Jennifer Lawrence in Prabal Gurung at the Critic’s Choice: sexy or weird? (update)

Jennifer Lawrence

Is anyone else slightly disturbed by the ease in which Silver Linings Playbook is taking the awards shows by storm thus far? I’ve seen the movie, and it’s defintely a cute and charming little flick; essentially, the film is a twist on romantic comedy with a bunch of antidepressants and some moderate mental illness thrown in for good measure. SLP is admittedly a good movie and a very likeable one, but it’s definitely not Best Picture material when it comes to the Oscar race. However, Harvey Weinstein could likely have his way and take everything (he really wants a threepeat after winning Best Picture two years running), and I honestly think I will die if Bradley Cooper walks away with a Best Actor gold statuette. That can’t happen, right?

At last night’s Critic’s Choice awards, Silver Linings did indeed perform a virtual half-sweep by taking the awards for Best Comedy, Best Actor in a Comedy (BCoop, serial killer extraordinaire!), and Best Actress in a Comedy (Jennifer Lawrence, obviously). Jennifer also took home the Best Actress in an Action Movie for her work as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. The girl may very well be the most decorated actress ever by the time her career ends in several decades. I know some of you don’t like JLaw and are tired of her talking about her “fat” body, but I still dig her and think she’s a refreshing alternative to the other starlets populating Hollywood today.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer looked pretty fantastic last night and certainly was dressed much better than she was in that awful Valentino Couture she wore for the People’s Choice Awards. Here, Jennifer wore an amazing black Prabal Gurung gown with a flattering shape and beautiful sheer fabric that all makes for a very dramatic appearance. The train is just right and not too much on this dress, and JLaw has just the right amount of cleavage poking though on the cutout shape. I would have preferred that the entire dress (save for the belt) would have been in the same fabric instead of having that odd dash of leather at the top, but overall, this is a winning look for JLaw. She usually looks so uncomfortable on the red carpet, but she’s working the hell out of this dress.

Jennifer Lawrence

Also, Jennifer scored major points for her makeup and hair. Finally, no winged bangs! The low, side-slung chignon is just messy and piecey enough to work, and her makeup artist must have loved her last night. Very pretty.

Jennifer Lawrence

Update: This is so sad, and victory remains bittersweet even for JLaw. InTouch reports that Jennifer and her boyfriend of two years, Nicholas Hoult, have broken up. According to a friend, “They’re young and grew apart,” which is entirely understandable. So I guess Jennifer will be attending the Globes solo, and the filming of the next X-Men movie could get pretty uncomfortable.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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  1. QQ says:

    She looks cute and young and daring but not slutty

  2. Marianne says:

    Jennifer Lawrence was my favourite look of the night. She looked so gorgeous and it was a definite improvement from that PCA disaster.

  3. MG says:

    She looks perfect. Can’t wait to see what she wears to the Oscars!

  4. Jenna says:

    I like it! Especially the difference of material. The only thing I don’t like is the train. It feels mother of the bride-ish.

    And her hair is lighter. Is filming for THG over already?!

    • Migdalia says:

      I think it is…I called bs when a fake JL Instagram account said as much but I’m pretty sure since everyone is back in LA, her hair is lighter and she needs to be around for awards season that principal photography is done. That was super quick after all the hooplah that she couldn’t do XMen in January but I guess they wanted to leave room for reshoots

    • akua says:

      I love that hair color on her!

  5. GoodCapon says:

    I don’t like the bunched-up area of the dress on her waist, just below the belt. It doesn’t flow well with the rest of the dress.

    Her makeup is great though. I like her hair style on this one.

  6. annabelle says:

    I like the dress, I love the hair and makeup.

    I liked the movie, a lot. No, it is not a Best Picture kind of movie. At all.

    My fear is that we are going to get so over saturated with the JLaw that we come to hate the JLaw and that would make me sad. I really like her, I don’t want to get sick of the sight of her.

    • cmc says:

      I like the movie a lot too, but I was surprised at how “on-the-nose” romantic comedy it was. I remember sitting there at the end and saying “wait, what? Really?” The end kind of ‘ruined’ the whole movie for me, honestly.

    • Adrien says:

      Love Silver Linings but I’m also thinking that it’s this year’s “As Good As It Gets”. I’m surprised it got a nod while Skyfall, Looper, Moonrise Kingdom and Cloud Atlas all got snubbed. At least I saw Silver Linings. Never heard of Amour nor Beast of Southern Wild.

  7. mia girl says:

    Defintely an improvement and her figure looked great… but I think this dress is not “fresh” enough for her. She’s 22, this seems too, dramatic.

  8. La Calabaza says:

    She looks amazing but older. I would love this dress on Jessica Chastain for example.

  9. SolitaryAngel says:

    Gorgeous!!!! Love the whole look, and I’d love to know what lip color that is–I’d go buy it right now.

    • RobN says:

      And I think the lip color is the only miss out of the whole look! Eyes are stunning but I think the lips look like clown make-up. Too bright and distracting.

  10. TG says:

    I agree she looks great and much better than that horrible dress from the other night. This is a great buildup to the Oscars. I also agree with Bedhead she is refreshing to read about vs the other starlets running around. I was annoyed that Anne Hathaway got nominated. I haven’t seen the movie but am sick to death of her going on an on about how she starved herself. Also, read her Vanity Fair interview and she has a much better way of describing how awkward red carpets are vs that forever emo Kristen Stewart who is all into herself.

  11. Miss Kiki says:

    I actually don’t think I have anything bad to say, she looks great. Now if she stops giving interviews for a little while then I might start to love her again.

  12. Danish says:

    She looks really good – but when you she her like this it is so clear just how much Photoshop they use in mags.

  13. Rachel says:

    No worries Bedhead. The Oscars don’t have separate categories for comedy and drama. Which means he’s going up against DDL. And no one is taking that Oscar from DDL. Not no one. Not no how.

  14. carrie says:

    less ugly than People Choice Awards’dress but not great just meh!

  15. Melissa says:

    I like the dress but it’s for someone older. You don’t think JL’s team has watched Kristen Stewart on the red carpet and told her don’t act like that!

    • tracking says:

      I agree with this. It does look great on her figure though!

    • ORLY says:

      “You don’t think JL’s team has watched Kristen Stewart on the red carpet and told her don’t act like that!”

      No, they seem to have completely opposite personalities.

    • tracking says:

      I was agreeing with the age comment (fwiw). I have no particular thoughts on Kristen Stewart.

  16. serena says:

    There is finally an improvement in her look, yay

  17. andrea says:

    I think Jennifer looks comfortable and more natural here than she usually does on the red carpet because someone finally gave her a dress she likes and knows she looks good in. I’m tired of stylists trying to match her perceived uniqueness with unusual statement dresses and “cool” makeup looks that never really look quite right on her.

  18. Riana says:

    The dress is gorgeous, the makeup is…sigh.

    Are there no more good makeup artists in Hollywood, or are they all contractually tied to bigger names?

    I just don’t get who keeps putting amateur makeup on these girls who are attending major events.

    Thankfully I have all the lusciousness of that dress to enjoy.

    *Oh and the hair is perfection, the jewelry is adorably understated. Classy sophisticated.

  19. Audrey says:

    Finally! A truly interesting and well-executed dress!

  20. heatheradair says:

    I want to flick her makeup people in the forehead. She has amazing eyes, but whomever she has on “face” duty has no idea what to do with hooded lids. STOP with the shadow all the way up to the brow bone. And the brow color they use on her tends to be much too orange-ee. Go taupe, and stop with the grungy shadow all the way over the lid……


    If I ruled the makeup world……..

    • Riana says:

      Not to mention they keep winging out her eyeliner to the side…it’s clearly making her eyes look even further apart and the top of her head look wider.

      Whoever does Kristin Stewart’s makeup needs to rescue half the younger girls in Hollywood, I’ve seen too much makeup tragedy today.

  21. j.eyre says:

    I love it – the whole look. I was prepared to challenge you on the different fabrics, Bedhead, but I re-looked at it and I think you are right there. For her, the leather/vinyl/pleather fabric at the neck is good for her youth and quirkiness so I like it on her. If I were wearing this dress – which I would, belt, train and all – I would like the same fabric.

    I agree with you on SLP too. It is a nice movie but I don’t think it is up there with the other contenders. Maybe BCoop, he really nailed that character. Jennifer, IMO was good but not sure about Oscar-worthy.

  22. Dawn says:

    I think she looks very cute in the dress and it is perfect for her age group. It is one of the few dresses that I’ve actually liked so far in this award season. About the movie, although it was cute and very well acted, to me it was still a formula comedy. I saw it and was amused but now blown away by anything in it or by anyone’s performance. Now I am not a Bradley Cooper fan even though sometimes I find him attractive the majority of time I find him to be average both in looks and acting ability. And I do believe that Ben Affleck deserved to be nominated for best film and best director for Argo. Now that movie had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to the end. Silver Linings did not, in fact I never laughed out loud, I merely chuckled at a few things. But that’s just my little ole opinion!

  23. Ann says:

    Totally agree with your assessment of the dress. While I don’t mind the leather, it would look even better without it. That said, she looks SO much better than in that Valentino 1980’s era mess she wore to the PCAs.

  24. Ginger says:

    She is just so pretty and a fabulous actress! I love the dress on her. It’s very flattering. I love the hair too. I’m not a big fan of the lipstick but somehow she pulls it off. I agree that she will probably be winning many more awards in the years to come. It’s nice to see a young woman who is so talented.

  25. Shelly says:

    She looks beautiful.

  26. Migdalia says:

    While I absolutely love SLP and thought it was one of the better films I’ve seen in a very long time I don’t get the Oscar hype over the entire movie in general. Like Harry Potter DH part 2 the movie was great until the generic ending killed some of the uniqueness. I think the actors deserve only as far as the Oscar nominations.

  27. Ang says:

    Ugh her face…she is not very pretty is she?

    • MrsB says:

      Are you serious? I would love to see what you consider “pretty.” She is gorgeous!

      • Merlyn says:

        Are you serious this girl is so average. In my book she is never going to be pretty and she is so far to be consider beautiful. Dont get me wrong I love her and I think she is a good actress.And I wish I had her body this is coming from a girl that is a size 00 lol I wish I was curvy but oh well thats life.

      • StaCat1 says:

        Respectfully Disagree. Most women I know would kill for a chance to have a face and figure like that. And she has brains/talent to boot.

      • marie says:

        count me in, I would kill for that body-it’s the body I’m working towards anyway.

    • pinkheart says:

      yeah in looks she is just above average ,but what she lacks in looks she makes it up in her acting and behaviour which i guess is more impotant unlike some other starlets who are really beautiful but lack in acting .

    • meh says:

      I agree with you. I just don’t see thie ravishing beauty everyone else does. There’s something off about her face…her eye placement just makes her have this permanent “durr face”. She’s not ugly by any stretch..I just don’t see the OMG SO BEAUTIFUL thing.

    • Adrien says:

      Her whole persona is sexy. True, she has a generic campus blonde face, I even mentioned that she looks like someone from the 80s but her total look is greater than the sum of its parts. The most appealing in Hollywood are usually people that are not too perfect looking.

  28. don'tremember says:

    JL endures from the same image issue that Kate Hudson has. Kate has always appeared as older than her years. I’m always surprised that Kate is only in her early 30’s. Though Jl is only in her early 20’s she seems to be half a decade ahead of peers in the looks and career department. I’m not convinced that it’s for the best. In industry were woman’s careers evaporate at age 30 it might not be the best idea to hit that so early.

  29. RN says:

    I don’t care for the train or the hairstyle. Both are too aging for such a young woman.

  30. Marina says:

    Im so tired of everybody in this blog talking bad about Bradley Cooper. I think he is so hot and he seems like a very nice guy with a horrible taste in women. I know he is definitely not the best actor out there but he is doing good for himself. I want him to win the Oscar so badly.

    Jennifer looks amazing. I hope her and Bradley get together!!!

  31. shewolf says:

    I love her.

    One minute she looks tough, one minute she looks like she is 14, next minute she looks sexy, next minute she looks like the girl next door… she’s versatile and I like that about her. Plus she’s beautiful and has an awesome sense of humour.

  32. yuck says:

    Do people actually look at this young woman and think “fat”? I think she looks fit and very pretty. Where do you find “fat” on this person?

  33. Chickenlishus says:

    I get a gay vibe. No big deal, just a “hmmm?”

  34. Julio Jimenez says:

    WOW she looks absolutely amazing! What change from the dresses she has worn in the past few days. Jennifer you look stunning and beautiful. Congratulations and keep it up girl! If I was straight I would do you.

  35. mimi says:

    Come on she is overdressed. She and Taylor Swift are also Charlize Theron wanna bes. They are totally copying her style from last year. You said Charlize was overdressed at the critics awards last year Kaiser. This is way dressier!

  36. Reece says:

    She looks great! That is the best dress since the Calvin Klein from the Oscars.

  37. Skipper says:

    She needs to drink more before she goes on the red carpet. In my house, we call that the Chandler smile.

  38. kay says:

    that pic of her not smiling, she looks gorgeous.

    I thought the same about SLP taking some many awards and nominations, it seemed pretty basic when I saw the trailer.
    but then I remembered Girl, Interrupted.
    It was funny, but it was a darn good movie and the awards were deserved.
    so, maybe?

    • Lucija says:

      I’ve seen it, and it’s ok, but nothing special. And I don’t think Bradley, and especially not Jennifer deserve an Oscar. DDL and Emanuelle Riva all the way.

  39. Mew says:

    The dress is awesome but her eyewhites are way too white. It’s like radioactive white. I guess that’s better than yellow.

  40. Diana says:

    At last a look that works on J-Law. She looks awsome. Her smile continues to be a little off but last night she finally knocked it out of the park.

  41. StaCat1 says:

    I just love HER. If she came out in a Wal-Mart sweat suit…I’d still love her. She looks amazing.

  42. Arelelle says:

    One of the few celebs who looks better without make-up. She’s a natural beauty.

  43. Boo says:

    I think she is an incredibly talented young actress with poise beyond her years. I enjoyed her performance so much in silver lining playbook. She is just a breath of fresh air. However i agree with the people who says that movie is not best movie material. There is no way Bradley will win, he is up against Daniel Day Lewis and Joaquin Phoneix, both are on a different level. Jennifer has a shot but for her sake i almost hope she doesnt win. She is 22 years old, it might be too much too soon. I actually feel like it would be better for her not to win, she is wonderful but still has so much time to grow and develop. No doubt she will be nominated again and again. For this year i am rooting for Jessica Chastain or the old lady in Amour to win.

  44. Sam x says:

    She looks gorgeous! I loove the dress…As for her & Bradley Cooper shacking up, I very much doubt it. I’ve seen some of their interviews together, they get on really well with each other, are comfortable in each other’s presence and have a good friendship through working together.

  45. MisJes says:

    FINALLY! I have been looking at all these fashion posts, and wondering “What the hell was the stylist thinking?!”

    I LOVE this look on Jennifer. Her hair is lovely, it’s a youthful chignon and it looks shiny, groomed and healthy. The make-up is executed well, although I wouldn’t wear that shade of pink – it’s very age appropriate (remember, she’s 22 years old) and a fun pop of colour to the overall look.

    The dress is well cut, and fits her like a glove. I love the cape detail and I think the touch of leather is a clever addition- it makes the dress more youthful and appropriate for a young actress.

    I’m so happy Jennifer’s work was recognised at the awards, she is an amazing talent and so damn likeable, I’m really rooting for her to nab that Oscar!

  46. Jill says:

    The dress and make up are yuck!

  47. Jamie says:

    I think she that make up makes her look oddly cross eyed and strange.

  48. Lil says:

    She’d look better with a decent bra on.