Arnold Schwarzenegger on his serial cheating: ‘that’s between Maria and me’

Arnold Schwarzenegger was on 60 Minutes in an extensive profile and interview last night to promote his new book, Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story, which is out today. The first part of the interview was a kind of tribute to the success he’s achieved in life, which is of course considerable. The second part was more about his screw ups, and his messed up relationship with Maria.

When it came to discussing his admitted infidelity he was arrogant, smug, and looked pleased with himself. If you want to see what I mean, scroll to around 10:00 into the first part of his interview, available at this link. He smirks when he describes cheating on his then live-in girlfriend, Maria Shriver, with Brigitte Nielsen when they made Red Sonja together in the mid 80s. Leslie Stahl asked Arnold if that was the only time he’d cheated on Maria and he said “no,” but didn’t get into details, simply saying “it’s something that’s obviously between Maria and me.” Damn this guy is cold, he really is. He’s not defensive and he’s not playing the victim card like Jesse James. It’s like he thinks things just happen and he doesn’t have to make excuses or apologize. He plays lip service to feeling bad, but Leslie said he didn’t even express regrets in his book.

On the scandal over his love child with the maid, he was vague and didn’t get into details, using the excuse that he wanted to protect his kids. It was weak, lame, and insincere considering he just put out a book describing how his wife found out about the boy, who was 13 at the time. Instead of focusing on what he did, Arnold chose to tell the story of how his wife confronted him with her suspicions and how it affected her. It seemed like a way to deflect blame from himself and to further humiliate his wife. Arnold claims he didn’t know he was the boy’s father until the child was around 7 or 8, meaning he’d known for at least five years and kept it quiet. As for why he never told Maria, he simply said, he didn’t know “How to tell her without worrying about, you know, that it would get out or whatever.” That’s exactly what he said. Here’s more of his interview:

On his affairs
Stahl: You write in the book that you had an affair with the actress in that movie. You cheated on Maria. And you were in your relationship. And you don’t even write that you felt bad about it. You just write it.

Schwarzenegger: Actually, you know, I did feel bad about it. But, I mean, all of my various different things, they were mistakes. And this is, you know, my failure. My screw-ups.

Stahl: Was that the only affair?

Schwarzenegger: No. I had others. But I mean, ah, but you know, it’s something that’s obviously between Maria and me.

Stahl: She knew?

Schwarzenegger: Yeah.

Stahl: So it’s a recurring issue with you.

Schwarzenegger: I’m not perfect.

On his child with the maid
But by this time Arnold had already had the affair with the family housekeeper, Mildred Baena. And would later learn there was a son, Joseph. He says there were strains in his marriage while he was governor. The day after he left office in 2011, Maria wanted to talk.

Stahl: Maria wants to have a meeting with your marriage counselor. Tell us about that meeting.

Schwarzenegger: That particular visit that you’re talking about was the visit where she then said, “Hey, I think that Joseph is your kid. And, am I off here on this or– or not?” And I said, “You’re absolutely correct.” And I had to face up to that, which I have been kind of hiding but no one knew about. And that I knew about at that point maybe for five, six years or so.

Stahl: You just said, “You’re absolutely right”?

Schwarzenegger: I said, “You’re absolutely right, and I am sorry.” It was very painful for her. She was very disappointed.

Stahl: Maria asked you, “Why didn’t you tell me?” And what did you say?

Schwarzenegger: That I did not know how to.

Stahl: You didn’t know how to tell her?

Schwarzenegger: How to tell her without worrying about, you know, that it would get out or whatever.

Stahl: And that she’d leave you while you were still governor.

Schwarzenegger: I don’t think that was as much of an issue as just how do I keep this under wraps.

Stahl: Well, tell us how it happened. This is a woman who worked in your house–

Schwarzenegger: Exactly. And I found out about it kind of– seven years in or eight years in–…

Stahl: So you have this relationship. And she keeps working in the house?

Schwarzenegger: Uh-huh. (affirm)

Stahl: Do you keep having the relationship?

Schwarzenegger: No. But, look, I have caused enough pain to everyone as it is, if it is my wife or my kids. So I don’t want to reawaken and kind of talk about it because it’s not going to help them. And I just want to protect them as much as I can.


Later in the interview, Arnold admitted that he started paying the maid, Mildred Beana, money once he knew her son was his. He doesn’t call it hush money, though, and said he never even had a conversation with her about the fact that he believed her son, Joseph, was his biological child. He just said “I gave [the money] to her and she knew what it was about,” and added “Mildred is a good person. She was not out to get me or to take advantage.” As for why he never fired her, he said “it [would] be the wrong thing to do, to let them go. And, not make her feel like she’s being punished when I find out that this is my child.”

I got the impression that this guy does whatever he feels like doing, has the sense to hide it from the people closest to him that would be hurt, but is then surprised when those people learn about his behavior and are actually harmed by it. He’s so smug, so arrogant, and so sure of himself that he thinks he can get away with anything and that what people don’t know won’t hurt them. He’s still acting like he’s entitled to do whatever he wants, and that it’s other people’s reactions that we should be focusing on, not him. If he cares so much about his children he would have the courtesy to stop trashing their mother and exploiting her pain. Maybe if Maria would have put up with his bullsh*t for another decade he wouldn’t have written this book. This is payback for a woman who finally stood up for herself.

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  1. Eve says:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger on his serial cheating: ‘that’s between Maria and me’

    …and everybody who buys my book.

    • Ranunculus says:


      What a jerk – can he just rot in hell

    • Mary says:

      Exactly! I just really don’t like this guy. I always thought he was kind of a joke to begin with so my opinion hasn’t really changed since he has cheated on Maria. But I think it has to be the skeeziest thing in the world to cheat on your wife, then write a book about it.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Odd, I thought it a barrage of easy meat that was between them.

  2. Cody says:

    I saw that interview last night on 60 minutes and he seemed to have little remorse for all the hurt he has caused and a lot of chutzpah to do the things he did. His way of dealing with life’s issues is to not to evaluate his actions, not to even think about it and then sweep it under the rug. I am surprised Maria waited this long to divorce him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he abused his power of Governor to get away with not just having affairs with women, but with other things.

    • Minty says:

      I don’t recall all the details, but while he was governor Arnold pardoned a convicted murderer because he was the son of one his political cronies. He’s despicable. While he was running for governor, several women accused him of groping/sexual harrassment. Amazing how that was minimized because he was a movie action “hero”. The fact he was elected tells me that there’s too many out there who are fooled by superficial image. So, I’m not surprised he cheated on Maria several times. He’s proof that some of the most successful, powerful people reached the top because they are ruthless and amoral.

      • Blue says:

        @Minty, I remember that. He did it in his last couple days in office. When a reporter asked him about it, he just laughed and made some smart remark i believe. Ugh I have hated him ever since then. I don’t know him and don’t actively hate any celeb but he is an exception and I feel ill every time I see his face.

    • Canda says:

      I’m surprised that Maria MARRIED him after he cheated on her (I can only assume more than once) while they were just living together. I certainly don’t condone or excuse any kind of wandering dong, but why women date a cheater, then marry him and think it’s going to stop, is beyond me. “Once a cheater, always a cheater” is, sadly, too often true.

      • Minty says:

        Perhaps Maria was one of those women who think they’ll reform the man in their life. Maybe she thought she was special, above Arnold’s other women. “After all, I’m the one he married”, etc. People are good at denial, good at fooling themselves, even when there’s enough evidence that contradicts their reasoning.

        “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
        ― Maya Angelou.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        That’s a great quote. Must share.

  3. dorothy says:

    Well, it’s official. He has become the worlds biggest douche bag. It’s one thing to have the affair, but to then write about it is beyond tacky.

    • stinky says:

      It’s Maria’s book that i might buy, but she’s probably got too much class for that (or has she already put one out there??) Something tells me that even if she did put out a book, it wouldnt be a tell-all… instead it w/b another “up w/ women” kind of thing – which i do find tiresome.

  4. Saphana says:

    wow, i dont have words for such behaviour. i dont think there are any words in any language for it.

    on the other hand i wonder what maria saw in him, its not like he was the perfect guy and then suddenly changed.

    • arock says:

      i do- what a d!ckhole.

    • Veruca says:

      Since I’m old now & actually remember those days (sob!), I would reason that Maria’s got some self-esteem issues. She was kind of overweight when they first got together, and the press gave them a lot of grief about that.

      I always thought Arnold used it to better himself. He wanted the Kennedy prestige, so he married her for her name and took advantage of her insecurities. Lord knows the women in that clan must have them.

      He’s always been a predator to women. The allegations have been around since Red Sonja, yet no one ever calls him on it because he’s “Ahhnold”.

      I just call him Governor A$$hole.

      And let’s not even begin to discuss the mess he created in CA…

      • Slim Charles says:

        There is no way she didn’t, even on a subliminal level, know what a scumbag he was.

        Also, during the last election when those women came out with stories of him groping them, she stood right by his side to give validation to him and to show “hey, why would his wife stay with him if he was such a jerk?”

        I try to have sympathy, but I just can’t. THIS is who she chose for the father of her children?!

    • MaiGirl says:

      While I HATE HATE HATE how we seem to blame women more than men in these situations (the other woman is often more stigmatized than the cheating man, and/or the wife “had to have known”), I have to think that Maria chose to stay the course and turn a blind eye. He is clearly one of those men who believes that he has a right to cheat, as long as he can keep things quiet–one of those who happily agrees that men are dogs. I do not believe that, by the way. It’s far too easy to let men off the hook. However, it’s clear that Maria was complicit for a good long while, and I have no idea why.

  5. Lem says:

    He’s always done exactly as he pleases. He rarely makes any bones about it. He has always copped to being a hound dog.
    I really don’t think everyone can be all- poor Maria – it is hardly a case of her being blindsided.
    Actually, I think he might make a decent politician. His only real vice seems to be American power & the ladies (although I believe consentuality was likely a issue 60s-70s) but he doesn’t cover it up. I think cover up was for Maria ‘s benefit. I think without her – he would have just kept talking.

    • Lem says:

      Reading that it sounded almost pro Arnold. I assure you that’s not the case. I just find out very, very refreshing he owns his slop.
      Pen!le Hubris?

  6. Blannie says:

    He was SUCH a douche in that interview.

    I am amazed at his ability to compartmentalize parts of his life and not think about them or reflect on his behavior. He was going to have open-heart surgery and wasn’t going to even TELL Maria about it until after it happened. He didn’t tell her he was planning to run for governor until a couple of days before he was to announce it. He saw nothing wrong with either of those courses of action.

    I feel badly for Maria that she grew up in a family with a mom who believed that the man is to be supported no matter what. Her mom pushed her to support Arnold in his quest for governor, even though Maria had to give up her career for it.

    I’m just glad she got away from his lying, cheating ass. He’s never going to change. A douche is a douche is a douche. And now he’s an old, ugly douche.

    • Sassy says:

      Maria’s legacy includes her grandmother, Rose Kennedy, who looked the other way her whole life while Joe Kennedy entertained his mistresses (including Gloria Swanson) right in front of Rose. She “didn’t believe in divorce” and looked the other way. Eunice had this behavior to model for her own lifestyle, and it was passed on to Maria. And yes, she was tubby when she started dating Arnold. I think he got her into fitness and healthy eating. Although she got thin eventually, she might still have the fat girl body image, therefore allowing her to accept the controlling behavior on his part

      • Stephanie says:

        Agreed, agreed, agreed. However, I read somewhere that Arnold has a few issues of his own about physical appearance, which is why he slept with the fugly maid. He likes the security of knowing he’s (in his mind) with someone beneath himself on the appearance scale.

  7. Beck says:


    He is using this whole mess to help relaunch his acting career. How the heck did Maria put up with this pompous ass for so long?

  8. Birdix says:

    It looks like he needs a ladder to get into that car.

  9. RainBeau says:

    Ummmmm does he have a boner in that second pic?!

  10. Azurea says:

    Clearly this man is just a user. I doubt he is capable of any true emotion. Relationships have no meaning to him beyond what they can provide him in terms of bolstering his bloated self-image. And Maria has shown how difficult it is to depart from a family pattern of behaviour, no matter how intelligent or insightful a person may be about it.

  11. redd says:

    What an egotistical fool Ahnold is! Hope he is satisfied putting his man whoring ways in print, because no woman should bed this ugly old jackass.

  12. Nan209 says:

    What an a-hole.

    He has the emotional depth of a gutter.

  13. Kellie says:

    I saw the interview last night and I’m not going to judge him-he is who he is and his soon to be ex-wife Maria, knew who he was for nearly 10 years before they got married. If anyone deserves our sympathy its the children-the one with the maid included, they didnt ask to be here.

    And for the record, if he feels like he can do whatever he wants and get away with it; its because he’s surrounded by people that allow that. The number one person who allowed that- Maria. So lets thank her for years and years of enabling.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Right, because he is a man and all men must be trained properly or they are destined to misbehave-much like a dog. If you don’t train a dog then he’ll just hump random bitches in the dog park or poop on the kitchen floor.

      Shame on these women for allowing this poor innocent puppy dog to run amok! If only they had properly disciplined him, then maybe he would know right from wrong.


    • skuddles says:

      Kellie, surely you’ve heard of this little thing called lying right? “No Maria, I did not sleep with that woman.” See how easy it is? Maria believed him because she loved him and wanted to trust him. Lets not make this the betrayed wife’s fault okay?

      And OKitten, you are TOO funny girl! :D

  14. Nev says:


  15. Suzy says:

    Yeah, he didn’t want to tell Maria about the affair with the maid because he “didn’t want it to get out” NOT that he was worried about hurting her. What an egotistical, vapid jacka**

  16. Izzy says:

    I guess it’s a douche-off, between Arnold and Jesse James.

  17. Tapioca says:

    “It’s like he thinks things just happen and he doesn’t have to make excuses or apologize."

    And yet every time a Tiger Woods or K-Stew gives a grovelling public apology we all say that they’re not sorry they cheated, they’re just sorry they got caught!! I find his “don’t give a f***” attitude quite refreshing.

    Plus Maria knew about his affairs even before they married and put up with it, so having been given carte blanche by his future spouse he obviously carried on having them, d’oh! Why should we feel sorry for her when she entered their union with her eyes opened?

    • Minty says:

      It’s “refreshing” when people are blunt and unapologetic for their negative behavior until you are on the receiving end of that behavior. It’s similar to those who complain about the PC police except when their own sensibilities are offended. Hypocrisy in action.

      The man’s a douche and always has been: cheated on his wife, sexually-harassed women (he didn’t exactly deny doing it), and pardoned a convicted murderer as a favor to the murderer’s father, a political ally. So he played the hero in movies. BFD. A character different from who he is in real life. I’m sure he excels at acting charming off camera. At least Maria is finally divorcing him. So many stupid people voted him into office based on a façade. Fake imagery fools sheeple. They totally ignored or whitewashed his behavior. Now Arnold’s trying to reclaim the spotlight with this book (airing his dirty laundry for profit at the expense of his children’s feelings) and with his return to Hollywood. Not buying what this morally ambivalent fool is selling.

      • Tapioca says:

        As they say, a man can’t cheat on you twice without your permission!

        She CHOSE to marry a man she knew was a cheat, why feel sorry for her?

  18. Jess says:

    Him aging badly makes me very happy.

  19. Lake Mom says:

    Arrogant ass who will probably become even richer with the sale of this book. Ugh.

    Hope someday someone can explain to me how come when some men have filet mignon at home, they still go out dumpster diving for doggy bag rejects.

    • Hakura says:

      Because he can? He thinks so much of himself that I’m pretty sure he thought he could have his skank(s) *&* beautiful wife, both.

  20. diva says:

    That car is huge! He’s an egotistical jerk. Maria is better off.

  21. Hakura says:

    He really IS a creep… I gotta ask.. Who in hell (besides Lilo) would WANT to sleep with this disgusting douche?! (Personally, I never saw the appeal.)

    He’s the very definition of a ‘Narcissist’… He’s just more outgoing with his behavior than most.

  22. Gretta says:

    Boy, he looks rough in that picture of him on the bike.

    The thing I don’t understand is why he didn’t ask the housekeeper to leave? I mean, he had enough contacts and money that he could have set her up in another job and found her a place to live?

    Or did he just get a sick thrill out of keeping his ‘mistake’ in plain sight?

  23. lizzi says:

    “I’m not perfect”??? That’s it?? Thats what you say when you accidentally leave the toilet seat up, not repeatedly cheat and father a love child.

    • Hakura says:

      The ‘I’m not perfect’ answers is really I went out & screwed around, but that’s awhile ago, so you (Maria) need to just get over it, If you can’t, that’s *your* problem.

      Conceited narcisstic bastard. With, eventually

  24. Jaded says:

    There’s something sociopathic in his behaviour, he’s only doing lip service to any kind of remorse to Maria and his children, as if to say “OK, let’d just get this apology thing over.” Even his ‘mea culpas’ sound totally self-serving, like not wanting it to “get out” when Maria confronted him about Joseph being his son. Horrible, horrible person, totally without a conscience.

  25. pinchofsalt says:

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. That’s all.

  26. Jayna says:

    I don’t really feel too sorry for Maria. The guy cheated on her the whole marriage and she accepted it. I do feel bad for her that she gave up her career for him for eight years and really lost her identity, what probably always gave her confidence while married to a self-absorbed man.

  27. Toot says:

    I remember when he was running for governor and all those women came out about what a sleazebag Arnold was. Maria got out there saying how great Arnold was and not to believe those women, knowing Arnold was in fact a major piece of shit.

    Maria knew what she had and waited until Arnold was done with being Governor and decided she wanted out. Can’t stand Arnold, but don’t feel bad for Maria either. The kids are the only ones who get my sympathy.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      So you’re saying that she chose loyalty to the father of her children and the desire to protect the image of her family (likely for the sake of her children) over the desire to protect women who slept with a married man?

      I honestly don’t understand some of these comments. Shriver was a successful, wealthy woman in her own right. Sure, she married an asshole but why not extend the same sympathy for her that everyone extends to say, Liberty Ross? Is this just down to a question of “what did she know/when?”??
      Because I hate to break it to you guys but Liberty likely knew that RS was cheating as well. Women almost always know.

      I think people need to lay off Maria Shriver a bit-I’m seeing the same level of disgust aimed at her as we’re aiming at Arnold. It just seems a bit unfair.

      • Hakura says:

        Totally unfair.

        The negative comments just go show that women have an easier time attacking eachother (verbally), placing blame immediately to a woman. Like with mistreses , they’re always vilified while the man cheats. Butdo they give him the same treament?

        Now with wives to cheating husbands. I believe people here are punishing the innocent wife instead. I just dont get it.

      • Veruca says:

        I think the venom is due to the fact that she knew and lied on his behalf — all for the sake of ‘image’.

        For most of us, that’s not a good enough reason to protect a predator — even if he is the father of your children.

        In fact, some of us think that would be the first reason we’d split — to protect our children from a guy who cares more about himself than others. If it were me, I’d have blown his image as soon as I found out he was cheating. Especially if I were a Kennedy — that family once had the power to destroy.

        Instead, she married the bastard. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kids have the same entitled sense as well.

        It’s hard to sympathize for Maria. She’s kind of made her own bed on this.

        (Deep breath, end rant.)

      • Toot says:

        @ Kitten
        Some of the women who came out weren’t mistresses they said he harassed them.

        @ Veruca

        Yep, agree with your post.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Totally agree, Hakura.

        @Toot & Veruca-Maybe…but I still reserve judgement when there are children involved. Sometimes you make a difficult choice or the best decision at the time and realize down the line that maybe you should have done things differently. Hindsight is 20/20.

        Regardless, how Arnold treats women isn’t necessarily indicative of how he is as a father.

        I guess I just think when there are women who are sitting here, blaming Maria, it just adds to Arnold’s belief that he did nothing wrong, and he did-he destroyed a family with his actions.

      • Hakura says:

        @Veruca – You make valid points, so I do understand your opinion. I just don’t blame *her* for his cheating/assaulting/dick-wad behavior. I’ve heard many different stories regarding how long (or to what extent) she knew about his actions, so it’s hard to me to place judgment about how she handled the situation.

        She may have, in some convoluted way, been trying to protect her children from learning what a POS their father was.. Or putting them through the debacle in public, especially while he was in office. We just don’t know for sure.

      • Veruca says:

        I appreciate wanting ‘what’s best’ for one’s family, but I guess I don’t see how you’re providing a good example for your children by knowingly letting your spouse disrespect you.

        As I stated above, I believe he took advantage of her insecurities. I get that she must have esteem issues, or she wouldn’t have tolerated the other affairs (that may/may not involve more children. I also get that she has more resources at her disposal than most of us do, and ignored the affairs until the maid’s child came to light.

        I didn’t say I didn’t empathize. I said I didn’t sympathize.

  28. HannahF says:

    I think that the pardon of Esteban Nunez, the son of his poitical crony, Fabian Nunez, clearly illustrates what type of person he is. It was actually a commutation of a sentence–trials of tablet typing. The commutation wasn’t because the kid had an unfair trial. The kid pleaded guilty!!! And the jerk didn’t have the guts to give the parents of the murdered victim a heads

  29. Loulou says:

    Arnie should be deported for being a moron.

  30. Hannah says:

    He’ll be on the Daily Show tonight. Can’t wait to see how Jon will deal with him.

  31. Guest says:

    He is correct; his life personal and public is none of my business. Now if he can go away…..

  32. skuddles says:

    That’s between Maria and me… and every cheap floozy that’s ever crossed my path.

    Fixed it for you Ahnold!

  33. Madison says:

    Arnold’s a duochebag and Maria, Maria, Maria why did you stay married to him for so long? it’s one thing to put up with affairs because of the children but when you found out about the child with the mistress it was time for divorce not therapy. You seem like one of those women who are really smart career women but really insecure and dumb when it comes to their personal lives.

  34. MST says:

    I always thought this guy was a creep and a lousy actor. I never liked him. And he looks absolutely terrible now(I never thought he was handsome in the first place). Yet women young enough to be his daughters are probably lining up to date him, even as we speak!

  35. Deb says:

    There is an old article from Premiere magazine called “Arnold the Barbarian.” You can find it online. Read it – if you want to see the full extent of the depravity of this human being. Some of the stuff he did to Maria and others is just mind boggling. It does make me think he is a sociopath – completely bereft of any feelings or sympathy for others.

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    If it was “something between Maria and me” it never would have seen the light of day nor been in his book.

    That is all. (For now.)

  37. Dirty Martini says:

    Look — hes scum, no doubt. No excuses. I am sitting here wondering about Maria though. Why stay with him through it all? (She knew he was a cheater very early on.) She suspected the child was his, but waited to ask.

    People treat you th way you let them. And she let him do it for a very long time.

    Why? And what does this say about her?

    Candidly I never cared for him and always thought he was scum.

    But MS isn’t getting any sympathy from me either. At some point she chose this for herself–and her kids– for a very long time.

    Sad state of matrimoney.

    And yeah–I spelled it right.

  38. savedbykittylitter says:

    “Damn this guy is cold, he really is.”
    He is Mr Freeze… forever, lol
    He looks like a mummy in the last pics… scary.