Mila Kunis’s body & soul looks like it’s rejecting The Kutcher, right?

You know what I hate? I hate when some of you say “So-and-so sucked the hotness out of WhatsIt.” Most of the time, I think you’re being extremely unfair, like you’re just talking about someone’s natural aging process or something, and some will chime in “She had him when he was hot!” But I think I need to get over that. Because I’m about to say the exact same thing about these photos of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. A year ago, Mila was one of the hottest things around. Now she’s always in sweatpants (unflattering, ugly sweatpants) and she always looks strung out or like she’s coming off of some terrible bender. WTF happened? Is this ALL Ashton? Has he “sucked the hotness” out of her?

Anyway… yeah, new pics of Ashton and Mila walking “their” dog in Hollywood. Props to Ashton for picking up his dog’s poop. No props to the paparazzo who was like, “I’m totally getting the money shot when the dog poops!” No props to Mila for looking so rough. No props to Mila for still being with Ashton.

How long have Mila and Ashton been together at this point? It’s been over six months, I think – probably closer to eight or nine months. So what does 2013 bring for Mashton? A wedding? A baby? Ugh.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Birdie says:

    Wow, every single picture of her is very unflattering.

  2. normades says:

    Wow. It’s like she aged 10 years in 6 months. Not good.

  3. Shay says:

    I want to say “she’s just wearing no makeup and she looks tired!”
    But she looks awful and kind of like she hates herself. I think being with Ashton is one of her worst decisions. I miss happy, beautiful Mila

    • brin says:

      Yeah and she has been looking like this in most of her recent pictures…he must be a soul sucker.

    • epiphany says:

      While I hate the 2 of them together, maybe she’s just fine, and this is what she looks like without makeup? The Hollywood PR machine works overtime to make us believe all of these actors and actresses are so beautiful, when if fact, they look pretty much like the rest us, apart from the fact that they clean up nice – with a bit of help, of course.

      • BestJess says:

        Exactly, this is what actual people look like without professional hair, make up, styling etc especially when in their daggy sweats to take the dog for a walk. If you flick through a celeb mag, even when you know exactly how much effort goes into those pics (and it’s worse with magazine shoots because it’s all airbrushed and photoshopped to look inhumanly good) you can feel like shit. Seeing the unbelieveably beautiful looking a little early morning rough makes me feel a whole lot better. Certainly prefer this over the 6 hours of hair and make up a Kardashian has to pop to local store.

      • yoyo says:

        I’m looking at this going, crap so I could look like a hot movie star with the right hair and make up artists and stylist! Cause damn! She looks like me when I have to get up at the crack *ss of dawn after a really late night of doing something really not fun like working and am this close to total burnout. lol Shocking. She looks rough man, she needs a vacay from the Kutch!

  4. Lizzie says:

    Remember Mila during the Black Swan campaign? It’s like this Mila ate that Mila.

  5. Bird says:

    She looks like she just woke up and they’re walking the dog. Don’t mind the sweats, but I agree these are not the best photos of her. Big deal, though, I’d rather see this than someone who got a blow out to pick up dog poop.

    • goodquestion says:

      agree, 100%.
      i hate on “what not to wear” when they rag on people for their dog walking clothes! that’s my favourite time with my best friend, and there’s no place for vanity in our happy world of 2.

    • Rachel says:

      Agreed! Plus, I think it’s nice that she’s comfortable enough with Ashton Kutcher to go bare-faced and wear sweats. If she always felt the need to doll up for him, THAT’S a bad sign.

    • Debbie says:

      THANK you. Exactly. I kind of dig that she’s not one of those January Jones type starlets who has to be perfect every time she leaves the house.

      I do still worry about Ashton eventually turning up douchey and breaking her heart. But giving her a little squeeze while (it seems) she’s worried about being photographed with Morning Dog Walking Face — and picking up the poopie — are definitely edging my scale toward “am I wrong about him?”

    • Zwella Ingrid says:

      I haven’t read all the way through the comments to see if someone else has already mentioned this, but it seems to me like she looks ticked off at Kutcher. Not so much soul sucked as just grouchy.

  6. HotPockets says:

    eh, for one, she isn’t wearing any makeup. I know we all look different without our makeup, but Mila looks frumpy when she isn’t done up. She isn’t a natural beauty, with or without Ashton.

    • Christina says:

      Yup. No reasonable person would expect her to look the same walking the dog as she does on the red carpet, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a candid picture of Mila where she looks good. I’ve never thought her a great beauty anyway. What were Dior thinking?

    • Anonny says:

      I think this is just a testimony to professional styling, a hair and makeup team, and flattering photography.

      Most of us look like that on any given day. Why shouldn’t she?

      • Christina says:

        I dunno. Plenty of ‘ordinary’ women her age and much older manage to look fine even without make-up and wearing casual clothes. Anyway, it’s beside the point. ‘Most of us’ dont’ have Dior contracts, appear in ‘sexiest women’ lists or make the cover of Esquire magazine, so the comparison is moot. Obviously, Mila is free to dress in as scruffy a way she wants, but given her ‘sexy’ reputation, she’s also fair game for comment.

      • normades says:

        I agree. I see plenty of “ordinary” women running or at the gym that look hot without make-up and in sweats.

      • HotPockets says:

        I agree Normades. Makeup makes a difference, but there are countless women who look amazing with or without it, so it is hard for me to give her a pass considering she is always ranking in the top 5 “sexy, hot, desirable” lists. I think even someone like Jessica farty Simpson looks gorgeous without makeup. I just don’t feel the same way about Mila, the only thing I know is that she is extremely overrated.

        I also don’t care that she is wearing sweat pants, I am always in sweat pants or yoga pants on my days off, so this is more so just a comment on her face.

      • normades says:

        This conversation is much like the ScarJo cellulite one. Posters seem to fall into 2 categories:

        1. Stop hating. Seeing celebrities look so regular makes me feel better about myself. Everyone has the right to an off day.

        2. Keep hating. These women are suppossed to be “the hottest” out there, but in reality they don’t look any better than most of us.

        I admit I fall into category 2. There ARE natural beauties out there that look great with no make up and hot in sweats. But when someone like Mila or ScarJo is called “sexiest alive” and make millions from fashion/cosmetic contracts, you realize how much is really just good photoshoping.

      • Christina says:


        Agree completely. When a woman makes millions entirely (or primarilly) from the way she looks – as Scarlet and Mila do – then their appearance is fair game. Sure, even the most gorgeous women have bad days, but these two routinely look bad without make-up, push-up bras and photoshop.

    • Carolyn says:

      Famous people know they’re going to get papped even when they pick up their dog’s poo. Mila either doesn’t care what she looks like and is OK about being photographed looking like this.

      As others have said, more kudos needs to go to the stylists & makeup people who make celebrities look amazing. Mila looks incredibly average in all of these photos. A normal person.

      However. If I was a celebrity I’d be mortified at photos like this being circulated.

    • SLL says:

      I think we’re so used to her being caked up with all that eyeliner, eyeshadow raccoon make up.

  7. kimcheee says:

    Mila may look like a dog here but.. the dog looks like a rock star in every single picture. What kind of dog is that? It looks a bit like a Heeler.

  8. Zigggy says:

    LOL- damn! She’s kinda cute in her little jump suit, but she sure looks tired or something.

  9. cmc says:

    She looks pretty terrible, but in her defense I look pretty awful on early-morning dog walks. In the exact same scenario, I don’t care enough to brush my hair/put on makeup/dress in a cute outfit, so why should she?

  10. Riana says:


    She looks the way most women look when they wake up and have to walk their dog right away…

    Sometimes I just can’t…

    P.S. I love no one says anything about Ashton wearing sweats but a woman?! Clearly she’s on the downswing of her life and seconds away from suicide.

  11. Eleonor says:

    I might start thinking that Mila could be an overrated beauty.
    Ok great body, but everytime she is without makeup (and photoshop) she looks far away from the stunning beauty we se on photoshoots, or on the red carpets.

  12. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ok so these aren’t the most flattering pics of her. To me, she looks like she just rolled out of bed.


    What do you guys look like when you first wake up? I look like sh*t.

    I’ve never liked Ashton but these two are growing on me. She looks happy, comfortable-no makeup and her man is fine with it.
    As I’ve said in other posts, maybe Glammed-up Mila wasn’t her style at all. I think Comfortable Mila is the REAL Mila. So in that sense, Ashton is good for her-she can be herself around him and he accepts her for who she is. How is that a bad thing?

    Just my opinion-but I think they look like a cute couple here. And the dog is adorable :)

  13. Dana M says:

    Omg! I feel better about myself now.

  14. Jazz says:

    She looks terrible! Demi should be happy about these pics, stop pining over the fool and go have a happy life.

    Love the look on the dog’s face while Asston is picking up his poop.

  15. lori says:

    She looks like Ralph Macchio in most of those pics.

  16. Feisty says:

    The rumor is that supposedly she is pregnant. I can’t forgive her if she makes a Kutcher.

  17. Redheadwriter says:

    Maybe she always looks like this. We didn’t see a lot of candid shots when she was with Mac, so this could be her norm.

  18. mln76 says:

    On the sucked the hotness issue f someone is with someone for a year or less (like Mila) and is consistently looking like sh-t its fair to say. If a couple has been together for several years and they you know age its sour grapes.

  19. Mari says:

    Is it bad I sent my boyfriend this picture and titled it “If You Ever Had a Crush on Mila You Can Stop Now”?

  20. chloe says:

    What do you think most of the women in Hollyweird look like without having an makeup/hair artist and stylist around 24/7, I’m more impressed by her going out doing normal things without makeup than some of these stars that are in full makeup out doing menial things (call the paps please I’m ready for my picture), seeing these pics just makes me feel a little better about myself:)

  21. OhDear says:

    She looks a bit rough, but comfortable and normal. Though can either of them do anything without the other tagging along?

  22. Mayday says:

    I hate ashton kutcher, but on the flip side of this maybe he doesn’t care about her looking like a barbie doll all the time – which wouldn’t surprise me granted he was with demi moore and she’s as plastic as they come – and if that’s the case, maybe she’s just enjoying bumming around on her down time as most of us do.

  23. Nya says:

    I don’t agree with people saying “most women look like this without makeup.” UH NO. I see ladies every morning walking their dogs or going on runs or taking their kids out, and none of them ever look this terrible.

    • normades says:

      I agree, plus it’s not like she’s 40.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Hey now! I’m 40 and I look good with no makeup!

        When will people learn 40 is not old? Honest, you do not fall into a magical wreck at 40. Many women are gorgeous in their 40s. 40 does not equate with frumpy unless you let it.

        I have an allergy to soccer mom hair, mom jeans and minivans, so that helps.

      • normades says:

        That wasn’t a hit on 40 year olds. I’m pushing 40 too and wear little make-up, I dress young (no mom jeans) and have no cellulite. I’m not saying I’m hot or anything, just that I look younger than my age. I hate when people say “she’s too old to wear that”. As long as you’re not dressing like Avril Lavigne, I think you can wear whatever you want at any age.

        I just meant that you get more of a pass for looking like crap without make-up when you’re older. I never wore make-up until my 30s. Seriously, in the first pic she looks like Kristy Alley. Ouch.

      • The Original Tiffany says:

        Good deal, Normandes!
        I started wearing LESS makeup as I hit 40. I actually think I look better and younger without it.
        Full Slap I mean.
        I still do some BB cream, lipstick and mascara.

        Also, shit you got the no cellulite thing. Damn. I could be teeny and I’d still have some, but I have less than I did in my 30′s!

      • normades says:

        Blush and eyeliner are my friends. Mascarra runs down my face and I hate wearing any kind of powder/foundation. I avoid dark lipsick but love a bright coral red.
        I was starting to get some ass celllulite in my late 30s and then I had a kid, breastfed forever and it all went away. Crazy.
        I really think how you wear your hair and dress can age you. It drives me batty when I see a beautiful woman like Jen Garner wearing mom pants. Just no.

      • kay says:

        me too! I just turned 40 and stopped wearing full makeup, I feel much better without it.
        I do use a wrinkle cream, but only because I noticed a huge difference in my skin’s elasticity one I got close to 40.

        as for Mila: I remember Jennifer Anistion saying once that when she goes out of her house, she knows at some point she’ll be photographed, so why not take that extra time to look as best she can (without makeup artists, etc). I don’t know if it’s true that she does, but I remembered it and do- doesn’t take much to comb your hair and look ok.
        Mila looks horrendous, especially for someone shoved down our throats as the epitome of sexy.

    • Christina says:

      I said the same above. Mila is only 29 but she looks bloated, unhealthy and much older than her age, not only here but in just about every candid photo. Plenty of women look fine without make-up and dressed in casual clothes, but Mila is not one of them.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Ugh, thank you! I wear make-up most days because it makes me feel better about myself. Without it, I look pale, and I have very dark hereditary cirlces under my eyes, AND I’m almost 40. And I look WAY better than this. Add to all that, the fact that I have never been voted Sexiest Woman or any other such title ;)

    • truthful says:

      I did not want to say it…

      I do make a LIL effort, when I go grab coffee…or I throw on sunglasses w/ a lil lip balm. The first thing I do is apply a colf towel to help w/swelling on my face (if I am making a run in the mornings before work)

      I think its the shape of her eyebrows, they are hard and horrid, like arrows or something.

      everyone thinks its the outfit, no its the face.

    • Nya says:

      And since I can’t edit, to add…most women do NOT look this crappy without makeup. If you believe that you’ve completely bought the lies that cosmetic companies sell you. Most women Mila’s age, as well as those younger and older, do NOT look like THAT when they wake up in the morning. She looks terrible.

  24. spinner says:

    She looks tired & puffy — like she just rolled out of bed. Mila needs time & help to look beautiful, as I don’t think she is a natural beauty. It looks like she is comfortable in her own skin.

  25. Toniko says:

    She always looked like that without makeup.

  26. Krock says:

    Its amazing how she can go from one day looking absolutely beautiful to this. I mean I know we all look better with our faces on but she looks like an entirely different person. I want to know what makeup brand she uses lol

  27. JudyK says:

    Is he picking up dog poop w/ his bare hands?

  28. Jess says:

    There’s no way around it, she looks really really bad. Not wearing makeup shouldn’t affect your looks that much. I think Mila is either dealing with a health issue, or straight up not taking care of herself.

  29. MG says:

    Demi is going to get these pics blown up.

  30. Isa says:

    WOW! YIKES! 😳
    The dark circles under her eyes and the extra weight doesn’t look good on her. A little bit of professional makeup do wonders. I don’t think she’s pretty at all.

  31. roxy750 says:

    She looks like the rest of us on a normal regular day of just hanging out. So, she looks happy. Tired yes, and I completely agree about the bender thing, all of us women can’t look stunning all of the time, actually it’s quite tiring.

  32. lylaooo says:

    OMG!!!! i dont even go out looking like this because i know i don´t look good…and she lives from her body and face more than her “acting” she should have more respect of her self…

  33. CC says:

    Normal people don’t look this rough in real life, and don’t have Mila’s money to take care of themselves. What’s her excuse?

  34. Mew says:

    Wasn’t she 2nd most desirable woman in that men’s magazine thingy? The standarts are really coming closer to normal, regular kind of girl than super-duper-unrealistic-beauty it seems.

  35. vixo says:

    It’s Demi doing some voodoo!

  36. Tiffany says:

    That dog is GORGEOUS. I have a new crush.

  37. palermo says:

    She was so pretty before, what the heck happened. I think he is an immature jerk, maybe that’s it

  38. RobN says:

    On the upside, it now appears that Ashton is with her for her personality, so that’s nice I suppose.

  39. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    Yes she looks like she just woke up and we all have our good and bad days, but she looks bad.

    Mostly because she was photographed so much when she was filming and training for black swan. After that strict regimen your body doesn’t function well without it.

  40. Chinadoll13 says:

    Wow she looks pretty bad…her face looks bloated.

  41. Abby says:

    I watched Couples Therapy the other night. I can’t believe how pretty Mila used to be. I LOVED her. She was great in Black Swan too. I’ve never seen her look this bad. Seriously. What is going on with her. This is like, Brit Brit in the sick days bad.

  42. bk says:

    Her face looks puffy but she’s not fat. Her face looks saggy but her body doesn’t. Mostly though, it’s just her sad, sad eyes. They look more than just tired– something else is going on here.

    • Alarmjaguar says:

      Yah, I think she’s totally annoyed that her every move is being followed and photographed by a bunch of annoying paparazzi

      • Sam says:

        Indeed, I say the paps should leave them alone, they have no talent are ulgy and overrated-quit watching their aweful shows and hopefully they will fade away!Give the press to someone who will smile and dress nicely. Can you imagine Charlize Theron ever looking like this?With all the money these two have, she cant even get her hair combed, hire a hair dresser and soneone to dress you!

  43. Lulu says:

    She actually looks quite tiny in that side shot of her. I think she’s lost weight?

  44. Jackson says:

    IDK. I think he is a total Dbag and this tells me a lot about her judgement. I think she is beautiful all made up for the red carpet. Having said that…..IDK….I kinda like seeing her like this. It is real. It is normal. I’m glad she is with someone who isn’t all over her to get ‘done up’ to go out and walk the dog, FFS. She’s on her own time, not promoting anything, not intentionally getting papped saying ‘look at me, look at me.’ This is what ‘stars’ look like without makeup. Just like ‘regular’ people. I kind of applaud her, TBH. I will, however, be all over her if she shows up on the red carpet looking like crap…because that’s her j-o-b. :)

  45. serena says:

    Well, Mila isn’t that bright, I understood that after the first interviews when she was asked about Ashton. ‘She’ acted like a ‘douche’. So yeah, they suit each other.
    I guess this is one of the side effects.. looking an awful mess. Not even a inch of her is sexy, hot or charming. She’s just ‘ugh’.

  46. cw says:

    I’m not commenting on her “look” – not saying she is ugly!


    I think she had something wrong – she looks VERY unhealthy, VERY, wow, that’s too bad
    I hope it’s not drug/alcohol. Bc someone that young should not be exhibiting this fatigued look.

  47. Cookie says:

    Looks like shes been to to the dentist, puffy face and shes holding her mouth in one photo. Most people look like hell afterwards

  48. Bonfire Beach says:

    The dog looks quite pleased with itself for making Ashton pick up its poop.

  49. blueanemone says:

    and this is maxim’s sexiest woman of the year?? wow.. i must have missed something. What in the world does anyone find in this girl?? she is a product of makeup and good photoshop. she is not attractive in the least, with a thick middle, and not a good body. hollywood’s standards of beauty leave much to be desired.

  50. Bronwyn says:

    where do you even get sweatpants that awful theses days?!?!

  51. Katija says:

    Meh. My people don’t age well, and we probably bring it on ourselves. I’ve seen this girl smoke, and I get the vibe that she can keep up with the rest of them when it comes to knocking back the vodka.

    EDIT: I’m not calling her an alcoholic. To clarify, I’m Russian, so is she, and we like vodka and cognac by the shot. It’s cultural, but… yeah. You don’t look better for it going in to your forties, ya know?

    • dvz says:

      Yep, this is so true. We don’t age well, and everything we got away with in our early years shows up about a hundred fold out of the blue. I’m living the nightmare now.

      She is a *tad* too young to be getting hit with that, but I remember that’s how it started for me in my mid thirties. The bloat face and dark circles. Don’t get me started on what my 40′s have done to me.

  52. tracking says:

    Maybe she’s refreshing in terms of being low maintenance and not looks obsessed (cough, cough, Demi). But I thought I saw a pic of her throwing up recently. Am I imagining this? She could be preggo. Or she could be normal. Whatever.

  53. sarahlee says:

    Demi is happy this morning.

  54. Scarlett says:

    It’s not just this set of photos…she has been looking unwell in a number of recent photos. My theory is that she is depressed or (please no) in the early stages of pregnancy. That would explain why she always looks like she’s about to upchuck and just looks fatigued. I still think this has to do with Ashton. Demi is looking much better now that he is gone and poor Mila is looking worse for wear. There is just something about this guy that is just toxic although he ALWAYS seems to try and imply otherwise.

  55. skuddles says:

    I’m surprised Ashton didn’t stuff HER in the plastic bag… girl looks like absolute shit! And this is supposed to the sexiest woman alive??

  56. janie says:

    Eh who gives a f*ck that she looks bad in the morning. It seems like a lot of commenters here are upset she didn’t make herself pretty for them.

    She’s the anti-Demi…and that’s probably why he likes her.

  57. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I think my girl crush just died.

    I hope she’s OK and that nothing is wrong. Maybe she just had a late night or got some bad news or something.

  58. Michael says:

    thats just how Mila looks. Truthfully she looks a lot like her mom.

    BTW that isn’t their dog. Thats Ashton and Demis Dog. Or was Ashton and Demi’s dog.

  59. HCS says:

    That looks like a morning sickness face.

  60. Eman says:

    I am amazed that no one noticed the no bra look, u can definitely see it from the shape of her chest if u look closely..

  61. Ellen Smith says:

    She is with Ashton (as was Demi) because of one thing (one big thing), and it isn’t the size of his brain.

  62. Racho says:

    I don’t understand the weight comments, she looks normal here, not ‘fat’ at all…just cause of baggy clothes?

  63. Stubbylove says:

    I seriously did not think it was possible that Mila could ever look bad – holy shit she looks terrible in these pics – tired, annoyed, pale. RUN AWAY MILA RUN AWAY!

  64. Gloria says:

    Mila has strong features (mostly her eyes)that can look amazing with good makeup and lighting, but candids are not kind to her face. And as she ages, she’s losing her looks a bit. Seems like some celebs are at the beauty prime in their teens then they lose it. (Selena Gomez will be one of these too). Others get better looking with a little age on them.

  65. Phil E Stein says:

    They’re taking the dog for a morning walk. It’s not the red carpet. What do you expect?

  66. Diana says:

    Wow. And I mean, wow. She looks awful.

  67. natavalina says:

    I met her aunt once, she came into my dance school and she looked EXACTLY like Mila does on a bad day

  68. katie says:

    damn she looks rough… like super tired sick

  69. Pandora says:

    Someone please make Demi put that wax voodoo doll down before something serious happens o.o

  70. Kosmos says:

    well, suffice it to say that Mila just doesn’t look very beautiful without all of her makeup. She also looks like she will not grow old without losing her looks…she has those huge eyes, but without enhancement and her styled hair, I’m afraid she doesn’t live up to the made-up beauty, sorry.

  71. Cookie says:

    Looks like she’s has a procedure at the dentist? accounts for the swollen face and she’s holding her jaw in one photo. Most people look terrible afterwards.

  72. judyjudy says:

    Pregnant. Pregnant. Pregnant.

  73. taxi says:

    Is Demi still withholding the final divorce?

  74. Lizi says:

    you know,not all women have the patience or vanity to wear make up and use creams and moisturizers and all of that crap all the time. such “she looks this and that” criticism and pregnancy theories and drug theories,come on,its ridiculous and most of you call yourselves feminists…amazing. The stories and comments on this site keep getting “better”…and yeah,i am being ironic.

  75. Missfit says:

    It can be anything. She can be really sick and just getting out to get some fresh air and a nice walk. (I’m sure someone already guessed her being sick). But just saying. I just got over a stomach flu and that’s exactly how I felt, ugh. lol And yet he still has his arm around her like that’s his woman. I hope he’s serious and sincere with Mila. Good luck to them both. I think if they decided to have a luxurious night out, she can clean up nice if she wanted to, but lately they haven’t had the need to, and I remember she once said long ago in an interview that she likes to stay home and watch television. (Or something like that). She seems down to earth to me. I would hope the drug rumors wouldn’t be true. I hope she’s alright and healthy.

  76. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    Just leave her alone.

  77. Shy says:

    I actually laughed at those pictures. What happened? Did she had 2 days hangover? How can she look so pretty when in make up and then this bad? Is it bad light, angle, bad photographer? Did she spend 5 days sick in bed?

    I’m always shocked how celebrity sometimes look so bad without make-up an then so glorious after few hours in make-up chair. So fake….

  78. Louise says:

    Blimey, she’s a lot more confident than me! If I’m dating, I always make an effort. Maybe that’s sad, yet I have to admit I only would look this dreadful and washed out if I had the flu! And then I’d be in bed, keeping the bf away! They both look drawn, pale and ill. I would say drugs. Too much money. What a shame, they have everything, yet they look like down and outs!

  79. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    She looks unhappy and unhealthy – maybe she’s just having an off day, but if this continues she should leave ‘ol Ashton behind.

  80. carlino altoviti says:

    Oh Madonna Santa!!! Sorry, I didn’t mean the singer.
    This girl needs help!

  81. silver says:

    lol @ “Mashton.”

    ugh he’s still so hot, I can’t deny that. whatever she’s going through, I hope she feels better soon. she always looked so put-together & pretty in pics with Macaulay Culkin, but maybe they were just papped less? now she’s photographed everywhere every day, & no one looks perfect 24/7.

  82. Sunnyjyl says:

    It looks like she isn’t feeling well, or has been grieving over some really bad news. At some point one has to say, screw it, I don’t care what the stupid paps are going to do.

  83. Amanda says:

    The title made me LOL. In all seriousness though, she really should put a bit more effort into her looks. Hasn’t she onlt been dating Ashton for a few months? Why is she letting herself go already?

  84. El Kiddo says:

    God, at this point, even i can say i’m hotter than La Kunis. What the hell is going on here?

  85. bettyrose says:

    Those sweats look totally comfy, and the world already knows she has a smokin’ bod, so I can see dressing that way. But the hair/make up situation when she *knows* she’s being papped, that I don’t get. Something’s up.

  86. asdfg says:

    Since she’s been seen with AK I haven’t seen her dressed up once! Kind of weird in my opinion…

  87. Tuxedo Cat says:

    She looks as if she’s been crying half the time I see her now.

  88. Joanna says:

    I think this is just her normal face without makeup. I worked with a girl who strongly resembles mila. without makeup, she looked meh, like mila in these pics. but with makeup, very pretty. plus, with photoshopping and professional makeup artists, it’s amazing how different a girl can look.

  89. Belle Epoch says:

    Here she is “before”:

    Ashton is trailer trash in his trucker hats. Should Mila dress better than he does to keep up her reputation? Professionally it would be a good idea.

  90. dcypher1 says:

    Its amazing what a good makeup artist can do.

  91. gina says:

    She totally has puffy, bloated, maybe morning sickness face. Her body is still slim as ever looking, but her face is so much rounder than it usually is & her eyes look odd…Make up can work wonders, but there is no way something isn’t up with this girl.
    Maybe she had teeth pulled or something, her face looks very swollen.

  92. JFerber says:

    I’m going with Ashton is bad for a girl’s health, both mental and physical. And what a dipshit he is, too! I’d rather go out with ANY man in Hollywood than Ashton (not that they’re knocking down my door). I just think a man with some personality, kindness, intelligence and a sense of humor would trump this jerk any day of the week. And I don’t even see that Ashton is good-looking. Being an a-hole sucks the hotness out of any guy and then it attacks the girl he’s with, too. Scientific fact. Just look it up.

  93. jk says:

    Was she not voted the most beautiful woman or something/.. SHe is not pretty at all and is heavy set and if she is pG she better lay off the fat foods because she really looks awful. They must gob the make up on her because there is nothing nice about face at ALL.

  94. Casey says:

    i skimmed through these pictures and i thought it looked like ashton picked up the dog poop and put it in his hoodie pocket. mila’s face looks like…she has heavy face skin? really different.

  95. mebee says:

    she looks like angela lansbury here (yes, I mean the elderly version of A.L.)

  96. nlupian says:

    Wow!! Make up does Wonders!! Mila looks horrid!!!

  97. vivien says:

    I don’t think she looks that bad, just tired. She has some redness/dark circles(like most people do),give her some concealer and tinted lip balm and she would look beautiful as usual.She’s also mid-blink in all of these pictures, and no one looks great like that.

  98. Ari says:

    She looks simply awful. I dont look the best either when I first wake up but damn if I am walking out the house that way. She basically rolled the hell outta bed! I am saying this if i was a celebrity of course lol

  99. Kim says:

    Oh no, what happened to cute little spunky Mila Kunis!? It’s as though she was devoured by a puffy, unattractive older sister. This makes me sad. On the other hand, there’s a part of me that says, that’s what you get for being STUPID enough to date that fuckwad Kutcher.