Kelsey Grammer’s long winded defense of bringing his baby to a Playboy party

Yesterday we heard that Kelsey Grammer had brought his three month-old daughter, Faith, with him to the Playboy Mansion Halloween party, where the infant slept in a bassinet while music blared. Reports varied as to whether Kelsey’s wife, Faith’s mom Kayte, was there with him, although Kelsey’s rep claimed she was in a statement defending his client’s parenting. Kelsey’s rep told The Daily MailI am not sure why this is a story. People have taken their infant children out with them since the beginning of time They didn’t stay long, and left before it got too noisy.” That should be the end of this story, and Kelsey should let it die down and leave the news cycle, which it would have done if he wouldn’t have issued yet another freaking statement. I wish this royal tool would give it a rest. Here’s what he told E!

“Kayte is breast-feeding and we do not have a nanny or a trusted babysitter at this time, so Faith goes everywhere with us,” Grammer said in a statement to E! News Tuesday. “We enjoyed the party with a few of our friends, the baby slept as her ears were covered the entire time and we left shortly after midnight.”

Other than that, the Boss star added, Kayte went as a witch—”her hat was missing as she had removed it because her wig was itching and it was hot”—and he managed “an uninspired Dracula” costume.

Judging by a photo snapped at Hef’s bash of Faith fast asleep in her carrier, she just went as a baby.

“We enjoyed the evening. We love our child,” Grammer concluded. “Kayte is my wife and lady love (who is 31 and goes by the name Kayte Grammer, by the way, not Walsh). The world is round. All our eyes are blue. Happy Halloween and Cock-a-doodle-doo!”

[From E! Online]

Wait there’s more! Of course there is. TMZ has more of Kelsey’s statement, which included “The baby slept as her ears were covered the entire time and we left shortly after midnight.” (TMZ has a photo of the baby at the party and there’s no obvious cover on her head or ears, but that’s not the point.) Give it a rest already. Don’t give so many stupid unnecessary details. I’m not ragging on Kelsey for bring his baby to a loud adult party (I did that yesterday), today I’m ragging on him for not shutting up about it. And what the hell was that at the end? It was a really lame rhyme meant to be funny and failing miserably.

Kelsey is shown filming on 10-22-12 and stumping for Romney in Nevada on 10-27. Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. bea says:

    God forbid you stay home if you can’t find a sitter.

    I’m sure thumping music, cig smoke and drunken bimbos tripping over the car seat all night long is actually good for a baby.

    His next appearance should be on teen mom!

  2. mst says:

    He is a creep. And how many times has he been married? Some family values!

  3. Ella says:

    He doesn’t even realise normal mothers and fathers don’t take their newborn babies to Playboy parties.

  4. says:

    Oh her ears were covered? I guess they make total noise blocking headphones for infants?

    Senile idiot.

    • Erica says:

      They do. I have some for my daughter. My pediatrician recommended them for a football game we were going to.

      • Kat says:

        Damn. I was going to invent them after reading this story. Every time I have a good idea there’s already someone with a patent on it.

  5. dooliloo says:

    Halloween party at the Heff mansion is more important than staying at home with your baby… Nope, not selfish at all… And I highly doubt he couldn’t afford to find a temporary nanny, now please…

  6. Kim says:

    I guess they have no friends who can watch their baby for a few hours because Kelsey is new to the area. Oh I forgot he has lived in LA for thirty years.

  7. V4Real says:

    This has nothing to do with this article but is more related to the Steven Tyler post. I really don’t like this man. I’m not a fan of his ex-wife Camille either but at least it wasn’t her rumored to be cheating it was him. Why on earth does this man believe that his 31 year old wife is with him because she’s honestly in love with him. She’s in it for the money Kelsey. She’s a former flight attendant who through Kelsey is being afforded the lifestyle and privelege she only dreamt of living. He’s no more than a sugar daddy to her. I’m sure deep down inside he knows that. He should not be surprised when she leaves him for a much younger man, taking the baby and his money with her.

  8. smartyparty says:

    why did he feel the need to mention that his “lady love” is only 31? Why did he feel the need to make a dumb, pointless rhyme? Why did he feel the need to RUIN any possibility that I would enjoy Frazier reruns for the rest of time? WHYYYYYY???

  9. Kelly says:

    Okay, I don’t really care that he took the baby. I wouldn’t have done it, but that’s his business. However, the tweet about the baby being there (the one from the Playmate) was sent at 1.45 am, so he did not leave “shortly after midnight.”

    The worst part of this, of course, is that now Grammer will have to do a new round of interviews to talk about this.

    • Jay says:

      The *one* thing I see as a total nonissue is the time. At 3 months, day or night really means very little to a baby. They sleep in 2-3 hour bursts. Beyond that I don’t know what a Playboy party is like noise-wise. A long time ago we took our then 6 month old to an office Christmas party at a restaurant where he spent most of his time in a car seat. Restaurants aren’t quiet, but it’s just a bunch of white noise.

  10. grabbyhands says:

    Gross. He managed to make being at a Playboy mansion party even tackier, which I didn’t think was possible.

  11. Cody says:

    Hey Kelsey,when we can’t find a babysitter, my husband and I just don’t go out. Sometimes, we both have gone alone to a social event and the other one stays at home to watch the kids. Yes, I have missed some good parties, movies, dinners out, plays and social gathering with friends. But that is life.

    • Theresa says:

      Funny you should mention that… Can you imagine Kayte’s response to her aging hubby’s announcement “Imma going to the Playboy Mansion for their Halloweenie Partay!”
      “No you’re not”
      “Yes I am!”
      “No you’re not!”
      “Yes, I am!”
      “Well Imma coming too!” (in her posh Brit accent)
      “No, you’re gonna stay home with the babee!”
      “No, you stay at home with the baby!”
      “Fine! Imma coming and so will the babee!”
      “No you won’t!”
      “Yes I will!”
      “What will everyone think??”
      “I don’t care! Imma not gonna have you drunk and slobbering all over a bunch of naked blondes while I’m not there!”
      “Fine, you wanna come, come! I don’t care! I don’t care! Bring the f**kin babee I don’t care!”

      Cut to today. Kelsey, happily married, doing what comes naturally to all happily married couples; issuing press releases explaining their baby’s attendance at a Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion. Welcome to Hollyweird, population 2.5!

  12. Kesha says:

    Why didn’t one of them OR both stay home?

    Was there really a point if they couldn’t even stay that long…

    Also well done Kelsey getting Kayte to dress up as Camille, then doubling the insult by saying no! It was a WITCH i.e. Camille is a plastic surgery Witch, HAHAHA we get it, so WITTY Kelsey…Not at all obssessed…Some might even say it was clever and cute, not at all pathetic and loser-ish 🙂

  13. carol says:

    s e r i o u s D U M B ***

  14. carol says:

    that is D U M B A$$

  15. Cathy says:

    You don’t take a 3 month old to partys. Family gatherings yes. But a party at the playboy mansion? That’s stupid to the highest degree. Do what most parents do if they don’t have a babysitter….STAY HOME.

  16. shewolf says:

    I really dont see the problem. Did they just stick the kid under a tree and get wasted? If it was something as simple as getting out of the house for a few hours because you were going stir crazy with your breastfed newborn (Ive had two and you do bonkers staying inside not being a part of humanity)… then whats the big deal? Fake boobies around a baby?! How awful. Slutty costumes? Oh dear. I dont think people were exactly swinging off the chandeliers or anything.

    • MG says:

      It’s like taking your baby to a night club…that’s just a no-no. There are more baby appropriate places to go if you’re going stir crazy.

    • Sweet Dee says:

      Someone didn’t get out much onto the partying scene when they were young. Do you think fake boobs and sluts are the worst part of a playboy party? I was thinking it was spilled alcohol, drunk tripping girls, cocaine, and of course the famous orgies. There’s syphilis and cigarette butts everywhere. Loud music is terrible for an infant’s developing eardrums. I don’t have a kid so I’ll be selfish forever, but even I know better than that.

    • kim says:

      So here’s the problem. The reason this chafes is that this is so not what the baby needs, this is what the parent’s need (to go out, relax, whatever). See, when you do that, you make sure that your baby is cared for and where she can get her needs met (more quiet, lower stimuli, less disturbing environment) so that your baby doesn’t have to be affected negatively when you are getting your (important) needs met.

      The other problem, is that they can actually walk away and forget about the baby (now I am assuming because the baby looked pretty alone in that picture) in the middle of that chaotic environment. Do you really put it past the people in the Playboy mansion to not mess with the baby in some way–those people are so evolved and mature? The real problem is they are so selfish and narcissistic that they aren’t preoccupied enough with that baby to either set aside their needs for the night or ensure the babies needs are met before they go out to meet theirs….

  17. claire says:

    He’s such a douche, my gawd. The pics I saw they weren’t even with the baby. The baby(in carrier) was just stuck on a couch somewhere with drinks sitting all around it. (I’m not sure of baby’s gender) Also, what was up with Katye’s costume? Did she get a nose job? Or was she really not a witch and was making fun of Beverly Hills women?(i.e., Camille)

  18. carrie says:

    i defend them:i know many people who go out with their newborn kids everywhere.
    It’s not because you have a newborn kid that you can’t have a social life.They didn’t go in a crackhouse and the baby probably slept all time and totally in safe

    • Kat says:

      Hmm…I thought the Playboy Mansion WAS a crackhouse. I don’t have a problem with people taking their babies with them everywhere (except to the movies – for GOD’S sake, please don’t do that unless it’s a matinee and you’re sitting right by the door in case it cries!) But I doubt your friends take their newborns to places crawling with drugs – which the PM undoubtedly is. Or maybe they do. I don’t know.

  19. TrustMeOnThis says:

    Yuck! How stupid can you be?
    I had someone bring an infant to a late night party at my place and we had to ask them to leave. How is a party more important than caring for your BABY?

  20. Minnie says:

    That first picture with his tongue half sticking out is disgusting. Dirty old man! Ugh

  21. fabgrrl says:

    It would be fine if they had taken the baby with them, and let her sleep in a quiet room in the mansion. They could have taken shifts with her, or brought a sitter with them, to alert Kayte when she needed to be fed. Perfectly acceptable, provided they arranged with the mansion staff before hand. But do no put the baby out where there is loud music and drunk, uncoordinated strangers!

  22. Grace says:

    Um, Kayte may have been a “witch”, but the picture the mail has makes it look like she was dressed as Camille Grammar. Having you current wife dress up as your “witch” of an ex-wife, whose home she wrecked? Keep it classy, Kelsey.

  23. Susie Q says:

    The shortened version: My wife married me for my name, my money and where I could take her. The baby doesn’t scream nearly as loud as she does when she doesn’t get her way so we went to the party. I’m starting to think she didn’t marry me out of love..

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    A thought: Anything the same grinding volume as a garbage disposal is capable of damaging an ADULT’S hearing. What does one think booming music does to an infant’s? (To say nothing of the cig smoke, drunk people tripping over the baby seat, and exposure to as-yet-undiagnosed STDs.)

    On another note, someone said on yesterday’s thread (which I didn’t read until last night) something along the lines of he/she didn’t understand why Kelsey got so much hate, because he was a great actor.

    Allow me to enlighten: As an ACTOR, he is stellar. He is very, VERY good. He’s been good in everything I’ve ever seen. And I really, really used to like him. I even felt bad for him, with his addictions and failed marriages (this was pre-Camille). But he is a LOUSY husband, father, and human being.

    I will continue to enjoy his performances, but there will always be a “this guy is SUCK a DICK”-type thought in the back of my head whilst doing so.

  25. Nancito says:

    Kelsey Grammer must be one of the greatest actors of all time because his persona on Cheers & Frasier was one of a wonderful, mildly neurotic guy. But, his real life persona is one of a complete and total jerk.

  26. Guest says:

    “which it would have done if he wouldn’t have issued yet another freaking statement.” HUH? Don’t you mean “if he HADN’T” issued yet another…” Editing on this site sucks the big one. BTW, every day is only one word if it’s used as an adjective. Blogger doesn’t know proper English!

    • maneki neko says:

      Oooooh burn!

      YOU ARE SO COOL! Correcting grammatical errors, insulting the editing and the blogger all in one fell swoop. Whew you must be exhausted. Do you have a fan club or something I could join so that I can grow up to be you one day?

  27. Holly Hobby says:

    I liked him in the Cheers/Fraiser years. ..when he didn’t do much press. What the heck happened to him? Is it the naughty stewardess?

  28. Muffy says:

    I can’t stand him. and I love the we don’t have a trusted babysitter comment, yeah, cause your child is too precious to leave with just anyone, especially if you don’t have a sitter and have to be somewhere, important, like a party at Hef’s house.

  29. Dorothy says:

    Losers, both of them.

  30. Chloeeee says:

    Did anyone else the detect any slight off colored tones in saying “all of our eyes are blue”? Just me?

  31. The Wizz says:

    Oh come on, have we all become that conservative that we believe having a baby means you can’t go to a party ever again. For those who are parents on here, surely you’ve taken your baby to a party, or a pub, or a very loud sports gave sometime in the past! As a celeb his parties just happen to be at the Playboy mansion….

    • TrollyDolly says:

      Jaze, my parent’s threw wild and wonderful parties in my childhood home when I was but a babe in arms…I have been to many a friend’s parties when they had a baby in a bassinet…LIGHTEN UP PURITANS! While Europe parties and relaxes, you’re all too busy fighting about feck all online.