Jennifer Lawrence in her first Miss Dior ad campaign: gorgeous or plastic?

Jennifer Lawrence

Last October, Jennifer Lawrence was announced as the new face of Dior to mixed reactions. Many people thought she was a good fit for the brand — especially since she was tapped as the face of the Miss Dior handbag line rather than as a representative for the haute couture or ready-to-wear lines. However, just as many people thought Jennifer was too “girl next door” to represent a fashion house such as Dior. Both sides have a point, but since being welcomed into the fray, Jennifer has done her best to represent the label on the red carpet at the SAGs, at the Globes, at the BAFTAs, and to some of the Silver Linings Playbook promotional events … to varying results.

Now here is the first glimpse of JLaw’s Spring/Summer campaign for the handbag line, and it’s quite bizarre to see how they’ve transformed this silly, fart-loving girl into a bland mannequin. Don’t get me wrong though. Jennifer looks beautiful, but she doesn’t look quite like herself by any stretch. This will definitely take some getting used to. For certain, I am much more enamored of the new Catching Fire poster that’s just been released by Lionsgate, and I’ve included it at the bottom of this post. In the meantime, are you loving this new Miss Dior campaign, or is it too stilted and awkward? You know JLaw would rather be stealing bases and doing cannonballs into a swimming pool, but she signed willingly up for this gig.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Here’s the new Katniss and Peeta poster that promotes their ominous Victory Tour. Very effective stuff, and I have to say that I prefer Josh Hutcherson as a blonde.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of Dior, movie poster courtesy of Collider

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  1. Lydia says:

    I think she looks beautiful and it’s a beautifully shot campaign.
    I’m guessing one of her motivations for signing with Dior is to show how she’s growing and maturing as a woman and she’s more then a tomboy.

    • Brandi says:

      Sorry I don’t get it why Dior hires all these b-lists actresses like Mila or Jennifer. It’s luxurious brand but there is nothin luxurious and special about these women. Even with this amount of photoshop they look very average.

      • Amelia says:

        Mila, perhaps.
        Jennifer, certainly not. Two Oscar noms under her belt at the age of 22 and the lead role in what is currently the biggest young-adult film franchise is hardly B-list.
        I think she looks lovely in this photos and it reminds me a bit of the wacky bird shoot she did with Vogue(?) a while back.
        I’m not a fan of her expression in the second picture, though. It reminds me of this girl I used to know who would constantly pull that pose and post it onto Facebook, but that’s just my personal bias.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        I don’t know that I’d consider a two time Oscar nominee as a “B-list” actress.

      • Lolitalola says:

        “It’s luxurious brand but there is nothin luxurious and special about these women. Even with this amount of photoshop they look very average.”

        THIS ! My point, exactly.

      • Christina says:


        Luxury brands, and Dior in particular, seem to think that just because an actress is the ‘it girl’ right now, they have to snap her up and use her in their ads. Not so. Jennifer may be a talented actress but imho her face is the very definition of ordinary. Even with all the make-up, photoshop, designer threads etc, there is nothing special or high-fashion about the way she looks.

        Can’t we go back to the old days? You know, when models modelled and actors acted?

      • flan says:

        I rather see Jennifer than a stick model who only had two bowls of salad in the last three days.

        Then again, I haven’t bought these kinds of magazines since photoshop became dominant. Nothing real about any of their pictures.

      • only1shmoo says:

        You’re so right, flan. J.L. looks great without photoshop, but Dior’s web designers clearly shaved off an extra 15 lbs. off of her. On the one hand, it perpetuates an unrealistic ideal, but there’s some comfort in that — no celebrity is really as “flawless” as they appear in ads.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        Christina- This, EXACTLY!

        I love JLaw as an actress and I adore her funny, kooky personality. She’s adorable all the way around. While I do agree that her Dior shoot is gorgeous, I think that high fashion and haute couture are better represented by fashion models, not the “hip” actress of the moment. Some of these actresses wind up being so altered and changed in photoshopping, the final outcome almost isn’t fair to them. I hate to sound like Janice Dickinson, but Save the Supermodel, lol!

        Please, don’t anyone start hurling things at my head. No hate for JLaw, just love.

      • claire says:

        @Christina: YES! That would be nice, wouldn’t it? I miss those days.

  2. Arlene says:

    She looks at her absolute best here.

  3. Chicagogurl17 says:

    She’s gorgeous and I prefer her with simpler styling, minimal make-up. She doesn’t need much; however, no one has really taught her how to pose yet. She looks stiff.

  4. Miss M says:

    She looks beautiful.

  5. kitkerenina says:

    Dress in first pic, makeup, hair, and especially bags in all. The rest, meh.

  6. videli says:

    Never noticed how long her neck was. She looks fantastic. I like the fact that she can look like an Appalachia girl, and then like a grande dame. And I’m not much of a bag lady, but that blue one wants me to have it! As if.

    • kitkerenina says:

      Must be fate, the pink one wants me to have it! But def willing to trade sometimes, and I’m no LiLo tatters returner.

  7. Bijlee says:

    Meh. Don’t care either way. I think she’s not suited. Omg I hate the poster for catching fire, even if the campaign is kind of clever. They should put them as more powerful and represent the capital somehow. This is just bland.

  8. whatup says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that they PhotoShopped her to look lean and tall? BTW the neck looks abnormal.

    • Lin says:

      Thank you, only other person who noticed.

    • Jane says:

      Thank you too. I did not want to say anything, but this does not even look like her. Those skinny arms and elongated neck. But this seems to be the norm to make women look unreal and “ethereal”. Looks like they used a spatula to smooth out her skin. Healthy, pretty girl who is now “elfin”.

    • akua says:

      Yeah, I normally like her but she sort of looks alien-like in these pics

      • i'm french don't kill me says:

        my first thought was “Rooney Mara is the new Dior face?”

      • minime says:

        @ I’m french don’t kill me:

        I really thought the same!! Why take Jennifer Lawrence and make her look like Rooney Mara?!! Go figure…it’s a petty job with the photoshop.

    • Abra says:

      Yes! First thing that I noticed and it totally annoyed me. Especially considering all the “fat” talk we hear about her and how many times she’s had to declare that she loved her body. Boo, Dior.

    • Me Three says:

      Thank you! After reading the comments above I was beginning to think maybe I was crazy. The woman in those photos is not Jennifer Lawrence.

      I have to agree with Bedhead on this one; my first thought when I saw these photos was that it was a mannequin. They’ve completely photoshopped Jennifer Lawrence out of the pictures. Yes she looks “perfect” in a stepford wife, photoshopped kind of way. They’ve photoshopped the heck out of her hips and lengthened her neck. Several inches were shaved off her waist. And the airbrushing on her face has erased every emotion.

      Not doing anything for me.

      • hmm says:

        again ignorant non-photogs blaming photoshop for something that is obviously the result of anatomy + lens distortion.

  9. whatever says:

    feels like i am the only one on this site who doesn’t like her. never liked her and never will. she irritates me to the point that i have to leave a comment on this post to show how irritated i am. LOL~

  10. poppy says:

    she looks very nice and i understand going for timelessness but the photoshop was too heavily incorporated to help with lengthening her to the point it doesn’t quite look like her (neck and body).
    the last picture is just weird and looks stretched/warped; makes her look less like a classic muse and more like an alien mouth breather.
    no to the center part. NO

  11. Mandy says:

    She looks lovely. Especially the 2nd and 4th pics.

  12. j.eyre says:

    She looks better in that tux than it looked on the runway.

    I think she looks lovely her – simply lovely – but part of my attraction to her is her personality which does not come across. I agree these photos of her are a bit lifeless.

  13. elceibeno says:

    She looks both pretty and plastic. But then again, everyone is doing so….

  14. Julia says:

    I think she’s pretty but should just stick to acting. Modeling is not her thing.

  15. Hillbillyinthecorner says:

    I just wish that for once they would keep their hands off the photoshopping tool on their computer’s ……ever shot is shopped to pieces…..Her neck the utterly smooth skin the stretched out bodys they even thinned her waist…She is a pretty girl but she has a wide flat face and her eyes are semi hooded….she is not beautiful only moderately pretty like all young girls….having a degree in advertizing art you get to recognized these thing and lately in the past few years its almost comical they way the photoshop every single magazine cover to hell and back…Nothing is left but a complete fake photo that resembles someone….You would walk pass these people on the streets and think she kinda looks like Jennifer Lawance only uglier……and it would really be her.

  16. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    Do not like. Dior isn’t my thing anyway, but these pictures look sterile to me. She looks glassy-eyed and a little dead. Beautiful perhaps, but still dead.

  17. Allison says:

    no one can tell me, that this girl hasn’t got any botox, or fillers…in her face. don’t get me wrong, i think she is gorgeous, but her face is so full without any wrinkles – not only in these ads- that it’s hard to believe that she is 100% natural.

  18. Ailine says:

    Great photoshop. The pictures look ethereal. Their faces look so smooth.

  19. Mira says:

    I like the shots. She looks beautiful except that the one in tux looks photoshopped…hmmm all of them are photoshopped on a second look.

  20. Eileen says:

    You know what: I love this. The model is suppose to be a prop to the product and they took that and ran with it. She doesn’t take herself too seriously so this is perfect for her.

  21. anonymous fan says:

    I like J Law too but her face has always had a stiff botoxed look even though I am not sure she’s ever had Botox.It is like it is hard to move her mouth or something.And why hire a curvy actress who loves her curves and then photoshop her to look thinner and paler than any woman alive should ever look.Sorry Dior, but fail.

  22. She looks STUNNING! In both the ads and the poster. Hopefully she’ll looks stunning and win on sunday 🙂

  23. paranormalgirl says:

    Photoshopping is done ALL the time in advertising. Don’t think you can blame her for the photoshopping.

    • JH says:

      It’s like good plastic surgery- it shouldn’t be glaringly obvious. And it’s not JLaw’s fault- it is a Dior fail.

  24. JH says:

    Ummm, photoshop much? I love JL (Winter’s Bone was so, so good), but that’s not her body. And she’s just gorgeous as is. If they wanted a size 24 waist for their campaign, they should have hired one. Ugh.

  25. Migdalia says:

    Jennifer is no where near that skinny! Photoshop to a size 2 maybe less?! Wow I wonder how she feels. I mean one should expect it, but then to see it. I mean as an ad it looks gorgeous, but I agree with the poster that said have high end models rep these lines. Whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Somebodyelse Dior people will buy Dior handbags.

    Speaking of photoshop Bedhead didn’t post the other CF poster but Josh’s legs have been stretched so that he stands as tall as JLaw. I thought that was hilarious. I don’t prefer him as a blonde or maybe it should be more of a dirtier blonde because the shade of blonde in THG wasn’t good at all. Neither was his performance so eh.

  26. Anthea says:

    Dior gets all the oscar girls ie. Marion Cotillard, Natalie Portman, now Jennifer Lawrence.

    • Christina says:

      Marion is perfect for Dior: She’s very French and very chic. Even in her ‘casual’ clothes, she always looks perfect. Ditto Charlize Theron (minus the Frenchness, obviously!) Portman I can also understand: she’s annoying as hellz and has no sex appeal, but she does have a beautiful face and is considered a talented actress (personally I think she can’t act her way out of a paper bag, but whatever).

      Jennifer…. yes, she’s an up and coming actress but she is neither stylish nor beautiful imho. Which is fine, but she’s just not a good fit for Dior. Just because an actress is nominated for an Oscar, it doesn’t mean they have what it takes to front a major luxury fashion brand.

  27. skuddles says:

    I LOVE the black suit! But I’ve see her look better.

  28. A Fan says:

    3rd option: Not photogenic

  29. Original A says:

    I like the Catching Fire poster. These Dior ads look lovely if bland, but they’ve majorly photoshopped her face and body. Her neck is stretched, her cheeks have been reduced, and her body has been slimmed down. I don’t understand the point of hiring a girl known for her bombshell body and then removing 20 pounds and screwing with her face via photoshop.

  30. Karolina says:

    of course she is doing it…money..helloooo. that said, she doesn’t looks herself. at all. it is almost funny. Why bother paying the big monnies to an actress when you make her so unrecognizable that some plain model could easily have done the job for less as well.

  31. Timber says:

    Tired of her and Anne Hathaway. Both just go away.

  32. Bird says:

    I fell asleep looking at these pictures.

  33. Mila says:

    Finally good make up! I can see her eyes.

  34. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    Stunning. Classic.

  35. InvaderZim says:

    Dear god, photoshop! She should have boobs in the second picture. No way she is that slim. You should be be able to see them.

    Her neck was elongated in the suit photo. And she’s not that slim. It’s like they stretched the whole thing.

    Why can’t we outlaw this stuff already? The only thing it does is make people look like robots, and make people try for an unreal ideal.

  36. apsutter says:

    Like the ads but I almost didnt recognize her. I had forgotten how great the marketing for The Hunger Games is!! I was blown away by all their viral mmarketing and movie tie-ins from the first one.

  37. OhDear says:

    She’s unrecognizable in those ads.

  38. lisa2 says:

    When I first saw the ad I had no idea it was her. And if you use an actress to face your ad then the public should be able to recognize her.

    I don’t see her as the Dior type. Just like with Mila who is lovely, but she doesn’t fit the brand she reps. She doesn’t carry that “style off the page”

    I don’t see any life in the pictures. For all the stiffness they could have just used a mannequin. She seem more suited for a Candies ad or something else more fun. I don’t see this as a good fit at all. Even if they are trying for younger.

  39. Elly says:

    expressionless face

  40. Shira says:

    She looks beautiful, she looks like Jennifer, but I agree… doesn’t look “herself”. BTW, I was certain it wasn’t her in that second picture and only on the 3rd look did I realize that indeed was.

  41. Nicolette says:

    I don’t know, I kinda really like the no nonsense vibe about her and this is anything but. Very pretty yes but she doesn’t look real, she looks like a mannequin. I don’t know that haute couture is a good fit for her. She does have that great ‘girl next door’ look and it would be nice to see her in an ad campaign that wasn’t so stuffy.

  42. leslilly says:

    I like the Dior shots. I don’t have a problem w/actors showing a different side – that’s their job. As long as they can pull it off, and she did.

  43. TalkyTina says:

    I like how people complain about the “OMG! You need a burger” fashion models but call this pretty. When they have photoshopped 10+ pounds off this girl!
    This looks NOTHING like her! So what’s the point of using her?

  44. debisis says:

    The youngest most over rated actress in the last 20 years. She’s okay. But there seemes to be plenty out there, young and older, who are way more interesting and less “over” acting than this.
    She’s not very pretty, not does she have a pretty shape face or large eyes. And no, fart lover, Jon Hamm is never going to be that interested to bang you anytime soon. Get back in line.

  45. Janet says:

    Not bad at all, and way better than that godawful Balenciaga thing with KStew in it.

  46. HotPockets says:

    I like Jennifer, she is a cute girl and I don’t care if anyone disagrees with me on this, but this is why models exist. Jennifer is not a model, nor does she have the face or body to pull off high fashion and honestly, that’s not a jab to her, but let the real models model and let the actresses act.

    If you think I am wrong on my assessment, then why did they feel the need to photo shop 15 pounds off of her and add 10 feet to her neck?

  47. Jordan says:

    I love the photos….gorgeous!. Oh, btw, Jennifer Lawrence wore a Lanvin (sp.?) dress to the Independent Spirit awards that was amazing, she looked terrific.

  48. F5 says:

    They did the best with what they had ب_ب

  49. dcypher1 says:

    I think she looks like a beautiful mannequine too. Luv those handbags though.

  50. B says:

    These pictures are so bland and boring. If it wasn’t for the red lipstick I would have fallen asleep. I think she is a good actress but there is definite room for improvement. All this blind hype makes people grow tired of the actress very quickly.

  51. Jennifer12 says:

    She looks beautiful in the photos with her hair pulled back. The others look like she’s caught in a fishing net.

  52. Catherine the Great says:

    This girl’s face bugs the hell out of me. She looks like the creepy puppet from the Saw movies, especially when she smiles.

  53. Moon says:

    American girls should stick to american brands, somehow they just dont work for european labels – mila and jen for dior ( shame because they would be great in something like zac posen or ck) or blake for chanel. Blake’s campaign was the worst, she looks good on gossip girl but cheap and target in her chanel ads

  54. andrea says:

    Well, it’s off-brand and out of character. Kind of like that Jessica Chastain shoot for GQ. I suppose they just want to show that, as actresses, they have range and many faces, but it just comes off odd. What I’ve always liked about Jennifer is her warmth and that seemingly carefree earthiness, so this polished, austere version of her does nothing for me.

  55. aquarius74 says:

    It’s a gorgeous Photoshop work. But it’s not her (I’m not blaming her, that’s just the bizness). OK she slimmed down quite a lot, but not that much.
    Her real self is more like this :

  56. Tessa says:

    They photoshopped all of the life out of her. They didn’t even leave a single mole on her decolote or back, and she’s covered in them. And they made her skinny and took away her boobs. So basically, they photoshopped Jen out of the photos.

  57. Racho says:

    I have nothing against her (haven’t seen her in anything) but I don’t get why she’s so amazing or attractive? These pictures are fine but eh…

  58. Jayna says:

    They took away what is the most striking about her, those gorgeous blue eyes contrasted against her soft golden brown hair with great skin tone, much like Barbra Streisand back in her heyday. They didn’t even use what was most special about Jennifer. It might as well be a faceless model since I would never think it was Jennifer it’s so photoshopped.

  59. Dawn says:

    I think these pictures are wonderful and I think she looks fab! I can’t think of anything but good things to say about her really.

  60. Anna says:

    Not true about the botox and fillers, it is just her natural skin.

    I am 42 and I have absolutely taut, beautiful skin that I take care of ridiculously simply and my diet is free of all junk. I have never had botox or fillers and do not even use a commercial cream on my face. It is possible to be VERY wrinkle free if you pay attention from the get-go.

  61. Milla says:

    Jennifer Lawrence is a beautiful, successful girl. BUT… Dior is an iconic French fashion house, symbol of French style, big part of fashion history. When you look at the pics you don’t see anything. There is a girl, overphotoshopeed, there is no way I see this as Dior. This could be an editorial for any magazine, anywhere in the world. Mila was a bad choice, so is Lawrence. Dior is all about class and Lawrence is too young, she doesn’t have her own style, she is not connected with style in any way. Wrong concept, wrong model and awful pics.

  62. Abby says:

    I wore a veil just like that for my wedding. LOVE!

  63. Jill says:

    What happened to her saying she is not a skinny girl, never will be and all that. All of a sudden she is on a starvation diet. She caved and conformed even though she wasn’t a fat girl.

  64. Hope says:

    In the last two pics it looks like they superimposed her head onto another model, especially the second to last one. She is beautiful, but she isn’t that tall and lanky, not by any stretch. I would have much rather they used her real body, the woman is curvy and athletic and healthy and divine, she doesn’t need a model body. But, this is Dior we’re talking about, so maybe I should just be happy they used her head at all.