Lindsay’s looks are failing

All that hard living has taken a toll on Lindsay’s looks. Maybe it’s the bad makeup, but she looks worn out and aged to me. Lindsay needs a detox and some down time to regain her youthful beauty.

Lohan was photographed outside a Golden Globes “suite,” which probably means swag party, yesterday. There are also pictures out now of Lohan running with a cigarette in her hand. While her face is looking riough her body doesn’t seem to be suffering. Everyone is asking where’s the appendectomy scar, but I found a bulletin board with these photos that credits them as being taken on 12/30, before her quickie operation. That makes sense because The Mirror recently ran a story saying Lindsay was seen running with a cigarette in hand in Miami.

Pictures from WWTDD and

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  1. Domidroid says:

    Love the Epiphany-Goth (MM seal of approval) visage. Nothing screams “I’m f*ck’d up, but pretending to be o.k. with it” louder.

  2. AC says:

    That actually makes me kind of sad.

  3. Fabiola says:

    I think the running with a cigarette picture is old. There were pictures of her taken before the “surgery” in which she us wearing a green bikini and she looks much bigger.

  4. Domidroid says:

    Sorry, AC, it’s just annoying to watch MM’s army of p*ssy-disciples emerge. I mean, you can just imagine those vapid little late-night parties, him lolling on absynthe, pseudo-philosophizing, with his cheerleaders batting their eyes, and hanging on his every word (that he’s copying from Anton LaVey).

  5. pinknblack says:

    AC – Me too. Especially when I saw that picture with the forced smile. Although I don’t really like her as a person, it’s images like this that make you wonder what’s going on in the heads of ‘out of control’ celebs like this one.

  6. Jenna says:

    Wow, to be in AA and hiting the wall at 20…she really needs to slow down a bit.

  7. alexi says:

    Face looks not great. WORN AND TORN. Bod still looks good. What a waste of talent. Lindsay, go for the academy, not VH! reruns and the E TRUE horrorwood story. Clean it up gfriend.

  8. Keri says:

    Lindsay was beautiful in Mean Girls, and it was so nice to see a young beautiful Hollywood star that didn’t look line a Barbie clone. Lindsey’s healthy figure and red hair and freckles suited her and set her apart from the crowd.

    Now, although she’s gained a little weight, she would look even better with a few more pounds. Her dark hair looks terrible with her skin tone, and her face looks tired, worn, and “hard.”

    She’s a very talented actress with great natural beauty. It’s sad to see her throw away her future and trash the gifts she’s been born with.

  9. Smartie says:

    Lindsay should get life lessons from Drew Barrymore. Read ‘Little Girl Lost’ with her and discuss Drew’s experiences, before it’s too late. Silly kid, she needs some positive role models to help her clean up her acy. She appears to have thrown a promising career completely away.

  10. mizzie says:

    she sure is a waste…
    she should start thinking about her life, for real!

  11. vdantev says:

    Just hurry up and die Lindsey so Hollywood can move onto it’s next former child-star personality plane crash. I’m looking at YOU, Dakota Fanning !!

  12. Summer says:

    It’s sad she’s a few month younger then me but looks about 10years older.

  13. Toubrouk says:

    This is what happend when you go partying as if there’s was no tommorow…

  14. scottie says:

    yea, she was my favorite in mean girls, i was her biggest fan, but now look at her, natural talent washed down the drain.. she needs to get it together, and her hair, she needs to change it back ASAP!!!!!

  15. me says:

    As much as i loath and despise her, she use to be really pretty, but now its lihke death knocked on her door, and as soon as she opened up, death ran away, and left her with the “Ugly” curse.

  16. Izzy says:

    I only wish the best for her. Her career is very far from over, IMHO.