Jennifer Aniston in Valentino at the Cinematheque Awards: lovely or dated?

These are some new photos of JustJen! HUZZAH! Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux attended the American Cinematheque 26th Annual Award Presentation To Ben Stiller at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills last night – both of them are pretty tight with Ben Stiller, so it makes sense. Jennifer wore this Valentino dress that is like the long version of the 1980s cocktail dress that Julia Roberts wore in Mystic Pizza. Justin looks good here, I think – not overly-groomed, not too fake-tanned. Jennifer looks… um… lip injections, right?

Anyway, here’s a real question: is Jennifer Aniston fundamentally an evil person who turns wholesome men into whipped, cynical, try-hard poseurs with her Biscuit of Doom? You read that correctly – I said ANISTON. Not Angelina. Oh, how the tables have turned, Jen-Hens! Star Magazine seems to be asking that question – once again, about ANISTON! – in a story about how all of Justin Theroux’s old friends think he’s totally changed now that he’s on The Good Ship Aniston. Apparently, when he was with Heidi Bivens, he was social and friendly and outgoing, but nowadays he just follows Jennifer around and she won’t let him talk to any of his friends. Boo!

Jennifer Aniston has turned her fiancé Justin Theroux into a stuck-up snob! Justin’s pals say Jennifer took the actor from mellow and friendly to arrogant and self-absorbed. During a recent birthday bash hosted by actor Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher in their LA home, several guests commented on the cold demeanor of both Jennifer and Justin.

“They kept to themselves all night and avoided talking to all of Sacha and Isla’s other guests. It was really awkward since it was such a small party. Jen and Justin were so antisocial, they stuck out like sore thumbs.”

Justin’s behavior became especially unbearable after he popped the question to Jen, pals reveal to Star.

“Before their engagement, Justin was very friendly. Now you’re lucky if you get a high five out of him. Before Jen, his friends were a priority, even though he was in a relationship then too. Now she controls his every move and they’re together nonstop. His pals feel like he’s completely turned his back on them.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

To be fair to Jennifer, one of Justin’s oldest and closest friends seems to have been “Uncle/Pervert” Terry Richardson, so maybe Jennifer was wise to force him (with her Biscuit of Doom) to cull some of his friendships. As for how Justin and Jennifer were supposedly acting at Sacha Baron Cohen’s party… I don’t know. It sounds weird. You know that group of people always hangs out together all the time, right? It’s Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Sacha, Justin, Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer, Balthazaar and Rosetta Getty, Ben Stiller and his wife, Laura Dern and sometimes Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. That’s the tight-knit little group that functions as “the cool group” in the junior high school that is Hollywood. I imagine it would get boring to spend every weekend socializing in that small little group, but whatever.

PS… Did Justin make People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” list this year? He made it last year! Maybe he was just pouting about that.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kaye says:

    Justin looks plastic and bizarre.

  2. Jill says:

    Is this a bit like the dress in the Kelly/Brenda prom debacle episode of the original 90210?

  3. marie says:

    wow, he looks plastic.. she doesn’t look bad but I don’t like the dress.

  4. Miss Kiki says:

    Not a fan of it. The whole cut of the dress is unflattering. I feel like she’s been changing her style up a bit lately. B for effort but D for execution.

  5. Ri says:

    What is going on with Justin’s face? Did he mess with his face?

  6. SmokeyBlues says:

    Plastic man is right. Also, if I was at a party with these two shiny plastic crazies I would be glad if they kept to themselves. Hahahaha

  7. someone says:

    I wore the same dress to prom in 1990 only it was knee length. Is anyone going to comment on the small baby bump going on in the 4th picture down (turned half sideways)? Could it be?

  8. bammer says:

    Are those fancy brass knuckles?

  9. Danielle says:

    The dress looks like it slipped a bit down her breasts. The effect is caused by the much too broad white bustier part. Less white would be so much more flattering.

  10. MrsBPitt says:

    Def lip injections….why does anyone do that…duck lips are not sexy! Maybe at Sacha’s party, Justin and Jen had just come from getting his and her botox injections and COULDN’T open their mouths to speak to anyone…you know what they say, a couple who botox’s together stay together! Wait, thats not right….

  11. GoodCapon says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else see a Tommy Lee Jones resemblance in the photos?

  12. Po says:

    I really hate that narrative about how men lose friends when they get in a relationship. If you were actually a good friend you would still be one, relationship or not.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Let’s be honest … some women ‘do’ cut their men off from his pals once he puts a ring on it. I’ve never understood why, but one or two of my girlfriends have done it over the years. When I asked them why they said ‘I should be enough for him.’

      I personally never felt the need to compete with my man’s friends when we were younger. I mean, he was going off on weekend hiking, mountain biking, cross-country ski trekking stuff when I met him, and he was mellower for it, so why stop his Zen? He never once complained about my trips to Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions, girls nights, and frequent ‘Hen’ gatherings. :)

      Getting back on topic, I’ve always felt that Jen was more than a bit insecure. I could totally see her doing this.

    • Zoid says:

      Maybe some women feel like since they stopped talking to their friends (has anyone not had a girlfriend that does this? Oh, I found a guy! GONE, at least until they break up) the guy should stop hanging out with his too?

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        I don’t have any girlfriends who stopped talking, confiding, partying, laughing, and crying with me when they got a man … not even the ones who cut their man off from ‘his’ friends (go figure).

        And I’m not talking about that lovely period of ‘newness’ when you first get with your man and everything is ‘Oh sweet mystery of life now that I’ve found you!’ I mean, everybody goes through that, right? But eventually you both resurface and his friends are all ‘Dude! You’re SO whipped! I thought we were Boys?’ and your girlfriends drag you out for a drink and ‘Okay … tell us ‘everything!’ :)

      • Becky1 says:

        I’m not a big fan of either Jen or Justin, but neither of them is homely! Please. There are very few “homely” celebrities. How many actors are truly homely? Not many-homely actors are mainly “character” actors who don’t tend to become celebrities. I think both of them are attractive and look good for their age. Nothing spectacular but certainly not homely.

      • cs says:

        They’re not homely looking. They just look cheap and cheesy. Nothing about them reeks rich and classy.
        ITA, why can’t she ever change her hairstyle. I think the dress is ill-fitted on the top. I love Valentino but she cheapened this dress with that 80′s make-up and drab hair do. I can see Keira Knightly pulling this dress off and making it look 2012. She would have worn great make-up, with 20′s pin curls or a side bun. JA never pulls off a great red carpet look. It’s mostly because of the make-up and hairstyle. Same pale lip gloss, straight hair extensions, parted in the middle. This time it’s worst with the frosted/glittered eye shawdow.

  13. Paloma says:

    All I notice is that stringy hair. I see a hint of pretty earrings.

    • MNFinn says:

      The surfer girl hair does hide what looks like gorgeous earrings. Wish she would change up her hair for formal events.

      I don’t hate the dress. She’s one of the few celebs who does strapless really well. SO many celebs have too much boobage spilling over or not enough to hold the dress up.

  14. tracking says:

    They look nice together, elegant and understated, but she def needs to lay off the bleach and put that hair up. Think her accessories modernize the dress.

  15. JosieJ says:

    She doesn’t look ugly or anything, but the dress looks dated and her hair is too messy. Justin looks plastic. It is not a good look on him at all.

  16. Toot says:

    Justin looks alright, but Jennifer looks like she just left the set of “Real Housewives of The OC”.

    She just looks hard/harsh to me.

  17. epiphany says:

    Remember on ‘Seinfeld’, when they would describe Kramer as a “hipster doofas”…yep.

  18. spinner says:

    They look so happy. Gorgeous couple. Jen is always surrounded by friends, so this tabloid story is probably (like most of them) fabrication.

  19. Isadora says:

    Abeige purse with a bright white dress. Heinous.

  20. apsutter says:

    I do not find him sexy at all! Her outfit looks dated as does her hair and makeup. She needs a change. She has a belly pooch which is weird considering all she does is diet and workout.

  21. Birdie says:

    Ok, I see a bump in the 4th pic.

    • Toot says:

      It would be interesting if she is pregnant, and not just that she’s been eating more.

      I can’t wait to see the honker on that possible baby.

      • floretta50 says:

        Jennifer Aniston is not twenty something, she is not thirty something she is pushing middle age, she is trying to keep up! In middle-age people loose breast size, start to get a strange tummy exercising does not help maybe lipo might help if you choose to go that route. Not pregnant if she was her bust would be bigger don’t you think? Aniston seem to have talked her fiance into using botox and fillers poor guy he was handsome before now he looks like a plastic doll.

    • Kilat says:

      Bump watch is not reliable. Boob watch is and hers look like they always do.

      I have noticed that for all the undeserved praise she gets for her body she has thick arms and a belly even though she has never had kids.

  22. Christina says:

    I like them both..but, ugh! They both look like wax figures. They both need to lay off the tanning, fake or otherwise, and possibly the botox. He looks worse than her, as far as the shiny/orange/waxy look goes. Her dress is ok, but it not flattering her boobs at all. Her makeup looks frosty and dated in the close-up.

  23. Victoria1 says:

    What is her appeal? She’s not aging well. I like him but not with her… Someone less boring, an Angelina type
    *runs and hides from Jen-hens*

  24. Mac says:

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

    Justin’s come way too far to allow anyone or anything to screw things up now.

  25. Sara says:

    If your dressing up, you need to fix your hair and put on some lipstick. As you get older the plain Jane surfer girl look doesn’t hold up as well.

  26. Tuxedo Cat says:

    I think they both look great, and very happy. I’ve read that he colours his hair, but it suits him.

  27. dorothy says:

    Wish these two would just get married and go away. So tired of reading the same things about them.

  28. ladybert62 says:

    That dress is horrible and so is her messy tangled hair.

  29. JudyK says:

    Reminds me of a dress I had in the 80s. Thumbs down.

  30. twoblues says:

    Get a new hairstyle JA, please.

    • Lady D says:

      Just out of curiosity, what hair style would you suggest to her? Can’t see her rocking a Miley/Pink hairstyle. She would look ridiculous wearing her hair ala Farrah. How about a bob like the wig Lohan was wearing on Jimmy Fallon, a little longer, about chin length maybe? Or just above the shoulders with some loose waves? I’m really stumped as to what would look good on her.

  31. Jayna says:

    Love the dress. The dark tan on her face especially and straggly looking hair, yawn. I wish she would look back at photos of herself before she became a tanorexic. I am sick of seeing her in movies and it’s winter and she’s got a dark tan.

  32. Franny says:

    I wish she would put her hair up sometimes. Shes like Kate, always having the same hairstyle

  33. thinkaboutit says:

    She is not lovely. She look hard and straggly here.

    He has a wonky eye and can’t stop mugging at the cameras. He is LOVING this!

  34. Ladyanne says:

    Awful dress, awful makeup, and i am so sick of that hair.

  35. toto says:

    Justin is doing Shane Warne lips Style

  36. djork says:

    With their matchy-matchy smirks, they’re like the American version of Elizabeth Hurley and her plucked, waxed boyfriend. Entirely unappealing.

  37. Trek Girl says:

    I like the dress.

    She looks fine, but, as always, she looks the same – same, same, same…always the same, no matter what she wears. I don’t how she does that.

  38. KellyinSeattle says:

    I have to agree about her same old, stringy hair that looks like it needs a good brushing, and that her dress is pushed too far down and flattens her breasts….yes, they look like wax figures. I see better looking women that her walking around ….I really just wish they’d go away. I really don’t like him too much either. Get married, and take a hike.

  39. Janet says:

    God, that stringy bleached mess on her head…

  40. lrm says:

    yes here red carpet style is always slightly tranny or dates 80′s….
    i never understand it either-but it’s very budget looking, even when it’s not….
    she has the money for a more elegant/refined look, too….
    but i guess that would move beyond the bleachy cali beach girl look, too….

  41. lrm says:

    Also, she never needs to work again financially, so she does not need to cling to her ‘look’ for money making or work purposes…she could absolutely take interesting risks, produce more of her own films, etc if she wanted to.

    I guess she’s just attached to the attention and the lifestyle that comes with that….

    B/C otherwise, she has no need to be in the limelight all the time; she can pick and choose unlike some other celebs/stars who need the work and money.

    she can basically go away like tom hanks or julia roberts and come out when she wants to….

  42. midnightmoon says:

    Courtney Stodden’s older, plainer sister. Those lips were never awesome. Now that she has wrecked her hair, her face AND her lips…

  43. storyteller says:

    Her hair! Good Lord her hair! Surely she has enough money to buy a brush? She needs to fire her hair stylist,because she’s been rocking the same ‘do’ for far to long now and it’s actually aging her any hair stylist worth their salt would know this.

  44. Lana says:

    Dated. VERY dated. What is she doing, going to her high school prom? She looks ridiculous. Her hair looks like straw but with the texture of a brillo pad. Old Justin looks fug as usual. Not that you could do much with his mug, he really is hideous. Poorrrrrr Jennifer, if he is the only guy she can get. How embarrassing for her. Not only did she have to steal someone else’s man, just to get a guy. But she had to choose the ugliest one, and the runt of the litter. That compounds the sadness and pitifulness of the situation. They look awful. And a little unhappy with each other, like as if they were arguing beforehand or something. This ‘couple’ just makes me laugh at them, they are so embarrassing, ill at ease and unattractive. They are a big joke.

  45. Kilat says:

    She just has a very busted face. So harsh and hard to look at.

    People obsess over her average hair and average body while completely ignoring her manly and odd face!

    And the sun damage really shows close up!

  46. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Very dated. But at least she doesn’t have a middle part in her hair so that is something positive. Middle parts don’t suit her face (they don’t suit SJP and many other women either). Her lips look awful too.

    And Justin is just a creepy looking wee little thing isn’t he. *shudder*

  47. G says:

    Is it just me or has all the heat gone out out her image since her engagement?

    She really is meh without the triangle.

  48. Anguishedcorn says:

    Wow, that eye shadow she has is really aging her… looks awful. And the duckie lips not helping. Also, her chin seems to be growing as she gets older. She looks more and more like the Snow Miser.

  49. Kim says:

    It seems like they rarely look at each other reminds me of George and Stacie. Doesn’t she own a hair care company? Her hair is meh.I don’t believe Star magazine. They are mad the breakup story came out the week they got engaged

  50. blonde on the dock says:

    The top of her dress is actually a creamy color….not white. I think they are an actual couple and look cute together. Her hair looks really nice from the back. I agree with spinner. These were the worst photos. There are others that are much more flattering to them both. Kaiser obviously dislikes Aniston.

    • qwerty says:

      These are the worst pics because they are most true to life!

      She really looks this bad! Bad skin and bad features. The nose, chin, thin lips and weird face shape all make for one busted chick.

      Without the right lighting or angles, Jen looks harsh and a plain Jane. She just is not nice to look at!

      And cute is not how I describe an almost 44 year old.

    • JulieM says:

      Blonde: I’m with you. The irrational hate of this woman is just plain weird. They do make a cute couple and I’m happy for them.

    • cs says:

      I love to see these more flattering photos. Actually, Kaiser has the best photos. On other sites, they look worst.
      You can see she had those lips done. He’s just not an attractive man. Poor Girl is morphing into Goldie Hawn. I can see her sporting the same look in her 50′s and 60′s.

    • Lana says:

      Of course you agree with spinner. rolls eyes. And who wouldn’t hate a homewrecker? Whats to like about her? She is not a nice person.

      PS Agree with Lola. What about Blonde and spinner’s irrational hate of Angelina? I know that their nasty comments about Angelina and their sychophantic defense of Aniston makes me come on here to ‘give it back to them’ as it were, since they make nasty passive-agressive attacks on Angelina. So I’ll do the same from now on on Aniston threads, because they need to be taught a lesson, see how they like it. People like those 2 really egg on the hate Aniston gets, but they can’t see it.

      • spinner says:

        @ Lana

        You sound so delightfully…vindictive.

        I’d love to reminisce with you about my irrational hate & nasty comments, but I can’t seem to think of any at the moment.
        Maybe you can refresh me. And the only lesson you could possibly teach me is how NOT to be.

      • Lana says:

        So you don’t make nice comments about Jennifer while going around ‘+1′ing and agreeing with really hateful, spiteful and vindictive coments about Angelina? You sure about that? I can give examples. Of really nasty remarks about Angelina you plussed. Passive-aggressive much? Don’t play dumb. Do you really think some of us don’t understand what you’re doing? All the passive-aggressive co-signing and plussing attacks on Angelina. Don’t take me for a fool spinner. You’ve been vindictive for years, so don’t cry foul when someone apes you. Look in the mirror. You yourself are a lesson on the worst type of fan a celeb can have.

  51. Amory says:

    Not a great look. Her hair, which has always been her signature, looks fried, dated and lifeless. Her dress isn’t a disaster, but it’s rather sad. As a couple, they never seem to exude any closeness, but maybe because I’ve always thought of her as a bit of a cold fish.

  52. Me says:

    He needs to lay off the black hair dye.

  53. pwal says:

    Don’t like the dress – makes her waist look nonexistent. But what’s the deal with the blush? As Sophia Petrillo would say, she’s wearing more blush than Miss Piggy.

  54. Jojo says:

    Justin’s smile always looks manic. Reminds me of Tom Cruise.

  55. d says:

    I HAAAAAAAATE that dress. The bustier bow broad band thing is terrible. Such an awful, awful style for her. Why did she wear that thing? And I’m surprised at how terrible her hair looks. Doesn’t she shill for some hair company or something? Very bizarre look overall. She needs a new stylist or a course in applying makeup and what to wear or something.

  56. Sue says:

    They both look happy, what’s wrong with that? There looks to be a bun in the oven, too….

  57. G says:

    Oh, I think she looks great for her age.

    It’s just that she dresses and acts like her age is 32 not 44.

  58. Lola says:

    Most of her fans are so desperate for her to have a baby that they will still claim to see a baby bump when she is 60!

    She will be 44 soon…..her clock is ticking away fast. Also I think she has signed up for some more movies destined to bomb.

    And I would feel sorry for the kid who gets their nose genes!

    • asdfg says:

      Yeah, well, what do you expect? Everytime she’s photographed in public she sticks her gut out and holds her stomach! She know what she’s doing….. She makes a profit pretending to be “FINALLY PREGNANT WITH TWINS” blah blah…

      I think she’s bland and boring.. Same ol black or white dress, hair down, and make up.

      She needs a new stylist. LOL

  59. Nina says:

    I can see everyone in that group hanging out together…. except Garner and Affleck.

  60. judyjudy says:

    They always look exactly the same no matter what they wear.

  61. thinkaboutit says:

    The funny thing about how bad her hair looks is that she’s wearing extensions (remember she cut her hair this year) so she TRIED and WANTED it to look like this!!? WTF???

  62. Tres Jolie says:

    They don’t seem very in love. They seem more like two people who really like each other that are trying to make it more than it really is and when you see them in candids they usually look bored.

  63. bELLA says:

    When will they just go away? oh,thats right she pays someone full time to take
    pix 24hrs a day ,so we can believe how wonderful her boring life is.

  64. Lmao says:

    It appears Justin & Jennifer have had some work done to their faces.

    I guess she thinks she got herself a real life Dylan McKay so why not dress like Brenda Walsh

    But isn’t Heidi bivens the Brenda in this situation? Jennifer is Kelly Taylor the Dylan stealer.

  65. Carolyn says:

    they’re middle-aged and boring. There’s nothing seriously interesting about them’s all been said. Zzzz. She’s 2 years older than me and I don’t find her remotely awe-inspring or interesting.

  66. Lady D says:

    Love the dress. Now I’m going to tiptoe back up and read the comments in this thread very quietly. (It’s safer.)

  67. Maritza says:

    They make a beautiful couple. I think JA looks really pretty when she smiles showing her teeth, the puckered look does not favor her. As for the Star gossip, I don’t believe anything they say.

  68. Amber says:

    He does not look happy with her.

  69. shewolf says:

    I love the dress and her body is amazing but dear god the hair and makeup is what is dated. You just shouldnt do blonde when you’re that age. Not that she looks old but it makes her look older or like she is hanging on to something that just shouldnt be hung onto.

  70. lisa2 says:

    Nothing to say, everyone said it already

  71. Anon says:

    They look like they’re trying not to cry (or laugh).

  72. Lola says:

    I think they are a very attractive couple. He is very handsome and she is so pretty.I am glad they found each other. Also, as we ourselves age, we can all look at our bodies and see something that we would love to change if we had the money to do it.

    • Joanna says:

      I agree, they’re both attractive. and a lot of haters on here. yeah, she might not be a supermodel, but so what? there is more to life than looks. but i guess these shallow people don’t realize that.

      • Carolyn says:

        We’re not “haters”. Just smart people calling BS on the endless Aniston PR that has been forced onto us since the bizarre love triangle exploded (and she has traded on that for years). Aniston was extremely lucky to land the Friends role. Her talents are mediocre, her looks average for someone who has spent $$$$ on “treatments”. If she had humility, heart and substance we’d respect her. Aniston & Theroux are the epitomy of looks-based shallowness.

    • Isabel says:

      I’m just gonna say it: without the love triangle drama no one would be interested in her right now. All of the Friends-people have mediocre careers and are not that talented. Her biggest claim to big Hollywood fame was Brad Pitt. When Jolie stole him she jumped on the ‘poor woman’ PR train and it is still rolling. If that wouldn’t have happened she just would have been ‘Brad Pitt’s wife’, nothing else.

  73. skuddles says:

    He looks positively giddy being in the limelight… I dunno Jen, sure this guy loves you for you or does he just love being “famous”? I’m not at all keen on her look. Bad dress, bad hair, bad makeup, and obviously plumped upper lip.

  74. hmm says:

    I ALWAYS WONDER: what the hell are the celebs LAUGHING AT when they’re on the red carpet?

    Are the Paps telling jokes? What the hell? Is it just to get stupid toothy grins?

    This is especially bad when Lindsay Lohan is on the red carpet–they make her laugh and her double and triple chins absolutely ruin the shot every time.

  75. Quinn says:

    Wow. Closeup photography is not a friend to either one of these two.

  76. Anon says:

    They look like they were having a fight and had to play lovey for pics.
    Is she wearing a lot of make-up or what? She needs to make him practice his poses, for sure.

    I hope Heidi is happy and laughing her hiney off.

  77. Steph says:

    Now they are lucky to get a high five from him…HA!

  78. Sugar says:

    well of course his buddies feel like they lost their friend. he isn’t running in that circle now. He had a long time girlfriend who was a part of the old hipster life he had in NYC. he’s an LA boy now running in jens circle-it happens like that when you break up with someone unfortunately you break up friendships too. if he were to continue to see his friends from the past that would require Jen to interlope into his & HB’s world & then it’s awkwardness all around. bummer for his ol time buddies as this guy moved on for shallow tabloid fame.

  79. Mew says:

    I think they both look somehow odd and off. Maybe they’re both stoned and botoxed to hell and back?

  80. Kio says:

    I wonder if she realizes that no one would care about her if she has not been married to BP and divorced by him? Without that and the subsequent pity party she would be as irreverent as the other Friends cast. Both Lisa and Courtney are more feminine looking and more talented. She has just milked the divorce for all it was worth.

    Now if she actually ever gets married I see the interest in her decrease because she is no longer the victim she made herself to be and she is not interesting enough to have lot of fans! Most of her fans can only talk about her hair!

    And she does not get good roles, she gets the leftover roles no one wants.

    And for Justin, he has not worked for 2 years and loves the fame more than Jen herself.

    • lisa2 says:

      I think that realization has begun to set in.

      but regarding them on the RC. I think some couples have an ease about them when they are posing together. They are just able to give off the heat or chemistry. Jennifer and Justin don’t have that. Maybe they will with more RC appearances. He doesn’t look at her. Or at least I have not see a picture of him doing so. He was way way way more affectionate with Heidi. When I was trying to find out who he was I saw lots of pictures of him with Heidi..Kissing her and really being very affectionate.

    • anom says:

      chinny’s only relevance since 2005 is being dumped by Brad. since then it has been her few fans and tabloids “trying” to BRING DOWN BRANGELINA!!!!!! FAIL.

    • Isabel says:

      Amen! Just said the same thing in response to someone else, not realizing someone else had said it already. YES!Exactly!

  81. Tommy says:

    Some of y’all are acting like this guy looks like Quasimodo. I actually think he’s kind of cute, hardly the “troll doll” being described on this page.

  82. Claire says:

    His eyes look kind of puffy. What’s up with that. She looks the same always. Shoulders, breasts, same type of dress and in black. She would be lovely in color but ends up matchy matchy with her man.

  83. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Justin looks very much like Humphrey Bogart – he and Jen could do a remake of The African Queen.

  84. Togsos says:

    i don’t understand the point or relevance of Jennifer anymore, yes she had good hair and was in a sitcom, but that was years ago.

  85. Az says:

    Is it just me or is Aniston slowly morphing into Barbra Streisand circa Princeof Tides/Mirror has two faces?