Adrien Brody’s girlfriend Lara Lieto has crazy long hair: extensions or natural?

I don’t know why so many of you seem to have abandoned poor Adrien Brody! Just a few years ago, an Adrien Brody post would draw a significant number of ladies who would get all sigh-y and lovesick for his crazy nose and sad eyes. But when I wrote about Adrien last week, most of you were like “meh.” Is it because many of the Brody fan-girls have had a “come to Jesus” moment and you realize he’s kind of sleazy and d-baggy? Or is it because he has a girlfriend now?

These are pics of Adrien with his girlfriend Lara Lieto at last night’s GQ ‘Man Of The Year’ awards in Madrid, Spain. Does anyone else think it’s weird that no one ever says how old this girl is? She looks really young. My guess is that she’s under the age of 25, probably closer to 20, but I can’t find any proof or citation anywhere of her actual age. And Adrien is 39 years old. And he still poses like a d-bag.

But really, I’m writing about these photos because of Lara Lieto’s hair!!! LOOK AT IT. That is some long-ass hair. Is it her own? I honestly don’t think those are extensions – I think it’s her real hair? Is that naïve? Now, I’ve had long hair most of my life. I think the longest I’ve ever worn my hair is probably just above my natural waist. And you know what? That’s too long. When you wear your hair that long, it’s a mess of split and damaged ends. You feel literally and figuratively weighed down. Right now I have my hair in my standard zone, to my bra clasp. That’s what I think of as “the long-hair zone” – anything around that area. Anything beyond that area, and people think you’re wearing extensions or you just look like this – like “OMG, WTF?”

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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    • gg says:

      It’s definitely real, because NO hairdresser could make anybody’s hair look that stringy and wrong. Looks like hell. She doesn’t even groom it to make it look good. Seems she’s just addicted to it since it’s probably been there her whole life, judging the length of it. It’s hard to let go of very long hair when you’ve had it a long time.

      She badly needs at least 14 inches trimmed off to make it look remotely healthy on the ends.

      • The Original Victoria says:

        I say it’s real just because of how unhealthy it looks.

        I had long hair to my waist for years and I loved it. Then I cut it all off last July, and I regretted that.

        I love having a heavy head especially in the winter. It’s a like a cocoon of warmth. But it needs to be healthy and that girl’s hair does not look all that great as it travels down.

        Most of my Indian friends have almost knee length hair and it’s very healthy and full. So you can do achieve it, but it takes a lot of work.

    • Nina W says:

      I agree, it’s her real hair. And not everybody can grow such long hair, it depends on your genetics. I have a friend whose hair never grows very long because it breaks off by about chin length no matter what she does to it.

  1. marie says:

    I’m going with real.. (I can’t spot fake ever) bottom looks a bit too pinestraw ratty to be fake?

  2. Jessica says:

    I say it is real…looks very healthy and beautiful!!

  3. goodquestion says:

    I loved him in “The Pianist”. Not so much, since then. And he looks like a total fool in that ridiculous Gilette razor commercial.

  4. MAP says:

    Well, that hair is a mess of damaged and split ends. It would look much healthier about 6 inches shorter.

  5. Amelia says:

    I think it is hers. I’m no expert when it comes to natural/fake hair, particularly when it comes to Waity, but the ends do look a bit ratty, and if they were fake then they probably wouldn’t split as easily … ?
    Although, long hair doesn’t necessarily mean damaged. My hair is not quite as long as hers (it currently ends just above my bum) and is in great condition, although a lot of effort goes into keeping it that way. Seriously, I should buy stocks in conditioner.
    The biggest enemy to my hair is tying it too tightly and letting it go all over the place at night. I make sure to always put it in a loose plait/braid at night to avoid knots the size of a tennis ball.

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      My hair is super long too. Not this long, but a girl on tour with us has hair this long. All real, btw.

      Mine isn’t damaged at all. I clean it once or twice a week, try not to use too much heat and no split ends. I’m still getting it trimmed up this week. I need a haircut and style, not just super long. I need some layers, but I’m laughing as I type this in bed with my hair done up still. I must do it too or I get strangled by the hair monster or hubby lays on it or something.

      The amount that is in the shower or on the floor daily is staggering and a PITA, I constantly pick up hair. The upkeep is so time consuming, but worth it. IMO, She needs about eight inches chopped!

      • littlestar says:

        Hey Tiff. I have long hair too, ends about 3 inches below my bra strap. I do pretty much what you do to keep my hair healthy – go 4-5 days without washing it, keep heat styling to the minimum, and use lots of conditioner on the ends and good styling products. I also only shampoo my roots, and then let the suds just kind of wash over the rest of my hair when rinsing the shampoo out. I find shampoo can really strip the ends of moisture, so the indirect washing really helps. I lose so much hair in the shower that I’m always checking my scalp afterwards to make sure I’m not going bald! Haha.

        Anyway, this girl’s hair is real. The ends are way too stringly to be fake!

      • gg says:

        littlestar you are doing it exactly right. Too much hot water, too much brushing, other daily heat directly applied, and shampoo can wreck the moisture and split the ends. If you apply leave-in conditioner and keep doing what you’re doing, chances are you can get away with trimming less than twice a year, about 2 inches per time, or even less, and have virtually no split ends.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Littlestar-we have the same length hair! It is a massive PITA if you do not put it up loosely at night. My new favorite?
        Take a soft all the way around headband, put around crown, take chunks of hair, twist loosely and wrap around band. Keep going until you went all the way around. It locks the band in, gives you waves and is comfy and loose.

        I use WEN twice a week, lukewarm water only. I literally have NO split ends. I’m still cutting a couple inches off. At least three times a year. When I lived at home with my stylist on notice I was an every 8 weeks girl. I also use oils in the hair from midshaft down. I’m going to chop it in a few months, but it is so healthy it seems like a shame.
        Still, this girl could use a good chop-it would look healthier. Just past the boobs, it is still LONG but not weird long. I do this weird thing where I grow it really long and then chop it all off. It feels awesome when they hack it off and then I donate it.

        So yeah, putting it up at night loosely is KEY to good sleep and hair.

      • littlestar says:

        gg – so far the best leave-in conditioner I’ve found so far is Redken’s Butter Treat. Amazing! I definitely recommend it. It makes the ends of the hair so soft and manageable. The only bad thing: I think it works best on thicker hair, as some of my finer hair friends have tried it and they say it weighs their hair done too much.

        Tiff – I’m going to have to try your headband idea! I usually just put my hair in a braid for the night, and the waves look just awful the next day. I wish I was one of those girls who had amazing looking hair just from air drying it :D . Sadly mine just looks like frizzy long pubes from air drying haha.

        Thanks for the tips ladies :) .

      • Ginger says:

        @gg you may already know this but that is how a lot of women did the “victory rolls” in the 40′s…save the shed hair and ball it up inside of a hair net and then wrap the hair around it. It is also known as a “hair rat”.

    • GoodCapon says:

      I’m glad you mentioned the plait/braid thing because I’m curious about it! You know in Downton Abbey (if you do watch it) Mary always has her hair in a braid before she goes to sleep at night. Then I read that you also do the same. Are there other benefits from braiding your hair at night aside from ‘avoid(ing) knots the size of a tennis ball’?

      • Amelia says:

        Well, as Tiff said, you avoid getting strangled by the hair monster and it means your other half doesn’t trap you in one position for the rest of the night by rolling over onto it. Oy. I had such a stiff neck when that happened.
        I’ve found that it also helps prevent hair breakage, but it’s got to be loose. Otherwise you get snap-band marks. And I always make sure to get it trimmed once a month to keep the ends in check.

      • gg says:

        You take your hair down in the morning and have nice loose waves in it, if it’s long enough. If it’s short or layered, sometimes it makes it look silly and sticks out all over.

        For historical reasons as far as Downton Abbey is concerned, around the turn of the century, all they had were rubber bands and barrettes and hair chopsticks and you can’t really sleep in those or you’ll run into problems.

        Something interesting about historical hairstyles — they’d save the hair from their brushes, make a big ball out of it, and use it as a natural lift, pinned underneath the lifted hair, so they didn’t have to tease it so much. Looked far better than those stupid bump-it things that make a stair step out of the back of your head.

        Yes I am an extreme history nerd.

  6. Buckwild says:

    She has a similar look to Elsa Pataky…guess Adrian has a type. She would look much better with shorter hair, but it got her the attention I guess

  7. Ari says:

    I think its her real hair because well it looks kind of unkempt and like someone said thin at the bottom and a bit ratty maybe?

  8. Birdie says:

    Disgusting. She needs a haircut.

  9. KellyinSeattle says:

    I know several people with real hair that long; I think it may be real, but it’s too ratty and needs combing. Maybe she could get a little taken off; something like Anne Hathaway’s – kidding :) But a few inches off, at least, would look better. I happen to like shorter cuts, but whatever she wants; it’s her hair. Maybe for Christmas she’ll get a gift card to Great Clips for a trim. :) p.s. I have a wig w/ hair that long, just for crazy fun, and I’ve worn it a couple times. Couldn’t place who it resembled, but now I know. Hair is an individual thing; some styles look good on some but not others. I’ve noticed that people react a little bit differently when I had long hair, and now that I’ve gotten a really short cut, it’s not as popular, and one man told me, “Women should have long hair”…a complete stranger. I told him, “I’m not trying to please you”…sigh

    • MerryHappy says:

      Are you serious? That takes a great deal of nerve to go to a stranger and tell them that their entire gender should subscribe to a certain hair style. Are you sure it wasn’t Papa Duggar?
      I have long hair (about an inch or two below the bra band)and that’s because I feel I look better with it. I have one of those faces that can’t do short hair. I wish I did. I have a friend who got a very short pixie cut and looked amazing. I would look wide-jawed and round. People’s hair is their business, and we aren’t mandated to please each other! I’m glad you managed to be so polite–I don’t think I’d have been able to.

  10. Ellie66 says:

    It looks like her real hair but its way to long. It looks like it would get all up in ur way. Adrien is skeevy looking he looks like a car salesman.

  11. huh? says:

    Ugh, that looks awful. …and Adrian, he’s gonna start to look like a little old man in no time, already that chin is receding and the nose is taking over even more. She’s gonna wake up one day, look over and scream – realizing she’s been hooking up with the old man and the sea.

  12. Aubra says:

    She could use a trim for the sake of shaping…it could still be long and would look better.

    I wear extensions and nobody knows until they compliment me on my hair and I tell them, they’re shocked…I don’t care who knows! LMAO

  13. Ellie66 says:

    Or a stereo salesman at the mall in the 80s. Lol!

  14. Jenna says:

    I had hair that long until I was about 13 before chopping off a few good feet. I’m going to go with real and very pretty hair. Combing all that, not to mention washing, shampooing and conditioning is a bitch though. And drying?! Oy.

    • Fatkid says:

      Seriously! Mine was long enough to sit on. I think I made it to 15yrs old, then one day after a two hour session of blow drying I’d had enough. I announced to my parents that the next time I left the house it was to get a haircut! Long hair is so much work.

  15. Justyna says:

    I don’t know about the others but I blame Elsa Pataky (Tacky Pataky, right?) for this change of heart. His relationship with her ruined him for me. Those photos in a castle he bought for her (and the bathtub! ugh) and all the photo-ops with her made my crush disappear for good. Before he was so delightfully ugly-beautiful in my eyes but she sucked out all the beauty out of him. Then I started noticing his douchy behaviour and horrible fashion sense.

  16. Eve says:

    I don’t know why so many of you seem to have abandoned poor Adrien Brody! Just a few years ago, an Adrien Brody post would draw a significant number of ladies who would get all sigh-y and lovesick for his crazy nose and sad eyes.

    Well, I still love him — his missteps (bad clothes/posing sometimes, bad choices in women most of the time) notwithstanding. I really don’t think he’s a douchebag. At all.

    I mean, don’t think he deserves that title. A real douchebag (to me) is someone like Justin Timberlake — I need a character’s flaw. Having bad taste in women and clothes isn’t enough for me to start calling him a douchebag when there’s so much showing he’s the opposite (talented, easy to work with, treats fans and press well).

    He also looks great in these pictures — love especially the third and last ones (nice bulge, by the way).

    P.S.: to answer the question, I think that’s her real hair.

    • Mira says:

      @Eve – ITA. I like the Brody. Watched The Darjeeling Limited over the weekend. Love Owen Wilson and Brody.

      Her hair looks real to me although I don’t know how to spot extensions. I cut my hair two months ago and I felt 3 kilos lighter, literally.

    • truthSF says:

      @Eve, Thank you for writing everything I was thinking. My love for Adrian is still alive.

      Yes her hair is real. I work with someone with the same length, texture and just a little darker coloring. I’ve been trying to get her to cut her hair just to try a new look since she’s worn it that long since she was a kid, but no such luck yet.

      • Eve says:

        You’re welcome :) .

        Really, it saddens me that not only he’s been losing his reputation (maybe he’s already lost that), roles and money because of a misconception, he’s been losing fans as well.

        Lainey posts about him almost obsessively, even though she claims to despise him now. I wonder what the hell he’s done to her — if it was something personal. It has to be something personal, because I refuse to believe she’s mad at him simply because he hasn’t lived up to her expectations (too high, impossibly high for any normal human being — just check her earlier posts about him) or to what she thought he was. She can’t be that childish.

      • truthSF says:

        Oh, but she is that childish. Wonky eye is becoming a Squawking Chicken just like her mamma.

        I don’t get the hate for Adrian either, I just hope catch a break with a good movie or franchise to jump start his career again.

      • Eve says:

        I still like her take on many celebrities (Timberlake and his wife, Chris Brown, Madonna and others), but sometimes I just don’t get her.

        She clearly can’t let go that he — somehow — disappointed her. I try really hard not to read her posts (about Brody) because they’re so damn unfair. I fail, of course, because I end up reading them anyway.

        I find it weird that she’s so f*cking hard on him while giving Ryan Gosling so many passes — like when she criticized Brody’s black outfit in Cannes, but called Gosling pajamas-like shirt — and his glossy, blue tuxedo later that night — “unique steeze”.

        I also think she sometimes mixes fantasy with reality, because of what she’s said (more than once) about Benedict Cumberbatch — that she shouldn’t hold his performance in “Atonement” against him, but she couldn’t help but doing that.

        What the hell does she mean? That he’s a creep in real life?

      • Marty says:

        @Eve- Lainey is VERY fickle when it comes to celebs. Her constant defender of Kristen Stewart is a big indicator on that. But I see what you mean! Remember after Adrian and Elsa broke up she said she was starting to like him again and now? Yeah, she doesn’t really have many good things to say about him. Also, have you noticed ever since Elsa and Chris got married, Lainey stopped bashing her? But she still feels the need to bring up the fake castle incident in every Brody post. Strange non?

      • Eve says:

        @ Marty:

        It is strange. In Brody’s case, I think it’s a love/hate thing. For instance, she trashes him, then posts a plethora of pictures where he LOOKS GOOD. The pictures she chooses to post don’t match the tone of her writing. It’s like she has the urge to trash him for not being the guy she thought he was, but still enjoys staring at him (he IS her type after all).

        Yes, she’s admitted she’s fickle when it comes to celebrities. And I understand that. I just can’t stand the double standards — some she’ll trash for the smallest, most insignificant reasons; some she’ll praise to no end even though they aren’t that nice or talented.

        “Also, have you noticed ever since Elsa and Chris got married, Lainey stopped bashing her?”

        Indeed. Even when she posts about Chris Hemsworth, she barely says anything about Pataky. She’s never had any problems with Pataky, just with Brody dating her. I don’t like that he dated her either — especially for what it meant to his career and reputation — but I won’t hate him for that. I feel sorry for him, that’s all.

      • booger says:

        Celebrity bottom feeder Lainey is an idiot. Coming down on Jen Aniston for “not being a strong woman”, practically equating douchebag behaviour from Adrian Brody to murder. She makes a LIVING penning a mysogynistic POS blog that cuts other women down for their sartorial, reproductive, and lifestyle choices. I’d forgive her if she had some semblance of self awareness but she takes herself and her rag so seriously.

        I quit reading when she was sneering at Tom Cruise for being invited to party with the “cool kids” Matt Damon et al. Guess what Matt! Lainey thinks you’re part of the cool crowd! Hooray you can die now!

    • Michelle says:

      I think Adrien is a talented actor, and i was quite a fan of his eccentric style and film role choice.

      I also understand why Lainey Gossip trashes him so much. I’m guessing it’s because he seems like he should be a cut above in his personal life, just like in his acting skills. He’s not a douche like timberlake from what i can tell. But it’s easy to be disappointed in a guy who seems like he should be dating people (intellectual peers?) like Jessica Chastain etc choosing to date garden variety vapid looking hot chicks instead. Hitting on Paris Hilton. Dating no name glamour models for months at a time. It is a disappointment. Because in his personal life AB is nothing more than a typical middle-aged rich dude, not a classy, intelligent man who sets himself apart from the justin timberlakes of the world.

  17. Allison says:

    that looks so much russian or bulgarian!

  18. LadyMTL says:

    I’ll cast my vote for real and also for the fact that she needs a trim. When the ends get that thin / split / dry, it’s time to break out the scissors.

    As for Adrian Brody, I’ve never seen the appeal. He always struck me as a bit of a d-bag and now my opinion has been confirmed. :p

  19. Marianne says:

    It looks real to me. But I don’t think hair that long looks good. Once it’s passed the boobs, I think it’s too long.

  20. Zigggy says:

    I think real because you can’t see the shorter “real hair” layer on top.

  21. RN says:

    Whenever I see a woman who has grown her hair to Crystal Gale’s length, I itch to sneak up and cut off a foot. Hair that long flatters no one. There’s never any style to it, and inevitably the woman wears it down most of the time in some misguided notion that she looks young and hot.

  22. Tiffany27 says:

    That’s TOO long. It looks gross.

  23. Tuxedo Cat says:

    I have to admit I am a big fan of long hair…I have 26 inch extensions that I wear sometimes bc mine won’t grow that long…that’s about as long as is available. I don’t wear them everyday, because I’m trying to minimize the breakage…

    I think that is her real hair also, and it is beautiful. Most people can’t grow their hair that long, and I congratulate her for keeping at it. It’s a lot of work….

  24. spinner says:

    I think it is her real hair. I would take a good 6 – 8 inches off if I were her — but that’s just me. I would not be able to handle the feel of that much hair. I would resort to putting it up 24/7 & what fun is that?

    I used to love Adrien & then he did King Kong. He was just so cheesy & smarmy — he lost me forever.

  25. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t think she’s in her early 20′s…look at her neck.

  26. lucy2 says:

    Real is my guess. I don’t care for it, once it gets too long, it looks scraggly and just too much. In that one photo it’s like a curtain draped over her.

  27. kelly says:

    Does it really matter? A lot of people inside and outside of hollywood use extensions. In this case, ESPECIALLY hollywood. What makes her different?

  28. shewolf says:

    It looks real but it also looks like she needs to run a brush through it. She’s quite beautiful!

  29. BooBooLaRue says:

    Nasty ratty hair! He looks good in a sleazy way though.

  30. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Can you imagine how long it must take to color her hair if its natural?

    I love AB. I find his confidence sexy and his style can be amazing. My feelings for him have seriously waned for 2 reasons 1. He dates horribly. He goes for indie rock hipster artists or models and there’s just not much there most of the time. It makes me think he’s boring or intelligent or vapid. 2. His mother. She’s a great photographer and sometimes journalist, but she’s obsessed with her son. I read an article where she talked about how he send a photo of him for her x-mas card every year (eh, could be cute). Then she talked about how she’s obsessed with him and he’s the perfect man. How could any woman ever make him happy? I felt, maybe wrongly, that the confidence I liked was actually this ginormous mommy-built ego and my lady boner just went limp.

  31. moptop says:

    That’s her real hair and its dreadful. Nobody needs hair that long.

  32. Apples says:

    I can’t with him because I think he is cheesy and his eyebrows piss me off.
    His girlfriend is gorgeous.

  33. GoodCapon says:

    Probably real. I spy split ends.

    It doesn’t look good on her to be honest. She should cut to somewhere slightly above her elbow or even above her bust area.

  34. thinkaboutit says:

    Ugh it’s ALL over the place! And it looks thin, limp and ratty. Nothing about that looks good.

  35. little-red says:

    Those aren’t extensions and regarding AB, I would def still hit it. I loved him in The Pianist and The Darjeeling Limited.

  36. melissa says:

    As a longhair, I can say-It’s all hers. She has what is called “fairytale” ends-whispy and natural looking. Most women with long hair have a blunt U shaped skirt (the end of your hair is called a skirt). Her hair is not damaged, we just aren’t used to seeing this in america-land of the bleach. Congrats to her hard work, her hair is just beautiful!

    • RN says:

      No, we see this in America – a lot in rural areas. There’s still some women (especially those who came of age in the 1970s) who (mistakenly) believe that super long hair is flattering and sexy. They grow it down to their butts and their ends look just like this woman’s – ratty, thin and split.

      Those women don’t realize how much that hair ages them.

  37. Sara says:

    I just don’t get the unhealthy scraggly long hair look. Long hair only looks good when healthy.

  38. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    He reminds me of Kourt’s guy…Scott Kardashian..sleazy to the max!

  39. shocked&appalled says:

    I think it’s real too because of the poor condition of the ends.

    I had a crush on Adrien Brody around the time he won his Oscar through when he was in the Darjeeling Limited. Then I realized what a serious slimebag he is, and it was over. He is dead to me.

    Exhibit A: the Elsa Pataky castle photoshoot.

    Exhibit B (soul patch and bad leather)

    Exhibit C, the final straw: his LEATHER suit at Cannes (plus hanging out with Paris Hilton).

    And that was it, the point of no return.

  40. J7 says:

    Hair like that only looks good from the back and when you’re naked.

  41. Theuth says:

    Vote for real. I had hair this long up until two years ago, it’s hard to keep them combed and clean (when straight, they tend to go everywhere with JUST a little blow of wind, plus you can’t keep them much constricted in a tail or similar because they tend to broke), and it was liberating when I cut them and get a pixie. And they were so goddamming heavy!

  42. Grace says:

    That’s her real hair. It’s lovely. She just doesn’t wear extensions. If women in Hollywood started showing their real hair men would run screaming. Most have to have the extensions because their hair is always thin, malnourished,overprocessed, and breaking.

  43. India says:

    I don’t know about her hair but I do know that her nose is fake. Really bad nose job.

  44. G says:

    Yeah that’s real and it must be really thin to take that length. Mine would have to be seriously layered to not rat up like a tumbleweed at that length.

  45. JPC says:

    Don’t care about her hair. I love him — ever since his bit role in The Thin Red Line. I have a picture of him on my bulletin board in my office, if that tells you anything. He’s definitely in my Top 3…and will be FOREVER. Gah! Love him.

  46. themummy says:

    Definitely real hair. It’s not very thick, and with extensions they usually go for the plenty-o-hair-bombshell look. I think it’s gorgeous. It doesn’t look damaged to me at all. I think it looks shiny, smooth, clean, and healthy.

  47. says:

    That’s entering “cousin It” territory.

  48. roxy750 says:

    He is hilarious, I love him just b/c he makes a total dork out of himself thinking he’s hot as hell. She is drop dead gorgeous.

  49. Alexis says:

    I pretty much always would. But I’m kind of ashamed of it. It is what it is.

  50. Snazdawg says:

    He is handsome sometimes … But just so … Greasy!

  51. truthful says:

    it looks like its hers by the ends being sorta of thin.

    he still can get it from me though, sexy.

  52. Memphis says:

    Looks real to me. I think it looks healthy, but the ends are thin and it’s in need of a good trim.

    I usually keep my hair around hip length and it looks very healthy. People always want to feel my hair for extensions when I tell them it’s all my hair… People just seem to believe real hair can’t grow.

    As for him…he never did it for me.

  53. Mara says:

    She is stunning and the hair looks very natural .

  54. Christina says:

    I think he looks great and I would still hit it (and not with a shovel). The reason everyone’s so meh about him is, I think, because of the fact that pretty much everyone all over the blogosphere is calling him a douche. I honestly don’t think he is one. I think he’s hot and he look very much in love.

  55. VGirl says:

    I love Adrien too! I would totally do him. I think he comes off as douchey only because he isnt’ conventionally handsome, so he looks too “try hard” when he poses. But he should just stand there and smile no need to pose, you are a sexy talented man Adrien!

  56. Umi says:

    I love him and she’s really pretty, but she has bad hair. I assume it is real. I’d be upset if I paid money for such thin extensions. Women with thin hair, in my opinion, look better with short do’s. It winds up looking stringy otherwise.

  57. Violet says:

    Adrien is aging well, but that girl definitely looks young enough to be his daughter.

    Not that long ago there were photos circulating of some woman giving him a hand job on the deck of a yacht. That girl had her hair in a bun that looked too small for the amount Lara has. So if that was her, the hair is fake because there’s no way it would grow that fast. Otherwise, it looks real.

    It must be incredibly time-consuming to look after and so heavy. Plus she must forever worry about getting it caught in something.

  58. Stacia says:

    I think its hers because its uneven and stringy. She needs a nice cut.

    Also, AB is working some dong action in that last pic.

  59. Ginger says:

    Well, I happen to love Adrien Brody. I like his confidence, his swagger. I guess it can border on doucheiness. But I’m still attracted to him.

  60. Chell says:

    My bet is real & I don’t think her hair is awful, I just think that she has a beautiful face, she is very petite & that hair is way too much…she is drowning in it!

  61. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I vote for real hair (that could do with a good trim). And she is very pretty.

  62. Peeps says:

    That’s real hair, and I love it. Her ends need a trim, but besides that it looks healthy. So few people have long hair anymore. Everyone has to be tweezed, waxed, dyed, curled, straightened, injected, sandblasted, tan-blasted, and dipped in makeup these days that natural anything looks freaky, especially in Hollywood.

    I think a lot of people think that long hair is old fashioned or outdated, but to me it’s just classic. I have long hair, so I may be biased:P

  63. natalina says:

    FAKE–theres a thing called gravity, the longer ur hair, the more gravity pulls it down–impossible to have hair so long and so thick…sorry to disapoint all the believers-there is some real hair in there but wake up peopl!

    • TheOriginalTiffany says:

      Are you joking? Her hair is thin! My hair has at least three times as much volume. I basically have a horse tail to the small of my back.

      I have so much hair that sometimes I wish I had less! That is real hair, 100% of it. No doubt.

  64. Aud says:

    That’s her real hair. You can tell by looking at the ends. It tapers down naturally.
    I used to have hair of a similar length. It was a bitch to maintain, and the ends were never perfect (thick, even, and so on).
    If she had extensions, the hair would look uneven somewhere in her scalp. There is usually a noticeable division in the hair.

  65. He’s absolutely gorgeous. Adrien Brody is HOT!

  66. QQ says:

    Oh Adrien! the parade of Questionables Never ends with you, does it?! LOL

    Evangelical Wife hair over there seems real, looks fried and frazzled enough

  67. Her hair is beautiful on her says:

    I think her hair is beautiful on her… it’s a very young and natural look that she can pull off very well. Her hair does not have to be clean cut to perfection to look beautiful. I feel a jealous vibe here or close minded. It’s nice to see someone who is confident enough with her looks to wear her hair different than the mainstream.

  68. Kosmos says:

    I don’t think her hair looks particularly ratty or in poor shape, but the length just takes her over, and takes over her look, too, but some women keep this length to have a special identity, you know, ‘I have super long sexy hair.’ But yes, she needs to shorten it and it would still be plenty long and yet a lot more appealing. Well, Brody looks like he’s really found something, but does it really last, because these girls are just after his fame and money, don’t you think? She doesn’t look that interested in him at all. He’s a fantastic actor, I’ll say that, but not so lucky in his love life.

  69. Victoria1 says:

    So because of some bitch and a castle he’s hated??? Whatever. I still adore him and think he’s great. Just watched “detached” over the weekend and it was dark yet great.

  70. DumbistheNewBlack says:

    I would still hit it like a Mac Truck. My opinion of him never changes.

    Even when, I am ashamed to say, he basically attacked Hailey Berry. Which is the worst thing he has done in the media to me.

    As for his girl. Her hair is real. She needs to trim it and give it body but I bet he is enjoying the HELL out of it every night…sigh.

  71. Diane says:

    all she had to do was brush it over once!

    i have long hair and the solution is coconut oil and olive oil (not at the same time) on the ends for an hour or so. shower in cold water and you’re good 2 go.

  72. kityafey says:

    I hate her. She’s with my man. I am so jealous. She’s a beautiful girl. Her hair is all natural. My hair is that long with no extensions. I would have commented on last weeks story on Adrien but I wasn’t around. Now, I will have to look it up. I would hit D-bag Brody all night long. I just love him.

  73. emily says:

    definitely real. no one would have extensions that look that thin. i wonder how long it takes her to do her hair.

  74. Steph says:

    I’m conflicted about him. He does look like a tool in pictures, BUT he is so tall with dark hair and eyes and that big nose and gangly arms and legs. I really love that! You can get lost in those limb.

  75. Michelle says:

    I used to be a fan and now that I’ve seen him on a steady diet of bimbos for the last couple of years I’ve joined the adrien is a douche club. I still think he’s a good actor but don’t respect his personal life. Sad to believe it but this chick is perfect evidence. Too young for him and seems to be very good at vapid expressions. His main fan site (russian) shut down recently so maybe the douche club is growing.

  76. xoxokaligrl says:

    What is up with all these long hair haters?

    Her hair is very pretty in a I just walked off the beach way, but not suitable style for their present engagement.

  77. ZenB!tch says:

    Why have I forsaken Adrien? He never works. I forgot he existed.

  78. arines says:

    Long hair is pretty.I can’t stand those people who walk up to you and tell you to donate it ! Its not commeon in my country to tell others to donate things. How rude in America they tell young girls with long hair to chop it off for charirty!

  79. pirate says:

    I love her hair and I wish I could have my hair as long as she has.

  80. Eden says:

    I would say it’s real. I had hair to my knees for many years and it would look like that after the wind would get a hold of it. A boar brush is a must have anywhere with hair that long.

    I have hair to my waist now and it pisses me off when people come up and say that it’s too long, I’m too old or that I should donate it. It’s my head not yours, if you don’t like it, don’t look. I imagine she probably thinks the same thing.

  81. Layale says:

    Am I the only one who thinks she doesn’t look very happy in those pics?

  82. where have I been! says:

    I just heard that adrien is with this lara lieto girl (I know I’m half a month late) and my heartbeat got all mixed up… I was fine with adrien being with that spanish actress. If I’m correct they were at least about same age.. and now he is dating this girl who is (I would guess) about same age as I’m. And Lieto, is that chick from finland? Because here in finland that surname is quite common, I hope she isn’t from finland tho. If she is, it makes me so much more envious. I mean in that case that girl next to adrien could be me, except I’m too short to be a model.

    Oh well what ever the case, I wish all the best for them anyway.. Although I really hate it. He has been my celebrity crush for years, other actors are just plain boring looking with similar looks and pretty little fake noses…