Abbie Cornish in Roland Mouret at ‘7 Psychopaths’ screening: way too much?

Abbie Cornish

Last night saw the special screening of Seven Psychopaths in NYC, and Abbie Cornish was (I guess) the big fashion star of the evening. Actually, Abbie was merely the only one who stood out in this relatively casual event because she chose a boob-flaunting Roland Mouret floral-print dress with a fishtail and bustier top. It really seems a bit too much (and too springlike) for an October screening in New York, but maybe Abbie feels as if she’s finally arrived and should dress the part too.

To date, Abbie occupies an awkward spot in Hollywood, for she’s been working consistently in movies and television for over a decade, but a lot of people still think of her as the chick that Ryan Phillippe was screwing around with during the last gasps of his marriage to Reese Witherspoon. As such, Abbie enjoys a bit of name recognition and usually gets good reviews for her performances, but she’ll never be a box-office draw on her own. She’s a very pretty girl though, and her hair and makeup match the dress even if the entire look is a bit out of place.

Abbie Cornish

Lots of other celebs were at the event too, and Jewel and Gabourey Sidibe both went for basic black. Jewel chose a kicky cocktail dress, and Gabby went with lace, sheer sleeves, and bold red pumps. Both of them look occasion appropriate and great.


Gabourey Sidibe

Kelly Bensimon opted for understated elegance in a brown dress with a strange black pattern. It looks better from a distance than up close, but her hair and accessories are quite fitting for the evening.

Kelly Bensimon

Helena Christensen chose an oddly matched tan jacket with a black top and navy skirt. With that figure, she can get away with almost any outfit, but this one is a miss.

Helena Christiansen

Meanwhile, the dudes couldn’t be bothered to either show up (in the case of Colin Farrell and Woody Harrelson) or dress up. Here’s Christopher Walken, Billy Connolly, and Michael Pitt. While I admire Walken (despite the fact that he’s done as many bad movies lately as Al Pacino) and adore Connolly, I wish they’d made a bit of effort like Michael Pitt. I guess guys just don’t have to worry about looking good when it comes to their careers. That sucks!

Christopher Walken

Billy Connolly

Michael Pitt

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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22 Responses to “Abbie Cornish in Roland Mouret at ‘7 Psychopaths’ screening: way too much?”

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  1. lulu says:

    I think she’s looks amazing in an amazing dress. Helena Christensen looks possessed.

    • Ellie says:

      Yes, I agree, the dress is awesome! But I guess I can see what they’re saying about it not being right for the season–to me, it looks like a super sexy Easter dress.

      • CG says:

        I agree. Love the dress, but it’s not very occasion-appropriate.

      • deehunny says:

        I think it would have been more of a statement and occasion appropriate if she cut off the fish tail part and wore it as a cocktail dress.

        Either way she looks beautiful in a beautiful dress

  2. TheOriginalKitten says:

    She was in Candy right? Or am I confusing her with someone else?

    She’s pretty..I don’t mind the dress on her-she’s working it.

    The guys look like garbage. I appreciate that Michael Pitt dressed up but I wish he had worn something different.

    Kelly Bensimon…wasn’t she the crazy RHW? She looks really good/healthy here. That dress is perfect on her.

    • marie says:

      I can never remember who this chic is, she looks a bit like Katherine Heigl to me.

      And Harrelson is fliming Catching Fire, not sure where Farrell is though..

    • Chatcat says:

      Uh ladies, I am not feeling any of the dress’s or men’s wear here at all. Honestly there are so many great styles you can do this time of year, and not one of these people with all their money and clout could pull a good one off?

      Oh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Abbie in anything, but she is cute. Walken looks like he’s been hanging out to much with the crypt keeper (Lagerfeld) YIKES.

    • layla says:

      Yes! She was in Candy and absolutely phenomenonal in it!

      She’s actually talented and can completely transform/get lost in a role (I think another reason a lot of people can’t ever ‘place’ her) and it’s a shame the Ryan Phillipe thing continues to follow her around.

  3. Lisa says:

    Crazy Kelly looks great. She actually chose an age appropriate dress that looks awesome on her. Impressive!

  4. Bluedog says:

    Aww, I think Abbie Cornish looks really nice. The dress is gorgeous.

  5. Sisi says:

    would’ve loved the dress without the fishtail section

    • j.eyre says:

      I think you’re right – lose the fish-tail. I love this dress and would want it even with the bottom but if given a choice, without. I adore they print.

  6. roxy750 says:

    Helena looks hideous, poor thing I do liker her but the leggings thing was a huge mistake. Abby looks so pretty that I forgot it was October and what’s with my Christopher Walken? He’s looking very…old and stuff 🙁

  7. DeE says:

    Gabby…are you trying to shed any of that?

    • RobN says:

      Her niche is obese young black woman and it gets her a lot of roles. She wouldn’t work if she were just another young actress.

  8. SmokeyBlues says:

    Christopher Walken is the man.

  9. RobN says:

    The dress would have been beautiful in a shorter version. Take off the mermaid section and I love it. She just looks way overdressed and trying too hard.

  10. skuddles says:

    Love Abbie’s dress! The print is fabulous.

  11. A says:

    She looks pretty in my opinion. She’s a good actress…shame that the whole Ryan Phillipe mess still overshadows her acting.

  12. geekychick says:

    VOW! in my language, we’d say :she looks like an airplane!(superb!)