Courteney Cox cops to Botox

It seems like a lot of female celebs are at this weird place where they can’t deny they’re had plastic surgery – thanks to tabloids and Dr. 90210 we’re all so aware of the telltale signs – but they’ve still got to maintain that facade of abhorrence. So the only solution is “I tried it and hated it.” Jessica Simpson finally ‘fessed up to Restylane lip injections two years ago – aka the few months she spent with permanent trout pout. She claimed to have hated the look. Which is good, since the rest of us did too.

Now Courteney Cox admits she’s had Botox done – but of course claims to hate it, and gives the tried and true “I’m an actress, I have to move my face” line of thought.

Courteney Cox has a confession: She’s had Botox, and she didn’t like it!

“Botox? I think it’s fantastic and also horrible,” she tells November’s Marie Claire. “I mean, they’ve come up with this stuff that can make you not look angry. But you have to use it sparingly.

“I went to this doctor once,” Cox, 44, continues, “and he was like, ‘Oh, let me do it just here and here and here.’ And I was miserable. She explains, “I mean, I’m an actor, I’ve got to be able to move my face. When people start messing with their foreheads and can’t lift their eyebrows, that’s weird. It’s not that I haven’t tried Botox – but I hated it.”

Luckily, Cox says, “I’m under pressure to not do anything.” Plastic surgery, she adds, isn’t “really important” to her husband of nine years, David Arquette. “He loves the aging process. He thinks it’s beautiful,” she says in the magazine.

“It’s weird, because I’m so in love with David right now,” Cox says. “I’m starting to really appreciate how ‘there’ he is for me. But in any relationship, there are times that you’re disconnected. You can see how relationships end if you don’t work through it.”

[From Us Weekly]

What a great way to answer questions so you sound like you’re really honest and also not vain. This sounds like the cosmetic surgery version of the line both my parents always told me (and I absolutely believed) about drinking alcohol in college: yes they both had tried it, both thought it tasted disgusting, and they dumped it out into a potted plant when no one was looking and just pretended to drink after that. Heaven forbid any of us look too closely at some random episodes of Friends or (gulp) Dirt. Oh and Jennifer Aniston never really had a nose job. That deviated septum thing was absolutely accurate.

Courteney Cox is shown at ELLE Magazine’s 15th Annual Women in Hollywood Tribute on 10/6/08. Credit: Bob Charlotte / PR Photos. Header photo credit: Nikki Nelson / WENN

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  1. geronimo says:

    God, I hope she quits messing around with her face. I think she’s really beautiful – far more naturally so than JA – and has the kind of beauty that would just age well anyway. Don’t think she comes across in the least vain, just honest about the pressure to stay in the game.

  2. RAN says:

    Her problem would never be botox related, I actually like her characteristic face. What she’s running into is the gaunt look she’s been sporting for a few years. It’s catching up to her now, so… if she wants to try something, consider filler.

    Now I’m second guessing myself though… if I recall what she looked like in that Bruce Springsteen video and the early days of friends… are we sure she didn’t have some type of work done?

  3. Syko says:

    “It’s catching up to her now, so… if she wants to try something, consider filler.”

    Or maybe actually eating?

  4. RAN says:

    :lol: Syko, lol, that would work too! :wink:

  5. Jen (the other one) says:

    And maybe give up the lip injections before it’s too late and she turns into Meg Ryan.

  6. Baholicious says:

    She’s too thin and needs to stop parting her hair in the middle.

  7. Zoe says:

    If plastic surgery is so fucking great and we’d all do it if only we had the money, why are people accused of getting it and then vehemently deny getting it? :roll:
    Would any of you be proud to say you actually let someone inject shit into your face that makes it unable to move?
    Or got cut up and had plastic bags shoved into your chest cavity so that men would stare at your fake chest?
    I’m not getting this. Enlighten me.

  8. Kaiser says:

    Watching Dirt was like watching a robot try to express human emotions. I think she started with all of this stuff (and yes, she’s had more done than just Botox injections) after she had Coco, after Friends. She looks completely different.

    And I just can’t contain myself, I have to play Copyeditor…

    “I mean, they’ve come up with this stuff that can make you not look angry. [I mean, I used the stuff that just freezes the anger, but there's stuff out there that I don't use.]“

  9. DLR says:

    Is she saying she’s had Botox but doesn’t do it anymore? Well either way she sayd she did Botox. That is kind of hypocritcal considering she’s the spokesperson for what is it, Keratese or something like that? So why spend $100 on face cream if you end up getting Botox anyway?

  10. anony says:

    RAN- she has definitely done the filler- notice for a woman her age she would have more pronounced nasolabial folds and she has barely any trace… she probably gets a restylane or a hyaluronic (sic?) filler there.

    I agree G- she would age just fine. She has good bone structure and that always helps.

    As w/botox women who go nuts with the filler also look a little strange.

    Wasn’t there a story in the Enquirer cover CB has up the other day- people keep saying she has marriage problems. I wonder if they’re on the way to splitsville.

  11. kate says:

    i always thought she was so pretty, but she needs to put on about 15 pounds.

  12. Gracie says:

    At 44, in Hollywood where you live and die by your looks, how could she NOT have it. I’m 42, decent looking, but every now and then I look at my face, wondering…

    I’m in a profession (consulting) where a little maturity is ok, but not too much. I think I would skip botox (too temporary thus a waste of $$) and go for a minor lift instead.

  13. mrs favre says:

    Has anyone here had lip fillers that actually look good? As I’ve aged my upper lip is almost nonexistent. I would like get something done but don’t want fish lips

  14. lola lola says:

    Is it really accurate to call Botox ‘plastic surgery’? You don’t get cut into, or put asleep….I’m not sure what to call it. Vanity innoculations? Hmmm. I do love CC’s dark hair and great cheekbones. I think she looks fabulous whatever she does—but maybe that’s just in photos. I’ve never seen her in real life.

  15. ff says:

    With cosmetic procedures – surgical or otherwise – the truth is always: time will tell.

    They can only deny it for so long but they can’t do it when only parts of their face start sagging and others stay remarkably waxwork-like.

    We’ll see, is what I say. Repeated procedures will be obvious in a few years, just check out Faye Dunaway, Mickey Rourke, and Meg Ryan now – and compare them to how they used to look 15-20 years ago.

  16. anony says:

    @ Mrs. Favre- never had anything (though I have an aunt who has, she married a rich guy) and I think if you just tell your doc you want ‘more surface’ to the lip they’ll get it. It basically means you want to widen it a little without the trout look.
    They have a procedure to do exactly that the name escapes me though.

    Sadly yes- the lips thin as we all age. Sucks. A reason they tell women to avoid the dark lipstick as they get older it makes the lips look even thinner.

    Angelina has plenty to spare though.

  17. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Girlfriend’s 44 and hardly has a single line on her entire face and is trying to tell us she ONCE tried Botox a WHILE BACK and didn’t LIKE IT?

    Girl. Please. Stop.

    Also, the hair color is looking harsh.

  18. Granger says:

    I think it’s easy to look at photos of celebs like Courteney and think, wow! She’s 44 and she hardly has any wrinkles! But you forget how much DOESN’T show up in pictures. I’m in my late 30s and, sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I can’t believe the size of the bags under my eyes or the crow’s feet around the edges. But then my husband will take a photo and my wrinkles hardly show up at all! (It’s all very ego-boosting… until I look in the mirror again.) What I’m trying to say is, Cox probably looks older in real life than she does in photos. Don’t forget, she’s wearing a lot of make-up that’s been professionally applied, and the lighting for any red carpet event is going to be set up to flatter the celebs having their photos taken. Doesn’t mean she hasn’t had plastic surgery — just means she’s being photographed in a rather ideal situation.

    Having said all of that, I’m sure she doesn’t look as “old” as your average 44 year old who doesn’t have access to regular spa facials and expensive skin-care products. There’s also that trifling matter of the relatively easy life Cox and every other successful actress leads compared to the average woman. Most of us work a 9-5 job, take only two to three weeks’ vacation a year, and don’t have a housekeeper or nanny to help with the routine domestic chores. Celebs are going to look younger just by virtue of the fact that they don’t have as much to do as the rest of us, and have a lot more time to relax!!!