Jennifer Lawrence in ‘ripped’ blue Dior at the SAGs: stunning or oops?

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence looked really good at last night’s SAG awards even though she was still battling walking pneumonia and nearly didn’t make it for the show. Poor thing probably stuffed herself full of medicine and made the best of it. Since she’s a Dior girl now, she wore a Dior haute couture gown in a lovely midnight blue shade that was also favored by Amanda Seyfried. This is a rather wonderful look for Jennifer, isn’t it? She’s quickly become known for unnecessarily disastrous style choices, but she looks very occasion appropriate here. This gown is very, very tight though, and the three-tiered design (with a tail) unfortunately lent itself to disaster when Jennifer headed onstage to collect her Best Actress award. Crushable has posted a hypnotic GIF that shows the exact moment of the dress ripping, which was weird because it tore right open like an accordian (update: lining malfunction) and then put itself right back together. Jennifer didn’t even notice it herself until after it happened. Here’s a longer video that includes her speech:

Jennifer also accessorized with Chopard jewels, and her makeup (for once) looked really good. Her hair was also done in a sideswept style that was unusual for her. CB thought the hair was a little bit weird, but I’m just happy there were no winged bangs to be found. The lip color is perfect!

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Once Jennifer hit the press room, her torn dress issues were magically solved.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer wore some shiny Jenny Packham on the red carpet. The texture of the fabric is quite typical for Packham, but Jenna wears it well. Perhaps I’d have liked the dress even better if it wasn’t black because there were soooo many black dresses last night. Her makeup could have also used a little bit more “pow” where the lip color is concerned as well.

Jenna Fischer

Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper was present to support the cast nomination for “The Office,” and she chose a really terrible Reem Acra gown in sea-foam green color. This is one of those dresses whose existence that I’ll never understand. Gingers can pull off pastels in many instances (and Ellie’s hair definitely looks pretty), but this dress is not one of them. This gown was too precious, too sparkly, and too embellished. What is going on at the waist with those awful mini-tiers? And look at the awful zipper in the back. It’s like a stairway that leads to nowhere.

Ellie Kemper

Ellie Kemper

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco came along as part of the “Big Bang Theory” cast, and what would have otherwise been a decent look has been ruined by a classic case of Kaiser’s famed Bangs Trauma. These bangs are the perfect case against bangs, and amusingly enough, I admitted to Kaiser last night that I was thinking about getting some longish bangs, but Kaley’s helmet head has convinced me otherwise. This lacy Romona Keveza dress was a little bit too sweet and Valentiney, and Kaley accessorized with a matching pink-and-red clutch with a pearl bracelet. It’s all just too much together, especially with that hair.

Kaley Cuoco

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. MissM says:

    It’s a wig right?

    • Cait says:

      My thoughts exactly! For her sake, I hope so…

    • keats says:

      Gotta be a wig.

    • Jean says:

      Lot of KStew hairdo’s at the awards. Jennifer is really racking up the awards this year. I saw the Silver Linings Playbook and got bored during some of it. Still undecided about how I feel about this movie.

      • ORLY says:

        Kstew hairdos? Uh…

      • amilu says:

        I didn’t like most of SLP. I actually fell asleep during the middle of the movie. But I did like the ending. 🙂

      • B says:

        Oh my gosh. I took my girlfriend to SLP and we had such grand, deep expectations and we both got bored as well. Perhaps it was because we wined beforehand and it was raining and we were mellow, but I don’t think so. JLaw was OK. The movie was just OK. Hmmmm…Maybe there is a lot of money backing it, like some hit songs that they pay to get ranked…not sure.

    • Erandyn says:

      I sure hope so. She looks like a coconut.

    • Happymom says:

      It looks like the hair on one of those Fischer Price people: the yellow flip.

  2. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Kaley’s head looks like that picture you see on facebook of the cat wearing a melon on its head. Very unfortunate.

  3. Gabby says:

    It’s not ripped the lining underneath showed up because the dress is tiered. Love her!!

    • Lili says:

      That’s what I thought. Couldn’t figure out why everyone thinks its a big rip. She just shouldn’t have pulled the top layer up while walking up the stairs, because the layer underneath is sheer at the top. It was a beautiful dress. I really don’t think it ripped!

      • LadyMTL says:

        Nope, it didn’t rip. What I think happened is she stepped on the bottom of it and pulled the lower piece / panel away from the top piece. Then when she lifted her foot it came back together again.

      • MW says:

        Yu are right, it didn’t rip. It is just tulle instead of fabric under that top mini-dress layer, (which is attached to the floor-length layer), so it didn’t have too many layers of fabric, and add “weight” or “hips” to the person wearing it.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      I went back to look again and you’re right. She holding the top layer up a bit as she walks and the netting showed. Then she dropped it.

      Phew! I spent way too much time looking at it trying to figure out how that happened lol

    • gee says:

      This makes so much sense, I was so confused! I love her too.

    • says:

      That’s what I figured as well. No way the dress just ripped in half and in a matter of seconds it was back to being a single-piece dress.

      I just spent way too much time looking at that gif at Crushable.

    • karmasabiatch! says:

      I love her too, but that dress is pretty disastrous. Snaps to JLaw for her composure though.

      Kaley Cuoco’s bangs? Totes with Kaiser on this one. Bangs usually lead to serious longterm trauma, for the victim and everyone around her.

      Ellie Kemper? I’m mystified as to why the back zipper wasn’t flesh toned. Sea foam green doesn’t do anyone any favors, even gingers. I actually love the design and mini-layers a lot. Think about how cool that dress would have been in navy or cabernet?

  4. Apsutter says:

    Kaley looks like absolute hell and she always has such a smug weird look on her face. J Law looks great and that dress fits her great. Too bad about the rip

  5. T.C. says:

    Jennifer Lawrence’s dress fits perfectly but it looks too simple and cheap. Surprised that is Dior. Kaley’s hair is horrible but I love her dress.

    • flor says:

      Dior has been shit ever since John Galliano left, sadly. I agree, JLaw’s dress looks prom like.

      I don’t get why actresses don’t dress very well for the SAG, if they don’t want to go full fashion, they can wear a nice cocktail dress and would look good.

  6. Stellax2 says:

    If I’m not mistaken J Law’s dress was tiered as stated but had netting underneath the tiers so when it appeared that the dress had ripped, it hadn’t. It had flexibility built into it or at least that was what the news reported.

    She’s been sick for quite awhile now. She needs a rest.

    Kaley’s bangs and dress, I just can’t.

  7. Arock says:

    Agree with the sentimates above, that definatly looks like a wig- the color, the crown, the part. Jenna looks beautiful, I’ve always liked her.

  8. Ms Kay says:

    Kaley Cuoco has shattered into million pieces The Big Bang Theory by making herself look like The Wig Bang Theory.

  9. emmie_a says:

    Jennifer’s gown didn’t rip. The runway version of the gown had some sort of revealing netting detail that Jennifer wore bustled underneath — or something like that.

    Ellie’s gown is all sorts of awful. It’s something a mother-of-the bride would wear.

    Kaley has to be the worst look of the night. The cheap red prom dress with the matching Dyeables shoes and helmet head hair with bangs???? Who let her out of the house like this? It’s horrible!!!

  10. annabelle says:

    Poor Jennifer, she handled it well enough though.

    I’ve noticed lots of these dresses have that extra fabric sewn on look to them, it cheapens all of them.

    Elle and Kaley, two beautiful, funny women looking like ass, makes me sad.

    • Tiffany says:

      I agree, when I see beautiful women in such unfortunate looks, it makes me sad. I feel bad for them! And they are both so pretty, it just didn’t have to be that way!

  11. Raven says:

    I think Gabby is right about Jennifer’s dress, which is beautiful. Navy/midnight blue is a beautiful color and I was glad to see it on the red carpet instead of the same old black.

    Kelly’s hair was not the problem. I prefer that look to something that looks like it has been through a wind tunnel. But the dress and shoes really look like a bridesmaid outfit.

    • Belle says:

      haha… I was thinking the red dress and shoes look like she is headed to a high school ‘sweethearts’ dance back in the 80’s. Yuck!

  12. Dawn says:

    So I like the JL and KC looks (even the bangs) and don’t like the JF at all and EK looks find from the front but the back just ruins it. But I must say I am a fan of all these ladies and think they are all very talented!

  13. DeltaJuliet says:

    Poor Ellie looks terrible. I hate to talk about complexions as mine is far from perfect but it looks like they tried to cover up a couple of large zits and that brozer across her forehead is drawing attention to the lines. Yikes. And I usually find her very cute. Dress is awful too.

    • Pop! says:

      My thoughts exactly about Ellie. I was looking and all i could see was her makeup cracking around her usually beautiful face. The fake tan is just drawing attention to the blemishes and then too much makeup is causing wrinkles that i don’t think exist. My skin isn’t perfect either, and i hurt for her a little.

    • susie cue says:

      ditto to you both…I actually did a quick Wikipedia trollop because I thought “she must be older than I thought…”, followed closely by a spit take and: “32?!?!?!?!” She looks easily 10 years older. Awful makeup! I hope whoever did it is sitting on a naughty stool somewhere with “I DUN WRONG” written in lipstick on their forehead.

  14. Jenna says:

    Ditto on the previous comments about Jennifer’s dress. It didn’t rip; it’s tiered and that’s the way it’s made.

    Jenna’s dress is fine. I can’t make myself like Ellie’s or Kaley’s though.

  15. RN says:

    At a quick glance, I thought Kaley Cuoco was Lindsay Lohan and thought, “OMG, what is SHE doing there?”

    WTF kind of hairstyle is that? And that zipper on the back of Ellie’s gown is terrible!

  16. Meaghan says:

    I hate he back of Ellie’s dress, the zipper looks awful! Kaley has looked much better, do no like her look. Jennifer looks beautiful tho! I don’t understand what happened with the dress.

  17. Angie says:

    I loved Marion Cotillard’s face when Jennifer Lawrence’s wardrobe malfunction happened, that was funny XD.
    And also Nicole Kidman with her hand on her head and Naomi Watts laughing in the background:

    Jennifer Lawrence was lovely, glad she wins, I like her.

    • V4Real says:

      How do you rip a dress that cost over 5,000.00? I’ve seen dresses from Sears that are harder to rip.

    • Lauren says:

      I do not care what JLaw wears..she is articulate, grateful & funny. She has substance and talent. I am very happy for her. N. Kidman looks so damn jealous. Furthermore, JLaw would never marry a freak like Tom Cruise, to further her career. Nicole is smirking and seething with jealousy.

  18. Post-Its says:

    That zipper…

  19. keats says:

    Jennifer always looks phenomenal when she wears a simple, chic dress.

  20. Danziger says:

    What. The hell. Is up. With her eye-make-up lately?! Shit, what ‘lately’. Her makeup has been absolutely horrendous and doing nothing for her features for the longest time.
    As for the bangs trauma, yes. This IS a bangs trauma. I still vouch for blunt bangs though – ain’t no other way to hide this fivehead of mine.

  21. Mia 4S says:

    I had to laugh at all these ripped dress stories. What and she then magically put it back together? It’s tiered and the lining slipped. I hope she gets some rest. Her speech was fun but you could hear her struggle for air a bit (been there, it really sucks).

  22. kay says:

    Jennifer- 3rd pic down. beautiful.

    don’t smile jennifer!!

    what the heck happened to Ellie’s make up?

  23. SamiHami says:

    The seafoam green dress is gorgeous, except for that awful zipper. From the front, though…perfection!

    Kaley Cuoco is such a beautiful girl, but that hair and the super heavy eye make up age her. A better hair style and a lighter touch with the eyeliner and she’d have been just right. Yes, the dress is “valentine-y” but it really looks good on her.

  24. La Calabaza says:

    She only gets better!

  25. derpy says:

    I realize that the dress is tiered. But… She didn’t have to hike the first tier up that high did she? That was unfortunate.
    I like Elle’s dress, except for that damn zipper.
    Kaley’s wig (?, I hope it’s a wig) was a mess.

  26. sal98 says:

    I think I might be the only one who doesn’t want Lawrence to win the Best Actress Oscar. Chastain and Watts have both been around for ages, been through grueling auditions, are incredibly respected, and both of their performances were better than Jennifer’s in what was, essentially, a romantic comedy. Plus, if Jennifer wins, it will be another Weinstein-influenced victory. I know almost no one will agree with me, but sorry not sorry.

    • berry says:

      I agree with you and I’m a big fan of Jennifer’s, but I feel she is only winning because of Weinstein’s influence.

      • Stellax2 says:

        I somewhat agree with the both of you. I love J. Law, she has extremely bright future ahead if she stays on track and level headed. She did give a fantastic performance in SLP though.
        I think J. Law is quite aware of the Weinstein influence as she has made reference in her GG and SAG speech.
        Chastain was fantastic in ZD30. I did not see Watts’ film but I have no doubt she gave a stellar performance.

        Were Kidman and Watts sitting with one another? I was half paying attention. I thought, perhaps erroneously, that their friendship had cooled. I hope they are still close.

    • valleymiss says:

      I loved SLP, but I’m done with JLaw getting all the awards. Some love needs to be thrown JChastain’s way because she was riveting in ZD30. Also, I was rewatching “Mulholland Drive” last night (because of Justin Theroux giving me hipster eye candy…jesus he’s hot in the movie) and was reminded of how amazing Naomi Watts was in that movie, and everything she’s been in since. She’s a really good actress and I’d like to see her work rewarded.

    • Annie says:

      I’d love to see Watts win. Massively underrated actress. Lawrence gave a great performance but I do not think her material was quite oscar calibre.

    • Shira says:

      I really don’t think that Oscars should be determined based on who’s been around the longest.
      I haven’t seen Zero Dark 30 or any of the other films in this category so I don’t know who really deserves it the most.

      I definitely don’t think she’s reaping the rewards because of Weinstein! She had a stellar performance in a perfect film (IMO), she and Bradley were eye-opening, so yeah, I’m definitely ok with her winning these rewards.
      Personally I thought Bradley gave the better performance of the 2 but he hasn’t got a shot in hell with the competition he’s with.

      • Mia 4S says:

        Actually I would place my bet on the lovely Ms. Riva from “Amour”. I haven’t seen it, and it’s apparently so good and heartbreaking I’m not sure I want too. She will turn 86 years old the day of the Oscars, she’s been in several highly regarded foreign films. I think she may be the big surprise and I don’t think anyone will have a problem with it.

      • Annie says:

        My fav would be Naomi but my money would be on either Chastain or Riva. But a win from any of those 3 would be great and well deserved!

    • MisJes says:

      I disagree that Oscar recipients should be picked based on how old they are or how long they’ve been in the industry. If the performance is outstanding, they deserve the nod.

      Look, Jennifer has been getting a lot of shade for being successful with a Weinstein film.

      I think that Jennifer deserves to win because she gave an outstanding performance in SLP, not simply because she’s associated with Weinstein. The academy has long been impressed with Jennifer Lawrence, evidenced by her nomination for Winter’s Bone (which had nothing to do with Weinstein). If anything, she is more impressive BECAUSE of her young age and short time in the industry, yet has given performances of the highest calibre.

    • lily says:

      To be honest, I found her performance was decent, not Oscar-worthy, especially when you compare it with other performances like Chastain’s or Riva’s. Her win reminds me too much of Sandra Bullock’s win for The Blind Side.

    • bubbles says:


  27. lucy2 says:

    I liked Jennifer’s and Jenna’s. Ellie’s had too much going on for me.

    Kaley – good Lord, what happened there. I’ll be honest – I don’t find her to be that pretty, but usually with good hair and makeup she looks good. This is such a disaster, head to toe.

  28. SportsGal says:

    What’s going on with Kaley’s face in that last picture??

    She looks like a Bush Baby.

  29. Kate says:

    Jennifer Lawrence’s dress looks lovely, but I’ve seen variations on that in white in at least four weddings I’ve been to.

    The pastel thing is so hideous I can’t believe anyone made it, far less chose to wear it. The zip at the back, and that huge fussy side-bow! It makes her look huge-hipped without flattering the waist, which is actually an achievement, in a perverse way. It’s the single best thing about big skirts and hip detailing, as a rule. Not here though.

    Jenny Packham is boring, IMO, but it’s nice enough here.

  30. Marianne says:

    I hated Kaley’s bangs as well, but the dress would have been better if it were shorter. It made her look really short.

    Jenna Fischer looked AMAZING!

    Jennifer Lawrence looked good, but nothing special. Kind of plain and uninspired look.

  31. Happy21 says:

    Jennifer looked great. No complaints from me. I thought her speech was good and very humble.

    That Ellie persons dress is a disaster and the zipper is wrong in every possible way. AND she is wearing way, way too much make up. Looks like she has layers of cake on there; not nice.

    Kaley looks godawful! I, too, thought she was Lindsay Lohan at first glance. That hair, oh GOD that hair!

  32. Memphis says:

    The style and color of Jennifer’s dress looked great, but I didn’t really like her hair. I would have liked it better all down and flowing. The one side look just threw it off for me..IDK why.

    Kaley’s bangs and dress were just one big NO!!!! Someone really should have told her before she showed up sporting that look! She looked like Valentines Day Barbie, in a bad way (is there a good way to look like Valentine Barbie?? IDK)

    Ellie Kemper’s dress was just…ugg. And the zipper?! WTH? It looked like a hair extension fell out and was just stuck to her back.. Just so bad!!!!

  33. StaCat1 says:

    Jennifer looked amazing. Even while she was sick. Can’t wait to hear her Oscar speech..

  34. Meg says:

    i love elie kemper’s dress-the zipper in the back is bad but the color and delicate lace and floral is beautiful with her fair skin.

  35. Jamie says:

    Jennifer will apparently always look wonky eyed to me.

  36. JPC says:

    JLaw looks fantastic. Gorgeous dress.

  37. Jordan says:

    Jennifer looked gorgeous, LOVED her speech!.

  38. CC says:

    I LOVED the GIF, ty for the find! Went straight to my saved crap.

    And I like funny gifs, while I’m not a superfan of hers, I like her work.

  39. d says:

    Style and fashion in Hollywood must be losing their minds because I can’t understand most of the looks here and why they should be considered as looking good. Case in point: that zipper on Ellie’s dress? No. I’m aghast that that was even considered.
    Jennifer’s dress is fine though. I mean, it’s not wow, but it’s ok. I love that colour. The design is meh. But her hair and makeup…don’t suit her.
    Jenna’s dress is old-lady look. Sorry.
    And I can’t even with Kaley’s look. Her styling is TERRIBLE. The dress itself is nice, but it’s a bad look for her. And the hair and the makeup. Why? Does she not have any friends in the know who can help her look good?
    All of these women are beautiful but they have horrible style. And sometimes I think it’s like fashion is all about this idea of beauty, but it’s never about making an individual woman look good. It’s always about dress, hair, makeup, but it’s never about HER.

  40. Melissa says:

    Jennifer was stunning. She’s my favorite nowadays but I rarely like what they put her in but last night she was perfection. Stunning dress and incredibly elegant hair – she shone and I’m so happy for her.

  41. ladybert62 says:

    Pretty blue dress and brings out her blue eyes.

  42. Ida says:

    The dress did NOT rip! There’s simply a sheer layer that connects the bottom blue layer of the dress to the middle blue layer of the dress. Raf Simons, the new creative director at Dior has created many dresses like this. Admittedly, the point is to create the illusion that the various pieces are about to fall apart, but it’s just an illusion.

  43. KC says:

    I like Kaley’s dress and shoes but I can’t stand her wig, bracelet, or show.

  44. Nicolette says:

    I think Jennifer looked great. Love that necklace!

  45. MisJes says:

    It really was Jennifer’s night, she really stood out for me on the red carpet, more so than anyone else.

    She looks absolute perfection here, everything is gorgeous and I can’t believe how amazing she looks, given she has pneumonia and probably wished she was home with a sick bucket on her lap!

    I am SO HAPPY she won, she definitely deserved the award and her speech was very humble and sweet. Love her!

  46. Giselle says:

    Yeah, GMA debunked the ripping thing this morning.

    You know, I like JLaw and her personality, and the red dress at the GG was amazing on her bangin body but…

    Does anyone else think she looks a bit dopey when she smiles? Especially when her make up artists do a winged eyeliner/smokey eye look.

    Maybe my feelings for Nicholas Hoult are showing here, lol. But she looks really good in this instance. Not crazy about how they chose to cover up the sheer part of the dress, but it’s a nice color.

  47. MrsBPitt says:

    Ellie Kemper was a disaster from head to toe! And my mouth literally fell open when I saw the bangs picture…OH.MY.GOD.

  48. Aud says:

    Dior has gone to crap since Galliano’s dismissal, so to see Lawrence’s dress rip. Wow. Not the quality you’d associated with Dior.
    The latest Dior collection is hideous and boring as well.

  49. amilu says:

    Haha. I didn’t think Ellie Kemper’s dress was that bad until I got to the from-behind photo. Oh my goodness! What was Reem Acra thinking with that zipper?!

    Also…Kemper’s makeup is looking a little creepy/alien in closeup! So much highlighter! And I’m thinking maybe she should’ve filled in her eyebrows a little.

  50. supervisor says:

    glad the dress mishap happened for jen. she has great legs and it looked like she was wearing hose too which more women with legs like jen should be doing.

  51. Caroline says:

    Why is it that every dress J LAW wears seems to not fit her body??? (with the exception of the red Calvin Klein/Michael Kors at last years Oscars)

    She should seriously consider hiring a new stylist or choose dresses that fit her body!!!!

  52. Bellatrix says:

    All I managed to think when JLaw won was that Anne must’ve been furious she didn’t come up with the pneumonia schtick (not that I’m claiming Jennifer isn’t genuinely ill) for her Oscar campaign.

    “And it would’ve suited Fantine’s character to a T… DARN IT!”

  53. Mew says:

    Cuoco’s hair is wig, but the dress is awesome.