Perez Hilton completely ignores “Paris Exposed” scandal

People are pissed at maligned gossip blogger Perez Hilton for staying completely mum on the ParisCarriage scandal. I paid for access to the Paris Exposed site before it fell victim to popularity this weekend, and there is so much good dirt there it’s incredible. Paris Exposed is a website containing a treasure trove of incriminating pictures, videos, love letters and personal diaries of the heiress that she lost rights to by failing to pay the storage facility where they were held.

This weekend Perez posted pictures of Mischa Barton’s boyfriend, Cisco Adler, posing in the nude. Cisco has disturbingly huge balls, and I briefly posted the pictures here before I felt ashamed and pulled them down. (It’s one thing to show some naked women, and another to push the envelope with that crap. I don’t want anyone’s kid to accidentally see that scary shizz.)

Commentors were quick to point out that Perez got the pictures from the “Paris Exposed” website, which he never credited or mentioned once on his site. (this link to the comment below is incredibly NSFW)

So Paris Hilton had a bunch of her belongings stored in a storage unit and she forgot to pay for it. Well the owner sold it all off. Now its all online at Apparently the guy who purchased everything took pictures of every item. The items included are a bill for an abortion Paris got done in 2003, pics of her enjoying some coke, pot and other drugs, videos/pictures of her naked, notes she wrote about her bulemia and her Valtrex usage for her herpes. Yet Perez isnt talking about any of this. Instead he is chosing to pick on the other people involved in this scandel such as Mischa Barton’s boyfriend and Nicole Ritchie. What a loser! How can he call people out on this Paris herself is doing?! To top it off Paris and her people are stating that this was done by someone out to get her and that Paris, once again, is the victim. Im sorry but how is she a victim when all of this stuff is true and documented by none other than Paris Hilton herself. Shes a idiot and the biggest train wreck of them all. I mean have you ever heard of a case this bad before? Dumb bitch documented all of it

I saw the bill in question for an “abortion,” and it looks like Paris, or “Amber” as she called herself, did have a legitimate miscarriage.

A lot of people are skeptical of all this data on Paris, and some suspect her of releasing it to get publicity. To me it seems like a legitimate problem for Paris, who must be incredibly ashamed. Her ex boyfriend, Joe Francis, who is featured on the bubble bath and Ibiza party videos on the site, said he tried to buy the stuff himself but they wanted an incredibly $7 million for it. They’re said to be exploring legal options now.

This scandal is way bigger than Britney’s quadruple crotch reveal before the holidays, and to act like it doesn’t exist because you have a personal relationship with a celebrity is pretty lame. The least Perez could do would be to acknowledge it and call his friend Paris a victim or whatever.

Watch this blow up huge this week, and all Perez is doing is showing us Cisco’s huge balls and acting like he pulled them the pictures out of his ass.

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  1. Jenna says:

    Oh well, anyone who is “friends” with Paris can’t be that smart anyway…

    Don’t tell me that Joe Francis is trying to spin this to make it look like he wanted to buy this stuff to protect Paris….he’s just pissed because he can’t sell it himself now.

    I must admit, I have to see this Cisco shot…what is he famous for anyway? Does like, like, do anything?

  2. LEE says:

    PerezHilton is a huge “suck up!” I cannot stand him and his B.S. He steals other people’s stories and does not give credit to where he steals his stories from! I am a true believer in karma! Thanks for bringing his sorry ass out so everyone will know what a total loser he is!

  3. van says:

    Good job Celebitchy!! Lots of commentors on Perez’ site are asking where the Paris postings are…and thanks for taking Cisco’s picture down -truly frightening.

  4. Bex says:

    Well in all fairness, his blog, his choice. Whatever he wants to do, or not do!

  5. At this point, I’m not sure who is more revolting – Paris or Perez.

    You think she paid him to not say anything?

  6. Bones says:

    Perez wouldn’t be able to get half the scoop he does if he wasn’t so far up Paris’s ass. Which wouldn’t be a tight fit. He is the nerd at school that all the hot girls kept around cause they could get him to pay for everything and do anything they asked. Loooseeerrrr.

  7. ER says:

    Usually companies send written notice, or at least make several attemps to notify a person that their belongings/utilities whatever will be terminated or sold if they don’t pay their bill. I have a hard time believing Paris wasn’t aware that this could happen. Maybe she just wanted the publicity – bad publicity is still publicity!

  8. alarmjaguar says:

    Wait, excuse me, what kind of double standard is this?:

    “It’s one thing to show some naked women, and another to push the envelope with that crap.”

  9. Other Karen says:

    Was Cisco the dude with the extremely dangly nads?

    I’m guessing celebitchy means she’s not comfortable pushing the “community standards” envelope, alarmjaguar?

    This has to be heartbreaking for the parents. Am not fond of Perez, but Paris is lucky he’s so loyal to her.

  10. xiaoecho says:

    Other Karen…

    Have you SEEN Paris’ parents?
    Where do you think she got it from LOL?

  11. AC says:

    The procedure for getting an abortion is the same for cleaning up after a miscarriage. It could be either one really. Right?

  12. kailie2 says:

    I suffer from Paris overload.. I don’t even want to read about this shit anymore.. as to her “miscarriage”–she had a D&C at the hospital, could be a clean up after a miscarriage or just plain abortion-who cares! I tend to think she let the lease expire on purpose, she’s an exhibitionist, after all. The sex tape was a good example that more dirt works for her. Perez will eventually go down in flames, he’s too eager and too star-struck to survive in this biz, they’ll eventually beat him at his own game.

  13. van says:

    I vaguely remember the scandal surrounding the sale of her stuff out of storage…didn’t she try to buy it back but the guy wanted tons of money? Does anyone else remember? I would have paid it, at any cost.

  14. Fabiola says:

    Perez is a bottom feeder.

  15. Evil Beet says:

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Perez is acting like this whole thing never happened. You’re supposed to be a gossip blogger first, Perez, and Paris Hilton’s “friend,” if you must, second.

  16. alexi says:

    Look, I like Perez from a superficial perspective in the sense that he had no boundaries on who’s chops he would bust. Now since he is in essence a quasi celeb himself, he is not going to piss off those folks that are helping him with his career…ie fab parties, presenting roles etc…
    Am I right???

    Ms Celebitchy promise us you will always be true to your fellow/sister bloggers and not succumb to the swag bags o tinsletown!! We need you!


  17. alexi says:

    BONSES luv your post btw – right on…Perez is wayyy far gone up that booty, no light of day is anywhere to be found….

    pass the herpes meds pls LOL..

  18. alexi says:

    Her parents also probably look at it as free press for their little heiress gone bad…….she did equate herself to the iconic Marilyn Monroe (maybe closer to MANSON)….I mean yah she is attractive, very but completely souless, unkind, less than a genius, a dabbling druggies – a trust funder run AWRY.

    God help us. This makes me find Katie Holmes interesting. Go figure.

  19. Muffnstuff says:

    come on…perez has always stayed mum regarding paris. it’s not like we should be surprised! henyways, that’s why you should be like me and have a bookmarked folder of say 15 or 20 various gossip blogs (like this fine rag here) to make sure you get the whole scoop. and then check it like ten times a day. i’m not ashamed here, people.

  20. mimi says:

    just answering someone’s question from earlier- YES an abortion and miscarriage are considered the “same” thing medically. As a nurse, when you see a patient’s chart and it has abortion (which is used for both) you can’t assume the mother went and had an abortion. ANY misscariage is called an abortion, just like any form of abortion is called abortion. Hope I’m making any sense….. sorry if not!

  21. Action says:

    Mimi, you are correct. Sometimes a miscarriage is called a spontaneous abortion, meaning that the woman did not plan for it to happen. But yes, the term ‘abortion’ medically can mean either planned or spontaneous.

  22. Up Urs. says:

    Dispicable that someone would even try to do this to Paris. She is a nice girl.

  23. Gailen says:

    The bill was marked as self-pay. I find it hard to believe that even someone with as much money as Paris would pay for medical expenses with cash. She’d want to save that money for a sweater for her dog or something.

    Now, an embarassing procedure, like an abortion, that one would probably prefer not to have billed to their insurance company, thats another story. I’ve also heard tell while I worked in a Dr’s office that most Gyno’s expect payment for abortions upfront, instead of waiting for payment from an insurance company. It seems that some abortion-seeking women are apt to lie about having coverage hoping to get the procedure done, then skip out on the bill when the office discovers the truth.

    I dunno if a swanky place like that Surgical Center would have such a policy, tho. But it certainly raises some doubt, imo.

  24. Um No says:

    Perez Hilton, a “quasi-celeb”? HAHAHAHAHAHA. He’s nothing but a grease pig, Paris’ walking rim job.

  25. paris lies says:

    I’ve been waiting for some one to call out perez for not mentioning this whole paris exposed scandal. what a douche bag perez is!

  26. shit talker says:

    ahh perez is a cheesebag and his little pretty dog too

  27. Yoink! says:

    He’s never been an objective blogger, she probably pays him off. He’s a horrible man, I truly believe that he will not have a happy ending in Hollywood, he’s universally hated. His backlash will be very interesting considering how many people he’s hurt.

    You go into a surgery center for a D&C if you are at the end of the 1st trimester or farther along. They don’t want to do it in an ob/gyn office in case of a problem. She couldn’t even pull off getting a D&C when she first got prego.

  28. does Paris have Herpes? says:

    I have e-mailed Perez Hilton 4X asking what is up with the silence regarding Paris saying F*G & N*GGER.
    He has NOT responded and I have decided not to visit his site anymore.
    This silence makes me wonder if Paris Hilton and Perez Hilton are actually a TEAM!
    Just a thought.
    BAN PEREZ HILTON he is a FOOL!!!!