Is Jennifer Lawrence irritable, fighting with everyone due to Oscar exhaustion?

Jennifer Lawrence

I knew something was amiss with Jennifer Lawrence at the BAFTAS where she looked gorgeous but incredibly tired and worn out. Indeed, it seems like this awards season has really dragged on for Jennifer. She’s been working nonstop for the past few years, and she went from her very strenuous role as Katniss on Catching Fire set to months full of attending nearly every event. This poor girl has even been doing the press circuit and attending awards shows while suffering from walking pneumonia, and in the midst of it all, she and Nicholas Hoult broke off their two year relationship. According to a story in this week’s Star, all of this upheaval has made Jennifer “exhausted and angry,” and she is reportedly also “overwhelmed and irritable.” Well, no wonder.

At this point, I honestly think that JLaw is over this Oscar race, and she’s merely looking forward to an extended nap. She’s probably also tired of the overbearing Harvey Weinstein dictating her every movie and likely asking her to wear Marchesa — thank goodness Jennifer is a Dior girl now, right? Here’s the story from Star:

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrences’s whirlwind success has left her on the verge of burning out. “She’s utterly exausted from endless interviews, travelling nonstop and four hours of sleep per night. Plus, her breakup wtih Nicholas Hoult crushed her,” divulges Jen’s pal, adding that the Silver Linings Playbook star recently broke down in tears during a quick trip to London. “She’s completely overwhelmed and irritable and is fighting with everyone.”

One unfortunate victim is her Hunger Games co-star, Josh Hutcherson. “She recently exploded on poor Josh and says their friendship ‘is so f–king over,’” reports the pal. “They don’t make eye contact unless they’re shooting a scene.” What good is success if you’re too tired — or grouchy — to enjoy it?

[From Star, print edition, March 4, 2013]

Jennifer probably really is feeling overwhelmed by this Oscar race. During her first time around, things were more lowkey because she was such an unknown quantity, but her career has exploded over the past few years, and she hasn’t had much downtime at all. Of course, none of this excuses JLaw from acting like a douchette to the people around her, but I think after next weekend’s Oscars, she’ll probably drop out of sight for a good couple of weeks. I do hope it’s not true that she and Josh Hutcherson are at odds. A total absence of cheeseburger” fart jokes between those two would be a shame.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

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  1. marie says:

    I can believe she’s tired, and that makes you irritable but I seriously doubt that her and Josh are no longer friends.

    • j.eyre says:

      Blowing up at Josh would be like kicking a puppy…

      • MGray says:

        My thoughts exactly! I really like Josh Hutcherson, and I think he didn’t get enough hype for his role in Hunger Games. It should have been his big move from being just a child actor, but instead everyone was talking about Liam Hemsworth who was barely in the bloody movie.

    • Jan says:

      I have read before that Jennifer didn’t like Josh that he followed her around like a little puppy on the first Hunger Games and asked her out all the time. Jennifer lost weight to get thin for her Dior gig and I am afraid she is going to become another Hollywood sterotype if she doesn’t watch out. Too much, too soon can really go to her head but I hope that’s not the case for there are not many Hollywood actors left that I like for keeping it real.

    • Lucinda says:

      Exactly my thoughts too. But it isn’t a story unless you add that in.

  2. mel says:

    The funny thing about her being a Dior girl is that they are doing NOTHING for her. They don’t know what to do with her and her body and she does not suit the brand image so they put her in dresses that do nothing for her body when she needs to come back to simple and minimalistic dresses like that Calvin Klein she wore at the Oscars last time.

    On a side note, it’s obvious that she’s tired but if she wants that Oscar she has to do that and even then, Emmanuelle could be taking the hardware on Sunday night.

  3. stellalovejoydiver says:

    I doubt that story s true, didn´t they stopped filming Catching Fire before the award season?
    I can understand she is exhausted, but she just has to suck it up until next week.

    • mel says:

      I read they have two more weeks of shooting. But let’s not pretend Jennifer doesn’t want an Oscar. If she’s tired, it’s because she chose to campaign HARD though!

      • Jessy says:

        All of them wants an oscar. Riva and wallis probably doesnt take it as seriously as the actresses in their 20′s and 30′s because they are respectively much older and much younger and have a different perspective on it. But lets not kid ourselves here, watts and chastain are dying for the oscar too. To some extent i think chastain in particular needs it. She is a lot older than lawrence and has fought for a long time to get to the a-list. An oscar would really seal her a-list status. Lawrence has time on her side.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        Of course she is campaigning hard and she is recovering from pneumonia, which would be a good excuse to miss out on all those afterparties, but she has to please sugardaddy Weinstein, so she should just suck it up and think about how many other young actresses, who might be prettier nd more talented than her, would love to take her spot.

      • Liv says:

        I really find it amusing that some people actually think that she’s not that talented.

    • Anne says:

      I didn ´t know the beauty= talent. I learn something everyday. Lol shame for dustin hoffman, Danny devito, Joe pesci, Tom hanks

  4. Maria T. says:

    Girl looks exhausted and no wonder. But, dudes, I want that coat!!

  5. freya says:

    Love the coat she’s wearing at the airport. Does anyone know the brand???

    And I can imagine she’s tired. She’s been all over the place these past months: awardshows, events. moviepromoting. She deserves a looooong nap after this

  6. Amanda says:

    She wouldn’t be so tired if she didn’t want that oscar so much.

  7. Micki says:

    She’s jugling several balls, I won’t bitch.´It’s a trying time for her but she’s managing well I think. Haven’t heard she has to write “excuse me” letters like s.o.else

  8. GoodCapon says:

    Can someone ID her bag please?

  9. Frannny says:

    I love her, but that slicked back hairstyle is no good. It always makes people look like they just got out of the shower.

    Hopefully someone with a degree in fashion will come tell me my opinion is invalid since I don’t have a fashion degree….

    • Jen says:

      Ok, so that last part made me chuckle…until I scrolled down and saw comments from folks who, because they’re acting and film students, know everything about acting and film…and then I laughed out loud. (Not LOL, but *actual* out loud laughter.)


      • mel says:

        If you were as smart as you believe you are for making this comment you’ll realise that we were actually exchanging opinions like you are doing here.

        Besides, we were not discussing her talent because there is NO doubt that she is talented. We were talking about why some people believe she is not talented.

  10. tabby says:

    Hope she doesn’t win the Oscar. She can’t act, in my opinion. Want the French actress to win.

    • mel says:

      I fear for your life when her stans arrive and read this comment

      • Jessy says:

        I love Jennifer and think she is a great talent. Its ridiculous to say she cant act . I am an acting student myself so i feel i have some expertise to speak on the matter. That said i dont think she should win either. I hope Riva wins.

      • mel says:

        @Jessy I am a film student and I understand why people would say she can’t act. I think that’s a stretch but the media and her PR team act as if she was God’s gift to acting and, let’s be honest, JLaw is really good but she still has to prove she has all that range and versatility they claim her to have.

        I liked her in Winter’s Bone but I thought her performance in THG was bad and she overacted her way through that movie AND SLP.

        I think her main problem is that she doesn’t know how to convey a subtle emotion and keep it real like other actresses her age.

        Now, stans, come at me, I have my soccer helmet on, I’m ready.

      • Liv says:

        Nah, stay in the corner with your soccer helmet.

        I’m with Jessy on this, I find it ridiculous that people say she wouldn’t have got talent. She has more talent than most of the other actresses her age. So I’d say she’s talented, but if you think she’s the next Meryl Streep or not is about if you like her or not.

      • mel says:

        @Liv oh, absolutely. I think Jenn is too polarising for people. You either love her or hate her.

        @Jessy. I read your other comment even though you commented to a different person.

        My “helmet” comment wasn’t for you but for Jenn stans who have lost their ability to think objectively about her.

        I actually agreed that she is really good but I do understand why people say she is not that talented.

        I think Jenn’s current popularity is more due to a case of playing well her cards. Her first Oscar nomination was more a case of nominating the young actress with a great performance like Rooney’s nomination, like Ellen’s and Keira’s. Two years ago the mainstream audience did not care/know about her and now she seems to be all over the place because of THG so this nomination was a case of being the it girl of the moment and being in a Harvey movie and his machine.

    • derpy says:

      I agree with you. Sometimes her delivery just seems so emotionless to me. And sometimes she seems so blank in the face. She either over acts like she did sometimes in The Hunger Games or is emotionless. I didn’t see SLP so I can’t really judge, but when I saw the trailer yesterday she said the line “Do you feel that? That’s emotion.” in what I thought was a hilariously emotionless delivery. I don’t really know much about acting though. This is just my opinion.

      • Jessy says:

        @Mel. I am not stan so please leave be with the mocking tone. I think she is a good actress but i am not blindly worshipping her. I was reacting to the person above you who claimed she has no talent and cant act. To me that sounds as ridiculous as a stan saying she is gods gift to acting. I fail to see this big group of 22 year old actresses that can subtly convey emotion much better than her as you say. I am also perplexed by how come none of them has been honored by their peers or critics. My feelings about jennifer is that she has emotinal depth that surpasses most of the starlets her age, i also feel she is caught in a hype now that makes a lot of people such as yourself sceptical due to the over the top nature of the hype. I dont like the hype either, but i am not gonna cut all her efforts short just on the back of some irritating media hype. As i said i think riva should win, i think chastain has an overall better collection of performances and is more accomplished at this stage (although i dont think her performance in zero dark thirty is a stand out), watts is owed ( but the impossible is a pretty mediocre film) but that doesnt mean i cant recognize lawrence as a damn good prospect. I give credit where credit is due. All of them are good, watts, chastain and riva just by merit of experience and age are much more technically accomplished than the younger ones.

    • lily says:

      I’m tired of the press calling her a acting prodigy because she had 2 Oscar noms at 22. I could agree with the nomination for Winter’s Bone, she’s really good in that film. But her nomination for SLP is a ridiculous joke for me, her acting was just okay, nothing special or award-worthy. If is wasn’t for Weinstein, her performance would be ignored.

      • B says:

        Her acting in SLP is not Oscar worthy. She definitely has the “it” factor & is a lovely actress but talk about overhype. I had to cringe through some of the scenes because her delivery was so flat or so over the top. Bradley Cooper who I normally hate was surprisingly excellent in SLP.

      • Migdalia says:

        +1 for B and Lily

        I would even say her performance in Poker House was more Oscar worthy than SLP. Then again Oscar worthy female performances for last year was pretty lacking.

    • Irishae says:

      I like Jennifer Lawrence, her interviews are amusing and I enjoyed her the most in Winter’s Bone. But she doesn’t deserve the Oscar this year IMO–she basically just yelled a lot at people. Meh. I wasn’t particularly moved by Jessica Chastain either. My hopes are for Naomi Watts or Emmanuelle Riva.

  11. Mia 4S says:

    The Star and the Enquirer always come off as rather misogynist. Somehow the successful women is always the diva bitch. Since they always publish the same basic stories (just changing the names) I have to assume most are false but that this is the preferred narrative. ‘Feel bad for her, but wait she was mean to Josh… bitch!’ It really makes me uncomfortable.

  12. Shira says:

    I love how you write this like it’s ACTUALLY true. Jennifer is one of the nicest people in the industry, her co-workers won’t stop gushing about her, I hardly doubt this explosion happened and in that extant.
    BTW, CF hasn’t been shooting for awhile now due to Jennifer’s illness and busy award season schedule. She goes back for re-shoots on Monday. So yeah, not sure as to when Josh and Jen managed to ignore each other unless shooting.

  13. Talie says:

    It’s a shame Prabal Gurung didn’t have enough money to make her a campaign girl because she looks far better in his clothes. I’m sorry to say, but to be a Dior girl or a Chanel girl, the Parisian stars pull it off much better for their own brands. It’s in their blood more.

    I love Jennifer, but she is flattered by a sexier, American sportswear silhouette like the Calvin Klein dress she wore to her first Oscars.

    • mel says:

      ITA. Jenn needs to stick to Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein and leave French houses for actresses who are known for being elegant like Marion and Keira.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        Completely agree, great points..their bodies and bone structures are just different and certain designers work for certain builds. Her red CK dress is still her best look so far, IMHO.

    • stellalovejoydiver says:

      To pull of Dior you have to be more wordly and gracious like Marion, Charlize or Natalie, Jen is too much of a girl´s next door, she is not HF.
      She should wear more simple, figure hugging dresses, Rachel Zoe doesn´t know how to dress curves, D&G, Gucci or Antonio Berardi would look great on her. If she wants to dress more like her age maybe Lanvin, Matthew Williamson or Burberry.
      I wish I was her stylist, she has so such a great figure, ugh all that wasted potential.

      • Jessy says:

        Totally agree with you. Jen should have someone like Brad Goreski style her. He is younger and hipper and Jessica Alba and his other clients never puts a foot wrong

    • Shira says:

      OMG, his CCA dress for her… I want to cry whenever I look at it because I don’t own it.
      Jennifer was never known for her style and this award season is no different. Except for said black dress, I didn’t LOVE any of them.
      Her favorite look for me was actually at that Grey Goose dinner for SLP in London, where she was in a short sweater and pants. Gorgeous.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      Yeah – Dior is fine on small-boned, delicate women. It really suits people like Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley or Emma watson. But J-Law has a sort of all-American, Amazonian look. She reminds me of a Victoria’s Secret model, really. The Dior stuff just doesn’t do anything for her at all. I get that they pay her a lot of money, but I don’t think it’s a good fit for either side.

  14. Little Darling says:

    Awww I feel for her. Last year I was running a community fundraiser, had walking pneumonia, worked my regular art teacher job and was raising my two boys alone. Throw in an emergency ear surgery a week before my event…MAN was I cranky and irritable. I remember kicking something (a sign the printers made wrong) while crying in exhaustion with my two friends just not knowing what to do to help.

    She’s been through unnatural amounts of stress with a lot of flying, different time zones, people fussing with her Face and clothes…I’d e scratching eyes out. All stories about her are usually so positive so I have no doubt this is just Oscar stress. :(

    I hope she wins.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      For the record, you get my sympathy and respect in multiples over J-Law. (And I say that as someone who really likes J-Law.)

  15. anonymous fan says:

    I never feel sorry for these actors who feel overworked.Imagine if they had actual jobs how terrible their attitude would be if they think promoting films is work.I think she should enjoy this moment.Because 5 years from now their will be another It girl and Jennifer will be pushed aside.I don’t care how many awards you have and how brilliant everyone thinks you are right now the only thing Hollywood is only ever looking for is the next new, 21 yr. old actress to play some 40 year old actor’s girlfriend.

    • Migdalia says:

      Wow that was completely ignorant. I’m not an actress but I work in the entertainment business and to say “acting” or being involved in filmmaking is not a “real job” is a completely dense statement.

      Oh but you must be talking about your own personal experience promoting films. Excuse me, my apologies.

      • dave's ghost says:

        @Migdalia Oh you work in the entertainment industry.Wow you must be really successful too as you have all this time to troll a gossip site at 10:30 am.You must be a big time producer or director because they spend all their time on gossip sites don’t they?I bet you’re Jennifer Lawrence,herself.Naw I’m pretty sure you’re just some jerk with too much time on your hands.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        @Dave’s Ghost – was that appropriate? A poster expressed an opinion, and gave her reasoning. No, she wasn’t especially courteous, but then the opinion she was arguing against wasn’t phrased that intelligently, either. Instead of arguing against the opinion, you launched a personal attack, and a poorly-written one at that. What does that contribute to the conversation?

        For the record, promotional schedules are boring and intense (lead cast don’t see the outside of a hotel suite most days, except when heading to a TV studio to film a slot), and filming schedules tend to be full-on as well, because the costs are so enormous they need to squeeze every minute they can from the set. For most actors (unlike directors/crew) that doesn’t matter, because they aren’t lead cast and don’t work that often, so have plenty of down time. But this doesn’t apply to Jennifer Lawrence, so yeah, I bet she’s exhausted. I don’t pity her – many cleaners work as hard, and get paid next-to-nothing and given no respect. And Lawrence is in the very fortunate position of being able to turn work down, should she want to. The crazy schedule is one she’s chosen. But it isn’t often that a job requires international travel and smily warmth in public when you have pneumonia, either, and while the awards success must be amazing, she’s doing the rounds while also having to promote a movie, in between preparing for a new one, and shooting for yet another. So if she’s crabby, I can see why. Sickness and lack of sleep does that to anyone.

    • B says:

      I kinda agree with you. I do think acting is a real job though but I have a hard time feeling bad for these people. This is the problem with overhype, actors start believing that they are some delicate little creatures who are far more important than they really are. Hollywood keeps trying to find the next 21 year old but none of them have staying power. They overhype you for 5 years then move on to the next one.

      • Migdalia says:

        @Kate thank you…I’m not even going to entertain Dave’s Ghost comment of stupidity either. I don’t see how I was trolling more than defending what are thousands of people’s career.

        So anyway yeah I’m sure Jennifer is sick of the awards season, and is exhausted but I’m sure a lot of these people thrive on it. She just signed on to another David O Russell film and I think a cameo for another however her imdb isn’t particularly thriving with future projects. I’m another one who loved SLP, but I don’t think Jennifer’s performance was an Oscar winning one :-/ the harder the campaign the more the studio knows that as well.

  16. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    I feel bad for her in the sense that she has been really sick with pneumonia and endured a public break up of a long-term relationship…I dont feel bad that she sold her soul to Harvey W. Bc of that relationship she has had such success, sad to say, and therefore strenuous campaigning obligations. At the end of the day, a million girls would trade their lives for hers..everyone gets sick, goes through breakups and gets exhausted at times. Part of life.

    OT: I like her a lot and thought she had a great performances in both SLP and Winter’s Bone.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      Yeah, same. I see why she might be being a bit crabby, her schedule must be crazy and most of us could get some time off with pneumonia. But she’s still incredibly blessed.

      And this story is suspect, because of the source (and because as far as I know, and other posters are commenting, she’s not filming with Hutcherson at the moment anyway). Plausible, but suspect.

  17. Snarky says:

    I’m tired too.

    Of her.

    • Nate says:

      So stop reading articles about her?

    • Latisse says:

      +1 quit reading articles about her. Last time I checked you’re not being forced to click on links about her…

    • Joanna says:

      @nate and latisee

      so now we’re not allowed to express our opinion on a post unless it’s positive? snarky has the right to post a negative, just as much as you have the right to post a positive one. it’s called freedom of speech. negative AND positive comments. wouldn’t it be boring if we all agreed with each other?

  18. Ginger says:

    Let the poor girl have a long nap! (I love her purple hat).

  19. Asdfg says:

    Love her, but that dress….. ( 2nd and 4th pic ) is hideous! It looks like someone glued fake nails to it! LOL O_O

  20. Dalovelee says:

    It’s this some last minute smear campaign against as the Oscars are approaching. There is no proof and suddenly tabloid Star is credible. She’s amazing and this season is her time.. Stop judging her. She works hard, why can’t young actresses have a career without people pulling out their claws!

  21. Jordan says:

    Jesus, this is coming from Star (LOL!)….and it’s fake. CF stopped filming in December so Lawrence could manage promotion for SLP. Filming will resume early next week…Monday or Tuesday. So, exactly when were Lawrence and Hutcherson only making eye contact during filming?…what filming? (LOL!). I just read an article in Collider that mentioned that filming will resume next week, Lawrence wad quoted as saying she’s excited to get back on the set in Hawaii, as well as get back to working/hanging out w/Josh, Liam, Woody, etc. I don’t doubt he’s tired, but this other story sounds like a bunch of baloney. It sounds like the Tabs want to try and create drama where there is none…there’s no bullshit attatched to Jennifer…no scandel, no being difficult on set, ie., drama.

  22. Jordan says:

    It’s just as fake as the alleged feud with Kristen Stewart…remember how the bottom rung tabs tried to make that stick?. Then they tried it with Jessica Chastain….Chastain spoke out herself and debunked the bullshit?. I think it drives the Tabloids crazy that there isn’t any young Hollywood cliche baloney/drama with Lawrence. So, they move to plan B:: make shit up.