Video of drunk Mariah Carey talking to teen boys

I watched this whole worthless video of Mariah Carey talking to these two teenaged high school students in Aspen. She talks about her rebellious younger brother and it seems like the whole rambling point of the conversation is to figure out where to get her brother some clothes as a gift. She tells them she stopped school in the eigth grade, but she was like, advanced, to get into eigth grade as a 12 year old. She also says she’ll record songs with their names in them, especially since one of the teens has the same name as her hairdresser.

They tell her where to go in town and she relates to them very well, which is quite a testament to her maturity. One guy name drops his girlfriend, probably to keep drunk Mariah in check.

In the middle of the video the guys are talking about themselves and Mariah abruptly changes the subject, asking a woman who’s either her friend or the help “How many websites does my dog have? My dog?”

“23 maybe,” the woman answers. She then talks about her dog losing an online poll to Miss Piggy or some shit.

One of the guys says he could win at those million dollar trivia gameshows because he knows all the answers, and Mariah is like “I don’t” and the guy says “you’re already rich,” but she says something about not being that rich. At the end she tries to convince one of the guys to give her his gloves.

Mariah is off the charts on that narcissism scale, and now I know she has yet to complete junior high.

Don’t waste your time. Mariah is tipsy talking to teens, that’s the basic idea.

Thanks to NinjaDude for finding this and Fark for linking it.

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  1. Jezelle says:

    Thanks for summarizing the video. i tried watching it earlier, but it bored me to death! that damn mariah

  2. Someone Intelligent says:

    Now y’see; this is the problem with nonsense sites like this. You’re SO DESPERATE to say something unnecessarily mean about the woman, you purposely CHOOSE to spin things the skewed way you want so you can get your turn at the wheel on the “It’s COOL To Hate Mariah” bandwagon!

    YES, this nonsense IS pointless viewing, but because I knew it wouldn’t take but a minute for you all to start something that doesn’t need to occur, I did my homework.

    There ain’t a damn thing narcissitic about Mariah in thisl there are FOUR ‘fans’ speaking with her, whom she VERY kindly invited to spend some time with her while she was waiting. ClEARLY the majority were not raised with MANNERS, as all four are talking to her at the SAME TIME. So where one of you twits claimed she cut one of them off and started talking about herself – you’re lying through your jealous-bitch green teeth; she simply answered as MANY of the questions she was asked as possible…

    The proof of that simple fact is in that she ALWAYS RETURNS to the different questions she may have missed previously. She asks for advice on where to shop for presents; compliments one of the guys on his gloves which he gives her to wear throught the video (THAT SHE ASKED THEM NOT TO FILM).

    The REASON she starts referring to her dog Jack, is that the (only) girl in the video repeatedly claimed she was a huge fan who moved (house) to Colorado because she knew that Mariah goes to Aspen for Christmas every year and babbled about how “huge a fan” she was.

    Mariah was dubious, and rightly so when the girl went a bit too far in her protestations of undying love by pretending to know more than she did. It was clearly evident the girl was false because she didn’t know the names of ANYTHING that even a NON-fan from a different country (like myself) would know; like the name of Regus’ morning show co-host, and their annual ‘favourite pet’ competition – simple details not even RELATED to Mariah!

    I just understand what happened in your childhoods that you grew up to be SO ugly on the INSIDE and OUT. You need Religion in your lives man.

  3. RP says:

    For someone intelligent you sure like to post bitter replies to blog post. You should not be here but over at the White House trying to get us out of Iraq or trying to bring North Korea back to the table. How about that AIDS in Africa problem, maybe that is more on your level.