Justin Theroux “struggles” with living in LA, “he’s mourning his NY lifestyle”

My second impression of these photos from last Thursday night at Ben Stiller’s American Cinematheque Award thing – Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston looked like they had a hell of a pre-party before the event, right? Like, Jennifer looks like she had to be poured into the limo and there are some pics where Justin seems… I don’t know. Does he still drink? I know the story is that he doesn’t do drugs anymore, but I wouldn’t guess that he’s 100% sober in these pics. Maybe they’re just high on life. Maybe they’re just super-thrilled to be walking a red carpet together. Maybe this is the beginning of the end! Jennifer doesn’t have the best history with relationships once she makes it all official and walks a red carpet with her pieces, you know? Anyway, like I told you before, Star Magazine claimed last week that Jennifer keeps her man on a very tight leash, and it’s starting to upset his friends. Now Page Six claims that Justin’s feathers are being ruffled too – he doesn’t like LA. He misses New York. He misses his old life. Ruh-roh.

Justin Theroux, who moved to Los Angeles to be with his fiancée, Jennifer Aniston, is missing life in New York and having a hard time adjusting to a new city, according to sources.

We’re told Theroux recently had a meltdown, telling friends about how he desperately misses his old life in Manhattan. “He was saying how he and Jen can’t go anywhere in New York because everyone sells them out, so they’re forced to spend most of their time in LA, a city he hates,” says the insider. “New York is his home, and he feels like he has to give it up for this relationship to work. He struggles with it.”

Aniston sold her two prewar condos — a one-bedroom penthouse and a one-bedroom on the 17th floor — at 299 W. 12th St. through a corporation in her dog’s name, Norman, in April this year, and picked up a mansion in Bel Air at about the same time. “Jen just couldn’t handle being watched so closely in New York,” the source explains. “She felt like the neighbors, doormen, everyone was spying on them.”

Theroux still has an apartment in the West Village, near Blue Hill, the romantic restaurant where he proposed, but we’re told the “Horrible Bosses” actress is uncomfortable staying there.

“There’s no doorman or security,” says the insider. ”It makes Jen nervous.”

The couple is currently living in Aniston’s California mansion. “Jen is fine being mostly in LA,” continued the source. “She’s used to a life of hiding in her big house and bringing the party to her. But Justin was in love with his New York livelihood . . . and he’s mourning it.”

They met briefly on the set of “Tropic Thunder” in 2007 and reconnected in 2010 with “Wanderlust.” They announced their engagement in August, after the actor’s 41st birthday. Theroux was previously in a 14-year relationship with live-in girlfriend Heidi Bivens, who moved out of their home in June 2011.

“He loves Jen but misses his old life. He’ s really conflicted,” adds the insider. A rep for Aniston didn’t get back to us last night. Theroux’s rep said, “This is false. They continue to remain bicoastal.”

[From Page Six]

I was happy when Jennifer finally did what she talked about for years and years and actually bought a place in New York. What was weird was that she bought real estate in New York shortly after working with Justin (while he was still with Heidi). Once Justin and Heidi were over and Justin and Jennifer were officially together (overlap!), Jennifer only remained in New York for a few more months before she sold her New York real estate and then went on a buying binge in LA. My take was always that Jennifer just did the move to New York to get Justin, and once he was on the hook, she was all “Let’s go to LA!” What was funny/interesting to me was when Jennifer went to film that We’re the Millers movie, Justin rarely came to her set – he stayed in NYC most of the time, reconnecting with his friends and living his old NYC lifestyle.

Now, of course couples move for each other all the time, and when you’ve got Jennifer’s money, being “bicoastal” isn’t any kind of hardship. But I do wonder if Justin isn’t quietly weighing the pros and cons of this relationship at this point.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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    • LAK says:

      It’s rather bad form to be visibly buzzed at what is essentially a work event. How many times has she been at an awards show and been like this, in the past 2yrs??

      • Vesper says:

        Not to mention all the interviews she has slurred her way thru.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if she is a functioning alcoholic. It would explain the breakup of her marriage, her inability to maintain a relationship, her lack of motivation for quality roles, as well as her lack of interest in anything beyond yoga, tanning, shopping, “entertaining” and Mexico.

  1. lisa2 says:

    awww not sure how true this is. That cheesy grin on his face. Well he is loving all those flashes. Plus he has been driving some very expensive cars. I thought he was a bike guy. Jennifer seems to be doing more of these events then she did before him. So not sure who wants the attention or who is trying to make some connections.

    I too thought it was really funny about the big move to NYC… that never happened. I think it is obvious to anyone it was all about him. She said they had been “friends for years” so she must have known he had a girlfriend. And she has said on a RC that they got together after the film ended. hmmmm funny how that was not believed by others. but oh well. So obviously there was some attraction. You have to have had some connection to get together when Heidi moved out. But I guess the narrative is different when it is her.

    I think they looks sweaty or greasy. I still can’t find a picture of him looking at her. But to be honest I have only seen the pics on a few sites. They don’t have lot of chemistry, but not everyone is hot together posing on the RC.

  2. Hypocricy says:

    Aniston fake seductive pose at the last pic and Justin’s cheesy smile is just too much for me to take them seriously.

    bwahahahaha !!!

  3. SmokeyBlues says:

    She’s so awful looking anymore. And he looks like a literally fake person. The fakest of Hollywood right here.

  4. teri says:

    Love the pictures you post of Jen looking like a dork.

  5. Lana says:

    Everything has to be Jennifer’s way, so I’m not surprised if this is true. However I think they’re both users and are both using each other.

  6. G says:


    manly posted this on the last Anniston thread. She totally screws up her award presentation at this same event. Drunk or just not capable of reading a cue card? Don’t they rehearse these things? It’s embarrassing to Anniston and Stiller and his wife.

  7. MrsBPitt says:

    I too think she bought the apartments in NYC to convince Justin that she would be happy to live there, and once she got him, slowly kept spending more and more time in LA…manipulation and deceit are not a great way to start a relationship…and what kind of joke is it that you get papped more in NYC than LA…sounds to me like she MISSED those flashing camera lights of Hollywood!

    • Lana says:

      “I too think she bought the apartments in NYC to convince Justin that she would be happy to live there, and once she got him, slowly kept spending more and more time in LA…”
      Totally agree.
      “manipulation and deceit are not a great way to start a relationship”
      She did the same thing with Brad, convincing him she shared his dreams for a family, only to turn around, break her post-Friends promise and immediately signed on for 6 movies back to back.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @Grandpoobah – Um…if you don’t want to listen to people’s “ridiculous” opinions, I suggest you stay off celebrity websites…

      • GrandPoobah says:

        MrsBPitt: Frankly I said that in order to get people to maybe realize that the stuff they are stating as fact could just be ridiculous made up nonsense.

        And sorry, but it is. Since none of us were there when they decided to get divorced and obviously since none of us can read their minds, none of us can definitively say that Aniston tricked, lied to, deceived, or did whatever else to Brad Pitt. It’s nonsensical and I don’t get why this stuff is touted as fact.

    • lisa2 says:


      they were both very vocal about their “family plans”. Both of them talked about them in interviews before and after the divorce. I just think they had different plans and were not on the same page. Judging by their lives today in regards to family, it is easy to see that they were not a good match to begin with.

      • Misnomer says:

        Agreed. GrandPoobah, we know what their family plans were, because jennifer TOLD us herself. She told us about herself promising Brad she’d work on a family the year Friends ended, she said that herself in an interview.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        While they definitely talked about it interviews, in the end they were clearly not on the same page.

        However, that absolutely does not mean that it is at all fair to say that Aniston ‘tricked’ or ‘lied to’ or ‘was dishonest with’ or ‘deceived’ or ‘ went back on her promise’ to Brad.

        None of us has any idea what either of their true intentions were. It’s ridiculous to assume that you know everything based on a few interviews.

        @LAK: I wasn’t being rude, I was expressing disgust with some ridiculous statements that have been repeated over and over. It’s exhausting. Sorry if you disagree.

      • Iggles says:

        Uh, she DID got back on her promise! She siigned on for 6 moviies after friends instead of starting a family. How is that not transparent enough?

      • Vesper says:

        Did anyone stop to think that perhaps Jenn was having problems getting pregnant? Yes, she signed on for an extra year on Friends, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t try to get pregnant at the same time. It’s not like she would be the first woman who did. Wasn’t her character pregnant during the last year? Perhaps, she had problems conceiving and Brad lost patience.

        Obviously, like any other comment on a gossip site, this is just speculation. Nobody but the couple involved really knows what happened. Perhaps, their breakup had nothing to do with starting a family. Perhaps they just grew apart, and Brad wanted more in a partner, and in life. He certainly seems to have blossomed over the last six years.

  8. Toot says:

    Justin has a really big pointy nose in that pic with Ben’ wife.

  9. G says:

    Tons of celebs live in NYC without any fuss. The paps are much more low-key there. Maybe that was part of the problem.

  10. mln76 says:

    Totally believe this but I’m.betting they make it down the aisle with an ugly divorce in the future. There is just too much for Jen to offer in terms of contacts and exposure. Just my opinion folks but Jen like Salma Hyack needs a super rich financier not a wannabe Hollywood player he’s going to end up either resenting her for being the bigger star or dumping her if he actually gets a hit on his own.

    • MNFinn says:

      Agreed, the odds of a marriage surviving improve if the woman marries laterally or upward.

      One exception to that rule is Barbra Streisand and James Brolin. They supposedly are still going strong even though at the height of their careers, her success was light years beyond his.

      Can’t think of any other exceptions though.

  11. Carobell says:

    They are both way too tan, its not photographing well.

    I think they are both attractive people but that level of tan is really aging.

  12. Joanna says:

    her hair looks good. isn’t she 44? she looks younger.

  13. PHD in Gossip says:

    Justin’s hair seems thicker than when they started dating. He used to be balder.

  14. Dea says:

    I see a separation before they get married. She just wanted to get engaged as a revenge towards Brad/Angelina. All relationships she had after Brad look very cold to me, no real chemistry with any of them. This one is not different from the other ones. It is just lasting because Justin might be attracted to her money/power as a celebrity (albeit the fact that she is one of the mediocre actresses out there along with J. Garner, J. Alba etc.)

  15. Amy625 says:

    Justin should only half smile, like the first photo. He looks plastic and cheesey when he has that big, full smile. I don’t believe this story because Justin looks very happy attending these events, doing interviews, and driving around in Jennifer’s car. If NYC was so important to him, he wouldn’t have left so easily

  16. Lemonade says:

    Although I hate both cities (too many people), NY has more realism than LA and authenticity.I can see how you can get tired of the fake/superficial/hippie new age lifestyle of LA and crave the real social interaction that you get in NY. On the other hand, he probably had more of an identity in NY and doesnt know many people in LA like jen does.

    My husband’s career is threatening to move us to either city and it scares me. Thankfully hollywood north exists (vancouver) and heres to hoping thats where we end up

  17. sullivan says:

    She looks like a high-maintenance, middle-aged boozehound. He looks like her over-the-hill cabana boy. A match made in reality-tv heaven.

  18. Turtle Dove says:

    He doesn’t look like a guy that’s regretting anything. they look happy and in love. Let them be.

  19. lisa2 says:

    I am not a fan of Jennifer by any means; but she is not an ugly woman. She is attractive in an average way. I don’t think she is beautiful and don’t get when people say that.

    I really hope she and Justin last. Mainly because the stories associating her with BA are getting far and far between. That to me is enough to wish she and Justin a long and lasting love together.

  20. bluhare says:

    Wow. He really needs lessons on fake-smiling.

  21. taxi says:

    I wish she’d keep her tongue inside her mouth for pics.

  22. DenG says:

    Again, HOMELY. Neither Smilin’ Bob male ehancement or Anistain look good.

  23. Talie says:

    If she moved way uptown to the upper east or west side…she’d be fine. There are plenty of secure buildings. The problem is that she and Justin want to be in the cool place, which is always downtown. But that does’t work if you’re a celebrity because it’s tourist/paparazzi central.

  24. Moi says:

    They might be tipsy, but Justin actually looks really happy. I wish Jen would leave her nose alone, she’s starting to resemble a pug.

  25. Mac says:

    Theroux’s head looks huge and his beak appears to be still growing.

    The artistic and intellectual types that he prefers to surround himself with are apparently in short supply in LA.

    He attends AA but will still occasionally drink small quantities of wine.

    • Vesper says:

      Is Justin all that artistic or intelligent? His mediocre education certainly doesn’t reflect that, neither do many of his comments. He hasn’t had that much professional success, especially considering how long he has been in the business.

      Besides, do u really think an “intellect” would choose Jen, of all people, to get involved with? During her interviews she comes across as one of the most unintelligent and emotionally stunted actresses out there.

      • Vesper says:

        I just checked Justin’s IMDb and his career is pretty mediocre, so is his alleged Net Worth.

        He hasn’t done that much writing. He was a cowriter in Rock of Ages (one of four writers), Iron Man 2 (one of five writers), Tropic Thunder: Rain of Madness (Video Short) (one of two writers), and Tropic Thunder (screenplay) (one of five writers).

        As for as his directing experience, he has directed one tv movie, and one mediocre film.

        Much of his career consists of acting in very small parts or one time guest roles, many in shows/movies that are far from being “intellectual”. Unless u count Wanderlust, Charlies Angels: Full Throtle, Sex & the City, Ally McBeal, Romi & Michele’s High School Reunion (in which he doesn’t even talk) as being intelligent.

      • Vesper says:

        Even Justin’s experience as a “producer” is medicore. He was a “creative consultant” for Megamind, and an executive producer for Tropic Thunder and Dedication.

        For anyone who isn’t in the industry, an executive producer is not really a producer in the full sense of the word. They are not involved in any technical aspects of the film making or music process but who was still responsible for the overall picture. In films, directors outrank the authority of an executive producer.

        Often an executive producer of a motion picture is often the person who found and bought the literary property that a film is based on. He might hire another producer to develop the project further, and another producer to watch over the production day to day.

        The executive producer can also be a person representing a financial investor in a film project, but who is not directly involved in the day to day production. It can also be someone with other special interests in the project, such as one of the film’s key actors who has been instrumental in persuading the studio to do the film. In such cases, the executive producer credit is mainly honorary.

  26. Paloma says:

    I can see a marriage that will last for a few years, at least. Justin has proven he can hang in there (via Heidi). Long term, I doubt it.

  27. I.want.shoes says:

    His smile looks like it is trying to supress his cries.

  28. Sugar says:

    so from reading the article above I’m still confused Jen…you want a doorman or you don’t want a doorman?
    I watched the clip late last night manly posted on Fridays story-embarrassing.

  29. Lmao says:

    They look fake as hell but that could because of the Botox. She wears as much makeup as a clown and his giant smile is a bit overboard.

    Sounds like Jennifer chased him down until he moved in with her and she didn’t give one damn about Heidi Bivens.

  30. A Fan says:

    Hmmm, doesn’t look like he’s struggling too much…in fact, looks like he’s adjusted quite well (to the money, photographs, soirees, grooming, and styling).

  31. Lmao says:

    Nobody cares about what they did to His ex girlfriend because she’s not famous.

    • Sugar says:

      I care! I remember HB & JT when they were a couple there we few & far pictures of them out there waaaay before he began wanderlusting Jen.
      HB is cool & if I totally had to pick a day between HB va JA I’d hang with
      HB. In fact I bet secretly JT might wish the same after what he has morphed into.

  32. Sandy says:

    Do not know why people think Justin is a intellectual. Just because he lives in NY and dresses in black. He is friends with almost all of these comedians Stiller, Sandler … among other mutual friends with Jennifer, and he walks with the NY fashion Hipsters he writes film comedies, and him being in this group of comedians facilitates, like Jennifer who always manages to work with friends comedians, he will direct and write for these actors ……
    He seems to be someone who cares ABOUT body, does HIS eyebrows, dye hIr hair, tan, attends fashion events, takes care of the visual they are too much alike.

    • lisa2 says:

      From reading previous comments I think it is because he went to an expensive school, his cousin is a famous Documentarian (not sure if that is a word lol). But why do people think that because members of your family are intelligent that it means you are as well. Or that you are a writer. Heck have some people looked at the people that have written books. Doesn’t take a big IQ to do that. But many of the comments talk about his famous family member. But that is their success. not his. I don’t see Jennifer as a big intellect. so I would love to know how challenging their conversations are.

      I don’t think he is dumb. But just because your family is this or that doesn’t mean it applies to you. And that is either positive or negative.

      • Vesper says:

        He didn’t even go to university. He went to Bennington College which is a liberal arts college, of all things. It is most certainly not an Ivy League school. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. An “intellect” would have choosen a more respected school, and a more challenging field of study.

    • Ange says:

      His eyebrows are the stuff of nightmares!

  33. The Original Mia says:

    They look drunk, but happy.

    His beak is huge in that picture with Christine.

    I’m going to need her to stop slouching. Makes her boobs look extra saggy. Not a good look.

  34. skuddles says:

    Would his LA ‘struggles’ have anything to do with why he looks so sweaty & greasy here? I saw more pics of this event on another site and he’s practically dripping sweat.

  35. Janet says:

    All that money and she’s too cheap to buy a comb?

  36. Janet says:

    I get the impression that she is extremely controlling, possessive, demanding and insecure, and ultimately this is what drives all her men away from her. When Justin finishes taking her for all he can get, he’ll be in the wind with the rest of them.

  37. KellyinSeattle says:

    Seems to be they want to be a power couple in Hollywood, but I doubt it’ll last.

  38. erika says:


    you tire me out w/ your relationship issues…..aren’t you tired as well?
    just….be ‘normal’ why not?

  39. ~Valkyrie~ says:

    Toasted! Still like them…

  40. Lola1 says:

    Wow, feel the hatred in these comments. If you don’t like them, why bother commenting. No one here even knows these two on a personal basis. They are stars…they do what they have to do when they when they are in the limelight.

    • tyh says:

      I see no hatred in any comments! Suddenly saying Aniston looks harsh and Justin looks greasy is hatred?

      People like to call her out on the fact she is not the sweetheart her pr team would like everyone to think.
      And Justin isn’t and will never be a star! He wants to be one but most people in the world would have no clue who he is. Nevermind the fact he has not worked for 2 years now.

    • ShakenNotStirred says:

      I agree Lola and I think the tabloids are reaching here. Must be a slow news day.

      • Carolyn says:

        The tabloids don’t make up these articles ..the PR agents do. Any piece that is printed on Aniston is placed there by Huvane at Aniston’s approval. She’s finally realised no-one cares about her and her worst nigtmare is coming true = less PR space so she’s instructed Huvane to place “fake drama” articles. They’ve got no other angle left to create interest, where there is none.

    • Vesper says:

      @ Lola1,

      This isn’t a Jennifer Aniston fan club. It is celeb gossip blog (called celeBITCHY) and everyone on this site is allowed their opinion – negative or positive, and they shouldn’t have to defend their comments.

      Personally,I don’t see any comments posted that I would define as hateful. Go to a LeAnn Rimes / Brandi Glanville thread to see what hateful comments entail.

      As for ur other comment, I’m assuming the people who posted realize they don’t actually know Jennifer or Justin personally, their comments are speculation.

  41. lop says:

    She is a mash up of Miss Piggy, Fabio,a Real Housewife and Streisand!

    Her pr team has done a great job making people think she is so beautiful when without the lighting and hair she is a harsh plain jane.

  42. meg says:

    A few months ago I remember reading an article about how much Jennifer Aniston spends on beauty products/treatments. She denied the story. But, I really think the story had a lot of truth to it. Considering all the tanning she seems to have done, it’s amazing that she looks as well as she does. She’s probably also footing the bill for Justin.

  43. RobN says:

    He looks pretty happy for a guy who’s miserable.

  44. judyjudy says:

    I wonder what they talk about.

  45. silver says:

    I can see this & the previous post about his friends getting pissed because she’s hogging Justin being true because…well, she seems to know what she wants & I can see her being a bit pushy or demanding to get her way. & Justin (& his friends) must be used to him being with more easygoing, agreeable girls, like his ex, who stayed with him for almost a decade and a half without demanding that he propose & then quietly disappeared when he quickly moved on to Jen. but then he’s dating Jen for less than a year and -BAM- she gets a proposal.

    so yeah, if she wants him to move to Cali with her forever, he will. if she wants him to ditch his friends & hang out with her instead, he will. if he starts to resist or starts a power struggle, I think she won’t bend & they’ll break up. but with the new car & toys she’s giving him, I doubt he’ll argue with her about anything…

  46. Snowpea says:

    Jeez I LOVE Aniston but this dude is seriously ROUGH.

    He’s just WAAAAY too groomed to be hot. Fake tanned, hair plugs, teeth whitened, moisturised and plucked to within an inch of his life.

    Seriously UNHOT.

  47. val says:

    She really does look like Miss Piggy, yeah?

  48. abby says:

    he will regret this famewhoring decision! I used to like JA but she has gotten so sucked into the hollywood vortex she doesn’t seem real at all anymore to me. Heidi is lovely and genuinely classic and I suspect MUCH better suited to his preference for city living rather than LA lounging.

  49. Kosmos says:

    I don’t think he’s going to be able to adjust wholeheartedly to LA life, not as a former New Yorker. She, on the other hand, has lived her entire life in LA. I think they should be bi-coastal, but it could be a constant problem in their marriage. LA is completely different than NY, and there’s no door-to-door night life.

  50. Claire says:

    Tanning and working out- does that get boring, Jen? I can understand why she wouldn’t want to trade LA for NYC for those reasons.

  51. anom says:

    justtakesadvantage seems an opportunist. glommed onto heidi bivens in her fashion world, attached himself to “UNCLE TEDDY’S” PHOTO WORLD, made use of his “comedy” friends to get “minor” writing credit for mediocre movies that had at least 4 other writers, with an unfortunate hairline, a witch’s nose, eyebrows that give nightmares, serial killer grin, and short legs, who found himself the “object of affection” for a middle-aged ex sitcom actress and ex of a A-List actor who was desperate to land almost ANY man and she set her beady eyes on him…..SAD AND LAUGHABLE….