Salma Hayek out smoking & shopping with her mom and daughter

Salma Hayek was seen with an unlit cigarette in her mouth outside of Neiman Marcus yesterday. Maybe Salma decided not to light the cigarette once she realized she was being photographed. She was doing some post holiday shopping accompanied by her mother and 15 month old daughter Valentina. Valentina sure is cute and seems to be growing up fast. Her father is Salma’s ex-fiance, billionaire French businessman François-Henri Pinault.

Salma was recently named as a presenter at the Golden Globe Awards, to be held on January 11 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. Other scheduled presenters include Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jennifer Lopez, Amy Poehler, and Seth Rogan.

The 42 year-old actress was also just deemed the fifth sexiest actress of the upcoming year in a poll conducted by Megan Fox topped the list.

Hayek’s six episode guest spot on NBC comedy “30 Rock” will air next year. She plays a nurse to the mother of Alec Baldwin’s character and they have some awkward scenes together. (Link contains spoilers.)

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  1. Gracie says:

    OMG….those pictures of little Valentina walking are so cute it hurts my eyes! What a beautiful, darling little girl.

    Salma Hayek is a million times better looking, better actress, better everything than the vapid Megan Fox whose claim to fame seems to be licking her lips suggestively.

    One of my most fav movies Salma was in was Dogma. I just adore her.

    p.s. I think one of the nicest, coolest, sexiest things about Salma is her total confidence in herself. It just radiates off of her and makes her glow.

  2. MT says:

    So if she is so cool and has “confidence in herself”, why must she smoke near her closest family members and especially a little girl and an old mother?

    Why is she so stressed about losing weight, that she opted for such an unhealthy choice instead of doing it in a natural way?

  3. MT says:

    I am sorry, but for smoking near little children- she is a total LOSER in my book.

  4. boomchakaboom says:

    Good grief. Smoking near somebody is not going to kill them, for chrissake. I don’t care WHAT anti-smoking nazis say, or what “research” says about it either. Please.

    Salma is beautiful.

  5. Trillion says:

    It seems like California, where Salma now lives I suppose, is the only place I’ve been to where it’s tacitly understood that smoking around little ones is on par with satan worship. It is a bit shocking to see. She and her husband are not from the Cali so for them it’s normal. Gotta say she’s got miles of style, but I wouldn’t want to breathe in her airspace.

  6. MoJo says:

    I am by no means a big fan of Salma’s or of smoking, but at least she wasn’t going to smoke around her child in a closed space indoors or in a car. And who said she’s picked up smoking to lose weight? Most actors smoke but are able to keep it hidden and have smoked for a long time. I think people are being a little too quick to judge here.

    That kid of hers is pretty gorgeous, by the by.

  7. Baholicious says:

    At least she’s smoking outside and it’s not as though she’s blowing it in their faces. I remember when people smoked everywhere: in the car, in theatres, reading the evening news on t.v., on the Mike Douglas Show and Donahue, in grocery stores, in subway stations (they’d already banned smoking on the trains themselves by that time in 1980-something), on planes, in workplaces and offices. You smoked wherever you felt like it. If you were caught drunk-driving then, the police would just write you a ticket and/or escort you home. Different sensibilities for a different time and so it goes.

  8. jess says:

    @ MT while i totally agree that she shouldnt be smoking around kids, i think you other comments are way off base. most people do not smoke to get thinner and we have no way of knowing thats why she does it and smoking or not smoking has nothing to do with confidence levels.

    i am sooo sick of people acting like they are better than someone because they chose not to smoke. its a choice, and a legal one at that. i do NOT however agree with her smoking in front of valentina but people need to get off their high horses. geeez.

  9. kelly says:

    Cheez…it’s a cigarette, not a crack pipe.

  10. CeeJay says:

    Perhaps she’s trying to quit and utilizes the unlit cigarette as a way to cope with withdrawal from the habitual aspects of smoking? One way or the other, Kelly has a point. It’s an unlit cigarette, not a crack pipe!!

    When will gossip bloggers start attacking celebs who drink alcohol every friggin day of their lives? The problems related to alcohol consumption, and the mammoth affect on those who have to deal with the fall out, are far worse than smoking an occasional cigarette. Nevertheless, paparazzi and gossip bloggers hang around night clubs day after day hoping to catch the “shot” that will make them the big money. So, I guess the self-righteous, sanctimonious harping is conditional? As usual, judgment goes out the window when the paycheck is too big to turn down.

  11. mymy says:

    Oh I know the air in NYC is so clean. Are you people for real? Smoking a cig outside in NYC near a child? Hey why not put a gas mask on the child . I mean you have heard of bus and taxi fumes?Perhaps children should not be allowed out of a glass bubble. Get a life. To each there own. I assume she is not blowing the smoke in the child’s face. Question your politically correct selves.

  12. haha a lil harsh mymy, but right on the money…
    still, it’s probably not the best thing for a young child to be around cig smoke directly…

  13. Gracie says:

    Well all of you bitching about her holding an UNLIT CIGARETTE in her mouth missed the whole damn point of my original post.

    You know…about Salma THE WOMAN.

    People f-ing smoke. Get over it.
    Although she doesn’t have it lit and none of you have any idea if she ever did smoke it.

  14. Zoe says:

    ha! these comments crack me up. SOOO TRUE, it’s not an effing crack pipe and she’s not even smoking inside for god’s sake. The fumes are what’s so dangerous, I’d be more worried about standing on the street in NYC than about a ciggie outside.

    Personally, I think it’s way more dangerous to little Val to have her mother mentioned on a list anywhere near that total plastic surgeried mess Megan Fox.

  15. emma says:

    they’re in Beverly Hills not NYC

  16. Aspen says:

    I think the smoking nazis have been given free reign for so long that they’ve totally forgotten any manner of perspective and every ounce of civility.

    It’s not that big a deal. It just isn’t. The child isn’t going to contract cancer and become a non-fil chain smoking prostitute because her mother smoked OUTSIDE when she was a little girl.


    We have friends who smoke, and when they’re here, they smoke on the porch. As long as my daughter isn’t sitting on one of their laps or standing in the direct line of the exhaled smoke…I don’t spend any thought on it. It’s not hurting her NEARLY as much as the car exhaust driving by, and you’d think I was batshit crazy if I followed my neighbors around telling them not to drive around my kid.

    Chill out. Parents have enough to stress over. An occasional cigarette OUTSIDE never hurt anyone.

    All that said…if you smoke inside your child’s home…ew. You really need to reevaluate.

  17. Robin says:

    Salma is not married, has never been married, says she does not necesarily need marriage, but does maintain a relationship of sorts with little V’s dad who is one of the richest men in Europe (he lives in France). Salma and little V were in France for a month or so just very recently.

  18. Christina X says:

    My mother did smoke cigarettes in front of me.

    I think there are worse things to do in front of your kid than having a smoke. Is it a great idea? No, but I’m really defensive of my mother, because on the whole, she did a damn good job at being a mother.

    For the record, these “sexiest women” lists are so f-ing formulaic it’s not even funny. Take notes, ladies. Apparently all you have to do to attract a man is to wear as little clothes as possible, a spray tan, fake body parts, and the oversharing about your sexual life.

  19. Blah blah blah says:

    Valentina is my favorite celebrity baby.

    And I’m totally refreshed to see that the number of commenters who aren’t anti-smoking Nazis outnumber the opposite here.

  20. lene says:

    oh my! let her have her smoke…why do you care so much? whats with america and cigarettes. in europe most don’t care about it. i do not smoke. and i don’t care about people who actually smoke. it’s their health. not mine. as long as they don’t blow it in my face…i don’t mind.

    and i have to admit, men who smoke seem sometimes very attractive while they do it.

    everyone is responsible for him or herself.

  21. boomchakaboom says:

    Maybe she loooooooves a nice long draw on a smoke after a nerve wracking day of shopping and being spied on.

    Think I’ll have one now. Oooh yeah.

  22. Jinxy says:

    Most of you people would die if you went to Europe they smoke inside ALL time, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, you would need gas masks to survive apparently. Salma was outside, not smoking a lit cigarette, give her a break. She’s the real deal in a town not noted for people who are real or true to themselves. She’s a very successful person and no doubt a great parent.

  23. lene says:

    “Most of you people would die if you went to Europe they smoke inside ALL time, hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, you would need gas masks to survive apparently.”
    not funny at all.

  24. Aspen says:

    As for Salma not wanting or needing marriage…that’s all well and good. I bet her daughter would both need a father…AND want to live with or near him.


    There is a difference between marrying and having it end…and never taking the trouble to try and provide an intact parental relationship in the first place.

    I don’t think people try hard enough in many cases…and when they don’t try at ALL…I just figure they shouldn’t have children.

  25. MB Travis says:

    There are many types of families. Condemning her for not wanting to marry the father of her child reeks of 1950s prudishness. A child needs things like love, support, and boundaries, all of which can be provided by individuals other than the biological father.

  26. MB Travis says:

    oh and p.s.
    “I don’t think people try hard enough in many cases…and when they don’t try at ALL…I just figure they shouldn’t have children.”
    Seriously, get over yourself.

  27. orion70 says:

    People are really going too far with the whole anti-smoking thing (and no, i don’t smoke ). You can’t even smoke in your OWN CAR on hospital property any more, and you get to see hospital employees all over the sides of far away roads having a smoke as if they’ve taken up the crack pipe. Where I work (not a hospital), people have to go about five miles off the property to light up. I mean come on…..I think being outdoors sort of diffuses it no?

    Back OT…that is one helluva cute baby. And I happen to also think Salma Hayek is pretty cool. Speaking of hospitals, loved her in Across the Universe.