Britney’s going to do another reality show (update: not true)

When I first saw these pictures I was pretty sure they were old since Britney’s hanging out with K-Fed, right? Plus I can’t really keep track of her hairstyle lately and forgot that she went back to the blonde bob again. It turns out they’re new and she’s probably with a love interest, since she has such superb taste in men.

The last two guys she was linked to, douchebag-looking producer J.R. Rotem and philandering quarterback Matt Leinart, have been seen out in the company of more likely love interests. Matt Leinart was publically flirting with his ex, and Britney’s ex BFF, Paris Hilton, while Rotem seems to have inexplicably scored hot R&B artist Mya since they were seen leaving a party together.

I also kind of blew off this other story about Britney when I first read it, but now that other blogs are picking it up I guess it’s true. There’s a Craigslist ad looking for “experts” to help Britney with her comeback, and get this – the whole thing is going to be a reality TV show. Yeah, that’s a super great career move for Britney. As PITNB points out, her last attempt at reality TV was nauseating and completely unwatchable.

Thanks to Hollyscoop and Derek Hail for these pictures.

Update: this story is not true, and Britney is not doing a reality show. I got fooled by this one.

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8 Responses to “Britney’s going to do another reality show (update: not true)”

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  1. Vern says:

    Wasn’t that a show called “Fat Actress”? Are we going to see Britney on Nutrisystem commercials next?

  2. Iva says:

    Where are her kids??? I feel so sorry for those 2 little boys – Britney is so done – stick a fork in her.

  3. AC says:

    I hate when people call her fat. She’s not fat. She’s still spectacularly toned. She’s just a bit thicker than usual. I’d be lucky if after two kids I look like that. I would probably dress differently. but she looks decent in her bikini.

  4. Bex says:

    I agree AC. Folks act like they’re so perfect. Isn’t her baby like, less than 6 months old? Oy.

  5. suki says:

    Just what the world needs…. more Britney Spears. I hope this info is wrong. I’ve never been a fan of her music but wasn’t her fan base mainly pre-teens and teenagers? I don’t see her being a role model for that group now, or at least I hope not.

  6. sleipnir says:

    This info is very wrong indeed. Only hours after it was published Zomba and MTV denied it. Just a hoax.

  7. georgiacajun says:

    Naw, I wouldn’t say she’s fat, that’s more like Rosie O’Donnell, Britney is frumpy. If I had her money and her body (back in the day) I would be lookin smokin 24/7. WTH is she thinking.

  8. Toubrouk says:

    The Reality-TV shows, home of the Wannabes, has-bens and average trash.

    Yup, Britney will fit right! :)