Is Julia Robert’s relationship in trouble?

Now that I’m in the states for a short while after the holidays, I’ve been reading all the gossip rags. There’s a story in the latest National Enquirer (which I realize most people don’t take seriously, but I still thoroughly enjoy) that Julia Roberts’ marriage is suffering because her career has been going down the tubes.

They clearly ran this story, which I’m not really putting a lot of faith in, before the news came out that Julia is pregnant again. She may be having trouble in her marriage, but it also might be hormonally-influenced or fabricated by The Enquirer or whatever.

Here’s what they’re saying:

According to insiders, Julia’s been subjecting Danny to long-winded rants about her fears [about her waning career], but when he tells her not to worry, she flips out.

“Julia screams: ‘You think this is no big deal? This is my career we’re talking about! It’s a very big deal… at least to me, it is!’” said the source.

Julia’s seething because she feels she supported Danny’s career ambitions while she raised the kids, says the source. And now that she’s ready to get back to work, the insider says she doesn’t feel Danny’s being as supportive as he should be.

Since Hollywood is not knocking down her door with big film offers like when she was younger, Julia’s been developing her own projects through her Red Om Films, which is being run by Danny’s brother-in-law, producer Phile Rose.

“Julia’s had to learn the hard way that in Hollywood, out of sight is out of mind,” said the source.

However, insiders point out that Julia isn’t helping herself or her career by donning the bizarre bag lady look she sported at the recent premiere for the kid flick “Charlotte’s Web.”

[from The National Enquirer print edition January 15, 2007]

Commentors on the always-heated threads about whether Angelina Jolie is a husband-stealer note that Julia Roberts should be the subject of people’s ire, too, since she broke up Danny Moder’s marriage. Reader frewtloop points out that Julia Roberts once wore a hand-scrawled T-Shirt with the words “A Low Vera” on it, which was a stupid play on words referencing Moder’s estranged wife, Vera. Julia was reportedly pissed off that Moder’s wife wasn’t jumping to sign divorce papers that would have freed him up to marry Julia in early 2002. They were married in July, 2002.

It seems like Angelina is a much easier target for jilted wives since she’s so much more in the spotlight. According to this article, that must really piss off fellow husband-stealer Julia.

All this to-do about Julia’s career affecting her marriage doesn’t seem as likely now that the news is out that she’s expecting her third child, due this summer.

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7 Responses to “Is Julia Robert’s relationship in trouble?”

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  1. SueSue says:

    I always thought that tee-shirt was stupid. It would have been clever if it had read, “Aloe Vera” but not the other way around.

  2. kc says:

    She sucks. She deserves to dry up and fly away…she took a father away from his child/children for her own selfish reasons. Giving birth, should pump your heart full of more life.(not suck the life out of others)Actors aim for Hollywood, work to gain fans. Once fame is attained, they act like fame is a chore. Actors are paid enough to compensate “their pain”. Whea! That said,I will never understand why or how the “Mystic Pizza” Julia Roberts types loose site of who they once were, their roots, and then allow themselves to excuse their overgrown snooty-roots. If you have enough bank, escape and live life…why search for more work then shun the attention? Wackos!

  3. Clarimonde says:

    How did she take a child away from their father? Danny Moder didn’t have any kids with Vera.

    That said I still think she’s a narcissistic wife-sealing skank. What kind of trash goes starts dating a marred man and then brazenly mocks the wife by wearing stupid t-shirts with her name on them? I think Karma is about to bite her in her mystic ass.

  4. Layla says:

    I get this feeling about Julia…that it’s “whatever Julia wants, Julia is entitled to have”. I think she might just be a total raving bitch. Just a gut feeling.

  5. Anastasia says:

    Yeah, I can’t stand this bitch. May she rot in hell. Oh and? She absolutely SUCKS as an actress. She’s always just HER. Never the character. That’s NOT acting, honey.

  6. GG says:

    I have never liked this self-serving bitch. She looks like an ugly-ass praying mantis. Those twins look like aliens. She can’t act to save her life.

  7. kailie2 says:

    it was very much “what Julia wants, Julia gets”.. I never liked her but it seems like only the sugar-coated bitches get the America’s Sweetheart crown.