl in the pic..his inner self showing? Admittedly he had a rough childhood with it’s share of tragedies, but his constant dredging up of his life with Camille is pathetic..move on, stop embarrassing yourself and your poor children and start to live in the present.Kudos to Camille for her comments and her high road stance! He has humiliated her non-stop releasing nasty details of their life and blaming her for his ills! You are wearing out your audiences tolerance, Kelsey!

  26. Stacia says:


  27. lucy2 says:

    Agree he needs to stop talking. I think he’s always been a disaster but used to hide it better, and the more he talks now, the worse it is.

    Everyone involved here seems to be batshit crazy, but Camille’s statement at least is the right thing to say.

  28. trina says:

    I don’t get the Kelsey hate–Anderson Cooper was the one bringing up that Housewives show and bringing up regrets.

    He is a good actor and he does good work, and let’s face it, anyone who is an actor is a bit of a narcissist.

  29. Cleveland Girl says:

    I don’t know if any of you watched Real Housewives, but Camille was a HORRIBLE person. If I were Kelsey I would have run for the hills. She somewhat redeemed herself the 2nd season, but I think she was “acting!” Kelsey may be a smug jerk, but she is no prize, trust me.

  30. Genevieve says:

    Camille FTW!

  31. mln89 says:

    he is so disgusting. not only did cheat but he has the nerve to bad mouth the ex wife he cheated on? and how are their 2 young children supposed to react to their douchebag father sounding so flippant about cheating on their mother and breaking up their family? he can go straight to hell.

  32. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    He is obsessed!

    I think this proves that you can’t just leave a relationship so easily. He wanted that quickie divorce and jumped right into a new marriage (and babies) with someone else but he is still processing his old marriage.

    No wonder Camille has ‘moved on’ – she’s getting millions and millions. I’m sorry but she is awful.

  33. Izzy says:

    I don’t know how his oldest kids feel about him, but at some point (probably pretty soon), his kids with Camille will start reading about all the crap he’s said, and they’re going to hate him. For a long time, possibly for the rest of his life. It’s sad – he doesn’t even seem to think at all about his children from his prior marriages. They’re just an afterthought, or comments thrown in for some good PR.