Angelina Jolie thinks Brad Pitt’s budget weave is cheesy & unworthy of The Leg

I don’t really keep up with Brad Pitt’s hair. I mean, I’m aware that he’s wearing it longer these days, and it’s been “longer” than usual since 2011, when he began filming the neverending production of World War Z. For whatever reason, Brad’s hair choice for his WWZ character is reminscient of Legends of the Fall. Which is fine if that’s what you like (I’ve always been partial to Brad’s dirtbag grifter styling in Thelma & Louise). But as Brad has faced WWZ’s stop-and-go shooting schedule, his hair needs to “look” the same no matter what. So he got a weave. Not just any weave – a really busted Britney Spears weave. And Angelina Jolie won’t have sex with him unless she can rip it out with her Talons of Doom (not really, but that’s what the story should be).

Plenty of successful 49-year-old men get the urge to date women half their age, but not Brad Pitt – he’d rather look like one! Just month after getting mocked for his unintentionally hilarious Chanel No. 5 perfume ad, the A-list actor – who already gets blonde highlights and weekly pedicures – has debuted a new set of hair extensions that had people whispering behind his back at his recent Killing Me Softly premiere in NYC.

“They’re really bad,” a source told Star. “Think more Britney Spears than Kim Kardashian – they just look cheap!”

Apparently fiancée Angelina Jolie agrees. She thought the long hair he sported for World War Z looked thin and greasy, but he got so many compliments he wanted to keep the look.

“She would never get extensions,” says our insider. “She thinks they’re really cheesy, even for women.”

But that won’t stop Brad from going to great lengths to stay relevant in Hollywood – where everyone knows it’s hair today, gone tomorrow.

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I’m including some of the most recent photos we have of Brad, from late November at the NYC premiere of Killing Them Softly (the pics where Brad is wearing a black leather jacket). Is that the weave? Or is that his real hair? I wasn’t paying much attention at the time, but now that I’m looking at it… sure, it could be a weave. I could see how the lower part could be fake. But they don’t look that budget to me. Certainly not Britney-esque.

Also – I’m pretty sure Angelina has worn wigs, weaves and hairpieces before. Usually for films, but occasionally for a red carpet too. So why is she getting so pissy with Brad?

UPDATE: Page Six has a nice story on “Where in the world is Brangelina?” They’re in Turks and Caicos with their kids & Jane Pitt. They’re staying at Donna Karan’s estate, which sounds awesome. There’s also a rumor going around the island that the Jolie-Pitts have brought along 12 nannies. Which… maybe they’re taking their whole staff on vacation, you know?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Lulu says:

    His jaw is way to wide to wear his hair behind his ears and then spread out below like in those middle photos. It makes him look like a Baldwin brother. Or even worse – like Luke Wilson. *shudder*

  2. More Lies says:

    Lie after lie about Brad & Angie PROVEN false and you STILL take it as “fact” the Angie doesn’t like Brad’s hair (which is totally real), beard or anything else. WHY? WHY do you refuse to believe ACTUAL quotes from Angie on VIDEO?? When asked about Brad’s scruffy look (longer hair, beard, even beard with beads), Angie said, “I love him in all states” in a very sincere and beautiful way. No wonder he loves her so much.

  3. lisa2 says:

    OMG the obsession with this man’s hair. AND only his hair. Brad is not wearing a weave. He grew his hair longer for the role in The Counselor. It was cut in a funny way so he could do the reshoots for WWZ.

    I actually like the fact that the man changes his looks for roles. Not often do you see that. We see women do it, but when a man does it is negative.

    Angie has said in many interviews that she likes that Brad changes his looks. She didn’t care about the beard so why would she are about a hair style for a film.

    The man has a great head of hair. I recall in Cannes this year reporters and others were going crazy over his hair. Why all the talk about it is kind of weird.

  4. Pikka says:

    Wow, I hadn’t noticed how he’d dressed for the KTS premiere. How and, more importantly, why would you wrinkle a leather jacket so badly? C’mon. A little more effort, Bradley.

    Also, the story is hilarious. A little more effort, tabloid.

  5. Amy625 says:

    Maybe Angelina isn’t pissy and this is just another made up story? I know this is just a gossip site but I’m always baffled when people take Star and NE so seriously and as the truth. I think gossip is just for fun not so serious. It doesn’t look like Brad is wearing a weave. His hair doesn’t look fake and not even close to Britney Spears. Besides if this was true, why didn’t this story come out a month ago?

  6. lower-case deb says:

    was he using a bobby pin on the KTS red carpet gig?
    looks really weird bisecting his hair like that.

    and yet another proof of my ma’s old saying “only a few people can look good with a middle(ish)-parting hair. chances are, you’re not one of them”

    it might just be me, but i like him cleanshaven and short haired.

  7. carrie says:

    i dislike his hair (too long,the haircut) but i like his voice in Chanel’s ad commercial

  8. Aud says:

    He’s beginning to resemble Billy Ray Cyrus.

  9. Tuxedo Cat says:

    I think Brad had something going on under his hat during that 18 month period where he wore a toque 24/7 than a newsboy cap for a time.

    That is a way to hurt a man’s feelings – they are very sensitive about their hair. I hope she would say something to him gently instead of gossiping behind his back about it – that is so stupid.

    Angelina has worn hair extensions – what a frickin liar. They were good ones, mind you, clip-ins, but I have seen her with them.

    • lisa2 says:

      Why are you she is a liar. When has Angelina ever said she has not worn extensions.

      I see you are not a fan, but I have read most of her interviews, and she for the most part does not talk about her hair or extensions or whatever. Man chill out.

      • Belle says:

        Maybe you should take a bit of your own advice and settle down a bit. Comments like yours are the very reason I usually avoid the Jolie-Pitt threads here. I am not a fan or a hater… but sometimes interested in reading the gossip. Seems every single thread for these two ends up filled with comments from fans that insist every positive thing written about them is true and the negative is all FALSE FALSE FALSE!!! Dammit, it’s not true!!! LOL

        This is a GOSSIP site… much of what is written is probably not true yet people get to pick and choose who they will believe what about, and speculate from there. Are you perfectly fine with gossip about other celebs which may or may not be true?

  10. alexis says:

    Wow KTS movie tanked big time. Pitt better start praying that WWZ, given how much has been sunk into the production costs + undetermined marketing costs, that it will be a huge blockbuster for it to make any kind of a profit. Fat chance of that happening????

    • Kim says:

      KTS made $34million worldwide on a $15 million budget it can still break even

      • alexis says:

        That’s not how films work. Studios only get back half of the sales made on domestic returns, and less than a quarter on foreign. Plus it took 15 million to make, but you’d have to add all the marketing costs.. Add Brad’s most likely back end deal for profits as well and you’ve got a massive failure.

      • Katherine says:

        “Studios only get back half of the sales made on domestic returns, and less than a quarter on foreign”

        It all depends on the film and the actors. The 50 percent can in reality be anything from studio gets 100 percent OW or for a specific period of time like the 1st week to differing percentages depending on the length of the run. If there is a desirable actor involved then the studio can get an edge on the percentages. So for something like a Brad Pitt movie the 50 percent rule of thumb rarely applies.

        Have no idea where your 25 percent for foreign theaters is coming from. That’s cam be an even more elastic figure.

        There are numerous revenue streams for films that people rarely are aware of. I suspect that the budget for KTS was paid for with upfront distrubution fees. Marketing was allegedly paid for by the Weinsteins but whether they actually paid for it or, if they did, whether they will recoup it is another matter entirely. There are film investors that aren’t concerned with a piece of the film’s profit – they can recoup investments other ways.

        Ah but for the most part the industry isn’t interested in the public knowing or understanding these things.

        For a film with this small a budget it seems likely that it won’t lose any money and may turn a small profit where it matters.

        Above all it came out as a critical success. For many in the industry that is a big win.

    • Sara says:

      How did it tank when its budget has been made back?

      • Vanesaa says:

        I would guess that people consider KTS a flop because it opened in wide release, had quite a bit of advertising, and starred Brad Pitt. The $15 million budget does not include advertising which could be up to twice as much, plus the $34 million is what it’s made in gross profits, some of which will be eaten up by the theatres.

        It’s not a huge bomb, as it didn’t cost much to produce, but I’m sure it’s still dissapointing for the studio.

  11. Kim says:

    So Jane is not with her husband of fifty years. I guess that will be will be next week’s cover Evil Angelina destroys Pitts fifty year marriage.Brad wore a wig during reshoots his hair is longer than the WWZ hair.They don’t have 12 nannies .With the teachers,assistants,security,etc some of them maybe be mistaken for nannies.

  12. Amelia says:

    Goodness me, does it really matter that much? I had an argument with my boyfriend about his facial hair once, it doesn’t mean we’re on the verge of a breakup or homicide case.
    Even if this is true – so what? It’s not as if they’re the first couple to clash over styling options.
    Haha, all that Christmas food has reaaally mellowed me out! I’m starting to wonder if the Christmas cake was dosed with something…

    • lower-case deb says:

      i think it’s the well-it’s-not-apocalypse-yet vibe. my expat neighbor has been sending me christmas pud for the last five years. but this year they seem to forgo the measuring spoon and just dunk the whole bottle/can/whatever of the liquor/alcohol.

      now that i’m typing it… five years. wow time flies.

  13. Louise says:

    Brad has turned into a complete laughing stock!

    Can’t wait for these two big egos to begin to look old like Johnny Depp is these days, it’s going to be hilarious.

    • Nicole says:

      Bitter much? Au contraire, I see a man who’s now respected in the industry and worldwide for being more than just a superficial pretty face. I, for one, admire his sincerity, the fact that he’s a good dad and partner and cares about those less fortunate through his housing project in New Orleans. (And I’m not even an Angelina fan).

  14. mln76 says:

    He clearly wears weaves in movies like MoneyBall to make his hair thicker Im pretty sure thats common with most actors I think he is usually au natural when not shooting no biggie.

    • Louise says:

      Yeah it is I think, I went to the harry potter tour at levesden studios in london and there were racks of wigs and hair pieces, all labelled for the actor and scenes. I had NO idea Tom Felton (Draco) was wigged up but he was, same for many, many of the actors & actresses.

    • FirstTimer says:

      I agree. Plus, Brad is a grown ass man. He can do whatever he wants with his hair, his face… The only ones worked up with his “hair” are the same ones who expected a shirtless Brad on the Chanel commercials and Killing Them Softly and were greatly disappointed when he wasn’t and then blamed Angie for how he “looks” nowadays… Typical…

  15. lucy2 says:

    Don’t believe the stuff about Angelina hating it – he certainly looked far worse for far longer and she was OK with it – remember the billy goat beard of doom? I think she’s happy and doesn’t care what his hair looks like.

    I doubt it’s extensions, but I don’t think it looks good. It’s sort of washed up old rock star or something.

  16. Mila says:

    Her “leg” is distracting me, its hard not to laugh.

  17. FirstTimer says:

    It’s really funny how the tabloids keep making up stories about these two while they have been MIA since Brad’s appearance for Killing Them Softly in New York. I guess they are really the only ones that keep the tabloids afloat. I wonder if they still sell? Do Americans still buy these junks?

    • Belle says:

      The tabloids make up stuff about many celebrities… so no one is picking on poor Brad and Angie exclusively.

      Why are fans of this couple so offended by a silly article about them, but perfectly fine with silly articles about other celebs?

      • Kim says:

        The fans of those celebrities defend them and point out the lies.That’s what I do and will continue to do.

      • FirstTimer says:

        I asked that question because it’s so obvious that Brad and Angie are the bread and butter of the tabloid industry. I know they make shit up with almost all of the celebrities. I said almost because the C, D, E, and even the occasional B, and clinging A-listers celebs would plant stories to these tabs to stay relevant. Just like the bloggers here say, some tab stories may have a tinge of truth but were just exaggerated to attract readers. And I agree with what Kim said. All fan-bases try to defend their favorites. All fan-bases can have their craziest group of fans. I’m just asking a general question as in my country, the tabs from the US don’t sell, maybe except from People.

      • Belle says:

        @Kim…Fans of other celebrities tend to say they don’t believe a negative article. I have rarely seen them post as if they know for certain, the absolute truth, as you seem to do.

        @FirstTimer… Brad and Angie are no more the ‘bread and butter’ than many other celebs, and they play the press just as much, if not more than many others. Most celebrities play the press, and try to use it to their advantage when it suits them, and this couple is NO DIFFERENT.

      • FirstTimer says:

        That’s fine. I know the celebrities play the game. If you’re one, would you not? What I’m trying to say is most stories in the tabs about ANY celebrities are not true, unless proven otherwise. And I must say that if your argument is Brad and Angie also play the game, which I know they are, then how come with regards to these tabs (Star, NE, L&S) majority of their stories about them (well, mostly about ANgie) are negative? If I am Angelina, and if I am playing the celeb game, why would I allow tabloids to run stories, week after week about my “weight”, “drug addiction”, “bad parenting” , “cheating” etc… when I have no movies coming out and I was out of the public eye for weeks? Are those writeups for my advantage? If so, then I am doing it wrong. I am bad at the celeb game.

        Look, I enjoy this blog more than any other gossip blogs because of the writing of the bloggers and the intelligent comments coming from regular posters. You can argue all you want about all of the celebs being in the tabs, but you can’t deny that their two bestselling stories are the Triangle and Angie-is-the-devil arcs. How else can you explain their posts having the most comments? And CB and other blogs know it as well, that’s why every single stories about Angie (and Brad) are posted, because they attract the most hits. Hits mean money. Let’s face it. The Gossip Blogniverse depend on it. So don’t mock “loons” or the “twihards” with their post as they actually keep sites alive.

        I’m a neutral fan of the two (JA/AJ) and I come here to enjoy the intelligent conversations, no matter how heated of regular posters here. What I don’t like to see is how ignorant comments are just because they are based on “hatred” for someone they don’t even know.

  18. madpoe says:

    *heavy sigh* I miss the days when he looked like in “Interview with the Vampire” and “Legends of the fall”. But I adore him no matter what he looks like.

  19. Over 2 Decades Ago says:

    Considering one of those movies was filmed OVER two decades ago & the other one almost two decades ago, and BOTH were filmed six kids ago, Brad looks great. If my husband looks half this good at less than a year from FIFTY, I will be a very happy lady indeed!

  20. rachael says:

    LOL! That pic of Angelina doing the leg just never gets old. It’s always good for a laugh!

  21. Ally says:

    The leg makes sense now, she was trying to detract from his weave.

    Seriously, weave or not it’s a really horrible hairstyle. I think he looks much better with it shaved.

    • FirstTimer says:

      LOL! I read in a fashion forum about this “pose” and one of the posters commented that Angie has been posing like this whenever she’s got a dress with a slit this high. And no, she’s not an uber fan and most of the posters there just care about fashion and clothes. She added that the cut of the dress made the leg awkward. I dunno. But yeah, Angie’s been known to have a certain stand whenever she’s being photographed on red carpets. This pose however just looked weird on photos. I have no problems when I saw the red carpet videos and the actual Oscar show.

  22. Lizzie K says:

    These two are getting the well-preserved look to me. Which is fine, they are middle-aged. They look great for the ages they are.

  23. Lulu says:

    Goodness. Nothing like an ‘Angie and Brad might be a normal couple’ post to bring on the cray.

  24. Mara says:

    Her leg is ugly but her face is the most beautiful ,Brad looks nice with long hair .

  25. stinky says:

    am i on glue or something? i think his hair looks completely real, and its just the dye job that im noticing…..
    as for weaves, AJ’s hair in The Tourist gave me dry heaves…(weave-dry-heaves, that is)

  26. Dawn says:

    Oh god this sounds like a bunch of baloney if you ask me. I doubt that AJ would every negatively discuss anything about Brad in public. She has never done so with her other guys by the way so why start with the father of her children? This pure b.s and oh how they must laugh if they even bother to read this stuff.

  27. Ta says:

    Angelina, Brad and the 6 kids + Brad’s Brother and Wife and 3 kids + Brad’s sister and husband and 5 kids + Bill and Jane are In Caribbean

  28. Sara says:

    Like other posters have said B & A are in the Caribbean with Brad’s whole family.

    All his siblings, their kids, their spouses and his parents.

    Their fans are better detectives than the media.

    His nieces and nephews have been tweeting the whole trip.

    • lisa2 says:

      From what I gathered the fans knew this a long time ago. And really kept quiet. JJ found out after I think and people there were talking.

      The PageSix story is completely stupid; and they got it from another blogger. I think the need for the press to portray them as hands off parents with 2 nannies per child is just too much. NOW it is 12 last year it was 6.

      They are obviously on a trip with the whole Pitt family. Doubt Jane left her husband to travel with her son. But this goes against all the stories of Angie keeping Jane from the grandkids and Brad not being with his a family for the holiday. This is obviously a trip that must have taken some long range planning. I mean to get 22 people together in one spot for a 8 day trip. That is not last minute. And I love how nobody really found out until they are about to leave. So it is possible to have a vacation without daily pap shots.

      good for them.

  29. YuYa says:

    Came here for the Loony comments, left satisfied.

  30. Jess says:

    Ugh, hate Brad with the longer hair. The only time I find him hot is in the Ocean movies. And then, yum…

  31. nani says:

    Love these two together! Miss them, but I think they are trying to be intentionally far away from Hollywood. That place stinks. A lot of superficial and fake human beings.

  32. Jordan says:

    The title of this article made me LOL. Awesome.

  33. KellyinSeattle says:

    They are one of my favorite famous couples; they can both laugh at themselves….a lot of actors can’t

  34. ms. walker says:

    ‘angelina jolie thinks brad pitts budget weave is cheesy and unworthy of the leg’

    that title in itself, had me spill my coffee

  35. palermo says:

    He hasn’t looked hot in years. He looks like he lives under the freeway overpass all the time now.

  36. Shy says:

    I hate his hair. I pray that one day he will cut it of and hace decent haircut. He is doing this hair for too long. He is too old to wear it.

  37. PinkG says:

    LOL Kim K’s fake hair has the polyester look. Just as busted as Brits.

  38. Amy625 says:

    It’s really laughable and hypocritical that the haters are so angry at anybody who doesn’t believe this story or a negative story in general but it’s perfectly fine for them to say this and all negative stories are true and all positive stories are false. Also most fans don’t believe every positive story. They are usually the first to claim pregnancy, wedding, etc rumors are false.

    The 12 nannies claim is false. They’ve never had that many so I don’t know why people think they have them now. Usually tabs claim somebody is a nanny just because they are near the kids. Usually the people are friends, a hotel/restaurant worker, or somebody who just happens to be in the frame. Besides the story isn’t even a first hand account. It came from a Twitter post, who heard it from somebody, who heard it from somebody, who heard it from somebody. It’s baffling that it’s even being reported.

  39. mimi says:

    I do wonder where they are these days.

    There were times not so long ago, that you could not have breakfast without knowing exactly where they are staying and where did they go with any of the kids.

    This is pretty odd how we no longer hear of anything of their lifestyle or mansion or fancy hotel of their choice. Angelina’s image did embody some sort of “fantasy” of a jet-setting lifestyle and it was interesting to see different places around the world this way.

    Also, what happened to her humanitarian work?
    It’s been a while since I last heard of her visit anywhere.
    I think that was one of the best things about her and I wish she got back to doing that.

    I do wonder if the kids go to school and if they get to have any classes or extracurricular activities.

  40. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    I’m just an old-fashioned gal … he needs to get that stringy mess of hair (real or not) cut short. Oh, and while he’s at it, try shaving? He looks disgusting. He would be stunning if he were well-groomed.

  41. Amy C says:

    I actually like the long hair on him. He has thick blond locks that can’t be nothing but beautiful. But the style is what the problem is. I like it apart in the middle but not behind his ears just covering his face or lightly tilted behind. That looks cute on him more in many pictures I saw of him.
    But still I agree we have his long hair for longgg now so he need to cut it now that he finished both of his movie that he grow his hair for.
    I would love to see him shaved it like he did in 00′s at one time.

  42. Amy C says:

    BTW the style he has at Oscars is cuter than the one he has at KTS

  43. thebutlerdidit says:

    The same people freaking out over them having 12 nannies, (probably), do understand that even those “super moms” like Alba, Gardner, Witherspoon, Paltrow, etc, have at least 3-4, themselves, right? I’ve worked with celebrities, this is the standard op procedure: when paps are going to be around, or you’re in a very public place, the nannies get ditched
    You know all those pics you see that are “candid?” Well, those people out of frame, walking to the side, behind, called, “friends?” Those.are the help. Big deal. This is not a big deal and if you didn’t have help, you wouldn’t be at openings, parties, acting, modeling, traveling, etc. So funny.

  44. Lori says:

    All I can see is that leg. Awesomeness.

  45. mcmiller says:

    I still get such a kick out of the photo where she’s sticking out that skinny leg……

  46. YEP_ITS_HER says:

    His face is sooo annyoing