CPS reopens investigation into Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry following holiday fight

Here’s Part III of this holiday season’s epic Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry Disaster. As we discussed throughout the holiday, Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez got into a fist-fight outside of Halle Berry’s home on Thanksgiving. Gabe was dropping off Nahla, and Olivier reportedly said something to Gabe to instigate the fight, but Gabe threw the first punch. Both men sustained injuries, but only Gabe was arrested (for misdemeanor battery), and Gabe is already out on bond or bail or whatever. Meanwhile, Halle has been using this situation to further her own continuing claims that Gabriel is an awful, violent person – she’s already gotten an emergency protective order (meaning that Gabe can’t come near her or Nahla), and Halle is also seeking a permanent restraining order against Gabe. Because of course. Now Radar reports that CPS has re-opened its investigation of Gabriel… well, they’re investigating the entire situation, it seems like.

The L.A. County Department of Child Protective Services will be formally re-opening an abuse investigation involving Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry’s daughter, Nahla, following the Thanksgiving brawl between her father, Gabriel Aubry, and her mother’s current boyfriend, French actor Olivier Martinez, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

“Detectives from the LAPD formally contacted CPS after Gabe’s arrest, because Nahla was present when the fight occurred,” a source close to the situation tells Radar exclusively.

“Nahla wasn’t actually involved in the melee, and by all accounts, Halle whisked her out of the driveway as soon as the fight between Olivier and Gabe started. However, DCFS was contacted because there has been a history of allegations of physical abuse. Social workers will be interviewing Halle, Gabriel and Olivier about what happened on Thanksgiving. DCFS must ensure that Nahla’s environment is safe.”

As we previously reported, while dropping Nahla off with Halle on Thanksgiving morning, Aubry got into a knock-down, drag-out brawl with Martinez.

The cops were called, and both men ended up getting treatment at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Aubry was booked on suspicion of misdemeanor battery, posted a $20,000 bond and has a December 13 court date.

Meanwhile, Berry has reportedly gotten an emergency restraining order to keep Aubry away. The two have been in an ongoing child custody battle. Berry was recently shot down by a Los Angeles judge who ruled that she couldn’t move with Nahla to France, because Gabriel lives in Southern California.

Earlier this year, Aubry was accused of shoving Halle’s nanny while she was holding Nahla. The nanny filed a police report but the Los Angeles City Attorney failed to file charges against Aubry citing a lack of sufficient evidence.

“Gabriel is extremely concerned about his arrest and the fallout this could have on Nahla. She is his entire world and is hopeful that once the truth comes out, he won’t be formally charged with any crime,” the source says.

[From Radar]

Radar has a history of being more Team Gabriel and TMZ is usually more Team Halle, so take that as you will. I’ll buy that CPS has reopened their investigation, and I’ll buy that Gabriel is very, very concerned – as he should be. Personally, I think Halle (and Olivier) manipulated Gabriel into this position, but Gabriel definitely needs to take responsibility for his own awful actions.

Celebuzz has a lengthy discussion with some legal experts about what could happen next in this ongoing custodial dispute – you can read the Celebuzz story here. Basically, the experts say that if Halle gets her restraining order, that will be “the game changer” in this custody dispute, and it could possibly end Gabriel’s custodial rights. The experts also expect for Halle to raise the issue of moving to France once again, but they stress that even if the court finds that Gabriel is a violent monster (?), that doesn’t automatically mean that Halle and Olivier will get to move to France with Nahla.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Talie says:

    I think if Gabriel’s dispute was mainly with Olivier…I don’t see a court going overboard. But who knows? I think it would be different if it was directly at Halle and Nahla was present. Hopefully the judge waits until the investigation is complete before stripping him of seeing his daughter.

    • bros says:

      if halle’s security cameras captured the whole thing, I’ll reserve judgement until they are actually turned over to the police and they can complete their investigation based on that.

      • Eve says:

        But what if she had them edited?

        P.S.: Yes, in my opinion, she’s capable of something like that.

      • Tazina says:

        Good chance the cameras weren’t on that day or they “malfunctioned.”

      • Miss M says:

        @Eve: That’s exactly what I said yesterday. It is taking too long for this video to surface. Enough time for editing…

      • Eve says:

        @ Miss M:

        At this point, that’s a natural thought, non? As soon as I read someone talking about surveillance cameras/footage I thought about her editing them — I mean, if she has any access to them, I believe she can have them edited.

      • OXA says:

        Why did Halle not turn the security tapes over when the Police arrived?
        Funny how violence accusations end all of Berry’s relationships and Ollie attacked the Paparazzi a while back.
        So it is Halle/Ollie against a man who had won the right to be with his child, I see no reasonwhy would he start a fight with a trained boxer who had not right inserting himself into the custody issues.

      • CC says:

        Yuo do know that it’s easy to spot an edit, right? One little thing that cameras have called “timestamp”, in case you’re not aware of it.

      • V4Real says:

        @CC that’s exactly what I was thinking; even Halle ain’t smart enough to know how to edit a videotape time stamp.

        @OXA I said on yesterday’s post that I think it was Olivier who inititiated the fight and turned the scene into a hostile environment for Nahla. Gabe was leaving, why did Olivier feel the need to go after him. If he had just let Gabe get into his car and drive away we wouldn’t be here commenting today. I could be wrong but I firmly believe that Olivier was the aggressor even if Gabe threw the first punch. If Gabe has anger issues as some claims he does, I bet Halle & Olivier was banking on that.

      • Vesper says:

        I just saw the pics of Gabriel’s injuries.

        His face is a MESS, and his hands are completely cut and bruise free. He doesn’t even have defensive wounds. The pics more than support his statement that Oliver blitz attached him from behind. He didn’t even throw a punch.

      • Eve says:

        @ CC:

        No, I wasn’t aware of that.

        I honestly hope you’re right. That she can’t easily edit them (or, in case they’ve been done, that can be easily noticed).

    • Vespwr Lynf says:

      I think they should sign up for a SAFE CHILD EXCHANGE PROGRAM. I’ve posted this before, sorry if i sound repetitive. This program was created to eliminate tension among divorced couples. It also avoids the conflict if one of the parents is a jerk. A screened, safe third party at the drop off/pick up center is very convenient, they tell you what to do, where to park so everything goes smoothly. So you don’t see each other’s faces again, no stress, no aggravation and it saves Nahla the heartache. She’s already gone through the parents divorce, the last thing she needs is the discord…geez! My heart always breaks.for the children, they are the ones who have to survive this type of crap.

      • V4Real says:

        I agree; they need a mediator. My brother and his ex have similar issues but the court has made it so they don’t have to interact with each other during visitations of thier son. A family member on her side was designated to drop my nephew off for his weekend visitations with his father as well as pick him up. Lately the only time the two parents see each other is in court.

        Believe me you, my brother’s ex is Halle without the superstardom. They’ve both had restraining orders against each other, several restraining orders.

        This girl once stood outside my nice quiet little apartment complex at 2am screaming to the top of her lungs give me my _ucking baby. The baby was not even at my place. The cops arrested her.

        She sped down the highway at 80mph with the kid in the backseat because she saw my brother’s car and decided to chase him. Funny thing is that it wasn’t even my brother, he had lent his car to a friend.

        The most ridiculous thing she ever did was accuse my brother of punching her in the face and busting her lip. The kicker was that she didn’t know that my brother was on his job at the time she reported the incident happen and come to find out it was her new BF that actually busted her lip. But she tried to pin it on my brother.

        That’s why I believe that women can do unimaginable things to make the father look bad and Halle is not exempt.

    • kk says:

      Who says there definitely was a video? Remember a Gabe source said there was a video, with the upside being that if there was no surveillance to begin with, people will jump all over Halle for ‘destroying evidence’.

      Just saying… conspiracy theories can go both ways =)

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        But Berry has been claiming that she needed to move to France because she is stalked and harassed. Surely a multimillionaire with that claim would have CCTV fitted?

  2. julie says:

    Halle is a manipulative, self-centered woman. she knows how to push buttons to get the outcome she wants. would love for the judge to see through her garbage and give total custody to Gabriel

    • mirror mirror says:

      The reaction to this story has completely caught me off guard. I tend to catch up on celebs during my maternity :-), so I may be missing something here.

      From what I know she wants to move to France because of anti-pap laws. He wants her to stay in the States because of access to the child. What I dont get is, if he is a model couldnt he just as easily work from France? Since they are so wealthy, couldnt they just work something out where people fly in and out? Why is it manipulative to move a celebrity child to a place where the laws will protect her better? I gather the judge refused to allow the move. Fair enough.

      What I dont get is why that then bleeds into this situation? Its certainly very dangerous mentality to say that a person can be manupulated to violence. Next thing you know someone will suggest that that dead wife manipulated her husband into violence and therefore deserved it. I just think everyone should take responsibility of what they do with their own fists and this “evil bitch did it” trope needs to die.

      I am not defending Halle. Just trying to understand all the hostility directed at her. Is this just one of those “we hate her whatever she does things ala Beyonce, Aniston” or is there some reasonable justification. Anyone???

      • acp says:

        Sigh, the truth always comes out… Halle will one day look in the mirror and realize she is the common denominator in these crazy situations she lands in… I still like her though – she just seems to be in “lala land”. What woman wouldn’t want a good, attentive father present in their child’s lives? So many single parents out there raising kids without a father or mother in sight… Poor little Nahla – hope she grows up to be “normal”!

      • Mayday says:

        She could move basically anywhere in the united states that isn’t LA or New York and basically be left alone. Bruce Willis and Demi moore moved to Utah years back cause of the same thing.

        This whole Ï have to take my kid half way across the world” thing is a load of shit and regardless of her own issues with gabriel aubrey, he’s obviously interested in playing an active role in his daughter life.

        If Halle was a REAL single mom (ie: not a millionaire that actually had to work 9-5 or more hours per week etc like a regular person) you bet your ass she would be BEGGING him to help her with that kid.

      • mirror mirror says:

        Mayday – True. But is moving to France that unreasonable for a model? Would he be as amenable to move to Utah? If he is determined to be in LA for his career wouldnt Utah still curtail his visitation (assuming he has weekly visits). I would think the best way around this mess would be to rethink the custody arrangement. So that he can fly in or she can fly out every few months for a month or two.

        I was a REAL single mom for a few years and when I moved States thats exactly what my ex and I did – find a new arrangement. He didnt fight my new boyfriend on my driveway while I dragged the kids into the house. New theory; maybe he still has a thing for her and this was a fit of jealousy.

      • Thiajoka says:

        I tend to agree with you. It does seem like there is crazy on both sides from what I’ve googled. Absolutely they should get a third party to do child pickups, however.

      • LAK says:

        @Mirror mirror – Moving to France was the lastest in a long line of moves by Halle to remove Gabriel’s parental rights which started with his having to go to court to add his name to the child’s birth certificate.

        Given her track record with men, it’s more than likely that her relationship with Olivier isn’t going to last. The only tie she has in France is Olivier and that’s the only reason she wants to move there. He likes to live in France. Kylie had to move to France to live with him for the duration of their affair.

        What happens when the relationship fails and Gabriel has moved to France, established himself there, and she decides she wants to move back LA or move to a different country?

        Her ‘official’ reason for the move is the paps, but as many have pointed out, she can move 30minutes out of LA and she’d be pap free.

      • jessiesgirl says:

        Mirror, I agree with LAK. Halle has continually placed very real obsticles to Gabriel having a good relationship with his daughter. Despite her accusations, demands and all around hostile and crazy behavior, his main concern has been maintaining a relationship with his only child instead of abandoning her as Halle is obviously trying to push him towards. Most people empathise with him because not only are her actions and motives transparent, but they also recognize it is monstrous behavior to try to cutt off a child from her father and end a father’s relationship with his daughter. And they also recognize only seriously mentally ill people, such as Halle, would create such a hostile environment and engage in crazy making behavior with their child’s other parent.

      • Dodi says:

        @mirror mirror – most intelligent comment i have seen here. I would also like to add that its not uncommon for someone to move city or country with their new partner or their new job. I would not consider it to be manipulative as it happens in many families and many children grow up like that so why is it so outragous in this case? Generally i am not team anyone here. I feel like they are two people with issues and they need to get over it and move on for the sake of their child. Its not a question of good and bad. In my opinion they are both handling this divorce extremely bad.

      • Nina W says:

        There is no justification that I know of, Halle just seems to bring out the venom. I don’t know much about her or Gabriel but getting into a fist fight does not recommend him as a father especially in a custody dispute. It’s not smart and seems to confirm his anger management issues. Especially getting physical with a boxer’s son, dumb. And before everyone goes nuts I don’t buy for a second he was manipulated into it, that is an excuse abusers always use BTW, “you made me do it.”

      • Jennifer12 says:

        The world must be ending: I’m applauding a Vesper post.

    • Kim says:

      And Gabriel has a quick temper who didn’t learn anything from anger management classes or his supervised visitation. I find it interesting that no friend or relative has ever gone on record defending his character since breakup not even to his mouthpiece Radar online.He pushed the nanny there just wasn’t any evidence. He said She said.Yet he was still ordered to go to anger management. Why?

      • emmie_a says:

        Maybe Gabriel’s friends and family don’t want to get involved in Halle’s crazy deranged circus? Maybe her comments and actions are so entirely off-base that they’re laughable and for the people who actually matter in Gabriel’s life, it’s not worth their time or sanity to respond to or feed into Halle’s incredible insanity?

      • MW says:

        What makes you think the nanny was telling the truth? The Court obviously did not think so. In this case, again, it is Halle and her crew’s “word” against GA. He says he did not start this altercation and the security tape will prove it. So where is the tape, Halle? People need to read all points of view before they take one tabloid’s rendition of what is going on, as gospel. Oh, and GA was arrested due to Olivier making a citizen’s arrest, NOT because the cops saw overwhelming evidence that GA was the aggressor here. GA could have done the same thing to Martinez, but did not. Maybe he was trying not to rock the boat with Halle, or maybe he was too severely injured from Martinez’ beating to bother. Maybe his attorney will advise him to do so. And no relative has stepped forward to defend GA? No one has stepped forward to bash him, either! Maybe he doesn’t want anyone else involved for their own safety!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Just my 2-cents. The Court wouldn’t have ordered Anger Management classes for Gabriel without something ‘other’ than Halle’s word and alleged Nanny kicking/pushing to merit it.

        I’m still waiting for someone here to state exactly ‘why’ Halle is labeled crazy and delusional. The only thing one person said was ‘She left the scene of an accident … she must be crazy and selfish’ and ‘She started yelling at a photographer for no reason outside of Nahla’s school.’ Well a lot of people leave the scene of an accident and report it later … it’s called shock. And you could actually ‘hear’ as well as see Julia Roberts cursing out a photographer (after banging on her car window so he’d let it down) for tailing her to the twins’ school. Yet no body labeled her ‘crazy and delusional.’

        As the woman was in a Diabetic coma for 1 week after collapsing during the taping of a show in 1989 (the disease didn’t run in her family, so it had gone undiagnosed), aren’t any of her detractors inclined to give the woman even a tiny break on what you perceive as her ‘crazy’ behavior?

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Actually (in the UK, at any rate) that isn’t true; where allegations of aggression or neglect are made the courts often order parenting classes as a first step. Partly to test out willingness to engage, partly because it can’t do any harm, and may assuage the anger/fears of the other parent. The more entrenched the hostility, the worse for the child(ren). The actual finding of fact was that there was no issue with Aubrey and his parenting.

        And saying “he pushed the nanny, there just wasn’t any proof” actually shows you don’t understand the difference between civil and criminal law. In family cases, you don’t need to prove beyond reasonable doubt, and the nanny’s given evidence will have been carefully considered. They didn’t believe her, and they did believe Aubrey. So you can’t say “he pushed her” because you weren’t there and you didn’t hear the evidence. The courts did, and they decided that he didn’t do any such thing.

      • LAK says:

        If you want to create a pattern of behaviour to strengthen your case in the long term, you need to report every little infraction, step-over-the-line no matter how trivial. It becomes evidence in itself because it demonstrates pattern of behavior.

        This is what i see Halle doing to Gabriel and when he took those court ordered anger management classes, as an outsider, i strongly disapproved because i thought that would be used against him. And yet, if he had refused those classes, it would have worked against him too. So he was damned either way. And BTW, Halle was ordered to take parenting counselling as well but that is conveniently forgotten.

        The only thing he has going for him at this point is that whilst she’s been establishing a record of him in the court system, she’s also been inadvertently establishing one for herself. Which is that she a liar and has lost every single one of her complaints.

      • Liv says:

        emmie, LAK and Kate, you are so patiently explaining everything 😉 Kudos to all of you.

      • TG says:

        @Kim – Halle defended Gabriel’s character in multiple interviews. See the comments below that transcribe Halle’s glowing interview with Oprah about how wonderful Gabe is as a father and a spiritual partner. Also, I haven’t seen anyone defend Halle’s character either? Has her mom or sister done an interview regarding this custody battle? You can’t count salma Hayeck and the others who went to court as witnesses for her. I am sure Gabe had his own and as we all know people lie like crazy during bitter divorce and custody disputes. So show me Halle’s family defending her?

      • Vesper says:

        @ Kim,

        BOTH Halle and Gabriel were ordered to attend anger management classes, amongst other things. As for supervised visits, the parent being “supervised” is not necessarily being monitored because the courts believe the accusations. It is a way to ensure the court can legally do a formal analysis so that any false claims against the same parent will not hold much weight in the future. In other words, to protect the best interests of the child, a vulnerable parent-child relationship needs to be protected to ensure the longevity of the relationship against further false claims.

        Halle has made it very clear since the breakup that she wants Gabriel out of her daughter’s life. She has made frequent, serious, unsubstantiated claims against Gabriel to try and have him legally cut out of her daughter’s life.

        Fortunately, family courts are not tolerant of parental alienatation and it is doubtful that they are blind to the pattern that has emerged in this particular case. Nor, are they stupid. They will not continually reevaluate a parent who has been found to be fit, because one parent who has a history of false accusations, is making yet another accustation. It is a perfectly predictable action for a parent who is obsessed with gaining sole custody at all costs.

        The so-called “experts” at Celebuzz are, obviously, not familiar with basic family law. Even if Halle got a restraining order, which is extrememly unlikely, in all reality Gabriel would still be pemitted to have a relationship with his daughter. An investigation into his ability to parent has already been carried out by child protective services, and a judge has already accepted that Gabriel is a fit parent. As for the move to France, it was premised on the fact that the paps are a danger to Natala, not Gabriel. The courts won’t even address this issue again.

        For anyone who has gone thru the frustration of having to constantly defend themself against false allegations of being an unfit parent, most would agree that Gabriel losing his temper is not unexpected, and it certainly is not a indicator that he is not a fit parent.

        I really hope Halle is stupid enough to keep this up, because if she does, the court will eventually lose their patience and decide that the only way for Gabriel to maintain a relatinship with his daughter is if he is given primary physical and legal custody.

      • Nina W says:

        Wow, there is some serious attention being paid here, but in reality, where most of us hang out, we do not know the truth about Gabriel and Halle. It is really easy to bag on Halle but I’m not seeing Gabriel as much of a prize either. Divorce and custody disputes often get ugly and it really doesn’t reflect well on either party. Say what you want about Halle but he picked her and there you go.

  3. Dani says:

    And in the end, this poor child will grow up without her father, a whack job as a mother, and a drunk as a step father until he leaves them. So who gets screwed here? Nahla. Adults need to start putting their kids first and their differences last.

  4. Dena says:

    You know, my take on this whole situation has always been that Halle used Gabriel as an unwitting sperm donor – she was pushing 40, yes? And clear about wanting a kid – and that she expected him to go away after Nahla was born. And the she’s been ticked off ever since that he actually wanted to stay involved in his kid’s life. Whatever happened on Thanksgiving – and I’ve been in an extremely similar situation with my parents’ divorce, these fights are very eat to manipulate and/ or instigate – I hope she doesn’t succeed in her clear goal to cut G out. She just seems so manipulative to me, an her track record is so poor…

    • MW says:

      Yep. And I recently read that she stated on the Nate Berkus show, before Nahla was conceived, that she was looking for a guy to impregnate her, and then not want to have any further involvement with the subsequent child. Berkus supposedly volunteered at the time. That is something that can be checked, and GA’s lawyers ought to do some checking.

  5. Tifygodess24 says:

    I believe this was a huge set up on Halles part , she knows how Gabriel feels about his daughter and knows how intense those feelings are and they pushed him on purpose knowing he would snap. Halle will do what ever she has to get him out of the picture! Yes Gabriel needs some personal restaint but imagine dealing with Halle day in and out with her trying to take their daughter away. Humans can only take so much. I hope the court sees this and they are ALL found at fault not just Gabriel!

    • Little Darling says:

      I said this on the other post, but I still feel this is just way out of control! I have a feeling that while Oliver didn’t “push” or “hit” first….he probably put a firm hand on Gabe, maybe “grabbed” a bit, or “jostled” or “firmly” with his hand told Gabe he “needed to move on”. Gabe probably tried to back off, or shove off and Oliver gave him a massive beat down because of it. Bullshiz. Halle is a horrible mother. There. I said it. Who does this? My ex husband is a Napoleon complexed narcissist who is pretty horrible as a dad and an ex…I would still never keep my boys from him. Part of the beauty is letting them realize all on their own that he’s a major douche. Is this not enough for Halle? The contempt I feel for her as a mother and woman is unreal. She is just too much. I’m sorry she’s damaged, but she is completely recreating the cycle. Good dads are few and far between…and everyone is CLEAR that Nahla is happy with Gabriel. UGH!!!

      That said…isn’t that little shirt dress outfit and black vest just the cutest thing ever? 🙂

      • MW says:

        Olivier feels GA struck him first, so he is in the clear, but the law is as not as cut and dried as that. If Olivier put a hand on GA first, that would be at least attempted assaut. However, under CA law, NO ACTUAL CONTACT even has to be made to be charged with/convicted of, assault. In other words, Olivier could have assaulted GA first, GA struck back, and so OM felt fine about beating the daylights out of GA. What he might not know is, he could have assaulted GA first, and be judged the aggressor. We will see what happens and the police need to see the security tape. Halle might have opened up a can of worms she never intended to, and will live to regret.

    • TG says:

      I wonder what it is like in the mind of a crazy person like halle? Can you imagine the wheels must be constantly spinning out plan after plan. I bet her mind never stops. Someone said on here the other day that she was on Plan J, I think. I nearly died laughing. So funny and so true.

    • Vesper says:

      I agree. Gabriel looks like he has aged 20 years since the breakup.

  6. Rachel says:

    I don’t know enough about this mess to have any informed opinions. However, why do I feel like Halle basically used Gabriel as a sperm donor, and now that she’s found a new daddy for Nahla, she’s trying to push him out of the picture???

    Kaiser I agree that they manipulated this situation, and Gabriel took the bait. You know, as the relationship among the adults is so contentious, they should really either meet in a neutral location for drop offs and pick ups or have the nanny do the exchange. Regardless, Olivier should stay out of it.

    • DreamyK says:

      CPS needs to be involved and needs to investigate Oliver, stat.

      If GA is asking for release of the security tapes, then you know something is going down. Hopefully it’s Halle.

      ATTN HOLLYWOOD: Do not hire this box office poison. Cloud Atlas is losing it’s ass. It cost 100 Million to make and has only grossed 26 Million in the month of it’s release. Because of Halle, of course.

  7. Skins says:

    She is starting to look like Marc Anthony

  8. lori says:

    I’m really surprised that they were doing face to face hand off’s of the child in the first place and not having nannies or some go-betweens pass her back and forth between house holds.

    • emmie_a says:

      I’m sure that’s how they usually do it but it was Thanksgiving – maybe the ‘help’ had the day off?

    • jwoolman says:

      Gabriel says in a statement (I think to get a restraining order against Boyfriend?) that usually the nanny comes out to get Nahla when he drops her off, so he was surprised to see Boyfriend coming out instead. Then Boyfriend said they needed to talk … So it sounds as though Nahla probably ran over to Halle who was ready to take her inside, while Boyfriend was getting up close and personal with Gabriel. It definitely was an odd situation, protocol calls for boyfriends and girlfriends to be away from the area during custody shifts. The judge is definitely going to read the riot act to Boyfriend just for that alone. I don’t see how Gabriel can be blamed for this – he’s dropped the kid off this way many times without incident and had no reason to believe this time would be different.

  9. Dena says:

    You know, my take on this whole situation has always been that Halle used Gabriel as an unwitting sperm donor – she was pushing 40, yes? And clear about wanting a kid – and that she expected him to go away after Nahla was born. And the she’s been ticked off ever since that he actually wanted to stay involved in his kid’s life. Whatever happened on Thanksgiving – and I’ve been in an extremely similar situation with my parents’ divorce, these fights are very easy to manipulate and/ or instigate – I hope she doesn’t succeed in her clear goal to cut G out.

  10. Chatcat says:

    Oh come on, we all know that narcissistic Halle set him up. Yes he should have been able to hold back and not throw the first punch in the eyes of the “law” but come on, if you had put up with all her shit over the years and the douche with her trying to take your daughter to HIS home country and then finally you walk up and get poked and provoked again! I’d have hit him too! The only thing I am disappointed in is that Gabe is clearly a lousy fist fighter and didn’t kick the shit out of whats-his-face. Enough is enough and since the law and the courts are so bullshit anyway, why not. And don’t say because of Nahla, hell, she is too young to know right now and when she hears in the coming years what a whack job her Mom has been to her Dad she will probably say “what took you so long”. I would have.

    Gabe needs to be on the phone today scheduling with 1. A good lawyer (unfortunately) and 2. A MMA instructor.

  11. T.C. says:

    Dear Halle Berry,
    Gabriel Aubry is not a sperm donor. He is the loving father to your daughter Nahla. Stop trying to cut him out of her life for selfish reasons. She doesn’t belong to only you. Your smear campaigns and false accusations against him have failed over and over again. Your daughter will hate you when she grows up if you separate her from her father. Stop the insanity.

    The World

  12. lisa2 says:

    So Gabriel is a violent monster, but the boyfriend that beat him is a prince. Will CPS look also at Olivier and ask if he is also someone that can’t control his temper or actions. Now how interesting would it be if CPS said that Olivier should also not be around the child for a period of time. That would be the best solution. keep them both away. How will Halle handle that one? It takes two people to fight. And looking at Gabriel’s face it is really clear that Olivier is a violent man in his own right.

    It takes a lot of rage to do that to another person.

    • emmie_a says:

      Excellent point! This is where Halle is going to be screwed. She’s so adamant that Gabriel is a violent monster — well look at the man who is spending a great deal of time with her daughter. Olivier almost broke his hand while beating the crap out of Gabriel. That’s extreme violence.

    • Eleonor says:

      I was going to write the same thing: even if Gabriel attacked, Olivier should have gone away: beating his ass demonstrates that he is a violent person and he shouldn’t be around Nahla.
      They should ALL to to therapy.

    • jani says:

      @lisa2 I agree completely. I just saw the pictures of Gabe’s face. Martinez was not in self-defense mode, he was in full on attack. Someone who can deliver that type of targeted physical assault, on cue, knows exactly what he is doing and has done it many times before. As I have previously posted, Martinez is a trained boxer who knows how to take a punch, throw a punch, sucker punch and psyche out an opponent. He’s seems like as much of a psycho as Berry.

    • Liv says:


      If I’d be Nahla and I would find out about the fight in a few years, I would so hate my mother’s boyfriend! And she will find out, that’s for sure. It’s all over the internet.

  13. dorothy says:

    CPS needs to investigate Halle’s parenting. Granted, Aubrey shouldn’t have been so stupid, but I would bet this was all set up by Halle.

  14. Jaded says:

    I wonder if the police finally have the videotape of the fight or if Halle is still holding out?

  15. the original bellaluna says:

    CPS should present the need for an ad litum party to represent Nahla. It’s clear that she needs one.

    CPS also needs to THOROUGHLY investigate both Halle AND Olivier’s backgrounds, including how they were parented.

    Sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose, Halle.

  16. lori says:

    I agree with one of the above posters. IF one man is to be kept from the child and mother, than really both men should be.

  17. Feebee says:

    Call me naive but I don’t understand how Gabriel, the actual father, has a restraining order slapped on him and yet Martinez who also could have walked away after the first shot and chose instead to payback at least 2-fold gets to stay around Nahla.

    There is no evidence he (dad) is in anyway a threat to his daughter.

    What they should be doing is a full psychological work up on Halle Berry. Abuse isn’t just physical. Her pattern of misbehaviour is far more obvious.

  18. Sandip says:

    As a retired CPS worker, my first question would be, why is Olivier involved in the exchange of the child.

  19. annabelle says:

    Ugh. This bitch reminds me so very much of my hubs ex wife.
    She has always (more than 10 years now) HATED the fact that my hubs didn’t just drop out of his kid’s lives when she divorced him. She has made our lives hell when it comes to the kids and not once has put them or their feelings first.
    Her current husband is a Sheriff in their small town, he has harassed my husband to the point of us filing complaints, but nothing solves the problem.
    There is no reason – other than this starting this fight – that HB’s boyfriend should have ANYthing to do with her daughter’s father at drop off time. NO. REASON.

    I seriously hope the courts see through her bullshittery.

  20. Cathy says:

    She set him up and he fell for it. She’s crazy as a loon. I feel bad for the kid having a mother like that.

  21. Merritt says:

    I’m so tired of the Aubry apologists making excuses. he chose to behave in a violent manner. If that costs him in custody, then he only has himself to blame. I don’t care if he was provoked or not. A true adult knows when to walk away. No one forced him to start punching.

    I keep seeing people say that they would have hit Martinez too, well if that is the case, then you would also deserve to face criminal charges and potentially lose custody.

    • Julie says:

      Same can be said about Oliver. He should have just walked away but he obviously was looking for a fight.

      • Kim says:

        If someone hits you.You hit them back, self defense .Halle is not evil and Aubrey is not an angel. They both come from troubled backgrounds.He was in Foster care .She was from abusive home.I believe they both need therapy

      • L says:

        There’s hitting someone in self defense and then there’s beating the crap out of someone. From the police reports, it sounds like the later. So Martinez doesn’t exactly have a high ground either.

      • Merritt says:

        I wasn’t talking about Martinez, I was talking about Aubry. It is not a defense to bring up what someone else did. Martinez could have walked away. However the current reports are saying Aubry started the physical fight. Meaning that Martinez was defending himself.

        Also Martinez is not the one involved in a custody battle. Aubry is and should not have not have allegedly started a physical fight.

      • Feebee says:

        @ merritt – you’re right Olivier is not involved in a/the custody battle so he shouldn’t have been anywhere NEAR Aubry.

    • emmie_a says:

      Well what about Olivier then? After Gabriel pushed him, why didn’t he walk away?

      ooops – sorry Julie I saw your comment after mine posted

    • LadidahBaby says:

      …and you know this how? We have only HB and OM’s word on what happened, and no one can say they have no agenda here. Why not wait until there has been an investigation before you make such assumptions?

      Meanwhile, while we wait for official word of what actually happened, we have only what we do know: that GA had no reason at all to be looking for a fight, after the court saw things his way just two weeks earlier–OM and HB, on the other hand, DID have reason to be angry, and more than that, they had reason to want to malign GA and accuse him of things that might get the court to revisit the custody case and see things their way.

      Additionally, we have seen the two men’s injuries: OM has offensive wounds and GA is bashed all to hell, including on the face that is his primary source of income. OM made an immediate “citizen’s arrest” of GA, which has more or less convinced the uninformed that GA must have been the instigator and primary offender here if he was taken to jail…but anyone can make a citizen’s arrest. (I suspect that there was a lawyer in there somewhere, prior to the altercation, suggesting ways to get the court to reverse its decision.) And then, IMMEDIATELY HB requested an emergency order of protection, which is invariably given in any case where anyone was violent. Again, this does seem like a situation choreographed by a lawyer…but I’ll wait till all the facts are in before I say I know that.

      The truth is, we don’t even know yet if GA threw ANY punch at all (though it would be reasonable to assume that he DID defend himself). If OM approached GA, as he himself has claimed he did, and told GA that it was “time to move on,” meaning apparently that enough is enough and it was time for GA to give up the custody fight, let go of his daughter, and let HB and OM take her to France, where OM would become her new daddy and GA would not be able to see her weekly as he always has–if OM was up in GA’s face with these demands, and if GA stupidly tried to push him away by touching OM’s shoulder, then even if it was only a mild “get-out-of-my-face” push, that counts as the first blow, even if it wasn’t an actual blow. An unwelcome hand on the other person is assault. But for OM to come back with all his boxing moxy and beat the living hell out of GA, unless GA had really landed a blow on OM there is no justification for such overkill…and OM has no visible defensive wounds. That’s why so many are calling this a set-up. GA was just bringing his daughter back to HB–OM should not even have been in the middle of that process, but clearly he was showing his macho cred to Halle and being her hero. Equally clearly, he was trying to get a reaction from GA, even if you believe what he himself has said. GA may not be the smartest tool in the box, but he had no reason to put himself in that position. OM had every reason–plus a coterie of high-dollar HB lawyers to advise him, and the standing of himself and Halle in the elite world of screen actors against a male model who just wants his daughter in his life.

      Not that hard to doubt HB and OM’s version, just from looking at the facts. But let’s stay with the facts we know, rather than assuming GA threw the first punch, or any punch at all, and stating that as fact.

      • Erinn says:

        THIS. You have said everything I was going to say.

      • Merritt says:

        No, we have seen the visible injuries of the two men. We don’t know if Martinez has any torso injuries.

        Also you seem very keen to insist that Aubry has done nothing wrong.

        The reality is that if he was series about his custody battle, then nothing the Berry and Martinez do, should get a rise out of him. At this point where the situation has been heated for as long as it has, he should have trained himself to not react.

        I’m not sure about the assault laws in CA. But here the police have the authority to arrest both parties until it becomes clear who started the fight. The police and medical personnel will examine the statements and injuries.

        We also don’t know that Martinez was the one Aubry was handing Nahla off to. He may just have been there next to Berry at the time.

        Furthermore the statement “time to move on” that Martinez supposedly said, is very he was telling him to give the fight for custody. He may have been saying something else entirely. That is unknown at this point.

      • MW says:

        I agree with what you said except one important thing. Under CA law, NO ACTUAL CONTACT even has to be made to be charged with/convicted of, assault. OM could have gotten in GA’s face to the point it was a non-physical assault on GA, and GA could have felt threatened enough to push back/or hit at OM, and been perfectly justified under the law. So it is erroneous to think the first punch ALWAYS determines who started the altercation. You are right, we certainly do not know all the facts here yet, but Halle is not looking as happy as you’d think she’d be, if she was certain she had just succeeded in having GA permanently removed from their daughter’s life. And I am pretty sure she never planned on this turning into another close examination of all parties by CPS, either!! Her plan might have backfired.

      • TG says:

        Agree completeley. Have thought all along that her lawyer planned this and why would OM be talking to GA? Makes no sense. The only person who has a right to talk to Gabe about custody is Halle not her current boyfriend. I think the tapes weren’t on is even more proof her lawyer planned this.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      Thank you.

    • TG says:

      So you are taking Halle and Olivier’s word for it? Why not Gabe’s word? I am on Gabe’s side all the way. Halle, her lawyer and oliver set this up imo.

    • Vesper says:

      @ Merritt,

      If only real life were so black and white.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      It’s not about being an apologist. Halle Berry is trying to push her kid’s father out of her life because it doesn’t work for Halle. She has records of accusing every man she’s been with as abusive, cheating, whatever. And Gabriel is on record as asking the cops to get the security tapes before they were erased, though I doubt they could do so without a warrant. It should be somewhere on a computer, though. Olivier has not one mark on his face, while Gabriel can barely see out of his eyes. Olivier has a swollen hand, which happens when you attack someone barehanded. Halle and Olivier rushed to get their story out there because it was their property and because, as Gabriel put it, they didn’t send the nanny out to get Nahla. Halle is like Leann Rimes, trying to end a child’s relationship with their biological parent because of what SHE wants. People get sick of the drama and start turning on the victims, but what they don’t get is that the victim is enduring it for years and years and trying to either get it to stop or put the truth out there. Look at how people hated Denise Richards until the truth about Charlie Sheen came out. My guess is Halle didn’t know quite how far it would go, but was hoping to show Gabriel in a horrible light and have control since it was her property. Gabriel is a model, but not a supermodel, so he has less pull and Halle is hoping to annihilate him. It is beyond obvious, and it is sickening. People know crap when they hear it; even the comment section of People Magazine is full of anger against Halle.

    • Nina W says:

      I get it, people hate Halle, but honestly this is so over the top and over analyzed it’s too much already. If you dial down the Halle hate for two seconds and look at the situation objectively it seems like two unstable people found each other, had a kid, and broke up. The Halle is an evil genius line is much more fun I guess. There are very few geniuses in Hollywood people, even evil ones.

  22. kpist says:

    Halle is an opportunistic pig

  23. epiphany says:

    This is playing out exactly as Barry intended. Goodbye LA, bon jour, Paris!

  24. Tiffany says:

    I wonder why Gabriel never had his own investigation into Halle’s past. I am pretty sure her ex’s got some info that can help shut some of her craziness down. She went to his ex gfs at one time, correct?

  25. Dawn says:

    So doesn’t Oliver have children of his own? If so, where are they and why isn’t he trying to spend time with them? I think the bottom line is that Halle Berry likes to play the victim and will do whatever it takes to get her onw way. I think this Oliver guy should be taking notes because she will turn on him as she has done with every man she has ever had in her life, from her daddy right on down to Gabe. Just wait.

    • Feebee says:

      From his history I’m projecting that when he and Halle part, he’ll be fine. He can take off back to France and be oblivious to whatever she may throw around. He doesn’t have the tie of a child he loves to bind him to this particular crazy.

  26. lboogie2012 says:

    First of all, for the record, I am not in favor of anyone taking parental rights away. I do believe that Gabriel should be a big part of his child’s life. One thing nobody will admit is he keeps messing things up for himself. He is a grown a** man. How can he be setup? He WON last court case. They ruled in his favor. So why is he angry and justified by throwing punches. Nobody knows exactly what Olivier said to him. He could have said “Boo” for all we know. Halle is no saint but I do not believe for one minute that this is somehow “always” her fault no matter what he does. He is responsible for his own actions.

    • Yasmine says:

      You said it yourself, he won. Which he did and that’s why people are calling it a set up. He had no motive to fight Martinez. It’s him and Halle who lost, so they would be the one with a motive.

  27. Debra says:

    I don’t know why everyone is so sure Gabriel threw the first punch? who were the witnesses? Halle and Olivier.. most posters believe Halle is a manipulative b**ch but don’t believe she would lie about who started the fight?

  28. Maxxhotness says:

    I bet he releases that book he’s been writing on Halle now….
    *gets popcorn*

  29. G says:

    I would wager that the State of CA makes them hire an impartial 3rd party to deal with future exchanges ($$) and make them pay for it. Gabriel is getting Anger Management ($$) and parenting classes ($$) while Oliver will get a restraining order ($$).

    This State never misses a chance for more revenue. They’ll never let her go to France they don’t make revenue that way. Yep I’ve been here before! Nice try Halle.

  30. candigirl says:

    If he did start the physical aggression first, he should be punished. He is not allowed to do this, it’s illegal and that he did it in front of his daughter is grounds for the CPS investigation, and possible loss of visitation. He is very stupid to do this after the nanny incident. A healthy parent would have placed his daughter’s safety and happiness first, ahead of his own feelings. Nothing anyone said should be able to provoke him into anything but a smile and a wave goodbye. By the same grounds of physical violence, Oliver should not be around Nahla either. Both men placed a child in jeopardy and hurt her emotionally, the state considers that a child witnessing violence in the home is abuse. Halle’s manipulation of this situation should be investigated for “parental alienation.” The whole situation is horrible and Nahla is suffering for it. Shame on all of these selfish adults.
    A piece of advice for Gabriel, CPS should question Nahla about Oliver’s anger problem, if he’s ever shown it with her and been physical with her.

  31. KellyinSeattle says:

    She is really unlikable. Whenever there is a thread about her, she garners the most responses..along w/ Lindsay and LeAnn..because she is so in-your-face. I used to work for CPS, and it takes a LOT for a parent to lose rights to a child, and I hope that is the case for Gabriel…that it’s a fair, open-minded, not-all-about-Halle-getting-her-way case.

  32. Simply Red says:

    U see I was correct- the nanny incident was recently and Gabe went after Halle money way before that… That is what made her go crazy to begin with she paying him child support and Alimony….

    This reminds of the script in the movie Why Did I get married part II when Janet Jackson went super crazy after her soon to be ex-husband wanted half her money or portion of it…

    • Ducky la Rue says:

      Again with the money. Read the comments on the many and various threads, and you will learn that child support in California IS DETERMINED BY A FORMULA. The gender of the parents does not play into the situation. Period.

      • Simply Red says:

        Listen clearly to me…
        Nahla lives with her mother mostly correct so why the hell would he need child support when he was supposedly have his own money and why isn’t he working like he was before he hooked with Halle Berry.

        If the shoe was on the other foot you guys would be calling Halle Berry Gold Digger to the fullest..

        So I will say it again Gabe is more than capable to work and provide for himself..

        If Halle moves that precious child to Paris bye bye money for him..

        What the Hell she is paying 20K for child support and 500K a month for alimony..

        So Ur gonna tell me that grown ass man can’t work and make his own money really..

        I was simply saying that HB got extra crazy when that ruling for child support and alimony decision came about…

        Gabe is not innocent neither is HB

      • Loira says:

        The money is leverage because he earns less. The time she is with the less rich parent she should not see differences in her lifestyle. No bribing, no money-created preference formthe richest parent. After all, his money is going to this endless legal fights instigated by HB.

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @Simply Red “So Ur gonna tell me that grown ass man can’t work and make his own money really..”

        No, I’m not going to tell you that. That’s your take on the situation, not mine. I’m going to tell you that the child support is determined automatically by the state of California, that it is a pre-set formula based on income, not gender.

        But since you feel the way you do, I presume you also believe that women shouldn’t get child support, because after all, they are all grown ass women and can make their own money really.

        Otherwise, you’re advocating for different laws based on gender. And I don’t even know where to go with that. :-/

        P.S. I could be mistaken, but I do not believe there is any alimony being paid here. They were not married – as far as I know, the only money on the table is child support.

      • Simply Red says:

        I feel just as strong about towards women.
        Women are label as gold diggers quicker than a man. I notice a pattern that Gabe is painted as an innocent party which none of us really know what that man does behind closed doors or what he says behind closed doors. I will agree HB is Crazy but what does that make Gabe for getting involved with her….

        I do understand the California law that gender is not factor but I’m just saying 🙂

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @Simply Red – Fair enough. My point was merely that the way child support money is apportioned is just a given in California, and Halle is not being hard done by by having to pay. That’s all. In fact, let’s be glad that in 2012, women do sometimes make a lot more than men. 🙂

        As for who any of these people really are behind closed doors – well, I agree with you on that, but that’s why it’s a gossip site. 😉 None of us know for sure.

        Personally, I think there’s a pattern of crazy through the whole drama, but – on this matter – I’m inclined to wait and see how the issue of the security camera footage plays out.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      Sorry but you have the timeline wrong.

      The nanny situation was in Feb this year. It was only in June that Aubrey filed for (and was awarded) the child support, as he was also facing huge legal bills over the efforts to move Nahla to France. Aubrey has mentioned $3 million as the tally to date, which seems pretty likely, really. He’s only worth $5 million (or was, when all this started) to Halle’s $75, so how was he going to keep fighting to see his child if he didn’t go for the child support he was legally entitled to? He’d have been bankrupted and with no way of carrying on the legal battle if he spent all he had. Frankly, he still may. He’s a model, and age is against him.

      I’d be interested in how you think he is a gold digger if he is getting $220,000 a year, and the legal fees do – and will continue to – outstrip that hugely. He’s have been better off in money terms had he walked away. I’d be fairly sure Berry would gladly have paid him off, and a bit extra to keep his mouth shut. Nahla is no meal ticket in this situation. Not at all. And the judge has decided in his favour at every stage, so Berry has been wasting her time and money, and his, and putting that little girl in the middle of an emotional firestorm for absolutely nothing.

      Finally, the TMZ court filings show we’ve all been wrong in assuming Berry was primary carer. It seems they have a 50/50 time split with Nahla. Aubrey apparently states as much and that the judge refused Berry’s application to be awarded primary physical custody. So he isn’t even getting that child support as the non-resident parent, here.

      • TG says:

        I knew he had 50/50 some folks on here and other sites have been making up bad stuff about Gabe being a gold-digger and that why is she paying he when Nahla doesn’t live with him and I have repeatedly defended him saying that the child lives with both parents. I guess for me looking at halle’s history of victimhood I know longer trust her so it is hard to believe anything she says even if it is the truth. She has cried wolf too many times for anyone to believe her.

    • Vesper says:

      He is getting child custody payments, as is his legal right, but, unless I’m mistaken, he is not getting alimony.

  33. tabasco says:

    Not saying it’s right to fight, but given all the crap Halle (and presumably Olivier by extension) has pulled on GA, I can understand him wanting to punch OM, I mean on an emotional level, not something to act on. It seems like Halle has never sincerely tried to make peaceful co-parenting happen and that says a lot about her character. She said something recently like “there is turbulence, but this too shall pass,” as if it’s all happening TO her, with no recognition of her own contribution to the situation being so crap. And when this eventually gets settled in one way or another, I really don’t want to hear and won’t read the inevitable magazine interview where Halle talks about how she “endured” and some self-help book BS talk.

    • CC says:

      Maybe, but all physical abuse is usually under the “(s)he was asking for it” excuse.

      Even if he was being baited into anything, controlled people are supposed to walk away.

  34. erika says:

    i read the story yesterday, forgot who posted it but someone here had posted a FACT:___________ script outlining the argument for how this was all staged…

    as if they needed to (sarcastic, it was a convincing post!) but yeah, this was all staged.

    Halle – cold bitch. you may have grown up with daddy/man issues but WHY of WHY of….WHY!!?! pin that to your doctor?

  35. blonde on the dock says:

    No one in this situation is putting the child first. They are too wrapped up in their fight for control. The boyfriend’s involvement is only adding fuel to the fire.

  36. lena80 says:

    Unless Martinez hit Gabe first, this was not a set up. And as magical as Halle’s vagina juice may be, she can’t orchestrate two grown men to fight. At the end of the day, Gabe knows Halle better than we do and if a situation is going left quick he, as Nahlas FATHER, should have backed away IMMEDIATELY and called his lawyer to put a formal request in for designated drop off. My two cents, she sent Martinez out and Gabe being the dad didn’t appreciate her boyfriend coming for his daughter and things went down hill fast, instead of fighting, why didn’t these two MEN just talk it out without Nahla being present? This poor little girl.

    • marie says:

      you’re probably right. the only one in this whole situation that I feel sorry for is the child. from the pictures the paps get, she seems to love both of her parents and doesn’t deserve to have them acting like idiots. they are NOT putting her welfare first. if they were, things like this wouldn’t happen..

    • Liv says:

      Lena, please stop with the vagina juice! I’m tired of it.

      You might be right and Gabriel is the aggressor, but please note that there are plenty of people in the world who are able to manipulate others – not just men, but women too.

  37. LAK says:

    i wonder if Halle Berry is more crazy by fact that Nahla is the spitting image of Gabriel and grows more so daily.

    • Bodhi says:

      I bet she is & I bet that she will punish Nalah for looking like her father.

      I really dislike Halle & every single step she has taken since she got with Gabriel in the first place. She wanted to make a baby with a good looking man, but she clearly didn’t consider that the man might really want to be in his child’s life.

  38. Lisa says:

    What a mess, its to bad G let his guard down and fell into an obvious set-up, and any way you slice it, it was in bad taste to have a “conversation” when the child was around….in G’s defense, he was probably scared spitless that his daugther could be whisked away, however, a mediator is needed to protect this kind of situation from happening again.

  39. Bobbie says:

    Okay, I am way more upset about this than I should be given 1) I don’t know these people and 2) it doesn’t involve me. The dumb guy! Why would he play into her hands like that? I am so upset that Halle has all the ammunition now against the father. Argh. I’m going to have to stop reading about it. It’s too upsetting!!

    • Miss M says:

      I think most of us here are upset too. I guess we care more about Nahla than her own mother.

    • TG says:

      @Bobbie – I find I feel exactly like you do. I have gotten so emotionally involved with this, but I think it is similar to the tiny tom and katie situation in that it speaks to our heart to see someone being attached and their right to parent their child threatened. I had to step back myself and stop reading and commenting on Halle stuff but now I find I can’t stop the injustice of it all is so frustrating. The same type of frustration I feel knowing that casey anthony got away with murder. Even when it came out the Halle got shut down in court about moving to france I didn’t bother to comment because I knew without a doubt that this wasn’t the end of the story and I was right.

    • Bobbie says:

      Yes, exactly. It’s the injustice that’s hard to take. That plus it involves an innocent child. I hate how unfair the world is. Now it looks like there’s even more developments and maybe GA was just an innocent victim. Let’s hope.

  40. Lulu says:

    In any photo I have seen of Halle since this incident went down, she looks like the cat that swallowed the canary instead of a concerned mom whose beloved daughter had just witnessed a violent act between her father and her future stepfather.

    Sick woman.

  41. skuddles says:

    I just want to slap the living shit out of Berry, and call her out on this latest loathsome ploy. Why hasn’t the video of the incident been released? It still makes no sense whatsoever that Aubry attacked Martinez first. Aubry claims the video will support his innocence – so where is it??

  42. d says:

    I can totally get on board with the theory that Halle only wanted a sperm donor and didn’t want the father and husband in her life. In fact, I think she mentioned that in long ago interviews.

    So i guess that explains why his name never was on the birth certificate.

    What I still don’t know is Gabriel’s part in that. As in, did he know he wasn’t on the certificate and if not, why? Did he care, did she lie to him, and when did he find out? And if he knew early on, why wait so long to declare? Was he ok with being the donor and then did something change?

    I’m just not sure how unwitting or witting he really was. To me, it looks bad for him that it only became a problem when they split because by lumping in the money demands along with custodial rights, he looks like a gold digger.

    Anyway, imo, this is it’s as much about money and control for her as anything else (e.g., safety) and I’ll bet a large part of her upbringing caused that. As in, Halle never ever wanted to have a situation where she would end up being forced by law to pay alimony and child support and what have you. Else, why leave his name off the birth certificate when supposedly all was well at the time.

    But then again, if that’s the case, why didn’t she just get inseminated or whatever it’s called?

    I don’t know. The birth certificate thing really sticks in my mind.

    • Dap says:

      Well, that’s not what she was saying there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzM-O4BamM4
      Hear her gush about how much “integrity” GA has and how she wants to have his BABIES (plural!).
      P.S: as for the birth certificate, as far as I remember, GA suddenly discovered he was not listed on it after their break-up, even if he has been in Nahla’s life from the start. Another proof that he doesn’t know how to protect himself.

      • LAK says:

        Thank you for this video.

        I am going to post it to every comment that starts ‘he is an abuser, racist etc’

        HER WORDS. not the court that investigated. nada. her words!!!

        Which some people apparently believe.

        In the video she tells Oprah – wow she lied to Saint Oprah!!!

        Halle: This man was the first man i met who oozed integrity and was inherently good.every people [sic] in the room, all the modelling indstry for ten years he has been working. they all say the same thing about him.

        Oprah: Integrity

        Halle: He has great integrity

        Oprah: how does that manifest?

        Halle: he is honest. He does what he says he is going to do.i have really learnt to appreciate honesty even when i don’t want to hear it coz it’s the truth. i think i used to like hearing what i wanted to hear and not necessarily the truth.


      • LAK says:

        Smartphones!!! [lots of rude words]

        Anyhue, CBers,, here is pertinent bit from youtube video posted by Dap {thank you!} of Oprah and halle talking about Gabriel. 2yrs and several months into pregnancy, of the relationship.

        Halle: This man was the first man i met who oozed integrity and was inherently good.every people [sic] in the room, all the modelling indstry for ten years he has been working. they all say the same thing about him.

        Oprah: Integrity

        Halle: He has great integrity

        Oprah: how does that manifest?

        Halle: he is honest. He does what he says he is going to do.i have really learnt to appreciate honesty even when i don’t want to hear it coz it’s the truth. i think i used to like hearing what i wanted to hear and not necessarily the truth. And i love that he shows up and he tells the truth no matter what. he met my mother he didn’t do the let’s impress your mother dance. He is always his authentic self. never worried about being judged. he doesn’t care what anybody thinks. of who he is.

        Oprah [ooohing in between above statements]: Really?

        Halle: And to walk with that kind of confidence…

        Oprah [many times]: That’s great

        Halle [contd]: That says that he knows who he is and doesn’t need to prove it on any day to anybody and that’s what i responded to. And with integrity i know he has the ability to love me, love our children..child

        Oprah: children, you said children

        much studio laughter

        Halle: well this is one right now but right after this we are hoping to do it again

        Oprah: Really. That”s great.

      • d says:

        Ah, interesting…thanks for the link and info…definitely hinky goings-on on her part, then. just saw on tmz that he got a restraining order himself. Good for him. Those beatdown pics are nasty. I hope his lawyer is telling him to just keep his mouth shut and lay low except for when he’s in front of the judge and it should play out the way it should. Still, bad for Nahla. She doesn’t sound like she’s in a good situation at all.

      • LAK says:

        Part 3: On commitment.

        Oprah: So you want to be in a committed relationship?

        Halle: Oh we are. we are. i feel more married in a way than the two marriages before because it’s a spiritual.

        Oprah: Oh i got it. spiritual

        Halle: we show up because we want to

        Oprah: It’s a spritual partnership [goes on to define by Gary Zukovs [sp?]] partnership of equals for spiritual growth. you can. not have a partnersip if you are not balanced. not equal.equal.

        Halle [nodding head affirmatively and echoing]: Yeah uumm. not equal. And i think i finally met an equal partner. we are both ok. we view life the same way. he fully understands the spiritual connection is so much more important than a paper and the pomp and circumstance and the ceremony. And that feels important to us.

        Oprah: And equal also means ‘in shared values.

        Halle [always nodding in affirmation]: yeah

        Oprah: HOnesty and integrity would be at the top of the list.

        Halle: Those are the only two things top of the list for me. that matter at this point.

        Oprah: Ok.

        Question: CAn any one tell me how it went from that to he is an abusing racist underserving to be a father to his child????

    • TG says:

      Yep, I agree about the birth certificate. I think she was already protecting herself, or should we say setting it up to make it difficult for the father of her child if things got sour. I also wonder if before they had children he told her that if they did have children and split that she could take the child. I know before I got pregant and wanted children I would tell my husband that if we ever have kids and divorce you can take the kids. Now, that I have my own little bundle – no way in hell would I give up my child, but then again, I am not crazy like Halle, I know how to share.

      People keep mentioning that he is a gold-digger. He did not file for child support until last year, well into their custody battle. I think he did that to fight back with her since she was putting him on the defensive all the time he decided it would be good to turn the tables on her. Not saying that you should fight fire with fire but some people are unstable and evil and taking the high road will get you killed.

  43. Dap says:

    This guy doesn’t know how to defend himself. Why didn’t he press charges against OM? Why doesn’t he look for a restraining order? I can’t believe that he is waiting there idle that the security video comes out magically and vindicate him. Gabriel, sweety, those videos have already disappered or if they haven’t and you really wants them, send your lawyer NOW. It’s not a time for trying to play nice and reasonable anymore. It’s time for a full scale war, do you get it?

  44. patricia says:

    i think that HB has pushed GA past the point of sanity. she seems so unstable. she grew up without a dad and here’s a guy who seems to genuinely love his kid and wants to be a part of her life and she won’t have it. what is going on with theses two?

  45. Stephers says:

    Oh my…here is a major twist to what has been reported. The pictures of Gabriels face are brutal.


    This is just the beginning….whoa!

    • lena80 says:

      Hopefully the tape will come out and show who started the fight. This is why you don’t start a fight (if true) with a boxer. Olivier demolished his face. The only think I find fishy about Gabe’s story is that he didn’t mention the threats Olivier supposedly told him during the fight to the cops when they showed up and why he didn’t press charges against Olivier immediately. And if Olivier is going around threatening Gabe in a school, etc..why didn’t he report this when it happened to cover his a**?? It doesn’t look good to change your story after the fact.

      • Minxx says:

        my guess is when you get beaten to a pulp and your head is bashed against the pavement, you’re not thinking very clearly… I think that Oliver has anger and drinking issues. Would a normal person go to a liquor store at 7 am the day after such drama? He looks like an angry alcoholic, IMHO.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        In a vicious child contact dispute, the non-resident parent is usually told to let anything and everything go if remotely possible, ie unless it directly affects the child, because if a judge thinks the aggro is two-way (and Martinez would have denied it, obviously) then they can reduce contact with the non-primary caregiver just to reduce toxic levels of conflict around the child. The judge doesn’t care who is right or wrong with adults to some extent, they just care about the impact on the kid. Whining about the other side irritates the judge, basically, so focus needs to be on the child, when you’re the dad (usually is the dad) to make the best impression. If your ex behaves really badly and you rise above it and stay calm, then you’re seen as a positive in the child’s life. Engage in tit for tat accusations, and that starts to be called into question. Here, anyway (I’m not from the States).

        Basically, if the taunting is true, any steps Aubrey took would just make more drama. And as for putting his side to the cops, I’m assuming you’ve never broken a rib, or been on morphine for serious pain? You aren’t lucid. You just want it to stop.

      • LAK says:

        my goodness. i can see why Halle and Olivier rushed their side of the story to the tabloids. No one looking at those pictures would believe them if they responded afterwards. Look at the Chris brown/Rihanna beatdown. And i think CB is a total shit but he didn’t really respond until those awful pictures came out and by then it was game over as far as public opinion was concerned.

        The problem with this is that Halle has a history. Olivier is an ex-boxer and this isn’t the end result of restraining a rabid Gabriel.

      • lena80 says:

        @ Kate, but as a father would you want your child around a man who’s threatening you in a school? Shouldn’t the information be documented…even if making a simple police report of the incident or contacting your attorney to contact the other attorney to serve as middlemen. That’s what’s bothering me about his story…he’s now talking about threats he got BEFORE the fight (at the school) and then changes his story AFTER the fight contradicting the police report. Now I’m not saying it didn’t go down like that, I’m just questioning why he waited to tell it especially since his daughter is always around this man. What man gets threatened and watches his daughter skip off happily with the man that threatened him? I really want the tape to come out.

        And on another note, I’m not blaming Halle for two grown men actions. If Olivier is violent, which she has said Gabe is, she shouldn’t be dating him either. If Gabe started this fight because of WORDS then he obviously needs more court ordered anger management…he can be easily deported if he’s charged with anything because he isn’t a citizen and is on a work visa…even more reason, besides his daughter of course, of why he should have just got in his car and left instead sh** talking and fighting back and forth with Olivier.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Lena we don’t actually know he didn’t tell his lawyer though, do we? All we know is the basic filing leaked to TMZ. We don’t know what he told his lawyers, and when (and this was over Thanksgiving, so he may have been waiting to do it – it wasn’t of extreme urgency at that time), and we also don’t know what he told the police. We don’t actually know what has gone on in those courtrooms, either. Just the outcomes.

        In terms of what he said to the police when in custody: standard advice from a lawyer is not to say anything to the police until you’ve had time to confer with your own representation, especially as with injuries like his you can’t rule out a concussion, which obviously affects judgement (in fact how were they able to effectively interview him in that state?). We none of us know what has been said, to whom, or when. It’s all just assumptions. All we know are the filings, and the injuries, and what Berry’s camp have leaked. And really, if it is true that Martinez said that at the play, at the time he’d have looked all mouth. Nobody could have predicted the next day from a stupid macho comment, because most people talk a big talk and don’t follow through, thankfully.

        It’s also the case that where a guy is accused of being abusive and controlling, he has to be careful when making accusations involving the woman, or her new partner(s). Halle could have painted any such claim as Aubrey trying to throw mud on her new partner. I know people whose exes are completely toxic, and lie through their teeth, who just have to shrug it off. The more complaints are made, the angrier the judge gets because while the adults fight, the child suffers. If the guy being accused this way rises above it and ignores, her claims look more and more implausible. He can’t afford a toenail out of line. And looking at the decisions to date, that seems to be holding true in this situation as well.

        Either way, looking at those photos, I think Berry is in big trouble with CFPS. Martinez beat the hell out of Nahla’s father right outside her home while she was present. That is not looking good for Berry, whatever the situation with Aubrey. Criminal law aside, a family court is going to think all of them are hell on wheels at best, and Martinez and Berry alone, at worst.

        I do agree though that (unless this was a set-up as some are claiming) it isn’t Berry’s fault. She was not involved in the contretemps, and “s/he made me do it” is never any excuse. But equally, saying Aubrey should have walked away may be misplaced, if he was beaten up before he had a chance to. We just don’t know. Seems sensible to await the outcome of legal action now.

      • jwoolman says:

        Hopefully he did tell someone about the school threats, even if only in an e-mail to his lawyer, since he needs corroboration. Of course, he could pull up that Oprah interview where Halle says he’s as honest as the day is long in the summertime…:)

        But I could see why he wouldn’t be in a rush. His daughter was with him and he might have wanted to avoid the chance of her overhearing something. Olivier never came out during the transfer before, just the nanny, so he may not have thought it was urgent or that the guy was being literal about killing him. I’m sure his thoughts on that matter have changed.

    • buckley says:

      No marks on Gabriel’s hands….interesting.

      • Stephers says:

        Buckley, my thoughts as well. Nary a fighting mark to be seen on his hands.

        I hope one of the attorney commenters can give us an idea what this could mean. Isn’t it a big no-no to threaten someone’s life?

        Lena80 – great observations. One day the truth will come out.

      • chloe says:

        Buckley I was thinking the same thing, no marks on his hands, I was wondering why we were not hearing anything from Gabriel’s camp, apparently he’s listening to his lawyers and going the legal route and letting the judge do their job. Self-defense my ass Oliver put a beat down on Gabriel and from the looks of it Gabriel didn’t throw a punch. Halle how much longer until Oliver loses his cool and does that to you or your daughter? Oliver should be arrested and deported and Halle needs to lose main custody. And how upset was Halle if her and Oliver were photographed later (w/out Nahla) going out to a T-giving party. I noticed she made a big Mommy and daughter appearance at the kid show the next day, but unless she’s promoting the big happy family thing you don’t see her with the daughter, if she wasn’t’ rich were she can leave her daughter with nannies all of the time she would see how important it is to have the father involved. Grow up Halle, you’re ruining your daughter’s life.

    • Minxx says:

      OMG.. his face… plus broken ribs and head injury, all consistent with the story he’s telling. No injuries to the hands.

      • amurph says:

        His hands are clean! I’d think if he threw a punch there’d be some sort of swelling or markings from making any contact. His poor face though – the entire right side looks like it truly was bashed into the ground.

        I just read on the NY Daily News that apparently Aubry and his lawyers have been trying to get the security tapes but the cameras were “re-positioned” and didn’t tape the fight.

      • cr says:

        “…but the cameras were “re-positioned” and didn’t tape the fight.”

        How convenient.

      • jwoolman says:

        amurph-yes, I imagine the cameras were indeed repositioned recently. Like right after the incident…. 🙂 Hard to believe Halle allowed such a big blind spot in an area like that, which is certainly a security risk, considering how she wants to fly off to France to feel safer.

    • Sassy says:

      The pictures are horrifying. Gabriel should retain a PR firm to tell his side of the story. However, I am sure that his legal team is advising him to lay low due to the custody issue. The photos do not lie. Olivier has the bruised hand from doing this to Gabriel. Disgusting.

  46. Alida says:

    Uh Oh. TMZ has a better story.. Better watch out Halle.. Seems your little ploy is going to come to a head and you just may lose custody of your daughter or be forced to end your relationship with a violent man.. Which YAY.. Cause I want you to lose everything over your nasty BS

    • Stephers says:

      True! If this is an accurate account of the day preceding and Thanksgiving, Halle will be doing conjugal visits with her fiance. Um, that’s uncomfortable!

      • Anaya says:

        I read it too. Gabriel got the crap beaten out of him! It’s horrible how dirty Halle and Olivier are. I don’t think Gabriel is perfect or innocent in this at all but boy he really looks awful. I fear for Nahla. While the investigation is being conducted maybe Nahla should be temporarily placed in a foster home. I hate the sound of that but it’s just that I’m concerned for her because she’s only 4 years old. Who knows what she’s being told by her mother and Olivier against her dad. Poor Nahla. I never thought things would get this nasty. Wow. Just wow. It’s sad.

  47. Minxx says:

    I looked up the “Halle Berry” on Wikipedia to get more information on it. It stated: The Halle Berry is a medium colored brown berry native to Southern California that is toxic if ingested by men. The plant is visually appealing, but in actuality is quite poisonous. The toxic effects of the berry are slow over time…symptoms include nervousness, nausea, paranoia, mental confusion, sweating and diarrhea. Multiple exposure to this noxious berry can result in death. If expsed to this lethal berry, seek medical help immediately.

    • TG says:

      Comic relief. I know it is insane how gorgeous that woman is, but thru all of this all I see is a raging monster.

  48. DeCe says:

    it is a well known fact that the french from france dispise the french canadians, and with that being said, halle knew how to push his buttons, to make him react to her (flav on the month). she cannot seem to keep a man, Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! this is clearly a set up to take aubry’s custody away so they can move to france, and get him out of their lives!

  49. Simply Red says:

    Gabe Lawyers just released his pics and Gabe comment is that Oli threatened his life because they spent a whole $3mil for the custody case.. He said that Oli told him why the hell he couldn’t move to France since he depends on HB to care for him..

    Celebitchy Staff can you post it please… TMZ has it

  50. Lemonade says:

    Olivier looks like a D-bag here too. Some drunk dude bigger than my husband took a swing at him at a bar over the weekend and my husband easily ducked away and backed off because he didnt want any issues. Olivier supposedly engaged in trash talk and beat Gabriel pretty badly. they both are in the wrong and any judge will see that.

  51. Luxe says:

    Those TMZ pics are completely disturbing to me! That is the end result of RAGE not self-defense. And their smug faces afterwards make me SICK. Gabriel’s version seems more plausible to me at this point b/c of the simple acknowledgement that the nanny didn’t appear for the drop off. That is something that an attentive father in a volatile situation would notice.

    And with Aubry’s restraining order being filed? Good luck Halle getting married to a guy a judge may very well deem too violent to be around your daughter. I am giving them until January.

    • emmie_a says:

      Oh I know – those pics of Gabriel are sickening. And I totally agree — that is not self-defense. That is hateful RAGE.
      I just read a headline on Radar that Gabriel could possibly be deported because of his arrest??? But what if they find that he was acting in self-defense? And where are the security tapes?

      • Luxe says:

        I just read on NY Daily News that the cameras were supposedly repositioned, so it’s not on tape. How convenient! I personally think it’s a lie. Gabe’s lawyers should still get a subpoena for the cameras.

      • emmie_a says:

        Thanks — I just read the article. Grrr. This whole situation is really sickening. Even more so after I saw Gabriel’s injuries. And there’s a picture on TMZ of Olivier with a stupid smirk on his face. What an ass.

        Another article (maybe NY Times) mentioned Gabriel saying Nahla was upset that Olivier was at the house when she was being dropped off. Yet Halle allows him to be around Nahla, while keeping Gabriel away. So sick and wrong.

  52. Kate (newer one) says:

    No injuries whatsoever on Aubrey’s hands and terrible injuries to his body while Martinez has a broken hand; no leaks to the press on Aubrey’s part (actual court filings have been dug up by TMZ); mysteriously useless CCTV cameras.

    I hope Berry loses primary custody over this, if she remains with Martinez. And I hope her apologists are slightly chastened, too. Aubrey isn’t looking the bad guy here, is he?

    • TG says:

      Agree. As all of us said before this was a setup by halle and her team and that is why the security footage isn’t available. I knew this would happen and any judge that doesn’t see that is an idiot. A woman fighting to take her daughter to France because of fear for her safety and has several stalkers would have working security. This is evidence enough for me to know this was a total setup. They need to look into her lawyer, this was to smart and I think he was the one that thought this one up.

    • Loira says:

      Injuries, more than in his body, in his face.
      Being that Martine an experienced boxer, it is obvious he went for the kill hitting Gabriel’s face, what he makes a living off. The force was excessive. It is appalling that Halle is OK with this.
      What a cynic. He does not deserve to be near Gabriel’s daughter.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        The face looks appalling, but he has actually got broken rib(s?) too. The force was such that it broke Martinez’ hand.

        How Martinez is not facing charges I have no idea. Those are not self-defence type injuries, are they?

  53. Shy says:

    OMG Gabriel’s face! Poor thing. His clean hands are his best proof. Martinez’s face is clean. Gabriel looks like he was beaten by a gang of 3 people… Who was self defending?

    He should file restraining order for Nahla against Martinez.

    • TG says:

      I agree. Why hasn’t a restraining order been filed for Nahal against Olivier. I believe Gabriel, though I do wonder why he didn’t tell the cops this from the beginning but if he was afraid for his life I can understand. Gabe’s story fits in with what we have all said and thought all along about the potential for murder in this case by H and her man of the moment. I think they wanted to kill him and they won’t stop until he is dead.

    • TG says:

      I agree. Why hasn’t a restraining order been filed for Nahal against Olivier. I believe Gabriel, though I do wonder why he didn’t tell the cops this from the beginning but if he was afraid for his life I can understand. Gabe’s story fits in with what we have all said and thought all along about the potential for murder in this case by H and her man of the moment. I think they wanted to kill him and they won’t stop until he is dead. I actually think the cops are being bought off too. I don’t trust them. Why have they not gotten the security footage? That should have been priority number 1. The fact that they seem to be doing no investiating makes me think they are being paid off by halle’s lawyer.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        Apparently, the security cameras were “repositioned” so they didn’t get any of the altercation on video. How convenient. And normally the nanny comes out to get Nahla from Gabriel when he drops her off, but this time the nanny didn’t come outside, Olivier did. A little too coincidental, if you ask me.

  54. Jennifer12 says:

    How Gabriel was arrested, I have no idea. Anyone should know that the person with busted up hands DID THE HITTING. He also has no facial injuries. Halle is spreading poison as fast as she can, but who knew her fiance was equally poisonous? Just for wanting to be in his own child’s life? Who does Olivier think he is? And why was Gabriel arrested? He was also the one who told the police to obtain the security tapes before they’re erased. Halle is totally unhinged.

    • TG says:

      I think the cops have been paid off that is why no investigation is taking place. Her lawyer needs to be investigated along with the cops and anyone on Halle’s payroll.

  55. autumn blaze says:

    Gabriel obtained a restraining order against Olivier according to Yahoo news

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — A judge has granted Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend a temporary restraining order against the actress’s fiance after the men were involved in a Thanksgiving Day fight.

    The order requires Olivier Martinez to stay 100 yards away from Gabriel Aubry until a hearing Dec. 17.

    Aubry was arrested Thursday on suspicion of battery after the fight with Martinez. He suffered a fractured rib and several bruises and cuts on his face, and was released after posting $20,000 bail.

    In court filings, Aubry claims Martinez threatened him Wednesday at a Thanksgiving lunch at his daughter’s school. Aubry and Berry have a 4-year-old daughter together.

    • Sassy says:

      Check this out – Aren’t pro boxer’s hands considered “lethal weapons”. Read on:
      Born to a working class family, and raised in the suburbs of Paris, Martinez didn’t choose the career until after performing numerous other jobs — including a stint as a boxer, fighting professionally as a welterweight in Europe. He made his motion picture debut in 1992’s Jean Jacques Beineix’s L’île aux pachydermes (1992). In 1994, he received the Cesar Award for Most Promising Young Actor for his work in Bertrand Blier’s drama 1, 2, 3 Sun.

  56. Kosmos says:

    The latest news item as of today states that Oliver threatened Gabriel the day before because it had cost Halle and Oliver $3 million. He said he’d kill him, and the next day when Gabriel returned Nahla to her home, that’s when Gabriel was knocked down and kicked in the ribs by Oliver. I believe they now have a restraining order against Oliver. I just wish there had been a witness to this, proving that Oliver was the violent one.

    • Sam x says:

      I think these photos highlight who the violent one was Kosmos. These photos of Gabriel are disturbing and there is no excuse for this type of violence ever. If the police didnt come on time he probably would have killed him. Nahla needs to be kept well away from Oliver.

      • Luxe says:

        Makes you wonder what they told the police if Martinez was in a position to tell Aubry that they were already on their way.

  57. OhMyGawh says:

    Wow. I’m speechless. Does Berry realize she’s with yet another violent man? I’m starting to feel sorry for her. I think it’s obvious she has some serious emotional issues. At this rate, she may lose custody of Nahla. She was suicidal once. That would definitely set her over the edge.

    • LAK says:

      i don’t want her to suffer anymore abuse at the hands of violent, abusive men BUT i will metaphorically throw rotten eggs at her for the inevitable ‘Olivier was abusing all this time and i only realised at such and such a time and i was afraid for my life therefore i had to get cops to escort me everywhere and treat my baby daddy horrible because Olivier made me do it……etc ad nauseum’ parade.

      because nothing is her fault. ever. it’s the horrid men in her life.

      • Lauren says:

        What has made Halle choose violent men over the years? Was her father violent? She is an Oscar winner,but her private life diminishes all her accomplishments. Halle is disturbed and i feel badly for Nahla. This fight is all about money & control. I would never expose my daughter to this violence & hatefulness. Disgusting

  58. Jaxx says:

    am absolutely horrified at the photos of Gabriel’s face on Home Mail Online. And HE IS THE ONE WHO IS ARRESTED?


    I can’t believe this. Gabriel has his face beaten in, Oliver doesn’t have a mark on him and he isn’t in jail, but Gabriel is arrested for battery and will probably lose more time with his daughter?

    No wonder Lohan gives the finger to law enforcement. And O.J. Something is very wrong in California.

    • jwoolman says:

      I think the police tend to assume in favor of the resident defending himself or his property. Plus Gabriel was probably in no position to say anything just because of his injuries, and possibly also because he says in his statement to get the restraining order against Boyfriend that Olivier threatened to kill him if he didn’t tell the police he (Gabriel) started it etc. Halle told Oprah in great detail how scupulously honest Gabriel is, by the way…

  59. skuddles says:

    Absofreakenlutely LAK! I can totally see Berry one day accusing Martinez of being the one who caused this whole mess – not her, no never – and how he frightened her and made her go along with everything, on and on and on, ad nauseum. Berry will ALWAYS be the victim.

  60. Anon73 says:

    was looking at the post-fight pics. wow – Gabriel got SLAMMED in that fight, his face is a complete mess.

    now i am wondering… maybe Halle / Olivier’s claim he threw the 1st punch… is a preemptive move (=lie) given he’s obviously the more damaged of the two men. IE, a false claim in order to ensure no judge deems OLIVIER “dangerous” to Nahla. and possible upset Halle’s bid for custody.

    in any case, that poor kid Nahla 🙁

  61. Carolyn says:

    Golly Halle is manipulative. Can’t add anything else…all have said what I’d say on this sad & sorry matter.

  62. mm says:

    I wouldn’t trust anything that Halles camp says from now on, the cameras angled wrong, Gabe giving the first punch (99,99% sure it’s a lie at this point) etc.

    Also, the police in this case should be investigated, it seems like something fishy is going on, maybe bribes?

    The problem with this is that people actually believe what Halle says, and her PR, when it seems to be just manipulation and lies.

  63. Richard says:

    I have never watched a halle berry movie all the way through.She can’t act she is just a pretty face much like Bradley Pitt and Justin Coucher.She is a user & abuser. I hope she moves to France with her abusive boy toy.She should not have custody of her daughter. I fear the baby will be abused by one of her mothers many boy toys . The father should have custody of the child for safety of child.