Amy Adams in fringed de la Renta at the VF Party: better than her Oscar dress?

It feels like Amy Adams is always a bridesmaid at the Oscars, and that she’s constantly nominated but never wins anything. I checked her wiki and she’s been nominated for best supporting actress four times: at the 2006 Academy Awards for Junebug, in 2009 for Doubt, in 2011 for The Fighter and this year for The Master. She’s a staple at the Oscars and she always puts her game face on, even when she’s pre-taping reaction shots for dumb skits involving actresses’ boobs.

At the Vanity Fair Oscar Party (we’re getting to some late-breaking photos today) Amy donned this really incredible silver fringed Oscar de la Renta dress that was very 20s but just skirted the edge of “full flapper.” Does that make sense? Like this could have looked cheap and dated but it didn’t, Amy really worked it. (We don’t have full length photos, but here’s one on US’s site.) I wish she would have worn this dress to the Oscars instead of that pale Oscar de la Renta with the huge fluffy train, but a lot of you liked it.

Also in metallic, in shocking, eye-assaulting blue, we have Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier. Nina Dobrev just sported a green version of this dress to the Critics Choice Awards, and she wore it much better, IMO. Nina doesn’t take herself as seriously as Ginnifer and she doesn’t suffer from styling problems like having hair that resembles a Little Rascal.

Also with bad pre WW2-era hair we have Anna Paquin. She lost a lot of weight since having her twins and seems to have gone a little too far with it, but I guess that’s Hollywood. I really want to like these two and I’m a huge True Blood fan, but I’m still kind of miffed that we haven’t learned their babies’ names, or even their genders. At least they look happy here and aren’t sucking in their cheeks. I don’t have a designer ID on Anna’s dress but I’m going to guess it’s Rachel Comey, which made a similar dress that she wore about a year ago. It’s meh. Anna and Stephen hit up both the VF Oscar party and Elton John’s soiree. They were probably psyched for a date night.

And here’s Jane Fonda ruling the Vanity Fair carpet like she ruled the Oscars. She was in a very formfitting abstract spot print gown accented with the same killer clutch, awesome drop earrings and gold peeptoe shoes she wore earlier in the night. I know Jane has had some work done, she admits it, but she doesn’t look plastic or waxy and she just looks sexy as hell. She’s the best advertisement for her fitness DVDs.

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  1. Eve says:

    “Amy Adams in fringed de la Renta at the VF Party: better than her Oscar dress?”

    So much better.

    On Ginnifer Goodwin…she always looks miserable (both on and off screen!).

  2. Andrea says:

    Amy Adams has been nominated for an Oscar FOUR times. Not three. You forgot her nod in 2005 for Junebug—a year she arguably should have won.

    Amy will win an Oscar at some point. She is a great talent. I root for her because unlike others she seems to be in this for the work and not to draw excessive attention to herself. I like her a great deal.

    I loved Amy’s Oscar Princess gown. But this flapper look is stunning on her. Just stunning.

    • Celebitchy says:

      I did forget that, I’ll fix it thank you!

      • Andrea says:

        No problem! Also, I think (?). Doubt was in 2008. Maybe someone knows their Oscae trivia better than me.

    • lamamu says:

      Most likely you’re right that Amy Adams will eventually win, but there are so many multiple nominees that never do. Julianne Moore comes to mind. A shame.

      • Tanguerita says:

        Oh well, Meryl has been nominated 17 times and won just thrice. I think it only shows that Amy is a great actress, who will win eventually.

  3. Sisi says:

    I dont like the flapper dress. It looks INCREDIBLY heavy. Look what the weight of that thing does to her boobs, poor things.

  4. Lucy2 says:

    I really love Amy’s dress here and personally would have worn that over the other one, but I get the whole big ball gown thing- where else are you going to wear something like that?
    Ginnifer is a pretty woman but looks bad here.

    • Andrea says:

      Ginnifee is so pretty, I agree. I’m not sure this dress is working for me. It looks a little like a dance costume. I’m not sure she enjoys the red carpet. Maybe she is shy.

      I agree on Amy. I thought she worked the hell out of that Princesa gown but this flapper number is stunning.

  5. Kaye says:

    Ginnifer’s never smiling schtick is getting old. Are we supposed to feel bad for her for having to wear a free gown to a glitzy party? Don’t worry, Ginnifer, I’ll be over here crying into “my can’t find a job in my field overwhelming student loan paperwork” on your behalf.

  6. minime says:

    I think that Ginnifer’s dress looks good on her…it’s a heavy style, but it’s different and looks nice IMO, but I’m a Once upon a time fan, so I might be biased.

    Concerning Amy Adams, I liked better the upper part of her dress for the Oscars and actually I am one of those who thinks she looked great in that dress 🙂 She looks good in both dresses anyway and I also hope she can make it to get an Oscar someday, but I guess that will only happen if she starts doing the insufferable walk and talk for the Oscars’ campaign (like ms. Anne and even JLaw). So I guess we can all be happy if she continues without Oscar but doing great movies.

    • Andrea says:

      As much as I think Amy deserves an Oscar I just don’t think she wants to play that game. So I’d almost rather just enjoy her making great work as opposed to asking her to be someone she is not.

  7. Shira says:

    Amy got it right all night long. I’m absolutely fanning over her ceremony dress but this was stunning as well!

  8. bea says:

    AA’s silver beaded dress is a classic. The grey ball gown washed her out, but the silver looks fantastic.

  9. Tessa says:

    Ginnifer Goodwin always looks constipated on red carpets. She puts a lot of effort into her posing, and it comes off strangely. I wish she would lighten up. She seems like IRL she’s probably a lot of fun.

  10. Miss M says:

    Amy looks better in the flapper dress. But, for me, she can do no wrong. I really enjoyed the the other dress too. In my opinion, she is getting there in the ” I can do no wrong in the red carpet category” like Cottilard, Charlize and Blanchett.

    • Andrea says:

      Its because when you have that much talent and the ability to age gracefully….who the f*** cares what you are wearing?

      Some of these women are easier to love bc they have….you know….talent.

    • j.eyre says:

      She looks great here. I liked her Oscar dress too.

      • Miss M says:

        @J.eyre@Andrea: Hellooooooo there! Sorry, just came back from a hockey game and saw your replies. I think she is a wonderful actress and she carries herself so gracefully and elegantly on the red carpet. J.eyre, I loved her Oscar’s dress too, really high couture.But what do I know about fashion?! 🙂

  11. Hubbahun says:

    One day, Amy WILL win and she’ll win big. I mean like two Best Actresses in a row BIG. She’s that good. Love you Amy!

  12. Jm says:

    Someday, when she’s old and gray and can’t go back, Anna Paquin will realize she wasted her best years with that awful blond hair. She looks great brunette . . . such a cool girl but I can’t with that blond hair.

  13. Claudia says:

    Jane Fonda’s body is crazy, she looks fantastic in that form-fitting dress.

    Just out of curiosity, who are other actresses people feel should have won an academy award by now? Here’s my list, off the top of my head:

    Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Kristen Scott Thomas, Naomi Watts, Michelle Pfeiffer.

  14. Mara says:

    Amy is so beautiful and very talented ,this dress is lovely on her.

  15. apsutter says:

    Why are all the after dresses better than the gowns they actually wore to the Oscars? I found the fashion to be mostly bland and boring except for Naomi Watts.

  16. taxi says:

    Ginnifer’s dress is not flattering & makes her shoulders look huge.

  17. V. says:

    Gennifer as talked about her body image issues in the past. I think her over the top “try hard” is a symptom of those issues. She needs to grow out her hair and lay off the heavy make-up, and it wouldn’t hurt to smile and pretend you are enjoying yourself.

  18. Char says:

    amy adams looks like a thinner adele from these pics. never noticed that!

  19. Issa says:

    Jane Fonda rocked the Oscars and the after party. IMO on of the best dressed period. Her body is ridiculous. Prefer Amy’s after-party dress. Her Oscar dress reminded completely of Penelope Cruz’s, just a different color.

  20. KC says:

    Of course Anna wasn’t sucking her cheeks in, she’s lost so much weight that she permanently has an indentation there already anyway. o_O Yikes. She *really* needs to put some more weight on. Isn’t Stephen worried about her? I don’t even know her and I’m worried about her.

  21. Ally8 says:

    I think the two-dress thing is really taking this whole thing to a new level of ridiculous. Can you imagine how bored the dudes must be; having to go back to the hotel or some designated Oscar area, so the lady can get re-styled to pose in front of the VF greens? Daft.

    Makes actresses less and less artists, and more and more magazine filler and advertising billboards.

  22. JulieM says:

    Amy is one of my favorites and I just keep hoping she will eventually win her Oscar. She really should have won for Junebug, which was her breakout performance. She’s now half way to an O’Toole (Peter O’Toole- 8 noms, no wins). One of the great travesties of the Academy. Brilliant actor, one of the greats, who could easily hold his own with DDL with one hand tied behind his back. He was given one of those lifetime achievement Oscars, but it’s just not the same as a competitive one. Sorry, this is one of my pet peeves.

    Love the flapper dress. She should have worn that to the ceremony.

    • Andrea says:

      I would have given her the Oscar for Junebug too.

      I also thought she deserved it more than Melissa Leo for The Fighter. Her performance had more levels and range.