Lana del Rey says boyfriend dictated “My p-ssy tastes like Pepsi” lyrics: TMI?

Lana del Rey

Here’s Lana del Rey at the MTV EMAs ceremony held last night in Frankfurt, Germany. Per her usual red-carpet and photoshoot routine, the big lips and big hair are fully intact. Oddly enough, I don’t mind this dress very much at all. The sapphire blue is a lovely color next to Lana’s hair and skin, and I think this is one of the rare cases where a mullet back actually makes the dress more interesting. Lana was also spotted hugging up on Taylor Swift at the event too. Draw your own conclusions on that one.

For the next week or so, I am fully prepared to weather a Lana del Rey publicity onslaught for her upcoming release of the Born To Die — The Paradise Edition record, which comes out on November 19. At the moment, the convenient focus relies upon Lana’s latest release, “Cola,” which you can hear the (NSFW) lyrics to here. The first line of the song is “My p-ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola,” and Lana is insisting that her boyfriend effectively wrote that intro. Like, she says that is his assessment of how her (to borrow a term from Kaiser) biscuit tastes. Now I don’t personally have a frame of reference to assess whether this is actually possible, but I’ve asked several dudes, who are like, “Uhhh, no way.” Here’s what Lana has to say about it (and here’s a picture of her boyfriend, Barrie-James O’Neill too):

Lana del Rey Barrie-James O'Neill

Lana Del Rey has revealed the inspiration behind the bizarre lyrics to her new track “Cola.”

The song, which features on the singer’s forthcoming release Born To Die — The Paradise Edition, features the lyric: “My p-ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola/ My eyes are wide like cherry pie.”

Asked about the phrase, Del Rey said it was something that her boyfriend, Kassidy frontman Barrie-James O’Neill [said] and claimed: “I have a Scottish boyfriend, and that’s just what he says!”

She also told Australian radio station Triple J that although she had been happy to release the song, the people she works with were less enthused. “I didn’t but everyone around me did. They just thought it was really weird – nothing new here,” she said when asked whether she had been hesitant about releasing the track. “For me that song was so cool. The guys got to play electric guitars… the chorus opens up and has tropical undertones. For me, the vibe of it is so good, I love it.”

She added: “There was a lot of laughter. I’m getting lots of Pepsi comments, lots of Pepsi fanmail.”

[From NME]

Man, I listened to the song on YouTube, and I’m ashamed to admit that (aside from the first line), it’s kind of catchy. I am so ashamed to admit this, but one of my gay boyfriends agrees: “It’s not odious, not as somnambulist as her other stuff.” In further (slightly) infuriating news, Born To Die — The Paradise Edition will include the “Blue Velvet” cover that Lana performed for that H&M commercial that was disguised as a homage to bizarro filmmaker David Lynch. Just wait, she’ll show up in one of his upcoming movies too, but at least that will give us a chance to watch Lana try to dress as a leading lady on the red carpet. Can we get some Marchesa on order for this lady? I can’t wait.

Here are some assorted photos of Lana in London and Paris over the past monthish. She’s such a strange combination of “weird” and “famewhore,” isn’t she?

Lana del Rey

Lana del Rey

Lana del Rey

Photos courtesy of WENN

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  1. PrettyTarheel says:

    The only reason I have for knowing who this chick is or caring about her schtick is the spoof of Video Games, “Hunger Games.” This place smells like rat piss, my name is Katniss, I play the Hunger Games…

    • TQB says:

      RIGHT?? every time i see her, that plays through my head. So glad it’s not just me.

    • Bluebear says:

      Well, that is more than I have. I only remember her from the time she sang on SNL and totally bombed! This chick can’t sing, she is a terrible entertainer as she just stood awkwardly on stage and swayed back and forth, and she tried out several different voices while singing the two songs for SNL. I can’t believe that another socialite has weaseled her way into playing pretend for money. More than that, somehow the general public actually is forking over the dough to hear her digitally altered crap.

      • Yamayama says:

        THANK YOU. I cannot believe that this fraud fakeass whose rich daddy bankrolled her career and make-over has some “fans.” Lana Del Rey isn’t even her real name and she was some bland shitty hipster musician before her fake-ass makeover.

  2. Agnes says:

    This chic seems to be trying way too hard to be edgy.

  3. handsome man saved me from the monsters says:

    My vomit tastes like … Vomit.

    • arock says:

      sounds serious, maybe she should call a dr. pepper. (ohhhhhhhhhhhh.)

      i cant believe no one had done that yet.

  4. Gracie says:

    GO AWAY ALREADY! I can’t stand her, nor do I think she’s deserving of any sort of ounce of success. Everyone says, “she tries too hard BUT I like her music.” Well, apparently, she’s not trying hard enough, cause I’d rather hear old people doing the nasty than listen to any one of her songs.

    Rant over.

    • gg says:

      lol, same here.

      Stylewise, she seems to be inexorably stuck in a 1974 Promsville caricature in her head. That dress and that hair have got to go.

  5. Rita says:

    When she sings about something that tastes like diet Dr. Pepper, call me…maybe.

  6. Cathy says:

    Who is she? Never heard of her.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      I just saw this and the video games music video. Other than these posts I’ve never heard of her either.

      She isn’t a terrible singer, but not good by any stretch. Why is she famous?

      And where is the disclaimer not to listen to the NSFW version for people eating breakfast..

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      I just saw this and the video games music video. Other than these posts I’ve never heard of her either.

      She isn’t a terrible singer, but not good by any stretch. Why is she famous?ere is the disclaimer not to listen to the full version for people eating breakfast..

    • jamie says:

      She’s a hack who makes Taylor Swift look like Bob Dylan.

  7. pretty says:

    teenage wannabe-hipsters on tumblr worships her. it is reallly vomit worthy.

  8. andy says:

    “My p-ssy tastes like Pepsi Cola”

    Sure, mine tastes like butter pecan.

    STFU, Lana.

  9. Marigold says:

    She always looks like she’s been pumped full of sedatives. She’s dead in the eyes.

    • spugzbunny says:

      and to add to the crazy eyed look, one of her false eyelashes is coming off in the picture where she’s throwing the V.

    • Blue says:

      I was about to comment on that. I don’t know if it’s her inflated lips that make it even more obvious. But she always looks out of it.

    • Cam S says:

      Her plastic surgeon should be shot. She looks very unnatural. Nose, lips very unbalanced for her face. Her lip fillers look painful.
      ^^ she was pretty with no lips imo

      • Kimbob says:

        OMG…@Cam S, thanks for providing those links.

        I can truly say this girl/woman is talentless. That 1st link you provided, an 8 minute roughly clip of her singing pre-lip inflation, jeezzzzzzz…she’s just standing up on stage WARBLING into a mike. She is tone deaf, & can’t even hit the notes she’s trying to sing. Ugh…just god awful! Cringeworthy indeed. I kinda feel sorry for her actually.

    • anon says:

      Her face also always looks off somehow (maybe because she can’t look at a camera without tilting her head). This woman’s face pisses me off. She tries so hard to look like 1950s demure beauty but she looks more like “I’m a narcissist, I’m in love with myself and I’m bored when I’m not looking at a mirror”.

  10. jamie says:

    Yuck–horrible singer and songwriter. I have no respect for rich kids like her who make it through life not on their own abilities but through the opportunities their parents can buy them. Give me a self-made man/woman any day. She’s an excellent example of what’s wrong with this world. Wish she would disappear.

  11. teehee says:

    I would concur, but a quick second of thought reveals that most mens songs and above all hip hop lyrics are riddled with the same disgusting crap, yet they dont get lambasted for doing so.
    So, I will lay off the criticism of her until the criticism is the same against men who sing about their d((cks and getting … well you know.

  12. arock says:

    “my p*ssy tastes like pepsi” may be the 2nd most disgusting headline to read at 7 am in the office.

    • Becky1 says:

      LOL! Yes-that is one nasty lyric. I’m all for freedom of speech and she certainly has every right to write about how her vagina supposedly tastes but is this really necessary? It’s attention seeking and gross.

  13. Dahlia Verlaine says:

    That don’t sound right. Let a gynecologist take a look at it…

  14. Vivian says:

    While I don’t always like her lyrics, I enjoy many of her songs. I agree with Teehee, there are much worse offenders out there.

  15. Jayna says:

    I really enjoy a lot of her music.

  16. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Why is this girl famous? Her musical tone is flat and often off key and from what I’ve heard is even worse live. No stage presence at all.

    There are so many incredibly talented singers out there who really deserve to be famous. She does not.

  17. Dhavy says:

    She looks stoned all the time.
    I’ve only heard one song from when she was on SNL and I changed the channel because I couldn’t take any more of that zombie-like music, it’s awful! Why is she famous???

  18. Jenna says:

    Ewwkay. BUT I really do like her songs and I’ve been listening to ‘Blue Velvet’ since it came out. Can’t wait to hear the ones. 🙂

  19. lem says:

    she should never smile– it makes her lips look soo much worse. her face is so jacked.

  20. lflips says:

    I have no idea who she is but does anyone else think she looks a little bit like Julia Roberts?

  21. Eileen says:

    Great job keeping it classy, chickie!

  22. Eileen says:

    Great job keeping it classy,songbird!

  23. some bitch says:

    If it weren’t for her investment banker Daddy we wouldn’t be hearing from this duckfaced moron. Not only can she not sing, but she sounds like she got into Roman Polanski’s stash of Quaaludes too.

  24. Stuart Horsely says:

    OINK. And I agree with Some Bitch completely.

  25. poppy says:

    will never forget the article in the village voice @ her and her fans (when she first started as lana instead of lizzy). someone in the crowd yelled out “we love you lah-na” to which she replied “how can you love me, you don’t even know how to say my name. it’s loan-ah”.
    wtf? she didn’t know how she wanted her fake name pronounced in the beginning. soooo manufactured. and way to shut down the fan love.
    not surprising she’d get up on taylor, she’s the exact same thing only the flip side of that spiel… queaaaaaluuuudessssssss and hairspray. so out of it will f*ck anything just taaaaaaake me home. phony baloney.
    she’s pretending to be lady elvis?

  26. Ellie66 says:

    Gawd she is so very bland! And her top lip looks like she had a allergic reaction to something.

  27. Ginger says:

    UGH! TMI for sure, I was just trying to eat my breakfast cereal. EWWWW…

  28. Helvetica says:

    Really classy

  29. Antídoll says:

    My gosh, her face is just too weird :s i can’t even look at her for more tha a minute without cringing

  30. Alan says:

    Her boyfriend has so feminine legs! o.O

  31. G says:

    It’s always funny when the younger generation discovers their p-ssies, like it’s something new.

  32. Grace says:

    I still don’t know why she’s popular. She’s a strange looking girl.

  33. Roxi says:

    What an idiot!!

  34. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    She looks exactly like Sarah Paulson, but without talent.

  35. G says:

    Typical fame whoring.. of course that lyric/explanation will get tons of press. Major cankles in that dress and her boyfriend is so yucky!

  36. Sugar says:

    well at least she didn’t kill it for us coke drinkers

  37. Katija says:

    She always strikes me as the actress that someone cast in the role of Lana Del Rey. Nothing about her seems sincere.

  38. gobo says:

    She’s rather plain, pretending to be beautiful. With the right shots, hair, make up and lighting it works. But the pap shots tell a different story.

  39. muppet_barbershop says:

    Uhhhh. If your vulva tastes like Pepsi, you are probably diabetic.

  40. TheOneAndOnly says:

    Agree Jamie Her rich dad is buying her career; she is typical of today’s bought celebrity – absolutely no talent, if talent mattered her laughably awful SNL performance should’ve killed her, but talent doesn’t matter nowadays,marketing does, support real music not useless weak noise; how can Esperanza Spalding be ignored but this talentless completely manufactured dolt get this much attention?

  41. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Tact and Class – two things this female seems to be severely lacking in.

  42. natalina says:

    Who this is? I never heard any songs-glad i stopped listening to the radio. im sure her voice is awful as well.

  43. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t have much to say about this asymmetrical girl apart from stating my opinion that at this point she’s still extremely green and got it all bit too quickly and easily. Seems like she’s investing too much time building a mystique when the fundamentals of musicianship require more time to be trained, to grow and honed into something that seems vaguely personal to her, but she’s not hopeless, just backwards in priorities. The back story should never be the front page.

    To the importance: No word of a lie, I just dropped a Coke on my lap whist sitting on my bed. That is no way to watch Homeland. I remembered this post when it happened and while my duvet is not fit for mounting at this moment…gentlemen?

  44. ZenB!tch says:

    I’m just glad her Cherry Pepsi loving BF is age appropriate and not Axl Rose. That is how I know who she is, from when she may have been boning Axl.

  45. ZenB!tch says:

    She’s funny looking. There is something askew in her face that keeps her from being beautiful, even though she looks like she should be.

  46. iseepinkelefants says:

    I haven’t heard any of her other music, just Diet Mountain Dew and I like it but only because it went perfectly with an ex (it was his ring tone).

    I’m ashamed to admit I like it as she seems like a tw-t.

  47. Adrien says:

    I like Video Games and some of her stuff.
    If her puss tastes like Pepsi, then she has hygiene problems. Maybe she has vaginal infection or something.

  48. Aud says:

    I reckon there’s a song about her over-injected and crooked mouth.

  49. The Original Mia says:

    If that’s the case, girl needs to have her biscuits checked. That ain’t normal.

  50. pamspam says:

    Tastes like chicken. Haha 🙂

  51. Tessica says:

    Her fake eyelash is falling off…

  52. ben says:

    I’ll bet it tastes more like sauerkraut.

  53. dcypher1 says:

    Shes starting to look like a manequin pretty soon she will just stop moving. Her music sucks snooze fest.

  54. Marilu says:

    Shes not celine dion, but her style and breathy vocals make her cool,i also think shes pretty. Did daddy pay for her career and plastic surgery? Probably, but whining about it wont change reality. This world is for people with money.

  55. Andrew says:

    She is quite beautiful in the Born To Die music video (which is pretty awesome, and a great song). Other than that I really can’t stand her. She can’t seem to decide on her style, but I like a few of her songs. When she nails a song good, it’s REAL good.