Minnie Driver in a bikini

Minnie Driver has the perfect accessories for a photo op at the beach – bikini, cell phone, and dog to play with. She must have called up a photographer friend and told them to help her out with some needed publicity. She’s ready to work and wants people to know she’s got a banging body. When my two year old son pretends to be talking on one of our cellphones, he grabs his stomach and laughs hysterically at the imagined person on the other end just like Minnie’s doing in that second pic.

According to IMDB, Driver is currently filming The Simpson’s Movie, where she will voice a to-be-named character, and has two movies in the can.

Minnie shopped mostly online for Christmas this year. She said she’s a novice at online shopping, and that she ordered gifts and had them wrapped and shipped to people. She also recommended that people give meaningful charity instead of the usual crap, and said she gave a camel for Christmas. You can give actual animals that will make a huge difference in a family’s life through Heifer International. We had an average Christmas with stuff ordered online that people don’t really need, but also continued our family tradition of giving gifts from Heifer too.

I’m not sure if these pictures are new or not, but I’m assuming they are. Let me know if you’ve seen them before. They were found at France-Vidcaps, where all the comments are in French, but from what I can tell no one is saying they’re old.

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  1. CJ says:

    I’ve always liked her!

    WOW, she looks HOT!

  2. Sarah says:

    That last photo looks really staged and phony.

  3. Anonymous says:

    She has a great figure.

  4. alexi says:

    oh my god she looks AMAZING go minniee GO girl. Shit who the heck is your trainer or can u email me your tips for diet and exercise??? I guess she has not been working hence oodles of time to work out! Is it true she lives in the malibu tralier park?? Good for her. I always had a soft spot for her post the OPRAH dump by mr matty pants….who I had met on the set of “GWH” and he had a huge ego. the b boy BEN was far nicer.

  5. celebitchy says:

    Thanks Alexi, I had not heard that Minnie lives in a trailer park, but then I did a little googling and found that she lives in the one of the most exclusive trailer parks in the nation, where property can go for $1 million and up:

    She’s such a great actress and I would love to see her in more movies.

  6. demondoll says:

    I do love Minnie Driver… and wow, she looks great!