Madonna disses Britney

Last night on David Letterman, Dave brought up the issue of stars without their panties and reminded Madonna that she gave him a pair of her panties once and he said he still has them. Madonna said “maybe you could send them to Britney.”

She said she’s “cut off from a lot of these stories” since she lives in England and apparently doesn’t watch TV, read a newspaper or use the Internet. She said she came to NY and the first thing she heard “was about everyone not wearing their underpants.”

And here’s a clip from Madonna’s famous 1996 appearance on Letterman, she says the f word 13 times and it’s not censored so it’s NSFW. She may diss Britney now, but she was just as bad in her own way. She’s smoking a cigar and accuses Dave of being obsessed with her:

Madonna recently said that she and Britney “just drifted apart” and said she never saw her again after their famous kiss at the VMAs, which made it sound like a one night stand. There’s speculation that Britney’s very public diss of Madonna’s Kaballah cult has more to do with their lapsed friendship than Britney’s fall from grace. It looks to me like Madonna is just bringing up Britney’s name to get headlines, and it seems to be working for her.

Madonna’s face looks a little different somehow and people are speculating that she’s had some work done recently.

Madonna’s most recent Letterman video is courtesy of TMZ.

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13 Responses to “Madonna disses Britney”

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  1. kailie2 says:

    Hmm.. I generally agree with her, however, as you pointed out, Madonna was hardly any better .. Still, she had no small kids to take care of and she ALWAYS knew exactly what she was doing. All of that was calculated whereas Brit just seems to be drifting all over the place.

  2. Domidroid says:

    UGH! UGH!UGH! Someone who publicly announces that Dave Letterman’s got a pair of their knickers, isn’t in a necessarily dis-able position. Being “cut off” from Media, isn’t a selling point either. Good to know what’s going on, ignorance isn’t genteel, it’s stupid.
    But the Noveau Riche always find opportunities to give themselves away…
    problem with Phoniness, and caring too much what IDIOTS think, it makes the pretender worse than the morons he’s trying to impress.

  3. Jenna says:

    As I seem to remember, Madonna was a little pudgy and a whole lot slutty when she was Britney’s age. Come to think of it, she couldn’t dress herself worth a crap back them either. Is this a sign of things to come for Brit?

  4. Bex says:

    If so, then there is hope yet. This was pretty funny to me.

    Good article!

  5. alexi says:

    Yah Madonna is a witch. Completely self absorbed, hypocrytical and pedantic. She was BUTT NAKED in a bunch of art photos to make some dough. What the f’s the difference? And what about “A Perfect Sacrifice”‘. She is a living episode of the surreal life. YAWN.

  6. alexi says:

    oh and the book SEX is high art. No, it was done to make cool cash. Get real Mad one.

  7. vdantev says:

    Pot to kettle; you’re black !!

  8. Other Karen says:

    Didn’t Madonna give Britney a ridiculously valuable and important Kaballah book at some point? And tried to get it back from Britney drifted? I’d be peeved at Britney too.

  9. Shannon says:

    This is amusing.I know Brit’s haven’t been a good girl lately,however how can Madonna make fun of or critize Brit.After all isn’t this a woman who performed in front of millions of people in a bra?I think Madonna’s pissed cause she’s too old to do the things Brit’s doin.

  10. Timperament says:

    Hmm…maybe she’s returning to her old asian fad?

  11. Gigohead says:

    What!! It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. When I was in college, mind you, over 10 years ago. The buzz back then was watching Madonna’s crotch in her book, “Sex”. Madonna left nothing to the imagination. What a hypocrite. She should go back to the UK.

  12. greg says:

    Maybe we should not mix all the things up! Madonna did very (artistic) bad things as well as Britney…But does britney behave like that for any artistic purposes? ? ? Well it is clear not.
    So I believe Madonna cannot be blamed for what she said about Britney : she is talking professionally and that is what built her to what she is today.

  13. Mr. T says:

    Madonna is the original material slut. Now she’s a mom and all sanctimonious since she adopted a black african baby. Madge is trash. Talks trash, looks like trash, is trash. Everyone is pissed since she won’t kiss Britney anymore but who can blame her after having married K-Fed the loser!