Lindsay Lohan paid her bill at the Chateau Marmont, she’s back to partying there

These are some more photos from Lindsay Lohan’s outing in LA on Thursday night. Each photo I see of her looks worse and worse. And yes, I think these might become one of my new favorite go-to photo sets for the Cracken. Nothing can ever compare to the now-infamous pink coat photos, but Lindsay keeps on trying. Guess what she did after she walked the red carpet for this “event” (for a “ginseng energy drink”)? What does Lindsay ALWAYS do when she’s in LA? She goes to the Chateau Marmont to get extra-crackie! Except that Lindsay got banned from the Marmont for an unpaid bill of $46K over the summer. And yet… they let her in! TMZ got a photo of Lindsay crack-sauntering into the Marmont on Thursday night. So what happened?

Lindsay Lohan is OFF THE CHATEAU MARMONT BLACKLIST — which explains why she was there Thursday night — and TMZ has learned it’s all thanks to a Hail Mary phone call to the owner himself.

As TMZ first reported, LiLo was BARRED from the legendary hotel after she didn’t pay her massive $46,000 bill — which she racked up buying cigarettes, mini-bar goodies and candles. Lindsay claimed she thought the production co. behind “Liz and Dick” — which she was filming at the time of the charges — was footing the tab.

Sources close to Lilo tell TMZ … the actress reached out to hotel magnate Andre Balazs — owner of the Chateau along with a slew of other properties — in hopes to reclaim her stomping grounds.

We’re told LiLo and Andre have been friends for years and she made it clear that the whole ordeal was a giant misunderstanding. Lilo offered to pay off the debt (which we’re told she did) if Andre could have a chat with the Chateau staff.

Our sources tell us, Andre informed LiLo he had no idea she had been blacklisted and promised to remedy the situation ASAP. Which clearly happened.

[From TMZ]

So, basically she ended up paying that crazy bill and she gave Andre Balazs a beej. Maybe THAT was what ended his relationship with Chelsea Handler? No, probably not. I can’t see Chelsea caring that much, although I could see LL offering to “do whatever” it took to be able to go to the Marmont again. She’s like a cracked-out baby bird returning to her nest. Or something.

PS… Radar says that Dina is for sure $1.2 million in debt. That’s one of the reasons Dina keeps asking LL for money, I guess. But Lindsay needs the money to fund her own crazy lifestyle.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Jacq says:

    Wasn’t Andre hanging with Pippa in NYC?! That’s less that 6 degrees from LL to Duchess Kate, and that’s just all kinds of wrong wrong wrong.
    And, while the bill may have disappeared, I would co-sign any claim that money never changed hands… Gross.

    • Roma says:

      I recall LL ended up at the same club in London with the princes a few years ago so now she thinks they’re friends. I’m surprised she’s not out chasing Harry right now.

  2. brin says:

    Awww…home sweet crack den. Maybe Dina can be her roomie and they can have crack brawls every night.
    Nice extensions, Crackie!

  3. Blue says:

    I don’t even want to think about what she did to get back in there. Gross. Vikram probably gave her some money too. Smh.

  4. Jackie O says:

    blowing kisses toward the camera shows just how delusional she is. she is far from sexy or alluring. just a drugged out mess.

  5. ol cranky says:

    I love how she offered to pay her bill if Balazs told staff she had to be permitted in. Does that mean she wouldn’t have paid what she owed had she not been permitted to rack up a new bill?

    • SueD says:

      Good question! My guess is that you’re right. I also doubt that John/Jane Doe could rack up a bill that high without stiff consequences much earlier.

    • Canda says:

      Assuming she actually did pay her bill, she would automatically be welcomed back — it said that very clearly in the letter that was made public to the Cracken from the Marmont’s manager. It said she wouldn’t be allowed back “until” she settled her bill, which implies that when she paid up, she could go back. I’m sure she got on her knees at some point during this transaction, but she didn’t need special favours other than someone coughing up the dough.

      • Charlotte says:

        And Mother Cracken AKA Steve Honig AKA ‘the source’ trying to imply that the Chateau staff were at fault for ever booting her in the first place, because Balazs wouldn’t have. It’s never a Lohan at fault…except when Lindsay has to crack lie to crack cover for her crack mother and eat a crack bullet.

  6. NerdMomma says:

    Two questions. In the second picture where she’s smiling, what is happening with her neck?

    Why would the owner of the Marmont want his hotel to be synonymous with Lindsay Lohan’s crack den? Why would anyone want to stay there knowing she might be terrorizing the hallways?

    • Boo says:

      Whatever is going on with her neck seems to be happening in the top pic, too.

      My guess is that she is trying to constrict her neck muscles in a misguided attempt to make the double chin less prominent, and it creates a horror-house effect. I think the kiss-blowing is another attempt to minimize The Chins.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      The Marmont’s a known party spot. It’s not like they have a stellar reputation to uphold.

    • Azurea says:

      That neck is showing the strain of a face trying to smile while botoxed to the hilt. Jesus, what a mirthless smile.

    • lisa2 says:

      Kerry Washington has that same neck issue. Looks bad and kind of ewwww.. I don’t know what it is but it bothers me when I see it.

      actually looking at Lindsey.. I think it is just she doing a strained smile you don’t see it in the other pictures.

    • Sugar says:

      question one-coke
      question two- they want her back because they in their sick way want to be that hotel where she crack checks ibut will never leave. So in a sense you are right she will probably always terrorize alive or dead. that is some spooky shit.

  7. Boo says:

    I can’t wait for everyone to start saying how good she looks in these photos.


    Hey Linz? Stop with the “blowing a kiss” pose. We know the only thing you WON’T blow is a kiss.

    Also, turn the can so we can see the name of the product. Whadda pro!

    • NerdMomma says:

      Oh man, I said that last time, but I swear those were photoshopped or something because she really did look less bloated in the last set. Up close she looks just as bad as always.

    • Lilalis says:

      Oh yeah, she looks amazing here! I especially love how the color of her hands is totally different from the rest of her body. Maybe she should give the next beej to the spray tan guy.

  8. Mia 4S says:

    But, but, but she’s a homebody! She doesn’t go out! Why would she be at the Marmont late at night? Why won’t you people just let her win her Oscar?! 😉

    What’s the current bet on her next disaster? I’ll take 8 days.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      She LIVES in hotels, and The Chateau and The Dream are most conducive to her Cracken Lifestyle.

      So I guess yes, technically, that makes her a “homebody.”

    • Dragonlady Sakura says:

      Eight days?! You’re too nice. You’re giving her too much credit.

    • Boo says:

      Isn’t she due back in NYC shortly to appear in court for her leaving-the-scene-of-an-accident misdemeanor? Or can she just send her proxy?

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      I hope it is 8 days because I am in mid vacation and I’m missing all the gossip. Just a quick check in.

      I guess since I’m on the beach in a few, I’ll make the pitcher of cracktinis and start drinking them. Rimmed with sea jasper of course.

  9. dooliloo says:

    Cracktastrophic? Not. Chateau Moron has more dirty laundry than anything, so their whole barring LiLo was no big deal to me, they just wanted to pretend the facade, show some respectable face so.. Whatever.

    • Annie says:

      Yeah, the Chateau is the one public place where celebrities can basically do drugs and not get in trouble. You can do anything there except not pay the bill.
      If as a regular mortal you go to the Chateau and tweet anything regarding celebrity sightings, you’re banned for life. Tabloid and entertainment writers are not welcome there but sneak in all the time. I mean it’s that out on the open.

  10. Lara says:

    Seriously whats going on with her shoulder?

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    Viki & Andre had a three-way (meeting of the minds – HA!) with Blohan and an arrangement was made, I’m sure.

    Chick’s been passed around more than a bong at Woodstock.

    • Boo says:

      Yeah, but Bells, what I don’t get…help me understand!…is that these guys have tons of money and can get CLEAN, PRETTY girls. Why is this trick so well paid when she is clearly diseased and disgusting? Is it just for notoriety?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Boo, I’m willing to bet she’s willing to do stuff that clean, pretty girls are not. And she’s less expensive, too, I’m sure. (There are clever accountants out there who would claim ‘comping a star’ as a deduction or ‘business expense’ for tax purposes, right?)

        And notoriety may fall in there somewhere, or it’s something to hold over her head (use against her) in the future. Think about it: it’s a nasty, never-ending, self-perpetuating user-cycle, on both sides.


      • Boo says:

        46 grand is pretty effing expensive. I wonder how many times they get to__________________ for that amount?

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Oh Boo, so nasty! I’ve been up since 1:30 and DEF didn’t need that thought in my head! BLERGH! 😛

        And if you’ve seen the bill, most of it is Room Service (BOOZE! CIGS!) and Mini-Bar (BOOZE! CIGS!) Because what? Sending whatever “assistant” or current hangers-on out to the liquor store would just be asking too much? I’m sorry, but if I can get my wine or Wild Turkey and Camel Crushes for AT LEAST $6 less per bottle/pack, I’m either not drinking it/smoking or going to the store! (Or, in Blohan’s case, sending one of those hangers-on to the store.)

      • OhMyMy says:

        Boo: I don’t think she has any comprehension of what 40K means to most people. It’s all just Monopoly money to her. (someone else’s Monopoly money at that).

        We should come up with Lindsay the board game. Land a cameo in a movie collect $50k, get popped for a probation violation go back 3 spaces. Go directly to jail!

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        My first thought was, what/who did she do to “pay” her bills, second thought was how much of this “energy drink” is filled with wodka.
        In her mind she´s still a movie star and *this close* to make a comeback, movie stars don´t go/ send someone to a store like regular folks, they use the minibar and room service. Besides that, to live on a certain budget you have to be able to calculate/ enough common sense to hire someone who´s able to do that and listen to him/her.

  12. Annie says:

    My God she looks TERRIBLE. Does she have any idea that her looks are gone? She can’t even pose anymore, those pictures are so awkward. I get the feeling that she still thinks she’s super hot. Those pink coat pictures are the worst celebrity pictures ever taken, next to Amy Winehouse crying in the streets, drunk, wearing no shirt and missing a tooth. They are that depressing and strange seeing someone with so much promise just lose it.

    I saw the trailer for The Canyons. Must be difficult that Chris Pine was once your leading man and now it’s some random average looking porn star who only got cast because the writer/producer has the hots for him and wants to make him a real star (lol in a straight to Netflix piece of crap financed on Kickstarter). I think The Canyons has the same budget that some of his porn movies have and the saddest thing is… Those porn girls are better and healthier looking than LINDSAY LOHAN. Just search Stoya, Allie Haze, Tori Black, Sasha Grey even. Especially Stoya. These girls are actually commercial looking and gorgeous. Oh yeah! Tumblr has educated me. Alot of these girls are way too pretty for porn, they could actually be movie stars themselves but we have Lohan instead who looks so freaking busted that I don’t think she could even be cast with James Deen in a porno! I mean, the irony!! She’s not good enough, looks wise, to ever be his porno co-star. Even in the skankiest of videos, he has standards. And she doesn’t anymore!!

    Now, I might be curious about it sometimes. But I still think porn is not a good job for any woman. However, it does make you think why these girls right now are so healthy looking, seemingly more normal than say Lindsay or Amanda Bynes. Read Stoya’s blog on Tumblr. It’s SFW. That girl is actually articulate and smart. Gawker and Jezebel publish her all the time.

    • lower-case deb says:

      wasn’t sasha grey in a soderbergh movie?
      the girlfriend experiment or something like that. i vaguely remember she’ rather okay in it actually.
      better than lohan, anyway.

      • Annie says:

        Yes, and she was on Entourage too. I saw her in person once at a party at the Hard Rock Hotel. She’s very pretty and a has hair to die for. It’s amazing that Lindsay can’t even get a decent tan/hair color and these girls are effortlessly pretty. Again, she could never get picked to work with James Deen in porn. I mean he did a movie who a young girl that looks like Natalie Portman! He has standards and she does not anymore, she can’t afford standards anymore.

        I still think James actually could be mainstream famous, like Jenna Jameson. Or even more. Lindsay is over.

    • Isa says:

      Out of curiosity, I did a google image search of Stoya. OMG. She looks so much better, so much classier, and so much more expensive (for the lack of a better word) than Lindsay does now. If I didn’t know who they were, I would be guessing that Lindsay was the porn star and Stoya the actress. Makes me think that the only reason those men want Lohan is because of her name. Maybe in their circles, bagging an infamous chick still merits kudos.

      • Annie says:

        Right? Stoya is great! Read her blog. It’s not just sex stuff but sometimes she gives sex advice and she’s so awesome about it. she gives sane, great advice. she should get her own column somewhere. she actually has the brains that many actresses do not have, like Lohan or Stewart who can’t speak.

        There’s this interesting new wave of porn stars that look classier, more natural, beautiful (or guy next door, like Deen) and most importantly, healthier, than ever before. And get this – they’re smart people who know how to do business. The days of the blonde ditz with hair extensions, stripper outfits and silicone boobs a la Jenna Jameson are almost completely over. I think it’s because more women are watching porn now than ever before that there’s this new angle in which people are better looking, natural and have actual personalities and there’s more sfuff geared towards women. James Deen actually has a certain something that mainstream actors need. I’ve been checking out his pictorials for Rolling Stone and GQ and he actually poses like any male model out there and even better than so many actors. Gone are the days of roidy looking dudes, or guys like Ron Jeremy. It’s interesting. There’s more erotica, less cheesy porn.

        That industry makes me curious. So so curious. You rarely see porn stars misbehaving like Hollywood stars do. You don’t see them getting arrested for drugs or domestic violence, and their STDs transmision levels are at a crazy low. I think these people are actually more professional and healthier than many celebrities we know. Weird, right? And society ostracizes them. Worth taking notes and see what they’re doing right.

  13. la chica says:

    She has NO sense of shame. It’s a pity because if she did, she might not make half of the mistakes she has. Shame alone would forever keep me away from the Chateau Marmont. I thank my (deceased) mom for instilling me with the ability to feel shame. It has definitely made me turn out to be a decent human being. Lindsay never learned this or any other virtue. She is a horrible person. Truly the worst. And daily she seems to be growing uglier inside and out.

    • Kimbob says:

      @la chica, you are so right. I’d just finished typing my “rant” about her, then I read your comment.

      I think I was subconsciously thinking the same thing you typed….I think I was hung up on the description of “delusional,” (which is definitely apt) but you are so right it’s not even funny. Crackie has NO SHAME whatsoever…it’s galling, really.

  14. Kimbob says:

    Maybe I’m delusional, but my impression is that NOBODY wants a kiss from crackie Lindsay Lohan.

    I’ve seen her “blowing kisses” pose many times, & it’s just as offensive to me now as it was all the other times I’ve seen it.

    Just like @Jackie O says….Lindsay is DELUSIONAL doing this. It’s just gross.

    I also agree w/@Boo…she’s allegedly there to promote a product, & she’s not professional because I can’t even see the name of what’s on the can…she has it turned where all we can see is the UPC code & nutritional info….way to go Crackie!

    These pics show me the obvious….she’s delusional & she’s really there to only promote herself. She’s just so delusional…days ago we hear a recording of her ranting to her Dad about her Mom. During this recording she goes from bitching about her Mom, to alternately cussing her Dad out, to whom she’s SPEAKING!

    Then she goes to TMZ to “explain” that she was just having a disagreement w/her Mom, & then the kicker…she says such behavior is “normal,” & that all kids (she’s a grown-ass woman) have such disagreements w/their Moms. THEN…another kicker….she says she told a bad lie…that she was lieing when she accused her Mom of doing cocaine.

    Fast forward to a few days later & here we are…she’s smiling, happy….doing “blow kisses poses” when they’re taking her picture….like she’s some sought-out movie star??!!

    She’s such a mean-spirited person. We’ve heard her ugliness in that phone recording. There’s no other way to “explain” her behavior other than the word DELUSIONAL.

  15. says:

    Did she do her own hair colouring? because there is not way that anyone who pays a professional would leave the salon looking like that.

    With all that spending, shopping, and bailing out her family members, she must be starting to get pretty low on cash.

    • swack says:

      She may have done it herself. If your hair dresser is good, then he/she fixes the problem right away – I know my hairdresser fixed mine at the same appointment when the color wouldn’t take in my grey hair. He then went to find a product that would cover the grey and the next appt tried it out even though I wasn’t due to color for another month.

  16. Tania says:

    This is all kinds of yuckmo.

  17. G says:

    Come on, the Chateau is renowned for keeping the confidentiality of guests. She’s just putting her own slutty spin on this.

    I guest she’s admitting she owed this bill all along. Kudos to her for doing the bare minimum.

    Her hair looks like shit. The real hair and the plastic hair are two different colours.

    Go to rehab and stop rubbing everyone’s nose into the fact that you don’t seem to ever suffer any consequences for your deadbeat bully ways.

  18. DEB says:

    Nothing but a great big steaming pile of ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  19. Quinn says:

    She looks like boiled sh*t.

  20. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    That black dye they used for the movie just ain’t coming out without a fight…you can’t recolor over it and change it to red got to strip the color out first or it will never lighten up …any hair dresser knows that ..unless the hair is just to damaged and fagile to do which I believe is the case her the dark shyt is her own hair the rest which is most of it is wigs and extensions…she takes off of them out she will be semi bald….I bet you she has huge bald spots all over her head from thos extensions….even shaving it all and starting again wouldn’t do any good because it may be killed down to the root…..
    Her face is ruined those fillers in her cheeks and forehead start to come out every 3 to 6 months so you have to keep doing it cause when you quite all the void that has been created by the botox sags and instead of winkles you have craters and folds….that will happen to her its happening now with her jowls….and soon she will give Laura Flynn Boyle a run for her money….
    as for the makeup and tanning …that is awful….a professional didn’t do that she probably did it herself and in her deillusional state of mind thinks she lookd gorgeous….altogether a complete mess….

  21. lisa2 says:

    I never liked her with blond hair; it made her look older and trashy. Always felt she looked younger and more herself with a red/auburn color.

    now I know I was wrong. It was not the hair.

    such a shame to see what has happened to her looks. She looks like a woman that you find in a bar.. a barfly. So hard looking and worn. I blame a lot of it on her family. when you carry that kind of emotional stress it does something to you. I know the drug/drinking affect the looks to. But this downfall seems more internal.

    really sad.

  22. samira25 says:

    I must be missing something because I don’t understand why everybody thinks Lindsay is a prostitute. Look at her. There are better looking prostitutes in the world. And I’m sure there are plenty of good-looking, celebrity actresses and models who would do sexual favors. Why go to the bottom of the barrel? She’s certainly not worth $40,000.

    • Ed45 says:

      @Samira: I’m with you! Maybe they don’t read the tabloids? As someone said above, maybe she does things that other women won’t? Who knows? But it’s baffling!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      samira, We think she’s a prostitute because there is NO WAY ON GOD’S GREEN she is able to afford her lifestyle.

      She flies on private jets back and forth from West Coast to East Coast; she stays in high-dollar hotels stateside; she flies on private jets to all over Europe; stays in expensive hotels in Europe; she manages to finagle invites to high-end parties/events, the likes of which she should NEVER see; she’s still managed to get a couple roles for which others are w-a-y more qualified; and it’s not physically possible for her to steal ALL of her high-end designer bags, clothes, shoes, and jewels. (Did you miss the pix of Viki taking her Louboutin shopping last week?)

      Lots of stuff in the crack ain’t clean, and the only plausible explanation is “she a ho.”

  23. Jayna says:

    I wonder who she F’d or gave a BJ to get the money. She certainly isn’t getting roles.

  24. bettyrose says:

    Wow does she have a great décolletage for a 40 something mom who spent her youth as a sun worshipper. Seriously, I live in a beach community packed with hot moms trying to recapture their youthful figures once the kids are grown, and LL’s freckled cleavage would fit right in.

  25. A Fan says:

    She has irretrievably ruined her face. But, that is the least of her problems.

  26. lucy2 says:

    She paid her bill, but I doubt any actual money changed hands!

  27. A-rod says:

    Well, the squinty eye is new! Is that Botox or fillers gone wrong or damage from drug use? Also, I love how she’s not showing the label of Mr. Pink. Really, she has one job to promote the darn stuff and she can’t even do that right!

  28. Jackson says:

    She can’t even shill a drink correctly. FFS show the product label and not the nutrition content when you’re being photographed. What an idiot.

  29. Dany says:

    How do you call something like that?
    A lukewarm mess??

  30. booboocita says:

    Good grief. I think I’ve passed contempt and gone to pity. Poor thing. I can’t get the crackie fight with Dina out of my head, and now this: a tired, partied-out, prematurely aged mess who can’t even remember to keep the can of stuff she’s shilling turned so that the logo is displayed in the photos.

    It seems silly to write it here, but: I love my mom, and I thank God on bended knees for giving me to a loving, tender, moral, strict woman who cared enough to discipline me and teach me right from wrong (and also taught me to wash my face regularly, and that cold cream can do wonders for dry skin). Lindsey should have been so lucky.

  31. dorothy says:

    Apparently the Chateau is a glutton for punishment. It will happen again.

  32. LaurainAZ says:

    Those extensions look MAD cheap.

  33. Shannon says:

    I, for one, would like to congratulate Lindsay on still being alive.

    But Lindsay, your hair is red again. Knock it off with the icey pink lipstick. PLEASE. Also the plastic surgery. Dear God please.

  34. dcypher1 says:

    Those tits are saggier than my grandmas.

  35. Bread and Circuses says:

    How could Andre have “no idea” Lindsay was blacklisted? It was all over the media, and it’s his most famous property. Hotel magnates do not generally live under rocks, do they?

  36. Grace says:

    This girl makes me nervous. Her behaviors make me think that her parents have been pimping her out for far longer than her teenaged years. If Dina is any indication she needs to get lockdown detox treatment very soon. Where is her sister?

  37. the original bellaluna says:


    NOW she’s going to be on Bawbwa Walters! Probably to out-crackhead her mother on Dr. Phil!

  38. SunnyGirl says:

    1st time poster here! Let me start by saying that I love CelebBitchy. Not only for the brilliance of the articles written but for the commentary as well.
    Now about LL… looks to me like her new teeth are already ruined by the drugs, alcohol & leftover smeg from the high number of BJs she pays her debts with. They’re a crazy shade of gray!

  39. SunnyGirl says:

    1st time poster here! Let me start by saying that I love CelebBitchy. Not only for the brilliance of the articles written but for the commentary as well.
    Now about LL. It looks to me like her new teeth are already ruined by the drugs, alcohol & leftover smega from the high number of BJs she pays her debts with. They’re a crazy shade of gray!

  40. Mayday says:

    I bet that Vikram dude paid the bill.

  41. Vesper says:

    Why is her face so bloated? She doesn’t look heavy enough to have a double chin, but she does. I’m assuming she is staying away from the harder stuff and focusing on booze. Too many empty calories.

  42. Narak says:

    If she is promoting the drink, someone should tell her to turn it so the label is showing.