Brandi Glanville responds to LeAnn’s ET interview: ‘It’s kind of cray-cray’

Brandi Glanville was in rare form last night, if you think it’s a rarity for Brandi to get drunk and verbally slam LeAnn Rimes (hint: it’s not a rarity). Brandi was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, and Andy got Brandi to dish a little bit about LeAnn’s Entertainment Tonight interview last week. In the ET interview, LeAnn claimed that Brandi is “transparently” creating a one-sided war with her (LeAnn) over Twitter so that Brandi can have a “career”. Basically, LeAnn said Brandi is now and has always been the instigator in their little drama and that Brandi wouldn’t even have a career if not for LeAnn. So in between drunk tweets and refills, Brandi responded:

First of all, I kind of love that Brandi uses “cray-cray” to describe the situation. I know it’s immature, but I totally loved it. Second of all, Brandi’s face… good God. She needs to ease up on the Botox and fillers. Not only does her face look radically different, but she can’t move anything but her mouth. In case you wanted to just read what was said:

Brandi Glanville, appearing on Monday night’s edition of Watch What Happens Live, called LeAnn Rimes “insane” in reference to the singer’s latest tell-all interview.

Brandi implied LeAnn’s been crying wolf with her cavalcade of emotional, no-holds-barred interviews – the latest with Entertainment Tonight, in which she discussed her fears of losing husband Eddie Cibrian, and her stint in rehab for stress and anxiety.

“Everyday there’s a tell-all,” Brandi said. “It’s kind of cray-cray!”

Host Andy Cohen asked Brandi about rumors that Eddie, a modestly successful TV actor, had hooked on to LeAnn as a Sugar-Mama.

“It’s true, yeah,” Brandi said, confirming that Eddie had always wanted to live in a big house in an affluent community – two wishes the How Do I Live singer has been able to grant with her wealth.

Fellow guest star Hoda Kotb chimed in with the adage that the “way you got him is the way you’ll lose him,” a reference to how Eddie was married to Brandi at the time he hooked up with LeAnn.

Asked point blank if she though LeAnn was insane, Brandi said, “Insane? Yes I do!”

Brandi said she knows LeAnn religiously watches her antics on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, recalling how her son Jake saw Andy on TV and said, “That’s [LeAnn's] favorite show!”

“I hope LeAnn will come on!” Andy said.

The jury remains to be seen on that: During the broadcast, LeAnn took to Twitter to (presumably) respond to Brandi, writing, “Wow the texts from my friend. KISSES and KMA,” as in, “Kiss My A**.”

Brandi’s new book Drinking & Tweeting comes out February 13, while LeAnn’s new album, Spitfire, hits stores April 9.

[From Radar]

I looked through LeAnn’s Twitter, and that was the only thing she tweeted about Brandi’s appearance (and we don’t even know for sure it was about Brandi – except that it probably is).

As for the wisdom of continuing with this “war” or whatever… ugh. It’s been going on so long! It’s so trashy! They’re all such d-listers! And yet we can’t stay away. For what it’s worth, I thought Brandi was kind of funny in this interview, and I like the way she approached the LeAnn situation – like the whole thing is a joke. Because it kind of is.

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  1. Riana says:

    She looks really good.

    It’s kinda sad because I use good in that Hollywood plastic surgery way…like she looks ‘good’ enough I can recognize how cute as a button she used to be.

    Still clothes + face are working really well here.

    • Anonny says:

      She’s getting LA Face, where she’s trading in all identifiable characteristics for puffy cheeks, fat lips and immovable facial muscles.

  2. brin says:

    Love Brandi!! She is hilarious and let’s face it, she’s only saying what most of us believe…that Leann is insane. Can’t wait to read Brandi’s book!

    • Zooyork says:

      I’m super excited for her book too :)

    • anonimouse8319 says:

      I won’t buy it, I’ll read the Library’s copy. I’m at a point where I am floored that Brandi’s “real life” friends and advisers aren’t telling her that she is either part of the problem (constant exposure) or part of the solution (shut up and go away to parent). Hopefully, when the book situation dies down, she’ll slink away and give all of her attention to her boys because if the book and a second season of RHWoBH do not provide enough money to live for a good long time, well…she may want to re-think what a “normal” life is…

  3. Talie says:

    I don’t get why Brandi went overboard with the fillers…I can’t imagine she was aging that badly. I guess insecurity, but man, all those Bev Hills Housewives have the same catface…it’s scary.

    • Kiyoshigirl says:

      Once you start with the fillers it’s hard to stop. As soon as the last injection wears off the face drops and you’re running to the Dr’s office to get another. My older sister started with this stuff and she’s totally addicted. If she misses an appointment by even a day or two all she does is whine about how bad she looks. It’s really kind of pitiful. It’s as if they don’t see “reality” in the mirror anymore. Truthfully I was thinking about getting a little bit prior to a recent job interview, but then I had to listen to my sister’s whining and decided I’d rather have a few wrinkles than be miserable.

  4. MsAubra says:

    Brandi has lost her funny factor to me. She was interesting and ok when she was being fun and not taling every opportunity to slam LeAnn. Even though Leann does herself no favors. But you can tell she is milking every opportunity to slam Leann on the sly. I caught that last episode of RHBH where she was confronting Scheanna (one of the women her ex cheated on her with) and she just happened to drop that Leann was being cheated on too, and some other stuff…Brandi aint slick! lmao

    • cmc says:

      I feel the same way about Brandi that I do about Gabriel Aubry: some crazy stuff went down, the other side is flinging a bunch of madness and accusations on them, their kid(s) are in the middle, so finally they said “enough is enough.” Now I’m a lot more sympathetic to Brandi. What’s she supposed to do, roll over and take it? Absolutely not.

      • emmie_a says:

        Agreed. LeAnn is an insane narcissist who won’t shut-the-f**k-up so I don’t fault Brandi for trying to defend herself. Unfortunately it’s hard to reason with crazy.

      • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

        Totally team Brandi on this one. Leann Rimes has a sh*t load of problems; she has always had major issues. And now Brandi’s kids are caught in the middle of it because of that idiot Eddie Cibrian. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and that is the only weapon Brandi has at this point. The only way she has to protect her kids from that lunatic is to keep exposing her for what she really is–and hopefully one day the courts will take notice.

    • Heather M says:

      I don’t think that Brandi said that Leann IS being cheated on. I think she said EVEN IF Leann is being cheated on (she would not want them to break up), and you cannot really blame her for saying that b/c she is coming from the perspective of someone who LIVED that as a reality–being cheated on constantly, and she is talking to one of the people who cheated with Eddie, so I think that was a pretty normal thing to bring up in that conversation.

      Up until now, I have to give Brandi credit for being fairly quiet about things. I think she probably did not want to give any of Eddie’s side-pieces any more media attention (that would benefit their fame whore “careers.”) However, she now recognizes that it gives HER media attention, which she needs to sell her book/stay on RHOBH/MAKE MONEY TO SURVIVE, and God knows Leann and Eddie are not giving her any money to survive, so I say good for her! Well played in the long term, Brandi!!

      • Relli says:

        Precisely! I actually had read quite a bit on here about how much Brandi badmouths HeMan on the show so I started watching RHWBH because they way a lot of posters made it sound every other sentence was about her.

        So I watched and waited…..

        While there were a few mentions of Eddie and his new wife it wasn’t with overt disdain. Its not like she was making horse gestures or alluding to flying of to Fantastica. She speaks of it in terms of her adjusting her life after the divorce from Eddie. The divorce is part of her storyline (just like Camille) so of course there will be discussion of it and subsequently Leann.

        The only winner in all of this Andy, he is loving this, he’s a crafty little instigator!

    • LAK says:

      No she didn’t say that.

      She was talking about how much of a serial cheater Eddie was and how that had destroyed her and specifically said that ‘even if he was cheating right now, i don’t want him to divorce because that would hurt my kids….’

      Nothing about that statement says he is doing it NOW nor is she wishing bad things to happen because of the direct result that will have on her kids.

      I watch RHOBH and she only ever makes digs at Eddie. It’s amazing how this has been interpreted to mean that she is also talking about LR. As i said in my post yesterday ad nauseum, Camille makes digs at Kelsey too. all the time. You never get the sense that the new wife is the problem. The way Brandi talks about Eddie is the same. Eddie as the problem. LR was brought up once. by another HW as a dig to hurt Brandi. The season Brandi joined, she mentioned that her husband left her for another woman twice in two separate conversations. Once to Camille, the other time to Taylor. never mentioned ‘the other woman’ by name. And both times, what was being discussed was what douchey exes they had.

  5. MoxyLady007 says:

    Last Leann thread, two women stepped forward with stories of being stalked and harassed like Leann does/did to Brandi. They were horrifying. And their insight on this situation was really great.
    Both said that its important to get the word out about what is being done to you. And that’s what Brandi is doing, with way more of a sense of humor than I could manage.

  6. RocketMerry says:

    Botox and fillers age any face tremendously. When are people going to learn?!
    Very nice body, though, and decent clothes.

    As for the drama… yeah… Leann always starts it and fuels it, but Brandi should learn to rise above and not comment. Though it is probably very, very difficult.

    • Heather M says:

      I think that she looks great! I do think that she needs to not get the Botox so much in her forehead (makes eyes smaller) and stop getting it in her chin (makes you look like you suddenly had a ton of plastic surgery b/c there is something “off”). I tried it in my chin once and I suddenly looked like I had a ton of work…However, if she would let up on that a bit, I think otherwise she looks really good.

      She seems to be one of the few people who can get away with fillers and it plumps but you cannot see them under her skin (like Adrienne Maloof). And she has strong bone structure, so I think it makes her look like she has had more done than she actually has…her boobs are amazing, though!!! Love them. And her hair looks great blonder, IMO. :)

  7. virginia5 says:

    everyone needs to grow up in this situation!

    I would of thought Brandi would be the mature one and would stop commenting on whatever leanne says.

    this shit happen 3 years ago!

    • Cinnamon says:

      eh when people keep asking about it, leann writes an entire album about it, brandi’s whole world fell apart and she was given a lucrative platform to discuss it….its never going to go away. 10 years on we’re still thinking jennifer is pining after Brad. its a story and eventually it will fade. until then, i love that someone who wronged a family (leann and eddie in their own ways) is getting some karmic billboard charts feedback on their actions

    • Sal says:

      No, Leann is still taunting Brandi TODAY. 3 years ago has nothing to do with it.

  8. Sunny says:

    wow, I love that casual outfit with the pink skull scarf, white top and black pants. Does anyone recognise where the pants are from? Or the jacket?

  9. Jane says:

    I must say that I love this mess – they are so classless, shameless and trashy. I bet LeAne was more than sure that she won and some stupid ex-wife will not bother her anymore but… yeah… good luck with that LeAne.

  10. Cinnamon says:

    the fact brandi is responding with humor is gonna drive leann up the wall. trust. nothing a bully hates more than being mocked especially when she tries so hard at being passive aggressively cruel. im happy Brandi has gotten past reacting angrily and is now just mocking leann’s “above it all” (while writing an entire album/3 tell all interviews about the situation) approach.

  11. judyjudy says:

    Leann is totally nuts but I think what bothers Brandi most is that Eddie isn’t suffering as a result of her giving him the boot. No one likes to throw some one out only to have them land on a pile of money

    • Deanne says:

      I think that Eddie’s suffering plenty. He never looks particularly happy unless he’s got a “beverage” in his hand. Imagine being married to a woman as insecure and unhinged as LeAnn? She physically clings to him constantly and comes across as someone who is always on the verge of a breakdown. I don’t wish a mental breakdown on anyone, including LeAnn, but don’t doubt that she’ll melt down when her new album comes out and fails like the first two singles did. Eddie signed on to get a free ride, not be to a loving husband to a wreck of a woman.

      • judyjudy says:

        True, but this group of people seem to only care about superficial luxuries. I haven’t seen any indication by any of them that they value any sort of quality or depth – just cars, clothes, fame, and appearances.

      • brin says:

        He should know there are no free rides..he is paying every second he’s with wewe and it shows.
        Once a hunk is now a skunk.

    • Jayna says:

      Yeah, Eddie is the one coasting on this. I don’t think he’s as unhappy or miserable as people want to paint. His life’s needs are met and he’s not that deep of a person. One day the marriage will crack big time as the years go on, but I think right now they are fine enough.

    • Marie Antoinette Jr. says:

      Eddie is too shallow to consciously suffer. The minute he is unhappy with Leann he will find another mistress. He’s kind of a psychopath that way. He has no conscience, empathy, or morals. He gets his kicks by scamming women.

      Leeann is an emotionally stunted former child star. She harasses Brandi because she has the emotional and intellectual maturity of a child. Eddie knows exactly what’s going on and he enjoys it because he’s a sadistic narcissist.

  12. Lesalou says:

    I love me some Brandi. I thought she looked fantastic and responded appropriately to Andy’s questions. She only stated what everyone knows to be the truth. If people she talks to would quit asking about LR, she would not say anything. It’s not her fault but she does answer honestly. I imagine she gets tired of talking about it. But, the douche did walk away and leave her penniless with no way of providing an income. So, I think she has done amazingly well and has managed to make more money than Eddie since the divorce. I think she should develop a platform for how to help divorced women start over when they are left with nothing. Would serve her very well. As far as LR, she needs to just shut up and show some respect and quit talking about the affair. Can’t believe her nerve and her insane attempts to remain relevant. A response of kma to a woman she did so wrong is so typical of LR heart. I don’t think the woman has one.

    • Jayna says:

      Spare me. Brandi calls LeAnn cray-cray and calls her insane and only married LeAnn for money as his suger momma and you are calling out LeAnn for a brief response, like how dare she say a word in response. Those are highly inflammatory words.

      Everyone on here thinks this: LeAnn can’t address anything. Brandi can say all the shit she wants, but as the wronged wife it’s A-OK and LeAnn should never ever respond? All righty then.

      THEY have both said things they shouldn’t have at times or that deserves a remark from the other. Brandi selling that US story making highly inflammatory accusations, not using that money for a lawyer since she is SOOOO concerned about her boys’ safety, but using lots of money for fillers, big lips, botox, new clothes, expensive haircuts and colors, says she’s not so concerned about their safety enough to consult a lawyer.
      Make no mistake, I like Brandi, can’t wait for the book, wish her well, and think LeAnn is very pathetic in her behavior for a talented artist and hurting herself more than anyone else these days.

      But some of these attacks are just bizarre on her.

      • littlestar says:

        I agree with you, Jayna. I commented on a story a few days ago that they are both instigators in this (although I do like Brandi quite a bit, but think Leann needs mental health help desperately). But if Brandi is doing this for money, then I can’t come down too harshly on her. After all, her dead beat ex isn’t doing anything to help their kids. And if Leann keeps going to the press, well then I guess it keeps being a cash cow for Brandi.

      • shady says:

        agreed. Both women take every opportunity to jab at each other. The thing that makes Brandi more likable is a combination of her being the ‘injured party’ cheated on wife AND the fact that she doesn’t pretend to be above it while doing it. She admits to “whoring herself out” on TV, and is actively cashing in at every turn. LeAnn is trying to pull off still having a respected music career while takign part in this trashy tit for tat.

        LeAnn would benefit the most from shutting up and refusing to talk about the affair and Brandi, unfortunately she wrote an album about the affair, so in order to promote it she has to discuss it. Brandi seems to benefit from talking about LeAnn, am I right?

  13. Justaposter says:

    Let’s be honest, without Leann to lob things back and forth with, we would all be “Brandi who?”

  14. Emma says:

    No woman of her age should use the words “cray-cray”…….

  15. lettylynton says:

    If anyone is the douche bag…wouldn’t it be the husband who left the wife and kids?

  16. Jayna says:

    Brandi’s fillers are a mess. So much prettier before.

    I enjoyed last night’s show, but people are odd. Brandi is allowed to call LeeAnn cray-cray and insane and then go up in arms LeAnn responds and I see the haters going full force tweeting Leann and cackling about being blocked, calling a whore and on, like a full onslaught. Snarlking here is different than people all making a game of twitter harassment.

    I really feel for the kids. I really do. LeAnn can’t complain about the book because she’s promoting an album about the affar with interviews.
    Watching Andy’s show is hardly watching RHOBH show, but we all
    know she probably watches iit the second no one is around. But again watching the twitters gang up playing games and making nasty remarks to her personally and then yeehawing about how dare she block them, all the ugliness just turned me off. Way past putting a little snark or observation here. I don’t know. Just depressing.

    • nomorerimes says:

      Sorry but LR deserves everything she is getting and more! If she would just shut up–people would back off. But you know that she loves any attention–is addicted to it–so she will continue her harassing just to get it.

      Agree with a prior poster–love that Brandi is handling this with humor. After all LR is the laughing stock of celebrities!! Everyone is laughing at her, her ridiculous interviews and her failing career!

      • mln76 says:

        Ugh there is no justification for harassing someone. No wonder so many children think its OK to bully their schoolmates when their parents and teachers are doing the same. The middle aged women who get there rocks off fighting a Twitter war are beyond pathetic. Turn off the computer and take a look in the mirror.
        BTW this is not a defense of LeeAnn Rimes just disgust at the crazed behavior of the dimwits who cyber stalk her.

      • Jayna says:

        Sorry. People can post about LeAnn and Brandi, snarky, observations and humor and all on a site like this. But the people overly involved to the point of the twitter world harrassment on either side acting like really ugly human beings with their really vile comments and literally becoming the stalkers themselves on LeAnn’s account and on Brandi’s (which rarely happens anymore). It’s like lowlife teenagers (yet it’s grown women), the obsession with harassing LeAnn’s twitter account and, frankly, disgusting what I read last night. Such ugliness is all I can say.

        It’s not Saint Brandi here. She has been in the press making inflammatory remarks and then LeAnn has been in the press on the martyr tour for her album. They love to keep it going for their own reasons. Neither one is some innocent and brings on the drama.

        The kids are the losers in this.

      • nomorerimes says:

        min76 and Jayna–Sorry but all LR has to do is turn twitter off. I don’t twitter at all and I don’t like some of the nasty remarks made to LR. I don’t condone some of the things people are tweeting. But they are just angry that she is getting away with her passive-aggressive remarks, all her lies and her attitude towards Brandi. It is all non-stop. There is the simple solution to the problem–just turn the phone off. But LR is enjoying every minute of attention this has caused.

      • LAK says:

        @Min76 & Jayna – You both make good points, however LeAnn and Brandi have the power to stop this twitter insanity. It’s a sad fact that people have no compunction in leaving rude nasty messages online whether via facebook/twitter/email etc. All LeAnn and Brandi have to do is delete their twitter accounts. If they can’t because it’s a publicity tool, then they should hand control and management to their managers/publicists. Stop engaging directly with these people.

        LeAnn, more than Brandi, really needs to get off twitter if the attacks are getting worse instead of better.

        She is making it worse by responding to these people. You don’t engage. Not even to block them. They want/need a response however negative it is.

        She gives these people a platform to abuse her, and that’s where my sympathy stops because no matter how bad it gets, she retains the option of deleting her account. It’s masochist at this point.

        If they are deranged enough to abuse her in a physical rather than cyber way, then the police can be called in to help.

      • claire says:

        I don’t feel sorry for Leann as far as how badly her reputation has been damaged. Or when Brandi calls her out on stuff. She and her fan-friends and employees dished it out for years. They spared nothing to trash Brandi in an effort to make her the bad guy. Brandi’s over it, more confident, in a position to stand up to it. Leann’s getting a dose of her own medicine, she created this situation, she fed this fire for years – now she wants to cry the victim? And not own up to all her bullying behavior? Nope. Don’t feel sorry for her. She’s crazy, and it’s ridiculous that she acts like all the insults come from Brandi’s side. She has zero self-awareness.

        On the other hand, I have to agree that the twitter wars between fans are out of hand. It wasn’t cool when Leann’s fans did it to Brandi, right? Leann is pretty universally disliked at this point. Tweeting her hate 24/7 isn’t necessary.

  17. Lulu says:

    I kinda love yet cringe that it was Jake who called Leann out. And Mason who ate the laxative? And then it’s all out there as fodder for their war. Poor kids. Team Mason & Jake.

  18. Nina W says:

    It takes two to tangle and both these women are just over the top with this endless squabbling. I think they both love drama and attention and pity-parties. It’s tiresome and immature and needs to stop.

  19. mln76 says:

    Brandi must get on her knees and Praise the trailer trash gods for LeeAnn however narcisstic and drama addicted she is LeeAnn will always make her look like a saint. I guess we know what she did with the money from Us Weekly story about her sons botox is so much more important than a lawyer right ladies ;)

    • nomorerimes says:

      If Brandi went to the courts everytime LiaR did something wrong, she would be there full time. I get the feeling that she is biding her time, collecting evidence (and LR is giving her lots of that!) and when the time is right–she will go to court and win!

      • mln76 says:

        If it was important enough to sell out her child to a tab then she should have called a lawyer there is no justification for that kind of sleazy behavior and it tells me everything about her priorities.

      • nomorerimes says:

        Sleazy behavior? No one can topple LR from the throne of SleazeQueen! You don’t know what Brandi spent the money from any tab spot on! Maybe she is saving it for some lawyer’s fees. You don’t know! Don’t try to say that those kids are not B’s most important priority. If they weren’t, do you think Brandi would have put up with all the crap LR has spewed out these past 3 years? She probably would have just gone away and forgot all about EC and his scummy new wife. But she has had to put up with all the crap because she loves her boys! A mother would understand that and I am not a mother but I get it!

      • mln76 says:

        Well we know that her face is Botoxed to the hilt even her fans admit that we know that Botox costs money….we also know that she claimed not to be able to afford a lawyer. Therefore we know that she is willing to spend money on Botox and not on lawyers to ‘protect’ her children. Girl she made it my business when she soldout her kids for revenge and publicity.

      • nomorerimes says:

        min76–Technically it is no one’s business what Brandi does with the money she is making. Just because it looks like she has been using botox again–you can’t prove if or when it was done! You aren’t with her 24/7! And again–how many times has SleazeAnn Slimes sold out the kids and how many surgeries and treatments has she had?? SleazeAnn claims to have “intense love” for the boys but she’s still ready and willing to sell them out in a heartbeat just to see her scuzzy name in the tabs. Brandi will win out in the end. Not soon enough for Brandi and the boys and not soon enough for me!

      • LAK says:

        @min76 – you are forgetting the most important factor here. money. use of. by LeAnn. Brandi’s defence right now against LeAnn is publicity. Just like Gabriel’s defence against Halle is also publicity. And by shining a light on LeAnn’s behaviour, she is making it impossible for LeAnn to cause further harm.

        Sure Brandi could have gone to CPS, can you imagine the legals fees LeAnn would bring to her door with countersuits? LeAnn has no compunction in suing people who clearly don’t have the means to defend themselves.

        Have you noticed that it has taken 3yrs for Brandi to really start fighting LeAnn. It is very clear that she didn’t have the means to do so before.

        Maybe, now she has a platform, and a financial nest egg, it’s an increasingly level playing field.

        Maybe next time, she’ll be able to go to CPS. let’s not judge based on one incident. let’s see how this plays out. Didn’t we give LeAnn the same benefit of the doubt until we couldn’t anymore?

      • mln76 says:

        @Lak there really is no comparison between Halle B/Aubrey and Rimes/Granville.
        Halle Berry sought to erradicate Aubrey from his child’s life and move to another country. And while there was definitely some back and forth and background to the tabs there was in no way a story sold or profit made by Aubrey in which he humiliated his child.
        On the other hand we have these two trashy broads slinging mud tit for ta Brandi iitially losing ground in visitation due to DUI and willing to sellout her kids to lash out at LeeAnn.
        As for your comments about the Twitter-idiots I don’t disagree with you I just think everyone needs to take personal responsibility. If a person is facing legal problems for fighting with a celebrity (D to E list) they only have themselves to blame.

      • LAK says:

        min76 – of course there is a parallel between Gabriel and Brandi. Situations are different but the themes are the same. They are both dealing with a more moneyed, celebrated person who would rather they disappeared, never to be heard from again, and they are prepared to use their money/celebrity to achieve these means.

        What Gabriel/Brandi have working for them is that the moneyed, celebrated person depends on public opinion to maintain and make money. That’s probably what’s stopped the celebrity from taking it further than it has already gone.

        Gabriel started getting himself papped to disprove claims that Nahla was frightened of, and uncomfortable with him. Which had the added bonus of making Halle’s claims more transparent so we could all see her game.

        Similarly Brandi started to put herself out as a counterfoil to LR’s harrassment. Somehow that has turned into a career, and i don’t think Brandi is kidding herself that this is a long term gig. Eddie left her in debt, which this unexpected career is helping expunge.

        Gabriel had to scale back his work to fight all the court cases Halle kept throwing at him, until he turned it around and made it Halle’s problem ie if she keeps dragging him to court, she has to pay.

        Brandi’s appearance is literally her career. So she has to invest in it. If in the long term she turns out as wacked out as LR, then i will judge, but so far, i don’t see it.

        And the more the celebrities lash out in public, the higher Gabriel and Brandi go whilst the celebrities careers tank!

      • Alita says:

        Ohh @nomorerimes, your post is like a kid with crumbs all over their face saying you can’t prove they are that missing cupcake. Yeesh you can’t prove brandi had fillers .. isn’t this something that Brandi has owned? And aside from that – from someone that is not her BFF and wasn’t there – yes, yes she has. Really .. Please! Just because you hate someone enough to make them your online name doesn’t mean everything they do is evil, nor that everything their nemesis does is perfection. Grow up.

    • Relli says:

      2 points for feminism

  20. Green is Good says:

    Eddie Cibrian no doubt has a fat insurance policy on his “cray-cray” 2nd wife.

  21. Theresa says:

    Women are the best at holding grudges and bitch-fighting.

    This feud exists solely as a result of the age of social media and reality TV. Without those two things, these women would have been like any two anonymous adversaries, the new wife and the ex. Backstabbing and mud-slinging is now a world-wide spectator sport, one we can participate in without even having to leave the comfort of our kitchen tables or office cubicles.

    Neither of these women is going quietly into the night, and will milk this situation as long as someone cares enough to ask them questions.

    • mln76 says:

      Brilliantly put!

    • anonimouse8319 says:

      They’re the best at bullying too. They (women) are the best at using looks to put other women down. In this case, both of these women are part of the problem. They could both slink away and stop ALL talk about each other; unless it is true that Brandi’s book IS about Leann and Eddie and not about her life, as she claims.

  22. Sway says:

    Ugh, the video doesn’t work for me. Can’t get my fill of drama. Damn.

  23. Relli says:

    I watched part of this last night and I thought it was funny, especially when Andy asked if she thought the First Lady needed a boob window in her dress.

    The thing is that no one is goign to stop asking Brandi about LeAnn, just like the uncool Bermuda Triangle it will alwyas be lurking in someones mind to bring it up. Of course she could be upfront about not wanting to be asked about it but it is part of her RHWBH storyline. Anyone who knows their RHW history know that the Puppet Master Andy and the producers want them to bring the drama or else face expulsion.

    I didn’t have a chance to watch this weeks episode but I did watch last weeks where she say down to talk to Camille before facing Sheana. I thought it was interesting the way both ladies said their predecessors name, almost in a whisper with the hint of inability to say their name out loud, like you could tell it almost hurt.

    ALSO which, I cant believe NO ONE had brought up Brandi said in last weeks episode that it was Scheana WHO BROKE UP HER MARRIAGE, and that by her going to the tabs she was able to see what she could never admit to herself before. So where does LeAnn fit into this equation!?!?!? How can she be the “homewrecker” she is trying to sell everyone if she wasn’t the real reason the marriage broke up?

    • Heather M says:

      Re: why LR is not blamed by Brandi for being “the” homewrecker–

      I was under the impression that Brandi was willing to forgive Eddie ONCE–for his affair with Leann, and Eddie wanted to stay with Brandi after she found out about LR. However, when Scheana came out of the woodwork (AFTER Leann and Eddie’s affair was public), it was too much for Brandi to take, and that is when she threw him out and when Leann finally got full “custody” of Eddie. Also, the affair with Scheana came BEFORE the one with Leann, so I think maybe that is why Brandi gives her blame as being “THE” homewrecker.

      Not to mention that I think that Brandi does not want to give Leann the satisfaction to think that SHE was able to break up the family–that was BRANDI’S choice, due to finding out that there was more than just Leann and that Eddie had been cheating for years, beginning with (at least) Scheana.

    • LAK says:

      perhaps because LR keeps going on and on about the affair with much more visibility than the others.

      She’s convinced herself she’s the homewrecker so no matter what Brandi or anyone says to the contrary, LR and everyone else thinks SHE is the homewrecker.

    • Emily says:

      It was Eddie who broke up her marriage. It’s not like the women he cheated with have magnetic vaginas, and poor Eddie just had no choice at all. Please. Eddie is the one who broke his vows to Brandi.

      LeeAnn broke up her own marriage, but in no way did she break up Eddie’s. If the only way a woman can trust her husband is to hope he’s never in the same room with an attractive, willing woman, that husband is not trustworthy, and the marriage is a sham.

  24. Blondie says:

    I love Brandi. I think she is doing the right thing, she only responds when asked a question, and she answers honestly. Leeann has been taunting her for a long time, and Brandi always keeps it classy. I guess Leeann doesn’t realize that her passive aggressive moves are see-through. We all know you’re crazy Leeann, you’re the only one who doesn’t see it. I can’t wait until your album bombs, Eddie spends all your money, and you have nothing left. Then maybe you’ll know how Brandi felt. I can’t wait to get Brandi’s book, I hope it goes straight to number one.

    • brin says:

      I agree with what you said and the great thing about this is that talking about it is probably cathartic for Brandi (plus it’s job security!).

    • Alita says:

      “Brandi always keeps it classy”

      Seriously .. not! This is the definition of d list trash. All of them. The closest to keeping it classy was Eddie cibrian, until he made that media statement recently. And even he is a nautical mile from classy. The world classy has no place here.

  25. Vanladeelite says:

    I cannot even imagine what this woman went through/still has to go through so she is getting a pass from me for life. Leanne is going off the deep end and for what? Nothing. Brandi is the winner in all of this.

  26. aloejuice says:

    brandi will always be the winner in this situation, hands down. leanne IS cray cray, brandi just deals with it in non crazy ways. I mean, this insane semi celebrity, just swoops in, shits all over you, takes your family, f*cks yours husband, and after ALL THAT, continues to keep sh*tting all over you. WOW. SLOW CLAP FOR BRANDI.

  27. Rita says:

    Brandi has moved far beyond the crap LeAnn and Eddie have dumped on her. She’s her own gal and making good on what she’s got. Her book is doing very well. This fame ride she’s on won’t last forever but she didn’t ask for any of this.

    As for LeAnn, I understand she hired a different publicist which she won’t listen to so I expect more of the same from her. Ten years ago she felt she was too good for country music and dumped many of her fans by making a song called Tic Toc which is about a girl having an orgasm. So she’s come full circle:

    “Tic toc, tic toc. I Borrowed you clock.”

  28. why? says:

    Leann has been taunting and harassing Brandi like crazy. When she isn’t doing it on twitter, she is taking to that fan website of hers. When that isn’t enough for Leann, she then gets the help of ET, E, Jimmy K, and Leno. Brandi has every right to speak up, especially when the media continues to act like Leann isn’t doing anything wrong.

  29. dorothy says:

    I think Leann has proven that she is mentally unstable.

  30. Rita says:

    I love that Dean Sheremet (LeAnn’s Ex) tweeted: “Sarah Silver (his wife) can have sex with me whenever she wants” in response to LeAnn’s interview comment about putting-out for Eddie whenever he wants.

    Also, the thread on ROL says that LeAnn tweeted “Kiss My Ass” during Brandi’s interview that LeAnn was obviously watching. Stalker season never ends.

  31. cookiecutter01 says:

    Sorry, this Brandi puts her 15 minutes ahead of the kids and her life by continuing to be on a reality show and running to tabs about her kids and some petty battle with LR.

    LR was in the wrong, admitted she was in the wrong and Brandi continues to bring it up to keep herself relevant. Whether she’s used additives to keep her face the way it is, well that’s an aside and after-thought.

    Brandi name drops LR and thinks she’s entitled, like a lot of other reality show actors. EC is guilty here. He’s not helping this.

    For the sake of the children, these three should put a full-stop on the media frenzy to discuss what’s going on in their relationship and the children. The kids should be top priority and talk-show visits, tweets and website updates a distant 2nd.

    Folks have issues but calling them crazy (sorry, I’m 12, cray-cray) and not trying to be part of the solution helps NO ONE. So Brandi, get over yourself and decide that your kids are more important than 15 minutes of fame.

    • why? says:

      Leann doesn’t name drop? That’s odd because I have seen several tweets from Leann where she tweets about how she ran into so and so and set up a lunch date with that person. Leann has also name dropped when it came to her album and singles.

      Isn’t Leann set to do another exclusive interview with Jimmy Kimmel today? And yet it’s Brandi trying to get 15 min? Leann didn’t admit that she was wrong, she made alot of excuses and then went to twitter to do what she does best, taunt Brandi using her own kids.

      Brandi wouldn’t be in this position if media outlets like ET, E, Leno, Katie, GR, and Jimmy K stopped allowing Leann to use them as a platform to taunt and harass Brandi.

      The only reason Leann has been semi quiet on twitter is because she is letting it all out during her interviews with ET and Jimmy K or saving it all for when she becomes a judge for X Factor!

    • Linda says:

      It is obvious you have not been following this saga for the past 4 years, because if you had, you would know it’s LeAnn who has kept the flames burning with exploiting herself and 2 innocent children. Do your research (it’s free) before making such claims.

      Also, why not say the same for LeAnn regarding the boys?? She has literally let these very young children listen to her song “Borrowed” and then tweeted about it. She is so sick, vile, and a very gross human being.

      I would NEVER and I mean NEVER allow her to be around my 2 daughters.

  32. Amilu says:

    No. You’re 40-years-old; please don’t say “cray-cray.”

  33. jl says:

    Brandi and Leann are obsessed with each other. I’m embarrassed for both of them. How long has this crap been going on? Both of them need to get on with their lives….jesus. enough already.

    • Iyanla says:

      Agreed. I like Brandi, no one is perfect but rise above it now Brandi! Its about time already.

      I think shes pouring gasoline on the fire to promote her book. After the book sells (which i am so buying!!!), i hope brandi cleans up her act and moves on from this saga. Her book needs to be out asap because the tide is turning against Brandi, unfortunately, too.

  34. SimpleRed says:

    Why don’t they both grow the hell up and leave well alone…

    How long has Brandi been an actress ( I use that term loosely) or a reality star??
    Leann has been singing for a long time if I’m not mistaken…
    My point is one feed off the other and they both need several seats in the stadium to sit down

  35. Esther says:

    Kim Kardashian unfollowed LeAnn on Twitter. Why? Does anyone know?

    • Jaana says:

      Well, I dont know about Kim, but Leann was retweeting Khloe a lot, and there were persons tweeting Khloe telling her to stay away from that home wrecker.

    • Ming says:

      Kimmie deleted Leann? Really? That is too good.

  36. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’ve never understood two women fighting and hen-pecking for a man….I’d never lower myself to fight w/ another female for some guy – which just proves they’re playing junior-high antics. LeAnn is crazy; I think Brandi is just along for the ride.

  37. TheTruthHurts says:

    I thought Brandi looked really “glowy” and gorgeous last night. For people that think she needs to stop talking, please, this is her time and her right. I bet 100% there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes with LeAnn’s cray cray that Brandi does not even talk about publically, so if B wants to make her little digs here and there when asked a question, go at it honey!

  38. Sue says:

    Kids are smart they’ll figure it out. If LeAnn
    truly loved ‘her boys’ she’d stop using them in photo ops w the paps & stop taunting their mother. Period.

  39. Memphis says:

    Brandi RESPONDED to an interview in which Leann basically said: Brandi starts it ALL , she (Leann) is responsible for Brandi even having a “career” (using air quotes) and she never responds to this “one sided war” that it’s ALL Brandi…

    Then when Brandi responds, Leann acts like the victim, AGAIN!!

    Leann always wants people to see her as the “victim” but in reality she is a vindictive, manipulative, arrogant person who thinks she’s entitled to whatever she wants, and doesn’t give a rats ass who she hurts to get it.

    All anyone has to do is look for themselves at what she has said and done (on twitter and in interview after interview – where she constantly changes her stories) over the last 4 years and you can see she is nothing short of Crazy!

    I’m glad Brandi is not taking her shit anymore. And I hope one day soon Leann is exposed for exactly what she is.

    • Theskinny says:

      Let’s not forget about the married country singer (Can’t remember his name, not a fan) that she supposedly had an affair with when she toured with him pre Dean, or suing her father. Trash talking her label, other singers,etc. She has done a LOT of damage to the people around her in a short space of time. That is one of the signs of a sociopath.

  40. butch says:

    these two are getting more publicity than they deserve. I can’t tell who’s propping who up at this point. I think they’re all in it together and why not? The show will get more viewers, the other one will sell more cd’s. I’ll even bet the dirtbag gets something out of it. Like a role…”you know me. I’m that guy with the those two chicks and the Twitter war… Hire me. Please”.

  41. anti-icon says:

    Brandi never fails to disappoint. I like her. Skeptical at first, but she does handle her job with comedy and sanity. Under duress, because her divorce circumstances are bad…and many regular folks have experienced it.

    She’s refreshing!

  42. Asiyah says:

    I like her, but she really needs to stop engaging LeAnn. Even humorous comments like the one she made enable that psycho. She’s already shown that she can be interesting without having to throw shade at LeAnn (see: RHWBH) and that the person she blames for wrecking the home is Eddie, not Scheana or LeAnn (and she blames herself to an extent). Just stop engaging this woman and ignore her. That will REALLY get to her!

  43. tuva says:

    Both of them are attention whores. Yes, what Leann and Eddie did to Brandi was horrible, and she has every right to be pissed at them, but she is handling this whole situation with no class or dignity, which puts her on the same level as Leann really.
    She loves fame and attention, and she knows that the only way she is relevant is if she talks about the affair since that’s all she is known for. None of them seem to care about the kids, including Brandi, because if she really put her kids before her fame whoring career then she wouldn’t sell stories about her sons to tabloids just to get back at Leann, she wouldn’t have written a book to talk shit about their father, she wouldn’t talk about her sex life in public, she wouldn’t even be starring in a trashy reality show to begin with, let alone consider having her young children on it as well.
    Just because Leann is crazy doesn’t mean Brandi should be given a free pass for everything.

    • Juliette says:

      Yes, except for during their entire marriage Eddie handled all the finances & when they split she was left with nothing. No money, no home & no real means of income because she was a stay at home mom. Previous to having their kids she was a very successful model.

      When faced with this situation Brandi took what opportunities were thrown at her in order to support herself & her children. She was renting a home (which her father had to co-sign for as she had no credit from Eddie paying & dealing w/ everything for years) at the time she had so little money.

      She IS putting her kids first. By doing whatever is necessary to have income to provide for them. She knows as do the rest of us that without Leann’s money she wouldn’t be getting anything from Eddie.

      Don’t blame her for making the best of a bad situation created by her dirtbag ex-husband and his new (for now) wife.

      What would you have her do? Slink off into the sunset and take whatever those two idiots decide to dish at her? What example would that set for her kids, to accept abuse? GMAFB, Brandi is doing what any woman would do – work to support her kids.

  44. Snowpea says:

    Look I will happily admit to be overly invested in these Dlisters AND I’m a million miles away from it all but I still can’t believe it when people say things like, Brandi needs to be the bigger person, Brandi needs to STFU, Brandi needs to stop yapping to the press blah blah blah.

    Shall we state the facts again?

    Brandi was in a longterm marriage with two kids, probably living on her husband’s modest (for HW) income, bringing up her kids. By no account was she courting fame or displaying fameho traits.

    Rimes falls in love with Brandi’s husband and stalks him whereupon Brandi, fed up with his infidelity, kicks him out and having nowhere else to go, Ed stays with Rimes. Again, by all acounts, Ed was never in love with Rimes and actually wanted to work things out with BG.

    Now, this is the bit where it gets so absurd. Despite Rimes tearing apart Brandi’s family, Rimes then starts a bullying/SWF campaign of such ludicrous proportions, most people can’t believe it to be true.

    Since when does the perpetrator blame the victim for all the wrongdoings?

    I dont give a fiddler’s fart whether Brandi is trashy/potty mouthed/botoxed/Dlist, she has had to deal with that freaky woman in her life SWFing her, appropriating her boys, stepping over boundaries, stalking, bullying, trashing her reputation and just general hellraising for the last three years and she has had enough.

    It’s probably just a happy accident that this newfound celebrity she has also seems to be becoming a lucrative little earner for BG. So what? She has maintained a ridiculous amount of cool and class for somebody in her situation, so she deserves any perks that may or may not appear.

    As I revealed the other day, I had my best friend decimate my own relationship and it left me a single mother and brokenhearted so I guess I relate to BG and will probably defend her forever.

    I just know that it’s a case of, there but for the grace of God go I.

    Imagine if somebody like Rimes burst in onto your life right now and unleashed her fury on your life? She is a terrifying individual and I think Brandi is protecting her azz, knowing way more than we do just what looney Leann is capable of.

    • Juliette says:

      This x1000 – exactly!

    • Beclove says:

      Well said.

    • Emily says:

      Rimes did not tear apart Brandi’s family. Eddie did. Eddie simply crawled to Rimes when his wife found out he was a serial cheater, because Rimes happened to be there, feeling guilty about breaking up her own marriage, needing to pretend there was a good reason for it, and Eddie likes to be married. But Brandi’s marriage to Eddie would be over either way, and not in any way Rimes’ fault. The man fell into the bed of any woman who would have him.

  45. Cam S says:

    Leann goes with a blonder shade for her hair in 3…2…1… I like this Brandi girl! There’s no passive aggressiveness with her, she just tells it like it is. I can deal with people like this, at least I know where I stand with them.

  46. Bobby says:

    Smell that? Somewhere “LeLe’s” head exploded last night.

  47. Esther says:

    Did LeAnn actually tweet “kiss my a$$” after Brandi was on last night? Who would ever kiss that leaky a$$ from all the laxatives she takes!?!? Ugh!!

  48. valleymiss says:

    I know I’m late on this, but my 2 cents: I am 1000% Team Brandi, but I wish she wouldn’t tell the world that her son Jake told her what tv shows Leann watches. That puts Jake in the middle and isn’t fair.

    Also, I know Brandi needs to give us team Brandi folks what e want, and sell some books, but calling the kids’ stepmom insane on national TV, where it will definitely get back to the kids, isn’t ok. When Andy asked her about Leann, she could have/should have said, “Out of respect for the love my kids have for their stepmom” (which Brandi has never denied) “I will keep my thoughts private.”

  49. Mandy says:

    LOVE Brandi-always and forever!

  50. EJ says:

    Seems like Brandi can’t win. She could take the absolute “high road,” stay completely out of the public eye, and never engage publicly with Leann and Eddie in any way.

    But..that would, in effect, take away the employment opportunity (HW/Reality TV) that offers her the most financial security. Given that she wasn’t left in good financial shape after the divorce, and wants to maintain her kids (at both houses) in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed, she is really in a pretty tough spot. What would you do?

  51. Cowgirl27 says:

    I thInk Brandi is being a little more vocal right now because she has a book to promote – so she will be taking good and bad publicity because any publicity is better than none! She is selling out to save herself right now.

  52. stinky says:

    chiming in a million years too late:
    i’ve never watched the shows, but im following the blogging, and Brandi is finally looking good to me, so i’m chalking this up to actual money = better doctors, better makeup artistry, better lighting overall, and she IS a young woman – not an old one like me! so i’m handing out some praise. ALSO…. im kind of liking it that she’s just bein’ on front street about it. why should she slink around, and take the hi road of never addressing any of their private business when that is in fact whats making money for all of them. why should she remain silent. for the children? please. i cant take that argument. i really cant. kids arent fragile blown-glass-ornaments. kids can deal w/ whatever these rich indulgent parents are doing to earn a buck. its just not that big a deal really, is it?-?

  53. Koala says:

    Brandi is starting to get the “madamism” look, named for the madam puppet on mr. Rogers.

  54. Kosmos says:

    Brandi does look attractive in the interview, but plasticized…..gag.

  55. Emily says:

    It’s a joke that’s keeping them in the public eye. I continue to think there’s a good possibility this whole “feud” is a farce, cooked up to keep them in the limelight.