The Tabloid Jolie-ification of Kristen Stewart is complete: The Villainess Lip-Biter?

As you can see, Twihard Dramz is still a money-maker for the tabloids this week. Unfortunately, OK! Mag is trying to take Us Weekly’s mantle of “Making Kristen Stewart Look Like A Gigantic Trampire”. Most of the OK! Mag excerpts I’ve read are focused on demonizing Kristen and her Biscuit of Trampire Doom. So much so that I go the other way and kind of want to defend her for a second. My default position is “Kristen Stewart is a lip-biting, eye-rolling, bad-attitude’d try-hard,” but I think delving into her teenage sexual history might be a trampire-burning too far, you know? Anyway, some highlights from the OK! Mag cover story, plus some additional stories from Star Mag and Us Weekly, all via endless Hollywood Life tabloid excerpts:

*Robert Pattinson’s friends tell OK! Mag that “If he ever catches her being unfaithful again — even if t’s just a text message or an email — he will dump her… he’s taken her off the pedestal. He was so blind to who she really is. Now there’s no way he is going to be able to take any crap from her.” HARSH. But smart. I actually believe that Rob had her on a “pedestal” before she screwed around.

*OK! Mag says Kristen Stewart was double-dipping in dongs in the early stages of her relationship with Rob. A source says, “When they first got together, she was going back and forth between Rob and her ex-boyfriend Michael Angarano. Eventually she did end it completely with Michael, but it went on or a lot longer than Rob ever knew.” The thing about this is that no one really knows when Kristen ended things with Michael and when everything started with Rob. Was there overlap? I’m sure there was. But I kind of think that back in those days, Kristen was just being a teenage baller, you know? She was playing two dudes off one another to get what she wanted.

*OK! Mag completely ruins any credibility (ha) by suggesting that Kristen had a “thing” with Taylor Lautner. A source says, “Everyone knows about their friendship, but not very many people know how close they really got.” Allegedly, Kristen “would make excuses to hang out with Taylor when they weren’t filming” and “she even lied about it to Rob.” Yeah. I’m sure Rob was super-concerned about Taylor too. Hahaha.

*Here’s something I do believe: Kristen was boning production assistants while she made Welcome to the Rileys. A source says, “When she worked on Welcome to the Rileys, she had a full-on fling with one of the production assistants. Luckily the guy had a girlfriend, so he was just as paranoid as she was and they kept it pretty well hidden.” That just seems in character, I think. I’ll believe that.

*Star Mag claims that when Kristen was at the Chateau Marmont earlier this month, she ran into Justin Theroux and DUN DUN DUN she started flirting with him. Star says that “within the first few minutes, Kristen had already begun flirting it up with Justin.” Justin was initially with a friend, but the friend left quickly, leaving Justin and Kristen holed up together for an hour. An hour in which Kristen “reportedly laughed continuously at his jokes and at one point even touched his hand.” An eyewitness says, “It was kind of surprising to see, but she seemed completely relaxed.” Justin cannot be stolen! He’s already been stolen from Heidi Bivens! Jennifer Aniston stole him fair and square! Jen-Hens, attack the trampire!

*Us Weekly steps in as the voice of tabloid moderation, I suppose. While sources tell Us Weekly that Rob and Kristen are spending more time together and they’re working on their relationship, a source says, “They have the same arguments over and over. It’s hard to get past the hurt.” And then Rob went to the corner and cried sparkly tears.

A pattern is beginning to emerge, isn’t it? It’s comparable to what happened to Angelina Jolie in the tabloid universe. I’m not saying “Kristen Stewart is the new Angelina Jolie” in general terms – when Jolie was at her wildest and most self-destructive, she was still a hell of a lot NICER and more professional than Kristen, in my opinion. I’m just making a comparison to the way Kristen is being drawn into a “Villainess” caricature. The Villainess K-Stew! The Villainess Lip-Biter. That’s the stereotype. Kristen is being drawn as a bombshell, a wanton woman with an insatiable sexual appetite who uses good men like Kleenex. Wait for it.

OK! Mag cover courtesy of Jezebel, additional images by WENN.

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  1. ds says:

    Ah, I’d say it was gossip fun if only she had any talent in her. This way it’s just waste of paper. I just saw SWATH and though it’s a terrible film she’s the worst thing in it. So why make her so out there? Maybe I’m just having a bitchy day

    • Tapioca says:

      Methinks the media were always mildly annoyed with her (and RP) for not making a bigger deal of their “relationship” so that they could have lots of pretty pictures of “Hollywood’s New Golden Couple” for the front of their tabloids, so when the tide of public opinion turned from apathy to “That hussy!!” they took their chance to stick the knives in.

      Obviously she didn’t help her own cause by coming across as a petulant ingrate with limited talent who’s never had to work hard for her success, so it’s not like the public weren’t going to lap it up!

    • Emma says:

      The problem with trying to be Angelina Jolie is that she doesn’t have the talent and she’s not sexually alluring. Despite the affair some people still think she’s a lesbian. Her fans are mainly Twihard women. Also, as you said, she’s also a mean person. This image is not going to work for her. When Twilight ends, so does her career. She will try to hang on by forcing an Oscar push for her mediocre role in On the Road but it won’t work. She is too untalented and desperate.

  2. gee says:

    But Angelina Jolie is beautiful and talented, Kristen Stewart is just popular.

    • Amelia says:

      I’m really hoping that ‘popularity’ doesn’t carry her through the next few years in Hollywood. The lip biter NEEDS TO GO.
      And is it bad that my first reaction to the OK cover was “ohmehgerd, TEEF”

      • Steeze says:

        Hahaha, NO. I had the same reaction. She looks like a beaver!!! Well she probably does love chomping on some WOOD. HAHAHAHA.

        Ok, sorry but it’s almost FRIDAYYY!!!

    • Victoria says:

      No. They both are on the same level. Overrated and overexposed.

      • Erinn says:

        Even if you think they’re both overrated and overexposed, you can’t possibly say that Kristen can act at the same level Jolie does. I get that a lot of people hate her for whatever reason, but goodness.

      • Victoria says:

        AJ can’t act. She is always the weakest link in every movie. She got Oscar accidentally like Cuba Gooding Jr. and the others.

      • The Original Victoria says:

        La Jolie could act circles around Trampy for sure. Yes, I do think Jolie is a bit overrated in the acting department. All of her roles are basically the same. But bitch is still better than Kristen. Everyone is better than Kristen who emotes one expression for every scene.

        But Jolie didn’t deserve all that villification over that whole Tri-War. I mean a picture of her smiling with Brad behind the scenes is a hell of lot less evidential than getting Mini-Cooper’d by your boss who’s married with kdis to your co-worker who plays your mom. I mean that’s a whole other level of nasty skank. Wearing your current BF’s clothing too. I mean that’s just wow.

  3. Liv says:

    “Luckily the guy had a girlfriend, so he was just as paranoid as she was and they kept it pretty well hidden.”

    If my boyfriend had worked on Welcome To The Rileys, I’d be pretty furious right now ;-)

    • MSL says:

      I guess if Rupert had a girlfriend he would have been more careful too. Oh wait…

    • Rachel says:

      Haha, that’s what I was thinking. I wonder if there’s some girl out there reading this and going, “Oh, HELL no! I knew there was something going on between those two!!!”

    • dukes says:

      Welcome to the Riley’s filmed well before her and Rob ever got together. Maybe she cheated on Oregano.

      I can’t stand OK mag, they don’t even put effort into the crap they make up. At least the other mags TRY to give us good fanfic.

  4. smiley says:

    that makes rpatz the new “johnny lee miller”,i heard ifc is campaining for her an oscar nom for ONTR in supporting category ,there u go now she is a complete jolie ,just needs some bee stung lips to bite them into perfection.

    • Kristen's PR says:

      Random thought- Kristen’s PR might be encouraging the Jolie comparison to coat tail on what Jolie has- talent, EXCELLENT reputation as a professional onset & off, etc. to set up for some sort of award for OTR. Jolie herself never has had an PR. I thought Kristen was OK in Adventureland, though.

      • smiley says:

        hope its pr and not the oscar committee goin bonkers for a little bit of publicity

      • Camille says:

        “EXCELLENT reputation as a professional onset & off” – sleeping with co-star or director who is married you call professionalism. LOL. Very interesting point of view. I think they have a lot more in common than you think.

  5. Rhea says:

    At least there’s a different villain now. :D But really, it’s only showing us how the media can turn around against you—painting you in a different image—whenever there’s a chance. And most people would still swallow it anyway.
    I guess it’s true, to survive in the highest top of HW you need to have a good PR strategy.

  6. Danny says:

    Oh I heard those assistents were women not men and she isn’t a bombshell.

  7. flan says:

    The amount of celebs involved in the Trampire drama is astonishing. I think it’s the highest in any scandal ever:

    Reese Whiterspoon, random directors who stuck up for Kristen, Jodie Foster (which pulled in Mel Gibson), Scientology, actors in both SWatH and Twilight, Katie Perry and now Theroux.

    This while la Triangle and the Hunger Games actors also get dragged into it by the magazines.

  8. marie says:

    ha ha never double dip the dong! nah, she was with Michael first, soo bad on her AND Rob, he knew she was with Michael.

    the whole thing has become ridiculous, and needs to go away. But it probably won’t until after the movie’s in theaters..

    But most importantly, damnit JLo why you wanna have his baby? WTH is wrong with you?!? (this I actually believe, girl be crazy)

  9. CTgirl says:

    Oh, blah blah blah. KS as a femme fatale is hysterical. You actually have to bathe, smell good, and be able to articulate your thoughts to be a seductress. Greasy hair, smelling of cigarettes and B.O. and not being able to get a clear thought across is only sexy behind a gas station at midnight while downing a 40 oz.

  10. Adeli says:

    *yawn* This basic bitch.

    Cry moar, Kstew.

  11. lana says:

    Kristen is just being painted as a whore. Nothing more than that. That is one role she plays convincingly.

    • Narak says:

      Harsh! What about the guys? It’s surprising that women are doing the slut-shaming- judgmental, perfect women who’ve never been anything but impeccable groomed stand by your man types.

      • Jesse says:

        +1 thank you!

      • flan says:

        I think part of it is that she’s often behaved badly, that she now gets called out. Added to that is that Pattinson has been classy and nice throughout.

        If it had been almost any other actress cheating on a random guy, I wouldn’t have said much about it.

        It’s been enough at this point in my opinion though, but in the beginning she deserved some backlash.

  12. mytbean says:

    meh – I think she’s more apt to become the new Shannen Doherty. She is pretty in her own way but she’s not aesthetically apealing enough to be Angelina. It’s not classic beauty and there is no grace there.

  13. Riana says:

    What a waste.

    I know everyone was mad that she bit her lip and cursed a lot but at least that was all they had to complain about, and the media didn’t seem to give two flying figs.

    Now all the stories are about her cheating, about her sexual past, about this boy and that boy…and deep down we know the blames going to stop with her as the almighty carrier of the seductive vagina. Seriously…Rupert may not be famous but it’s hard to believe no tabloid has even tried to do a single story on him.

    They could even make him the mustache twirling cackling pedophile who lures whimpering starlets into erotic mistakes!

  14. T.C. says:

    The twihards have been talking about her two-timing Michael Angarano with Rob Pattinson for a long time before mini-cooper gate. So that I believe. She has an overlap problem. The other garbage about flirting and hookups on Welcome to the Rileys I’m not buying. That’s just slut shaming.

  15. Janet says:

    I remember at the height of the anti-Jolie frenzy right after they adopted Pax, one of the tabloids ran a cover using exactly those words “Her twisted double life”. Her double life turned out the having a movie career while raising four kids.

  16. evadstructn says:

    I interpollate her as quite teenagerish still…find it hard to buy the whole wanton villaness caricature because, to me, she comes off as immature, in behaviour and looks.

  17. Hakura says:

    If this ‘going for guys that are off the market’ thing *is* a pattern, she definitely has self esteem issues (& no respect for herself or anyone else).

    It looks like she needs to seduce ‘taken/married’ men, to make her feel like she’s attractive. Pulling the guy away just to prove that she can, & in her mind, must be *so* much more attractive than the wife/girlfriend.

    • Brown says:

      ^this. Every person I know who has gone after a taken or married man has serious self-esteem issues. It helps them to feel validated and worthy if they get what they want.

      • Bugsrunny says:

        I briefly fooled around with a married man when I was in my 20s. I had no self-esteem issues. I’m not a bitch. I didn’t set out to “steal” him or wreck his marriage. He was my coach as I was training for the US Olympic Marathon Trials. It was an intense time, and we had an intense relationship. In my opinion, he took advantage of our closeness, and I let him. I was culpable, yes, just like Kristen. But who knows? There may be some parallels in our stories. For sure, not everything’s as black and white as you seem to want to paint it.

      • Hakura says:

        @bugsrunny – I wasn’t generalizing, suggesting that *all* women who date married/taken men fall into this category. There are always going to be exceptions as everyone’s circumstances are different.

        I’m only talking about KStew, as well as those who *repeat* this behavior more than once. From what you say, you had an intense relationship with someone you spent a lot of time with, & made a mistake with this one person, as opposed to constantly going after guys (intentionally) that are taken.

        It’s the pattern of repeating that, which reveals self esteem issues.

      • Jess says:

        Were you also in a relationship for three years with someone you claimed to love love? And did you know his wife personally and hang out with her like it was nothing, while secretly banging her husband? If yes, then maybe you were the things you claim you weren’t. Sometimes people don’t have self awareness. No one wants to see their own faults.

      • Bugsrunny says:

        Chill, guys. I was responding specifically to Brown. But I was also trying to make the very simple point that we talk about KS as though we know her, but we know next to nothing about her life. Everything is in the details.

      • Brown says:

        @bugsrunny of course there are exceptions to every rule, I don’t pretend to speak for every woman who has been involved with a married man. Just stating my opinion based on observations of others in the same situation.

  18. Eleonor says:

    I get what you’re saying Kstew has the same power of creating a tabloid controversity.
    But there’s one huge difference KStew doesn’t create controversity because of what she does or because she wants, but because she is an unsofferable entitled brat. Basically people can’t stand her, because of her bitchy attitude.
    Angelina had real issues and she wanted to shock the world. Plus she didn’t give a crap of what tabloid were saying. And is/was far way hotter than the lipbiter.

  19. evadstructn says:

    I interpollate her as quite teenagers still, so i find it hard to buy the whole “wanton villaness caricature” because, to me, she comes off as immature, in behaviour and looks.

  20. deb says:

    The only cheating the mouth breather did was to break the terms of her showmance contract by geting caught crotch rubbing with ol’ Rupert. If she would’ve kept that on the downlow like all her other sexcapades, we’d still be having all the Twi unicorns & rainbows of epic love between her RP….until the contractually arranged post BD 2 breakup. Getting papped while being in breach of contract has changed the playing field slightly by giving the tabloids and blogs a new angle to run with. We”ll still see the epic breakup after this last crappy movie is over.

    I can’t imagine why anyone would waste one minute feeling sorry for this trick. Better to feel sorry for the public that keeps getting her shoved in our faces.

  21. Cam S says:

    Whose is vilifying them, didn’t they do that THEMSELVES??? Don’t start no $hit won’t be no $hit. I’m not a fan of either of these women and don’t have a dog in this race, but that’s just common damn sense.

  22. Nola says:

    “when Jolie was at her wildest and most self-destructive, she was still a hell of a lot NICER”

    Wait how do we know that Kristen isn’t nice? Because smoking,cussing and not brushing your hair, doesn’t make a you mean- unless you live in some Disnefied version of reality.

    • Eileen says:

      I’d say that her flipping everything off is a good indicator.

    • Cece says:

      Ever read an interview? It’s clear that she thinks every living being is beneath her.

      The never smiling thing hasn’t helped her either, but I care more about what comes out of her mouth.

    • MonicaQ says:

      She describes herself as a “miserable c*nt” so that’s what she wants to be.

  23. Jay says:

    Whether you’re a fan of Stewart or not (I’m ambivalent, myself), the slut-shaming going on in the tabloids now is pretty despicable. Ain’t nobody posting dozens of “exclusives” about what a filthy whore Rupert Sanders is.

    She’s a mediocre actress who gives good face in editorials, but she’s still human, geez.

    • lola says:

      The married man isn’t that famous. Kirsten is more interesting for the tabloids. Besdides: girls who f… around get called sluts and men who f… around get called douchebags. That’s kind of fair, you know.
      Gossip magazines aren’t ”feminist scriptures”.

    • T.C. says:

      Rupert Sanders is a nobody. If he were famous they would be digging for dirt in his past relationships too. Ashton Kurther, Tiger Woods, James James. All well know celebrities who the press went digging for more dirt when caught cheating. There is no double standard.

      • Jess says:

        Agreed. Tiger got a lot worse than Kristen. That man was slut shamed to the max in every outlet available in the media. Men, women, young, old… everyone was hating on Tiger.

      • T.C. says:

        Oops I meant Jesse James.

        @Jess: agree. This is nothing compared to the slut shaming Tiger Woods got. He had to give a press conference to apologize to the world and show his shame. No op/Eds defending him like Kstew got.

      • Michele says:

        You can’t compare the Tiger Woods scandal to the Kristen/Rupert one. Tiger had dozens of mistresses while he was married. He even provided financial support to some of the women he was screwing.

  24. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Rob cried? Aww… :(

  25. Kristin says:

    “Double-dipping in dongs” may be the best alliteration I have ever read in my life.

    Bravo, my friend. Bravo.

  26. Ming says:

    The cover really has great storytelling.

    Lot’s of she-devil and man tears, glistening in a ray of hope, reflecting a small black car with running engine, just waiting to run over all of it.

  27. Nicolette says:

    I’m sorry but I think all this has gone way overboard. The hypocrisy is stunning. I wasn’t aware that Hollywood was such a sanctimonious place where everyone is just an angel compared to her.

    As for Lautner, he pings my gaydar so I don’t believe anything went on there other than that they are friends. And that she touched Theroux’s hand, that’s a big deal? I just think it’s enough already is all I’m saying.

  28. lola says:

    I never liked her and just when I began to like her SLIGHTLY, she had an affair with that married guy et voila: I’m back where it all started, I’m back to Dont-like-KStew.

  29. jenna says:

    Nicolette you are so right, this has gone way overboard, the media has nothing else to say so they make up a bunch of crap.

    Of course Kraise would believe the WTTR rumor, it fits her agenda of hating Kristen, funny how that movie was filmed back in 2008 and just now that source comes forward, and btw Kristen wasn’t with Rob at that time, so there goes that pathetic theory.

    And please flirting with Justin?? she was at Chateou M with ROB,I guess she can flirt with another guy and at the same time be with her boyfriend.

    • ORLY says:

      …and we all know you go to the Chateau Marmont when you don’t want to be seen and it’s a great way to preserve privacy.

  30. mln76 says:

    I said a couple of months ago that Kristen was the new Jolie for the tabliods….who knew she’d be accused of attempted Theroux theft.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      Can you imagine the tabloids? OMG, I want that to happen just for the insanity that would be the yellow press!

      The hexagon of evil!

      And also my queerness wants Angelina & Kristen to be a thing in the end. There, I said it.

      • Merman says:

        Haha,that’s too much evil!
        Still same thing as Jolie,the sexism,the hypocrisy(and Brad was famous).People called Jolie talentless even ugly back then so…yeah.And if you want KS to go away stop contributing to her threads it’s that simple.

      • mln76 says:

        @ Joan Jett that would be hilarious

        @merman every couple of years they try to crown a new Jolie…Kristen doesnt measure up the Jolie could eat her for breakfast (while Joan Jett watches)

  31. anna says:

    Kristen & Angelina, two women that other women hate for no reason other than jealousy, meanwhile they’re living their lives doing whatever the hell they want

    • Eleonor says:

      Well KStew is hated mostly because of her insofferable attitude.

    • Annie says:

      Angelina is hated because she stole someone’s husband. And even that hate is starting to diminish. She does a lot of good things to be hated now.
      People don’t like Kristen because of her attitude. Her quotes, her unfriendliness and her bad acting. Cheating on Rob was the cherry on top.

      • Lola says:

        And who have been the most vocal haters of Kristen since the beginning, Rob P fans. They don’t hate her acting but they do hate that Rob wanted her. How can they say Kristen is such a bad actress but consider all of Robs roles to be amazing? That makes no sense and shows their skewered perspective. After all, THEIR Rob thinks Kristen is a great actress, unless he has been lying for the past 4 years ;) and we all know that Rob NEVER lies or cheats, right?

      • Janet says:

        Oh please, enough with the husband-stealing BS. Pitt dumped Aniston because he was sick and tired of her. If he hadn’t dumped her for Angie, sooner or later he would have unloaded her for somebody else.

      • original almond says:

        I can’t agree with the husband stealing thing. Was he a particularly expensive , one-of-a-kind pair of heels and the Jolie just had to have them? Are we supposed to understand from this that he just went along with the first woman who could run and carry him at the same time? Dude made his own choices and whatever Jolie may be let’s not put on her someone else’s decisions.

        Same thing for Lipbite. She’s despicable because she cheated on her supposed boyfriend and got caught in an incredibly stupid way. That she knew her lover’s wife and kids just shows what a sleazebag she is, but that still doesn’t mean that she lured or stole or whatever nonsense Rupert away from his family. Dude had legs of his own and used them to go hit that. So let’s not turn women into these vile temptresses and men into children who can be fooled with “candy”. Please.

  32. MrsBPitt says:

    I would believe a relationship between Rpatz and Lautner, before I would believe a “real” romance between kstew and rpatz…and am I the only person to think that rpatz is wierd looking and not in the least attractive?

    • MonicaQ says:

      Agreed. I just think he looks very…stoney? Not stoned but heavy, harsh. When he laughs or isn’t playing a constipated vampire he looks a little better.

  33. Ann says:

    So much fail in this story. OK has declined (and I didn’t think that was possible) to the lowest level, they’re down with the Star and Enquirer these days.

    As you rightly point out, the Lautner angle immediately erases any trace of credibility the story may have had. Also, they missed one key point on the only other “example” of cheating on Robert – the Welcome to the Rileys supposed fling. Welcome to the Rileys was filmed in 2008, before Twilight even came out. She wasn’t with Robert then, she was with Angarano as far as we know (rumor has it they were on again, off again).

    I don’t condone her cheating episode at all. But I think it is ridiculous how the tabloids and media have blown it up to this absurd level. They are just making up utter crap now in an effort to generate hits and sell magazines. It’s one thing to report stuff that actually happens, but to invent bogus stories is dead wrong. Every bit as morally bankrupt as cheating, in my opinion. How can these writers slam her for lying, when they are lying through their teeth every day? Hypocrites.

    • Amy says:

      maybe if Kristen had not played the ”ubber cool”, ”not hollywood type”, ”bad girl”, ”supper honest” attitude, the press and the people would be easier on her.

  34. mia girl says:

    I won’t comment on the substance of the article, but I am getting a kick out of these pictures.

    OK’s cover is sublime. Rob’s forlorn and slightly scared expression. Kristen’s smug devious “I’m getting away with it” side eye! Ha

    But the best is the last pic on the red carpet. My boyfriend Viggo standing next to Stewart crying to the Heavens:
    “Why me Lord, why did I have to stand next to Stew and her arm pits of doom?!”

  35. Annie says:

    Nope nope nope. First, the way all the fans see it is that, yes Angarano and Rob overlapped. Something happened, maybe some cheating to which she confessed. It happened because he never ever left the set (maybe something told him he shoudln’t).There are a few pictures from the New Moon filming, which is when the break up happened, in which her eyes looked like she had been crying a lot. Some fans speculate that this is when Michael found out about something and dumped her because immediately after these pics came out, look at her eyes: he was never seen onset, ever again. for New Moon promo she talked about being broken up with before, a statement she backtracked later on by saying she has never been broken up with. Gurlfrand was!

    And then it was off to Italy for more New Moon where NIKKI was planning to tag along and c*ckblock Rob and Kristen once more but she was asked not to come. By who? no idea, but girlfrand was ready to pack her bags and then someone told her NOT SO FAST and she didn’t go despite planning to for months and blabbing about it to the press. So what did she do next? Stage a photo op hanging out with Michael: which is funny, funny. They never hung out with each other ever again, and they were never papped together again OR separately.

    So I don’t think Kristen was double dipping with Michael and Rob because it was a nasty break up. He was gone forever. And he was angry.

    As for a PA on Welcome to the Rileys, this was filmed in the fall of 2008, she was still with Michael, and NIKKI was, as usual, her clingy self during all of the filming. Funny because papz were there everytime Nikki was onset:

    I have it on good authority (VERY good, impecable authority) that Nikki annoyed everyone on set because she was ALWAYS THERE and with her, came the papz. This is why fans don’t like her, despite her fake Nice Friend image. Google image her and Kristen and you’ll get paparazzi pictures. She calls the papz. Or used to. On everyone she can.

    So I call bs on both accounts. Yes she presumably cheated on Michael, and yes she cheated on Rob, but let’s not make her into a fame fatale who screws everybody. As for Taylor? They both admitted to bonding a lot during the making of Eclipse. And she was definitely very tochy feely towards him during promo, more than she ever was with Rob, and Rob definitely was jealous (you can hear it on the DVD commentary) BUT I think Taylor might be gay, so no harm done.

    • MonicaQ says:

      As someone who researches for a living, slow clap for citing your sources :D

    • Lola says:

      ANNIE, you have the timeline wrong on those pictures.

      The picture of Kristen alone with her phone was taken in may, right before she left to go to Italy. This pic is after Robs bday and after Sam B concert so Kristen and MA had been kaput for weeks. (this pic is the day after the wrap party ;) , perhaps she is super tired)   MA last visit to New Moon set was end of April, then came Robs bday and Sam B concert. How Kristwn looks in this pic has nothing to do with MA.

      The pic of Nikki and MA is just days  BEFORE Kristens bday in April. Nikki flew up with her father and brother and MA didn’t make the trip. MA had just been in VAN the week before. Nikki hadn’t been asked to leave the set yet, that came after Robs bday but before Sam B. Again, this pic is BEFORE MA and Kristen finally broke up.

      Regarding the cheating with Michael, well, Kristen didn’t cheat alone, did she. For all the whining Robs fans do about Kristen being the big cheater, they love to forget that THEIR Rob was happily pursuing and “cheating” with Kristen EVEN though he knew she had a boyfriend. he was a 21/22 year old guy that was extremely persistent with Kristen EVEN though she had a boyfriend. If one is going to believe Kristen was cheating on MA, then one must remember Rob was cheating too. Hand in hand. Guess it’s ok for Rob to cheat according to his fans.

      MA was on the twi set some but he wasn’t a permanent fixture, he came to the NM set just twice.

      • Annie says:

        “The picture of Kristen alone with her phone was taken in may, right before she left to go to Italy.”

        Did you not read my full comment? I clearly said BEFORE Italy for the filming of New Moon, and right after that, Michael Angarano was never seen again on set. How am I wrong if we’re agreeing? And yeah, he wasn’t on that set that much because the break up happened almost as soon as the filming of the movie began. First he doesn’t leave her side, ever. Then all of a sudden, while not having anything else to do, he’s not there anymore. And yes, I have always been clear that Rob helped cheating and karma got his ass now. I’m being objective, I always am. Just telling it like it is, but there’s no evidence of kristen screwing with other people.

        EDIT –

        Also the picture with Angarano, YES, he and Kristen were over by then. They had just broken up. It’s the same set as this: And I know because I remember the shtstorm and the mockery that happened amd how the two were tossed aside and were now being buddy buddies because they were the rejects.

      • Lola says:

        That end of may pic of kristen has nothing to do with michael and more to do with kristen being at the all might cast party ESP since you are now claiming that kristen and michael were broken up already when he is photographed with nikki. That pic is from early april and michael came back to the set at the end of april.

        So which is it, is kristen crying about a break up at the end of may or were michael and kristen already broken up at the beginning of april yet he still squeezed in a visit at the end of april?

        Back to the drawing board

  36. Cece says:

    I cannot imagine this girl being the least bit good as a girlfriend or a lover. Way, way, too concerned with her “genuine” and tough girl act, way too immature, and completely inarticulate.

    Then again, lots of guys in Hollywood seem satisfied with dumb and pretentious.

  37. Gin says:

    It’s interesting seeing this post because I used to work for the firm that produces Q scores, and I remember that their surveying had found several similarities in how people responded to Jolie & Stewart.

    For starters, they were unique among actresses in having super dedicated female fanbases (i.e. the kind of super fans that will defend their favorite star from criticism all over the internet, who produce an endless stream of gifs and fanart for their 24 tribute tumblrs, who seek out & pore over their every media appearance, etc.) Generally, when it comes to actors, girls direct that kind of intense fannishness at men, not women.

    Interestingly, Stewart fans and Jolie fans who had been fans of Jolie since before the Brad Pitt era gave very similar reasons for why they found them so compelling.

    But they were also similar in that they were both super polarizing – girls/women who disliked them tended to really dislike them and select the most negative ratings possible.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      Yeah this totally makes sense…although more for Jolie than Stewart.

      Although I think the reasoning behind Stewart is dumb…ie: they worship her because she’s Bella Swan and they hate her because she’s with Rob.

      For Jolie it’s more that she’s beautiful, talented (has an oscar which her detractors always say is BS lol but seemingly think a golden globe at the end of a popular 10 year run shows more acting talent…), and independent and doesn’t give a crap about what other people think.

      That shows a strong women which feminists love and which other women hate, because they hate the success she’s had despite being a supposed homewrecker and terrible person.

  38. Memphis says:

    People do realize this is a grown ass man, right? I mean, he’s what.. 26? Almost 30 is damn well old enough to decide how to run your own relationship (fake or otherwise) so I don’t think he needs protection from the evil KStew and her methodical lip biting.

    He’s a GROWN man for F^&%s sake.

    • Annie says:

      Grown men and women still make bad decisions but they are better at taking advice than teens/young adults are, who do the opposite just because you’re giving them advice. Plus, considering people can live up to 90 years, 26 really is super young. You still don’t know crap at 26, especially now when we’re less mature than our ancestors were.

      • Lola says:

         If you excuse  Robs bad decisions bc he is super young at 26, then what about Kristwn at 22? Is she super super young. Remember Robs decisions at 22 ;)

      • Memphis says:

        Yes grown men and woman still make mistakes, but as grown men and women they are their mistakes to make.

        26 is not ‘super young’. Twenty six is grown and educated and out in the world. Twenty six is not young and naive.

        This is an adult male who has the capability and financial means to live the way he wants. Lets not try to make him out to be some poor young, innocent who knows nothing of the world at 26 freaking years old.

      • Annie says:

        First of all, Rob’s bad decisions are based on MAYBE still loving her. That’s good will, his intentions are good. But it’s a bad decision that it will ONLY hurt him. No one else. He knows it. And like I said, age has NOTHING to do with making bad decisions. Did you not get that point? There’s never an age in which you start being perfect and stop making bad decisions. Age is no excuse.

        Second of all, Kristen’s bad decision was based on selfishness, carelessness, need for attention, and was a total disrespect to her own relationship, her man, and a separate marriage. That’s ill will and she knew it. That bad decision ended up hurting her loving boyfriend, a wife, children. That bad decision ruined her relationship (it’ll never be the same, let’s be honest, you can try but it IS broken) and ruined a marriage.

        Never confuse mistakes based on innocence and good will, with bad decisions that were CONSCIOUSLY made. And if you don’t know right from wrong at 22, you never will.

      • MissA says:

        @Annie I wholeheartedly agree with what you said,there’s a difference between making a mistake due to bad judgement and deliberately screwing someone over for your own selfish needs.Rob’s bad decision cannot be put into same category as Kristen’s.

      • Lola says:

        Oh rob can and should be held to the same rules as kristen. Remember what he was doing at 22 ;)

        Rob was knowingly and CONSCIOUSLY pursuing and cheating with Kristen while she was Michael AND Rob was 22. So am I to assume that since Rob had no problem helping break up a couple at 22, he will probably do it again? He KNEW what he was doing at 22 when he continued to pursue a girl who, by all accounts, had a loving boyfriend. At 22, Rob wouldn’t shut up about his crush on Kristen, she was marriage material, he dreamt about her, and the infamous video “what about the boyfriend”.   Is this your idea of innocence and good will?

        If cheating is cheating and 22 is 22, then Rob was/is no better than Kristen and according to your rules will cheat again.

      • JS says:

        @Lola: This is sophistry! There is no equivalence. There is a huge difference between a single man trying to detach a woman whom he loves (or just even fancies) from her existing boyfriend and a woman cheating with a married man, whom she has no long term interest in at all, and who has kids.

        Teen pre-commitment relationships are all about trial and error. If somebody wants to move, they obviously don’t love their existing partner enough to be with them for life and it is best for the partner to know that before any commitments are made! When somebody is married with kids, on the other hand, binding promises have already been made and there are immutable responsibilities to others. For an external party to knowingly help destroy that kind of arrangement, especially on a self-indulgent whim, is unambiguous wrongdoing.

        If a hypothetical single Rupert had stolen Kristen from Rob, that would be a different matter and we could argue the rights or wrongs depending on what commitments Kristen had or had not made to Rob. That, however, is not what happened here.

  39. Jocelyn says:

    I think she has cheated on him before and has complete control of that relationship. I also think she knew she could get him back.

    He seems to be head over heels in love with her and I don’t see him breaking up with her ever. If it ends, it will be because she breaks it off, IMO.

    I think she is a very gorgeous girl who is turning into a sexy beautiful woman,

    BUT, I think she is the ultimate TRY-HARD. And she just can’t act. This is not coming from a hater either. She is more interesting than most actresses her age, BUT she is terrible in all her movies.

  40. Amanda says:

    I don’t know what it is about this chick that seems to drive so many straight women completely insane with rage… personally I think she’s extrememly sexy ;)

    • MonicaQ says:

      Well it’s pretty much the combo of bad acting + being in a absolutely horribly written book series + perma-who-farted face = Do not want. I don’t even care that she has a tendency to act “bitchy”–I’d just roll my eyes at that and say, “Not surprised.”

      It’s just the first things I mentioned. To me, anyway. However you now are the first female(?) that I’ve heard that finds her attractive. To each’s own, of course.

  41. jess says:

    What happened to everyone thinking she was a lesbian? Now shes some kinda maneater.

    I always thought that she had something going on with Garrett Hedlund when they were filming OTR. They were hanging out every night and when Rob showed up he was gone. I also think she had something going on with her bodyguard. There is a pic of him with his hand on her butt when she walking up the stairs, maybe Rob made her get a new one if they got back together cause she seems to have a new bodyguard. Im sure this is all overblown cause Rob, Kristen, Rupert and Liberty have all seem to have moved on and are still together so maybe it wasnt as big of a deal as the media made it out to be.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      “What happened to everyone thinking she was a lesbian?”

      I´m still on that bus. Queer vibe all over.

      It also kinda would make sense to go trough men, not being able to find “the real thing” and not knowing why. For some people it takes time and man after man after man to figure it out. But it might be just me and my own projection. Or whatever.

      • geekychick says:

        I have a (lesbian) friend who was so convinced that was the argument of their relationship being fake, I had to send her link to pics where Sparkles and her were kissing. ;) She is so sure of it.

    • Annie says:

      It ‘s BS, come on. Maybe it’s just that masculine energy that all the girls who grew up with brothers only have.

      If anything, she gives me BI vibes. Just wait if she works with Amber Heard or Evan Rachel Wood. Maybe that side of her is still asleep. Or we’re all wrong.

    • Amanda says:

      She IS a lesbian… in my daydreams ;)

  42. The Original Victoria says:

    I agree that Kristin is being villified La Jolie style, except she actually deserves it sicne she can’t seem to stay faithful period. I totally beleive she screwed around with a production assistant. And even if it’s not true, people will look at her track record and be like, “They fucking” no matter who she hands out with from now on. She is so K-Screwed.

  43. Amy C says:

    Get ready for years to come. lol
    You have no one to blame K-stew.
    You see it comes to you just like that…I hope this is not affecting her carrier. But it might for her.

  44. Emma says:

    I will never understand Stewart as some seductress bombshell. Angelina was impossibly beautiful and alluring back then so it was believable. I don’t think her PR team is trying to sell her as an Angelina type though. They seem to be releasing lots of “Kristen was in bed crying all day please feel sorry for her” stories and that wasn’t Jolie’s style. Kristen also has the advantage of “breaking up” the marriage of two people no one cares about. She will never be vilified to extent that Angelina is because she “stole” Brad from Americas sweetheart. I don’t think she’ll ever have a group of devoted personally invested crazy a$$ haters like those that comment on dlisted and femalefirst.

    • Janet says:

      ROFLMAO @ the idea of Angie begging anyone for sympathy. I have enormous respect for how she handled herself through seven years of name-calling, mud-slinging and death threats. She kept her head up and her mouth shut and went about her business. The only time she responded to the provocation was when she and Brad sued NOTW for starting that rumor that they had broken up, and I believe the only reason they sued them was because their children heard it on the TV or the internet and got very upset. I can definitely see Angie as mama tigress protecting her young. Somebody better look out.

  45. Francesca says:

    She’d have to have more going for her to be compared to Jolie; like acting ability and being drop dead gorgeous. Since none of that is possible I think we can drop the comparison plan now…

  46. Journey says:

    huvane is genius. he realized that everyone was long bored with the old triangle, so he decided it was time for a new triangle. bet he convinced kstew to fool around and even pose for pictures with the married director, knowing that it’d break sparkle’s heart and earn k-stew legendary b*tch status. now k-stew steals justin from jen and everyone wins. jen gets a few more decades of magazine covers and some more rom-coms. justin doesn’t have to put up with jen & chelsea any more. k-stew thinks she’ll be the next jolie. and huvane pats himself on the back for engineering the whole thing.(how’s that for a conspiracy theory?!)

  47. MissA says:

    Oh pluh-ese Kristen can never be Angelina even if she wanted to.Angelina had that devilish charm,there was something about her which made men and women lust after her.But still I wouldn’t be surprised if that personal assistant hook-up story turned out to be true though.Kristen is a typical trailer trash chick who’ll do anything to satisfy her vaginal and coke needs.

  48. Aria says:

    I don’t care if she slept with half of the Twilight cast. I only wish she could fade into oblivion. The same goes for him.

  49. Micki says:

    Won’t it be funny if KStew turns to be the next Jolie?
    We had years of THAT triangle and we’ll have years of THAT cheating!!
    I mean the girl may leave her vagina to dry in the sun, no one will notice.We’ll chat happily on how she screws around…but on more serious note: she wanted so much to be hard core, enjoy it Kristen while it lasts!

  50. La Calabaza says:

    OMG Some people here stated things as they really know Kristen and Robert. You don’t get to know someone by interviews or red carpet appearances.

    God, you guys need to calm down, seriously. Haters and Twihards are equally mental.

  51. Katija says:

    About Kristen being the next Jolie… to me, it’s like, the same reason why a can’t-sing like Britney or Rihanna become world-famous popstars… there’s just that “IT” factor. Angelina had it. Even those who don’t like her… the knives, the attitude, the lips… it’s the “IT.” Everything from her looks to her feud with her dad… it’s the whole package.

    Kristen doesn’t have that “IT.” Try asking an older person to name the appeal about this girl. They can’t.

  52. Chickie Baby says:

    I’m so glad I don’t read the tabloids–your summarized version is far more entertaining than anything to be bought from the check-out line!

    You really know how to cut through the trivial crap and get to the good and serious crap. For that, I applaud you.

  53. hoopjumper says:

    Honestly, I love this angle. I think it’s because I like the image of an unapologetic seductress/villaness/femme fatale more than I like the image of an immature, faux-alt, entitled actress.

    But I have a feeling that the image I like less is the one that’s closer to reality.

  54. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Please, she’s a bitch for cheating on him but she didn’t trick him into shit. I think Summit is paying them both to put on a good front so the movie makes money. I mean he knows she cheated on him, so where’s the trick? If they aren’t being paid then he is walking back into the relationship knowing there’s a good chance she’ll cheat on him again and that’s his mistake to make. Let’s not turn her into a mastermind here.

  55. buckley says:

    According to Popsugar pics, they are definitely back together…

    • honeybee says:

      Its truly galling :(

      Is he for real??

      • lexlie says:

        It is a true fauxmance.

        PDA shot by pap in her new home => bloody convenient for a couple that is supposedly super private & not playing the holly wood game…

  56. Dee says:

    The threat against “Our Jen” that is implied by the mention of Justin Theroux is a species of genius, as far as creative gossip writing goes.

  57. muppet_barbershop says:

    The pics of Kristen and Rob that they chose for the cover are insidious and smart in a gross way. (I don’t think it’s really a pic of them both, they look ‘shopped together, probably for the reason I’m gonna explain.) Kristen is actually ~smiling.~ Why would a tabloid defaming her have her smiling? It makes her look confident and tough, especially with the updo and the red dress. (I’m not kidding, there’s still something about wearing red in this culture.) The pic of Rob looks like it was taken i a tired moment on one of the endless junkets, I’m thinking the Breaking Dawn 1 one because he pretty much looks like an adult. Rob photographs pretty well and sometimes looks tired but cheerful. I think they specifically looked for a world-weary event photo of him.

    In the end, I think the reason I’m still fond of Kristen (besides The Runaways, which is not a good movie, but is one of my faves regardless), is that since she entered adulthood, she’s been the target of demonization for her inappropriate gender behavior. For years it was just the various ways of calling her a b*tch and/or an ice queen because she’s serious and awkward in interviews. Now, the dogs are totally on her. I’m not trying to drum up sympathy for her; any A-list actor puts themselves willingly at risk for this. But I am saying that it makes it impossible for me NOT to like her. And I’m not the only one who likes her for it.