Taylor Swift donates $10K to trolling victims, Horace Mann School for the Deaf

These are even more photos of Taylor Swift filming her new music video in Paris yesterday. I was wrong – this music video is not for “Red”. It’s for “Begin Again”. And Swifty has a male companion in the music video, and he is NOT Conor Kennedy, but he is giving me Jake Gyllenhaal-vibes, only Frenchie. This dude is pretty vanilla, but I guess he got to make out with Swifty a little bit. I wonder if Conor Kennedy understands that his girlfriend NEEDS to make out with other dudes for her job? I wonder if Conor Kennedy ever worries that she’ll forget about him when he’s at prep school and she’s off in the world, hanging out with dudes who are not in prep school? Also something notable about these photos: Swifty’s bolt-ons. There’s not a question about them anymore, right? She bought herself some boobs.

Swifty also had a Nightline interview last night, and I was waiting to see if she talked about anything epic, but she didn’t really. Jezebel did some coverage here if you’re interested. Swifty also revealed the full title track for her new album, “Red”. Here you go:

It’s pretty epic. Or something. As for a nice story about Swifty – she was recently trolled by Reddit, and it’s a long story, but basically Swifty said she would perform at a school and she took submissions, and the Horace Mann School for the Deaf got the most votes. It was a “joke” but Swifty was nice about it. She’s not going to perform at the school, but she personally donated $10,000 to the school (which was matched by several other sponsors), and gave all of the students free tickets to her concert. Which is a great way to turn trolling into something really nice.

Last thing… I present this quote from Swifty: “[My] money will be really good for sending my kids to college some day – or maybe I’ll have a few more kids than I thought. I want a bunch of them running around, minimum four. I want to wait a while, but… the idea of pouring everything you are into another person when you become a parent has always been amazing to me.” Oh, God.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. gee says:

    She was trolled by 4chan, not Reddit!

    And also, deaf people enjoy music too.

  2. SueD says:

    Classy way to handle that.

  3. brin says:

    Ugh…good luck to her future young’uns (hope they like all the songs mama writes about them)!

    • Lindsay says:

      More like I hope they like hearing Love Story, Tim McGraw, ect and how mean Kanye, John, Jake…. all were. I doubt she makes this last. Plus, it is hard to tour and record when you are “pouring all of yourself into someone” especially if you also are trying to keep your husband from thinking to hard about what he gave up at 17.

      Why did she start the sentence talking about what her money would be good for? I can’t imagine someone asking that but it seems like a really odd place to start talking about kids.

      The principal was really excited about the possibility and raising awareness. He handled the school being turned into an online joke overnight really well. I think it is odd that they were disqualified for the way they got their votes. I do think some votes were sincere after he was interviewed but $50,000 for their music program is a great consultation prize – probably better than a one time performance.

      (Papa John’s and Chegg, who hosted the contest, along with American Greetings and Cover Girl each gave $10,000 as well)

  4. Brown says:

    Love those pants but hate that wretched sweater. I wish I could pull that off, but my legs are too short and too wide and my feet are too small. I look like one of those pegleg pirates. Leg starting off wide up top and ending in this tiny little foot. Not a good look for me.
    \ / \ /
    \ / \ /
    \/ \/
    o o

    • judyjudy says:

      I have the same affliction. We can be peg-leg twins!

    • Hakura says:

      I can’t wear them either, but it’s mostly because it draws all the attention to my (fairly generous) behind. (Plus I’m 5’1 & they make me look short).

  5. JustaGirl says:

    I know she’s hated on a lot, but she seems to be very generous. I’m way past the age her music is catered to, but she doesn’t seem to be a bad person.

    • Riana says:

      She just seems like a misguided young person to me, shrugging. Her worst crimes are writing songs about her ex-boyfriend, by the same token we have millions of songs about women being used explicitly and reduced to nothing but sexual containers.

      So if we can tamp down on that first…then I’ll kinda be more concerned about her song content.

  6. L says:

    That’s awesome that she’s made that donation.

    Still doesn’t change the fact that I can’t unsee the horrible lipstick.

  7. Riana says:

    Didn’t know about the trolling, after reading on it…seriously, the internet makes me sick sometimes. Overall its great, but for some people its clear they’re eager to put on their ‘cool’ persona and be total douchebags.

    I’m glad she rolled with it and donated the money. Half the folks who voted in meanspirit would likely quiver if they had to explain their motives to a student of the school personally.

  8. Chatcat says:

    I don’t know, I’m Ok with her comment about wanting a bunch of kids. First because she has the means to support them and she recognizes that you need to financially support them, not just have them and second because she is being honest. Just as I appreciate the fact that some women don’t want children at all, why should we not appreciate a woman who wants a gaggle of kids and knows what it takes financially to raise them.

    PS And if she wants lots of kids, the Kennedy family is very good at prolification, so she’ll fit right in!

    • judyjudy says:


      There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be an attentive and supportive mother. We should all be able to do whatever we want without fear of judgment or ridicule.

    • Dinah says:

      I wonder how the Kennedy family feels about her avowal?

    • Molly says:

      I agree. It’s not nice to judge her for wanting kids in the future or true love or marriage. There’s nothing wrong w/that. She made her fortune early.

  9. eb says:

    She’s so pretty! And not all out there with the t and the a. (Sorry – never know when The Arnold will attack. Damn Leslie Stahl.)

    The only thing that would make her better is if she were a big animal lover and donated to shelter dogs or something.

    Oh, and if she could quickly get over this pure young love thing which is a long shot at best and move onto the guy that is manly, hot, and totally into the family idea. Who single-handedly can carry four tyke hanging off of him, tote the diaper bag with no shame, and still have a big smile on his face.

    Oh where is he? sniff. sniff.

    Well she still has time yet. Wallow away in love’s young aristocratic dream!

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Most celebs dont give money to any charitable cause…she is regularly giving back to children, education and literacy. I’d say that is pretty amazing. I love animals too, but she cant be all things to all people.

  10. lucy2 says:

    People can be such stupid jerks sometimes, but in the end, it worked out well for the school.
    Taylor does seem like a silly girl a lot of the times, but she is generous, and seems very supportive of education. That’s great.

  11. valleymiss says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I hate this chick more than I hate Kim Kardashian. And that’s saying a lot. Charity, yes, great…blah blah blah. But her entire aura just annoys me. Ugh. Go away Taylor.

  12. V4Real says:

    I make quacks on Taylor a lot about her break-up song writing and her dating a Kennedy. But one thing that doesn’t bother me about her is that Connor is only 18.

    The media was having a field day not just about him being a Kennedy but about him being 18 years old and still in HS. He might be more suitable then some of the 30 year olds she was dating. Taylor is only 22. I bet if it was a 22 year old male dating an 18 year old female there wouldn’t be much said about it.

    • Sofie says:

      I don’t know if people would be talking about it as much, but it still would be creepy if a 22 year old guy was dating an 18 year old girl, ESPECIALLY if she was still in high school.

  13. Evie says:

    she’s still pretending that thing gyllenhaal was real?

  14. Patrice says:

    This is a nice story but, seriously, this chick is cray. But really it seems like she’s the worst kind of crazy which is undercover (anyone remember Annie’s super ‘nice’ visiting cousin on 90210?!). Lol. Anyway this dating a high school junior stuff is out of CONTROL (and no, it doesn’t matter that he’s 18 for God’s sake; he’s a teenage boy in HIGH SCHOOL. And for two more years I might add).

    Much like Kaiser I’ve given up on asking where RFK Jr. is in all of this (busy between the sheets with Sheryl Hines I suppose) so instead I’ll ask where Swifty’s friends are now (assuming she still has some around). I mean, your friend’s are pretty much your family around that age and carry a big influence so why aren’t any of them sitting her down and being all “Girl, WHAT are you doing??” That goes for her actual family too. Sigh. **Gives up**

  15. mommak918 says:

    sooo sick and tired of the hate on Taylor. yes she makes songs about her relationships…who cares! dont buy or listen to them. she doesnt promote her sexuality, sex videos or other offensive things to young girls. she may be immature but she isnt a Lohan, doing drugs….or a Rihanna that is all about sex and drugs. Or a kardashian. she is talented…she has yet to shave her head or hit people in her car. I dont get the hate or why it bothers so many people who she dates or doesnt.

    • Gracie says:

      Nope, they all suck equally, but in different ways. Just because she isn’t shoving sex down our throats, doesn’t make her music any less horrendous. As far as this whole charitable thing goes, I always side-eye when wealthy people do it, cause they might have *good intentions* or they might just want a tax right off. She hasn’t hurt anyone too bad, except my eardrums. I think she owes my eardrums an apology tbh.

  16. Aly says:

    Horace Mann is an amazing school, full of very inspiring students. It feels really awful to see this institution referred to as “trolling victim” on my favorite blog.

    After everything these students have overcome, perhaps it’s more than a bit tacky to label them “trolling victims.” Please consider changing the title of this story as it is rather horrible and disrespectful.

    • Gracie says:

      It doesn’t take away from the fact that the school got trolled, it’s not any inkling of disrespect, it’s stating a fact. My god, you can’t say anything these days without someone getting offended, and expecting everyone else to censor themselves.

      • KC says:

        This. It’s not like the title is calling the students victims in life or belittling them in any way, they were victims of internet trolls (that’s a fact) that caused their win to be invalidated, but they ended up getting a better deal in the end anyway. Swift and the sponsors donated six times the amount promised in the contest, and while I’m sure some of the students would have preferred the intimate school concert instead of a normal concert, I’m also going to assume that most of them aren’t Taylor Swift fans and now those students can sell their tickets. (Like MK from Dlisted pointed out.) And now the runner up gets to benefit from the contest too and a wider audience was educated about the Horace Mann School than if the contest had gone smoothly.

    • decemberist15 says:

      I hate to disagree, but I worked at that school and let me tell you, those kids are gypped in a big way. The students and some of the faculty have promise and really care for the kids, but the administration treats the school more like a daycare. I was once told not to encourage a child to apply to Gallaudet with my boss saying ‘oh that girl isn’t going to college, don’t encourage her’.

      I’m glad the school got the money though. Maybe they can actually put some of that money to bettering kids instead of training them to stock shelves at grocery stores

  17. some bitch says:

    Well, even if Shifty Swifty does freak me out, and I absolutely loathe her music, good on her for being so generous. Gotta give her and Beiber credit for their involvement with charity work.

  18. gogoGorilla says:

    I guess I just don’t understand why so many commenters (as well as the CB writers) hate this girl so much. She seems fairly silly and harmless to me, not like some of the other “famous” people out there who are actively and crazily malicious.

    Obviously she has terrible taste in men (or maybe that’s just youth) but I personally get a kick out of the revenge songs. At least she is getting some mileage out of the douchebags, which is more than most of us can say about the idiots we wasted time on in our pasts, no?

  19. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Agree completely valleymiss and Gracie, this is a nice gesture but it doesn’t excuse the fact that her music is a lame joke and she can’t sing, act, or dance to save her life If you transported her back 35 yrs in time without wrap around media saturation and music vids and all of today’s electronic enhancements she’d still be warbling karoake at the local honky tonk. That’s why a band like Zepellin is still massively popular (even among more teens than you may imagine) they played MUSIC – and that’s what mattered not this extraneous pr generated stuff.

    • GreenTurtle says:

      Taylor’s stuff is actually pretty stripped down in terms of electronic enhancements. Honestly, she writes her own songs and plays guitar. She’s not some sort of studio creation. She’s a musician, regardless of whether or not people enjoy her music…and has a huge fan base. She’s earned her success.

    • maya says:

      Honestly, what you hear is what you get with Taylor Swift. Her vocals don’t blow me away on her albums, but she sounds the exact same way live.

  20. summer says:

    I have to admit she wears red really good.

  21. akua says:

    Love what she did….too many grown folks hating on the young ones…And they call themselves grownup.

  22. Michelle says:

    I’m no Swifty fan, but she handled this like a lady. Good for her! Maybe I’ll have to revise my stance on her to, “HATE the music, like her. Except for dating a teenager.” Hm.