People Mag: Taylor Swift dumped Conor Kennedy, not the other way around

In the initial reporting of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy’s breakup last week, both Radar and Us Weekly made it sound like Conor dumped Swifty… over the phone. Allegedly, Conor was super-freaked-out by Swifty’s “OMG I LOVE YOU” thing, and he called it quits. What was interesting was that Us Weekly first reported it – and Us Weekly is Swifty’s tabloid of choice for the most part. And considering Swift didn’t come out and specifically confirm or deny the report directly, most people just took Us Weekly at its word. Now People Magazine is reporting their own version of the breakup story, and their sources claim Taylor did the dumping…?

Looks like Taylor Swift will have some fresh material for her next album! The pop star, 22, and beau Conor Kennedy, 18, are over, sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The pair, who enjoyed a whirlwind summer romance frolicking through Hyannis Port, Mass., showing several public displays of affection, split a while ago.

“His friends have said it’s over,” says a source at his school, the Deerfield Academy, adding, “I have the feeling she ended it.”

It’s a bummer since Swift even got the stamp of approval from Conor’s grandma, Ethel Kennedy, who called the starlet, “spectacular.”

In August, a source told PEOPLE Swift was “swept off her feet” by her then-boyfriend.

But Swift’s busy schedule could have made things difficult. She’s currently promoting her new album, Red, performing at the Country Music Awards Thursday, will co-host the Grammy nomination concert, and just announced a 2013 tour.

[From People]

Conspiracy theories aside, I could actually believe that Taylor did the dumping… over the phone. And maybe because she had a cute, age-appropriate ginger on the side, maybe? Swifty does seem like the type to prepare a jumpoff before she calls it off with a dude.

Also: Swifty performed on Dancing With the Stars last night. I don’t really get why people are talking about this performance like it’s groundbreaking or hella good or anything. This is basically the same performance she gave at the VMAs!

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57 Responses to “People Mag: Taylor Swift dumped Conor Kennedy, not the other way around”

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  1. tru tru says:

    not beleiving it, this chick was totally consumed with him and his family.

    her PR is too late and some of us will not be beleiving this spin.

    will she still be his neighbor???creepy chick

    going to weddings she was not invited to, hope he finds a normal girl at school his own age.

    • thyphoid mary says:

      Really, I don’t care, i still like Swifty a geat deal. Swiftie’s songs may be cheesy but i give her credit for writing her own lyrics and finding a temporary niche in tween and teen markets. She doesn’t go around in slutty outfits, making sex tapes of every man she screwed to get up the ladder…cough…unlike kim illiterate kardashian..cough…so, let Swifty be, she’s very young and still has a lot to learn, there’s hope for her.

      • Green_Eyes says:

        Your absolutely tight no sex tapes. But an angel she’s not…. She’s the kind I wouldn’t want my daughter around. She’s ever bit as a player, man (boy) crazy, crazy (as in cray cray), and unrealistic in her ways…. She’s just more coy about it, acts like a sixteen yr old in the public eye (yeah very healthy there). She’s always planning her next song or collection for albums calculating who her next mismatched ‘crush’ will be so she will again look like the poor victim.

        Not crazy about any of the ones that sing w/ skimpy clothes or use sex…but w/ them it’s no coy persona you know exactly who they are & what you get.

  2. stellalovejoydiver says:

    “His friends have said it’s over,” says a source at his school, the Deerfield Academy, adding, “I have the feeling she ended it.”
    His friends say, a source who doesn´t seem to be one of his friends has a FEELING she ended it, yeah that´s some valid information. Her publicist failed big time.
    I believe Conor indeed dumped her over the phone.
    Thanks for choosing the cameltoe pic, Kaiser.

    • anna says:

      People is a reliable source. If it was a source close to Taylor, they’d report that. Us Weekly are Taylor’s go-to, and they’re saying it was mutual.

  3. Micki says:

    I think she got dumped by the rest of Kennedy women. Ethel was overruled apparently…

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Queen Ethel is never overruled 😉 Seriously, though, have you seen the new HBO documentary? Her kids and grand kids adore her..and rightfully so. It was a cool look into their family history. 11 kids! Wow.

      • Micki says:

        I’ve seen several documentaries about the Kannedy family but they were European broadcast. Not sure about the HBO one.

        Seems like they are US answer to Royalty, but also a family with bad karma.I can’t get her obssession, is it the “thing that she can’t have” appeal?

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        @Micki – I think she has the same fascination with them like we do about most celebs. When she became famous, she was instantly surrounded by all types of entertainers. I suppose the one type/circle of people she felt were out of reach were political figures…and Kennedys of course are the most esteemed/intriguing politico group. She has even said the only time she ever felt starstruck is when she first met Rory and Ethel. She holds them on a pedestal.

  4. JEJE30 says:

    OMG for the love of God please make it stop.

  5. JEJE30 says:

    SERIOUSLY !! for the love of God please make it stop.

  6. Amelia says:

    *pokes head out of bunker*
    Sooo… ‘poor-little-me-I’m-such-a-victim’ break up songs?

    • Erinn says:

      YET. None yet.

      Or we can wait for the ‘I made such a sad decision and have to be strong’ song. Either or.

    • Mari says:

      Give it time. Just give it time.

      • Roxy says:

        She will write an ode’ to Ethel, Oh she will…just wait!! “Queen Bee E”…Oh I wanne be, Queen Bee E! I wanna be…never will be, Queen Bee E!…talkin’ ’bout me and who I wanna be and wish I could be…Queen Bee E! Never meant to be”(A Kennedy)

        PS: Kennedy rhymes here, but waaaay too obvious. LOL!

  7. kingkayski says:

    Sure sure Squinty,keep your publicist telling that to yourself.For sure her stalky fatal attraction ways didn’t really work on the camelot family,bu bye!

  8. poppy says:

    when will the promotion of this album end?
    her face is the stuff of which chronic irritation and/or nightmares are made.

  9. marie says:

    whaaa??? surely you jest.

  10. Reece says:

    Does it matter? She got 1/4 of an album out of him.

  11. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I have a feeling their relationship was one of the side effects of her being close to the Kennedys, not the other way around. Like, she really admired Rory and Ethel, and by already hanging out with the fam a couple of times, she and the kid hit it off socially…which led to some fun physical stuff..then she thought, let’s ride this thing out for the summer then chill when we go back to real life. Just my theory.

    PS – Could actually see she and Ed dating. Cute match, IMO.

  12. Eleonor says:

    I still don’t get why she is labeled like “country singer”.

  13. Kim says:

    So she dumped a boy whose mother killed herself months ago and he has to deal with her living down the street from his family.

    • OhDear says:

      I know, right? He’s been through more than enough and now he has to deal with having a breakup be plastered all over the place? And his ex can’t get over herself enough so that she has to claim, in a nationally distributed magazine, that *she* dumped him?

      So bloody vile.

      • anna says:

        Huh? A source close to Taylor told Us Weekly it was mutual and amicable. A source from Conor’s school told People that they suspect that Taylor ended it.

      • OhDear says:

        Both sources sound like Swift’s publicist.

    • Miss Bennett says:

      Yes, only a narcissist would get involved in a situation like this. Disgusting.

  14. Emmy says:

    Goddd she can’t sing. Like at all.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      I’ve seen her exactly 3 times, including this video. The first was her YouTube videos when she was just starting out, then at the Grammys (her infamous duet with Stevie Nicks), and now this video. How is it possible that her “singing” has not improved one bit after all these years?!? Not to mention stage presence and her sense of rhythm? Her dancing is cringe worthy.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      I’ve seen her exactly 3 times, including this video. The first was her YouTube videos when she was just starting out, then at the Grammys (her infamous duet with Stevie Nicks), and now this video. How is it possible that her singing has not improved one bit after all these years?!? Not to mention stage presence and her sense of rhythm? Her dancing is cringe worthy.

    • Lucinda says:

      Thank you! I’ve always thought she was a terrible singer and her live performances really show that. At least she is singing live. I’ll give her that. But she’s flat, off-key and her voice sounds strained. Always has.

  15. Jay Elle says:

    I don’t believe it.

    Also, she should fix her teeth. She has enough money.

    • Roxy says:

      Noooo…..she loves her “fangs”…she has her sights set on Sparkles now! hahahaha!!! Can you imagine it? Him the dreary & dark,melancholy man & she has cupcakes and rainbows in her head…OMG, that would be awesome! Kristen’s eyes roll, bites lip…hilarious!

  16. Jay Elle says:


  17. Anna00 says:

    Yeah right

  18. virginia5 says:

    in the first pic she has a camel toe..

  19. I'm going to Guam! says:

    Has she ever been ‘country’? Like ever?

  20. L says:

    God she is just so freaking SMUG in that video. Look at me! I’m soooooooo over you! Look at the clever snarky thing I did, you think it’s lame? Whateverssss

    It’s like watching a 13 year old sing her room after a boy breaks up with her-except on a stage and she thinks she’s awesome.

  21. Evie says:

    Everything about her sounds so fake and calculated.

  22. anna says:

    “Us Weekly made it sound like Conor dumped Swifty… over the phone.”
    Didn’t Us Weekly say it was mutual and amicable? It was radaronline that said Conor did the dumping.

  23. Talie says:

    I kind of feel bad for him…he got swept up in her craziness and plus dealing with his mother’s death. Mess.

  24. BillKaulitz says:

    I feel so bad for Conor, because I think he is a really good guy !

  25. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Cant wait to see what happens with the H. Port house..will she ever visit? Maybe we’ll get a song about the long lost land she’s been doomed from seeing again.

    • anna says:

      The New York Post said last week that she still hasn’t bought it although she has expressed interest, along with another financier bidder from New York.

  26. christy says:

    I am telling you she is one breakup away from boiling a bunny.

  27. Annie says:

    Please. She stalked the kid and his family, put on an offer on property next to the Kennedys, crashed family weddings when asked not to, flew him to be with her, flew to be with him…
    I think this kid’s parents/tutors had ENOUGH of a twenty something trying to have a super adult relationship with their teenage son, probably trying to get him out of school and whisk him away on private jets for romantic dates all the time, that they thought it was just too much and put an end to it. The kid is in high school, he has classes, homework, friends. This was not normal. His Principle had to put an end to those shennanigans too because he was skipping school, I mean come on.

    I’m not letting my kids date older people, ever, if they’re in high school. My cousin was 14 dating a 25 year old. Her parents were concerned but allowed it. I mean WTF. you’re the parent. kick that creepy weirdo out of your home and have a nice stern talk with your kid. Only teens should be with teens. Period. It’s gross when twenty somethings, men or women, are trolling high schoolers for relationships.

  28. Pamspam says:

    She’s all rainbows and cupcakes and unicorns and bangs and camel toe.

  29. Amy says:

    I never thought she had a great singing voice. She only sounds good on the recorded version of her songs (hello auto tune?).

    My mom and I watched her last night on DWTS and my mom thought she sounded awful. Swift cannot sing at all.

  30. Dorothy says:

    Nope, not buying it, she’s known to be a stage 5 clinger, it was him that bolted. Way to go Conner, keep on running, don’t look back.

  31. phaksi says:

    the story about her and Ed Sheeren cant be true. please dont let it be true

  32. jess says:

    i seriously hate to say this, because i love her, but omg. she sounds like a worse version of my own karaoke. wtf??

  33. deehunny says:

    where the cat shoes at?