Paris Hilton claims she’s proof blondes aren’t stupid

Paris Hilton is very similar to Jessica Simpson in that she’s dumb as a brick but goes to great pains to deny it. I’ll never forget reading a Vanity Fair article in 2004 with Joe Simpson, in which he claimed Jessica’s I.Q. was in the 160s. While Paris doesn’t go to the extreme of inventing test scores higher than she can count, she still claims she’s very intelligent, and just has the rest of us fooled.

PARIS HILTON yesterday said she was “living proof” blondes are not stupid.

And the heiress, 27, insisted her dizzy character in her reality show The Simple Life was just a role.

She said: “I’m very intelligent. I’m capable of doing everything put to me. I’ve two records, I’ve launched a perfume and I want my own hotel chain.

“I’m the living proof that blondes are not stupid.”

The millionairess added men are attracted to her personality rather than her looks or money.

[From the Sun]

Here’s what I found most amusing: the idea that Paris even has a personality. I will acknowledge that it’s possible she is slightly more intelligent than we realize, and we’re all just fooled by her irrefutable lack of depth. But because she is made of nothing more than pink cotton candy and high heels, I cannot believe that Paris has any personality to speak of.

A man of substance would likely be attracted to a woman who could hold a conversation without using the word “hot” twelve times. The rest of them are probably just attracted to her looks (wonky) and money (dwindling). I don’t think Paris’ argument really holds. She is good at promoting herself, I’ll give her that. But all she generally has to do is show up. So Paris is smart enough to set an alarm clock – in a variety of time zones no less. I’ll give her some intelligence points for that. But that’s about it.

Here’s Paris arriving on a Delta flight from Madrid at LAX yesterday – wearing no makeup! Images thanks to WENN.

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28 Responses to “Paris Hilton claims she’s proof blondes aren’t stupid”

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  1. queenie says:

    yikes, i’m shaving my head and dying the stubble BLACK!!

  2. Alison says:

    IF she were smart we wouldn’t even know who the hell she is! I have a friend who is a real blonde and has her PhD. Money, connections and opportunities do not equal smart. They equal opportunistic. And men would have to be after her personality because she really looks like a transvestite. Seriously, her legs are tranny.

  3. Samantha says:

    Hmm…lets see…some more memorable quotes from this idiot..
    “I went to Wal-Mart for the first time. I always thought they sold wallpaper. I didn’t realize it has everything. You can get anything you want there for really, really cheap.”
    “I’m so smart now. Everyone’s always like ‘take your top off’. Sorry, NO! They always want to get that money shot. I’m not stupid.”
    “Fake boobs are disgusting. I would never do it. It’s so gross. Girls who are insecure and not pretty get fake boobs because they want guys to look. When you have a beautiful face, you don’t need it. They don’t feel good. We’re classy broads.”
    “I once won $6,000 in Vegas. I bought two ferrets, a mini tiger and a goat I named Billy. My room-mates let the tiger go because it kept pissing and crying.”
    and my favorite:
    “I don’t really think, I just walk.”

    I rest my case.

  4. Anne says:

    Since when does luck = smart? Plus, she isn’t actually blond, proves that even brown haired women can be dumb as sticks.

  5. Anonandonandon says:

    She’s proof that you can have millions of dollars in the bank and still be absolutely worthless.

    Nobody would know who she was if it wasn’t for her family. She has a symbiotic relationship with the paparazzi. They get money for her pictures and the pictures keep her in the news which makes her even more money. There is nothing intelligent about her. She couldn’t have accomplished what she has without being a Hilton. Nobody would’ve given that fugly, booger-eating moron a second look.

    Also, she looks like a human platypus. Her parts don’t go together.

  6. gg says:

    Her not thinking she is stupid proves how stupid she is.

  7. Rich says:

    Be as she claims “Blondes aren’t stupid”
    But in this case.. Why she always in the news doing “Stupid Blonde Moves?”
    Or she just a Fluzzie trying to get attention?

  8. vdantev says:

    She has good handlers now. Give her that much credit anyway. :roll:

  9. 99 says:

    Paris isnt stupid. The people who are paying her are stupid.

  10. prissa says:

    Those glasses are stupid and carrying your own brand name handbag is stupid too.

  11. Anna says:

    Having the ability to dye your hair blonde, put in blue contacts and shop till you drop does not equal intelligence.

    “Do anything put to me”?? Yeah, if it’s got a man attached to it, I’m sure she can do anything put to her just fine.

    Give me a break, the woman just barely graduated from highschool. I don’t mean to say that people who didn’t go to college aren’t smart, far from it, but one thing’s for certain: Paris Hilton is lucky she’s got the name and the money because she wouldn’t have gotten into college. Not even community college.

  12. Because I Say So says:

    Methinks her crabs are nibbling at the few remaining brain cells she has left.

    And she does look tranny, or at least seriously herm. Nothing “hot” about that

  13. Amy says:

    @Samantha — LOL, thanks for making me laugh today. Oh, let’s not forget the time she called some black guy a “Stupid N****r” on camera! God knows what she says when we aren’t looking. This woman is beyond vile — ugly inside and out!

  14. hatsumomo says:

    well, i never liked her, but you have to give her props for not getting fake tits a la victoria beckham. Especially when she can clearly afford them…

  15. ff says:

    Wow, paste this in the dictionary under irony.

  16. jaclyn says:

    I’ll admit she’s doing something right…but as far as her personality goes, she really has none.

  17. Leni says:


  18. David says:

    Right now, I mean some one is writing a $25,000 check for her to show at his party and”Act Stupid” how smart would you act if you got those checks?

  19. boomchakaboom says:

    heeeeee!! Good one, Samantha.

    I’m not violent, but I have a really strong desire to whack P.Hilton with a 2×4 right across the face.

  20. Tina says:

    Paris looks all stretchy in these pics. Her face looks as if she’d molded it out of putty, esp. the lips and nose.

  21. JUJUBABE says:

    She is a national disgrace

  22. Jessica says:

    LoL I can’t help but snicker at this…

    I have always heard rumors that paris is actually smarter than she lets on, but it is usually followed by an account of something dumb she did. But really, she’s so smart!! Yeah… Right…. I heard a story of what she was like back in high school, one of her hockey team mates said she’s actually really intelligent. Then went on to tell about how one time when they were playing hockey paris kept complaining that her head was hurting, so they took off her helmet and found that she hadn’t taken out her butterfly clip before putting on the helmet and it was digging into her head. Ever since I have just thought, wow, that Paris… SO INTELLIGENT!!!!!* Dina Lohan actually said that Paris is intelligent too (back when her & Lindsay were BFF). It seems that she is surrounded by dumb people who facilitate her delusions.

    I agree that she is just opportunistic. And not even a natural blonde!! Hahaha.

    * Please note the sarcasm

  23. mojoman says:

    What an imbecile!

  24. Anonandonandon says:

    Whether she’s really smart or not doesn’t matter to me. She isn’t talented, charismatic, interesting or even attractive. I’m tired of seeing her misshapen head on magazine covers. She goes from talk show to talk show telling everyone how great she is and how everyone loves her. This is her sole purpose in life. Her head looks like it’s made of wax and it’s melting. The tip of the nose is just about to fall off.

  25. pissoff says:


    My god she just gets worse and worse.

  26. kiki says:

    shes proof that bottle blondes are dumb. i see natural blondes, such as claudia sciffer, as smart. it’s the dyed bleach blondes like pam anderson and paris that are dumb.

  27. anon says:

    I don’t think Paris knows what ‘proof’ means.