Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are over

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson are no longer together, according to a new cover story in US Magazine. These two were low-key with their relationship and were only spotted out together a few times in the past few months. Kate threw a big New Year’s party and Owen wasn’t there. It looks like Wilson is going back to his girl-chasing ways while Hudson is dating hot Irish singer Damien Rice. She must love those musicians.

When Kate Hudson, 27, threw a raucous New Year’s Eve party at her home in L.A.’s Pacific Palisades, guests such as Justin Timberlake, Ryan Phillippe and Eva Mendes showed up to party their way into 2007.

Conspicuously absent from the bash? Actor Owen Wilson, 38, whose torrid affair with Hudson resulted in the actress’ separation from husband of nearly six years, Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson.

“They have definitely cooled off,” a source close to the actress tells Us of Hudson and Wilson’s summer fling. “She adores him and wishes it had worked out. But it didn’t.”

Seconds a Wilson source, “Owen is calling girlfriends to tell them he is single.”

The actress, meanwhile, is back to dating musicians. She brought Irish singer Damien Rice (whose haunting song “The Blower’s Daughter” was the theme of 2004’s Closer) to a December 9 birthday party for director Brett Ratner. A Hudson pal assures, “She is exploring everything while trying to get over Owen.”

The article says that Kate’s ex, Chris Robinson, is dating a woman that has dated Matthew McConaughey. It also seems like Kate is on good terms with her ex. I read an article in The Enquirer a short time ago that claimed that they were renting houses next to each other in Australia while Kate was filming Fool’s Gold, and that they were visiting each other six times a day. Their three year old son, Ryder, must love being around his dad and mom together, and I bet their still-close relationship had something to do with Kate and Owen’s breakup.

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  1. UrbanDK says:


    Blonde on Blonde love — it was doomed from the start 🙂

  2. Maryade says:

    OOh our little Dodi Ma is very popular with the Hollywood crowd – first Renée and now Kate… Watch out Brad, Angelina could be next heh heh. (God I hope so – Brad is severely dull)

  3. Helen says:

    His commitment phobia is getting more proficient …….

  4. kailie2 says:

    Brad is a lovely guy, even Cate Blanchett said so and I trust her taste ;). Wasn’t Renee rumored to be involved with Damien Rice? I’m afraid Kate will become another Heather Locklear–from one rocker to another. I’m glad, however, that she’s done with Chris. He was a serial cheater according to some sources–I’ll never forget that interview where she said that as long as she doesn’t know about it, it’s OK. How sad!

  5. KIM says:

    Just look at the picture of Kate- this girl is gorgeous and look at Owen Wilson- oh my god she needs to get a clue and date someone handsome for a change. Her husband had the face of a basset hound and then she went to old crooked-nose-wispy-hair Wilson. She is young and gorgeous and she should have boyfriend who is the same.

  6. lyric says:

    She’s one celebrity that I believe men would actually line up to date. She is gorgeous and seems so likeable. Good for her and her ex- husband putting their little one first.

  7. Oooh. Nothing like a handsome Irishman!

  8. Poor Boopie says:

    Interesting that her and Owen are “over” considering she’s not even divorced from her husband Chris Robinson yet.

  9. frewtloop says:

    Kim – you must be 15 years old, because I wouldn’t think an adult could have an opinion that superficial. If you can’t understand Owen Wilson’s sex appeal then you have no insight at all.

  10. Randi says:

    She should have gone for Luke — I would have.

  11. KIM says:

    oh my God- Owen Wilson Sexy? That is your opinion- I am not attacted to him and I wouldn’t classify him as a looker- to each their own I suppose. And I am the superficial one? ok- this guy has made his way through all these supposed women because he is a playboy, but I’m the superficial one? SURE- whatever! Maybe I can put this in a non superficial way for your so-adult-sophisticted self- He is much older than Kate and clearly doesn’t match her in the looks department.