Kate Gosselin reported to CPS for spanking kids with a spoon, nothing happened

I just spent tens of minutes reviewing the website of the author of a new book on Kate Gosselin (bookjacket above), Kate Gosselin How She Fooled The World. We heard some previous potentially explosive details from the book, allegedly based on computer journals the author had “found” which Kate was using as source material for her books. The story that got the most press was that Kate had supposedly used a wooden spoon to spank her children when they were as young as two years old. Supporting this are photos of a spoon in the actual pocket of the door of Kate’s van that she uses to ferry her kids around. Plus we’ve seen photos of her smacking one of her daughters on the butt. We know she uses corporal punishment, we just don’t know how bad it is.

Well the book’s release has been thwarted by legal complaints from the parent company of the Discovery Channel, which owns TLC. So it’s no longer available on Amazon. You can read the legal notices on author Robert Hoffman’s blog. Also, judging by the lousy entries on that blog, the book probably sucks. Radar editor David Perel agrees, he had the chance to read it before it was pulled and calls ita deadly dull read” that “repeats many well-known anti-Kate stories” and is “filled with personal attacks that even the large anti-Kate audience may find excessive.” I got that same impression from Hoffman’s blog, which reminded me of some of the anti LeAnn Rimes blogs. There is some very detailed analysis of Kate’s twitter activity that seems borderline excessive.

Also, we heard last week that author Hoffman was a “good friend” of Jon Gosselin, who often befriended paparazzi and other hangers-on. Hoffman claims that he got the material for his book on some hard drives he found in the trash, which sounds unlikely to say the least. It’s safe to assume Jon handed him the data, which includedemails from Kate, the Discovery network, contracts and personal documents, many of which [Hoffman] reproduced [in the book] in their entirety.”

Radar has a new story today that Hoffman reported Kate to CPS, but I’m sure they’ve received countless other reports about her that they’ve no doubt ignored.

So this was a lousy book by a subpar author with an axe to grind, and it was pulled from Amazon shortly after it was released. The most damning detail did get out though, and that’s got to burn Kate’s britches. It really looks like Jon just handed over her hard drives to this author and trusted him to create something out of the material, which he failed to do.

One new detail I learned from Hoffman’s blog was from an invoice allegedly from Steve Neild, the bodyguard that Kate was banging. Neild earned 4,987.34 for just four days with Jon, Kate and the kids at Disneyland in 2008. Did he lower his rates for Kate once he started sleeping with her? Is that why she was so protective of his leftover pizza?

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  1. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t understand why the media is still even following her..and on the bitchy side, .she looks like a muppet w/ that fake tan…like the singer ..the blond one – in the muppets’ bad, but muppets are a lot cuter.

  2. Veruca says:

    Does anyone else wish they had the ability to throw spears through their computer?

    I don’t know what I hate more — this woman, or the fact that she’s STILL GETTING RICH FOR BEING THE WORST MOTHER IN AMERICA.

    And before anyone says, “Dina Lohan”, she’s not a mother. She’s a parasite.

    Can the people in Hollywood please get some standards and stop throwing these pathetic wastes at us. And making them wealthy in the process?


  3. Lisa says:

    She should not be famous. Period. Stop talking about her.

  4. OXA says:

    This is not new info as a few of the nannies claimed she beat them with spoons and still nothing was done by CPS. She got away with it probably cuz CPS could not be bothered with the paperwork with 8 kids involved.

  5. Tototune says:

    I really don’t think this is news worthy. There is a huge difference between beating and spanking. People who don’t believe in corporal punishment exaggerate a spanking. Perhaps CPS did nothing about it because it was a spanking. I got plenty of them as a child and I was never hurt physically hurt, nor do I resent my mother or great grandmother for using corporal punishment. I was mouthy…

    • KLaw says:

      Agreed. My mom spanked my sister and me with a wooden spoon and we are both completely well-adjusted, educated, happy adult members of society. In fact, more kids are in need of a good old-fashioned spanking. Spoon included.

      If abuse is the goal, this can be accomplished with or without a spoon.

      The mere fact that a wooden spoon was involved is a non-issue.

      • not a fan says:

        the point is she was hitting her two year old children as hard as she could for messing their diapers – that’s what diapers are for. their behavior was normal for their age – they weren’t doing anything wrong – they were just inconveniencing her. So she beat them. No two year old is going to learn anything positive from that – just to be afraid.

    • jwoolman says:

      But were you expelled from kindergarten for physical violence and verbal abuse directed against adult staff and other children? The two younger children who are most often targeted by Kate were (a boy and a girl). All the kids have shown signs of serious stress for years, and the focus of that stress has always been Kate. Not their dad, not the nannies. Just Kate.

  6. oi vey says:

    Well…that sounds awfully familiar. You complain to DOCS (our version of CPS…at least in my state anyway) and they basically tell you that the action has to be witnessed by them for something to be done. The system is seriously flawed the world over but no one ever does anything because obviously kids at risk aren’t worth anything.

  7. jferber says:

    If Kate isn’t the poster child for permanent bitchface, I don’t know who is. Despicable woman.

  8. Hakura says:

    People like Kate never get caught doing something wrong… At least not in such a way that anyone could prove.

  9. samira25 says:

    People are so hot to accuse Kate of abuse but what about Jon? Why didn’t he stop it, report it, etc? Why is he getting off so lightly? It seems that whenever there’s a scandal the woman gets attacked and the man doesn’t even get a mention.

  10. FrenchT says:

    I wish my teeth were that white. That is all I’ve got.

  11. snappyfish says:

    she looks like a bitchy creamsicle.

  12. not a fan says:

    The book reveals, through K’s own words that she beat the kids as hard as she could when they were two for being two… sounds like abuse to me. She refused to take them to the doctor when they were sick because it would have have infringed with the TLC contract. She cried poor and asked for love donations from churches WHILE she was demanding money, gift cards, perks, product placement deals and free merchandise including furniture and electronics from TLC and sponsors. She completely changed her appearance through boob jobs, cosmetic surgery, botox, hair pieces, tummy tucks, lipo, lasik eye surgery and teeth whitening apparently ALL for the kids – to make her a better mother… OR to enhance her public image in her quest for fame for fortune.