Kristen Stewart spent Monday at the Four Seasons in LA: why was she there?

Here are some new photos of Kristen Stewart yesterday in LA. She was at the Four Seasons… maybe for a business meeting? Does Kristen Stewart do business meetings in skinny jeans, a crop top and a baseball cap? Perhaps. She might wear that to business meetings so that producers and directors absolutely know what they’re getting when they hire her. In which case, those producers and directors should run screaming. More likely Kristen was doing some press in advance of the limited release of On the Road, which comes out in December (at least according to IMDB). Or maybe she was at the hotel to meet a married lover on the downlow? Hahaha. It’s funny because the lesson she learned is “don’t bang married dudes in your Mini Cooper.” And this is totally what she would wear for a downlow “momentary indiscretion”.

There are some random Twihardy stories going around this week, none of which I think are particularly notable or true. The Sun claims that Kristen won Sparkles back by making him a video montage about how much she loved him – I seriously doubt that. And Hollywood Life/New Magazine claims that Kristen and Rob are going to spend Thanksgiving in Australia because why not?

After a turbulent few months, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reportedly plan seal their reunion with a romantic trip to Australia — once they’ve completed their promotional tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2 this November, of course.

This will be their first vacation together since Kristen’s affair with Rupert Sanders came to light. This trip could be exactly what the couple needs, as Rob still has trust issues with Kristen. A source tells new! magazine that Rob, 26, and Kristen, 22, “have been talking about spending Thanksgiving together next month, ideally with her family in Australia. [Kristen] wants things back on track as quickly as possible.”

Just last week, Rob was in Australia to promote the latest Twilight film, but his trip was brief and it seems that he wishes to return for a longer vacation. And if this trip is a success, Kristen and Rob plan to make their reunion even more permanent, as they wish to move in together in Kristen’s Los Feliz home.

The source adds: “There’s talk that they will be home together again with their beloved dog Bear in LA by Christmas, but at Kristen’s new four bedroom home. They want to give it another go and try living in her house for a while.”

The source also adds that “the thing with them both going forward is that they want to have as many holidays and as much low-key time together as possible”.

[From Hollywood Life]

Haha, imagine flying all the way to Australia just to get dumped. I WISH that would happen. Make Kristen go on some grueling 12-hour flight and then send her a singing breakup telegram at the Sydney airport. Sigh… as much as I hope that Sparkles & K-Stew aren’t together by Christmas, I think we need to prepare ourselves, Team Rob girls.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. aims says:

    Because any stories of she and rob,being back together is total bullshit. She needs a place to crash, not bathe, rarely eat and sit on the sofa, biting her lip thinking about how the world failed her.

  2. T.C. says:

    If this is another hookup well at least she’s using a hotel this time.

  3. Lipsy says:

    OK, even in a stupid hat and sunglasses, her face is exquisite.

    • Lizzie says:

      I think Kristen and Emma Watson have the most amazing skin. Jealous.

    • Janet says:

      Oh please, there is nothing remotely attractive about her. She has good skin and she makes up well but that’s it. Her chin is too long and she has dull, expressionless eyes.

      • gg says:

        In your opinion.

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think she is very pretty and I love her chin.

      • Boo says:

        Those two front rabbity teeth annoy me.

      • dc291 says:

        I compare her chin to Leno’s. and I don’t think her skin is all that good. It looks greasy most of the time – similar to her hair. I’ve seen better looking young women in the Walmart photos.

      • giddy says:

        Yep. Dead eyes. No expression. Remote. It’s said that eyes are the window into the soul. Her eyes are “soul-less”.

      • The Original Genevieve says:

        I actually think KS is gorgeous, if she’d lose the attitude.

        But I love the thread’s caption. Because anytime KStew is spotted at a hotel without RPatz, she absolutely MUST be cheating on him!! *major eye roll*

    • Me says:

      Her face is exquisite? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Look at her pics in HQ and see her ugly skin.

    • Eleonor says:

      Hi Rupert!

    • wild flower says:

      I love that she’s wearing flats instead of stilettos with her jeans.

    • Bec says:

      Lipsy are you high?
      Her face is the epitome of true dysphemistic casting. What an obnoxious woman. The timbre of her voice & the sneers on her face seems to have been specifically chosen by the twi exec’s for its ability to stimulate bile production and unfettered rage in humans.
      Just saying!!

    • Molly says:

      She was gorgeous in Into the Wild. But now her buck teeth are weird and she is too pale.

  4. cara says:

    I want to confiscate her hat collection and mandate hair-washing. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t want to look like every other Hollywood clone but there are ways to do it besides looking both obnoxious and dirty…

    • Me says:

      What? She is a Hollywood clone. She is a famewhore like Lindsay Lohan. Both are the same shit.

    • CTgirl says:

      Here’s something to consider . . . If KS thinks that it’s OK to go out with dirty hair and in dirty clothes for the world to see, how clean do you think the rest of her is, especially those naughty bits and especially that funk combined with her super special Florabotanica? Makes you understand why people who work with cadavers put vapo-rub on their upper lip to negate any chance of catching a whiff.

    • Jan says:

      She doesn’t look dirty and that is beyond silly to say it. But she could lose the backward cap and the side swept hair. Wear it in a pony tail at least and we get the cap..a tribute to Rob but she is 22, not 13. Would be nice to see her acting her age in her skinny jeans.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      If Miss Stewart hopes to gain more product endorsements in the future she needs to quit appearing in public looking unkempt. Dressing for success is an integral part of business and Hollywood is a business first. Anyone who thinks otherwise is lying to themselves.

  5. marie says:

    ha ha, for the video montage was Celine Dion’s “Because You Love Me” playing in the background-that would have been awesomely cheeserific..

    Seriously though, why would they move in together when they just live a couple house down from each other? (come on stalkers help me out, they live close to each other right?)

  6. Audrey says:

    She is just standing there, I don’t understand how she is offending anyone in this photo. Jeez…

  7. SmokeyBlues says:

    Who. Cares.

  8. Get a clue says:

    Way to stay looking trashy Kstew!

  9. debs says:

    lawd, she looks like an idiot.

    That mention of their “first trip together since the reconciliation” made me realize…did they ever go on vacations together before? I don’t recall any pics of them vacationing in Hawaii or Venice or whatever. The only one I can think of is the pics of them on vacation for NYE…with all of his friends. They’re a weird couple. I feel like they never go out just the two of them.

  10. bns says:

    For a Rupert reunion? I’m assuming she’s learned her lesson about sex in public.

  11. lisa2 says:

    Maybe she was there for an interview ahead of her movie release.

    Most celebs do interview in hotels and photoshoots.

    just saying

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      Young lady, what were you thinking posting reasonable explanations like that? Don´t you know that only hate and shaming go in Kristen´s comment section? I´m embarrassed for both of us! Now sit down and educate yourself on how to n-o-t use your brain.

    • Robin says:

      Absolutely agree – she’s gearing up for a big movie release and that’s probably where the press junkets are held. Styling and make up are done on site.

      But that’s not very interesting, is it?

    • T.C. says:

      She’s not the star of the film and the main actors are no where to be seen. They wouldn’t be interviewing just the side supporting actress.

      • Paige says:

        I am not a big fan of twilight but how is she not the big star of the film the twihards scream for the guys but Kristen is Bella Swan she is the main character in the books and the movies are told from her view. That’s like saying Daniel Radcliffe was a supporting character in Harry Potter or Tobey Maguire was supporting in Spider-man. Even if I don’t like a person I’m not delusional. @ Lisa2 there isn’t any common sense on the site just hate. That has to be the most normal thing i’ve seen on any of these Kristen Stewart threads.

      • T.C. says:

        @Paige: Kaiser was talking about her showing up at the hotel for the movie On The Road interviews. I am not delusional. Sam Riley is the star of the film followed by Garrett Hedlund. Kstew is a supporting character not the star. I read the book in high school maybe you should read it some time.

    • debs says:

      I’m sure she’s there for some business reason. Doesn’t change the fact that she looks like a skanky tool. It actually might make it worse.

    • dc291 says:

      Yeah, because multi-million dollar “stars” show up for interviews and photo shoots in a shirt that looks like a hooker on a street corner wouldn’t wear – long in front and cut short in back – hmm – did she tear the bottom part of the shirt off to use as a dust rag then realized she needed to leave for an important interview and that’s the only thing she could find?

    • dc291 says:

      Yeah, because multi-million dollar “stars” show up for interviews and photo shoots in a shirt that looks like a hooker on a street corner wouldn’t wear

      • Ann says:

        No, but multi million dollar stars do show up at the hotel that way, and get dressed/made up in their suite with the assistance of their stylist, makeup artist, etc.

    • dc291 says:

      long in front and cut short in back – hmm – did she tear the bottom part of the shirt off to use as a dust rag then realized she needed to leave for an important interview and that’s the only thing she could find?

    • dc291 says:

      long in front and cut short in back hmm did she tear the bottom part of the shirt off to use as a dust rag then realized she needed to leave for an important interview and that’s the only thing she could find?

    • dc291 says:

      long in front and cut short in back hmm did she tear the bottom part of the shirt off to use as a dust rag then realized she needed to leave for an important interview and that’s the only thing she could find.

  12. Linda says:

    She is starting to piss me off so much! I get a really skeevy vibe from her now, looking at her is like looking at Kany West, or John Mayer, total douches.

    • Lauren says:

      You can see she’s just a natural born slut with no remorse. And she is skeevy.

      • Riana says:

        LMAO! Wow…her comment sections NEVER fail…

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:


      • taxi says:

        Huh? No exposed nipples or butt crack, no crotch shots. If you think this is “slutty” do you even have a word for the women who do show those body parts?

      • gg says:

        It’s clear to me she should tattoo her forehead with a giant warning, just to edify those who don’t automatically know that she is a walking toxic hotbed of gross. :roll:

        I mean really. Get somebody who actually deserves all the hate. Chris Brown, for instance.

      • Ann says:

        Yes! You can see from a photo of a 22 year old wearing jeans, a tshirt and sneakers that she is a slut! What 22 year olds wear such things? When I was 22, I wore…oh, wait.

      • geekychick says:

        Vow, I hope you’re just trolling. Cause if you’re not, it’s a sad reality you live in, if you think you can “recognize” a “slut” (and categorize!), no matter you never met the person. This kind of derogatory terms you used just make sane people think less of your opinion.

  13. Lauren says:

    Look how trashy she looks in see through shirt cut above navel, tight jeans and hookups in hotels now. She is scuzzy.

  14. Crazy Hiddlestoner says:

    Idg the hate. She looks cute.

    • Me says:

      Looks cute? LOL She is a stupid homeless. Looks like an idiot.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Yeah, let´s use “homeless” as an insult. Even Justin Timberlake and his rich friends think that it´s classy to make fun of those, right?

        [sarcasm off]

      • Ann says:

        I see. So “stupid” and “homeless” go hand in hand? Someone who wears jeans must be homeless? Or stupid? Get a grip.

  15. lilah says:

    Ever since she got caught f’ing Sanders she’s been dressing trashier and sluttier than normal.

    I honestly believe she’s learnt nothing from that whole scandal. She’ll still play the victim and I’m so honest angle

    • Get a clue says:


    • gg says:

      What do you want her to do, dear? What would make you happy?

      The way she’s dressed is the polar opposite of “trashy”. She’s dressed like a boy, ffs.

      • Ann says:

        LOL. How many boys do you know who wear sheer tshirts over black bras? While I don’t care for that look myself, it seems to be a fashion trend and is an in thing among young actresses. I’ve seen a number of them wearing similar recently.

      • honeybee says:

        “What do you want her to do, dear? What would make you happy?”

        Maybe get into her stinky cave and never come out?

      • gg says:

        I think it’s a safe bet that’s not going to happen since she’s about to do massive amounts of promo all over the world.

  16. Annie says:

    Dear LORD with the backwards baseball caps. She looks so stupid with them.

    You’re almost 23!!! What are you doing.

    • Janet says:

      ^^ This in spades.

    • giddy says:


      The over-the-top hateful comments by other posters are not insightful or good. But you and Janet have nailed it that Kristen is playing “the game” and thinks this is the way to roll. It’s a choice. And her behavior and sartorial habits are part of it. She’s predicable and boring. Ho-hum.

    • Liv says:

      Yeah, I don’t know either what she’s doing. She looks ridiculous lately. I really liked her style around the time Twilight came out.

  17. A says:

    It’s probably something for On The Road, since it’s apparently showing at AFI Festival and that starts next week in Los Angeles. She really needs to ditch the baseball caps.

  18. Audrey says:

    Wow. I think she is really pretty and she looks great there. I wish I could pull that outfit off! And, I think that relationship with RPatz is all PR. The biggest thing that surprised me is that she had an affair with a man. She gives off a lesbian vibe to me.

    • Janet says:

      Why would anyone want to look like that?

      • Audrey says:

        I like her outfit. It’s youthful, she looks great in her jeans, her face works with that hat. I just like the look.

      • Janet says:

        Are you confusing youthful with adolescent? I might like the look on a teenager, but not on a young woman in her 20s.

      • Audrey says:

        Honestly, I don’t think adolescents should wear visible black bras under white t-shirts. I think it’s appropriate for a woman in her early 20s, not a teenager.

      • Janet says:

        Well we will have to agree to disagree.

      • Amory says:

        I agree with Janet – girls in high school try this look when they are trying to look cool and nonconforming (like a black bra under a white t-shirt is so original…).

        To me she just looks cheap and untidy but I also would never describe her as an adult – listen to any interview and you’ll only hear a whiny, self-obsessed teenager.

    • UNF Joan Jett! says:

      “The biggest thing that surprised me is that she had an affair with a man. She gives off a lesbian vibe to me.”

      Lol, I can imagine.

      Everyone: “Kristen had an affair? An affair? An affair? An affair? OMG, an affair? … ”

      Audrey: “With a D-U-D-E??? As… in… ‘man’… dude???”

  19. Caline says:

    She looks great.

  20. BreeinSEA says:

    She tries so hard to look like an effortless badass but she comes across as immature and dirty imo. She’s also pretty tiny… I could snap her in half with my breath! And I will admit I’m jealous of her skin too..

    • Linda says:

      I will admit she does have really nice skin, but thats about it. Everything else about her is average. I also hate the way she dresses, I mean you don’t have to get super dressed up on a regular basis, but seriously it looks like she spends too much time trying her best to look like she doesn’t care.

  21. kingkayski says:

    All Kristen needs to do is just stand there, and like Sandy the frankenstorm of hate just hammers in.She looks cute though.

  22. Sunshine says:

    Really tired of the hate for her. She made a mistake, owned up to it, and that’s that. Let he without sin cast the first stone, right?

    • S says:

      Right? These people act like she strangled their puppies. Sheesh. The writer of the article isn’t much better. I don’t think I’ve ever read a nice article about her, or one without negativity, on here. There are worse people in the world, guys. People who actually deserve your scorn.

      • UNF Joan Jett! says:

        Because it creates controversy >>> which leads to tons of klicks >>> which is the way celibitchy earns money.

      • Jessica says:

        @ KellyinSeattle
        If you are tired of hearing about her why are you on a celebrity gossip site. It’s gotten really old. The jokes are no longer funny just petty and full of hate. Did she strangle someone’s puppies? People get too high strung and angry over a person they don’t know personally and has done nothing personally too them.

    • debs says:

      lol at “owned up to it”. She got CAUGHT. And still lied and insisted they never had sex ever. And blamed him for “luring” her into it.

      Besides her being a cheater is only like #5 on the list of obnoxious qualities she possesses. She’s a nasty, unlikeable person with zero talent.

      • gg says:

        Hm, I don’t recall her blaming Rupert for everything. Link?

      • Sunshine says:

        You’re welcome to your opinion of her. I’m saying the demeaning, demoralizing, and pure hate for this woman is ridiculous. I understand this is a gossip site, but the consistent maligning of this woman is draining. People spew from the mouth when it comes to Kristen Stewart with more vehemence than Kim Kardashian, Kris Kardashian, or Paris Hilton.

    • Linda says:

      Umm…she kind of had to own up to it since you know, there were pictures and stuff proving that she did in fact cheat. I don’t get the whole, “Let’s give her a break since she admitted it!” Would she have admitted it if there were no pictures? Would she have gone to Rob all on her own (without the threat of the pictures looming over head) and admitted to her infidelty to him? I don’t think so.

      • Sunshine says:

        Who knows what would have gone in the privacy of their relationship? Or pseudo-relationship? I just don’t get the pure vitriol for this woman. If you’d rather I rephrase, fine. She got caught, owned up to it, and that’s that. Either way, get over it.

  23. KellyinSeattle says:

    I am soooooooooo tired of hearing about her. I don’t think she’s extraordinary in any way whatsoever.

  24. Adeli says:

    “Haha, imagine flying all the way to Australia just to get dumped. I WISH that would happen. Make Kristen go on some grueling 12-hour flight and then send her a singing breakup telegram at the Sydney airport.”

    Hahahaha, Kaiser you are deliciously evil. Sadly, Sparkles is just too whipped and insecure. Kristen’s armpit syrup is heady stuff.

  25. Julia says:

    And it seems like IFC will mount a best supporting actress Oscar campaign for Kristen’s performance in On The Road.
    Brace yourselves.

    • Me says:

      She is a whore who smokes pot every day. Yes, she deserves an Oscar for making of herself.

      • S says:

        Oh, you must know her. Oh my God, you guys, someone who knows her is commenting!! Ask her anything about Kristen, she’ll tell you. She knows that Kristen’s a whore and smokes pot everyday. SHE’S SEEN IT. Because she KNOWS HER.


      • gg says:

        Hey, I like her even more now.

      • Lizi says:

        I like pot and I dress like a rockerchick and I have piercings and tattoos. am I a whore?

    • honeybee says:

      Watch her stutter/cringe her way through the campaign.

      Good try. She does not have much chance of landing on the final list.
      Oscar is very much about a good ‘image’ and hers is skanky thanks to her mini-coopering.

  26. platynum says:

    I love how some people take what is said about certain actresses as false and others are true because of how you feel about them…….. smh

    • A says:

      This. I also don’t get calling someone a slut or whore in the first place, but it’s terribly ironic that many of the posters who rail on about her in that way turn around and love other actors or actresses that have cheated. She’s been publicly shamed for months and it’s getting old and tiresome.

  27. carrie says:

    she was in Four Season for TWilight’s promotion or On The Road

  28. Malaney says:

    she looks like a complete eejit

  29. platynum says:

    I love how people on this website believe something about someone that they don’t like.

  30. Aria says:

    Oscar and KS in the same sentence? Hell no! She can’t act for God’s sake! Stop trying to make her happen beyond Twilight sh*t!

  31. Amory says:

    If anyone else walked into the Four Seasons looking like that, they would be shown the door. She has no respect and absolutely no taste.

    • Khalesi says:

      have you been the four seasons in beverly hills? it’s really not that classy. plus, with all the industry folks in LA, it’s not uncommon to see showbiz folks in terrible/messy/unattractive clothing

  32. Bobby the K says:

    Never seen her ‘work’ so i can’t say anything about her talent. But i don’t get her appeal, not that attractive, sleepy eyed and seems uninterested in just about everything, uninterested people are uninteresting people.

  33. Ann says:

    I do love to see how ridiculous the KStew posts get, and the rabid response to them. And the lame “sources” that are used for examples (Hollywood Life/New magazine in this case) Let’s break it down, shall we?

    They’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia? Um. Since when do Australians celebrate Thanksgiving? Don’t recall the Pilgrims landing on their shores…

    Kristen did refer in the past to having distant relatives in Australia, but not people that she goes to visit. Now she’s suddenly going to celebrate a holiday (that they don’t celebrate) with them? Um, sure.

    And Rob wishes to return to Australia for a vacation, because he din’t have enough time there? He’s about to spend months there filming a new movie!

    Lord, could we at least find some gossip about them that comes close to sounding real?

    • Riana says:

      Nah, the more baseless the better, that way we can dive right into the bashing without having to focus on pesky details or conflicting facts.

    • another nina says:

      Ann, I generally enjoy your comments but this one was a little try-hard…
      WTF with this Pilgrims’ reference??? How is it even relevant?
      I know that I spend my Thanksgiving in Denmark because this is when I get short vacations (together with the rest of the US population), long enough to visit my mom’s side of the family overseas. And I don’t expect them to greet me in Copenhagen with a turkey corpse… Judging by the same logic – KStew’s mom is from Australia – what’s wrong about visiting her relatives at the time of vacations?
      Rob might stay there post-Thanksgiving for work but might want to go to Perth for a week prior to spending months in the desert (or whatever they call their deserted territories where they plan on shooting “Rover”…) Again, nothing is unreasonable about this assumption.

  34. boredsuburbanhousewife says:

    I just hate the way she dresses. Why can’t she wear cute casual clothes like Gwyneth? Say what you will about her haughtiness, that photo of her, Chris and the kids showed someone dressed in very comfortable but flattering clothes. Other actresses look cute but casual in pap shots as well like Keira or Reese — K always looks like she is deliberating dressing in homeless clothes.

  35. Me says:

    After these last years, don’t you know KStew? When she’s not dressed up by her stylist, she wears always the same uniform, skinny jeans, any shirt even if it belongs to Bobby and the cap. She has NO IDEA how to dress up, nor how to do her hair and she gives a fuck about it.

    She’s not 13, she’s 22 but she’s so beyond these girlish things….She’s all about Honesty and Truth and Balenciaga.

  36. Kosmos says:

    I know that I’m never going to feel the same about her again now that I know how immature and spoiled she really is. There are plenty of young actresses who act appropriately and, by the way, I do not really consider Kristen Stewart to be in the category of good actresses anyway. Let Rob take her back or whatever, she is still out forever in my book. She doesn’t deserve to be honored until she grows up a little and humbles herself a bit.

  37. lisa2 says:

    I’m not a follower of them. But I don’t see how anyone can call her ugly. She is a very pretty girl. And when I see comment about other celebs that are truly average being called beautiful and gorgeous. Well Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I see other women flashing nipples and low cleavage dresses all the time and they don’t get the hate she is getting. I am not by any means jumping to her defense regarding RS. But I think she and Rob are being juvenile regarding their we are now back together. Hiding in the back of cars the same silly stuff they did before. Thing is it will backfire on her because it will be she was all in the open with the director she didn’t love but hides affection with the guy that took her back. I’m reminded of Emma Stone and Andrew. All around the same age. They act like young adults in a relationship. They show affection. they are out and about, but still keep things pretty private. Why Kristen and Rob act like 13 year olds is beyond me. It makes people question the relationship. NO it should not matter, but if they are going to try and be a couple after that scandal they better start changing how they are doing it. If they are in fact a couple then be a couple.Go out in the open hold hands do whatever and just say yes we are together like it our not. It may end some of the craziness is they did that

    I’m bored with the stop looking at us play.

    • AAS says:

      I have gotten increasingly annoyed with her ridiculousness over the past few years- regardless of what she has done or not done with RS or RP- (that is a whole other rant!). It is the whole, “I am so above Hollywood with my earnest artiste vibe- and I’m incapable of behaving professionally in public while doing interviews and appearances for a job because only poseurs do that- and I am so tired of the cameras following me around everywhere because don’t you understand I’m trying to keep the focus on my acting and I refuse to pretend to be a pleasant, polite, human being in public because that is fake and I would never sell out like that. Everyone should just ignore me except for my sincere dedication to the craft of cinema and indie cred. Stop looking at me! Until I want you to. Like when I decide to make commercials to sell perfume. But only because I’m so creatively inspired by the edgy designer Nicholas Ghesquiere and feel a cosmic hipster kinship with him. Cuz I would never sink to hawking anything like other actors do for money and exposure. That would be fake and and I’m so real and can’t be tamed by the establishment. I will act and talk like an ignorant spoiled brat because I’m so genuine I can’t help it. Because it’s all about the art, dude.”

      • Adeli says:

        No lies detected.

      • The Original Mia says:

        No truer words have ever been spoken. Nothing sadder than a try-hard hipster poser.

      • nate says:

        you forgot the part: other talentless actresses can’t act if they cry on command! it’s fake so obviously it’s not genuine. also the make up etc companies will suck the soul out of you but it balenciaga’s florablahblah is sole exception! besides i have no soul to begin with.

    • another nina says:

      Well, I don’t see how anyone can call Kristen pretty. It never ceases surprising me that she managed to become an actress…

  38. hayley says:

    so tired of the stupid backwards hat and “i dont care” clothes. we get it kristen, you’re soooo above hollywood– except youre not, seeing that you slept with your director.

  39. Sumodo1 says:

    Bash her all you want, but KStew as Joan Jett in The Runaways? Brilliant!

  40. Ben says:

    God enough of the I wonders and what ifs with this idiot and her maybe or maybe not boyfriend.

  41. Missykittens says:

    Id just like to ask, what is SO wrong about being average looking? Nobody can help whether they look average or ugly or hot. [Unless you get plastic surgery but that is a different story]. Everyone that is complaining about her not being pretty ~ does that mean she doesn’t deserve a career? Does she deserve to be publicly shamed because she is not pretty enough for you?
    The attitude of some of the comments here are disgusting. Yea yea, the site is called celebitchy… I don’t care!! There are lots of people in the world, some are insanely good-looking, some are less so. But we have perfectly fine individuals here being called ugly. Look at Heidi Montag — Everyone used to bully her “oh her chin is so big it reminds me of leno” >> she went & got plastic surgery and was ridiculed again “she should have just kept her original face she was FINE!” >> ugh… This is bullying and the name of the site doesn’t excuse that. I hope y’all know what you are contributing to. This site is not a secret, anyone can access it and read hurtful comments about themselves (if they are a celeb) or about other people. Many people would read this & think, ‘but if Kristen is ugly, what does that make me?’. I think many of you think that your comments won’t affect anyone else, you feel so powerless that you think ppl are immune to your hurtful words, but that is not true. I have been reading this site for years and there have been so many times that I have been disgusted. Lately there have been a lot of positive & kind comments so I know this won’t fall on completely deaf ears.
    I’m not exempt, I have said some snarky things over the years that perhaps I should have kept to myself. But there comes a point where you have to think about what you are contributing here.

    • another nina says:

      A (very) successful actress in HW is hoped to be attractive and/or talented. Here people express their doubts about Miss Stew.
      I’d say that we are “bullying” HW, not Stew personally. She is just a sad symbol of HW’s mediocrity. And HW is anyway laughing all the way to the bank. So, please leave us alone, go preaching somewhere else :)

  42. Mary says:

    I just watched the “the forgotten” video of Greenday with Twlight in it. Now more than ever am convinced that they’ve gotten back together because of this movie. The box office strength of this movie lies on fans watching it more than 3x . With the kind of sweetness being sold in the film, no one would see it twice if they know the stars cheated on the other. Well…perhaps the Twihards….

    • honeybee says:

      I hope what you are saying is true.
      I would rather Rob be the savvy businessman who doesn’t shy away from a little PR game to taking her back as his gf.

      So far I cannot bring myself to see any of the clips.
      1. The movie by itself is annoying
      2. Can’t watch these two together doing the kissing/sex etc without grimacing.

  43. MJsinAustin says:

    she looks stinky

  44. Genevieve says:

    I don’t get it. Why does anyone care?

    • JS says:

      I dunno. Why do gossip sites exist? Why do people post comments on them? What IS the meaning of life anyway?

      All questions for the pub IMO!

  45. Dani says:

    Looks like she has a case of the JLO. Why can’t these disgustingly rich and somehow successful woman buy age appropriate clothing??? Is it that hard for Kristen to go into Top Shop and buy a decent pair of skinny jeans and a casual blouse? I’ve seen mothers of 5+ look more put together.

    • AAS says:

      But putting any kind of ‘look’ together would, heaven forbid, indicate that she cared what people thought of her- and she is just so far above that. Making an effort is fake, and Kristen is soooo real, and if we forget that she makes sure to remind us in all kinds of ways…

  46. crizomar says:

    woaa all are Rob fans and this is what they think of him,lier pretntious.,ten times false ,because they all saw those pictures of him with her how can you say he dont care for her,nobody tell him[if he is aman,real man] to do what he dont want to do he dont have to be with her HE WANTS TO BE W/Kristen so keep putting him very low in his life w/your comments,let everybody knows how bad he is,fans? ha ha ha ha

  47. muppet_barbershop says:

    Actually… the video montage wouldn’t surprise me that much. She wants desperately to become a director.

  48. Amelia says:

    Why is it that no one is following the married guy around.