Does Kim Kardashian have another sex tape & is it being sold for $30 million?

Here are some photos of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian (and Jonathan Cheban) in Miami on Monday. I didn’t get around to posting these pics yesterday because I really didn’t have much to say about them – I mean, I actually think Kim looks pretty good here. She’s not wearing leather jodhpurs or anything horrible like that. This skirt-and-blouse combo is something I would totally wear. I’m not totally in love with the boots, but I don’t hate them either. Oh, and I don’t know what in the prairie hell Kourtney is wearing – WTF?!

Anyway, in gross Kardashian news of the day, there’s a story circulating that Kim is the star of yet another sex tape. This one is old – so old that it probably features some of Kim’s original face, and Kim’s alleged partner is Ray J, yet again. Apparently, someone is trying to sell this second sex tape for a whopping $30 million. For real? For $30 million, I would probably have on-camera sex with Ray J. Or Kim.

Kim Kardashian rose to fame on the back of a sex tape she made with the hip hop star Ray J, parlaying her infamy into a reality show, product endorsements, and other ventures that have netted her and her family millions of dollars, as well as scores of tabloid covers.

Now it looks like she may be returning to her sex tape roots.

The Daily Star reports that another video of Kardashian and Ray J is on the market for 19 million pounds — that’s over $30 million.

“It’s definitely Kim in the video,” a source told the paper. “And it’s even raunchier than her last one. There are all kinds of eye-popping moments.”

Kardashian did not authorize the release her first video, but reportedly ended up reaching a settlement in which she received millions in profits from its distribution. However, now that she is a household name for reasons other than being in a porn video, the star says she is not happy with news another tape is making the rounds, and is seeking to block its sale.

Kardashian is also dating rapper Kanye West, and the Star says she is worried another sex tape could jeopardize their relationship.

[From Fox News]

I wouldn’t put it past Ray J, Kim or Kris Jenner to find a sex tape and immediately try to sell it to the highest bidder. Who do you think it was? Probably Ray J… but Kris Jenner will ensure that Kim gets her “cut” of the profits, I’m sure. That is, if this is true. I don’t doubt that there are more Kim Kardashian sex tapes out there, I just don’t know if someone is currently trying to sell one of them.

And to cleanse your mind of all of that evil, here are some photos of Mercy Kardashian-West. This poor kitty. I want Mercy to come and live with me.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Kim’s Twitter.

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    • thyphoid mary says:

      Who in the right mind, and i emphasize RIGHT MIND, would wear boots while in Florida??!!! Newsflash Kim: it’s not called the “sunshine state” for nothing. The coldest it ever got in Fl when i lived there was mid 50’s to 60’s for ONE week and it was still very sunny and humid…i guess Kim’s brain shrunk with all that himidity…i wish the $30 million went towards a grant for medical research or animal shelters instead of big a$$ pr0n.

  1. virginia5 says:

    why the f would anybody buy a sex tape featuring kim for 30 million dollars! she already has enough money.

    Everybody has sex, so I don’t see what the fuss is about this sex tape.

    • lower-case deb says:

      if i have to pay 30 million dollars for a sex tape, any sex tape. they better be professional porn stars with top of the notch production team!

      btw, why are all the people in the background grinning? those grins are the kind of grins usually reserved for someone with dubious post-its slapped onto their backs or something.

      maybe i’m reading too much into this.


      moving along now.

    • PinkG says:

      Total PR stunt. It’s just the typical, pathetic KrapTrashian way to gain exposure for their sinking show. This family should hang their heads in shame and be embarrassed to show their freak faces in public.

  2. BB says:

    The Daily Star? This is being reported by a British tabloid? Why aren’t any US tabloids reporting this? Probably because it is not true. If another sex tape was being shopped, it would be shopped in the US too.

  3. dooliloo says:

    Had an incredibly disturbing dream about the Kardashed Kim and Khloe. Dreamed that I beat the crap outta Kim in my house and Khloe as I found out they trafficking bags via an uncle I hate very much, that uncle was doing Khloe as a payment. I woke up right when Khloe was crying her eyes out with a bloodied and black eyed face and I was about to kick Kim with my heel aiming at her cheek O_O

    • V4Real says:

      LOL. That’s a hell of a dream; please come true, please come true, please come true. I love hearing that Kim got her ass kicked even if it’s only in a dream.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      I feel for you hon. Any dream w/ Kim (getting her a** kicked or not) has to be such a nightmare.

  4. Bubbling says:

    vintage Kim! yay! Time to get back to that ol’ hustle huh Kimmy? She and Kanye should make delux best of edition, but I bet mama Jenner is already on it…

  5. Gm says:

    Why can’t any of the Kardashians dress??

    God damnit! All that money and not a single stylist were ever hired. Madness! MADNESS!

    • Green_Eyes says:

      Remember Kim was supposed to be a Stylst to the Stars way back when… In her warped mind bet she thinks no one can top her own “fashionista sense”. Bet she tells Khloe & Kourt they look great in their outfits knowing they don’t…in hopes of upstaging them & everyone cooing on how great Kim looks (gag). 😉

    • MsMileHigh says:

      Seriously. The skirt is the wrong size (It’s pulling across the hips) and the sleeves on her shirt are too long.

      Is she allergic to tailors?

    • alyssa says:

      Seriously! It looks like her skirt is on backwards..

    • Msbock says:

      It really is just unreal! I guess countess Luann is right…money can’t buy you class, or in this case taste!

      • echolocate says:

        I think one problem is that she spent her money on her (cl)ass and breasts, both of which are far too large for her tiny frame.

        No amount of tailoring can make an outfit designed for a normal person fit that Frankenbody of hers. She pretty much needs custom tailored clothes, across the board. Ideally, she should spend a day getting a mold done of her body that can be used as a template for future outfits.

        The skirts that fit her waist are too small for her butt; her butt juts out at a weird angle that is unnatural even for women who “got back”; and her breasts demand larger sizes that swamp her otherwise small torso.

        I find it so odd that a person who loves fashion would go so far out of her way to change her body into a shape that would be so hard to fit.

  6. Green_Eyes says:

    No sex tape is worth 30 mill unless the proceeds gets some countries out of debt! Just saying.. As for the outfit.. Like the skirt & blouse, like Kaiser I’d wear it…but in a size that actually FIT! It like everything else she wears is just too tight.
    Love the boots w/ the right outfit…THAT is NOT the right outfit by any means!

  7. lower-case deb says:

    “oh… leave the iphone here! no. no. of course I won’t play with it. definitely not going to FaceTime Choupette with it. go on. go. have fun! break a leg… i mean zipper!”

    “hello? Choupette? what do you mean I sound sad…. of course I am…. i ask for a day of freedom and all i got is a manky gold phone i can’t FaceTime you with….. oh lord have Mercy…. what? i know that’s my name!….. what? play dead? really? will it work?…. seriously?….. btw, when will Uncle Karl come and pick me up? hello? hello!……. oh okay. i guess your manicurist charge by the paw. meow you later!”

    ” effin Choupette and her stupid ideas. ewww. get away from me.”

    • Green_Eyes says:

      Awww! Now that was so purrrfectly cute:)!

    • Amelia says:

      Lol, can you imagine a little kitty mafia of celebrity cats? Choupette of course would be the godfather.
      With that picture of the hair dryer, Mercy just looks like;
      ‘…..da f*ck? Shut up and go get me toona, stoopid hoomin’.

  8. jwoolman says:

    In the first photo, Mercy is trying to remember the emergency number of the ASPCA.

  9. nettie says:

    Sigh. ANOTHER sex tape? Do something else to entertain me.

  10. effy says:

    I think Kourtney’s dress would look nice if it’s knee length.

  11. Mary says:

    Kaiser, I already called dibs on that cat last week so back off! 🙂 Anyway, I realize that Kim isn’t what one would call ‘fat’ but she really needs to dress better for her body type. Because with the way she dresses, she really does look quite chunky and not just in the ass region.
    Why would anyone pay $30 mill for a Kim K sex tape? Ewwwwwwwww to the 1000th power.

  12. JudyK says:

    First, you couldn’t pay me $30 million to “watch” that lowlife. Skin crawling.

    What the hell is Kourtney wearing!!! On her way to film a Western?

  13. dorothy says:

    Gawd, another sex tape? Is your star losing it’s glow? I think the sex tape celebrity thing was only good for a one time ride. Keep the line moving, next celebrity please…

  14. Kim says:

    Don’t care about Kim or sex tape I’m just happy to see Mercy .

  15. Shitler says:

    Because the first one was such a hit?

  16. epiphany says:

    When was that photo of her in the white dress and suede boots taken? I was in Miami last week and it was murderously hot and 90% humidity – that outfit isn’t appropriate for tropical weather.
    And somebody save that kitten before Kanye turns it into a fashion accessory.

  17. LadyBird83 says:

    Pimp Mama Kris has had this one in her back pocket for a while. wonder what’s going on that she would start shopping it? Ratings slipping? Kimye not a popular as they had hoped?

  18. Kimlee says:

    That poor kitty was closing its eyes praying the scary monster lips would go away.

  19. ladybert62 says:

    (1) Both outfits are awful
    (2) Wonder what her boyfriend thinks about this one?
    (3) Poor Mercy – she looks like she needs someone to love her and care for her properly!

  20. Cathy says:

    Wouldn’t waste my time watching the last sex tape. Wouldn’t waste my time or money watching this one either. That whole family is a waste of oxygen.

  21. Jennika says:

    I honestly don’t care anymore, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Kris and Kim are releasing this since their star is diminishing. But if it comes out, please God please, please let that be the final nail in the coffin!!

  22. Eleonor says:

    Everytime I see a photo of Mercy I hear Freddy Mercury’s voice singing “I want to break free”.

  23. judyjudy says:

    Her boots look like they are on backwards.

  24. HotPockets says:

    rumor on the street is that Mercy has her own sex tape with choupette.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      ha ha!
      Mercy looks just like my kitten Cosmo who went missing a few months ago. 🙁

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Kelly, I’m sorry. 🙁

        My silver-point is 11 and inexplicably losing weight. Her body is actually cannibalising itself. Right now I’m feeding her RX food three-to-five times a day; giving her a natural “whole body support” supplement; and TRYING to help her lose weight.

        So when I see THIS BITCH with this miserable-looking kitteh, I just want to cat-nap poor little Mercy. And I can personally guarantee that KK will NEVER find her, because she wouldn’t deign to set foot within a 90 minute one-way drive of where I live! 🙂

  25. Ashar says:

    The lady in the red dress in the background is better dressed than they are.

  26. MST says:

    She is just so tacky, nasty, and trashy. I wonder if any of the Navy Seal Team 6 guys do any freelance work. I would hire one of them to kidnap poor Mercy and bring her home to ME!

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    Mercy’s ruff is looking oily (prob from those toxic kisses) and needs to be brushed.

    Kourtney looks like she’s taken a job at Knott’s Berry Farm.

  28. Anon73 says:

    i have to confess, i actually watched the 1st tape with Kim and RayJ.

    it seemed totally staged !! as in, who has 3-4 different camera angles at their house for a “personal video”.

    also, some of the shots made me wonder if both Kim and RayJ were using body doubles. IE, there was actually no full body angle that made me think THEY were “doing it”.

    lastly, RayJ’s “equipment” looks radically different in various clips of the video. length, size, and the curvature – those who saw the video now what i am talking about. one of the body doubles has a ridiculous “curve” to his piece.

    furthering my thinking, he has a body double for some scenes. … and making me assume Kim does too.

    Net-net : the 1st tape was not a homemade authentic tape. It was a staged porno production that Kim lent her name to to boost her notoriety early in her career climb.

    • Ming Lee says:

      i have never seen the tape. never wanted to. but now you have me curious with these comments… i’ve always thought every move made by kim is a pre-planned move made by her mother, kris. and i wouldn’t put it past these two to figure out some sort of crazy PR way to get kim’s name in the press.
      her bff jonathan has admitted on camera before to calling up the paps and putting a diamond on kim’s finger to suggest she was engaged to reggie… so a faked sex tape isn’t a stretch.

  29. Brat says:

    I read it has the pee scene in this one.
    Seems like she trying to outdo Kayne even if it means having new scenes of her sex tape released.

  30. Sarah says:

    Who would pay that much for a Kim Kardashian sex tape? The last one was effing boring! My 84 year old nan has hotter moves in bed.

  31. Anna says:

    Free Mercy!

  32. Dahlia1947 says:

    I feel so bad for that kitten.

  33. Jana says:

    I’m fairly certain Kim’s skirt is on backwards….kickpleats are typically in the back.

  34. e.non says:

    that poor kitteh… she actually looks depressed; and you know she’s playing asleep hoping that skank will quickly lose interest and put her down.

  35. MediaMaven says:


  36. Ms. Candy says:

    That cat looks fine and so adorable especially how mercy just look down at that thing. Like wth is that…
    No comment on anything else

  37. Ms. Candy says:

    Sorry if it seems I double posted keep getting message post failed

  38. Rhiannon says:

    I am a Kim and my last initial is a k. I hate her for the fact that every day I see a post saying Kim k is a fat-assed whatever. She ruins my day.

  39. Laura says:

    Mercy is so filthy because her poor coat is covered in lip-gloss and foundation.

  40. Carolyn says:

    When I see Kim photographed with one of her sisters I think “there goes dumber & dumber”. Zzzzz. Ratings must be slipping for rumours of a sex tape to surface. I smell desperation.

    Maintain the rage. Stop buying their krap products. Stop watching their krap show.

  41. linder says:

    Is Kim’s skirt on backwards?? It sure looks like it is.