Courteney Cox on plastic surgery: ‘I’m open to trying to prolong the inevitable’

Courteney Cox has admitted in the past to “trying” Botox, but if you’ve seen her recently, it’s obvious that she’s gone a lot further than that. You can’t tell so much from the most recent still photos of Courteney we have, but in a new interview on Ellen I was so surprised to see only her lower lip move. (That video is here.) She’s done a lot to her face, and it’s obvious. Well, the good news is that she’s not denying it. In a cover interview with New You Magazine, Courtney cops to laser treatment on her face and skin, and says she’s “game for anything,” and “very open to trying to prolong the inevitable.” She also admits she’s afraid of aging. Well, at least she’s being somewhat honest. I feel sorry for her more than anything else.

On laser treatments
“You know what, I’m game for anything. I’m very open to trying to prolong the inevitable,” the single star admits. “I’m a big laser believer — I really think they are the wave of the future. I just did Ulthera, which is supposed to produce collagen, and I’m about to do Fraxel, which will get rid of all these brown spots off my arms, chest and face.”

On drinking a ton of water
“I’m on this kick where I’m gonna try to drink 64 ounces a day. It’s so hard,” the actress says. “I can get the first 32 down, no problem. That second bottle is tough but when I do, I feel different.”

On turning 50
“That’s gonna be brutal,” she tells the magazine. “I’m not that interested in that! That sounds different. It feels different. I think it’s hard, the fact that there’s a certain age that we can’t have kids anymore. My doctor told me today that he just delivered a baby and the woman was 48. It’s like, that’s awesome, but it’s rare. It’s a miracle, you know?”

“My biggest fear is that it catches up to you so quickly, it’s almost like you wake up and you’ve changed. You can be rocking along in your life and then it just happens.”

On beauty
“Beauty has always been a big part of my childhood and my life. My mother is a very beautiful woman — she wasn’t a career woman, she’s a mother of four — and looks were really important to her. She’s always been into vitamins and creams and she’s never had any plastic surgery. She’s just aged beautifully and naturally,” Cox tells New You. “My dad was into looks as well, so I grew up with a family that cared a lot about that. It’s a little hard because you think Hollywood is tough — well, it was pretty tough in my own family!”

Though she takes pride in her appearance, the Alabama native insists she feels most beautiful when she’s au naturale. “I feel the best after I’ve worked out, when I have no make-up on and my skin is flushed.”

[From New You via US Magazine]

I don’t think Courteney has only done laser skin resurfacing. I think she’s had fillers in her lips and in her cheeks and that’s why she’s looking so plastic lately, but you know, she’s telling us where it’s coming from. She’s saying that she’s afraid of getting older and seeing that face in the mirror, and that’s why she’s creating a new face for herself. Personally, I would be more afraid of looking like a Real Housewife and like a different person than I would be to see some wrinkles. The wrinkles do suck, though, I’ll admit it. I’m just so scared to do something about it and wonder who is looking back at me in the mirror. I’d rather see “old” me than “different forever,” no takebacks.

Photos are from 12-20-12 and 12-21-12. Credit: FameFlynet

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  1. annabelle says:

    The first time I ever tuned in to Cougar Town I was shocked at how much her face has changed and how awful and plastic she and Christa Miller look.

    It’s sad, they used to be so beautiful but now they look so fake it’s completely distracting.

    • CTgirl says:

      Yeah, both CC and CM need to ease up on their facial work. They are starting to look like middle-aged Barbie dolls who are trying to get about 5 paces past “rested” and sliding right into windblown and creaseless.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Oh I know! Christa Miller…oh man. I didn’t even recognize her. Such a shame….

    • Lucinda says:

      What’s weird to me is that they are all starting to look the same and I hate it. Their mouths get this weird flat line look to it and the eyelids start to protrude almost and the cheeks look like something on a puppet, you know where the mouth has a line from the mouth to ear so the lower piece can move. It’s just bizarre and not pretty at all.

      • lilyee says:

        “Like a PUPPET” that’s too funny and sadly the perfect visual image to describe their once pretty human faces. Sigh at the once pretty hollywood actresses who fell victim to low-self esteem in their middle age years (low self esteem in your 40s is really sad, even sadder when you still look good but feel the need to compete with the new younger additions)

  2. JL says:


    She just looks like a woman her age with work done. It’s so common we all know it when we see it now, in hollywood and in the grocery store.
    At this point, all that work is more telling of age than not, as one obviously needed it.
    Unless you’re Lilo, then it will make you look 20 years older.

    • evie says:

      This is what I was thinking, too. When someone looks plastic, it’s a dead giveaway that they have had work done and automatically my first thought is, “How old are they?” I appreciate it when women embrace their age. Lauren Hutton is someone who comes to mind.

      And I get that Hollywood is a place where there is intense pressure to look young forever. There must be a balance though between trying to maintain a youthful appearance and going full-on Jocelyn Wildenstein.

    • Jo says:

      All these wen should gain a little weight in their 40s. Then they wouldn’t need so much filler. Enough with the size zeros, you don’t shop in juniors anymore

      • MaiGirl says:

        SO Agree with this^^^ A lot of older actresses could just gain as little as 10 pounds and look so much better. It’s what Sophia Loren said about having to chose your face over your @ss when you get older. When Susan Lucci was on DWTS, she was so frail looking. It’s bad enough when you’re young, but when you are older and less firm, you just look really unhealthy. BTW, I know Sophia has also had some work done now, but she kept it mostly subtle, and her body is mighty robust 🙂

      • Just Me says:

        Look at Meryl Streep – she is not fat, but she is heavier than when she was young. The result is that although she has wrinkles she does not look gaunt.

      • Bobby sue says:

        Cher para-phrased Catherine Deneuve saying “past a certain age it’s your fanny or your face.” It’s true

      • Cazzie says:

        As a woman in her forties, I concur with this statement. Yes – aging sucks but looking like a plastic-faced freak is not really an improvement.

        Also? People need to realize that when they look at themselves in the mirror, that is not how other people see them. Usually you are talking with people when you interact with them, and the frozen face has negative repercussions for social interactions.

        Liveliness is attractive – people who are expressive and vivacious are pleasing to the eye. People with massive Botox may have smoother faces, but they are not attractive.

      • Lulu says:

        Cazzie, very well said! I’m 48 and struggling with the changes I see in the mirror. But on the odd occasion I catch a look at my face in action and the result is always better than I expected. I think that is one good reason for facial exercises. To keep the muscles toned and on your face as opposed to sliding down.

    • Gemini08 says:

      Exactly! I don’t know why these women don’t get that plastic surgery only ages you more. It’s ALWAYS noticeable and it immediately makes you think of the person as old. And it NEVER looks natural – it always gives the person an alien look.

    • Hmmm says:

      No, she looks like a woman Cher’s age, or Priscilla Presley’s age.

  3. CG says:

    I went to see Lincoln with one of my friends over Thanksgiving, and before the movie there was this super-annoying five-minute-long commercial for Cougar Town. And my friend, who is a totally stereotypical clueless straight guy who never notices different hairstyles or anything, said, “Wow, Courteney Cox really needs to stop messing with her face.” I know seeing it on an 80-foot screen is more noticeable than a 42-inch TV, but still. She’s so naturally gorgeous, and she’s turning into Howard the Duck.

  4. marie says:

    it would seem that her parents gave her a complex and add Hollywood to it, well there you go.. she was so beautiful before all this (always thought she was prettier than Aniston on Friends) and while I don’t agree with it, I get it..

    also, if you don’t hate water (I don’t) it’s not hard to drink 64oz-I drink that before 2pm everyday..

    • Ameila says:

      Oh God, I’m trying to convert that into litres . . . so that’s about, 1.9/2 litres? Okay, that’s not as drastic as I thought it was, I try to drink 3 litres each day.
      I’ve seen such a huge improvement in my skin since I’ve started upping my water intake, I don’t know what’s doing it, but I love it.

    • Relli says:


      I spent A LOT of time watching /listening in the background to Friends, its my go to show to watch when I need to get stuff done (used to be L&O). I know Courtney is the only one who never won a GG for her role on that show; but she was so beautiful and in the first few seasons Monica is hysterical and clearly the heart of the show.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        Really? Did she miss out because of that lame fat suit?

        I was never a superfan, I watched it sporadically, but I did wonder why the show bothered to make her into a high-maintenance troll bitch from Hell in the later seasons. I mean, eee-gah!

      • Claire says:

        I watch Friends if its on and its an easy 1/2 hour to pass time away. She really was very beautiful and was one of the funniest, along with Joey. But now I am starting to think she is looking more and more like Janice Dickinson every passing day. Sad

    • Sock Monkey says:

      64oz of water before 2pm might be unhealthy. Drinking too much water in too short a time can actually be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

      • marie says:

        true, luckily though I start my day a lot earlier and don’t drink as much water at home.

      • RN says:

        The kidneys of a healthy adult can process up to 15 litres of water a day. In order to suffer from water intoxication, one would have to drink a very large amount of water in a very short amount of time. Water intoxication (and the hyponatremia which ensues) most often occurs in infants and athletes.

        If you have one glass of water (8 ounces) per hour from 7 am to 2 pm, you would be drinking 56 ounces of water. That’s completely doable and normal, especially if you exercise. However, there’s no need to consume your entire day’s worth by 2 pm, and it’s advisable to keep drinking into the evening. I like to ease up by 7 pm, so that I’m not up frequently during the night.

      • marie says:

        @RN.. that would be about right then. I take medication when I wake (about 5:30) with a full glass of water.. Nice to know I’m not ever doing it, thanks.

    • Sock Monkey says:

      If you are drinking 64oz of water before 2pm it might actually be unhealthy. Drinking too much water in too short a time can actually be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        True. I take medication that needs to be diluted with a lot of water throughout the day (kidneys, and all of that), but the doctor always reminds me of what I already know: it’s kind of pointless if you hydrate yourself into a coma.

    • Lee says:

      Yeah, the family comments were particularly interesting to me. Reading the last article on CC’s face, all I could think was ‘with a pre-teen daughter, I would be really concerned that my plastic surgery obsession was teaching her terrible things about the value of women and contribute to an unhealthy body-image’ and then I felt kind of judgy and rude. But the fact that she grew up in a family that taught her to value her appearance above all else combined with working in Hollywood, it makes more sense now. Granted, it’s also even more sad in a way.

      As an aside, I really love Cougar Town. You guys should all give it a chance if you haven’t. It’s cute and funny in spite of the overly plastic stars.

      • Gemini08 says:

        That’s what struck me the most too her comments about her family. That’s sad. It’s also sad that at 48 and with a young daughter she hasn’t done anything to break the cycle and show her daughter that being who you are and ageing gracefully is okay.

    • Denise says:

      Drinking that amount of water is utterly ridiculous and completely unnecessary. We require different amounts depending what we eat that day (more if it’s salty, processed foods) and how much energy we’re exerting. You might as well drink your 64 oz on the toilet.

      Sorry but this bugs me! Water you pee out is water you didn’t need. Drink it room temperature to absorb it more efficiently and just have it consistently throughout the day and you will never be thirsty – that’s the first clue that you are properly hydrated – and you won’t spend all day running to the toilet. Have more if you’re going to work out or you’re hot. Or sick. And this way you’re not thinking about how much water you’re drinking all day. Trust me!

  5. Eleonor says:

    The sad truth is: aging sucks. Because while you acquire more confidence, you become wiser etc.etc. your body starts betraying you, and that is scaring: looking in the mirror and seeing someone who’s not the image you have of yourself. It must be terrifying, I can totally understand it, and it is the reason I am not totally against plastic surgery,because not all of us have self confidence, or can accept aging in a peaceful way. But turning your face into a parody of who you used to be it’s a risk that can’t be underestimated. Too bad Courtney looks so plastic.

    • Joanna says:

      Exactly. I’m going to be 37 in a couple of weeks and it’s scary how much my face has changed in the last year or so. I have a skinny face anyway, and it has gotten way skinnier and the wrinkles seem to have come in overnight. I did some botox for the first time around my eyes and I love it, no one even said anything. i was at the weight i loved but a couple friends at work told me my face was getting too guant so i put some weight back on and my face doesnt look so bad. i think i might try some filler s though, i was nervous about botox and it turned out fine. it’s not so much about trying to look younger as it is about trying to look the same. fillers last about a year according to the dermatologist I went to. in my case, my face has really gotten skinny, it’s not a case of someone not needing it, getting it done, like lilo. in my case, it’s justified, imo. but i am a little nervous about filler, though, b/c i have seen some women that to me, i can tell they had something done. i am hoping that, since my face is so skinny, that it will look okay. but you are taking a chance and it does take a year to wear off so i’m going to think about it some more. I think a lot depends on the person administering the product, if they use too much, etc. b/c i have seen women who look natural.

      • Eleonor says:

        Years ago, when the mother of a friend (in her 50’s) got a lifting I thought she was crazy (the result was good, really), now at 31 I get it.
        I’ve always taken care of my skin, I am very careful with sun etc.etc. and my face is not that different from my late 20’s (there are girls younger than me who has awful sundamaged skin) but I understand better what does aging mean, and it can be freaking terrifying. Celebrities go too extreme with plastic surgery, and that is sad, but if a little nip and tuck can help someone to live better, than my opinion is “go get it”.

      • Macey says:

        Im in the same boat as you at 42. I had some health issues a cpl of yrs ago and lost a lot of weight (I was already thin to begin with) and it all seemed to come from my face. I made myself gain the weight back plus another 10 lbs and not one damn pound went back to my face. I know a cpl ppl posted about gaining weight over 40 to look younger but that doesnt guarantee it will go to your face, at least mine didnt.
        I keep looking into the filler for cheeks but am too scared. I know a cpl ppl that have it and I can tell what they’ve had done b/c it looks so odd, especially when smiling and other expressions. Im not sure if everyone can spot it but it is easy to spot if you know what to look for. I guess I notice it b/c Im always researching this stuff hoping to find the best thing.

      • Denise says:

        Good luck Joanna, I hope it works for you. I have a friend who did a bit and I couldn’t tell which was a good thing, but then she began obsessing and seeing things that honestly we could not see even when pointed out, and now she has pillow face and has lost her cuteness and sparkle. I think what happens is some women are ok with losing their own unique face as long as they can’t see any signs of ageing. Also, none of the rest of us have done anything, are all the same age, and guess who looks the oldest and most haggard by far? She does. Please be careful and take it very slow, you seem lovely.

      • Joanna says:

        @ Denise

        thanks, Denise! : )

  6. Christina says:

    These women’s faces terrify me. It’s not just that they look so plastic and scary. It’s the painfully obvious fact that they believe themselves worthless unless they try to chase some vansished vision of their 29 year old selves. Horrible.

  7. aims says:

    I doubt shes only done lasers. Her face looks so tight that if she were to sneeze, she would rip or pop something. It almost looks uncomfrontable.

  8. Bowers says:

    All these women who have lots of plastic surgery look the same. Same face. Same.

    • sirsnarksalot says:

      Its an army of plastic barbies out there in Hollywood. She’s one dye job away from being Taylor from RHBH.

    • Anonny says:

      It’s called “L.A. Face.”

    • Hakura says:

      Who knows, maybe they all go to the same doctor? (or the same one under different names)

      It baffles me how so many people with so much money (who are willing to spend for the ‘best’ plastic surgeons) somehow end up looking like this. You’d think the ‘best’ would do a better job than your average…

    • Gistine says:

      If that is Courteney Cox then I am Amelia Earhart.

      I read some spooky stuff about the cloning going on in Hollywood. Now, I don’t usually buy into such but when I compare pictures of the “old” Courteney vs. this “new” Courteney, I must say, something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

      Example: this CC’s nose is longer and a bit flared (who gets a nose job to make their nose longer?), her jaw is more pointy and the eyes are noticibly closer together and let’s face it, souless looking.

      Another creepy thing is that it is believed by many, the real CC died mid 90’s from complications from anorexia. Also, CC’s family has close ties to the CIA and is related to the Police’s Stuart Copeland.

      Just saying…even if it’s half true? Judge for yourself. Google CC clone.

      • Hakura says:

        It’s nice to meet you, Amelia.

        It’s entirely possible for someone to change their face so drastically, & not know when to stop (Think about Micheal & Janet Jackson, totally unrecognizable after their many surgeries}.

  9. tabasco says:

    good christ woman, shut the hell up, no one cares! honestly, i have fam fighting cancer and would give anything to make 50. i was never into courteney much, but now i’m putting her on my sh*t list. get some goddam substance and self-regard. carrying on like this about age is SO unattractive and just makes her look pathetic. so f*cking shallow and insecure. no wonder she’s been pals with aniston for so long. they’re made for each other. assholes. (am cranky today, need lunchtime bloody mary, but CC can still f*ck off)

    • cc says:

      good one!! so true
      and can’t stop laughing

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Don’t bother apologising, that was a thing of beauty.

      I’m not against cosmetic modifications. We’ve all seen examples of it that are really well done and pursued by people who know enough of themselves to do it right. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about your looks and having confidence isn’t a sin. But I do feel kind of bad for this woman because whatever is going on with her is running DEEP. And it does seem like Hollywood plus family did a real job on her (it reminds me of David Sedaris’ story about his father ‘encourages’ his daughters to look their ‘best’), but man! She sounds like she’s trying to silence the voices in this interview, I don’t know, man.

      But, best to you and yours and all of you do take care: your comment was a gas.

    • guilty pleasures says:

      @tabasco- well said, my husband is fighting cancer, as are my best friend and her daughter (who is 11 years old). This kind of shallow griping and surgical destruction of NORMAL makes me so sad. My loved ones fight every day for the gift of getting older.
      CC looks like an idiot, I tried to watch that show she is in but was so put off by her ridiculous face (then by the horrid acting and writing) that I will NEVER watch it, or anything she is in, again.

  10. Newtsgal says:

    She’s not foolin’ anybody…..She’s been trussed-up and carved on more than a Christmas turkey!!!!

  11. mia girl says:

    She’s starting to resemble Janice Dickinson.

    • rightgrrl says:

      Oh THAT’S who she’s been reminding me of!

    • WickedSteppmom says:

      YES! I kept thinking: “OK, she doesn’t look like CC anymore, but I can’t put my finger on who she looks like now…” That’s exactly it, and they were both so pretty before they started screwing w/their faces.

    • Hakura says:

      I didn’t think of that, but looking back now, that comparison is completely accurate. cc is probably going to go down that same path, as Janice did.

    • Dimebox says:

      A combo of Janice Dickinson and Priscilla Presley. Obviously not a good thing.

    • lilred1 says:

      I thought the same thing

  12. cc says:

    she’s been doing something weird to her face since the end of Friends….look back and see – she started messing with things back then

    tooo bad, I’d like to have seen what she looked like growing old naturally, i bet she would have looked better if she left it alone.

  13. Francesca says:

    How can anyone think that face is better than some sag or wrinkles? She looks horrible and weird.

  14. FirstTimer says:

    She’s a beautiful woman and I bet she’ll age beautifully if she hadn’t messed her face as much as she had.

  15. cynicalsmirk says:

    The “inevitable” is that you look like yourself, just older. Conversely, screwing around with their faces makes these women look harsh and verging on the unrecogzizable. Plus, after a few years they look hideous and far older than if they left themselves alone. All they need to do is look around and they’ll see a disturbing amount of examples of what not to do.

  16. Jess says:

    Open to it? Yeah, we noticed. She’s starting to look like Madonna. With beautiful blue eyes, good bone structure, and a great pale complexion, there is absolutely no reason that Courteney couldn’t have aged gracefully. I fear it might be too late. Once you inflate, you can’t stop, or you’ll look even more deflated.

  17. Heylee says:

    Her face is now so tragic. It really kills me because she was so gorgeous, I mean, she was amazing looking. But I have sympathy, growing old is hard for women, esp beautiful women, and I mean hard! I have never been a beautiful woman but my mom is and she is def consumed by the loss of what once was.

    On the other hand…

    I am 33 and I have had IPL laser resurfacing due to teenage acne, that does not change the way you look, just speeds up the skins healing process. But I had botox for the first time a few weeks ago, just in my forehead, and I have to say that it is kind of the greatest thing ever and I want to get a little more in my “furrow” so I can see how this s**t gets addicting. But I literally had a panic attack and I kept asking the nurse if it was going to make me look like a “real housewife”. If I had more money, Idk, I think that I would be in trouble because it would be a lot easier to get a lot more done…

    • Joanna says:

      yeah, heylee, i was the same way. i went to the dermatologist to get botox and i almost had a panic attack. after I got the shots, I spent the next couple hours waiting for something bad to happen. but nothing did and over the next week, i saw major changes in the crow’s feet around my eyes. it is the greatest thing! i love it, I will keep on doing for as long as I can afford it.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Bah! You guys are making me consider it now (just turned 34)..
        …maybe just for the lines around my eyes when I smile…..

        Is it expensive?

      • Heylee says:

        I was charged by the ML I think, $12/ML and she used 10 ML for the two horizontal lines on my forehead (standard is 15ML but I was afraid that I was going to look crazy so I made her do less!). I opted to not do the two furrow lines between my eyebrows which was a mistake because now that I am not lifting my brow as much I am clearly furrowing more and the lines are more pronounced there… so doing the furrow soon.

        My forehead is so beautiful now! Haha, sick but true!

      • Joanna says:


        (i love cats too)
        it only cost me $161. depends on how bad your wrinkles around your eyes are and prob depends on who you go to. so much per shot, I think they did it by. I was expecting it to be much more. and she said it lasts 3-4 months, so what I am doing is just putting a little extra money away each payday so when it comes around, I have the money. what i think i will do next time, is ask her if i can have a discount if i refer people. but still $161 is not bad!!

  18. Passingby says:

    I just looked at her wikipedia page ( ). Here profile itself used to look totally different: different nose, different chin (probably an implant).

  19. blonde on the dock says:

    It’s not the wrinkles that get you it’s the thinning skin and loss of fat. Botox and fillers dont make a person look younger…..they simply look weird.

  20. Debbie says:

    Have to give her credit for not denying it. I mean yes it’s beyond obvious but that’s the case with lots of stars and they claim they’ve had nothing done at least she admits to some stuff.

    That being said she and the women on her terrible show need to stop the promos scare me!!

  21. Miss Kiki says:

    This makes me sad. I love Courtney, I love Christa Miller and I love Cougar Town but both of their faces are verging on ridiculous now. Please just stop messing with your faces.

  22. sirsnarksalot says:

    Why is it such a sin to develop wrinkles and cellulite and have your skin sag a bit as you age? We hardly criticize men for looking like they’ve “lived”. If someone in Hollywood would just let themself age it’d be on the cover of every magazine for being ground breaking. Youth is too celebrated…I’m all for honoring wisdom and experience. The Brits seem to have a better grasp on this (all the Dames look their age and look fantastic).

  23. Happymom says:

    I’m 46-and even though I still feel “young” sometimes I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and think “Oh my god-who is that middle aged woman who resembles my mother?” I understand completely how she fears the process and mourns her youth (and realizing that you are physically now too old to have kids) but she needs to spend more time coming to grips with the inevitable (maybe more counseling) rather than trying to turn her face back to its 30 year old self. It can’t happen, Courtney.

  24. Hautie says:

    I look at Courteney’s face…. and suspect she has had a mini lift done.

    This is way beyond a little filler’s and botox. The girl has had a little knife work done.

    And Christa Miller.

    For the love of all things holy… she kept getting her entire mouth area botox.

    The first couple of years of Cougar Town all I could see was how awful her face was. No movement.

    The upper lip area just below the nose. Never moved when she spoke. Just frozen.

    If she tried to do some type of kissing/smirk movement…. was a epic fail.

    And I would start to laugh, at how awful it looked.

    None of the work they had done has done anything, to make them starve off aging.

    They only thing they are both missing are a set of big fake dd’s. And I suspect that it just a matter of time before they have them.

  25. says:

    Somewhat off topic: isn’t “to prolong the inevitable” not correct in this case? To prolong means to lengthen in duration. So she wants to make the inevitable (aging) last as long as possible?

    • N-Bear says:

      Exactly! I was going to say the same thing. She wants to delay the inevitable, not prolong it.

    • merski says:

      Yes! Exactly! I think she meant to say “postpone” or something similar, because otherwise it makes no sense…

    • Meredith says:

      Exactly. I saw the headline and thought “wait a minute?!”, then went to look in the comments to see if anyone else caught it. Prolong the inevitable? No, dear, you want to put off or delay the inevitable.

    • jen says:

      postpone, duh

  26. gogoGorilla says:

    Celebs really give Botox a bad name. The reality is, if you go to a good PS or derm, they will inject enough just to smooth out the worst of the lines and make you look less squinty. I get it for those two pencil lines between my eyebrows and for crow’s feet. The lines disappear and my forehead smooths out some – that is all. But I only go every six months or so.

    The difference at the celeb/circus level is that these women have practically no boundaries on their resources (so there are no limits on spending) and they have probably constant access to numerous doctors. They are all getting facelifts at very young ages–what everyone seems to think is Botox is actually surgical, I think–then they follow up with constant filler and constant Botox. I saw them do it on one of those HW shows – my derm NEVER injects me aggressively the way the doctor did it on that show.

    (The point is that Botox is not a bad thing, it’s just abused to circus levels by some of these celebs.)

    • Becky1 says:

      Yeah, I agree. I’m 40 and have had a little Botox every now and then over the past couple of years. I usually just do the crows feet although I’ve done the forehead and frown lines twice. I don’t do much and I’ve been told by friends that it’s really not something they even noticed. I’m not sure how long I’ll continue doing it, though, because I hate spending the money and I sometimes worry that down the road they’ll do a study that shows some sort of a link between Botox and dementia, etc.

      I wish I had the confidence to not care about aging. I’m hoping as time goes on it bothers me less. It’s weird, though-in the past year or two I’ve gone from being called “Miss” in stores, restaurants, etc. to “Maam.” I hate it LOL! It’s odd to look in the mirror and not have your external self match how young you feel inside. Yes, it’s sad that Courtney Cox feels the way she does but given the industry she’s in it seems inevitable. I give her credit for being at least somewhat honest. I really wish more of these celebs would be honest about what they’ve gotten done. I laugh when I see the recent celeb Moms with no stretch marks and super flat stomachs. Come on, ladies-be honest! I don’t have issues with people having procedures as long as they are honest about it and don’t go overboard like Madonna or the Real Housewives.

  27. BooBooLaRue says:

    It’s hard to age no matter who you are. But harder to age when you realize that you never had the talent to carry you through (like Helen Mirren or Judy Dench) and you never were that “special” in the first place. Welcome to my world.

    • N-Bear says:

      Helen and Dame Judy are some of the sexiest badasses out there!

      • taxi says:

        Yes, and Helen has had some work recently.

      • Christina says:

        @taxi Helen Mirren clearly has had work done, yes, but it’s been well done. She still looks like herself, and still looks like a woman her age – albeit an incredibly beautiful woman her age. And it’s one thing getting work done when you’re in your 60s, quite another for women in their 40s or even 30s to be getting the full ‘wind tunnel’ face – I’m not talking a bit of botox here.

        That’s the really scary trend in Hollywood (and elsewhere) for the past decade or so – it used to be just women in their 60s or 70s getting lifts. Now, any woman over the ripe old age of 29 seems to feel the need to get her face jacked up.

  28. Ann says:

    Plastic surgery doesn’t make people look younger. They just look like old/er people who’ve had plastic surgery.

  29. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    My mom always says that when she was young she thought that when she got older she would look the same but with wrinkles. Instead, she says, your whole face changes and sags and you don’t recognize yourself. Which is why plastic surgery is so enticing. I think a lot of women think they already look different from aging so fillers won’t make a difference but it does.

    My wish for Courtney is that she get something else that she’s passionate about in her life!

    • Jayna says:

      I see nothing wrong with plastic surgery, if it’s not overdone. My mother had a gorgeous face and always looked nice. When she hit her sixties her sagging face bothered her and wanted to tighten back up her jaw line, etc. She always looked far better than most women anyway, slim, big blue eyes, minimal makeup on her eyes. As long as it’s done minimally, I’m all for it if it makes you feel better. It’s these people altering their looks and honestly looking fake and not younger. Many all look either masklike or harder or severely pulled. Less is more. Smile lines are not an enemy.

  30. KellyinSeattle says:

    It’s sad people dread the “inevitable” rather than embracing stages of life.

  31. Becks says:

    Celebrities go overboard with botox and fillers….less is more! I’m 38 and I get botox on my forehead every six months. I love it! I also get my nasiolabial folds treated with filler once a year. I love the results…people are always telling me that I look way younger. A good dermatologist
    won’t make you look overfilled and weird. When it comes to these procedures,

    • Hakura says:

      @Becks – I agree…and I repeat something I said in another comment:

      You’d think people with so much money (that they’re willing to spend on these procedures) would choose the ‘best of the best’ surgeon/dermatologist to do their work. Instead, they come out looking..abnormal & like they *obviously* had work done.

      On the other hand, perhaps the doctor isn’t entirely to blame, if CC (or any celeb) insists that they do more, even when they know it’s too much. Maybe the ‘customers aways right’ rule applies to these doctors too…

      • Happymom says:

        I also think part of the problem is that living in LA (and Orange County is just as bad imo) is that you don’t realize how weird you’re starting to look-because all of your friends/colleagues/social contacts have this same over botoxed, filled, lifted face!

      • becks says:

        Totally agree! My dermatologist is conservative when it comes to these procedures….he hates chipmunk cheeks and duck lips! LOL It’s the patients that are demanding more and more! I love botox, but it needs to be used in moderation!

      • Jayna says:

        I think even doctors lose sight on what looks normal doing it day in and day out. The newest thing they start promoting to their patients as the best thing. Remember when eyebrow lifts were the big thing? I didn’t get it because women were getting it in their late thirties, forties. I guess it was supposed to lift your eyebrows higher and thus your eyelids bigger. I mean, you look at young women and many eyebrows aren’t all high up, arched. Why not an eyelift? I don’t understand that procedure but many women had that weird look for years.

        Pillow face fillers became the next thing. I remember seeing Heather Locklear had done it for one movie and looked bizarre in scenes. They’re gone now, thankfully. I remember seeing Farrah Fawcett do it one time years before she died and almost didn’t recognize her. Lip fillers have been overdone for years.

        Now cheek implants are the big thing and I haven’t seen ONE, not one, celeb look better who did it. Far worse.

        I think many people once starting and going too much can’t go back because it looks odd to them, like their lips. They have lost sight of what looks good.

        Lara Flynn, anybody?

        Don’t trust all plastic surgeons or dermatologists just because they are a doctor.

      • Hakura says:

        @Happymom – That makes a lot of sense. You define ‘normal’ by what others are doing, so if that look is ‘normal’ for the people around her/doctor, then its not hard to see why people do it.

        @Becks – Oh god, the duck lips are the worst! They end up looking more like they belong in a pond than Hollywood…(Unless you become a ‘real housewife’, that is.)

        @Jayna – Lara Flynn was just a tragedy. x_X & you’re right about moderation, & doing research before choosing a doctor. I can understand why it’s addictive, though.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      ‘Pillowface’ injections and cheek implants are the scourge of God. Some procedures or surgeries yield good results sometimes to frequently, but never those. Never those. The fillers look like some kind of embalming fluid oedema and the cheek implants give one segment of the face extra corners whilst the lower half of the face just falls slack and looks sunken in and really severe. I’d have that Madonna, Barbara Walters and Judith Scheindlin’s are the worst, although it might just be their native severity that explains that last feature.

      I’m sure some of you are familiar with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode ‘Super Model’, wherein Master Shake gets a king’s ransom worth of low-grade cosmetic surgery and he eventually comes to look like a graffito-tagged climbing wall. His cheek implants looked identical to what you’re seeing nowadays and that episode was produced before the actual chicken cutlet explosion now haunting the streets.

      I wish I were a man. Higher wages, no anti-aging, no menstruation, no problem.

      • Jayna says:

        Madonna broke my heart. She looked so amazing at 48 that I believed in her, that she was going to look amazing into her 50s. She goes into a divorce, hitting 50 and wrecked her face bizarrely. It looks better now than it did those first two years and she can look pretty in some things, but she always looks older and in many shots just hard and a meaner look. She took away the bone structure I liked about her face and the way her eyes popped. How can they pop with those cheeks overshadowing everything now? Her pillow face isn’t as bad now. I think they were filling her with filler around her cheeks because they were so prominent. She looked so amazing years back.

      • Becks says:

        This is why it is so important to do your research! Choose your doctor wisely ……….their work will be reflected on your face for the world to see! I’m so happy with mine. Incredibly talented an knows how to work with your facial/ bone structure

  32. bea says:

    annebelle (1st comment) knew her name – CC’s co-star Christa Miller should be a cautionary tale. She looks like she’s wearing a mask, a very scary one.

    It is hard to age, especially if you’ve made your career based (a lot) on your looks, but plastic surgery doesn’t make your look young. A little maintenance is fine, but everyone goes overboard and it’s obvious.

  33. Becks says:

    Less is more!

  34. K-rock says:

    The upper lip area is always a dead giveaway. I feel bad, she was so beautiful but it must be such a mind f–k to work in hollywood where all the emphasis is on young actors. Even when she was on Friends, I thought she was much more beautiful than Jennifer Anniston, who was dubbed “most beautiful woman on the planet” or whatever it was. I hope she doesn’t go all Farrah, or Madonna or Melanie. but its a slippery slope. I hope she can get past the age thing but I don’t see that happening. 🙁

  35. Onyx XV says:

    Well, that’s been obvious for quite some time. Her face is already to’ up! I can’t even watch her in anything anymore because she has become such a caricature of her former self.

  36. Wicki says:

    Maybe instead of spending her money on plastic surgery, she should spend it on an education. “Prolong the inevitable”? Sigh.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      Snip, snap and around the race track. I was thinking the same thing, but you got there first (and likely better) than I did.

  37. Tilly says:

    I know EXACTLY how she feels! Hang in there Courtney!

  38. mar says:

    I think she is an example of someone that looks older with surgery. She looks 55 years old.

  39. lucy2 says:

    Sounds like it’s a big issue for her, and that’s sad. She must feel a lot of pressure, and for all she’s accomplished, she still has such insecurities.
    She was a natural beauty and probably would have looked great, and now just looks plastic.

  40. Sandra says:

    Check out all the crazy things people do in Hwood to stay young! Moderation is probably key, but can you imagine putting poop on your face?

  41. Seagulls says:

    The problem with so much plastic surgery/fillers/injectables, etc., is that a person doesn’t look young, they look like an odd old(er) person. We all have issues; I would not be pleased to literally wear my fear of aging on my face.

  42. Skipper says:

    The biggest change I see is her chin… is that an implant or did she have it smoothed out somehow? Back in the Friends days, her chin was more square with the dimple in the middle – it was so cute – and now it looks… oddly smooth or something. It just doesn’t look right. That, coupled with her lips, make her face positively strange looking now. Too bad – she was a beauty. And it’s even sadder that she didn’t see it and has now resorted to this destruction of her face believing that she is somehow preserving her beauty. She has completely ruined it altogether.

  43. Jo says:

    All these wen should gain a little weight in their 40s. Then they wouldn’t need so much filler. Enough with the size zeros, you don’t shop in juniors anymore.

  44. Jo says:

    All these women should gain a little weight in their 40s. Then they wouldn’t need so much filler. Enough with the size zeros, you don’t shop in juniors anymore.

  45. Jonasty says:

    All these women should gain a little weight in their 40s. Then they wouldn’t need so much filler. Enough with the size zeros, you don’t shop in juniors anymore.

  46. Jo nasty says:

    All these women should gain a few lbs in their 40s. Then, they wouldn’t need so many fillers. Enough with the diet and crazy exercise to be a size zero you don’t shop in juniors anymore!

  47. Marianne says:

    The plastic surgery does not look good though.

    I don’t get why people have plastic surgery done to look younger, when the half the time it ends up making them look older anyway.

  48. Stubbylove says:

    I checked out the season premiere of Cougar Town last night – it was the first time I’ve watched the show – thought I’d check it out. I could get through about 15 minutes of it – it was so awful – WAY TOO TRYHARD – the writing was terrible and the scenes change about every 10 seconds – perfect for someone w/ADHD. Courtney’s face was a distraction too – she’s clearly had quite a bit of work – fillers especially – she can hardly make any real emotion in her face. I have always liked her but big THUMBS DOWN on Cougar Town. PLEASE STOP THE PLASTIC SURGERY COURTNEY!

    • Jayna says:

      I feel the same way. I always thought the show might be decent if they would slow it down a bit. It’s too frenetic.

    • Shira says:

      I watched a few episodes back in S1 when it was less cheesy and predictable and it still sucked. I’m honestly baffled at how long it’s been on the air! Why does it keep getting new seasons?!

  49. Shira says:

    Open to it?? Damn, you already look like Joan Rivers.

  50. Ugh says:

    can not believe josh is hitting THAT.

  51. Jayna says:

    I have had a lot of women tell me in your fifties things really start changing and it’s horrible to accept at first even if you’re keeping yourself up. I think menopause is hard for a lot of women. Forties I think are hard entering but basically end up fine once you’re in them and still feeling good and sexy.

    At least, Courtney hasn’t done her eyes — yet. LOL. She has overdone her mouth. If she would just back off a bit it would be better. She was okay until she got heavy-handed with the fillers. Women’s faces start looking odd with all those fillers.

    • Just Me says:

      Yeah things change quickly in your fifties. And why not? You ARE a middle-aged woman then and you will go through menopause and it will affect your body and well – wathcha going do? Accept it and go on with life and realize that if you have spent your life up until then thinking of nothing but your looks and that your looks are everything, they will let you down. But if you are a kind decent intelligent person you will still be a kind decent intelligent person. We are all of us heading for the grave anyway — and that is inevitable. Hamlet said it holding the skull of the court jester: “Now get you to my lady’s chamber and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come. Make her laugh at that”

      • Jaded says:

        Totally agree Just Me – my fifties were great. I’m healthy, so what if I’ve got a few wrinkles, a saggy jawline and a bit of a spare tire? At 60 I’m still healthy, active, young looking for my age and better still, I’m spending my money and energy doing worthwhile things, not getting needled and liposuctioned and fillered and botoxed and dyed and lasered. I’m not afraid of getting old and CC’s comment about being terrified of turning 50 is just so wrong, and sends a bad message to women everywhere that you only have your youthful looks to rely on.

    • AlexC says:

      She most certainly has had her eyes done, that’s why she has the hollowed out look around her lids. There is no drape or skin that you would normally see on someone her age. Unfortunately it was way too aggressive a job for her age. My friend is a cosmetic dermatologist and she injects filler everywhere – around the mouth, under eyes, cheeks, lips, even above the eyes to lift the skin ever so slightly. The reason for the pillow face look is too much filler. It can be done ever so subtly and then it can look great. Too much and you look like, well, Courtney Cox.

  52. Cazzie says:

    CC should track down the doctor who works on Naomi Watts. That person is a genius.

    Seriously, Naomi Watts is a 44-year-old blonde from Australia (can you say sun damage?), and yet she easily looks ten years younger. She doesn’t look like she’s had any work done either; if it weren’t for the fact that she looks slightly younger than she did five years ago I would say she’s been aging naturally.

    That is my nomination for excellent work – Naomi Watts looks amazing.

    • K-rock says:

      Agreed, Naomi looks amazing. Have you seen Christie Brinkley? She looks like she made a deal with the devil, she looks incredible.

  53. Jennifer says:

    That quote is exactly why I hate that Hollywood way of thinking. There is nothing wrong with the “inevitable” of getting older. Many of those Hollywood types are so vain. I hate botox, plastic-surgery face as it is so fake and plastic-ey. I’ll take a real person with wrinkles and gray hair anyday.

  54. Snowpea says:

    Do we have any plastic surgeons in residence that can explain this for me? Thanks in advance.

    Look its well known that everyone in Hollywood gets work done. It just depends on HOW its done that makes all the difference.

    Look at Helen Mirren. She is almost seventy. The lady is looking fine but she has had tweaking done. But its been done SO WELL you cant see it.

    That IS THE POINT of getting plastic surgery!

    If you can see it, WHY GET IT DONE?

    Priscilla Presley, Rose McGowan, Lara Flynn Boyle, Brandi Glanville, Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue and now Courtenay were all once considered great beauties who now look like freaks thanks to HIDEOUS plastic surgery.

    Demi Moore, Naomi Watts, Halle Berry, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet and Rachel Weisz are all women close to or over forty who would DEFINITELY had a little work done but its done well so you cant see it.

    I really DO NOT understand. When your face is your fortune, dont you get the very best so you dont end up looking like a circus freak?


  55. Bug says:

    This is appalling. The plastic surgery makes her look like an alien.

    But much wore is the fact that she is afraid to age. That she thinks women over a certain age are worthless.

    What a shit role model for young women. Way to go, asshole.

    • kingkayski says:

      I think if she spend her money on a shrink on how she’ll get over her insecurity towards her “beautiful parents” and her afraid of aging she would have improved herself more and her self confidence .She’s got to be the most insecure and vain actress and may i add stupid that i ever read on the internet.And she would benefit too if she upgrade her eyeglasses ,she obviously can’t see anymore in the mirror that she look worst now than she did before,she looks like donald duck now than Courtney Cox.

    • Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

      Being afraid of aging as CC is all kinds of cray cray – and its like she is not appreciating the gift of health and life – she has two legs she can walk on hands feet and is getting to age…some are not all that fortunate. My spouses cousin got in a car accident at a young age and never got to walk – or have sex and committed suicide in middle age. my good friend died from encephalitis at 23 – she would now be happily middle aged. So instead of putting more fillers in that pucker CC should keep it shut from saying comments like being afraid to age and use her public platform to start talking about things she is grateful for.

    • Masque says:

      What a shit role model for her own daughter.

  56. Barrett says:

    I watched Cougartown after reading this. It is so sad her face is immobilized and muppet like. She was so pretty, loosening up on the fillers and aging a bit would actually improve her face!

  57. Ginger says:

    These ladies should look to my long time idol Helen Mirren about rocking your age and still looking gorgeous!!

  58. Gemini08 says:

    Well she’s already starting to resemble a duck with work she’s had done to her mouth so she might as well go full-on cat face like Meg Ryan did.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I hate (at least, the very least post-resurrected) Family Guy, but I remember nodding my head when Stewie mistakenly thought Meg Ryan was a burn victim.

  59. Hawk says:

    Is she kidding?
    Nowadays she makes her co-star Christa Miller look normal.

  60. Bobby the K says:

    Her mouth is just going to get bigger and bigger.

  61. Kelly says:

    She looks like the Joker. It’s disgusting.

  62. Hakura says:

    It looks like CC already had a distorted perception of her looks, even when she was beautiful. when that’s the case, no plastic surgery is ever going to be enough…they’ll continue until it backfires (either physically or financially. These surgeries don’t come cheap, & if they do, then it’s a major sign not to use them.)

    Interesting that this came up, seeing as i’m currently preparing to have surgery on my nose, which healed incorrectly after it was broken in 1st grade. It’s so sharp in the bump on the bridge that I can’t even touch it without causing pain & headaches (which is just ridiculous, it’s caused me pain all these years, (not to mention that it’s my least favorite trait of mine aesthetically too.)

    So have been researching a lot of doctors lately. =)

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      That sounds awful (the nasal pain). I have a jaw deformity and though you (blessedly) can’t see that I do, I have about 20 years and thousands of dollars worth of misery spent to keep a different type of misery at bay. I’m not interested in wearing braces again and having my jaw re-set again (but this time with surgery). But I do kind of have a permanent headache and some jaw aches and look a bit duck-like when I bite…anyway, good luck and I hope you get the desired results.

      • Hakura says:

        @Jo ‘Mama’ Besser – Thank you very much =) Your condition sounds *much* worse than mine. I certainly don’t blame you for not wanting to go through braces & all that. It’s amazing how expensive fixing/improving these problems is.

        My brother recently broke his jaw, & they wanted to wire it shut while it healed (but because of certain other health concerns he has, they decided against it). I’ve seen what he’s been going through, & can’t imagine how hard it’d be to live with that sort of pain all the time.

        While my jaw isn’t a problem, I naturally had almost no enamel on my teeth, so there was nothing to protect them. Even while brushing, the teeth were weak & started falling apart completely. I’m 26 now, & have spent probably as much as you trying to fix them (without going the ‘dentures’ route). I’ve still got a ton of work left to do, but it’s so expensive that we too have to wait between procedures for financial reasons.

        I can at least somewhat relate to jaw pain, since there are toothaches. I *truly* wish you luck as well, hopefully it doesn’t become worse/be outwardly apparent. I was always smiling with my mouth shut over the years, so I know somewhat what you’re going through as far as it showing.

  63. Wens says:

    Is it me or is she starting to morph into Presilla Presley after all her work was done – perhaps they use the same surgeon?

  64. Jill says:

    She looks terrible. The same face but not the same with that Joker smile. Face looks unnatural and taut.

  65. Lisa says:

    I’m 47 and finally stopped coloring my hair 2 years ago. I was tired of beating it up with chemicals and just said “enough” one day. It was either grow it out, or shave my head and I don’t think I have the right shaped head for that. It was rough for the first 4 months or so because it just looked like I hadn’t had time to color it, but once it got past a certain point where I could pull it back into a barrette I stopped having those “oh my God, I can’t stand this, I should color it” moments. Best decision I ever made. Not to mention the money I save not coloring it or buying “special” shampoo. I got compliments when it was growing out…for a while my relatives actually thought I had my hair frosted. My aunts and cousins were all “you’re so brave, I could never do that”. And then my mother stopped coloring her hair. And now one of my aunts has too. And they love it! No one tells them they look “old” because of their hair color, and thanks to good Italian genes we’re all fairly unwrinkled. It was a very liberating experience and when I look in the mirror now, I just see…me. An older, better, happier me.

    • Hakura says:

      @Lisa – This comment is *totally* not meant to make anyone feel old >.<

      My mother is 51, & has taken the same approach to her grays. She has dark brown hair, so they come out looking like intentional light 'chunks' (Like your family thinking you got yours frosted). I admire her for not being so hung up on trying to look like she's 30-something.

      (Not that there's anything wrong with coloring your hair/grays, It’s just not for everyone. It’s just not the horrible ‘omg’ thing people make it out to be.)

  66. I’m betting people would be shocked to see stars age “naturally.” I think she looks great. If you look closely you can see some crow’s feet that seem perfectly natural too, just giving Ms Cox the right amount of expressiveness.

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

    • Hakura says:

      @Dr Rhys Branman – I mean you no disrespect, but it looks like they cut off her face & pulled it as tight as they could (like when you stretch silly putty over something), then pinned it back. Her lips look pulled/stretched back too, they don’t even look comfortable.

      But worst of all, she looks nothing like herself. It’s sad that a beautiful woman would think she needed to go to this extreme. I just can’t possibly see what about this result looks good.

  67. Amelia says:

    Courtney Cox appears to have had quite a bit of work done, especially around her mouth and with fillers. She also has one of the worst breast enlargements I’ve seen. I think many of you are right about gaining a little weight. When you shove that much filler in your face or put in fake boobs in a large size and you’re very thin, it all looks horribly unnatural. CC definitely needs a new doctor.

  68. Scootsie says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Ms Cox and I still think she is a beautiful woman (those eyes alone still sell it). However, I hope she really does come to accept the ‘inevitable’, because she is about to fall into the pit of plastic freakdom. Yes, she clearly has had some work, but I’ve seen much worse cases. I’m an almost 41yr old male, and yes, physical aging does suck for the most part. I think I’m aging fairly well from a combo of good genes, religiously moisturizing, and giving up sun worshipping many years ago. Would I ever go under the knife? I don’t think so. I’ve seen it over and over, and it just doesn’t look appealing. Sorry, the technology to give you back your 22yr old face doesn’t exist yet.

  69. Str8Shooter says:

    She looks a freakin’ DUCK! Seriously! What are these people (I won’t leave men out of this either…look…or DON’T Bruce Jenner and Mickey Rourke).

    They end up looking OLDER and much scarier once they start jacking up their face.

    Age naturally people!!