LeAnn Rimes says Brandi Glanville creates a “one-sided war” for her “career”

I can’t believe we’ve been talking about this stupid LeAnn Rimes ET interview all week. UGH! Anyway, here’s the latest drama – the part of the interview where Nancy O’Dell asks LeAnn about Brandi Glanville and once again, you just see how terrible LeAnn’s PR is, and how, when she’s left to her own devices, she has literally no idea how to be sympathetic, gracious or honest. LeAnn calls the thing with Brandi a “one-sided war” and then uses air-quotes around “career” to describe Brandi. When asked specifically about Brandi balking (on Twitter) when LeAnn tweeted about Mason and Jake saying “my boys,” LeAnn says: “It’s pretty ridiculous… The transparency is what’s being used to actually continue her ‘career’ with that tweet. That’s the transparency for me. Sorry, if you want to be real honest, I’ll be honest.”

LeAnn goes on to say that “My heart overflows with love for those two boys, and also because they’re my husband’s children, I look at them and they are two little spitting images of my husband. They’re with us half the time — I am never going to let a child walk into my house and not feel the love that they feel at their mom’s house. … I’m going to be a part of that love, that intense love. I hope we can work it out. Life would be a lot calmer for everyone.” That feels like a threat, right? “I’m going to be a part of that love, that intense love…” PAY ATTENTION TO LEANN!!! LEANN IS GOING TO INSERT HERSELF. PAY ATTENTION.

Screencaps from Entertainment Tonight, photo courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Riana says:

    Blah blah blah, both ladies need to shut the hell up.

    But they won’t, because this is great for Brandi’s career and because LeAnn doesn’t know how to shut up.

    • Talie says:

      Exactly…that’s the thing about these d-list scandals. They make stars out of the most annoying people.

    • Huh says:

      I will never understand how the mother of those children is treated as if she created this situation or even truly perpetuated it when this snatchy slit-eyed anorectic lizard has been bragging non-stop for years now about winding up with her husband and joint custody. Never understood it, never will. And that’s not even touching on this insane piece of shit getting herself dyed, implanted, injected and styled to look like the ex-wife.

      The world is cruel, man. And so is this bitch and frankly, so is anyone that cannot distinguish between the two women and pretends that they are the same and deserve the same criticism. That’s some seriously dishonest bullshit.

    • littlestar says:

      Yes, exactly. If either of them just stopped talking about the other, none of this would ever be an issue. I do think Brandi is the smarter of the two (although she does say some pretty inappropriate things), and she knows that this is really helping her “career” and level of celebrity/infamy.

    • 'Sup? says:

      I’m so burnt out with the BranLe Dramarama…and the perpetuators like this interviewer…lol it sounds like the name of a Puerto Rican “reggaeton” band: “ladies and gentlemen, I give you BranLe Dramarama and the Perpetuators!!!”

    • MAREHOOP says:

      I sooooo agree, Brandi loves to create drama to keep her in the media and LeAnn is just stupid!!!

      They both need to take a seat and shut the hell up.

    • LAK says:

      My comments are strictly around the TV show RHOBH which i watch.

      BG doesn’t talk about LR on it. She talks about Eddie. And how she’s trying to rebuild her life. LR in this interview and on Leno is truly delusional when she says BG talks about her on the show.

      I also read the recaps on Vulture where the commentors mock all the HW’s obsessions. LR doesn’t figure at all. Infact, if one watched RHOBH without knowing about the twitter/SWF/bitter triangle you wouldn’t know who Eddie left BG for, beyond their name. One of the other HW finally mentioned LR by name as a dig to BG in her confessional, and i think that’s the first time she was mentioned specifically this season. last season, LR was possibly mentioned by name 2 tops.

      Most people do google or twitter the triangle and are then convinced [falsely] that BG is talking about LR on the show. She isn’t. It’s the same with Camille. She makes digs at Kelsey all the time on the show, but hasn’t specifically mentioned his name since the continuous bragging of S1. No one accuses Camille of being obsessed with kelsey or his new wife. Camille talks about some of the problems she has with Kelsey, but it’s never assumed or concluded that kelsey’s wife may be the problem. It’s always kelsey as the problem. BG follows the same pattern so that you get the sense that Eddie is/was the problem. You never get the sense that LR is the problem as she doesn’t figure in any conversations. If LR is mentioned, it is only as ‘another woman’ as demonstrated in the clip above, but no further explanation is given nor is it brought up as often as everyone thinks or LR believes. Camille does the same. No one calls her obsessive of Kelsey’s new wife for mentioning that kelsey left her for another woman.

      LR WANTS/NEEDS to be talked about on RHOBH just like she WANTS/NEEDS to be a part of ‘this intense love’. So she’s spun it to be true in her mind and unfortunately, this seems to have been taken up by reporters like this O’Dell reporter [going by the above clip] as truth.

      On a different note, the way LR talks about Brandi in the clip above shows her true feelings. She can’t hide her contempt for Brandi. She clearly doesn’t see that the ‘career’ she’s disparaging wouldn’t have been possible without her input. Every time she talks/tweets about Brandi, she boosts her career!!!

  2. Monie says:

    And how’s Eddie’s “career” doing lately? In the words of myself, Bitch please!

  3. judyjudy says:

    Oooohhh….this thread is going to be a good one…

  4. Amy says:

    Her hair looks orange…did I miss Brandi coloring her hair orange?

  5. MoxyLady007 says:

    As a mom, she makes me so angry. Stop using the boys to advance your end game. Stop using the boys to hurt Brandi. Just. Stop.

    Leann has put Brandi in a horrible situation. Eddie isn’t any sort of father to have let this happen. To only get 50% time with your children because of this douche and his squinty horse? I can’t even imagine the pain and anger.

    And then have said horse all over your kids and rubbing her bonus mom status in your face? It’s appalling. And that’s why women like Brandi. We feel for her. She has been through hell and she is making something for herself from the ruins.

    • mae says:

      Ditto! Back off Leann! LEARN about boundaries! I’m surprised Brandi has kept her cool – I certainly would go bonkers! Eddie is a coward!! How dare you let your wife treat the mother of your sons like this!! One day the boys will know about this and they love their momma!

    • Maddie says:

      I think Leann does the kid thing because that is the only reaction she can get from Brandi.

      I think people don’t understand the results from have the person who had a hand in the demise of your marriage trying to interfere with your kids.

      That’s not her job. Its Eddie’s and since he not working he should be there with his kids and Rimes should just be there supporting him that’s it.

      Brandi really should stop with the tweeted though and not give Falcor another reason to give yet another interview about cheating on her ex with her new soon to be ex.

    • CommonCents says:

      Well Said MoxyLady007!
      I can’t imagine being in Brandy’s shoes, and Leann claims it is a one sided war?!She has been doing interview after interview!
      If she cares SO MUCH about her husbands children then maybe she shouldn’t mock their mother every chance she gets!
      She does these interviews and claims its not her speaking out publicly while she is speaking out publicly?!
      Wendy Williams said earlier this week that Eddie will stick with Leann until “The Money Runs Out”!
      Intense Love? More like crazy OBSESSION!

  6. hatsumomo says:

    I didnt notice it that much in the post yesterday, but man, her face looks so…janky. You can really tell there’s something ‘off’. Chicka needs to lighten up on the fillers and botox.

  7. brin says:

    For someone so “blissfully happy” she sure is jealous. And Leann, when you “let a child walk into your house” can you make sure they don’t come across your laxative stash.

  8. Toot says:

    Well, LeAnn is a mess, but Brandi is the one that makes arguments public, except for this interview. lol

  9. dorothy says:

    Someone muzzle this woman. She’s still talking….

  10. Masque says:

    Speaking of which, LeAnn, let’s talk about YOUR “career”. How’s that going? Still have those massive record sales and selling out stadiums? Or have you been reduced to pap walks, lame lying interviews and “intimate setting” concerts (read: can’t sell tickets in medium to large venues)?

  11. Dawn says:

    The deal is no one is innocent in this. So Eddie cheated on Brandi with LeAnn. Eddie most likely didn’t start cheating with LeAnn and more than likely didn’t have a great marriage with Brandi. These are Hollywood people and he moved on. And because of that Brandi who I never really heard of until the Eddie leaving her for LeAnn saga managed to get a career out of it. Now they all need to shut up and move on. After all isn’t that the Hollywood way? God, Kim karTRASHIAN is taking less crap for getting knocked up by the ugly dude she isn’t married to while married to another which to me is a way bigger moral collapse than Eddie leaving Brandi for LeAnn.

    • Jayna says:

      I think the public is saturated with both of the over this story. LeAnn’s album will sink because she started hyping it with her poor me interviews five months in advance. People will have zero interest by April. The album should have come out in January to get a few sales.

      Brandi has been carrying on anywhere she can to keep herself in the press and build interest on the book. It will work but just in the nick of time. The book is coming out and people will buy it. But the tide is turning. People are sick of hearing from her also. It’s overload every week from her in some form.

      Now, dumbo Scheana in the mix milking it. Twenty-seven and dumb as rocks.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      So… How is Brandi not innocent in this? I don’t understand.

      • Huh says:

        Well, once bon mots like ‘KarTRASHIAN’ get thrown around, you know you’re in the land of false equivalence.

        Just because 3 people are involved doesn’t make the 3 equally culpable. It’s mega-crazy talk to pretend that Brandi’s sins are anywhere near Eddie’s and LeAnn’s, but honestly, people are uncomfortable with seeing others get hurt sometimes and I think that that, plus Brandi’s love of obscenities and ability to get herself onto RHOBH make some sanctimonious twits decide there is equal guilt all around. There ain’t.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Exactly. Huh you rock. Thank you for saying what my sleep deprived brain could not articulate.
        I think too women often want to blame the wife in situations like this either because they themselves have been the other woman OR because the idea that a man could cheat and ruin his family and not be “driven” to it is too horrible to contemplate. ESP when the wife is beautiful. A sort of “what chance do normal women stand” moment.

      • Zooyork says:

        I agree Huh and Moxy, well said.
        I actually went back twice to reread your post earlier in the thread, Huh, because it was so spot-on and everything I’ve felt, but had trouble articulating.

    • Maddie says:

      @ Dawn

      Really? People cheat in marriages that are good and that excuse goes along with “well if you were keeping your man ”

      Cheaters cheat because of weak boundaries and weak morals and a sense of entitlement.

      Everyone keeps forgetting that Eddie wanted to stay married but when Brandi found out about the other other woman she did the smart thing and divorced him.

      When people claim that the marriage was not good why didn’t they just leave, but nope they had to have someone waiting in the wings to run to and feed their endless hungry ego.

      I have an article in Clean Eating Magazine where Rimes goes on and on about her ex and how crazy she was about him.

    • Lady D says:

      Ediot didn’t leave Brandi for Leanne. She threw him out when she found out about his affairs. It says so right in the divorce papers. Falcor can’t shut up about it because knows she was his 3rd choice. Her attempts to rewrite history for her ‘great love’ only reveal just how psycho and out of touch with reality she is.

    • Emily says:

      I can’t believe I’m about to defend Kim Kardashian.

      1) Kanye West is not ugly. He is, in fact, extremely handsome and talented, as well as being a famewhore jackass with a few screws loose.

      2) Kim’s not married to her dumbass ex-husband. Yes, the papers are still there, but papers don’t mean a thing in situations like this. Kim has not lived with Dumbass in how long now? She shouldn’t have to put her life on hold because Dumbass is throwing an extended temper tantrum. He sure hasn’t put his own life on hold.

      There were four people involved in the LeAnn/Eddie thing. I don’t know why people keep forgetting her ex-husband exists. How come Eddie doesn’t get called names for wrecking LeAnn’s home, anyway? They made their choices, LeAnn obviously regrets hers, I just wish they’d all shut the hell up.

  12. smartyparty says:

    Suuuuuuch a victim, she cant even ANSWER a question about maybe-possibly-perhaps being “bullied” on twitter. Oh Leanne, what are we going to do with you? And how on earth do these people claim that they all love those boys so much and then they can not even bury the hatchet for the boys’ peace of mind. Do they really think that the boys are unaware of the tension? Kids know everything.
    Also, I just have to say, I actually kind of agree that Leanne’s tweet about “my boys” was 95% harmless and should have just been ignored. Brandi is as bad as Leanne, going on about Leanne on REALITY TV for chrissake, and then claiming all she cares about is her boys’ well-being.
    So so so much entertaining nonsense in this world…

    • LAK says:

      Brandi doesn’t go on about Leann on her reality show.

      That is a lie spun by LeAnn, and look people actually believe it now.

      They hit at each other over twitter, but Brandi only ever mentions and HIS wrong doings on the show. never LeAnn.

      if you watch that show without all the gossip extras, you’d know that Eddie is a cheater. It’s always clear that the problem is Eddie. Eddie alone. The details of his cheating with LeAnn and the bitter triangle are only known to people who visit gossip sites like these.

      Leann simply wants the extra attention of being a RHOBH conversation piece which sadly for her, will only happen if she guests on it or becomes a HW.

  13. Riana says:

    Also I don’t know what LeAnn did to her eyes, and I fully know hooded eyes are her genetic trait, but she should have done it 20 years ago.

    She looks SO MUCH BETTER, not to insult hooded eyes but that girl’s face was drowning under it.

  14. Juliette says:

    She’s an idiot. Anyone that goes on Twitter can see this war is one sided but it’s all coming from Leann and her fans. So obvious to me she’s insecure and panicking or she wouldn’t feel the need to do so many interviews saying the same crap. She needs to grow up and STFU for a while. She’s her own worst enemy.

    • Horval says:

      It comes from Leann and her fans but it also comes from Brandi’s fans, and she passive-aggressively encourages it. Sorry, no-one’s innocent here. If I were them I would block anyone who tweeted negative remarks about the other. Take a stand – say, “I’m not going to perpetuate this negativity about ANYONE, and I’ll block anyone who makes rude remarks about either of us.”

    • claire says:

      It’s not one-sided. It was one-sided for the 3 years that Leann, her fans, her employees bullied Brandi. But people noticed and spoke up for Brandi. When Leann started thinking about selling her album, she got more subtle and asked her fans to stop the harassment of Brandi. But by that point it was too late. Too many people saw it, and started taunting Leann back, calling her out on her crap. Some of them do it in support of Brandi, as fans, some do it that could care less about Brandi, they just think Leann is a tool. Brandi’s not friends with “all” those people like Leann is friends with her fans that have been huge bullies for her for years. But make no mistake, Leann is getting a dose of her own medicine. I don’t think Brandi’s orchestrating it like Leann does, or blatantly encouraging it, but her “side” of fans, if you want to call it that, definitely has fought back, and some of them seem scarily obsessed about it. Either way, it’s ridiculous! that Leann would think that she’s the victim here. She started the entire situation.

  15. MonicaQ says:

    This lady is all doculax, self delusion, and drama with a hint of “I could’ve been a contender” bemoaning. So done with her.

  16. karma kandi says:

    Leann shouldn’t be air quoting career when her own is dangling on her last contractual record with her label being a success. She came across as such a bitch in this interview.

  17. study-er says:

    Honestly, every day there is a post about these two. Sometimes more than once per day. Can we please stop giving them air time and pixel space?

  18. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Didn’t read this, don’t care but saw the header pic and WTF is going on with her nose??? It is so….bizarre-looking.

  19. Masque says:

    I just relooked at the interview photos and her eyes are just creepy. They have that intense-yet-vacant look.

  20. Annie says:

    The uglyness of her heart is starting to catch up to her face. She’s getting reaaal ugly.
    Ever wonder why Julie Andrews or Betty White are such adorable old ladies? They’re good people. Google search racist old hag Brigitte Bardot.

  21. Memphis says:

    That whole interview was a showcase for Leann’s delusions. And Nancy,damn…who taught you to interview? How about a little FACT checking next time? Is that to much to ask? So many things were wrong with that wreck….

    “How bad does it hurt though to write something as simple as my boys and…”

    Really Nancy? It’s as simple as that? Lets see how you like it when some trick starts calling YOUR children her boys to get at you because she is so insecure in her marriage. Then I’m sure they wont be just ‘simple words’. Leann uses “simple” words to hurt, not because they are just words.

    And OMG did she really just say Brandi has a platform but Leann doesn’t?! What do you call an ALBUM and about 10 interviews before this? Plus daily twitter jabs?

    God these to go together like peas and carrots…both are DELUSIONAL!

    And as far as air quotes on Brandi’s career…How’s yours going Leann? Or Ed’s for that matter? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  22. mln76 says:

    Meh let’s be honest…Brandi would be nothing and I mean NOTHING with out LeeAnn. She may not be able to verbalize it in a coherent or non narcisstic way but it is true.
    If it weren’t for LeeAnn’s crazy entering her life Brandi would be sucking down drinks and watching her husband bang low rent waitresses by the dozen unable to do anything about it because she doesn’t have the drive for a real job.
    The most unforgivable thing LeeAnn has done is catapulting Brandi into the D-list.

    • MoxyLady007 says:

      I find it appalling that your idea of being something only has to do with Hollywood fame. Brandi was sonething before all of this. She was an individual, a woman, mother and wife. Yes, she used the attention caused by Leann and her band of crazy to catapult her way into a show and earning a living for herself and her kids. She has stayed there because she is interesting and women empathize with her.

      Any supposed jabs she takes at Leann- to my mind- are more than deserved. Hell, she could hit Leann with her car and they still wouldn’t be close to even.

      Just because she took advantage of a horrible situation, people want to claim she isn’t “innocent” in the situation. That’s ridiculous.

    • Asiyah says:

      Brandi wouldn’t have been catapulted to fame if LeAnn had simply stfu about all of this and quit her passive-aggressive bs. Is “A Low Vera” famous? We only know Vera’s name because of Julia Roberts’ shirt. She did that bitchy crap and it was dirty and low but after that she just kept going with her life and it was like Vera didn’t exist. Can’t blame Brandi for milking it for what it’s worth. Would I do it? No, but that’s me. I understand that Brandi doesn’t help the situation one bit by engaging LeAnn in her shenanigans but when dealing with the likes of that woman and the sociopath she won some people go by the motto that if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

    • Maddie says:


      So when does your trip out to meet Rime happen?

      So Brandi using the wrong done to her to support her kids is wrong how?

      Eddie has what 2 Tv movies on Lifetime coming out this year and 2 shows that were dropped The Playboy Club and CSI: Miami since the whole affair happened.

      We all know that since he is not in arrears that his wife is paying his support, like Whittney Houston did for Bobby Brown.

    • mln76 says:

      Not interested in meeting Batshit Rimes but it’s true there are so many ‘wronged’ women in Hollywood she doesn’t deserve a medal for it. She married a creep who cheated on her for years. Brandi has shown she values Hollywood above all else. If she was interested in her family and her kids above all else like jilted women before her she would have lived the quiet life with her kids at the center. Instead we get her selling tabloid stories with the kids as collateral damage and feeding the crazy for publicity.

      • Asiyah says:

        But how can you live a quiet life when the mistress-turned-wife continues to bring up the affair? Dean was able to move on and live a quiet life because he’s not a factor anymore. Eddie doesn’t see him as a threat and LeAnn’s body pretty much determined that Dean didn’t exist.

      • Lady D says:

        Nice try, but don’t kid yourself. If Brandi had remained quiet those boys would be living with Falcor full time. She would have used her position to keep the boys full-time. Imagine if we had only ever heard Falcor’s side of the story. I’m glad Brandi spoke up, I hope she keeps right on talking about Grimes psycho crazy behaviour. Although, if Falcor keeps keeps talking, everyone will know about her crazy anyway.

      • jessiesgirl says:

        Min, you left out that Brandi wasn’t trying to be. Hollywood “somebody” before all this. Dean doesn’t need to hustle because he got a payoff from Falcor. Brandi was left high and dry when she left her marriage so why fault her for doing what it takes to get some financial security? Lord knows Eddie is a deadbeat when it comes to financial support.

      • mln76 says:

        Here is the thing. The only true victim is the kids. Brandi chose to make Eddie the father of her children she has a responsibility to make the best she can out of that choice. And as we all know LeeAnn wasn’t the first jumpoff. I am positive he wasn’t faithful to Brandi at all during the marriage and more than likely before the marriage. Her choice to play tit-for-tat rather than put the needs of her children first and even selling them out to the tabs in order to humiliate LeeAnn shows her priority is winning. In the end the children loose their childhood a prisoner to three narcissists.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        So. Let me get this straight. Brandi has a hand in what happened to her and is guilty in this duration because she didn’t vanish and surrender her family to Leann. She decided to turn a horrible situation slightly -so slightly – to get benefit by getting a job where she could support herself and her family.
        What would you have her do? She was a stay at home mom for over a decade. She would have had to go bsck to school for at least 2-3 years full time in order to be competitive in this job market. And she still wouldn’t be making near as much as she does now.
        The career that people turn their noses up at wasn’t her first choice. Being a stay at home mom was. Her decision seems to be based soley on providing for herself and her boys. Is it a little fun that people get to see how horrible the new wife is? Probably. But I don’t doubt for a second she would give that up to be with her boys full time and not to see them go off to that crazy woman’s house. And on top if that having to deal with saud crazy woman’s bullying, near constant victimizing interviews, being unable to successfully co-parent because of the new wife’s paranoia and jealousy, not to mention sheer frustration from having someone copy eveythbg you do and bad mouth you to everyone who would listen.
        How is any part of this situation in any way Brandi’s fault?!? It’s not. Don’t be ridiculous.

      • Sapphire says:

        “Lived a quiet life withher her kids at the center”on what income? So dignity and a quiet life are better than supporting your kids and putting a roof over your head? Hmmm. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but I vote feeding your family, housing them etc come first.

        I don’t know Brandi, don’t follow her on Twitter etc, but I do not know how she has “shown” that she “values Hollywood” above all else. All I see is is a woman trying to make a living with no education or marketable skills who is being paid to act out for reality TV.

      • mln76 says:

        @sapphire are you not aware Brandi sold a story about her children to the tabs rather than contact a judge,a lawyer CPS just last month? It was indefensible. As for the false justification that this is the only way Brandi can make an income there are a million jobs out there she doesn’t want those jobs that is her personal choice but they say everything about her priorities. And yes I do believe since her actions show how much she craves the spotlight she should be grateful to LeeAnn for giving her the opportunity.
        Also nowhere did I say she should hand over custody of her kids. I believe her problems with custody stemmed from her DUI? Cases like Gabriel Aubrey’s show that income disparity can be rectified in custody cases.

      • claire says:

        Min, with all due respect, I think it’s very naive to think that if Brandi had gotten a $10-$14hour 9-5 job, eschewed any of the celebrity jobs, that Leann and Eddie wouldn’t have used that against her to get full custody of those kids. I think Brandi knows that too, from statements she’s made. On that income, she’d be living far from the kids’ school, she’d probably be living in an apt somewhere way outside the safety comfort zone, she’d not have the same type of benefits of being able to take off work for kid things, not be able to compete with what they provide the kids, and those two losers would be in court right away saying that the kids should be more with them. If she can parlay the opportunities she’s getting right now into something for the future, maybe a correspondent job or something, then so be it.

      • HotPockets says:

        M1n76, I completely agree with you, but there is no logical sense arguing with the brandilunes on here.

        I only feel bad for the children, that’s it, everyone else is exploiting and milking the situation for all it’s worth. If Brandi cared about her children and not the fame, she should have contacted CPS about the situation, rather than sell a tabloid story. I am not saying she doesn’t love her children, but she has become less and less sympathetic to me. This whole affair drama should have died years ago.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      mln76, you’ve got that wrong. Brandi is not “nothing” without LeAnn. The one thing Brandi was & is before & after LeAnn is the MOTHER of those boys and Eddies first wife who he cared enough to have two children with, unlike LeAnn. That is what bothers LeAnn the most, and Brandi will always be a mother to mason & jake while LeAnn will most likely never give birth to a child from Eddie, so don’t get it twisted.

    • Memphis says:

      Brandi was with Eddie for what, 13 years? And for those years she was happy to be “nothing” (as you say) but a wife and mother…And in those 13 years no one even knew this woman’s name while she was married to a “star”… so how exactly is she such a fame hungry monster? Wouldn’t she seek fame then too? She didn’t seek fame when she was married to Eddie and she didn’t seek it now.

      Life handed her shit…what exactly do you think she should have done? Slunk away, curled up and never spoke a word?

      She made the most of what was handed to her. That’s not fame hungry – that’s survival.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        Great comment Memphis.

      • Lulu says:

        I respectfully disagree. There is no doubt that Brandi and the boys were wronged gravely. But truth be told, Brandi found the spotlight to be unexpectedly exciting. One day claiming poverty (can’t even buy Happy Meals for her boys) the next posting Twitter pics of her new Louboutins. She has been every bit as guilty of using her boys as they have been. And no, the court system of CA would not have taken her boys away from her just because the new wife has lots of money. Eddie would have been held accountable for child support – he is an able bodied man and CA is pretty tough on dead beat dads. She could have afforded day care while she went back to school, or whatever it is she chose to do.

        Bottom line – she’s not as batshit crazy as Leann. But she’s every bit as fame hungry and not at all above using her boys to further her own need to be in the limelight.

    • Josephina says:

      @Mln -

      Blessings to you. Agree with your post.

      I have said this before- Eddie loves women, and apparently, will say and do whatever his dong tells him in order to be “showered” with love and attention.

      Eddie is a womanizer. He has many victims. Currently, there are two- the current wife and the ex-wife.

      Eddie purposely deceived Brandi throughout their marriage. Cheating was a lifestyle for Eddie while with Brandi.

      On the show RHOBH, Brandi has taken shots both at Eddie AND LeAnn. (Brandi has also taken shots at several of the cast members.) Brandi’s relevance on the show IS Eddie as well as his classless affair and marriage to LeAnn.

      Given that Brandi has a mouth like a sailor and is basically uncouth (she revealed she had a one nighter with Gerard Butler when it wasn’t necessary to speak about it), I can imagine that her book will sell. She, just like LeAnn, knows how to stir up drama.

      • LAK says:

        Brandi brings Drama to RHOBH and she does take pot shots at Eddie. She has not badly of LeAnn except to say Eddie left her for another woman. LAst week she went as far as saying she hoped Eddie didn’t divorce again because of the trauma her children would under go as a result of any divorce. I truly don’t understand where/why you think she discusses LR on the show.

        She talks about Eddie the same way Camille talks about kelsey [minus the S1 bragging]. New wife, like LeAnn, is never mentioned but i guess i am missing an extra sense thet requires me to know that, if Camille/Brandi take a pot shot at Eddie/Kelsey ONLY, i must read read between the lines to ascribe the same behaviour to their new partners.

        Her book WILL sell because LeAnn is giving Brandi a platform to sell her book.

      • Josephina says:

        @ LAK-

        Brandi talks smack about her ex’s current marriage (She mocked their “anniversay.). LeAnn happens to be the wife in the marriage and so yes, she is smack talking. Even Lisa, Brandi’s guard dog and friend, made a wisecrack receiving flowers from “Mrs. Cibrian, obviously not from LeAnn.”

        Between the last two seasons, Brandi has not shut up. And this is because she is still hurting. Her claim to fame IS because she is the ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian.

        Brandi has already received negative remarks from Mauricio and Paul (who displayed zero respect when he called her a b*tch several times to her face), Faye, as well as Kyle, Taylor, Kim and Adrian. If you can find a way to excuse Brandi’s behavior, that’s fine, but it is clear to me that she puts her foot in her mouth too many times, and often enough her comments are unnecessary or inappropriate.

        Brandi, all on her own, has made a mess
        of most of the relationships on RHOBH, simply by not knowing when to shut up. LeAnn suffers from the same problem.

        I feel both women (LeAnn AND Brandi) run their mouth too much. Each one of them loves a womanizer named Eddie Cibrian. There is no happy ending when you choose to love and/or share a life with a womanizer— only delusional beginnings.

  23. Stuart Horseley says:

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: without Brandi’s reactions, Leanne’s shenanigans are powerless. Ignore the stupid bitch, Brandi, and maybe she’ll go away. If not, then at least she will continue to make herself look like the fool she is. And Eddie doesn’t even have the sack to put his foot down over this, making him look like an ass, too.

    • Asiyah says:

      This, I can DEFINITELY agree with. Eddie and LeAnn continue with this ish because they know that Brandi is going to end up engaging them. That Brandi needs some cognitive-behavioral therapy to learn some techniques on IGNORING them.

      • candigirl says:

        ITA. Brandi holds the upper hand by being silent and letting Leann and her psycho-laundry twist in the wind. Brandi needs therapy to learn how to deal with a vengeful ex and his wealthy pit bull, who are willing to do anything to hurt her and trash her. At this point, Brandi is helping them more than helping herself. But I can’t imagine the frustration of trying to communicate with these fame punks willing to exploit and endanger your kids for attention and money, all while they bully you constantly in the media with a team of paid fans. It seems it’s true that the only time they will talk with her about the kids is when she takes it to Twitter. But she needs guidance and legal help.

    • claire says:

      They taunt her constantly. They hold her to different standards. They exploit the kids. They make tons of passive aggressive digs to smear her reputation. She calls them out on stuff, or vents the frustration at the digs and she gets a constant barrage of “move on! get over it! he left you! deal with it!” FFS, why is it ok for Leann and Eddie to be huge assholes, but if Brandi says anything about it, she’s the one with the problem??

      If she doesn’t speak out, then people will believe Leann and Eddie’s narrative, which has been Rimes’ sole focus for years now – she wanted Brandi to disappear off the face of the earth and she didn’t. F that. I wouldn’t let that nutjob get away with it all either.

      My only advice to Brandi would be to get more eloquent about her statements. Short, blunt, to the point, clear and logical. I cuss a lot too, but if I know that my own response to a bullsh*t comment or action by Leann is going to be all over the internet the next day, I would make sure that rant was clear and concise and tells the story. I wouldn’t waste it on an emotional F-bomb rant that doesn’t clarify anything.

  24. littlestar says:

    I just can’t get over how different her face looks in that first picture. What has she been injecting into her face? You need to stop it, Leann! It looks ridiculous.

  25. David says:

    Someone needs to put some duct tape on this crazies mouth. She is making a laughing stock out of herself. That husband of hers must be a real winner to just sit back and watch her self destruct. Bet he laughs all the way to the bank, bar, gym and side pieces house.

  26. mdawg says:

    Brandi recently let out that she and a friend used to call LeAnn “angelfish” because she sang like an angel but drank like a fish. Guess who was out and about wearing a shirt with an angelfish on it? LeAnn is CRAY.

  27. gg says:

    If she actually stopping putting out her personal problems, she would have absolutely zero to talk about. Sad.

  28. candigirl says:

    wow…the psycho really is starting to show here, esp. in her eyes. “Crazy, I’m crazy for feeling so stalkerish” preach it Patsy.
    “At least I have a filter” *insert Twilight Zone theme*

    “They are two little spitting images of my husband.” And that explains the pedo-cake.

    You’re right Kaiser, “I will never let a child walk into my house…and not be a part of that…” is her: “I will not be ignored, Dan!” it’s Bunny Boiling time!

    • Christin says:

      This whole story does seems like a strange cross between Fatal Attraction and Sunset Boulevard.

      Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” is probably an appropriate cover song for her to consider. I remember when all the Patsy comparisons were tossed around in the 1990s to promote the teenage singer. I never bought into that. Not saying she has no talent, but Patsy Cline is in a different class (LEGEND). Now, I can barely tell what words LA is trying to enunciate in her songs.

  29. nomorerimes says:

    At first I was disgusted with all the interviews LR was doing–but now I love them. She is showing everyone just what a crazy, sad, delusional liar she is! So keep it up, LR! It won’t help your singing career as that is so over.

    Seriously, her mooching family and paid friends have to get her mental help. She desperately needs it!

  30. Andrea says:

    Ugh…. I know this is probably cruel, but I can’t wait for this guy to cheat on her too.

    They all need to stop talking already.

  31. Birdie says:

    Why does no interviewer ask her about the photo ops and how she works with the paps? I would love to see her reaction to that.

    • Dinah says:

      Because she most likely sets ground rules prior to the interview, and examines/approves the questions to be posed, so that she may rehearse a plausible answer.

      Will she ever have an epiphany about how delusional she appears, or will her sycophants provide the necessary narcisisstic feed until she finally, utterly, and irreparably decompensates?

    • claire says:

      I want someone to ask her about all of her mysterious dental issues that she promises to someday explain and about all the last minute-concert cancellations on the days Eddie isn’t traveling with her. That would be a gem, I’m sure!

  32. Shelly says:

    All parties involved in this long-ago triangle need to finally just STFU about it and move on. I’m sick of hearing about it, from both LeAnn and Brandi. Grow up, grow a pair, and move the F on.

  33. janie says:

    This is so stupid.. I’m sick of all this!. Bottom line.. Eddie LOVES Eddie, period! If this jerk cared anything about his kids, he’d put a stop to it! Why is this still in the news, beem 3 or 4 yrs now? ENOUGH!!!

  34. felixe says:

    Hi guys living in the US – is it true that Leann may be up for the job as a judge on X Factor?

  35. Rita says:

    This is worse than the drip, drip, drip of a chinese water torture. This is a never ending tsunami of LeAnn’s crap washing up on the beaches of the internet.

    This is not gossip or intellegent escapism. It’s “Celebrity Terrorism”. Is her plan to simply bore us to death with the excruciating menutiae of her pathetic life? Where’s Seal Team Six when you need them?

  36. Kate says:

    Sorry, but she’s dragging the step-kids into this bitchfest?

    I’ve never been interested in this, particularly, but seriously: you fuck someone’s marriage up and then attack them after marrying their husband yourself? And try to not-subtly indicate that their kids are just as much yours? And apparently have NO insight into the reality, which is that these kids you profess so passionately are in an absolute cluster-fuck at least partly because of you, and if anyone loved them as much as is claimed, they’d be at home with their bio mom and dad right now? Bitch, please. Your body told you to get with their father. It did not consider their needs at that or any other time.

    Sociopathic loon.

  37. Lee says:

    What happened to Lee Ann’s face?!?!?!

    She looks pretty in the picture next to Brandi, but the snapshots from the interview are awful. Her eyes make her look crazy.

    Side note – does Lee Ann not realize that when “her boys” grow into their teenage years and piece together the damage she and Eddie have caused that they most likely will resent her badly?

  38. Beclove says:

    How’s YOUR career Leann? Sure don’t see either of your home wreckin’ anthems lighting up the charts.

    Curb dump you yet?

  39. Deanne says:

    LeAnn gives the same interview over and over again. It’s like she’s stuck in a time loop. It’s all I, I, I and my, my, my. Her perspective is so selfish and narcissistic in every way. “I’m the victim”. “I love MY boys and no one can say they aren’t all MINE, not even their Mother”, “Brandi should have lay down and died and let me take over her entire life without putting up a fight” (that is basically what she is saying), “How dare Brandi have a fan following and try to make lemonade out of the lemons Eddie and I shoved down her throat”. She can’t accept that the public aren’t going to embrace her and Eddie as a couple. Ever. Nancy O’Dell’s moronic comment that only Brandi has a platform, would be laughable, if it weren’t such an insane thing to say. LeAnn has written and entire album chronicling the affair and it’s aftermath, all from her prospective. She’s basically just another enabler for LeAnn. These entertainment “journalists” who let LeAnn control the questions and tone of the interview and let her further her victim agenda are as much a part of the problem as LeAnn herself. Her career is literally circling the toilet and Eddie never works anymore. The only thing keeping her in the spotlight is her exposing her pathetic self in these interviews. This is all an attempt to sway the public before Brandi’t book comes out. When LeAnn’s new album fails and she’s done with Curb records, who will want her. A mentally unstable attention seeker, who can’t sell records isn’t exactly a hot commodity. Luckily for LeAnn, there are no shortages of casino basements and county fairs for her to perform at. I don’t normally like to comment on people’s looks but what the heck has she done to herself. Her face looks like it is paralyzed and augmented to the point of deformation Why would a 30 year old do that to herself?

    • brin says:

      Totally agree! I believe that is karma face.

    • Relli says:

      ITA agree with you assessment that she honestly believed that Brandi should have laid down and died to give her what she wanted instead of fighting back. She has grown up entitled and given everything she wanted so why not now!?!? The more and more interviews she gives the more she sounds like the Cracken; me me me me me, I I I I, my childhood was taken, no understands me or the love that I feel for Cruddie’s dong……

      She is like one interview away from becoming Speidi.

      • Deanne says:

        I hate to disagree on this one point, but to me LeAnn has actually crossed the line where her plethora of interviews, attempting to paint herself as the victim, trying to take the high road, makes Speidi look dignified and low key by comparison. I really think she’s jumped that shark and has nowhere to go but down from here. The Cruddie’s dong comment was hilarious. Good old Eddie and his miraculous, wandering dong. Poor little Margie just couldn’t say no to his sparkling, magic wand of a wiener.

  40. KellyinSeattle says:

    I saw the interview and wow, does this girl take herself way too seriously and tries to come off as “deep”, but it’s all umm…oh…(flip hair), and double wow, so much makeup caked on!! She’s so serious about her life and could never crack up and laugh at something besides herself. Plus, her face is pulled too tightly!

  41. Grace says:

    Anyone want to play the guess what drugs Leann is on?

    Ive never tried pills so I cant speak to that..

    I think she is acting super coked out. She is fidgeting and rambling. Her choice of words sounds like a coked out person pretending to be sober.

    My father is an ex cop and reformed bad boy so he has experience with what a person on drugs looks like. He took one look at her and said she looks like a drug addict.

    • Relli says:

      Jayna had pointed out some time ago that she could be on Adderall which is basically like legal cocaine or at least thats what a “friend,” told me. I am inclined to believe her because not only does it suppress your appetite, lets you drink like a fish (no pun intended) and alert so you can party non-stop but it also makes you impulsive, crazy and a huge b!atch. That is if you are taking for reasons besides the prescribed reason.

      • Brittney says:

        As a longtime Adderall user, I have to chime in on this. What you’re both describing sounds like Adderall addiction or abuse (I know you clarified at the end, Relli, but I just wanted to emphasize that because it’s important to make that distinction).

        Some people actually do have ADHD and actually do benefit in miraculous ways from this drug.

        I’ve been taking it for ten years, and I’m not crazy, bitchy, hollow, or exhausted (at least not any moreso than the average woman in her mid-20s, haha). It continues to work for me exactly the way that it did when I first started taking it, and it allows me to be productive in both my professional and personal lives, even when I’m plagued by depression too severe to be totally eradicated by therapy and anti-depressants.

        I understand that prescription drugs are HEAVILY over-prescribed and that it’s a big problem, especially in the US… but please don’t demonize a drug that has transformed my life for the better. I’ve tried cocaine in the past (not proud of it, but I had some wild years in college), and they are NOT the same thing. They are very, very different. I would never touch cocaine again.

      • Lulu says:

        What Britney said. Nice to meet a fellow sufferer of ADHD and depression! They used to think the two where contraindicated. Thank God times have changed.

      • MoxyLady007 says:

        @ brittney- I have ADD also with anxiety. I take vyvanse for it and it changed my life. I don’t have much to say on that front – just wanted to reach out and say hi! Also wanted to say that ADD in women presents very differently than in men and I am so glad it’s finally gettung the attention it deserves.

    • Cirque28 says:

      LeAnn’s whole downward trajectory fits with stimulants and especially Adderall, I think. At first, you feel wonderful. You’re happy, focused, effortlessly slim… the person you were always meant to be. But eventually, it steals your joy as you become paranoid, fidgety, hollow, exhausted. You can hardly finish a sentence because your brain can hardly finish a thought. You cry at the drop of a hat. But (and this is why Adderall is particularly insidious) it can’t possibly be the pills that your doctor PRESCRIBES for you.

  42. G says:

    If she would only say “I don’t think it’s appropriate to talk about my husbands children.”

    But no she insists on rubbing it all in Brandi’s face on National TV. I just can’t with this insufferable hag.

    • Lady D says:

      I really don’t think that inappropriate is part of her vocabulary. Then again, she sounds so stupid when she talks that I’m thinking she really doesn’t have much of an education at all. Good thing she has money to buy friends and horndogs with.

    • Belladonna says:

      Thank you for that bang-on assessment G! Any step-parent who loves their spouses children would protect them from media intrusion and refuse to allow them to be dragged into the conversation.

    • claire says:

      I get really irritated that stepmoms defend her so much. There’s a middle ground between ignoring your stepkids and owning them to a point of dismissing and disrespecting their mother. People seem to think there’s only those two modes. She could love them all she wants and still not disrespect Brandi, but that would require a compromise, and Leann only does what she wants, what’s best for her. That idea doesn’t seem to exist for her and twitter stepmoms cheer her on for that. It’s pretty sad.

      • Deborah says:

        I’m not a twitter member but I do read a lot of the twitter accounts and I have watched all this play out for the last year. Tonight I ordered Brandi’s book:)I hope she sells enough of them to secure her future for her and her sons. She deserves it for having to put up with LeAnn, and for what Eddie did to her and the boys. I have come to the conclusion that LeAnn is a Lunatic and that’s all there is to it..She is in self destruct mode, and we are watching it as it happens. At one time I cared. Not anymore. Looking forward to getting Brandi’s book. Bet the book is part of what is driving LeAnn over the edge. Nose dive..

  43. MoxyLady007 says:

    Why is Eddie never in these interviews? I am sure he is in pain and a victim too. Is it because he is pissed Leann leaked their affair to the press and that caused Brandi to leave him? Is it because he is sad over his destruction of the family he wanted and never thought would break up because he never thought he would be caught?

    • Juliette says:

      Most likely it’s because Leann won’t let him be in the interviews. It’s all about her and how Brandi is so mean to her and attacked her for so many years. He sees it all from the inside and knows that Leann is not innocent, he’s not that good of an actor that we wouldn’t see the tell tale sign of a liar on camera and she knows it.

      Also, I think he wouldn’t argue about that because he’s too worried about the cash flow slowing down. Plus I think that this is all a huge ego boost for him. To have two woman fighting over him just feeds into his narcissism.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      You cannot be serious. Eddie is not a victim. He victimized his wife and now his kids. He slept around with every woman he could find while sleeping with Brandi, even when she was pregnant. He brought Leann into the boys’ lives when they were barely separated and acts inappropriate in front of them. He has no regard for Brandi’s feelings and less for his own sons, whom he sells to the highest bidder. He is evil incarnate married to the devil.

  44. anne_000 says:

    It’s not a “one-sided war” when a person (allegedly) makes sure to call the paps to occasions when the kids are around, tweets about the kids, writes songs about the affair with the kids’ father, and does interviews mentioning the kids. Did I forget to include anything else?

  45. apsutter says:

    She looks like hell! Also, what a delusional psychopath.

  46. erika says:

    god damn it girl….jaysus christ shutup! shutup about your damn affair and what a Douche-ard your tard BF/husband is.

    it’s like she LOVES the drama surrounding this, i think she thinks it makes her feel alive.

    switch focus leanne. time to think about something else. how about how damn UGLY your squint eyed hubby is. does he have a job? a favorite super cuts gal to style the hair? he is damn ugly…’ /

  47. Izzy says:

    Brandi hasn’t always handled herself the most gracefully in this situation, but she is REALLY the wronged party here, not Leann. Leann is a complete narcissist and does not care who she hurts as long as she gets what she wants.

    Someday, those little boys will find a way to get on the internet and Google all this, and when they are just a little older than they are now, they will come to understand everything that’s happened. It won’t be pretty.

  48. Baylor says:

    I think LeA

    nn may have a bigger meltdown over LIz leaving her when

  49. Rex says:

    Just a typical case of someone getting famous too young and not developing mentally because of it. She’s no different than Lohan in my eyes. We’ll be hearing crazy crap from her until the day she dies….

  50. anneesezz says:

    Brandy should pretend to get a short bob haircut and see what LeeAnn does. HAHA! I once had a lady stalker that wanted to be me and took all my sloppy seconds. It was really creepy. Truthfully, single white female was not just a movie. There are crazy b*tches like that out there.

  51. Holden says:

    The only thing I wonder is if Eddie will fleece next? Because this Leann thing is on its last legs. And then Leann will have no intense love to give other people’s kids.

  52. logan says:

    This is what happens when two high school bullies never grow up. Both are on an equal plane as far as being contemptible. I looked up contemptible, it means: low, cheap, shameful, vile, pitiful, despicable, mean, detestable, low-down and shabby.

  53. dorothy says:

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to continue to talk and bring attention to one of the most embarrasing things in thier and their step childrens lives??? I get that she’s no relevant anymore, but to use the affair as a way to get attention? I don’t get it.

  54. bagladey says:

    LR definitely had an eye-opening eyelift.

    • K-rock says:

      I dunno, I think its just the crazy starting to show. Seems the crazier she gets, the bigger her eyes look. Kinda scary if you ask me. I dread to think of how this is going to play out, I don’t see it ending well. Brandi should probably get a restraining order like now, not after its too late.

      • Yasmine says:

        ITA i’ve been saying this from the begining , leann is not ok in this drama,she out of control
        look at the physical changes ,the bikinis : body image obsession , the statements of true love with eddie in twitter(if you’r happy well you live this hapiness not acting it in social medias)
        Plus the calling the paps to show ‘the world’ how she’s beautiful/happy/blessed in this love,well you know what,she trying to convince herself more than anybody else
        this is not a normal behavior and it’s getting worst now,because she took it into another level : interviews in national tv.
        maybe she’s on drugs ir something but all i can see is dirty breakdown, and the way she handeled this whole drama shows that she can loose control easely…i’m afraid that this story is gone end badly,hopefully the kids or anybody does not get hurt.
        And excuse my english,not my first language

  55. LeeLoo says:

    I do think it would be to Brandi’s benefit to be the bigger person and ignore LeAnn’s bs and LeAnn inciting her into this mess. But at the same time, I 100% understand why she can’t do it. LeAnn really seems to know where to hit to garner a response. I just hope Brandi watches herself and her boys around LeAnn and works hard to focus on her and her kids’ well-being.

  56. why? says:

    Why does Leann act like Brandi owes her something? Leann slept with Brandi’s husband, not the other way around. Leann’s entitlement is getting out of control. Leann truly believes that what’s Brandi’s is hers.

    Considering that Leann’s “career” is exploiting children(ie-Brandi’s kids, homeless teens, and carly Rose),the two singles she released in 2012 and the album and singles she released in 2011 flopped, and Eddie’s show lasted only 3 episodes before it was canceled because each and every week the ratings would fall, who is Leann to criticize Brandi’s career?

    What’s ridiculous is that ET and Nancy allowed Leann to use them in this manner. For once will these media outlets do their homework before they do these interviews with Leann? Leann tweets passive aggressive digs at Brandi every day, so it’s not one sided.

  57. why? says:

    This is getting ridiculous. Leann set up another staged photo-op and now she is on twitter blaming the paps.

    Leann is having a meltdown on twitter.

  58. Meredith says:

    Just watched the interview clip above. Girl is bat sh*t crazy and it shows. Doesn’t look at the person interviewing her, stares off to the side, really jumpy and crazy. And sounds like she’s lying a lot too. What a piece of work.

  59. Madisyn says:

    MeAnn is FURIOUS that Brandi took the ‘lemons’ of her divorced life and made ‘lemonade’ by starring in a Bravo series. ‘Sour grapes’ indeed!

  60. Cirque28 says:

    Oh LeAnn, LeAnn… yesterday you actually had us feeling a little bit sorry for you. And today you couldn’t possibly have done more to increase sympathy for and interest in Brandi.

    Imagine Eddie constantly talking about Dean, making sly little references to Dean on Twitter, wearing a specific T-shirt because of something Dean said about him, and eagerly perking up in interviews whenever he was asked about Dean. How straight up creepy would that be?

  61. skuddles says:

    Alex, I’ll take “crazy eyes” for $100.

    I don’t know why I’ve never noticed this before (probably couldn’t tell because of the perma-squint) but she’s got some whacked out looking eyes.

  62. Jayna says:

    LeAnn had goodwill towards her because she has been around forever, since a kid, so many people would have moved on from the affair. The affair gossip would have died down by now since she and Eddie have been together for several years had she just been the same LeAnn she was until about 2010. After getting engaged LeAnn was still on red carpets, still invited to things. Hell, she got on X Factor recently and F’d it up badly. She had a flop record, but that record was going to flop anyway. Remaking oldtime country songs that males sang that aren’t that great of songs wasn’t going to hit in today’s style country music market.

    If she had ever hired a great publicist a couple of years back when she was derailing she might have turned her persona around and behavior around (bikini pic obsession/pap hiring obsession/twitter behavior), advised her on an album to not be solely focused on an affair four years before.

    How she looks in this interview still throws me. Her face had none of the cute facial expressions she used to have and everything about her face wasn’t only hard, it was dull: Dull color hair, no shine, skin same color as darker hair, lips same color as skin, no lashes. She used to have a pretty, fair complexion with dark eyelashes and dark eyebrows and shiny blonde hair and a face that moved and a smile that looked nice, not odd.

    Now all you see on shows yesterday and today is LeAnn is afraid Eddie is going to cheat. Eddie must be furious with her that’s the buzz line taken out of that interview and all over the internet and shows on TV. She’s gone from crying LeAnn to LeAnn afraid he is going to cheat. Leann hurts and no one understands why, filled with anxiety. Hardly a woman living life to the fullest four years after meeting Eddie.

    • Christin says:

      Agree. LeAnn tried to cross over to pop in the late 1990s, and later tried to steer back to the country roots of her younger days. Her voice sounds different as she speaks and sings. She’s different in many ways.

      My opinion is that her career has probably suffered most (more than Eddie’s and certainly more than Brandi’s) since her non-stop publicity efforts following her affair and marriage.

      She doesn’t seem to realize that the more she tweets, talks, and shows off (e.g., bikini/vacation/lunch/we’re so happy pics) the worse she appears. I seriously doubt she will ever change, though. She’ll probably be a bitter, blame-filled senior citizen, too.

  63. Bobby the K says:

    According to the DSM-IV, I believe the term to describe LeAnn is ‘Nutty as a Squirrels Dinner’.

    And it’s one thing to use the word ‘intense’ to describe romantic love.
    But to use it to describe motherly love for kids that aren’t actually your own? Kind of creepy.

  64. Jane says:

    Counting down the days to a total meltdown……

  65. Mich says:

    How can it be a ‘one-sided war’ when you are on TV talking about it … again?

    Didn’t watch the clips but in the stills her pupils look tiny.

  66. Jennifer12 says:

    I thought it was creepy that she “wants to be part of that intense love”. What a weird way to describe the love parents have for their kids. And clearly, she is going to make sure she’s a part of it, no matter the detriment to the kids or seeing how it makes the ex feel. What no one calls her on is that if she stayed quiet, let Eddie and Brandi parent the kids, and didn’t try to co-opt the boys, all of this would have died down ages ago. I don’t think she wants it to- she loves drama. It’s written on her plastic surgery… um, face.

    • Jane says:

      I agree. I’ve been working with children for 27 years, and if someone other than a birth mother told me this, I’d call the social worker, principal and psychologist to intervene on this one. She is claiming these children as her own– something extremely inappropriate! I’d hate think of what else Leann feeds into the minds of those boys. She will be ruining them if this isn’t stopped. I’ve seen too many children destroyed by parents who do not think of the children before themselves, and who feed them information that is sick. Every time I see Leann do something inappropriate, I think of the ramifications and outcome of what the boys will have to endure. The little sprite is all about him and being cute and a “ham”. The other is looking to me as if he is getting a clue on some of the shenanigans. However, they do not have the cognitive development skills yet to understand that the parents (biological and step) are destroying their future.(The eldest is starting with looking none too please for certain photo-ops) Let’s get real here. When they turn their teens or even earlier, what will stop them from hearing about all this c### about the parents doing crazy things? Children aren’t going to say, “Oh cool Dad, you left Mom for Leann and Leann talked about suicide and suing a teacher. I’m totally cool with that”. It stands a chance that the parents are trying to keep the children away from the drama, but in fact, they are creating more of it for the boys to endure later in life. Leann and Eddie are so full of themselves, they cannot see that they are hurting those two boys. I have seen it many times before. When a child in my classroom is hurting, I finally ask the parents what is going on, 9 times out of ten it is a messy divorce situation and arguing/bickering-strange acting adults with the children caught in the middle. No one can tell me I am full of it. 27 years of teaching tells me I know thins. I can care less about Leann and Eddie. I totally feel for the boys. The adults are screwing with their future.

    • Cirque28 says:

      Yup. So much about LR’s attitude to the boys is inappropriate and insensitive. She will be part of that intense love? Huh? No one has tried to stop her from being in the boys’ lives, so IDK know why that’s even on her mind. And the repeated insistence on using the terms “bonus boys” and “bonus mom” in reference to her husband’s kids. Because using this label or that label matters so much? If you love them, you love them. She’s just so awkward and odd.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Yes, completely. Completely. I am a teacher and have been for 14 years. You have to have a sense of boundaries with kids and an ability to discern what is appropriate for them. I never thought one way or another about Leann until all this began. I remember reading Us Magazine once, and seeing pictures of Leann standing over Eddie and Jake and clearly being cool with PDA in front of the kids. I also remember seeing photos of them making out, full on, at Mason’s soccer games. And I was like, whoa, didn’t the parents just separate? Children should NOT be exposed to sexual behavior (and this was before the photos of her grabbing Eddie’s crotch in front of them were published). Forgetting the careless cruelty to Brandi, how do you hold small children in small regard? Their parents had just broken up and these two jackwagons were acting as though it was fine to climb all over each other in front of the kids. Their POS father didn’t even wait to introduce Leann into their lives. And NO child should have to endure watching adults making out in front of them, especially at soccer games where their friends are and at which THEY are supposed to be the focus. I could never understand what sick game they were playing and getting off on. ANYONE else would have felt badly and tried to be kind and subtle, but these two s—heads were bound and determined to humiliate Brandi and make sure she saw them. And then to just push Leann onto the boys as if she were the new parent? I would have been homicidal. And how unspeakably unhealthy for these two children. The message to them is that they’re tools- to hurt their mom, to make money and garner attention. The message is clear: your mother is worthless and don’t you love your new “bonus mom”? I don’t get this blame the victim mentality, which is why bullies thrive in this country. Instead of saying, wow, this woman has dealt with a horrendous situation, we attack her. Leann is all about power and the only thing that leveled the playing field was to get some public attention and power. This is one of the most insane, awful situations I’ve ever seen, and I work in a terrible neighborhood. Leann and Eddie deserve all the hatred sent their ways and I truly hope they get some of the karma they’ve been courting for so long. Children can adapt but this is a lot to ask of small kids and it’s ongoing, which is horrible for them. If there is a hell, these two will be heading there on an express train.

  67. Ho hum says:

    Haha Leann tweeting Eddie is seranating “She believes in me” by Kenny Rogers to me ….she’s so delusional.

  68. lisa2 says:

    Not a fan of either woman.

    It takes two parties participating to keep drama going. You can’t have this kind of conflict unless both people are putting in the time and energy. All the interviews and tweets back and forth by both women. The truth of the matter is neither is really relevant without the other. Take one of them out of the equation and the drama ends. But they are both feeding on it. living on it. Loving it.

  69. Lisa says:

    omg this is STILL GOING ON? Even soap opera feuds resolve quicker. Victim mentality much, LeAnn.

  70. Kosmos says:

    I haven’t met either of these women. Eddie was Brandi’s husband, who cheated, so most of the viper comments should be aimed at him, but unfortunately, the women always attack one another, leaving the man free and clear, huh? Also, when she married Eddie, LeAnn had no choice but to accept and love his children as well, which is the right thing to do. I also understand Brandi’s anger at having to share her boys with the woman her husband cheated with & married. What’s done is done and life must go on. These people do not have to be friends, but c’mon, they can be civil and act maturely to do what they have to do with the children.

  71. Snowpea says:

    The thing over at the Fail where apparently Leann has been raving on about how hot her and Eddie’s sex life is, “Whenever he wants it”, made me cringe like I’ve never cringed before.

    What on earth is wrong with this woman? (Apart from the personality disorder). You got the man, you got the kids half the time, you got the money, hell, you got the white Range Rover, the ring, the bag, the bikini, the shoes, you got everything you wanted SO WHY ISN”T IT ENOUGH?!

    This latest bragging about how ‘steamy’ her sex life is reeks of desperation, instability, lunacy and a person who has completely lost her way. Her compass is totally broken. What person in her right mind talks to the press like that? At best, it’s embarrassing, at worst it illustrates the extent of just how much she has tipped over the edge.

    Can you imagine someone like, for comparison’s sake, oh, Carrie Underwood telling all about her sex life? Angeline Jolie? Hell, even somebody as lowrent as Lohan wouldn’t do it.

    The person upthread who said she speaks about Brandi with contempt has got it wrong. It’s not contempt, it’s JEALOUSY. Jealousy, once it consumes you, starts corroding you from the inside out. It is more powerful than battery acid. Rimes is absolutely, pathologically jealous of Brandi. It has made her tip over into the abyss of madness. Look at her face. It has lost all the sparkle, all the joy, all the life.

    I had a friend once, she was my best friend. We did everything together. We went to school together, then we got a flat together, we went to Europe together. I met a guy and I fell in love. We were so happy together, him and I. Everyone said how great we were together. I was careful to not leave out my friend. But over time, she changed. She couldn’t handle it when him and I moved in together and got engaged. She became angry and resentful. Her looks changed, she put on weight. When I fell pregnant with my first child, she totally lost the plot.

    Years later, I found out she’d propositioned my husband and they’d had an affair when I’d been pregnant with my second child.

    Him and I are no longer together and she and I are no longer friends. Years later, she told a mutual friend that she’d lost the best friend she’d ever had and she eternally regrets what happened.

    Anyhoo, long post, I’m sorry. My point is that Rimes is very unwell and is spiralling down fast. She needs psychiatric help pronto.

    • Jane says:

      Agreed. Leann’s jealousy is only going to get progressively worse, especially after Brandi’s book comes out.

    • candigirl says:

      Thank you for your personal insights Snowpea, I always get so much wisdom from them. That is a sad story. I know exactly what you mean about jealousy. A female in-law relative of mine was always swf-ing me ever since I married into the family. It was subtle at first and kind of flattering since she was accomplished and wealthy, but over time, it became frightening. She wanted my cast off clothes (I worked in fashion and had some great stuff) and my cast off furniture (I love to refinish antiques) when we moved. Then while we were moving she offered to care for our pet. When we tried to get him back after a month, she was crying hysterically. She somehow thought we would leave him with her. Later I found out she was writing an online journal pretending to be a character based on my life, in every detail. It was odd but I laughed it off. Finally, after a few years of similar swf stuff, she tried to get closer and closer to my kids. She got jealous after a family gathering when she felt we weren’t paying enough attention to her. She made up a story that I was abusive and neglectful of my kids and Child Protective Services showed up at my door.
      The CPS worker couldn’t believe the lies this woman had told after she saw our home (I’m a neat freak and love interior design) and met our kids (super happy, outgoing, smart etc.) Somehow my in-law thought she could get custody of our kids this way. It was a wake up call because I was such a contented person in my own life. I would never have imagined that someone would go to such lengths to steal some else’s identity and life. I understand why Brandi doesn’t pay the thousands of dollars in retainer’s fees for attorneys to combat multimillionaire Leann. It’s hard to prove some of this stuff legally and as my attorney said, it won’t stop a delusional person from their delusion. One of the best pieces of advice I got about the situation, other than to withdraw completely and move far away (very hard to do) is to tell everyone in your life about what is happening. The stalker wants to take your identity under the cover of lies and fraud. The more light you shine on the situation, the harder it is for them to continue the behavior. I agree with those who say that if Brandi had just shut up and gone away quietly, she would be out of her own kid’s lives for years and deep in debt with legal fees just trying to have supervised visits with them. Leann and her paid flunkies would spread lies and make up stories to damage Brandi and without an equally famous platform, no one would hear Brandi’s side of things. A delusional person with the money and time to stalk you is a dangerous person to have in your life.

      • Snowpea says:

        candigirl, thanks for the kind words.

        Are you and I separated at birth? I too, love clothes and interior design. I love furniture, antiques, Danish design and having a beautiful home. I love vintage dresses and high end stuff. I also have two gorgeous boys who are smart, kind and well adjusted.

        But I also, like you, and like Brandi (to continue the parallel) am “a contented person in my own life”, and I think herein lies the key.

        Those people who spend their lives searching for something, who always feel on the outer, who don’t have a strong sense of their own self, latch onto people like us and try and steal our identities. They become consumed with a dual jealousy/admiration that they feel will only abate if only they can BE the other person.

        Hell, I cant begin to understand it. I am a strong person and dont REALLY understand these types of weak, destructive personalities (as you already know, my own mother is identical to Rimes) but just get on with my own life.

        Your situation sounds like a total nightmare and I completely empathise. I cannot even start to imagine what drives another human being to behave in such a way.

        Anyway, I am ashamed to admit that I am overly invested in this Rimes saga and it grips me like no other story. I fear there is a disaster waiting in the wings :(

      • candigirl says:

        We do have a lot in common! I take that as a high compliment. I just looked up a stalking awareness website and this month is “National Stalking Awareness Month” lol, the psychological traits they list for stalkers reads like Leann’s bio: jealous, obsessive, delusional. I’m not embarrassed to be interested in this Rimes/Glanville relationship because I think it illustrates some issues that we as a society need to be talking about like stalking, swf-ing, overstepping boundaries in relationships and healthy co-parenting/step-parenting of children.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        First of all, I am so sorry for your nightmare. The thing is, Brandi has 50-50 custody with Eddie and is stuck, otherwise she might have actually moved away. Far away. Her nightmare is that her stalker is allowed to be in her life through her kids. People blame the victim because they get sick of hearing what’s going on (even though they love drama) but what they don’t get is that it’s exhausting and hideous LIVING it. Brandi’s most precious loves, her sons, are the issue here, not their loser dad.

      • Lulu says:

        Wow, that is quite a story. And has made me rethink my position on Brandi’s outspokenness.

      • eileen says:

        Wow-I just read all your stories and I had a similar experience with my (soon to be ex) sister in law! Her delusion and SWFing turned into hate after a few years though and I seriously feared she would try to hire someone to hurt me.
        She is eight years older than me, married a millionaire and when I got pregnant before her, she went ballistic. Told me to get an abortion and tried to tell my fiance that I trapped him. She started dressing like me and even got a nose job and requested my nose! She’s called me every name in the book and made a scene at my wedding. All her family were just “Oh that’s just ——!” and expected me to just put up with it!
        Then when that didn’t work for her anymore, she became volitol and when my inlaws went to visit her one weekend she got wasted and went completely insane when my name came up. Started screaming I was a F’ing C#nt over and over getting in people’s faces. It scared them so bad they packed and drove home in the middle of the night. She was blocking their way to get out and freaking out on them. I never spoke or saw her again and I refuse to allow my kids around her.
        THIS is why I reached out to Brandi when I saw LR stalking her-and at first, I had only seen the things caught on camera. Then I learned of the other things LR has done and let me tell you-everyone close to Brandi is scared for her…and the boys. LR must win at any cost and since she didn’t get Eddie the way she wanted him-where he dumped his wife and went ruunning to her, she will do whatever it takes to convince herself that he WANTS to be there. I think in her mind, looking and acting like Brandi is a step. Becoming those boys “bonus mom” is another. And yes, if she had it her way-Brandi would drop off the face of the earth and she would just take over. Even though I doubt she TRULY feels anything for those kids.
        I agree with whoever said that this happens to those who have no sense of themselves and latch on to stronger personalities and try to become them since the don’t know how to be anything else.
        I also think that the more LR tries and fails at getting the public to embrace her behavior, the more hate and anger she has for Brandi. She can’t blame herself so who else can she throw that on? Especially since Brandi is becoming successful in her own right. I truly think LR will have a complete breakdown at some point and I just hope those boys or Brandi aren’t within range.

    • Gigi says:

      I had a similar thing happen, luckily not to that extent, with a distant cousin I became acquainted with at a funeral. At first it was flattering but soon became super creepy. She tricked my boyfriend into coming to my house while I was home sick in bed with the flu and then slept with him. Another friend told me and I’m so glad. I dropped them both immediately.

  72. Sway says:

    “But what you’ve never heard is LeAnn’s part of the story”

    …is what that lady, Nancy O’Dell, says in the opening before the interview.
    Is she NUTS!?
    We’ve never heard MeAnn’s part of the story? NEVER heard it?

    You have GOT to be kidding me.

  73. fla girl says:

    Hey LeAnn, someone needs to tell you that the old phrase “Any publicity is good publicity” is NOT TRUE.

  74. Gemini08 says:

    Note the crazy eyes in the pics from the interview. Just the mention of Brandi’s name and her face turns into Single White Female.

  75. K-rock says:

    Brandi, sleep with one eye open.

  76. Sway says:

    OK, so I finally watched the video (I stopped it yesterday after the first 5 seconds, because I got annoyed).
    Well, one look at LeAnn’s face will tell you everything you need to know about her. That she is spiteful, selfish and delusional and she has NO respect whatsoever of the fact that these children, “her husband’s” children also have a mother. And that she is not her.
    Dear LeAnn, while your attitude has been pretty disturbing in the past, now you’ve upgraded it to a plain disgusting. It’s not okay to say what a B- the mother of those boys is (because come on, we all know that’s what you meant) and in the next sentence to say how “intensely” you love them. No one will buy it. Ever. Maybe because it is not the truth. You don’t love those boys not only because you are not their mother and you are incapable of loving someone who does not boost your ego, but also, because a big part of Brandi lives in those kids. They ARE part of her and always will be, they carry her blood, her features, her spirit. And you… you are pitiful. The bad thing is at this point I don’t think a therapist will help you at all – you said it yourself, you’ve been in therapy for years. And we’ve all seen how well that works out for you.
    Please, oh please, stay free of comments about Jake and Madison, and most of all of their mother. Because you cannot handle it. And if you are incapable of understanding it yourself, here it is spelled out for you: YOU ARE EMBARRASSING YOURSELF.

  77. Cassie says:

    I agree with everything awful and possibly truth people say about Leann here.

    But I think it’s ridiculous to see people talking about the sad stories of their lives on here trying to make other readers feel pity. Are you competing with Leann? Leann is the star of this thread not you. Celebitchy should not serve as psych support. It isn’t for Leann.

    • Lady D says:

      I myself feel empathy with those who decide to share. It also helps me learn about what makes people tick, and I find learning fascinating. I really doubt these posters are here looking for sympathy. It’s more of an opportunity to learn. Most of us are more intelligent than that. What’s ridiculous is thinking someone actually wants to compete with psycho Rimes.

    • Snowpea says:

      Wow, you just blew my mind cassie.

      Celebitchy for me is entertainment, a time waster, relaxation and stimulation all combined. I would guess it serves that purpose in lotsa people’s lives.

      All sorts of people turn up here. Brangeloonies, gossip hounds, trolls, pot stirrers, intellectuals, mums, bored people and a whole lot of smart, funny women who contribute greatly to the dynamic.

      Who gives a fiddler’s fart what they feel the need to comment on? As long as they are not being discriminatory, racist, sexist or offensive, who are you to pass comment on the nature of the commentary?

      YOU’RE Here, obviously following the thread enough to have some sort of investment in the story and yet you feel compelled to write:

      “Are you competing with Leann? Leann is the star of this thread not you”.

      Which means either you ARE Leann or else you are feeling for whatever reason, uncomfortable with the sharing. Why not just log out? Weird.

      I live a million miles away from Leann in Australia. I work fulltime, have kids and am just an ordinary person who is fascinated enough by the trainwreck that is Rimes to share a parallel story that shows the outcome when somebody doesn’t keep their jealousy in check.

      This is not psych support. It’s just interesting on a human level.

      The fact that you take the time to dismiss this speaks volumes about you and your character and may I suggest you don’t bother to click on Rimes stories anymore?

  78. Tuxedo Cat says:

    I wish she would shut up and sing.

  79. Zooyork says:

    Leann looks incredibly evil.

  80. candigirl says:

    I don’t think any of us asked for pity, unlike Leann, we don’t see ourselves as victims. We are talking about a dangerous behavior: stalking.
    It exists and it is a life threatening problem to the person being stalked. Like Jennifer said, most people don’t understand the problem and don’t want to hear about it. That’s why Brandi has so many people telling her to stfu. They can’t handle the fact that maybe someone like Eddie might cheat on his family just because he likes cheating or that someone like Leann might stalk others because she is crazy, even though she has lots of money, talent, fame. Like your comment: “Leann is the star of this thread, not you,” is something that psycho Leann would say, hmmm… Instead of looking at how her psycho behavior is ruining her life and hurting two little kids. People don’t want to look at the ugly side of this and where it might lead.

  81. Cassie says:

    There is nothing people here can do besides bitching to stop the people involved in this mess doing all the things they are doing. Their problems do not cause harm to anybody outside their world.
    The children involved in this mess can’t get away from it all and go to your own safe homes to hear stories from you.
    There are people here sharing their lives like they were seriously important to Leann, Brandi and Eddie. The good lessons of your lives won’t reach them.
    At the end it’s all entertainment.

  82. Baylor says:

    So looks like there was a baby shower and the mommy to be is a tattoe clad lady. Looks like Liz but might be Elisa.

    Still can’t believe that LeAnn has never made a single friend in her life. All her friends are either on pay-roll or are the current boyfriends/husbands friends. Then there is Rendee and Chrissy but those are really her mom’s friends. Soo sad…

  83. dahlianoir says:

    The amount of plastic surgery is too damn high !

  84. LittleDeadGirl says:

    It always amazes me how many of us have been staulked (by a man or a woman). Thanks for sharing stories guys. I think the important thing is to never ignore the gut feeling that tells you something is wrong …

  85. Heather M says:

    Oh, and something occurred to me today. I thought about how if Leann were TRULY in love with “HER boys,” she would not belittle the boys’ MOTHER publicly as she does (putting quotes around Brandi’s “career”)…For someone who has a good idea of Leann’s diagnosis (NPD), I am not surprised, but it just reinforces the diagnosis.

    • Jayna says:

      Oh, come on. Brandi has been on a mission since December with Eddie and LeAnn tweeting, interviews, Scheana for ratings you act like Brandi has been a saint and LeAnn was mean to her in the interview.

      I am over both of these women the past few months.

  86. Esther says:

    Kim Kardashian has unfollowed LeAnn on Twitter. Why?

  87. anneesezz says:

    Makes you think Nancy O’Dell maybe was the step-mom after she split up someones marriage and doesn’t see it’s intensely wrong to call those childrens “her boys.” They aren’t and never will be. Nancy is just feeding the flames by acting like Brandi is the one who is the problem. That interview was such a setup.

    • Jayna says:

      Anybody going on this little Entertainment show, all they give any of their guests are softball questions. It’s not a probing Barbara Walters interview. People know that.

      • Jane says:

        While I think it is highly unlikely BW would interview Leann in a million years, it would be interesting to see what kinds of questions she would ask if she did. Better yet, get Leann on The View. Hell, they had Monica Lewinsky on 15 some odd years ago. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to have a second adulterer to interrogate on the show.

  88. Linda says:

    Let’s be clear Margaret LeAnn Rimes…you ARE the other woman, the mistress, the jump-off. You are NOT the wrong and injured party here. You will never be the victim. EVER!!!