Kristin Cavallari lost her baby weight already: enviable, unrealistic?

Yesterday, we heard Christina Applegate’s stance on moms losing their baby weight as soon as possible after giving birth. Applegate said that it had been two years since she had her kid, that she still hadn’t lost all her baby weight, and that “those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids.” As Kaiser mentioned, it sounded like just as much judgement of mom who do lose the weight as is typically given to moms who don’t lose the weight. Why can’t we all just get along?!

Well here’s another semi-celebrity mom who lost their weight a hot second after giving birth, Kristin Cavallari, 25. (I used to confuse her with Stacy Kiebler before Kiebs starting dating Clooney. Kristin used to be on “The Hills”.) Kristin had baby Camden, a son, on August 8th. Just seven weeks later and it looks like she’s back to her pre-pregnancy weight. She didn’t gain much, and she got right back on track. Here’s more about her latest photo op and tweets on her workout:

Leaving son Camden, Kristin Cavallari enjoyed a workout outside in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The 25-year-old first-time mom went makeup-free and gave a big smile to photographers as she stretched.

Cavallari showed off her long, lean legs in bright blue capris, but wore a loose-fitting gray shirt on top. The former Hills star also flaunted her gorgeous engagement ring from Camden’s dad Jay Cutler.

The 29-year-old Chicago Bears quarterback and Cavallari welcomed their first child together on Aug. 8. The couple became engaged in April 2010, but briefly called off their engagement in November 2011.

Since giving birth, Cavallari has been working hard to shed the baby weight. “Walking uphill on the treadmill to work out this booty,” she tweeted Sept. 13. “Bye bye baby weight.”

[From US Weekly]

I have a personal story about this. I lost some weight after I had my son from nursing and stuff, but too much was still hanging in there for my taste. It took me a long time to get back to the gym, because I was so exhausted being a new mom and I did want to just hang out with my son all the time, like Applegate. I remember going to a La Leche League meeting and two of the women were bragging about how they’d lost the weight at home with exercise balls, by doing situps whenever they had a moment, and basically obsessing over their weight. It bugged me, and I wanted them to shut up about it, but that’s just because I was on the other side of that and found it hard to lose weight. Plus I honestly didn’t want to worry too much about it because it was overwhelming to do new mom stuff at times. So I guess my reaction to this is similar: good for Kristen, but not everyone is like that. Not everyone is like Christina Applegate and me, either. Some people don’t gain much weight when they’re pregnant, and can snap right back and look like they never had a baby. (Sometimes with extreme effort.) The new mom in me is jealous!

Update: Kristin denied that she’s lost all her baby weight, she told Life & Style:
Just like every other new mom out there, they know the weight just does not magically fall off. The truth is I am struggling to lose the last few pounds that I have but I am happy with my weight and I’m not going to kill myself for it.”

Here are some adorable photos of Kristin’s baby Camden. Camden’s dad is Kristin’s fiance, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. Little Cam is wearing some Bears-themed gear – cute!

Kristin Cavallari on WhoSay

Kristin Cavallari on WhoSay

Here are photos of Kristin working out on 9-26 and after a hair appointment that same day. She looks great!

Photo credit: FameFlynet and

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  1. HulaHoop says:

    She’s young, she’s always been thin, she probably worked out during her pregnancy and she didn’t appear to gain that much weight during her pregnancy. Given these observations, it’s not that surprising that she has lost the baby weight.

    • Rhea says:

      This, this, this. If you are still young and do a lot of exercises like her, it’s much easier to get back at your previous body. I was like that with my first baby (minus the exercise). Not so much with my second one. 😀

      • Nessa says:

        Amen, Rhea. Same goes for me. Now I’m on my third pregnancy. The good thing is that I’m going to be way too busy to give a F about my weight after this one!

      • Steph says:

        Same here, I lost it all in 5 or 6 weeks. I was 27. It just fell off. If I have another it won’t be til I am 32 or 33. Not looking forward to loosing the weight after:(

      • Kattttt says:

        My daughter is 5 weeks old and I’m actually smaller now than I was before I was pregnant. it was a combination of being quite ill while I was pregnant and the exercise I did beforehand too. However, I may look slim but my stomach is still a bit ‘loose’ and, judging by the tops she’s wearing in these pics, she’s very similar. Her legs and stomach are slim but things won’t look exactly the same out of clothes…!

      • Steph says:

        @ katt, exact same for me. It never goes back either. I run 25-30 miles a week and lift 1-2 days. That extra bump is here to stay:( but so is my daughter, so I guess it’s a fair trade, lol

    • carrie says:

      and who is she???

      • muffin says:

        ita. she is 25, applegate is like 40 right? she also is wearing tops that hide her middle, so one can’t tell anything. i think she looks great and chose a great outfit to show off her assets.

      • HulaHoop says:

        Carrie-she was on an MTV “reality” show called Laguna Beach in the early 2000s. I guess that since she’s engaged to an NFL franchise QB we will still have to hear about her for sometime to come.

    • Esmom says:

      My thoughts exactly. I also noticed she’s wearing a top that can cover any lingering lumps.

      Because as good as she looks, she’s probably still shocked at how her weight is now distributed differently than before baby (who is SO cute, btw). I know I was!

      • Moneypenny424 says:

        That top is definitely still covering a tummy (not criticizing, just pointing out that it isn’t as though her stomach is perfectly flat). It definitely will be soon enough though.

        Like another poster said, she was in good shape beforehand, as was I (I worked out regularly until 38 weeks). My baby is 6 months old and I have 10lbs left to lose. I’m 5’11 though, so I look to most people exactly like I did before. Like Kristen here though, my shirts are mainly slightly looser than before to camouflage a little bit of lingering belly. I haven’t had to work out too hard yet, but I will when I can. It is different for everyone.

      • Cait says:


        My daughter is ten months old, and while I’m wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes, my hips are wider, my stomach is softer and my thighs…oh, my thighs. Sigh.

    • DorothyZbornak says:

      Right? She’s 25, it’s not a miracle that someone with a young metabolism (and probably a nutritionist, trainer, etc.) lost weight quickly.

      • thebutlerdidit says:

        Exactly. I was 22 & 24 when I had mine, never watched weight, exercised, walked out of the hospital in a size 2. Flash forward to today, at mid-40s, and I have been fighting 20lbs and losing, forever. You may not get boned when you’re young, but don’t think you are free and clear forever, you still have middle age to look forward to! Yay!!

    • vic says:

      Yes, yes, yes.

    • Molly says:

      You can’t see her stomach anyway. But she has beautiful arms and legs. She looks even prettier than she did on Laguna Beach.

      Being wealthy suits her (though it would suit everybody, right?).

    • zenb!tch says:

      Exactly, I bet she worked out like a fiend when she was pregnant. Like dhe did before she was pregnant. She is also wearing loose tops. I can see in the gray top that while she looks great, she still has a little pouch FOR HER. She is not in tip top shape FOR HER. She’s working on it. She wouldn’t be wearing loose tops if she thought she was totally back in shape FOR HER. I keep emphasizing the FOR HER because every body is different and she was always super fit. She is the anti-Blake – she worked out even though she was thin. She is probably the type of person who enjoys working out and doesn’t feel right if she doesn’t. I have friends like that.

    • Princess Koa says:

      Finally, a post with some sense on the baby weight issue! I’m so sick of people defending the likes of Jessica Simpson and a 80 pound weight gain – newsflash, a baby weighs 6-9 pounds and if there’s a 80 pound gain, that extra 40 pounds is FAT not baby weight!

  2. michkabibbles says:

    it sounds like she worked hard, but i think at some points genetics plays a part. a friend of mine gave birth to twins 2 years ago (her second pregnancy), and she popped right back to prebaby weight within a few weeks. and she’s never been on a treadmill, let alone to the gym.

    • niña says:

      that’s just like my mom. she never went to the gym but she also didn’t gain weight during her pregnancy. when we were born she just returned to her normal weight very easily.

      that’s why all those “omg! she lost the baby weight superfast!” are so misleading, because they assume that a)every woman gains weight in a pregnancy b)every woman has a hard time getting back to her original weight c)that they should worry about their weight d)they are a failure if they don’t go back to their original weight very quickly

  3. shewolf says:

    The thing is, if you are fit before you get pregnant and then take care of yourself while pregnant… you will snap back to your old shape remarkably quick. It doesnt matter if you gain 15 lbs or you gain 40 lbs. I have noticed that its normal for some women to gain a little when pregnant and others gain a bit more than that… then you’ve got women who are one or the other but dont take care of themselves.

    I dont think it really matters which you happen to be or how much you gain or how long it takes for you to look how you did pre-baby but its not rocket science how some women pull this off.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Not always. Not with me, despite riding until right before birth and starting again 6 weeks later.

      Don’t feel bad, CB. I was the same way with my baby weight, and I had two kids two years apart. It took awhile, but I know I wasn’t looking so hot for at least 4 years of my early 30’s. I was either pregnant or nursing and then trying to get the weight off. It’ll come off if you persevere.
      “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming”.

  4. Canda says:

    She’s 25, what do we expect? Plus, it must be easy to lose the weight when most of her intake is through the nose.

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I wanted to say thanks for not including any pics of Jay Cutler. I just can’t handle seeing him today, I feel ill enough as it is…

    • Esmom says:

      Lol, c’mon you know you want to see his hairy toes in his off-field flip flops!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Oh come on, Esmom, you’re killing me!

        I just started my lunch–

      • Esmom says:

        @TheOriginalKitten, sorry, I couldn’t resist. Your bringing up his name instantly reminded me of the shot here of him in his flip flips. Hope lunch went down OK and that you’re feeling better!

    • Annie says:

      Ditto! Hopefully that cute baby will take after Mom in the looks department.

    • marie says:

      IKR, dude has the personality of a wet blanket..

      and I probably shouldn’t be reading this while munching on McDonalds fries..No worries, I connected with my inner fat kid and she’s ok with this today

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      Hee hee! No love for the chinless wonder?

    • SleepyJane says:

      I get the feeling that he couldn’t care less about going somewhere with this woman, much less being photographed with her.

  6. mandygirl says:

    Her baby is so stinkin’ cute!

  7. emmieapricot says:

    I’m almost positive the pic of the cute baby with the bears hat & jersey is not her son – I think it was just a pic someone sent her and she posted on her twitter. I’m sad for myself that I know this!

    • Esmom says:

      Chin up, I’m pretty sure most of us here all have at least one shamefully intimate tidbit on a low level celeb. 🙂

  8. SRM says:

    Realistic for her. She didn’t get all that big with him in the first place. I have a friend who wore a very fitted pantsuit home from the hospital with her baby that she wore before pregnancy.

  9. V4Real says:

    It’s realistic, not every pregnant woman have difficulty losing the baby weight; it’s just the way their body is meant to be. My cousin the freak of nature that she was only gained about 20 pounds when she was pregnant and it fell right off after the baby. She had a very healthy pregnancy and she did not diet.

  10. Jennika says:

    CDAN just posted this blind that’s thought to be about her: This former reality star and now pretty much just a D list wannabe is telling friends she will never get pregnant again. Having a bay is way too inconvenient even with a nanny and it did not bring her as much money as she thought it would and she is worried she will not get enough child support to support herself when she splits with the baby daddy.

    I can see this being her, which is really sad. That baby is a cutie and I want to eat his fat cheeks!

  11. Michele says:

    She’s young and has always been fit. It might be genetics or it could be that her metabolism hasn’t caught up with her yet due to her young age. I think she looks good and healthy. Not scary skinny at all. That is one cute baby!

  12. Relli says:

    I love that even though Kristin is in Chicago she is still doing her fame-whore game. Seriously i have never seen any paparazzi here (my work and life are centered around downtown)and yet she finds a way to get herself photographed. I knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her light under a lampshade to long, despite what she was saying. I knew as soon as she just happened to get pictured taking a walk with the baby, ON ONE OF THE BUSIEST STREETS IN THE CITY (judging by the background it was either Michigan Ave or State Street). Forget Blake this girl is running a great game… better than her fiance anyway 🙂

    • Jennika says:

      I used to live in Chicago until a few months ago, and yea I never saw paparazzi there. And notice how in all her pictures, no one else is around? hahaha

    • emmieapricot says:

      I totally agree with you, as she probably has a friend take the pics and sells them herself (although, really, how much is a kirstin photo worth???) — but these pics were taken in Los Angeles (although no doubt someone she knows took the pics or she alerted the paparazzi)

  13. littlemissnaughty says:

    The baby is really adorable and Kristin looks great. Good for her.

    Having said that, can we please PLEASE just stop this baby weight discussion altogether? WHO CARES? I know it’s gossip and this is a gossip blog but can’t someone take a stand and say enough already??? No more Jessica Simpson, no more Kate Hudson, no more cray cray Tracy Anderson and Giselle and no more baby weight talk. Ugh. It’s so unhealthy.

    It’s too much to ask, isn’t it? 🙁

    ETA: Two seconds after I wrote this I thought “But Jessica and her bs are so entertaining and she’s making money off of it … so …”
    It’s like I’ve been beaten over the head with this stuff for so long that I can’t get away if I wanted to. Jesus.

  14. SashaVice says:

    *doo doo doo doo doo* she don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie…cocaine

  15. Bodhi says:

    I have several crazy thin & fit friends who lost the weight almost right away. My son is 16 months old & I still have 30+ pounds to lose, but I am working on it. Am I jealous of them? Hell yes. But I’m not a naturally thin person. I hate being bigger, but my husband still wants me & thats all that matters.

    And possibly realistic, for her. I’m SURE she spent hours in the gym

    All that being said, can y’all please quit with the baby weight stories? It just encourages bady shaming & fuels the mommy wars

    • normades says:

      So agree Bodhi. Stop with the stories, we’ll stop with the comments.

      It’s a two way street; Don’t lose it-be judged; Lose it too quick-be judged!

  16. Suz says:

    Add me to the “Stop the baby weight judgements” brigade.

    Kristin whoeverthehellsheis is 25 and long limbed and lean. Plus, even though I don’t know her from Adam she’s apparently in the public eye and has the added incentive of looking good for the paps.

    Christine Applegate was older and a different build. And even though she gets photographed a lot, she probably had vastly different priorities after the birth of her kid – given that she had gone through a mastectomy and all.

    Who cares? The kids are cute. The moms look good. All moms do it in their own time, their own way.

    Let’s get back to judging folks for ugly ass flat ironed hair.

    • jomama says:

      I had to mention Christina Applegate actually works and Kristin Cavallari hasn’t done didely squat except be on crappy reality shows and some crappy little acting gigs. So she has PLENTY of time to workout, unlike people who actually work for a living.

  17. claire says:

    One woman is 25 and the other is 40. Of course their bodies might bounce back differently.

    • danielle says:

      I agree with you that that makes a huge difference. I’ve known women who have bounced back quick after their first child in 20s and then SLOW for the 2nd at 30 +. Again, I’m sure it helps that this chick was in good shape before and didn’t gain that much.

      Off topic a bit, I never watched those reality shows, but is she as big of a bitch as I’ve always heard?

      • normades says:

        And I’ve known women in their 20’s have harder times than some (rare) ladies in their 40’s. It’s not just about age.

        it’s not about anything, and we shouldn’t judge… but don’t say it’s just because she’s younger.

  18. Keen says:

    Didn’t she post some stuff on twitter about how those reports are incorrect and that she HASN’T lost her baby weight yet? I’m not on twitter but I read that somewhere I think- or am I thinking about someone else?

  19. Shelly says:

    She’s young and was in great shape pre-pregnancy, and she didn’t balloon up while pregnant. That’s why it was quick for her.

  20. RobN says:

    Certainly genetics did help, but Kristin is making an effort and Christina isn’t. In fact, Christina seems proud to not be making an effort. It’s not that complicated.

  21. G says:

    My first child at 19 I looked HOT walking out of the hospital. My little one at 33…not so much.

  22. jomama says:

    Yeah at 7 week post baby I couldn’t work out, I was still in pain from having a damn baby. I lost some weight naturally but there was still some extra loving on me for a while. Not to mention I ACTUALLY WORK unlike this chick who obviously doesn’t work.

    When I finally was set to workout I had to get back to my 9-5 job, and of course get home cook, clean and take care of my child. There was practically no time to work out, not to mention the sleepless nights with a newborn.

    It’s easy when you have money and don’t work to dedicate a lot of time to working out, but for us peasants it’s def not that easy.

    Good for her, but honestly she should take it easy. 7 weeks ago she just had a baby, let the picachu heal jeez.

  23. Ginger says:

    Some women are just extremely lucky with pregnancy. I had a difficult time all around. It took me five years just to get pregnant and stay pregnant (2 miscarriages). When I finally did, things were rosy until 6 mos. and then I got pre-eclampsia. I had it so severely that my son and I very nearly did not make it. We had a 5% survival chance but we both made it. I had to be on bed rest so I gained more weight than I wanted to. Afterward, I could not breast feed and I could not work out. Because of our dire circumstances I was in the hospital for nearly two weeks and that’s when my milk dried up. I tried everything I could to make it come back and I got so depressed when the other mom’s would come into the NICU with huge bags of milk for their babies. I finally just gave up in despair. My Mom and my breast feeding coach gently coaxed me into just giving him formula and to stop stressing myself out. When my son came home from the hospital I was still recovering and we had so many doctor’s appointments that I was too exhausted to work out. I would sleep when he slept like many new moms. This is why I get upset when I see “mom shaming” because you never really know what that new parent is going through. It took me about a year to lose my baby weight. My son was born early and I gained about 30 pounds from being on bed rest. If he had gone to term I’m sure I would have been much bigger. I didn’t care about that so much because I was just trying to make sure he was healthy and I worked really hard to fatten him up. I LOVE all of his chubby baby pictures because it was a long hard road to get there.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      I’m sure your husband could have cared less about your weight and was thrilled to have a healthy wife and baby. I’m sick of the mommy and weight wars, it was depressing yesterday.

      Congratulations on a healthy baby. The weight will come off when it does.

    • Moneypenny424 says:

      I’m so glad both of you are doing well! The most important thing is always your health. Mommies will try to shame with so many things (I’m still feeling guilty that I can’t breastfeed), but whatever keeps you healthy and happy is what is right for you!

      And losing weight is just a vanity thing. There are so many more important things than finding time to work out–I now can generally only work out over my lunch hour at work (and I’m lucky we have a gym here). It just shouldn’t be top priority for moms.

    • Suz says:

      I bet you are beautiful now and you were beautiful right after you gave birth.

      Be good to yourself and enjoy your new baby.

      All this other stuff is just noise.

  24. Jess says:

    Kristin was in impeccable shape before she got pregnant. That’s the key. And you need to stay active and not pig out like there’s not tomorrow during your pregnancy. Plus, she’s young. Like the models that get pregnant, they are already super disciplined.

  25. hypnotoad says:

    If you don’t put it on in the first place you don’t have to take it off later. If you indulge all of your cravings whenever you feel like it, you’re going to have to work harder to lose it. Pretty simple really.

  26. Holden says:

    She looks great, I think the age you have the baby at makes a big deal as well. It’s easier to snap back at 25 than 35, when Applegate had her baby…

  27. KelBear says:

    Not to long ago Kim K. wore a white shirt just like that but Kristen looks much better in it.

  28. Whatever!!! says:

    You know I always thought she was a vile person, then I read an article somewhere that Jay Cutler is just as vile. I always wondered what he saw in her. Now I know opposites don’t attract. Ugh! ….. Yes off topic, but who cares if she lost the weight, she has nothing but time all day to exercise of course she lost the weight. What a tool.

  29. Dawn says:

    I had my baby at 23 and gained 45 pounds. It fell off me so easily after delivery that I was back to normal in a couple of weeks. What’s unfortunate is that along with age comes weight and it is very much harder to get rid of once you hit the mid fourties.

  30. Dahlia1947 says:

    She looks awesome! You go girl! I love that top with the jeans and heels! SOOo cute!

  31. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


    I think I’ve belatedly remembered that other people’s babies as boring as f–k, so I’ll see myself out. It’s been a slice.

  32. TQB says:

    She “tweeted” (god i hate that word) that this story is crap and that she has not, in fact, lost all the weight. She was delightfully testy about the report, actually. I gave her props.

  33. mar says:

    you can NOT compare a woman in her young 20’s to a woman close to 40 as far as losing baby weight. Do not even bother!

  34. Jayna says:

    I had a friend who had three babies before she was out of her twenties. The first one at 17. She had a boob job after her second but no other kind of plastic surgery. After the third I saw her in a bikini a month after and her body was perfect, flat stomach, toned small thighs. No flab or extra weight anywhere. Great genetics and being in her twenties compared to Christina Applegate 40.

  35. Cel says:

    She hasn’t lost all the weight – take a look at the photos on, where she is wearing a leather mini skirt – clearly still has a tummy.

    • zenb!tch says:

      I never gave her much thought before. I was too old and too embarrassed by the Hills. Embarrassed because my friends and I acted like them at 20 – well except Heidi but no one is that bad.

      However, I love how she is dressing for her assets. I like a woman who knows her body. She is showing off her great legs and drawing attention away from the tummy. I bet she didn’t have much of a waist to begin with. She looks like she was the boyish athletic type. She is making a waist with the A-line skirt and wearing loose cut but not huge tops. I think she should go into styling. She could be the not-scary looking Rachel Zoe.

  36. A Fan says:

    3rd option: untrue

    She’s not only young, thin to begin with, and didn’t gain much pregnancy weight…she also has a body shape that has narrow hips and long, thin legs/arms. She can camouflage a belly very easily (which she has in the photos above). With a loose-ish top, she appears as thin as ever.

    (This is the shape Katie Holmes THINKS she has…judging by her outfits.)

  37. normades says:

    She’s young, didn’t gain much, and lost it quick.

    I’m old, 37+ at birthing, gained healthy and eat REALLY healthy, breast fed like a mfo (2 years), and am 2 sizes smaller than I was pre-pregs.

    It wasn’t as rapid as Kristen, but it’s possible. Sorry. Age makes it easier, but it’s not all.

    Nothing to hate on and she’s being kind in the interview.

    • normades says:

      My point is is that it’s not all about age. J Simpson isn’t much older, non? Body type has something to do with it, nutrition during pregnacy has A LOT to do with it, and extended bfing really helps imo.

      Maybe I’m one of the “lucky” ones to have lost the baby weight so well, but it can happen in a healthy manner even at a later age.

  38. zenb!tch says:

    What does Applegate look like anyway? I’m curious since SHe brought it up. I want to see pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, post-pregnancy and now.

    I don’t pay much attention to her but I would have noticed if there was something amiss.

  39. zenb!tch says:

    Wait! Kate Hudson was 184lbs (13 st) during her second pregnacy? How much was Jessica? 250? Or is Kate like 5’11”?

    ~body shaming and liar, liar, pants on fire shaming are totally different.

  40. TherealMimi says:

    She’s young and active. I had mine at this age and was back to a size 0 in no time. I miss those days!

  41. Dana says:

    I think Kris still has a gut b/c she still wearing the maternity tops.

  42. erika says:

    uhm….i’m not a mom, so maybe i can’t speak… but I am SO SICK and TIRED of the ‘celebrity mamma – battle of the baby weight’!!! SHUTUP!!!! shutup, focus on your baby, make sure healthy/rested, relax in the happiness and yes, let’s start getting active again but my God…don’t threaten celebrity social suicide over it!!!

    shutfup! shutup! shutup! (Celebrities) about losing your God Damn BABY weight so quickly!

    and please folks, let’s not indulge in it either…”Beyonce…wow…..”

    when a celebrity literally steps off the birth table, in the maternity ward, having lost ALL of her weight, and then some! got legs shaved, perfect couiff and AYCD booze, SKINNIER than

  43. MiMi says:

    Cute handbag – I can’t make out the name, do you know who makes it?

  44. Mandy says:

    Still needs to lose a few pounds…MY ASS!!!

  45. anon says:

    definatley photo op, taken in LA & I think she is looking for a job. having to put herself out there..

  46. mimi says:

    A friend of mine and I lost the weight really really fast after giving birth.

    You really don’t have to “always was thin and fit”.

    I was eating healthy and worked out through-out most of my pregnancy.

    I think sometimes its easier when you don’t gain a lot of weight and breastfeed (at least in the first couple of weeks) and so exhausted from taking care of a newborn and lack of sleep that I guess for some people you just lose the pounds.

    I do think that is very judgemental to say that just because you dropped the pounds fast, that you do not spend enough time with your child.

    My baby was with me 24/7, and so with my friend.
    We didn’t work out at all months after giving birth (who has the time?) and this remark is just wrong.

    Why would anyone care if any woman dropped the extra pounds or not?
    I don’t know why would anyone judge Jessica Simpson or any woman for how her body looks like after giving birth.

    Women should back off and stop obsessing over women’s bodies.

  47. snappyfish says:

    part of a celeb’s income is from their appearance, so it’s in an actress or model’s best interest to lose baby weight quickly. most have nannies, personal trainers, PAs, etc., luxuries the average woman doesn’t have. i remember heidi klum said it was in her VS contract to remain a certain weight, post partum or not, and that it was her job to look the way she looks.

  48. hmm says:

    Birkin bags are UGLY. They look like an old lady handbag–a purse your grandmother got at Ross for half off. I don’t get it.

  49. hmm says:

    Where is she going in that picture?

    You know she doesn’t have a job.

    Another shopping trip I guess?

    My theory is that’s why celebs do drugs–they’re so bored with their lives! All they do is lounge around, shop and eat out. They don’t serve a real purpose.

  50. baja says:

    for some people giving birth is as simple as SHITTING!!