Ashton Kutcher not happy about Mila Kunis’s frumpy, low maintenance appearance

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post for these photos called “Mila Kunis’s body and soul looks like it’s rejecting The Kutcher, right?” Because… that’s how I read it. Mila Kunis is a beautiful woman. She has a cute figure and a beautiful face. But over the past year – the same year in which she began dating Ashton Kutcher – she’s been consistently photographed looking less than gorge. Some of you yelled at me for criticizing Mila for – in your words – being photographed without makeup. Um, really? This is not a situation where a lovely celebrity just looks kind of washed out without makeup in a candid photo set. This is a situation where Mila has looked like that over a months-long period.

But! What about the feminism, etc? I don’t believe that women have to look red-carpet ready at all times, and I’m a big fan of the makeup-less look for all women. I believe in realistic body standards and I am against body-shaming and fat jokes. But I also think that it’s fair game to note when someone – especially someone accepting beauty/modeling contracts and “Sexiest Woman Alive” titles – looks like hell on a regular basis all of a sudden. But how do we feel when it’s the boyfriend saying “Damn, girl – take a bath”? Hint: We think he’s a douche.

When Ashton Kutcher started dating Mila Kunis earlier this year, he thought he’d hit the romantic jackpot – not only was she Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive in 2012, he’s been crushing on her ever since their days as costars on That ‘70s Show. But as the couple’s relationship has grown, so has Mila – to the tune of nearly 50 lbs, much of it put on for her upcoming film Blood Ties – and insiders say Ashton’s feeling uneasy about his girlfriend’s transformation.

“When they started dating, he thought Mila was one of the hottest girls in the world,” a source tells Star. “But in the eight months or so they’ve been together, she’s totally let herself go.”

A big part of the issue – perhaps even more than her dress size – is Mila’s increasingly frumpy appearance. Mila has been photographed looking tired in baggy sweats and no makeup consistently.

“When Ashton broke up with wife Demi Moore, he was ready to have a relationship with a low maintenance girl, but now he’s saying Mila is TOO low maintenance,” says our source. “Demi may have been crazy, but she always made sure to look good for Ashton, whereas Mila acts like she couldn’t care less.”

When Ashton dropped a major hint recently in the form of a $250,000 Christmas makeover package, Mila took the gift as a huge insult. “She told Ashton is he wanted a fake, plastic girl, he should have stayed with Demi. That’s when he snapped and told her, ‘You’re worse than Demi!’”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

No way is Mila 50 pounds heavier now than she was a year ago. Mila is petite, and when she loses or gains even a small amount of weight, it’s noticeable. I’m saying she’s maybe 20 pounds heavier now than she was a year ago (if that), and I think it’s gross of Star Mag to make that into a fat joke. She gained some weight. It happens. The problem is not that she gained weight (which was for a role). The problem is that it seems like Mila is skimping on basic hygiene. Run a brush through your hair, take a shower, and if you’re going to wear sweatpants, at least get some cute ones. Earn that Dior contract, you know? Still – I’m not sure if I would laugh or cry if Ashton dumped her because she wasn’t high-maintenance enough.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. carrie says:

    sorry but he’s as low-maintenance as her so i don’t buy this story

    • Aubra says:

      I agree. Plus I get the vibe that she’s that type that a guy will love her more than she loves him…respect! LOL

    • Maria says:

      I don’t buy it! Im sure Ashton saw Mila in all kinds of low or high maintenance in the years and years of working together at That 70s show…

  2. Aussie girl says:

    Ok they are some super bad pics. But in saying that I have looked a hell of a lot worse. I have so notice a total make down of mila for a while. But I’m not to sure on whether to appalled her or commend her????

    • Chelsea's handler says:

      @skins: She could be real rough in another twenty years? You could say that about anyone in the youth obsessed celebrity caper.

  3. Christina says:

    ”Mila Kunis is a beautiful woman.”

    I disagree. After hours of tender loving care from Hollywood’s best make-up artists, hair stylists, dress designers (and photoshoppers) Mila looks sexy in a slightly sleazy way, but never beautiful imho. Without any of the above, she looks downright plain. And no, this isn’t just the occasional unflattering pic or off day – she looks like that in every candid photo I’ve ever seen of her. None of which would really matter if Mila were known for her great acting talent, but when her main claim to fame is her supposedly sexy looks, it’s definitely worthy of comment.

    • Granger says:


    • Annie says:

      The only beautiful Mila is Mila Jovovich. That’s a Mila worth all the praise and the fuss.

      Mila Kunis is incredibly overrated in every sense. She’s not a good actress; she plays herself in every single movie. No range, no depth, no technique. Physically? She looks good when made up but when she’s not made up she looks ROUGH. Not even plain but rough. I see her at the level of Vanessa Hudgens not Natalie Portman who is beyond pretty. Neither Vanessa or Mila have a nice figure. No boobs, no butt, no waist, just a square. Not a good face either. I don’t get it!! Sexiest Woman Alive??!

      • ataylor says:

        I concur. Ive see Milla Jovovich up close with not a stitch of makeup on and she is STUNNING.

      • Meg13 says:

        Really? My husband worked with Mila Jovovich and said (besides the chain-smoking) she was rude, late and busted.

      • ataylor says:

        Wow. Really? Sucks for your husband. She was really nice to me and she looked great. Then again she wasn’t smoking when I met her.

      • Skins says:

        Agreed. Never bought this whole sexiest woman alive thing with her. Never thought she was real hot to begin with. Cute, ok, but not hot. She could be real rough in another 20 year or so

      • giddy says:

        …ummmmm…in a few years she’ll look more and more like the babushka she is…maybe sooner than later…

    • Pompadour says:


    • Eve says:

      @ Christina:


    • Amanda G says:

      I have to agree.. Mila is all smoke and mirrors. Katy Perry too. Without makeup they are very plain, if not in attractive. This is why I don’t wear heavy makeup. I use it to enhance certain things, but in a natural way..

      • Isabel says:

        True. Katy Perry scared the hell outta me without makeup. Not because of ugliness, but because she looks SO different. Same with Zooey Deschanel. Both she and Katy appear to have huge eyes, but it’s all makeup. Without that, no spectaculair looks.

        Example: Zooey with no makeup:

        I personally didn’t recognize her. At least Mila looks somewhat recognizable without makeup :O

      • Amanda G says:

        I should have added Britney Spears to my “smoke and mirrors” list too. Of course the decline in her looks is also due to bad hygiene and having a rough few years.

    • T.C. says:

      Thank you Christina, never got the Milla Kunis is beautiful hype. The girl is plain, plain, plain. I don’t buy this sort though.

    • JennJennM says:

      Hear, hear. I thought the exact same thing while looking at Mila’s unremarkable plain face, I’m glad she’s comfortable enough to walk around in public sans fards. Good for her. I doubt Ashton cares. He knows Hollywood women look different without professional makeup.

    • Miss M says:

      Thank you, Christina! I agree with you.I never thought she was this gorgeous woman. She is cute and I like her in interviews. That’s all.

    • emmie_a says:

      I disagree. She obviously doesn’t seem to care what she looks like when she goes out in public (she’s the opposite of Gwen Stefani) – but she’s still a beautiful woman.

      But I totally agree about Katy Perry – She’s nothing without a boatload of makeup.

    • Gigi says:

      Agree 100%

      She’s nothing special.. And worst body
      shape ever

    • Adrien says:

      Agree, beautiful isn’t the word to describe her. She falls into the “cute”, “pretty” category. But she’s got loads of sex appeal.

    • Outstandingworldcitizen says:

      ITA. Wish I had a glam squad at my disposal. 🙂 She does clean up nicely though. These pics lately are unflattering but it could be some Demi fan planting this story. Anyways I always thought they were cute together when they were playing a couple on That 70’s show.

  4. Ranunculus says:

    I would look even worse if I had to be around Ashton Kutcher.

    • Polk8dot says:

      Are we sure she is not seriously ill? I mean, a situation like that would totally make her adjust her priorities, and realize that the whole ‘sexiest woman alive’ BS is not worth the paper it is written on.
      I can’t help but think that there is something bad going on. The light in her eyes is gone, the ‘bloom of youth’ on her cheeks and mouth has been wiped off. And the spark of joy and hunger for life she always had seem to have disappeared.
      I understand weigt gain for a movie, and – with her frame – it’s likely no more that 10-15 lbs. (NOT 50 lbs, SMDH). But there seems to be something else going on. I would not be surprised if those were meds that were making her look this way, i.e. all bloated in the face (it’s almost as if all the gained weight went only into her face).
      Getting sick makes you reprioritize EVERYTHING in your life, and maybe now makeup, dressup, and glamour are the farthest things from her mind. She also looks very unhappy – that should not be happening if she was only butch-ing up for a role.
      My money is on the ilness, and if so then I really hope she pulls thru and gets back to being her perky, happy, smiley, irreverent, life enjoying self.

      • ataylor says:

        I say pregnant. If she were seriously sick she would have problems with her filming schedule (insurance, on location travel, call times, etc) and wouldn’t be able to travel as much as she has lately.

        I think she has gained at least 25-30 lbs since her Black Swan days.

        I have no idea where that magazine is getting 50lbs. They on crack if they think that Mila’s 150-155 lbs…

      • Annie says:

        Nah, I think she’s only gained around 15-20 since black swan – it’s just that it shows a lot in her face. I’ve noticed face (and arm) -gainers seem to get the most flack when it comes to weight gain and face/arm non-gainers the least even still being called “skinny” when they have gained quite a lot.

  5. Eleonor says:

    Mila Kunis without makeup is far far away from the Mila Kunis sexiest woman alive. End of story. I am not saying she is fug, but she is not that beauty. I am 31 and I don’t have those lines around my mouth.

    For the record I think her makeup artist has a great talent.

    • GoodCapon says:

      I agree with your last statement!

    • Angie says:

      Oh, god, do I ever get tired of seeing this. They’re called nasolabial folds and they are an absolutely normal facial feature that people have become accustomed to trashing/saying are bad/unhealthy looking/a sign of aging poorly, because magazines consistently Photoshop them out for those that do have them, and very bright lights will work to conceal them a bit. Without makeup and bright photography lights and a VERY few and healthy extra pounds on her face, you can simply actually see them here. But they are by no means an indication of anything other than that’s a feature of her face. If you don’t have them, it’s simply because that isn’t the type of face structure you have. But for those that do, it’s just a regular facial feature that they’ve had all their lives and will always have. Just like hooded eyes, dimples, etc.

      • Vesper says:

        Nasolabial folds typically don’t start showing until the mid to late 30’s. I’ve never seen a girl of her age with such prominant creases.

        It’s not just that she has gained weight, she looks unhealthy. She is pasty white, has no radiance to her skin, and her eyes do look dead. I agree with the poster above who thinks she might be on meds. Her face is bloated.

  6. Lulu says:

    I call Malarky on that rumour. Look at the sidewise shot of her while he is picking up the dog poop. She looks like she has lost whatever weight it was she gained and is quite tiny again. Maybe the the pendulum has swung for him. He was married to a very high maintainance woman who did nothing but worry about her outward appearance and now he is with a woman who doesn’t appear to mind just being herself, in sweats, with no makeup.

  7. sasa says:

    She is a smart woman but I’m not very fond of what personality I was able to discern from her interviews.
    However, her “I don’t give a damn about beauty standards in my private life” attitude is probably my favorite thing about her.

    The only problem with those photos is that she looks really unhappy but that’s probably the paps doing.

  8. Naye in VA says:

    There is low-maintenance, and there is not giving a f***. This is the stage Mila is in. And honestly I dont mind Ashton being upset if that is what he is. Washing your face and combing your hair is basic, and she looks like she isnt doing either.
    It could very well be because he is sucking the soul out of her.

    • erika says:

      i have to agree, there is a fine line w/ this issue…

      btw, how insulting is this? I was shopping w my best friend once. before we hit the mall, I re-applied my lipstick. Lipstick only (I like the smooth feeling on my lips). as I was doing so my BF said:

      “I would still wear makeup if I was single and looking.”

      Caught off gaurd, I wasn’t sure of my reaction, I defended myself:

      “Well, even if I were married or w/ boyfriend I would still wear makeup. I like looking as attractive as I can, it makes me feel good. When in public I’d like people to think ‘Oh she’s pretty’ vs. “yikes!” I like fashion, n’ beauty n’ all those things. it has NOTHING to do with pleasing a man!

      NOTE: Before you call me ‘High maintenance’ I don’t wear makeup to go to gym, clean house, lounging on weekends doing nothing. before sex (or after)

      btw: background here. She is attractive, petite, great skin. When she was single we would actually go lipstick shopping! we liked the same colors, joked about re-applying lips using a fork as a mirror, in front of her then FIANCE who’d chuckle.

      so what happened? She got married and now she doesn’t wear any makeup at all. If I got married, I’d still go w/ my routine.

      I’m not sure of Mila’s personal style before ashton, but i’m pretty sure she at least showered/ran come through hair.

      “what’s up with the dishevelment Mila????
      So the question is “Why the drastic change in your style

      • anneesezz says:

        Everything changes when you have kids and are too tired to care about makeup. I thought I would care too, I don’t.

  9. Cleveland Girl says:

    C’mon now. Mila is a very cute girl! She just looks totally hung over in these pictures.

    • ataylor says:

      She is either pregnant, eternally hung over, or just not that into her own looks. And I don’t think she’s always hungover so she’s either pregnant or not into her looks.

      This pic was taken yesterday, I believe, near Chicago. Not only are they both super casually dressed but it also looks like they are both refusing to comb their hair and hiding it under caps and snoods.

      That being said, Mila is not that “beautiful” looking without make-up. She’s cute but let’s face it, average-looking. Completely undeserving of that Esquire “Sexiest Woman Alive” title. And I want the name of her makeup artist dammit!

      • Eleonor says:

        We all want the name of her makeup artist!

      • taylor says:

        Makup is not what makes a woman beautiful. You have to have a beautiful face and something to work with, the makeup will only enahance it. And everybody has an opinion, and mine is she is very sexy and deserved the honor.

      • ataylor says:

        Eleonor: Because I couldn’t help myself…

        Mila’s personal makeup artist is Tracey Levy…coinky-dinky maybe?…Tracey is also Ashton Kutcher’s long time makeup artist AND she’s also has done Demi’s makeup.

        Her resume seems to be pretty much limited to Ashton and Mila’s movies.

        I hate to quote Lainey, but my smutty sense is tingling…

  10. carrie says:

    i’m happy ! i have the same face than Mila’s when i wake up

    • Eve says:

      I have that face when I wake up too (but I’m not happy about it).

      It takes at least half an hour for the swelling to go down.

    • Mira says:

      It’s puffy eyes for me when I wake up. I can never leave home without shower in the morning (not that I would want to) because of puffy eyes. I’ve tried so many under-eye creams. Nothing works! Anyway, I won’t judge Mila. She’s walking their dog for god’s sake. Meh!

    • Paloma says:

      Exactly! My face does the same thing plus I have dark circles under my eyes. Also, when I gain even a little bit of weight it shows in my face. She is a cute girl.

  11. HadleyB says:

    Everyone keeps saying she gained weight for a movie — when was this? Wasnt the movie filmed awhile ago and has been over for a long time or is this gain #2 for another movie?

    I mean people gain weight and lose weight but to keep blaming movie roles is ridiculous. She gained weight for a movie ok but she should of lost it by now…if she hasnt the gain is on her not a movie.

  12. Belle Epoch says:

    What is going on with her career? When your job depends on your appearance, it would make sense to step it up a little.

    What exactly is involved in a $250,000 makeover? A new face?

  13. honeychurch says:

    Meanwhile he too is wearing sweatpants and a hoodie.. but Star makes a deal out of Mila being low-key?

    Yay! One rule for boys, another for gals!

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Seriously! Dude’s been wearing trucker hats for A DECADE now, but it’s okay because he’s a guy?!?

      UMMM, NO. You want someone who looks nice, don’t be struttin’ your ass in an outfit of the same makeup. You don’t get to complain because/when your GF adopts your same sloppy, lackadaisical manner of dress. (yes, Asston, it’s a big word – look it up!)

    • ataylor says:

      The difference is that even if Ashton is dressed way down in a dang mud-covered potato sack, he isn’t going to look as bad and unkept as Mila has been looking lately.

      Mila has the disadvantage of being a woman who has been declared “Sexiest Woman Alive” while being photo-shopped, hair styled, bathed in flattering light and a wind machine, all while wearing piles of makeup.

      Let’s face it, for women, it’s all basically false advertising. For men, sure they wear SOME makeup to even-out their skin-tone, but are nowhere near as styled and photo-shopped as women are. The women on the cover of those magazines are not real. They do not exist without some serious intervention. And, as someone getting paid millions to basically say a bunch of lines some one else wrote accompanied by the appropriate emotion all while on camera, it is her dang job to look the part.

      That nomination “Sexiest Woman Alive” didn’t come out of nowhere. That was previously arranged by PUBLICISTS and AGENTS. That takes months and months of planning and coordination. If she wants to bear that title then she is going to have to deal with the upkeep required from her.

      Did you see last year’s Nov. Men’s Health issue with Ashton on the cover? He looked unkept as hell, but still managed to look like himself. Ashton looks great even when he rolls out of bed and throws on a cap and sweats. Why? There is no false advertising when men are on the cover of a magazine. It’s not fair but it is what it is.

      My thing is, if you’re going to participate in that false advertisement, then at LEAST make an effort to somewhat keep the fantasy alive. I mean, it’s her JOB. She’s not curing cancer or discovering a new “god particle” or mathematical theorem. Freaking throw-on some concealer or wear some cute yet flattering yoga pants instead of way too big sweats.

      • Annie says:

        Completely agreed. You don’t see models looking like this ever because it’s their job to look good. It’s not about being red carpet ready. It’s about taking care of yourself and be clean. Mila signed up for this with her contracts and that undeserved Sexiest Woman title. Now we see that’s the work of photoshop and make artists. That is false advertising.

        We’ve seen Gisele Bundchen with no make up on. She still looks good because 1) she takes care of herself, 2) she truly is good looking. 3) She takes her job seriously.

        As a woman, being a slob, never showering or washing your hair speaks really bad about you. Clean up. Wear clean clothes. Brush your hair. Bad hygiene is not empowering. It’s just lazy.

      • Christina says:

        @Annie. Yup. Even in all her red-carpet finery, Mila always looks a bit ‘off’ to me, as though she’s always in need of a good shower. Someone described her as a ‘dirty bra’ kind of girl – lol! It’s one thing not to be red-carpet ready when out walking the dog, quite another to just look scummy, like Mila does. Kate Moss, about ten years older than Mila, never ever looked this bad, even after a hard night’s partying.

        Also agree with last poster that these ‘sexiest man/woman’ polls tell us far more about which star has the hardest working PR team than they do about how is really considered ‘sexy’. None of these things happen by chance in Hollywood.

      • Nina W says:

        It’s ridiculous to expect her to doll up for the paps when she is walking her dog. She has a right to time off camera regardless of how many magazine covers she lands on.

      • Vesper says:

        I’ve seen some incredibly bad shots of Kate Moss.

    • Sassy says:

      If I were Mila, one sight of the paps and I would hand the dog leash to Ashton and retreat. She doesn’t need this. Poor thing! Note to self – don’t walk dogs in the morning.

  14. Carolyn says:

    Oh those stylists, hair & makeup geniuses deserve all the pay they get for making average-looking women look so amazing. I appreciate Mila goes about her day looking like that, but I’d never let myself be papped in that condition. No more fancy Dior-level contracts for you missy! Yes Ashton is a sloppy douchebag.

  15. SolitaryAngel says:

    When you’re a tiny, fit person and you gain 20 lbs, it makes a huge difference in your energy level. I’m not tiny any more, but when I was I felt awful if I gained over 10 lbs extra.

    I also think she’s the kind of girl who, if Asston makes a few remarks about her weight/lack of makeup etc. she will not immediately go change and fluff herself, I think she’ll keep right on doing it just to spite him. This may be her way of finding out how serious he is about her; if it IS, she’s gonna find out what most all of us women already know—she’s gonna lose him sooner or later.

    I don’t want to say she deserves this treatment, but this IS Ashton Kutcher, Douche Extraordinaire. It’s not like she hasn’t known him all these years and hasn’t seen how badly he treats women. She knows what he’s like.

    Plus he’s sucking the soul right out of her.

  16. Lushy says:

    You can’t look like your lounging around the house everyday. Is she Hollywood fabulous? Absolutely NOT. Mila get with it.

  17. Tuxedo Cat says:

    Mila needs to get rid of this jackass ASAP. I don’t know what he’s doing to her, but it’s killing her.

    Every time I see a picture of her, her eyes are swollen from crying, or she looks like she’s about to cry.

    A makeover package? What an effing insult, for a girl who’s barely into her 20s.

  18. Talie says:

    Really, though, make-up and airbrushing does wonders for some of these girls. She looks drastically different in these pics.

  19. Cirque28 says:

    I could see Kutcher liking a girlfriend who is ready to go out to breakfast 3 minutes after she wakes up. However. I think he also wants her to look incredibly hot. I mean, he might be from the midwest or wherever, and he might have found Demi high maintenance, but he’s a Hollywood actor. He expects to be with a woman who will make his friends drool. Lately, that’s not Mila.

    So I generally believe this story, although the $250,000 makeover and screaming, “You’re worse than Demi!” seem pretty farfetched.

  20. Annie says:

    I legit don’t see what people see in Mila. As an actress, she’s nothing special. She’s in the ranks of Vanessa Hudgens. She’s not good at all. As a woman, she’s again, nothing special. Her body is a square and she looks rough with no make up on, not to mention she seems to be a slob. I hear she’s fun and chill, so that’s a plus, but Sexiest Woman Alive?

    Demi is cray, but if I were her friend I’d remind her that Mila has got nothing on her. Let’s see what Mila looks like at 50. She clearly doesn’t take care of herself like Demi.

    • Christina says:

      Agree. I’ve never really ‘got’ Mila at all. I thought her performance in ‘Black Swan’ was toe-curlingly awful. I reckon the only reason Natalie Poutman got an Oscar for a very average performance was because, next to Mila, she really did look like Cate Blanchett by comparison!

      I also agree that looks-wise, Mila doesn’t compare to Demi. Yes, Demi may be a lousy actress and a self-obsessed nutcase but, plastic surgery aside, she is/was a genuinely beautiful woman. Mila is just an average girl who scrubs up well.

    • Asiyah says:

      Totally agree, Annie! And I never say anything because I don’t want to seem like a hate, but seriously, I just don’t see her appeal.

    • Carolyn says:

      hey Annie…them’s harsh words, comparing Mila to Vanessa :):)

      I don’t know…when you’re happy with someone don’t you kind of glow (at least in the early few months) and make an effort?

      With all of you in either thinking these two are really comfy with each other and they don’t care what they look like, or a combination of Mila is ill/not happy/lazy/they’re both doing drugs. Ashton is looking awful too.

      Interesting comment someone made about Mila being with a long-term drug user (Macaulay). What does a partner of someone in that condition do…join in or look on in despair and/or try and help them?

  21. Riana says:

    A woman not looking like the perfect creation of a makeup artist and stylist at all times for my personal consumption as I judge her from a computer screen???

    Where’s my stone, she has to know her place.


    • Erinn says:

      This. Exactly. And these are the same photos people already hollered at in the previous post. And to me, it looks like they just got up and started walking the dog. Cripes, if I get up to walk the dog, at most I’ll run a brush through my hair and take the poor dog out to do her business.

      I don’t understand why people scream feminism and embracing all types of women one moment, then start tearing at a woman the next. Does it make you feel better? Have they looked at most celebrities without makeup? Not the photo spreads magazines publish where they are actually wearing makeup- but candids. A lot of famous people look like crap. But who cares? It doesn’t affect my life any.

      • taxi says:

        I don’t clean up at all to take the dog out for it’s business. As soon as that chore is over, I’m back in bed for another hour with coffee & newspapers before I rise & shine. I’m never presentable until about 9 am.
        It appears that it is Ashton’s dog & she probably isn’t much into this shared activity.

    • Lizi says:

      best comment EVER! all this judging makes me laugh so hard…

    • Annie says:

      Oh stop. It’s not cool to be a pig with no basic hygiene. Especially for a woman, what with our cycles and all, showering daily is a MUST. Also, do you know how much she gets paid for faking to be beautiful with all those contracts? That’s false advertising. So she gets paid millions to sell you products telling you that you HAVE to be that beautiful, when all this time it was actually photoshop and a team of stylists, while SHE can totally be gross in her personal life? That is hypocrisy and being fake. If she truly didn’t care for beauty standards she wouldn’t sign beauty contracts that advertise the concept of perfection and beauty and youth to women. She wouldn’t take Sexiest titles. But a hippy she is not.

      If she’s selling this to me CONSTANTLY then I have the right to hold her to those high standards. And call her out for false advertising. It’s like those McDonalds burgers that look perfect on the menu and then you order them and it’s a mushy squishy mess. I have the right to ask WTF, just like when I’m being sold make up to look pretty like Mila while was actually photoshopped. Both blatant lies.

      • Erinn says:

        I’m quite sure that she has not said any woman HAS to look perfect all the time. I don’t think any part of the makeup campaign actually SAYS she looks like that all the time. If you’re watching a campaign and assuming the person selling it uses that product all of the time, it’s a bit silly. Do you slather on the same level of makeup you do for a special occasion every day of your life?

        Yes, she’s being paid to promote the product, yes she’s been given a title. But I have not ONCE seen her say anything about women having to look a certain way all of the time. If anything, looking at these pictures she’s showing the opposite. It’s not being a hypocrite to promote a product such as makeup then not wear it all of the time. When she does wear makeup – take a look at event photos – she looks pretty darn nice. So I’d say that is true to the advertising of the makeup. The point of makeup is to make yourself more ‘perfected’ or ‘defined’ or whatever in comparison to when you’re not. No false advertising there.

        If you want to draw conclusions like that from advertisements, then no wonder you feel like it’s forcing women to conform. I love wearing makeup. I don’t always wear it. I see advertisements every single day of my life, and they do not make me feel inferior for not looking like the person getting paid to advertise. You’re responsible for how you feel. Ads can influence it, but it’s up to you to filter.

        ETA: And honestly, how do we know she doesn’t shower daily? Just because her hair is a mess, doesn’t mean she doesn’t bathe or do basic hygienic things.

      • Riana says:

        1. So one pic from one day means she doesn’t shower daily? Have you been watching her bathroom habits through a pair of binoculars?

        2. Are you faking being beautiful when you apply makeup? Do you consider yourself to be a liar for fancying up? Reality, it’s her JOB. You want her to glam up to walk her dog and pick up it’s poop so you don’t feel like you’re being lied to about a luxury purse or what not?

        3. Wouldn’t your annoyance be better directed at oh say…the company? As oppose to the person they hire to shill their products? Do you get mad at the actors in commercials? 

        4. You have the right to do whatever you want, but this isn’t the 60’s. The illusion of truth in advertising has long since past and most companies have it in the teeny tiny little print that they’re employing various methods that may not be true to the product.

      • Lizi says:

        Annie, that hypocrisy you mentioned I know as real life. get over the world of silly illusions.

      • Ange says:

        But we all get time off work don’t we? Why should Mila not get any either?

    • Jordan says:

      Totally agree with your post Riana, both of them. Plus, the only product that I can name that Mila shills is Dior – are people mad b/c she is not picking up dog poop in a Dior gown, spritzing it with Dior perfume before placing it in her Dior purse??? I don’t get the anger b/c she is dressed in sweats (like Ashton) to go walk the dog.

      • pg says:

        Honey, you won’t see Mila in a Dior gown, he asked her to dress better and even offered to buy her a wardrobe but she refused so he fired her ass. Millions of women would kill for a Dior gown but Mila is above all that.

    • Lulu says:

      *clap clap clap*

  22. lucy2 says:

    LOL at them claiming she gained 50 lbs. On someone as small as her, I think we’d notice.

    I think she’s pretty, but good hair and makeup make her stunning. She definitely seems to not be caring right now, which if they’re both happy, who cares? It’s kind of refreshing to see an actress walk around in sweats and no makeup, especially when compared to how overly done up some celebs always are.

    • Becky1 says:

      I agree completely! I give her credit for being a secure enough person that she doesn’t always feel the need to be made up. I wonder about people like Gwen Stefani who never are out in public without their hair or make-up being done. How tiring that must be. Mila is obviously a low key, casual sort of girl and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      • Vesper says:

        Gwen has stated in at least one interview that she dresses up and wears red lipstick when she is at home, so she looks good for her husband.

  23. Sway says:

    She looks fine, but her bitch face is REALLY unflattering. Makes her look ugly, period.

  24. Aleandra Bananarama says:

    Mila is 5’4″ and weighed roughly 90lbs during black swan. She trained hard during that and put on lean muscle. After training that hard and quitting cold turkey your body can put on a lot of weight (30lbs for her I think) very easily.

    Runners notice it. You run all spring, summer, and fall, but when winter comes and you’re not running you pack on the pounds.

    It’s hard to tell with her and everyone. We all shoot way under actually weight when guessing a friends. She might put on weight evenly from the looks of it. 50 looks over shot. 25-30lbs on a once fit 5’4″ frame seems right .

  25. Tasha says:

    I think this story BS and I also think if she had on cuter sweats on she wouldn’t look half as bad.

    As for the weight clearly she has not gaind 50 lbs, she gaind weight yes but she still very small. Her face on the hand looks very bloated, which could be from a new medication, drinking or many other things.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Re: medication. I wonder if Mila could perhaps actually be ill?

      Not that I think she looks terrible, and it’s no skin off my nose if she’s not into grooming, but she does look quite different… and so unhappy. Not just in these photos either.

      More likely, Ashton’s douchiness is simply sucking the joy straight out of her. But still, maybe the poor girl is sick.

  26. tammylala says:

    You all will throw tomatoes at me but she has not been hot since she left Macaulay Culkin (and he also looks 10x worse since)

    They should be back together.

  27. Veruca says:

    The dog looks good.

    And I don’t mean Ashton.

  28. Hoya_chick says:

    There is no way she gained 50Ibs! Is that a typo? And what exactly does a $250k make over include? Lol. I am not a fan either of the two and they both look sloppy and unkempt. But to be fair, I think people are use to seeing Mila on the red carpet and in magazines looking gorgeous. She was rarely if ever pap’d when she was with that Culkin kid so it’s a departure from what we are use to. I do think she looks rough. I hate when people say this is how normal women look. Really? We do you live? Because I never see anyone walking around like this! Take a shower, run a brush through your hair and put on an some sunglasses. You don’t have to put on makeup to walk your dog. I wear little to no make up especially when doing normal everyday things. But there are ways to not look like this. Oh and her ever present bitch face does not help. Never a pleasant expession! Ha. I don’t wear sweats unless I am at the gym but if she is comfortable in them, I’m sure with her money and access to clothes she could find some cuter less sloppy lounge wear. I love seeing celeb in cute street wear. It’s not that hard, she probably just doesn’t care. I think this whole story is fake though. He seems really into her. We’ll see how long it lasts.

  29. Garvels says:

    All I can say is that Kunis has one great PR team who succeeded in getting her the title sexiest woman alive. Kuniis, like many women look great made up,but she is no natural beauty like Jenny Dewan,Channing Tatum’s wife.

  30. Shannon says:

    She looks horrendous. Sorry, but it’s true. Washed out, bloated, horrible clothes. The whole thing is bad.

  31. choppersann says:

    I read these random comments saying ‘well they seem happy’…..
    When?? These two are never smiling! They seem down right miserable :/
    And as great as my guy is…and as everyday as we are…if I stayed walking around looking like she has on a regular my man would no doubt be on my a$$ too!!

  32. wonderwoman21 says:

    After being married to the vain, youth-seeking, looks obsessed mess that is Demi Moore I’m sure it’s a relief to date Mila Kunis’ low maintenance self! She looks like hell in these pics but she still looks cute 🙂

  33. erin says:

    she looks ill. like there is some serious medical problem going on.

    • HappyJoyJoy says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. She looks like she has bad kidneys. All that swelling around her eyes… They way they’re bulging… She’s never looked like this. I don’t think it’s a matter of makeup, I honestly think it’s a matter of health.

    • Nina W says:

      I think she looks like she has a cold or the flu.

  34. Starlight says:

    This story is so fake. Mila is low maintenance because she is very secured of her relationship with Ashton.

  35. Heather M says:

    I recall reading an interview w/ Mila YEARS ago (before she was very famous at the beginning of That 70’s Show)where she mentioned that she ALWAYS wore sweats and no makeup. To insinuate that Ashton somehow “made” Mila look frumpy is a flawed argument– Mila has always looked like this when the cameras are not around, but being with Ashton has made the cameras come around more often, so we are just seeing it more.

    • Isabel says:

      This is true. Mila was barely papped before this relationship, and if she was, she was wearing glasses most of the time.

  36. G says:

    So I guess they’re going to try and embarrass her into dumping him??

  37. anita0614 says:

    Her face looks like she’s having health problems and it’s getting worse…

  38. Mew says:

    She looks like she’s going through a depression state where she really just doesn’t want to and / or have energy to even for the basic beauty care. I have never seen her walk around with such black circles around her eyes, her skin looking dull, her just so totally unkept, like she hasn’t taken a shower for a month. Maybe it is some sort of a demonstration to something Aston has said or done to her? For example, if Aston was to hint that at least Demi always combed her hair, Mila got furious and decided he should love her as she is, not anything superficial.

    And I wouldn’t be suprised if Aston said something like that. After all, Demi was working hard to look good (botox, diets etc.) and Mila has been stated to be the sexiest woman on earth… and now she walks around looking like a troll. Which is totally admirable. I wouldn’t have guts to go take even my trash out looking like that (but I sure wish I wouldn’t care).

    • ataylor says:

      Ugly as payback? LOL. That would be awesome. And would make more sense than a serious illness.

      Still think it’s morning sickness…

  39. Jess says:

    Is it possible Ashton is helping her get over a drug problem? She was involved for a very long time with a very hard drug user, it’s entirely possible that she’s trying to clean up, and it’s not an easy thing to do. My gut is telling me that Mila is not in perfect health right now. She’s struggling with something, and it’s taking a toll on her looks.

  40. rightgrrl says:

    She looks a little bloated and washed out, but nothing to freak out over… A little detox and some self tanner and we can go back to hating her for being too darn pretty 😉

  41. Hahahahaha says:

    Did yall see the pic of her NAKED but clinging to the window.Its like a PR stunt: Yeah she looks awfull without make-up,but look @her but!Great PR people..You should get a raise 😉 Demi is having a great x-mas.

  42. Hahahahaha says:

    Detoxing, prego’s, are a hangover(=, everytime we see a pic with the Kutchieoechie) Time wil tell.

    • jessiesgirl says:

      As a former party girl, I recognize the face. It may be as simple as a serious hangover or a combination hangover/drugover. If she has the means and the time, her & Ashton could be partying it up every night, even if they stay home.

  43. jess says:

    Can I just point out that yoga pants are just as comfy as regular sweats? They would instantly be more flattering, and I bet people would lay off her a bit.

    That being said, I don’t think I’d even look twice if I walked by her on the street, but dang, does she make me feel good about not wearing makeup.

  44. Mr. Stinky FishFace says:

    What the hell? She looks like a normal person walking their dog. Really this is news why!?

    • stinky says:

      uh – im w/ you mr stinky fishface. i aint gettin’ dolled up to go dog-walkin’ unless its after 12:pm.

  45. Beatrice says:

    Call it vanity, but I’d never allow myself to be photographed like that. It would only take her 5 minutes to comb her hair, put on a decent pair of sweats or jeans, and throw on concealer, lip gloss, and a little blush. Those 5 minutes would make a world of difference in her appearance.

    • Belle says:

      Lovely… while your dog’s bladder explodes. Many people throw on sweats and head out to walk the dog without putting on lip gloss and blush… and what else was it? Oh yeah… concealer… LOL

  46. Dani says:

    Hmmm so Kristen Stewart can get a pass for looking like the worlds biggest slob with the greasiest hair imaginable, but Mila Kunis gets judged and berated because she hasn’t been keeping up with her usually attractive appearance? If the girl wants to look like sh*t and is comfortable like that in front of her boyfriend, who clearly has no problem, who are we to have an issue?

  47. ataylor says:

    Dani: Well, the article you are commenting on states (whether true or not) he does have a problem with it…which is why we’re commenting on it, with most of us in agreement. Some other commentators do not agree. Hence, the discussion.

    And who says Kristen Stewart gets a pass? Shes doesn’t from me. Then again, she isn’t being named “Sexiest Woman Alive” anytime soon.

    • Eleonor says:

      I usually blame KStew because she is able to turn an haute couture gown into a cheap sleazy piece only with the rolling of her eyes (that’s a superpower), so I never gave a pass to her. At least Mila on a red carpet looks decent!

      • ataylor says:

        Eleonor: Mila looks downright amazing on the red carpet. It’s why her style shift the past couple of months is so jarring.

        KStew on the other hand…well…I really don’t care about Twilight so I don’t know much other than everyone was cheating on everyone else. lol. That and KStew looks like ass most of the time. Other than that I’m very “meh” about her.

  48. OhDear says:

    Calling BS on this story -someone was bound to write something up given the reaction to how she looked. Surprised that it took so long, though.

    • ataylor says:

      LOL. Actually this is the second round. The first was when these pictures first came out and people in general commented on how shockingly not attractive Mila looked without makeup (and a whole bunch of people speculated it was morning sickness).

      This time it’s because the articles around the ‘net are regarding Ashton’s alleged disapproval of her current super casual “I don’t give a rats what I look like” style.

      I predict the next round will entail her supposed ill health or state of mind…

      • Kloops says:

        lol. THIS. She looks fine. She’s walking her dog for crying out loud. I think she’s sucking the doucheness out of Ashton. I like these two together.

  49. Ruyana says:

    Oh, screw Asston. Like he’s such a prize?

  50. Nikki Girl says:

    I love these pictures, they remind me of myself! Hehehehe! I think she’s really cute, she just looks crappy once in a while, just like everyone else. And I don’t buy that Ashton cares; she must be such a refreshing change from crazy Demi!

  51. skuddles says:

    It’s refreshing in a way to see a female celeb not be completely consumed with her appearance… but at the same time, she is looking downright slovenly on a regular basis – like maybe she needs some pointers on basic hygiene. I get why she wants to be comfy and casual on her own time, and maybe doesn’t feel the need to doll herself up for Asston, but doesn’t she want to look nice for herself? Cuter clothes, a hairbrush, and a dab of powder and lipgloss would make a world of difference.

  52. Leek says:

    Sweatpants are for people who gave up on life. She looks like she’s lost all respect for herself. Black Swan was her pique.

  53. Ranunculus says:

    I actually like the fact that she simply does not care to give in to the superficial Hollywood attitude to get dresses and made up just because actors have to always look perfect just in case the paps might take pictures of you. BS, when you are an actor you do not always have to be ON. One of the reasons I like her and don’t care at all about people like Brangelina.

  54. Lilo says:

    The real question: did he clean up the dog poop?

  55. says:

    I give her a pass on her outfit- seriously, she’s just walking the dog. But I am NOT giving her a pass on that face. If you are not going to slap on some concealer to make youself look like you are not going through terminal illness, at least put sunglasses on.

  56. Angie says:

    This is a complete fabrication and offensive to women imo. I remember when these pics came out, a lot of people speculated her jaw was a bit swollen and she was holding it a lot. She’d just come back from the dentist if I had to guess. I have never seen ANY other candid pics where she looks like this, and honestly, she doesnt even look ‘bad’, just a little less together than we’re used to seeing her, and yes, her jaw is definitely obviously swollen, and she looks a bit out of it and in some pain by the way she’s holding her jaw/ having her mouth open a bit. It happens. Outlandishly exaggerated. I appreciate that she hasn’t even bothered to address these stupid speculations.

    • ataylor says:

      No. She’s looked this bad before. There was another recent pic of her coming out of a spa around mid-afternoon where she looked just as bad. Not to mention a whole slew of other ones, including one last Feb/March with her at LAX while she was dropping off Ashton’s dad at the airport (yes, I suspect they’ve been dating a lot longer than last Spring).

      The point isn’t that she looked bad this one time. The point is she’s quite normal/average/sickly looking sans makeup & photo shop, yet is considered “Sexiest Woman Alive”…and what’s worse, chooses to look like an embittered house-frau most of the time.

  57. Em says:

    Mila has been photgraphed with her face looking exactly like the pics above enough times to have convinced me that this is how she really looks, so no, I don’t find her beautiful. I also don’t find Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, or a heap of other “gorgeous” celebrity women to be beautiful, either. These are women who–for the most part–look no better and no worse than my friends and I and your friends and you; the difference is they have studios and recording labels with insane amounts of money to hire stylists, makeup artists, and trainers to make these women look more polished than most of us could hope for. They have the best of the best photographers and lighting experts at their disposal, and hey, when all else fails, they have photoshop whizzes to fix any leftover “flaws.”. I’m 28, haven’t started wrinkling yet, and have never really had problem skin, so I go without makeup pretty frequently. On days when I wear just a tinted moisturizer and mascara, the difference in my appearance and how polished I look is ridic, not to mention the times I go all-out with eyeshadow and blush and lipstick! Just think about it, if you and I put a half hour of time into makeup and hair and it perks up our appearances, what kind of difference do you think is made from these women spending 2-3 hours or more in a makeup chair being worked on by professionals whose entire livelihood is dependent on making sure the world continues to see these women as more beautiful than you and I?

    Sorry for carrying on so long, it just really bothers me that certain women are held up as stunning, when the face they see in the mirror of a morning is no better or worse than what the rest of us see. Rant over!

    • Eleonor says:

      I totally agree with you, and there are other celebrities who looks cute even without makeup (Live Tyler for example) not stunning, but cute. Plus: I get she wants to be comfortable, but you can be comfy even in a pair of jeans and sneakers,instead she hangs out in what for me is a pijama.

  58. Leigh says:

    Does it bother (or surprise) anyone else that Kutcher doesn’t have a baggie to pick up his own dog’s shit?!!!

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Look at the second to last thumbnail pic. It clearly shows him using a bag to pick up. That was just the one picture out of the six that wasn’t enlarged for the article…

  59. FirstTimer says:

    I still think they make a cute couple. I just wished Ashton put everything in order with Demi before he pursued Mila.

  60. Good_as_Gold says:

    “if you wanted somebody fake and plastic you should have stayed with demi”

    LMAO if that is true it is frickin’ hilarious. Mila is saying take it or leave (rightly so) and yes, I do agree with Kaiser, she is rejecting the douchemeister in body and soul.

  61. Beatriz says:

    The hate she’s getting on the account of her outfit reminded me of this:

    “Any man who wears sweatpants don’t care about life.”
    lol XD

  62. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    She is either desperately unhappy or ill – when everything is good in your life you don’t let it slide like this. “Beautiful woman” or not, she is not making the most of herself. So what’s the source?

  63. Emily says:

    Let’s see, how “pulled together” does Asthon look in those pictures? He’s wearing exactly the same things Mila is — sweats. The only difference is he’s wearing a baseball cap. Think he gelled his hair under that?

    People are being absurd and misogynistic. Women are supposed to get all pretty for an early morning walk now? After Demi Moore, who ONLY cared about appearances (you think she married Ashton for anything else?), this must be a breath of fresh air for Ashton. No guy I’ve been with has ever cared about my hair, has ever cared that I don’t wear makeup, has ever expected me to look all fancy for a random walk! Guys are annoyed by women being obsessed with their appearance. A woman who is fine with peeing, brushing her teeth, and throwing on sweats before a walk is exactly what guys want. Then you can take a shower together later when you’ve woken up more. Most men want to date human beings, not wannabe trophy wives.

    And speaking of someone sucking the hot out of someone — lately, Ashton’s been looking like he has a brain. His eyes don’t have that weirdly glazed zombie look that I thought was simply him. Nope, looks like it was due to a soul-sucking marriage to a woman who refuses to grow up. I still don’t LIKE Ashton, but my opinion of him is improving the longer he’s away from his horrible ex-wife. I think Mila, besides thinking he’s hot, actually likes him for him. And, unlike Demi Moore, she’s not stupid, so Ashton is forced to occasionally use his brain when he’s with her.

    (No, I don’t think Demi is stupid for marrying a much younger man. I think she’s stupid for only pursuing much younger men — I think the same of men who only pursue much younger women. She’s like that 40-something dude who hangs out at college bars. Except she pretends to be empowering women. And her pity-poor-little-me game is really gross.)

    • meredith says:

      @ giddy
      +1. I thought she looked very Russian in these pictures (that where she is from, I believe). Give her a mesh shopping bag, a scarf on her head, put her in the open market in Kiev buying vegetables and she would fit right in.
      I really loved her in “The Book of Eli” with Denzil Washington and I’m still saying this.

  64. Lucky Charm says:

    I’m just baffled by all the expectations that she should be all dressed up with hair & makeup done just to take a dog on an early morning walk! It’s not like she was on her her way to a breakfast meeting. I usually throw on comfy sweats, and I certainly don’t do my hair & makeup, to walk my dog, sometimes even to run a quick errand. And even though Ashton is just wearing sweats, Mila is supposed to be all dressed up?

  65. Chelsea's handler says:

    All you haters need to watch her in Black Swan again to be reminded of how much charisma she can summon. That’ll put an end to your confusion.

  66. mimi says:

    I like it that she is down to earth and has enough confidence to go out like a noraml person, and is not so full of herself that she would dress up every time she steps outside.

    She’s got an amazing body. If she gained any pounds that would be no more than 5 IMO.

    Gorgeous girl with a great attitude. I hope she won’t change.

  67. juju says:


  68. metatrix says:

    Seriously with these comments. I don’t think there is anything wrong with how she looks. She’s not working. She’s enjoying her downtime. Why should she wear make-up or even brush her hair when she’s out walking her dog?

    Honestly, I don’t understand how women have time to do their hair and put on a full face of makeup every morning before work. Imagine how much productive we would be as a gender if we redirected that time and effort into something more useful.

    I love getting dolled up for special occasions, but on workdays I just put my hair in a pony tail and call it a day. No makeup, no blow dryer, none of that BS. I go to work to *work*, not to look pretty. Given that I work 12 hour days with a couple 36 hour shifts per week thrown in, the last thing I’m going to spend my free time on is looking pretty for strangers. And on days off, I don’t even brush my hair or wear nice clothes. Who cares what strangers think of you while you are out running errands?

    • jacq says:

      i agree if you don’t want to, you shouldn’t have to. but for some women, looking nice gives them more confidence. it puts a pep in their step and just generally makes them feel better. there’s nothing wrong with putting effort into your appearance if it gives you a happier attitude. and if you’re confident and happy without the makeup, then youre very lucky! i say live and let live.

      here ends my hippy speech.

  69. Annoyed says:

    These are INCREDIBLY bad photos. I just watched Book of Eli and even with minimal make-up and harsh lighting, she was beautiful.

    I can’t believe all of you saying she’s not attractive and that she’s got a bad figure. She’d make all of you look like day old dog sh*t.

  70. Lisa says:

    I wander if that mineral makeup could do the trick
    She needs something to cover up that pasty look, but her face looks pretty average and bloated in these shots

  71. Agnoa says:

    This is absurd. All celebrities aren’t beautiful without their make-up. They certainly aren’t born that way. Between plastic surgery, botox, make-up and photoshop you will never see these women in their natural state. Anyway, I admire Mila for going natural.

    And she certainly did not gain 50 lbs. As for being 90lbs before, I doubt she ever was only 90lbs being 5’4 because then she would have looked like a skeleton. Honey Boo Boo who is 7 years old and weighs 85 lbs. 90lbs for someone who is 5’4 is horribly underweight to the point of being anorexic. A healthy weight would be anywhere between 115-145.

    People have been brainwashed to think that women naturally have flawless skin and that 90lbs is healthy because they have been conned by the beauty industry. The more ugly and fat they make you feel the more products they sell.

  72. click says:

    Mila Kunis looks SO MUCH like my sister that sometimes I see pictures of her online and think I accidentally clicked on to my sister’s facebook or something. Like, the resembelance is BIZARRE, they look like identical twins. Same body, same EXACT face, same hair, same lips, eyes, cheeks, everything.

  73. Bogz says:

    CeleBITCHY has really earned its name with this one. I can’t believe you’re critisizing an actress for being normal.Every female celebrity might not feel like being constantly perfect like Dita Von Teese!!