Gerard Butler learned to flirt when he was 14 years old, hasn’t learned anything since

Oh, Gerard Butler. My beloved Gerry Buts. Lovely G-But. The Butler. Scottish Thunder. My Scottish lover and I parted ways a few years ago, but I guess I only made it official earlier this year, after a great deal of arguing with myself. Yes, G-But is a sleaze. But he was MY sleaze for a long time, and I defended him. And then came yo-yo dieting and addiction problems and rehab and more partying and womanizing and a random hookup with Brandi Glanville (whose name he didn’t remember) and the final nail in the coffin of my love was when he boned some poor hippie in a Porta-potty at Coachella. I was done. But can I still enjoy photos of him? These are pics of Gerry in NY and LA over the past few days while he’s promoting Chasing Mavericks. He looks sleazy and gross… but I still feel a bittersweet twinge. He could have been somebody. He could have been a (dong) contender. He squandered it. But to hear The Butler talk about it, he’s still got my love, and the love of many, many ladies.

We’re not surprised to hear that Gerard Butler, with his legion of admiring fans, learned how to flirt at a young age. It all happened when the Scottish actor was “third year” in school – which would be about 14 years old, he told CNN.

“[T]here was a girl … she was running up the stairs and I said something and I let it linger…something like ‘Oh really? Well, we’ll see,'” the 43-year-old said. “And I just kept looking at her and she looked at me and there was this moment, and suddenly my heart jumped and I could tell that it did that with her, too! And I went…OK, that’s flirting. And that works! And that’s exciting!”

“It’s just that nice moment where you give them an extra smile, especially with women,” Butler continued. “That seems to be my memory of the first moment when I learned how to flirt – you know, have an effect on women like that.”

But it wasn’t so easy to charm his way into Jessica Biel’s good graces. The recently wed actress, 30, plays Butler’s ex in the December 7 romantic comedy, “Playing for Keeps.” When they first met, Butler said, he found her “lovely, but a little bit reserved.”

“Then the more you get talking, and suddenly she makes a joke and you go, ‘You’re funny!’ Then you get this whole other side of her,” said Butler, who now counts Biel as a really good friend. “[W]ith me you get it all immediately. But with her it’s like this you know you peel back layers and you just see more and more depth and humor. Fortunately we had a long time before the movie started to hang out and to rehearse and then by the time we started we had the best chemistry.”

[From CNN]

Jessica Biel: Onion. Ha. Who believes that? No one. On one but The Butler, who is as deep as a f—king puddle. I don’t know what I would do if Gerard tried to flirt his way back into my heart. I guess it would depend on his moves. Does he even have “moves” at this point? I think he’s set the bar so low for himself that he just points to the first leggy woman he sees at the bar and he just leers at her until she comes over. Gross.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Incredulous says:

    How integral to his charm is his accent?

  2. hannah says:

    That headline made me laugh!

  3. Effy says:

    Still love him!

  4. brin says:

    He is no longer shankworthy for me.

  5. Dorothy#1 says:

    He could have me with just a leer. 🙂

  6. Stacie says:

    I kinda agree with you . I still love to see photos of him but I’ve Broken up with him to many times to count . I just can’t stand the thought of him pining over Jessica Biel and Jen Aniston. Sometime’s I just wanna bitch slap him . But then other times all he has to do is smile in photos and or be charming in an interview and I’m back in love. 🙂 Thanks for posting .

  7. Mica says:

    He does nothing to me.

  8. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    He looks a million times better now than he did last years. His pix in recent sexiest men People were good. Maybe he has cleaned up his act, for now.

  9. Miss M says:

    “…hasn’t learned anything since”


  10. artemis says:


  11. KellyinSeattle says:

    I find him tiresome; he’s a manwhore. He’s good looking , but not all that. He smiles for the camera, but seems a bit smug to me….

  12. mommak918 says:

    I wish he would get away from the spotlight….go to a third world country and donate time or money (quietly) and be sober. Then after a few years he realizes he needs love (and not the Lohan or porta potty kind) and he’s redeemed. I mean, who doesn’t love a good turn around story?

    Bad boy turn good? Sexy, fit, sober…clean (with the help of antibiotics and modern meds to cleanse his loins!)

    Phantom of the Opera was soooo hott bc of him. I had to donate my dvd after the past few years….I couldn’t lust after him or enjoy his singing after all the scandals.

  13. LeslieM says:

    So cute in these pictures. Liked the story about his first flirt.

  14. peaches mcdooby says:

    well he owns a pug so he gets a few freebies from me

  15. kaligula says:

    LOL, good one. I’ve been missing the old days when there seemed to be more awesome headlines like this… 😉

  16. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    As long as the girlies are willing to roll over (or in the case of the porta-potty princess, would that be crouch / squat / or brace?) after no more than eye contact … what’s he going to do? He’s going to lay his Butler-ness upon them and shag anything that moves. “Yuk” to the ladies and “Yuk” to the Butler.

  17. sam says:

    Why is it still so surprising that he didn’t remember (or didn’t want to remember) Brandi Glanville? I mean who is she? She is famous by association and back when they allegedly hooked up, no one knew her. People talk about that RHOBH gig like it’s an admirable career. SMH