Evan Rachel Wood in bronze Gucci at the LACMA event: gorgeous or too matchy?

Here we have some final photos from the LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala Honoring Ed Ruscha and Stanley Kubrick and sponsored by Gucci. Kaiser covered some of the bigger names on Sunday, and Bedhead brought us a few more this morning. To start I’d like to discuss the lovely Evan Rachel Wood, looking like a million bucks in Gucci. This bronze scaled sequin one shoulder dress illusion dress is so striking on her. Her hair, makeup and accessories are perfection. It’s all a little matchy but comes across as effortlessly coordinated. This is a young woman who knows what works on her, and who works different looks seamlessly without looking like she’s even trying. She’s a kick ass actress and a chameleon on the red carpet. I’m looking forward to great things from her. Check out her lovely engagement ring, she’s been engaged to Jamie Bell since around Christmas last year. Is a spring wedding forthcoming? Update: Radar reports that these two are getting married this week, and that they got a license on October 16th in Beverly Hills. I hope we get to see pics of their wedding! They’re such a cute couple.

Amy Adams was stunning in a bright yellow strapless Gucci gown accented with a rhinestone belt. I have similar coloring to Amy and I’m not sure that I could wear a dress this color. It’s washing her out a little, but she’s balancing it out somewhat with her gorgeous hair and understated makeup. Check out this photo of her below smiling and showing teeth, it’s cracking me up! It’s great to see her looking so loved-up with her husband, actor director Darren Le Gallo, on the red carpet. His facial hair is not doing it for me though.

Ginnifer Goodwin looks like she’s taking herself way too seriously on the red carpet. She doesn’t seem like such a bitter pill on screen and comes across as rather innocent and sweet, but maybe that’s down to her acting ability. We don’t have photos of her from inside the event, but JustJared does and she looks just as haughty there. Here she is in Gucci gracing us with her presence. I don’t think she pulls off this look, she’s giving me Black Swan meets Norma Desmond vibes, but with a little humor she might have. Goodwin is shown with her boyfriend and “Once Upon a Time” costar, Josh Dallas.

I love Jennifer Morrison but I have to say she looks a little Botoxy squinty here. I think it’s the combination of her hairstyle and black-rimmed eyes. That eye makeup trend really needs to go away, heavy black liner on the membranes of eyes only makes eyes them look smaller. You know who she looks like here, Bar Refaeli. That’s not a bad thing at all, they’re both lovely women. We might assume that Morrison’s bizarre pantshuit is Gucci, but I can’t get a definite ID on it. She’s got an amazing figure but this black suit is not that great. At first I thought it was a cutout dress, but it has pants and the stripe across the front is covered with a sheer white material that continues along the back. Morrison was also there with her “Once” costar, Sebastian Stan, whom she’s said to be dating.

Photo credit: Brian To/WENN.com

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  1. eileen says:

    I love Ginnifer-but she needs a new stylist asap! That whole thing is NOT good. And the rumor is that her dude cheated on her-I hope not!
    RachelEW looks stunning. That dress is perfect for her.
    I wish Amy A would not always be SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE all the time. But she is adorable-can’t hate.

  2. SmokeyBlues says:

    ERW has put on some weight in her face, or it just naturally filled out a bit this year. Either way she has gotten even prettier because of it! And on any other woman the length of the dress would have killed me, but she works her legs so well that she pulls it off.

    Goodwin must be trying to look bad. I think she is a beauty but she is constantly fighting the hot, as Michael K would say.

  3. dooliloo says:

    Rachel Wood is a good actress indeed but it’s still odd the whole Bell-Manson-Bell thing rubs me the wrong way… Ah he’s in love eh…

    Goodwin looks like a giant crow.

  4. Eleonor says:

    Jennifer Morrison problem is not the pantsuit, it’s her hair. She should stop with the blonde it washes her out.

  5. LucyOriginal says:

    I think I saw on E! news that Rachel and Bell got their license already, :)

  6. shixa says:

    Whoa, I thought that was a slimmer ADELE for a second in the cover pic!!

  7. SusieQ says:

    I thought ERW was Gillian Anderson when I first saw those pics.

    She and Amy Adams are my standouts for the whole event. I wasn’t impressed with any of the other Gucci dresses – they all seemed so blah.

    Goodwin always looks so sour – you’d think she’d been sucking lemons.

    Jennifer Morrison – botox. Eyebrows are a giveaway.

  8. Nola says:

    At first glance I thought Evan was Nicole Kidman. She looks good but the hair ages her.

  9. Lala says:

    I never knew how much ERW looks SO MUCH like a young Melanie Griffith!!!

  10. shaniqua nunyadambidness says:

    Evan Rachel Wood = Yowsa. Best I’ve seen her look in years. Well done.
    Amy Adams = Weird fit to the dress + uber creepy smile.
    Ginnifer Goodwin = Eyebrows + Blue Steel. Holy hell…take it down a half dozen notches.
    Jennifer Morrison = Bad dress has her looking thick-waisted + eye membrane liner makes me sad.

  11. LadyBird83 says:

    Evan looks AMAZING! Body, hair makeup, perfection.

    Amy is bland as usual. Great dress but on someone else.

    Ginnifer is such a try-hard. Beautiful woman, terrible fashion sense.

    AND other Jennifer is cute but the dress is boring, aren’t cut outs dresses over?

    • Elle says:

      You think bland. I think she is a breath of fresh air. Actual talent. No plastic surgery. Never tries too hard.

      Amy Adams relies on natural beauty and actual talent to get work.

      Imagine that.

  12. judyjudy says:

    Ginnifer’s man is HOT. Woo.

  13. bns says:

    I’m alone here, but I think ERW looks terrible. That hair is godawful. Usually she stands out to me, but she looks really plain here.

  14. Kate says:

    Evan Rachel wood looks like what a 38 year old lady in Cincinnati wears to her junior league ball. Complete with stepford hair.

    She is less than 25 right? And was goth a hot second ago. Wth?

  15. Mia says:

    That last photo of ERW reminds me of Nicole Kidman before she got sooo botoxy.

  16. ladybert62 says:

    I like the first two dresses and I like that very short haircut.

    I hate the two black dresses – awful.

    That woman with the teeth needs to control her smile better – it looks wolfish.

  17. The Original Genevieve says:

    Think ERW looks *gorgeous!!!* in the bronze Gucci…I might have gone with a different colored clutch, though.
    Amy Adams, beautiful perfection!
    Ginnifer Goodwin…total disaster, fashion roadkill. I say this as one of the few people I know who ADORED her orange Gucci and cap-toed orange ankle straps at the Emmys. Truly loved that entire look!!
    Jennifer Morrison, a big “Meh”. Never been a fan, but I guess the dress is ok. To paraphrase Karl Lagerfeld…”I don’t like her face”.

  18. j.eyre says:

    I think ERW looks incredible – maybe the best i have ever seen her. For me, the dress is nice but it’s her face that looks so wonderful
    Amy’s dress is pretty
    I really like Ginnifer’s make-up. The dress is as severe as her look so I can accept it.
    The last one – I am not a fan of her outfit.

  19. mln89 says:

    i think evan’s hair and makeup look great, but the color of the dress washes her out. i also love ginnifer’s makeup, but i don’t think her hairstyle compliments and her dress is atrocious and try hard. as for jennifer morrison, that pantsuit is beyond ugly.

  20. hmm says:

    Ehh, I liked Evan Rachel Wood better when she was doin’ the tired but sexy Lolita thing when she was obsessed with Manson and (I guess you could say) she was Bogarting Dita’s style…

  21. A Fan says:

    Evan Rachel Wood looks good – flattering outfit all the way around.