Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux party in Cabo with Clooney, Kimmel & Krasinski

Here are more of the endless stream of photos of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux sizzling away in Cabo for the holidays. I can almost smell the cocoa butter from here. You know what? It’s fine. I’m pretty laissez faire when it comes to celebrities doing bad stuff to themselves alone, so if Jennifer Aniston wants to lay out every day, tanning like an old-school beach bunny who has never heard of skin cancer, so be it. It’s her business.

What is interesting to me is that JustJen aren’t just doing a romantic beach holiday for two. Late last week, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski flew in, and sources claim they’re actually staying at the same resort/rented home thing as JustJen. Oh, and Jimmel Kimmel and his wife are there too. And then Page Six claimed this:

George Clooney and girlfriend Stacy Keibler shared a cozy couples’ dinner with Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé, Justin Theroux, at El Dorado, the luxury Mexican resort where the stars are staying to welcome in the New Year. Sources said Gorgeous George and his leggy blond girlfriend joined Aniston and Theroux for a private dinner Thursday night. The resort in Cabo San Lucas is owned by Mike Meldman, who traditionally throws a huge annual bash, which is taking place [Sunday night].

[From Page Six]

So Jennifer and Justin want you to know that they’re super-duper-close BFFs with Krasinski, Blunt, Kimmel, Clooney and Keibler. Eh… once again, it’s fine. It’s a much smarter insider-Hollywood strategy to vacation with Krasinski and Clooney as opposed to Chelsea Handler. Or is Handler there too? I wonder why she’s not there…? And where’s Courteney Cox? Maybe Justin really did prune Jen’s Goddess Circle.

I’m including the mandatory butt shot of Aniston (it’s like an annual thing) and a shot of Justin leaning down and kissing Jennifer while she lounges by the pool. Last thing: Justin looks like oily beef jerky.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Damn those two have hot bodies…. But are we really surprised about the amount of sun-worshipping Aniston does? Have you ever taken a close look at her in her movies over the past decade? She is always deeply bronzed like she just came from suntanning at the beach all day – I never understood it and it always bugged me like she’s a beautiful woman with a fantastic body, why do they need to slather her in bronzer from head to toe? Maybe it was her own doing all along in the sun/tanning booths… Leather skin o_O

    • Pam says:

      Doesn’t she have Greek roots? Greeks have naturally darker, olive skin. BTW she has amazing body. I wish I had her self discipline.

      • sullivan says:

        Her father is greek. In her early movies/friends episodes she is not olive skinned. At some point she decided she looked better with a tan and has tanned ever since. She’s become her generation’s George Hamilton.

      • Miss Europe says:

        Honey, its not a miracle, just dont eat junk food, fast food and sh.t like that. americans have not a health food habbit. ive been in the us for several times and gosh, its horrible how many overweight people i saw. i was shocked. so i understand that americans praise normal bodys like anistons. of course she works out but its still not very special. its just normal when you eat good and work out a bit. all my girlsfriends look like her (me too) we just have better faces then she does with her huge chin. and one of them has 2 kids :-) you can be that if you want! its not discipline its avoiding bad unhealthy food. i hate hate hate fast food i almost cook ever day. sometimes i do eat at a fast food restaurant but this happens once in a month. but well, in europe we dont need 3 jobs to pay our creditcardbills. we got health care OF COURSE, good teeth and we love to cook :-)

      • pf says:

        Wow, something tells me “Miss Europe” isn’t even from Europe, but is just one of those people who hate fatties. As far as I know, Aniston isn’t the world’s healthiest, she loves Mexican food and drinks booze a lot. Probably exercise and surgery have helped her look good, I mean she’s almost 44 yrs. old. And yes, America has an obesity problem, but while living in Europe I saw a lot of fat people and McDonald’s eaters too. Been to Britian? They eat crap all day every day from crisps to chocolate like it’s going out of style. Yeah, America is the only country that eats bad. Right.

      • Brown says:

        Wow, Miss Europe, that was a supremely pretentious (and overtly anti-American) response. I had no idea that everyone in Europe looks like Jen…. no, wait, BETTER than Jennifer Aniston! Oh, if only us lowly, overindulgent, idiotic Americans had known that just cutting out the fast food would give us this body, we could all look as good as you and every other European…. thank you endlessly! Spare me. Jennifer works hard for that body, as do MOST people who look similarly. Just because you say “I wish I had her discipline” doesn’t automatically mean you’re 500lbs and sit on your ass all day stuffing your face with cheesepuffs and Big Macs while watching TV.

      • Anna says:

        I don’t know about Miss Europe being from Europe but I AM. And while maybe her tone was patronising I agree with the gist of it. Most of my friends – in our late 30s – look as well as Jen or better. Younger women in Europe make an effort – gym and diet wise and I think it pays off. One thing I disagree – no good teeth in Europe, maybe healthy but not very pretty. American have dazzling white teeth, it shocks me every time I’m there..

      • Brown says:

        @Anna, I don’t think anyone will deny that America has an obesity problem that outshines most other countries. It wasn’t necessarily what she said (I don’t doubt there are more fat people here than there), more just how she said it. I get so tired of the same old schtick, “oh you’re an American, if you aren’t stick thin it must be because you’re lazy and eat nothing but fast food and have never seen the inside of a gym.” I just resent the implication that because someone says “I wish I had her self discipline” they are automatically stereotyped as a lazy, obsese American that can’t cook and doesn’t care what they look like. And thanks for the dental compliment. :)

      • deehunny says:

        Def depends where you are in Europe. Funny cuz as an American I get what Miss Europe is saying, except their teeth are pretty gross.

        Also, although thin & better diets, they smoke like chimneys. Seriously. If I just drank coffee all day & smoked I’d be crazy thin too

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Many Europeans/Brits are thin also because they walk everywhere. They walk to the store EVERY DAY and carry home everything they consume. Their environment is tailored to small people. Everything is smaller there, from the chairs in restaurants to package sizes in grocery stores.

        It’s a lot easier to get and be fat here in the land of plenty! ;-)

        Oh and I call BS on the comment that tons of women over there look as good or better than J.A. There is a big difference between thinness and perfection. Very few people on this planet can afford the sort of beauty treatments that Jen does to make herself look like she does.
        Just because you may wear the same size as her, doesn’t mean you look anything like her in a bikini–no matter what your age.

  2. Granger says:

    Sigh. She’s a crap actor but I can’t knock her today because her body is killer. I need to go to the gym.

  3. PHD in Gossip says:

    Such phony attention whores!

    • stinky says:

      rich folk laying about on holiday. nothing more. why is it always considered ‘attention whoring’ ? i just never get that. if you or i were friends of Jen, wouldnt we happily join her on a little Cabo getaway if she invited us??? HECK YES I WOULD.

      • spinner says:

        You bet I would! Just got back from Cabo yesterday & it truly is a wonderful place. Gracious people — beautiful beaches. I go a few times every year — short flight from San Diego. Perfect!

  4. psy says:

    Do hipsters sunbathe too?

  5. carrie says:

    killer body!

  6. momosays says:

    I mean no offense but you should be laissez faire about other people tanning because that’s just it….it’s another human being tanning. Live and let live, we all make our own choices. That being said, I never knew Jimmy Kimmel had a teenage daughter until I randomly watched an episode of his show the other day, I bet he’d be a pretty fun dad.

  7. Eleonor says:

    Hipster loves to tan!

    • RN says:

      No way. I live in the capital of Hipsterville (Portland, OR) and I can say with utter assurance that true hipsters eschew the sun. That’s why there’re so many of them here, ha ha.

      • Sugar says:

        I live in central Oregon where it’s a requirement to get your ass up & out the door damn near everyday & do something-self confessed worshiper of the sun but Jen should take my advice as I’m 8 years ahead of her even I had to know when enough is enough. Docent mean I don’t enjoy it but those days of worship are not what they use to be. BTW was just over in the valley & it’s always so pretty to see green this time of year!

  8. Joanna says:

    Man, they both have fantastic bodies!

  9. Kim says:

    Like Jersey Shore Gym Tan Laundry Aniston is a fan of the show.

  10. Miss Kiki says:

    Justin’s body is in good shape, but I can’t take the top picture of him seriously. In his little hipster crops and his super oiled body, it’s making me cringe.

  11. mln76 says:

    Funny how everyone else looks like they are trying to avoid being papped and JustJen are clearly posing and showing off. (and yes she knows they are there and where they are she does this every year). And yes ill admit she is in great shape but what a famewhore.

    • Stephie says:

      Seriously? Bless your heart…. Can you not tell from looking at these photo’s, that they are being photographed with a telephoto lens, from gawd only knows how far away!!!


      The hate on these two wreaks of jealousy and bitterness!

    • GrandPoobah says:

      ‘Posing and showing off’ looks more like standing and laying/sitting around to me.

      And how exactly is standing and sitting/laying around with your friends and being photographed from god knows how far away famewhoring?

    • mln76 says:

      If this were her first time there I’d give her a pass buy everytime she goes to Cabo she is out on the same porch giving the paps the same butt shot. She has done it countless times, coincidentally one of the most famous men in the world is also vacationing in Cabo yet the Cloonster managed to find a private beach and no access for the paps.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        She likes that place. Maybe they give her a deal for staying there. Maybe she likes their pillows or crab cakes. Who knows?

        Point is, she can go where she wants and the paparazzi following her there doesn’t mean she’s a famewhore.

        They are seriously just standing around and laying around. It should also go without saying that almost every female actress has a butt shot taken of her while sunbathing. Why? Because when you turn over or get on the chair facing downward, your tush is in the air for a few seconds.

        Lastly, I’m sure she’s well aware that they are somewhere around because they follow her everywhere. I’m also sure she’s aware of not doing anything like taking her top off but these photos don’t look a bit posed to me. It looks like pretty standard standing/sitting/laying around to me.

      • Stephie says:

        All of these photo’s were taken with a photo lens! Note the grainy image… If we did not know this was Aniston, they could pass for any female with. An awesome figure…

      • Lana says:

        +1 Funny how she always goes to these pap-laden places like Cabo. Pap Central. Yet, if this was some other particular woman, they would be accused of famewhoring. Why go to Cabo, unless you want pap attention? JAniston is always posing at Cabo with her bum up in the air. Nothing she does is without plan or purpose.

  12. spinner says:

    WOW!! They both look fantastic & they are always surrounded by many friends. Ahhhh…the good life.

    • lisa2 says:

      awww.. who knows..maybe one day they will be surrounded by family too. that is a good life as well.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Her body is INSANE. Say what you want about her but her body is incredible.

      Wish I could have Jolie’s face and Jen’s bod ;)

      • Mira says:

        Amen. Her body is insane. I need to go to the gym. I hate it that I can’t do my 5k runs in winter. Bummer!

        I want to pull down Justin’s jeans-shorts. I feel uncomfortable looking at it, wonder how he feels comfortable laying around in those tight shorts. To each his own I suppose. They are having a great time.

  13. truthful says:

    his hairline and his height would piss me off.

    just saying

    • Hipocricy says:

      and his short legs and flat ass too.

      I am slender, yet curvy (melanine for sure) and 5’9″…i like my man athletically built, with some nice bun definition, long legged and tall, 6’4″ is great and what i am accustomed to, so that i can still put my 5″ stilletoes and look like a doll next to him.

  14. suze says:

    Heh, nothing like putting those preggo rumors to rest with a couple of bikini/drinkie shots.

    She looks really good, though. He looks odd wearing those stupid cutoff, but his physique will not be denied ; ).

    I’m a bit jealous. There’s four inches of snow on the ground here and grey skies as far as the eye can see.

  15. sirsnarksalot says:

    Is it that much of a hipster violation to put on a proper bathing suit? He probably walks along the beach in combat boots too. The two of them must have their biggest fights over who gets more mirror time in the bathroom.

  16. Talie says:

    They are so into their bodies…they probably have hot sex. Ain’t mad at ‘em.

  17. Kali says:

    No offense but if Clooney and Keibler are really with them, then why no pictures of them? Are they in disguise?

    • Cody says:

      Your right, there have been no pictures of Stacy and George together and especially with Jennifer, the only pictures we have seen of Stacy are on her twitter. Without George, the paps are not really interested in Stacy.

  18. CreamSoda says:

    Is it just me or do JT’s feet look extremely small in the top pic?

  19. Jess says:

    She sits on her ass and tans all day. I am so bored just going off of pictures of her vacation. Go on a jet-ski, paddle surf, get your hair braided, DO SOMETHING!! Get the Scrabble board out or the playing cards. How is she not comatose? I can’t sit like that. I am way too ADD.

    • Dusty says:

      @ Jess, I couldn’t agree more. Gosh, life is so much more exciting than tanning. What a boring life.

      • Tara says:

        I agree. Guess money doesn’t make people interesting. They’re nice enough looking, but Justin’s pelvic preview grosses me out. Justjen makes me like my life all the more.

    • GrandPoobah says:

      Jess: Those pictures maybe constitute a couple of hours of the day. Who knows what she’s doing the rest of the day?

      While I understand that sitting all day can get boring, we don’t know what she’s doing all day. And frankly people who can’t sit still make me nervous. Why can’t you calm your ADD and just relax?

    • Pandy says:

      She can sit like that because she’s puffing the good stuff.

  20. OhDear says:

    Damn, they’re in shape. It’s funny how the others (Kimmel, Blunt et al.) are so pale compared to them.

  21. lucy2 says:

    It’s cold and dreary here today, so sitting poolside with friends looks pretty great to me right now!

    • Coco12 says:

      I’m in Cabo right now and it was cold and dreary and rained ALL day yesterday. Hopefully today the sun decides to come out again.

  22. Perplexed says:

    Whenever I see celebrities frolicking by the pool in Cabo, I always wonder if they are getting a hefty discount for being seen at these resorts, or even comped completely?
    And would a resort be more likely to comp than a 5-star hotel in an urban setting, such as the Dorchester or the Ritz?
    Is anyone else curious about this?
    Someone should write a book about all these celeb perks.

  23. Lulu says:

    The ‘feel good’ benefits of a day in the sun cannot be denied.

    In regards to the deleterious effects of sun exposure:

    “…excessive UVR exposure accounts for only 0.1% of the total global burden of disease in disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), according to the 2006 World Health Organization (WHO) report The Global Burden of Disease Due to Ultraviolet Radiation. DALYs measure how much a person’s expectancy of healthy life is reduced by premature death or disability caused by disease.”

    Benefits of Sunlight: A Bright Spot for Human Health

  24. Amy625 says:

    I’m actually surprised the photos of her legs spread apart, showing off her crotch, weren’t posted. It’s funny how the paps always get the butt/crotch shot. Unless there happens to be a pack of them available for every angle. Jennifer’s fans always she is extremely private yet her vacations are always chronicalized. I still get a chuckle that she invited the media to promote her birthday a couple of years ago.

    I do have to agree that Jennifer’s vacations seem boring. I know it’s what she loves but it seems really boring to just sunbathe and to go to the same place several times a year, every year.

    • ana says:

      for some people this is enough in their life. as you can see, for brad it wasnt and i totaly understand that ;-) but her fans think he should have been her slave you know ;-)

    • GrandPoobah says:

      She invited the media to promote Friends of El Faro, or didn’t you remember?

    • Lana says:

      Oh please GrandPoobah that charity ruse was just an after-thought and you know it. She even copped heat for it at the time.

  25. lisa2 says:

    I guess I just don’t get it. I live in a warm climate. I love the beach, playing in the water and doings stuff. But I never get the laying out in the sun baking. I just never ever understood it. I will say I have friends that are white who love it and live for it. And I will say I look 10 or more years younger then they do. You can cover that sun damage for a time with make up but when you see these people up close and really see them without makeup they look haggard and old. Those are blurry pics, and I have seen pics of Jennifer without makeup so the damage is there.

    nothing wrong with enjoying the beach but I would think they would at least go in the water or take a boat trip or do something other then just doing what they could do in their mansion by the pool. but this seems to be her ideal vacation since it is what she has done for years.

    • Mary says:

      Whereas I’m the opposite. My idea of heaven is lying on the beach with some good books and good company

      I do agree with some other posters here, Jen’s body is insane. So jealous

    • erika says:

      my kind of vacation pal! me too…after ten minutes of aniston/justin sunbathing, i’m OUT. i’d rather go sight see, snorkel, just something….

      and yeah, avoiding the sun took off at least 10 yrs on me. but i paid for it in ‘omg! you are white as a ghost!!!’ ‘ what do you mean you just go BACK from Mexico?” “you spent 4 mths in australia and youre still that white?’

    • Jayna says:

      I hate laying out in the sun in the middle of the day when it’s really hot. I feel my skin just baking. Plus, I’m vigilent about my face not getting too tan and aged. A cap or hat always. I tend to go out to the ocean and lay out earlier before lunch with a good book when the sun feels so good and not as hot and then go in during the hottest part of the day or go do something else while on vacation. But I do love laying out for a while in the early or even latter part of the day and listening to the sound of the ocean and reading.

  26. Vanesaa says:

    I am so tired of people jumping all over them for enjoying the sun. Sure it can age your skin and can cause skin cancer if you don’t wear proper SPF, but vitamin D can also help to reduce your risk of other types of cancer, plus it boosts your immune system, prevents MS, and inproves your mood.

    Besides, swimming in the sea, reading a book by the pool, or walking my dogs on the beach is just the best.

    But I’m from the Caribbean, so maybe I’m biased.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      People just generally enjoy lecturing others about things.

      I’ve had smokers reprimand me for not putting on enough sunblock when I’m on the beach. Pretty silly. Unless you never drink, smoke, eat unhealthy foods etc then you really shouldn’t lecture others about skin care. All the aforementioned things are just as bad, if not worse, than the sun IMO.

    • Mira says:

      Absolutely, Vanessa. Vitamin D is what I need in abundant quantity. I suffer from SAD syndrome and winters are hell for me. I need sunlight to function and Montreal is so gloomy, it makes me depressed and extremely fatigued. I’m hoping to do much better this winter. I have everything in place – exercise, good diet, light therapy, counseling sessions etc. I would exchange places with Aniston in a heartbeat. Ain’t no sunshine when the sun’s gone :(

  27. Miss Europe says:

    And she has NO PROBLEM with paparzis maken pics of them…. For how many days or weeks we have to see them on this balcony? they even have a binoculars straight to the paparazis to locate the paparazis to be sure that they are there LoL They are all even looking straight to the paparazis. they all thought, oh great, we want a little bit publicity so lets join tabloidqueen aniston.

  28. Toot says:

    In that top pic Jennifer is starting to look like that neighbor from “There’s Something About Mary”.

    Hello leather skin.

  29. G says:

    Really? If you’re going to do these PR pics, at least change it up a bit. So boring. Haven’t they been napping for a week straight?

  30. FirstTimer says:

    I don’t envy them as I live in a tropical country and we have the best beaches. LOL!

    I am trying to remember if these are the same set of pics I saw from Popsugar. There’s also some pics of John and Jimmy surfing….

  31. Guest says:

    This article is a misleading BS. Who saw even one picture of Clooney in Cabo in the last 2 weeks???
    Just because D lister Stacy is there doesn’t mean that he is. Get the facts straight before you publish them.

    • Ferdis says:

      Well, in gossip we believe, or not, in reports. Page Six reported. And is so bad for Clooney being there?

      If for everything we need a photo, just KStew can provide good gossip!

      • Stephie says:

        Guest doesn’t want Clooney to be with Aniston and the rest of them! Oh the horror! It would mean Clooney has NOT chosen a side…. Some are hell bent on keeping the triangle alive and well.

        Let it go!!!

      • Lana says:

        Guest never said anything even remotely to suggest they were thinking about the triangle stephie. For all you know maybe they hate Clooney and have no view or interest at all in the triangle?
        It seems to me that by bringing it up and insinuating motives to a poster that seems to be new, you are OBSESSED with the triangle and YOU can’t move on and let it go!! YOU seem hell bent on seeing the triangle in everything and everyone when the poster said nothing at all that would give rise to that. You need stop keeping the triangle alive and seeing it everywhere and in everyone, and seek help to let it go.

  32. suze says:

    I have a question for those of you who live in Southern California, like Jen.

    Do you have to travel to Mexico to lie out and tan? I would think you could do that at home – I would think a beach vacation would be boring for someone who lives in that environment.

    Now I would travel to Cabo in a heartbeat, particularly during the winter (I live in the frozen tundra midwest), but I don’t get the appeal for someone from a warm year around climate.

    • Lulu says:

      I live in San Diego CA, and right now it is WAY too cold to lay out at the beach! It’s windy and the water is freezing! Cabo San Lucas is 800 + miles south of here and warm all winter long. That’s why the grey whales head there to calve in the winter time.

    • GrandPoobah says:

      Suze: In the summer you can, sure. In the winter, the beach is cold, windy and the water is freezing cold.

      Besides, it’s the ‘being on vacation’ part that is the fun. I’d much rather be in Cabo San Lucas at the beach than at the beach ten minutes from home.

      And some of us just like the beach. I want to go to beaches all over the world. Having a beach ten minutes away doesn’t mean I don’t want to see others. Santa Monica beach doesn’t have El Arco. There’s no Lover’s Beach in Venice. No Office restaurant in the sand. The resort I stayed in had the most gorgeous ocean view from atop this massive mountain. That isn’t in Malibu-unless you own a multimillion dollar property.

    • DreamyK says:

      The UV rays are weak in the winter here so they can stay out longer without getting fried.

      Baja California is a long strip of land that is rocky and desert like and is surrounded on both sides by water (Pacific Ocean on one side, Sea of Cortez on the other) and it gets windy as hell there and can stay that way for days.

      Here’s a link that talks about Baja:

      I wish we could see his tats. I am incredibly curious about them!

    • Janet says:

      I was in southern California all last week and the temperature was in the 50s and low 60s. Last Saturday morning it was 45° in Anaheim.

  33. Ravensdaughter says:

    I thought Jen was so health conscious-what’s with the uber tanning? Hasn’t she heard of skin cancer?

    • Ravensdaughter says:

      My lecture on skin cancer wasn’t saved, but as a PSA I must say that I dodged a bullet with a mole on my back that was biopsied 14 years ago, and proved to be malignant melanoma. The docs excised a centimeter around the borders to remove all the tissue, and I now have a 3 inch scar on my back. I also have to attempt the trick of periodically doing skin checks-right in the part of my back you can’t even scratch.
      I was very, very lucky. Although the treatment of malignant melanoma has advanced significantly, real hope for more advanced cases has only come in the last 3 years or so. I have known two people personally with more advanced cases who died within six months of their diagnosis.
      There is also the usually not deadly, but potentially disfiguring, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas of the skin-my sister dealt with basal cell, my dad with squamous. We are all from the bakin’ state of-Michigan!
      So, let’s not judge these hot bodies. They can judge themselves a few years from now when they come back from a dermatologist with a unpleasant-or even grim-diagnosis. Skin cancer is no longer a risk to be taken lightly.

  34. Katherine says:

    He has such a weird body. He’s kind of gross. The less said about the head the better. But to each his own.

    If a woman in her early 40s with no kids can’t look at least as good as Jennifer then they are sad. It shouldn’t even take that much work. It’s more about avoiding things like too much alcohol, too much of the wrong foods, too much of a sedentary existence. It’s not usually til your 40s that your metabolism begins to slow and the weight starts to creep up.

    Seriously if they wanted privacy they could have it. It seems to me they obviously want their pics taken.

  35. Jayna says:

    I love it when people say Jennifer’s body is like everybody else’s. LOL I was raised on the beach, and, sure, in our late teens, early twenties, there’s lots of hod bodies but just as many from any age on with something not quite proportional: flat-chested, too big-chested, saggy boobs (even when young), no waist, maybe straight hips, flabby ass, big shoulders, arms too short or not perfect, shortwaisted, too longwaisted, short legs, legs too thin, big or flabby thighs, legs too thick, cankles on and on. Not that any of those flaws can’t still have a pretty or even great figure, but Jennifer has a beautifully proportioned figure. And then add to it that she really has no cellulite, which is probably hereditary plus doing that massage stuff for no cellulite. But it’s really all about the proportion of Jen’s figure. Courtney Cox in comparison has a really nice figure, but she is longwaisted, shorter legs, and her arms are too short or something about them. She has a nice figure but in comparison to Jen’s, you can see the flaws. Ive always loved Jennifer’s arms and shoulders, even with a few pounds on.

    She’s gained a few pounds, but when I have seen her in dresses her legs are beautiful, beautiful slender arms and shoulders, great-sized natural boobs, a waist. The woman is 44 and it’s an impressive, youthful figure. The women around 44 in my neighborhood went for the big fake boob job look, really dark tan but skin is damaged from the sun on their chest, etc, some cellulite on their legs. Good figures, yes, but look like they are in their 40s trying to be sexy.

    Only one woman in my neighborhood that age has a truly youthful figure like Jen, except she does have natural gorgeous big boobs and her skin tans like Jen with no heavy sun damage on her body because she tans dark naturally. Though, both Jen and my neighbor have lines on their faces from the sun. Jen’s face isn’t aging well from the sun.

    • suze says:

      I know! When you hit 44 all the little flaws show up MORE.

      Jen does have an enviable figure: part hereditary and part pure hard work. I give her credit.

      I don’t know too many people over 25 who can flaunt their figure like that (except, apparently, they are all over Europe, per the posters above ; ).

    • Janet says:

      It’s not that difficult to keep a youthful looking body in your 40s if you’ve watched your diet, exercised regularly, and never had a child.

  36. Ally8 says:

    I’m sorry to say it makes me think less of Krasinski-Blunt that they’re hanging out with those two douches & their girlfriends.

  37. Paloma says:

    Ah yes, she gave us her obligatory butt shot.
    Thanks, Jennifer. We can all sleep better tonight.

  38. ShakenNotStirred says:

    Jen’s figure is better than Ashlee Simpson’s who is about half her age.

  39. Hoya_chick says:

    Quick question: would it kill him to buy and wear some actual swim trunks! He looks ridiculous! It’s not very hipster to be engaged to someone like Jen so just give it up and wear appropriate clothing while lounging on your vacation. I don’t get it, are those they same pair every day or did he pack a suitcase full of jshorts (jean shorts) and they are especially foul since he obviously had someone cut them for him lol. So bad ass. And he does look like beef jerky! So greasy.

  40. poodlemom says:

    Where’s the baby bump?

  41. H. Larkins says:

    No bump. Good for Jen. Happy New Year everyone!

  42. Claudia says:

    She’s got a really great ass. I can’t help but be pervy about it and want to see a better shot where she’s standing up haha.

    Someone needs to take Theroux’s jean shorts, viciously attack it/them (is it the same pair, or just multiple pairs of the same thing?), and then burn it atop a ceremonial funeral pyre. You know, to be nice and stuff. Ease the grieving process. And there has to be some CBT involved too, Clockwork Orange-style. Also, doesn’t it always look like he’s perpetually flexing?

  43. sabrina says:

    How come George and Stacy have not seen ??? Every time I have gone Cabo were photographed , not this time !!! Why??? I do not think the are a Cabo and they are not more together !!!!

    • lisa2 says:

      Stacy is there or was.. she tweeted a pic of her with Michael Phelps.. but no George anywhere. And someone said she has tweeted nothing about George either. Maybe they will turn up next week.. or not

  44. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    I am no Jen-Loonie (I swear!) but I always hear what a great personality she has. Clooney could have dinner with anyone and he chose her. All these famous people flock to her when they don’t have to but it seems like eveyone who knows her loves her. She is supposed to be incredibly kind, generous and funny. I think there’s a lot about her that isn’t apparent to the general public.

    • spinner says:


      I hear the same. I remember Brad saying that Jen was like a warm fire & everyone gathers round…

    • lisa2 says:

      such a shame spinner that you don’t believe what Brad says about others as easily.

      I know all about the dinner thing, but I saw someone post on another site that there have been no pictures of George in Cabo. Not one picture of him and Stacy anywhere. I even checked a few sites and nothing. Why is that? When George is usually in Cabo we see pics. But not this time. Not one. I have not seen George and Stacy together in a while. But who knows.

      funny.. just wondering if this is really true at all.

      • Lorenzo says:

        Keibler is posting pics of herself partying and grinning all the time, so they must be still together. If they would have broken up she would make him look like the last idiot on earth with that.
        Btw, her drunk face doesn’t look very pretty, why does she post such crap, she must be above any criticism or she is thinking even drunk she is the beauty queen. Failed.
        Funny, how she’s clinging on other women’s boyfriends like she needs to be the center of the universe and the masquerade with the sunglasses and the hat…she is her own cartoon.

    • lisa2 says:

      oops double

    • manly says:

      very open wallet.

  45. Trashaddict says:


  46. blonde on the dock says:

    Wow! She looks fabulous! She seems to have a very large circle of friends.

  47. Barbara says:

    She really has a mean looking mouth in all these pics…

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Barbara, who wrote: “She really has a mean looking mouth in all these pics…”

      … which usually means she’s just had a bit of work done around her mouth.

  48. carol says:

    when you have more money,you get bored far too easily