Paris Exposed medical records: miscarriage, Xanax, Vicodin – SAG insurance

Once an ex-boyfriend told me with a smirk that all the porn on his computer was for his poor friend with a dial up connection. (I didn’t confront him about it or anything, but he felt the need to explain.) Among the recovered documents in Paris Hilton’s delinquent storage container were medical records for her and someone called Amber Taylor who happens to have the same birthdate as Paris of 2/17/81.

There are prescription drug receipts for both Amber and Paris and a medical record of Amber’s miscarriage in March, 2003. There’s a rumor that it was an abortion, but it looks like a miscarriage because it’s noted as such and the procedure is listed as dilation and curettage, which is a medical term for clearing out the uterus after a pregnancy or miscarriage.

Paris has prescriptions in her name for Alprazolam, aka the anxiety drug Xanax, Hydrocodone, also known as the narcotic Vicodin, the anti-Herpes drug Valtrex, and the sleep medication Ambien. There’s another prescription for Xanax for Amber dated 10/5/04. Not all of the prescriptions are dated as several of the receipts are just instructional inserts with the patient’s name.

I feel bad about covering this, and I’m sorry that Paris’ friend Amber with the same birthday had to go through that. Other people in the gossip sphere have already reported it, and I quoted another person saying earlier that there was a miscarriage record amongst Paris’ effects.

This is a gross violation of her privacy on one hand. On the other, the girl documented extensive drug use and made videos of herself having sex. What are a few prescription and medical records at this point?

When I saw Paris’ low co-pay I found myself wondering what kind of health insurance she had. It turns out she has coverage through the Screen Actors Guild! I wonder if it was her appearance in House of Wax that made her eligible for SAG membership?

What is Paris going to do now? This stuff must be devastating even though it’s old and isn’t her first scandal. She or someone posing as her on her on-again boyfriend Stavros’ supposed myspace says she’s sad about the whole thing, and that it’s all in the past. This blog post was supposedly up on Saturday, but is no longer available.

[via ONTD!]

I’ll publish more later, including party pictures and links to the videos. If you’re sick of hearing about this or think it’s wrong, let me know and I’ll try not to get caught up in it. It’s hard to resist because there’s so much gossip. The Paris Exposed website was down yesterday, but is now up and can supposedly handle all the people eager for minutiae about Paris’ past.

Update: A lot of people are pointing out that dilation and curettage is a medical procedure that is also used for abortions. I am pretty dumb about medical things, and I just googled it and on the one page I read abortions weren’t mentioned. The “diagnosis” is listed as miscarriage, but that could possibly be the result of an abortion by d&c.

Header image from DListed via Saving Face Forum. (There are so many freaking pictures on the Paris Exposed site it’s hard to find the good ones.)

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  1. Emma says:

    Actually D&C is used for miscarriage and abortion, to make sure there is no viable tissue left in the uterus. This is after they ahve pulled the fetus apart and crushed its head to deliver it through the vaginal canal. nice huh?

  2. sassymommy says:

    I think entertainment blogs(all of them, I’m talking to you, Perez) should be covering this–like it or not, Paris is a fixture in the world of celebrity gossip and this is a big story. Besides, it really confirms what we all suspected: she is a sad, whorish, narcissistic train wreck who should probably enjoy a nice long vacation in rehab.

  3. Mandi says:

    Where’s Elliot Mintz now??

  4. lynne says:

    How would you like it if all your personal items were put out there to be sold? Something as personal as a miscarriage. Paris may not be the greatest role model but she is a human.

  5. Jenna says:

    I don’t feel sorry that all her stuff has come out (not that we’re surprised by any of it), but I do feel sorry that she was given no moral or intellegence compass as a child. I mean really, when you’re life is about abusing drugs and alcohol and filming every minute of it in a vain attempt to be “special” its pretty sad. Somebody didn’t love this girl enough as a child.

  6. April says:

    While it’s true that a D&C is a term used in miscarraiges, it’s also the same term used for abortions. It’s talking about cleaning out the tissue from the uterus, which is done in both – so it could possibly be either.

  7. Maritime says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but,
    I kinda feel sorry for her right now.
    Dumbass should have paid her storage bill but man, that is very personal info. I can’t imagine our small town newspaper publishing my secrets let alone have it all over the internet.

    I’m sure my warm and fuzzy feelings toward her will pass soon 🙂

  8. Angelina says:

    I think that Paris could have prevented all of this if she’d just paid her bill. I also think that this whole thing might be good for her, maybe she will finally use some of her money to go to rehab. Having studied psychology I find this glimpse into someone’s personal life extremely fascinating and will definitely appreciate anything that you can post in the way of her writings and documents.

  9. sandra says:

    Ummm … has anyone noticed that the address for Paris on her Valtrex prescription is the same as that for “Amber Taylor’s” miscarriage record?

  10. ER says:

    Hollywood = Sodom & Gomorrah!

  11. Sarah says:

    Keep posting that stuff, I love it! : )))

  12. alarmjaguar says:

    I’m with Maritime & Lynne, I feel pretty bad for her because she clearly has some issues, but I can’t stop reading the stuff. I’m a horrible person!

  13. katie says:

    Not only is the address the same…if you look at the signature it startes with a P not an A and the P looks EXACTLY like the way she signs her name.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for her as well. She is making some very poor choices for her life and has such a short-term focus in her actions. But someday she will finally become a balanced person who will want more in her life and will pay dearly emotionally for all of these old actions.

    My impression is that she wants to be loved so bad. She gets so deep and committed to these guys in such a short time. Every picture you see she is clinging to one of these jerks hoping he will rescue her from herself.

    I hate to admit that I enjoy looking at these posts from
    Please keep ’em coming.

  15. Iva says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her – did she NOT learn a lesson when the sex tape came out? Is she that stupid to let such personal items out of her house and into some storage bin that she hasn’t paid for.

    In all reality it’s not like we are learning anything new with the exception that she was once preggo’s. I know she’s been going around saying that she has only had sex with 2 people, but please no one in their right mind believed her. We’ve all seen her naked, in one form or another with all her crotch shots, and nip slips – even if you haven’t seen her sex tape.

    Travis’ ex, Shanna told us all that she had herpes. We all would be pretty blind and stupid to think that she hasn’t done any drugs – I mean come on, it’s not like she is even remotely squeaky clean and with her constant self-promotion – well sometimes it’s gonna be the fantasy publicity you feed to the press and sometimes is going to be the truth.

  16. katie says:

    I wonder wich of the “couple” of guys she slept with gave her the herpies?

    Remember when she said that! “I have only slept with a couple of guys.” Like we are all dumb or something.

    OHHH remember that photo of her and Britney when they each wore one leg of the panty hose. Hopefully those were Britneys to begin with.

    Icky Icky!!

  17. Iva says:

    Actually if you truly think about it – this woman is nothing more than a skank and to think she promotes herself to young girls. Is this what we want for the young girls in America to grow up and emmulate?

    It just absolutely sickens me.

  18. teresa says:

    defianlly keep us posted aboutall the stuff in that website i want to see whats in it but im not about to give my money to those ppl that did it to her lol

    p.s. and it says they dilated her in her “miscariage” they only do that when your more then one more pregnate and about to have a abortion

  19. lynne says:

    I can understand that “she should have paid her bill” blah blah blah
    but yourself in her shoes… If you didn’t pay one of your bills would you want all of your skeletons out there on the internet for everyone to see???
    I don’t think so…

    this whole paris exposed website is just absolutely horrid and disgusting
    I love celebrity trash as much as the next person but this is crossing the line.

  20. Iva says:

    I’m sorry – I don’t agree that this is crossing the line. When you are a public figure and Paris has gone out of her way to make a living out of being a public figure – you can’t pick and choose what can and cannot be public. And if this information was so important that she didn’t want it made public, shouldn’t she have been a responsible enough person to ENSURE that this type of trash can’t be found by anyone.

    Personal responsibilty – Paris should learn what that is all about.

  21. cypress says:

    Hey, sometimes it takes a slap in the face and public humiliation to stop a person from their quick jog to sucide and Hell..

  22. Boogie Bear says:

    Zanax is well known as the best thing to take when coming down off of a coke bender. It’ll knock you out and let you sleep off the hangover.

  23. Crazee Daisy says:

    Paris Hilton never hurt anyone??? What about all those times she was running around with someone else’s husband or stole a boyfriend just to make her self feel “special”. She is not a nice person and while I truly feel bad for her right now, she brought this all on herself. And you all know had this happened to Lindsay Lohan instead of her, she be laughing at her misfortune right now which makes me not feel so bad.

  24. mimi says:

    Just like the above posters said, a D&C is done for Abortion too. Its how they suck the fetus out. Its used in abortion, and sometimes with a misscariage if it was early in the pregnancy, otherwise a women has to deliver a still born.

  25. Anonymous says:

    By the way – “Amber Taylor”‘s address is the same as Paris’s : )

  26. Angie H. says:

    People amaze me. As if, most people are innocent. Can you imagine if our personal/private lives would be exposed? Who are we to talk. To each their own.

  27. Miapoccca says:

    Oh my my my…I wonder what method the HIltons used to raised this THING..she is seriously messed up. Whereas Nicole goes public about her Drugs ans Paris acts like she never saw drugs in her life, she is totally the most messed up of themall

    What did her parents feed het..I wonder what the other girl Nicky does, she is always with Paris..these kids are fucked up .

    Their two little brothers have quite a role model…
    Lucky escape for NICK and Latsis..I hope the fool stavros learns form this and makes his getaway..his parents already dont like her for a VERY GOOD reason…who wants their son with this …

    This story ahs totally ruined her chamces at bagging any young eligible men in that hellywierd she prances around in ..gosh any desperate old men want a trophy wide with herpes…Shnna was so right about the Valtrex!!!!!!!!!

    Was a THING , she is SICK….what on earth is mama hilton sayign to “I want to be a Hilton” contestants now…who the heck wants to belong to such a shit family……………..

    This is horrible…..apparently she is buying her way out site by site

  28. Diane says:

    Hey, notice that the doctor that perscribed the Valtrex is the same doc that did Amber Taylor’s D&C

  29. DioFa says:

    Yikes! That’s why I disinfect and hose down the tanning bed before I use it.

  30. Toubrouk says:

    There’s a maxim out there that says;”Those who lives by the sword, die by the sword”.

    Paris Hilton made herself known by doing extravagant and embarrassing things. Her nudity (in sex tapes or in many “Wardrobe Malfunctions”) allowed her to promote herself as an hedonistic socialite without any responsibilities. She’s a poser in anything she does: acting, singing and even porn star.

    So, now that she’s started that tabloid “Paris” frenzy, do she really expect that they will leave the whole “Forgot to pay the rental of the storage unit” lie undisturbed? I mean, a good shredder, some gallons of fuel and a box of matches cost less than 100$. Since it’s pocket money for her, why she let that load of documents goes public?

    I don’t pity her, she’s getting what she’s deserved. Right now, the only person who can change Paris is Paris herself. For the rest, there’s tons of child and teens in North-America who succeed without being spoon feed with a silver spoon like Paris. My sympathies are for those who struggle, not those who are spoiled.

  31. Kate says:

    The “A” of amber looks just like Paris’ ‘P’ of her signature.