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8 Responses to “Pink looks like one of those troll dolls”

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  1. Jenna says:

    Joy, yet another celebrity poser who protests something without actually knowing the facts. Way to go Pink and PETA.

    And yes, she does look like a troll :)

  2. DJ says:

    She has some of the worst tattoos I’ve seen … especially when hooked up with a guy who owns a tattoo shop… and wtf is with the tooth jewelry ?

  3. MaiGirl says:

    Okay, okay. She isn’t a supermodel, but I like her a lot, though her clothes are always heinous. At least she tried to stand for something, and while the PETA thing was a mistake, she did successfully bring attention to the vacuity of most young female celebs. And none of us have stared into the abyss that must be her love tunnel. Thank God she keeps it covered.

  4. okay.... says:

    what are you talking about-”love tunnel”? She’s a man baby!!

  5. Actually, it’s the Olson twins who look like the troll dolls and it’s not something that can be changed with a new hairdo.

  6. Miss Mya says:

    I love her!!! I cant wait until she comes out to Australia in May! Got my tickets ready and rearing to go! How hot is that tummy of hers! I love how she is not a prissy perfect girl like Paris or Britney, she is real.

  7. aneurysm says:

    Not a huge fan of hers but think it’s commendable that she admitted to not having done her own research. I’ll admit (but wouldn’t want to) that I’ve spoke out of my arse before.

  8. keikster says:

    okay, i can’t stand her. she makes fun of people with eating disorders which are not funny, then she supports a cause witout looking into it. she is a fake. she pretends she doesn’t want to bring attention to herself like the other little pop brats (britney, paris -in her dreams-, lindsay lohan, and many others) and then she busts out at events looking like that? that is her own little way of getting the same attention. i won’t even listen to her music anymore. she disgusts me. i have dealt with people with eating disorders and the way she made fun of them in her “stupid girls” song was wrong. she should not make fun of something unless she is fully aware of what it is. same goes with her causes.