Christina Applegate: Spend less time losing weight & more time with your baby

Back in February of 2011, Christina Applegate gave birth to her first child, daughter Sadie Grace. Sadie’s dad is Christina’s fiancé Martyn LeNoble, and they still haven’t gotten married, right? There’s nothing wrong with that at all, I just wanted to be specific. Anyway, that means that Sadie is about 19 or 20 months old right now. Most celebrity women manage to “lose the baby weight” in a matter of a few months – but not Christina, at least that’s what she’s saying in a new interview. Unfortunately, Christina kind of goes on the offensive about losing the baby weight, and I think she goes too far, even if she was just saying it half-seriously, half-jokingly. Here’s the quote that caught my eye: “And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids. I just wanted to hang out with my daughter 24 hours a day.” Er…

Looks like Marla Sokoloff isn’t the only one choosing to take her time.

During an appearance on The Talk last Tuesday, first-time mom Christina Applegate admitted she’s still shedding her pregnancy pounds — and maternity clothes! — since welcoming daughter Sadie Grace in January 2011.

“I just transitioned out of maternity jeans. I’m working on two years and I haven’t even lost all my weight,” the Up All Night actress, 40, says.

“And those girls that do, they’re spending less time with their kids. I just wanted to hang out with my daughter 24 hours a day.”

But, despite taking the “healthier” approach to regaining her body after baby, Applegate jokes she anticipates never making a full recovery.

“I will not be Tweeting photos of me in a bikini, let alone wear a bikini I think ever again in my life,” she shares.

With co-host Sara Gilbert pointing out that “for some people … it does just come off fast,” Applegate quips, “No, I know. I know girls that just genetically it just drops off. I didn’t mean to offend the skinny people.”

According to Applegate, she’s not the only one who has reached a momentous milestone. “[Sadie] is so remarkable, she is so smart. She’s just talking up a storm, dancing, she loves music and she loves bubbles,” the proud mama shares.

“She’s just a whole human being and it’s awesome to watch her.”

[From People]

If Christina sort of took it back (“I know girls that just genetically it just drops off. I didn’t mean to offend the skinny people”) does that make it less harsh? Hm… I still think the “those are the girls who spend less time with their kids” statement is kind of harsh, even in jest. It seems like such a mother-judging-other-mothers thing, only it’s a Reverse Goop. Gwyneth Paltrow thinks less of the fat postpartum peasants who can’t manage to lose their baby weight quickly. Christina Applegate thinks less of the skinny postpartum moms who are spending too much time in the gym because that’s time they could be spending with their babies. Surely there’s a happy medium, ladies?

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  1. Esmom says:

    I’m sure she was talking about the extreme examples we’ve heard about recently like Kate Hudson. Seriously, 6 hours a day is beyond excessive, even if the baby is sleeping much of the time.

    I also get what she meant by her “skinny” comment, some people do lose the baby weight pretty quickly without doing much. I was like that with my first, but not my second.

    Anyway, I think the overall point is everything in moderation. A good rule for many things!

    • morganowski says:

      I agree. I think she was looking specifically at the celebrity moms who go crazy on diet/excercise and try to lose it all in 3 months, which is reinforced by the bikini comment. Move along…

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree too, I think she’s talking about the extremes. A few of of those celeb moms are way too focused on the bikini photos, and I’m sure it has to take away some of the enjoyment of being a new mom.

    • tru tru says:

      yeah, she is talking about those extremists, that loathe any body fat and get all crazy.

      or perhaps the ones that take big contracts to lose the weight for millions of dollars.

    • Itsa says:

      I got what she was trying to say. She could have also talked about the women who are so afraid of gaining an ounce, they starve themselves (and their babies) during pregnancy. And then revel in all the compliments about how thin they are right after their baby is born.#rollingeyes
      I agree with her that the focus should be on the baby and not on what the mom looks like.

    • Canda says:

      Some women just go a little mental about trying to get the weight off right away. Personally, I see nothing wrong with any of the middle ground. If you want to let it come off slowly, fine… if you want to put the kid in his bassinet and pound it out on the treadmill while he naps, I don’t see anything wrong with that either. Most of the women who are nuts about losing the weight all seem to have money, so there’s no reason they couldn’t get a few machines at home to use while the baby is sleeping (which, they do that a lot in the first few months, right?). Most young kids have naps for an hour or so every day, too, so there’s some good time to use to work out if you want to. It’s not always about being away from the kid, but I see her point about the women who leave the house and go to the gym for 2 hours, shower, socialize, and waste travel time as well when they could be with their baby.

  2. Bubbling says:

    It so hard to be politically correct and go about not offending someone these days, ain’t it? I don’t see what the big f*9^$% deal is…

  3. Birdix says:

    Her age is a factor too–it’s harder to lose at 40 than 25, and most 40 year olds have proven themselves in a way that 25 year olds might not have, and thus can be more comfortable hibernating for a longer time with babykins.

    • Yup, Me says:

      Good point about her being 40. I was going to say the same thing. She also had her mastectomy after breast cancer a few years back and a major way many new moms lose weight is by breastfeeding, even if only for a short period of time.

      She looks great, regardless.

  4. aimee says:

    Weight, what weight? She looks pretty much the same as she did pre-pregnancy -how much weight does she want to lose?

  5. mel says:

    It seems a little bitter. As someone who lost weight – or really never gained weight in my 20s it sucks trying to lose weight in my 40s. So yea..she seems a little bitter but thats the way it is.

  6. DanaG says:

    My niece just had her fourth baby and just over a week later she has got her pre baby skinny figure back she doesn’t even look like she was pregnant a week ago. Some girls it just falls off others have to work at. But spending 6 hours at a gym is just stupid and is unfair to the baby that shows a mother who is selfish. Losing baby weight shouldn’t be the focus when you have a baby the baby should be and you work around it and put their needs first that is supposed to be a mother’s instinct so what if you can’t fit into your size 0 jeans for a couple of months. People have become so obsessed with getting their pre baby figure back in some cases it would affect time with the baby. Women should just relax afterwards you have spent 9 months creating a human then 17 hours or whatever in labour give your body a chance to recover. I have had two and I gave myself lot’s of time my husband wasn’t worried half as much as I was about it.

  7. Jen says:

    She looks gorgeous with the “extra” weight.

  8. lafairy says:

    I met her 3 years ago at Barcelona, we were staying in the same hotel… and how can I say that: she perfectly knows how to play and act within the industry, she knows how to appear to be sweet and how to appear nice and caring while there are cameras or on a show…Because in real life she is none of those, she was awful to a group of american teenagers, like really awfull (one of them even cry), she was awful to me that I dared to ask her to take a pic with her, she was awful to a couple that were giggling and tried to interact with her talking about “samantha who?” and she was a true nightmare to all the hotel workers that she treated like shit.

    I was a huge fan. Since then, not so much…

    • Blue says:

      There is no excuse for treating hotel staff poorly. I hate people who treat people in the service industry like dirt.
      That being said, was she on vacation? I can imagine her being on vacation and not wanting people bothering to bother her for autographs and pictures. She shouldn’t have to always be “on” She probably could have handled it a bit nicer, but can you really blame her?

      • lafairy says:

        I think she was indeed on vacation, But all the people were nice and discreet and respectful and we all myself included, approached her in the lobby (while she was waiting a cab or something) and I did myself while her boyfriend was at the lobby’s desk.

        And yes I can totally blame her, because even if you don’t want to there are nice ways to decline, for the teenage girl, she pretended not to hear her (while the girl was at 3 feet from her) even if the poor girl kept saying miss applegate I love your work…CA jut said OK turned her head to the girl and looked at her up and down and stopped her and said very loud so everybody can hear: can’t you see that you annoy me??? The poor teen was mortified!!

        to me she just passed just right in front of me pretending I was not there and when I was on the erge of repeating my question, she just put her hand in the air like “inoff”!)

        Sorry but she is a b**ch, holidays or not, there are nice ways to refuse and don’t even get me started with how she behaved with the hotel staff!
        and her boyfriend is such a tool!

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @lafairy-that story is a bummer. I’ve always been a fan of Applegate since Married With Children. She seemED so cool and down-to-earth.

        Hate hearing that she sucks IRL :(

      • lafairy says:

        @ originalkitten:
        Sorry, I now how it feels I was a huge fan of her, so I am not pleased to desapoint you on her with telling this.

        That is excatly what I felt, I think people can perfectly understand a “no sorry, not now I am on vacation” , no matter what your situation is, the least she would have had was empathy and a perfect understable matter, but no need to talk people down and make them feel like shit… because that teen girl actually cried and was mortified. and that’s just awfull to do to someone else.

    • Mac says:

      Three years ago Christina Applegate was probably still in the process of recovering from a double mastectomy to keep her breast cancer from spreading.

      I’d hope that true fans would have realized that she was going though a difficult time and provided her with some space.

      • kosy says:

        I was just going to say that! Being on vacation doesn’t get you a bitch pass, fine. But Cancer? That’s a get-out-of-jail-free card to me. I’m sure some would disagree, but she probably wasn’t herself at that time.

      • bluhare says:

        kosy, I’m going to disagree. Cancer or no, there is no excuse for bing as rude as lafairy describes.

        How about, “no thank you. I’m not working right now” or a plain “no, thanks, but thanks for asking.”?

      • gigi says:

        @bluhare: Oh, then you probably don’t know what cancer and the treatments can actually do to your general emotional state. It’s hard to explain, but there’s this irritability that is so palpable, it’s an actual physical feeling. There are so many moments in the day when even the smallest things can set you off, and it can happen even when you’re having what you think is a perfectly pleasant time. It’s just that your first gut reaction is to kind of lash out, and that’s at everyone and everything. I didn’t even really notice how bad it was until it was pointed out to me much later on. I don’t know if that’s the case with Christina, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

        Cancer is painful and destructive and life changing, so yes, it can be an excuse to be rude sometimes.

      • Pamspam says:

        I’m on the fence on this one. I don’t think there’s an excuse to be outright rude, but I think we all have times in our lives when we’re going through something awful and want to be left alone…for whatever reason. I wish she would have just given a small smile maybe and asked politely to be left alone.

      • lafairy says:


        Thank you for your explanation it was so instructive and insightful… but when I met her, she wasn’t sick anymore (it was actually right after she communicate to the outlet and on sows that she was cancer-free) she even had her chest reconstruction done, so I don’t think it was that, even if the explanation would have been way much better than just knowing she is that mean.

  9. littlemissnaughty says:

    Oh for eff’s sake, why don’t people understand that there is NOTHING you can say about baby weight that won’t be construed as judgy? Except this: “Mothers should do whatever feels good for them.”

    Why why WHY does everyone feel the need to comment on someone else’s ass? Who the hell cares? I’m starting to get really angry over all these celebrities who feel the need to “share” their opinions with us. You’re entertainers. Entertain me and stay out of my bathroom while I step on the scales. Stay out of my gym and my fridge as well. Ugh. …. And I don’t even have a baby!

    • TheOriginalKitten says:


      The Mommy Police always make me happy I’m not a mom. Women face enough judgement for EVERYTHING. Moms need more shout-outs and support, less judgement.

      This is such a specifically female thing too-dads don’t shame other dads for how they choose to parent.

      *sigh* I don’t know why women seem to hate each other so much.

      A friend of mine said this the other day: “Judging others doesn’t define who they are, it defines who YOU are.”
      My guess is that women get on their high-horse about parenting because it makes them feel superior/better to think that they’re somehow doing a more appropriate job than that *other* mother.
      Let’s stop this, ladies, it’s not helpful.

      • Blue says:

        I agree, for the most part when my daughter is acting up when we are out, I get sympathetic looks and when I apologize for her, other mothers, usually the older ones brush it off because they’ve been there. I do once in a blue moon get dirty looks from some though. Which makes me want to tell them to kiss my ass, but my daughter is a parrot and will repeat it forever. Women should support each other more, especially mothers because I can’t tell you how much calmer I feel when people aren’t giving me looks and shaking their heads about my “unruly” toddler. It’s embarassing enough when you’re usually well behaved child decides that she is going to act up and you’re at your wits end, hearing a kind word or even a smile can make a big difference.

    • Dhavy says:

      THANK YOU! I am a mom and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Regardless of how easy or hard it is for people, most women who have gone through a pregnancy especially at 40 like myself don’t need to hear/read sh*t that is irrelevant

  10. Micki says:

    Now waaait a sec.! I thought they all shed the extra weight BECAUSE they run after the baby, change diapers, take a stroll ets…

  11. vic says:

    If it is your job, as Kate Hudson, to look a certain way, why not spend a lot of time losing it. No different then someone going to the office 8 hours a day, commuting for another hour or so with your child in daycare. Anyone can put their baby in a stroller and walk for two hours a day if you want to lose faster. I did and my baby loved it. If it’s not important or you don’t have time ignore everyone.

  12. hopperlea says:

    I do not believe that she was talking about us non-celebrities who spend an hour in the gym a day or take a run/walk around our neighborhood to lose baby weight etc. Christina was specifically talking about celebrity mom’s who are all about presentation. In the gym hours a day to proclaim that they lost the baby weight in a matter of hours after birth for their photo-op, to look like a very thin and toned hands on Supermom *cough* Klum, Hudson, Stefani *cough*

    I am not offended at all because I am not not in the group of women that she is referring too.

    I still like her.

  13. annaloo. says:

    Anyone who takes down or goes against the sanctimonious Goop “My life is good bc I ‘worked’ my ass off” philosophy is GOOD in my eyes…!

  14. Christine says:

    It was a JOKE. I go to the gym 5 days a week, and have 2 little ones, 6 yrs & 21 months. I’m not offended, I’m ENTERTAINED. Which I believe was her intent.

  15. Mags says:

    I say spend the time with your baby. You can always work on getting your body back but those precious times with your baby you can never get back.

  16. ladybert62 says:

    and maybe these women should get rid of the nannies who actually raise the kids and try raising the kid themselves!

  17. Jcamp11 says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. I think it’s bizarre the focus and pressure to lose the baby weight quickly. If someone has a fairly healthy pregnancy and can breastfeed her baby, the weight will come off in time. Growing and delivering a baby are hard work on a body–people forget that the first 3 to 6 months are about healing and getting this new person adjusted to the “outside” world.
    I don’t want to pick a fight or be too personal, but I’ll add that Kaiser isn’t a mom, but seems extra prickly about celebrity quotes about motherhood, pregnancy and parenting. I would say to the point where K’s articles seem to take any positive spin on mothering, commitment to children or parenting as some sort of personal affront to feminism or women who don’t have kids. Get over it.

    • Bodhi says:

      ^^this! I almost never comment of K’s articles on parenthood. All they do is stir up the Mommy Wars & I have had enough of that. All of us post the same comments over & over & have the same “fights”. I have a 16 month old & work out at the Y 4 days a week & still have at least 40 lbs to lose. No matter how hard I work out or how much I cut out of my diet, the numbers on the scale haven’t moved in months & its utterly depressing to read about celebs (& “regular people” for that matter) who lose the weight almost immediately. I’m at the point of giving up & accepting that I will be fat forever. Worse things have happened

      • Bodhi says:

        And because I’m sure someone will jump all over me, I’m not saying that people who don’t have kids shouldn’t write about or comment on parenthood

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hi Bodhi… I don’t have kids, my opinion about child-rearing is based on what I went through as a kid-that’s my only frame of reference. I think that it’s important as a *non-mother* to reserve judgement or if you’re going to comment, then be sure to add that raising kids is really challenging and a lot of work-at least acknowledge how difficult it is. So many seem to act like they’re entitled to judge/blame mothers, when they have no idea how hard it is. I think it’s best to tread lightly.

        I think that also goes the other way too. As someone who is child-free, I REALLY don’t want to hear about how “having children changes you and only the selfless can raise a child and you become a better person after having kids” and blah blah blah. The underlying insinuation of statements like that is that childless people are somehow inferior, it’s insulting and rude. If you feel that way, that’s great, feel free to share the sentiment with other moms, just recognize that those of us who are childless really don’t want to hear that sh*t .

      • bcgirl says:

        I went for 2 walks with my kids yesterday, (2 & 3),
        they are getting too old to want to ride in the stroller so they want to walk the whole time. So we walk at a 2 & 3 year olds’ pace. Huge effort to get out both times, zero exercise for me. Also went to the pool last night, but kiddy pool, no laps for mom. Hubby works long hours & commutes so no reprieve there. So Bohdi boy do I hear ya! I unfortunately think about my extra weight WAY TOO MUCH. Maybe being mad at Kate Hudson helps, I don’t know. ; )

      • Bodhi says:

        @ OKitten ~ I totally understand & believe me, I do not think that way at all. While we both wanted kids eventually, our son was a surprise. I love him dearly, but I really wish that we had waited a little bit longer to have him. I was not ready to be a mom & I’m still not sure that I am.

  18. april says:

    well, it isnt exactly a one or the other type of thing. You truly can be active outdoors or in while you have your baby with you. Even talking to them or singing as you do so…

    If it werent true, I would have never got back in shape after having each of my 4 children. Even with 4 kids(youngest 12 months now) I still find ways to be active with all of them with me everyday.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly, why do the two have to be mutually exclusive? I see moms running with strollers where I live all the time. Um, this is considered spending time with your children. Plus there are SO many “mommy & me” classes now. My gym has several, the local yoga studio has “mommy & me yoga”.

      You can exercise and still spend time with your kids, y’all, it’s not impossible ;)

    • Jacq says:

      I do Stroller Strides, look them up online to see if there’s one near you! We work out with our children, we do a one mile circuit and there are moms ranging from pregnant to preschool-aged kids. It’s a great way to set a healthy example for your child, get fit & be outside – not to mention time to socialize with other moms. Additionally, I have a fantastic running stroller. It was a pricey investment, but I run about 20 miles a week. I just think of it as added resistance when I’m training for a race! So yeah, there are plenty of ways to do BOTH. I love my son more than anything in the world, but staring at him for every waking moment doesn’t sound like much fun to me…

  19. Shelly says:

    Well, it might be harsh, but what she said is true. I think she was referring to those women who spend hours a day in the gym right away after the baby comes, and not to women who fit in a normal amount of exercise. That being said, she looks great and I seriously doubt that she just got out of maternity jeans. I’m sure she was joking about that, but c’mon. She’s not as thin as she once was, but she used to be on the too-thin side. She looks much better now.

  20. Sweet Dee says:

    I think she was talking about people who go to extremes to lose the baby weight, and spending hours a day in the gym. I agree with her, that is a stupid extent to go to in order to lose weight quickly when you’re in the privileged class and don’t need to work again right away. I think that is about greed (at worst) and vanity (at best).

    However, there is a happy medium and I can think of about a thousand ways she could have lost that weight with her baby at her side in what…20 months?

    I also think there’s nothing wrong about pointing out that some people just lose it easily, as a caveat. I doubt she cares about offending naturally skinny people, though, because a *some* women think they have a tendency to complain about something a lot of women covet.

  21. ruby says:

    I think you’re overreacting here – what she said is true. All those Kate Hudsons in Hollywood making losing weight a priority over their babies is sad. What message does it send other mothers ? That you’ve failed if you don’t look exactly the same as pre-baby by 3 weeks postpartum ? That it’s more important to foist baby off onto some nannies so you can concentrate on your looks ? Because that truly is more important…

    I think she was merely reacting to the overwhelming expectation that women should look hot all the time and should prioritize that over their newborn child’s needs.

    I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean taking a bit of time off now and then to look after yourself which all mothers have a right to. After all, everyone’s idea of me time isn’t always working out.

  22. Jayna says:

    No offense. But Christina is in a TV show so spends plenty of hours away from her little kid. So if an actress is not working or a mom is not working and wants to spend several hours a day working out, what’s really the difference compared to Christina spending long hours on set? I get what she’s saying immediately after birth,obssessing that first month or two that you have to get it all off and not enjoying the baby. But past that, I don’t really care who does what.

  23. snappyfish says:

    the feminist in me wants to say something like, “women should stop tearing each other down and support one another’s decisions!” but the realist in me is saying “meh. as long as mothers are going after each other they will stop telling me what an ogress i am for not having kids. so…mazel!”

  24. Darth says:

    Christina Applegate is the ultimate woman. Have loved her since the late 80′s and love her to this day. She’s one of the most real & down to earth celebs around, and considering that she’s been in the business for nearly 30 years, that’s pretty remarkable. Anyway, I agree with her message.

  25. Jilly Bean says:

    she is just representing another group of women – leave her alone

  26. Kelly says:

    Totally agree with Christina, she’s awesome

  27. lisa2 says:

    Why is this the only conversation. Really. I just don’t know where some people live. I know women that lost the baby weight within weeks heck days of having a baby. I know women that are still struggling years later. It is life. It is genetics. It is body type. It is the difference in women. Just like some women can eat whatever an not gain weight. and others eat a cookie and gain 5 pounds. Tired of of this. Most of the women that are talking about losing baby weight are women that don’t get attention otherwise. This topic has become the “TOPIC OF WOMEN”. And I’m so so over the whole lets attack women that are thin now. call them anorexic or unhealthy. Let’s embrace the curves. Well nobody is screaming for women to lose actual it has turned to baby weight. Just so screwed up on so many levels.